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Romsterjue, contrib/i3
Romsterconfigure: error: Package requirements (xkbcommon xkbcommon-x11) were not met:10:13
john_cephalopodaLooks like i3 depends on libxkbcommon but it's not listed in the Depends header.10:22
Romsterwhat happend to libevdev?10:33
Romsterxorg-xf86-input-synaptics needs it to build10:34
Romsteror right it's xorg-10:35
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jueRomster: works for me in a clean env12:32
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Romsterok strange i'll recheck12:41
Romsterbut 3 xorg ports were broken i fixed the missing dependencies. jaeger may need to update on the iso if those are included12:42
jueRomster: guess I found a possible reason for the break12:51
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juecould you try this, please ->
Romsteroh you bundle the stuff in the one build i see12:59
jueyeah, it's a bit extraordinary, but I want port which depends only on stuff from our ISO13:01
Romsteryeah that fixes it13:02
Romsterfair enough, not the usual minimalist i was expecting from your stuff :)13:02
jueok, but I don't get it why it builds in my clean env, will look ...13:03
Romsteryou've been building it with the installed libxkbcommon i guess13:03
juehehe, but minimalist in terms of dependencies :)13:04
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Romsterthat's true13:04
jueno, clean environment means only core ports are installed13:04
Romsteroh i see what you mean13:05
Romstercan't answer that, testing on another box13:06
Romstermaybe your container/box is polluted with an out of tree install? my only guess13:07
jueyeah, you got it, the contrib tree here was out of sync, I built an older version of i3 :)13:13
Romsteryeah that's where it is in $SRC13:13
Romsteri usually don't make many mistakes13:14
Romsterbit ugly on the hard coded version numbers, but i do the same in opt/wine13:15
Romsterit comes down to you have to remember to update it at every spot13:16
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john_cephalopodaHi tnut15:30
tnutHi john_cephalopoda15:34
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frinnstI was bored so just created a 3.6 branch with a new toolchain :-)21:20
frinnstI haven't really come across anything that causes problems with it21:24
pedjawhich gcc/glibc versions?21:25
pedjagcc is at 10 by now, right? or thereabouts21:26
pedjacuda sdk is, iirc, by far the most picky about gcc versions :)21:30
frinnstand 2.3121:47
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