IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2020-03-19

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jaegerhrmm, 12 new python3 deps for docker-compose :D16:32
pedjaI went the lazy route for my port a while back: venv, pip install, pyinstaller :)16:37
TimB_jaeger: i have some free time if you tell me which ones you would need16:38
jaegerI've already made the ports, testing them now16:39
jaegerpython module ports are generally very simple16:39
TimB_indeed :) I just hate the sheer number of deps they bring in :)16:40
TimB_x needs python-y, which depends on python-{a,b,c} which each have different other python-{foo,bar,la}16:40
TimB_same for all of them, looking at biber <.<16:41
jaegerIt looks like docker-compose works, I just need to make sure the individual ports have correct deps, then I'll publish them16:41
TimB_sweet :)16:43
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jaegerseems like it works properly, I spun up a mailu env as a test19:02
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