IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2020-03-23

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jaegerSomewhat recently someone brought up an issue with fakeroot and umask or permissions - did that ever get solved with fakeroot? I think contrib/go suffers from the same problem. I can build it 10 times and get 7-10 different footprint mismatches on one or two files23:13
jaegerBut it seems ok so far without fakeroot23:13
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stenuryou get LD_PRELOAD iirc errors every time; i solved _my_ problems (i think TimB_ had more?) by going "doubly indirect".23:18
stenuri have alias ports-guest='sudo -u guest fakeroot ports' and alias pkgmk-guest='sudo -u guest fakeroot pkgmk', and then things like PKGMK_WORK_DIR="`d=/usr/obj/ports/\`basename $PWD\`; if [ -d $d ]; then :; else sudo -u guest mkdir -p -m 2775 $d 1>&2; fi;echo $d`"23:19
jaegerI don't get any LD_PRELOAD issues, so maybe not the same issue23:20
jaegerAnd I build *everything* with fakeroot, so far only go has this problem23:20
stenurEffectively i build and package as "guest" (i should use dedicated account) just fine (/usr/obj and /usr/ports are 7770 guest:code.23:21
stenurNot me, i get at every time.23:21
jaegerI use my own user but with a pkgmk group23:21
jaegermakecommand      fakeroot pkgmk23:22
jaegeraddcommand       sudo pkgadd23:22
jaegerremovecommand    sudo pkgrm23:22
jaegerrunscriptcommand sudo sh23:22
jaeger^ that's how I do it, for reference23:22
stenuronly when building, not for ports-guest and such.23:22
stenurFor example, "prt-get -f update xxx": ERROR: object '' from LD_PRELOAD cannot be preloaded (cannot open shared object file): ignored.23:23
stenurdoes not matter really, works as expected. I do not longer care about that.23:24
stenurBut problems as with go i do not see.  makecommand umask 0002; sudo -u guest fakeroot pkgmk23:24
stenur(For completeness: i log into a "root" terminal to run the pkg stuff, and then give aways privs, not the other way around. My users cannot sudo to root.)23:28
jaegerhrmm... I would expect the LD_PRELOAD errors when building 32bit stuff, probably23:37
stenurprt-get: updating /usr/ports/stenur/s-cdda23:40
stenurprt-get: starting build Tue Mar 24 00:25:19 202023:40
stenur=======> Package '/usr/ports/built/s-cdda/s-cdda#0.8.2-1.pkg.tar.xz' is up to date.23:41
stenuretc etc23:41
stenurprt-get: build done Tue Mar 24 00:25:19 202023:41
stenurI do not understand the error. I even looked around all the scripts for an hour or so, but of course all files are always accessible.23:42
TimB_jaeger: it was me, and it wasn't resolved from my end23:45
TimB_i found no bugtracker so i mailed the dev of the package directly who redirected me to the ml23:45
TimB_i sent the message to the ml w/o registering and it seems that didn't work and i didn't pursue it any more23:46
TimB_frinnst made me aware of.. syslinux who suffered from that as well some years back23:46
TimB_other projects seem to consider that a problem with their code, is what i understood, not a bug in fakeroot23:49
TimB_it's really just a couple of packages affected, but romster made me aware of some footprint "inregularities" i had in my ports, i try to avoid fakeroot, at least in my buildcontainer now23:50
TimB_btw: my package in question was sip523:51
TimB_and there are some others i noticed problems but i didn't keep a list as i didn't link it to fakeroot in the first place23:51
jaegerok, thanks23:52
jaegerNext time I look at it I'll review23:53
jaegerat the moment trying to test foreman and katello a bit23:55

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