IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2018-02-21

jaeger25 successful jobs in the container (which is running in docker on a VM, heh)00:03
jaegerSo it's randomly (at least I think it's random) failing in the VMs... but it didn't fail in docker or on physical hardware00:39
j_vare there certain VM backends that exhibit the trouble?00:46
jaegerI haven't tested kvm yet (I intend to) but esxi and virtualbox both have the errors00:48
j_vit's kvm i'm having trouble getting a fresh kernel built for... i'm beginning to think i may have changed something in my main system kernel config that is breaking my normal config i use for vm's... i did slim down my config recently and silly me overwrote the backup00:51
j_vyeah... i'll get through it. i'd done stuff like this before, but i thought i'd put enough safe guards in to prevent me fat fingering it. but alas, seems i didn't do so well on this one.00:52
jaegerthis is ridiculous:01:12
jaegerlaptop: 25/001:12
jaegercontainer: 25/001:12
jaegerVM1 (esxi): 16/901:12
jaegerVM2 (esxi): 0/2501:12
jaegerVM3 (virtualbox): 13/1201:12
jaegerResults are all over the place01:12
jaegeron the VM Where it failed 25 builds, it's oddly consistent in its failures:01:14
jaegernot 100% consistent but still01:14
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j_vi notice that all the failures there were permissions01:49
j_vit's strange... is there something wrong with the footprint on that machine? because in the footprint i'm looking at, none of the *.c files are executable.02:37
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jaegerI don't even know what the hell is wrong, heh03:02
jaegermaybe I screwed that up03:02
jaegerI've even tried explicitly setting umask during the build, doesn't help03:27
j_vyou checked the footprint file to see how the *.c files are listed in it? because according to the footprint in the repo, i think those files should have passed.03:30
jaegeryeah, I think I messed up the footprint on that host before the builds, going to redo them03:34
jaegeralso trying in a kvm VM now03:34
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jaegerfixing the footprint thing changed the stats to 17/8 on that VM, still crap06:02
jaegerfinal counts:06:03
jaegerlaptop: 25/006:03
jaegercontainer: 25/006:03
jaegerVM1 (esxi): 16/906:03
jaegerVM2 (esxi): 17/806:03
jaegerVM3 (virtualbox): 13/1206:03
jaegerVM4 (qemu/KVM): 23/206:03
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