IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2019-05-20

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NomiusLooks like rust is just required at build time only01:55
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frinnsti've switched my ports that depended on librsvg to use librsvg-compat instead. needing to pull in rust for a fucking gtk theme is insane :)08:16
ryuofrinnst: looks like rust is becoming like a virus of sorts.08:28
ryuoi've joked that systemd is the most successful Linux virus ever written... lol08:29
ryuopretty much infected every major distribution.08:29
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TimB_I just gave up and installed it :) there is no time in struggling to hard, more software will follow or does so already (e.g. newsboat)08:36
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pedjalibrsvg-compat is unmaintained, librsvg is slower to build and, apparently, to use. yay, progress09:24
pedjarust-bin builds it fine, thou, so I just added it to my compiler collection :)09:25
TimB_jue: spidermonkey needs python as a build dependency10:48
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