IRC Logs for #crux Thursday, 2006-05-04

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artur_tdid somebody visit LinuxTag of this year?12:47
jaegernot I12:47
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treachapparently it's still going on, so it's a bit early to get the statistics. I but I guess we would have heard if nobody  went there. :->12:52
ci_there are plety of nice red hat's there, i think12:54
ci_just like that i liked so much12:54
jaegerthe IRC logs are back up. dunno who was asking me about them but now you know12:54
jaegerI may or may not convert the old logs to the new format12:55
treachlogs back, whee! :-)12:59
treachjaeger: great, much more readable.13:00
jaegerif you feel like saying something you don't want logged, prefix it with [nolog]13:00
jaegertweaked the script a bit this morning, I like it a lot better :)13:00
treach-= THIS MESSAGE NOT LOGGED =-13:00
jaegerthere are a couple other nice features, like google searches. hopefully no one feels the need to abuse it13:03
jaeger@google --lucky crux linux13:03
clbjaeger: Error: Error connecting to
jaegergoogle's a bit messed up today, though =/13:03
treachI think we are safe. ;-)13:03
jaeger@google --lucky crux linux13:03
clbjaeger: Error: Error connecting to
jaegerah well13:03
treachshouldn't it say ""?13:04
jaegerthe capital G isn't the problem, if that's what you mean13:04
jaegerjust been flaky using their API today for some reason13:05
jaeger@google --lucky crux linux13:05
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ningo@google crux linux13:06
clbningo: Search took 0.03 seconds: CRUX | Main / HomePage: <>; Review: CRUX Linux - <>; Distribution review: CRUX Linux: <>; ..:: CRUX for PowerPC ::..: <>; Pro- Linux : Crux 2.0 Review: <>13:06
artur_tjaeger, what is the name of bot?13:06
ningoartur_t: clb obviously13:06
ningoattentiveness: 613:07
tilmanwhois even works13:07
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ningois this some kind of karma feature?13:08
clbningo: Error: "karma" is not a valid command.13:08
clbartur_t: (help [<plugin>] [<command>]) -- This command gives a useful description of what <command> does. <plugin> is only necessary if the command is in more than one plugin.13:08
jaegerkarma module is not loaded13:08
treach@whois tilman13:08
ningoaaaaw :(13:08
clbtreach: Error: <domain> must be in .com, .net, .edu, or .org.13:08
ningoclb is a supibot13:08
clbningo: Error: "is" is not a valid command.13:08
jjpkclb is biased!13:08
clbjjpk: Error: "is" is not a valid command.13:08
tilman /whois clb13:08
jaegerningo: aye13:08
clbartur_t: Error: "commands" is not a valid command.13:10
treach@smite artur_t13:11
clbtreach: Error: "smite" is not a valid command.13:11
ningotreach: this is not #debian13:12
treachI know. :-)13:12
ningoshame on you13:14
ningojust for general purposes13:15
clbartur_t: Google, Internet, and Seen13:22
clbci_: Google, Internet, and Seen13:22
ci_it's barking on me13:23
artur_t@help list13:23
clbartur_t: (list [--private] [<plugin>]) -- Lists the commands available in the given plugin. If no plugin is given, lists the public plugins available. If --private is given, lists the private plugins.13:23
ci_what's that?13:23
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artur_t@help load13:24
clbartur_t: (load [--deprecated] <plugin>) -- Loads the plugin <plugin> from any of the directories in conf.supybot.directories.plugins; usually this includes the main installed directory and 'plugins' in the current directory. --deprecated is necessary if you wish to load deprecated plugins.13:24
artur_t@help config13:24
clbartur_t: (config <name> [<value>]) -- If <value> is given, sets the value of <name> to <value>. Otherwise, returns the current value of <name>. You may omit the leading "supybot." in the name if you so choose.13:24
jaegerif you're going to try and learn the commands, I recommend doing so in /query13:24
tilmanSTRONGLY advise13:25
jaegerjust gets rather spammy in the channel13:25
artur_thm, it doesn't reacts for private messages...13:29
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ci_jaeger: it marks only on public13:30
jaegerci_: the bot's not identified13:32
jaegerdoes the server block messages from unidentified users entirely or is there a flag one can set to accept them?13:32
ci_don't you mean that one can't open private chat with unidentified nick13:33
jaegeraye, guess so. I'll look into registering it13:35
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jaegerartur_t, ci_: should be able to talk to it in /query now13:54
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sepenhi all!14:35
richi_autgot a question: i got a nforce2 board  and where can i find a documentation which kernel modules i got to kompile?14:36
treachmake menuconfig :-)14:38
richi_autat the moment im searching through all options of gmenuceconfig ;)14:38
sepenrichi_aut, only agpgart and your chipset as a module both of them14:39
sepenafter that, morlenzus port works fine for me14:39
sepenand don't remmeber to read README file14:39
treachPossibly one of the odder advices seen here so far..14:40
richi_autsepen: what is morlenxus? and with the agpgart my usb keyboard works?14:40
jjpkSo documentation is bad? o_O14:40
sepennforce2 board, sorry14:40
treachrichi_aut: check dmesg.14:40
treachIt tells you all sorts of interesting information.14:40
sepennforce2 is your chipset motherboard no your grafica card14:41
sepensorry sorry!!14:41
richi_auttreach: ok, i will.14:41
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richi_autsepen: got a nvidia graphics card, too... and i alerady activated the agp thing.14:43
sepensorry richi_aut for my wrong information14:46
richi_autsepen: no problem14:46
sepenfive minutes ago I help someone installing this card ..14:52
richi_autthe morlexus?14:52
sepenthat's be the problem14:52
sepennot an inexperience user14:53
richi_autand i got no idea what that is...14:53
sepenI response your question before reading all commennts14:53
tilmanThis version of mpg321 has been configured with the libao default as its default14:53
tilmanlibao output device.14:53
tilmanis it just me14:53
tilmanor does this sentence not make that much sense?14:54
treachof course it makes sense. the default usually is the default, no? :->14:58
will[werk]Does anyone have a problem when "scrolling too fast with mouse wheel" that firefox will do weird things, like go back to the previous page (hitting the back button)?15:00
will[werk]I think it's rather odd...15:00
richi_autyes, on my ubuntu in work15:00
richi_autsorr, at15:00
will[werk]Seems like it's only Firefox...15:01
treachbut if I open up a tab, type the adress, open up a new one, type the adress, open a new one etc, the typing will lag out...15:01
will[werk]I do have 12 tabs open...15:01
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treachpredatorfreak: btw, your firefox port updated nicely. ;-)15:49
predatorfreaktreach: Yay.15:55
predatorfreakWell, I haven't even updated it.15:56
treachright. ;-)15:56
predatorfreakUpdating now.15:57
treachAll I had to do was bump the version numbers, so it's not a big deal.15:57
predatorfreaktreach: Well, I've stoolen some patches from Arch Linux since my last update :P15:57
treachpiracy at it's best. I will await the report of their economic loss.  ;-)15:58
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treach  EEEEEEWWWWW!!!!16:11
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predatorfreaktreach: o.O16:17
treachindeed. Maybe they'll stick to water after this. :P16:18
predatorfreaktreach: Ja.16:19
Hantreach, nick flavour :-)16:22
predatorfreakHan likes eating people! :D16:23
predatorfreakor at least drinking people-flavoured rum.16:23
treachI don't think it'll be a hit, though.16:23
predatorfreaktreach: Aww, I want to fill up a basement with rum barrels containing corpses :D16:24
predatorfreakThat way, when the police raid my home, they can have a good drink ;)16:24
treach..but who knows.. the people apparently liked the taste, so maybe someone will come up with a way to create it in an artificial way.16:25
HanOnly with if they clip the toenails!16:25
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treachit would be bizarr, but it wouldn't surprise me. :-/16:25
HanThere are enough insane people on this planet.16:25
predatorfreakHan: Ja, like me.16:26
* Han makes mental note: avoid meeting predatorfreak in real life!16:26
predatorfreakHan: Good idea.16:32
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j^2hey all16:35
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predatorfreakj^2: wb.16:37
* j^2 tips hat16:38
* predatorfreak steals hat and adds it to his hat collection.16:39
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predatorfreaktreach: wb.16:42
HanHave you got a red one?16:42
predatorfreakHan: Depends.16:43
Hantreach, sit straight behind your keyboard :P16:43
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treachor what? predatorfreak will come and put me in a barrel of rum?16:44
treachthe #crux version of the bogeyman.16:44
predatorfreaktreach: Yes :}16:45
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Hantreach, or you'll make lots of typos16:55
treachhmm. I think sleeping properly would do more to help with that problem.16:56
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j^2!seen cptn17:10
-MelOne- j^2, you must introduce me to cptn one day, must be a great person!17:10
j^2you are kidding me right?17:10
jaegerMelOne's seen db never works17:10
j^2ahh ok, thanks jaeger17:11
jaegerand the new clb hasn't been here long enough to see cptn17:11
jaeger@seen cptn17:11
clbjaeger: I have not seen cptn.17:11
j^2heh crazy17:11
j^2brand new?17:11
treach@seen jaeger17:11
clbtreach: jaeger was last seen in #crux 16 seconds ago: <jaeger> @seen cptn17:11
treachhey, that's being on top of things. :P17:11
jaegerwhen I moved I didn't feel like recompiling eggdrop for amd64, etc.17:11
jaegernew bot, better logs, etc.17:12
j^2ah nice, got the web stuff up yet?17:12
j^2can you link me?17:12
jaegersame place as before, just rewrote the display stuff17:12
j^2ah nice17:12
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sepenjaeger, what kind of logger are you running for irc logs?17:43
sepenphp script?17:44
ningojaeger: how long is the backhair of your grandgrandmother? indication in mm.17:47
sepenningo, and your grandpa?17:48
ningoI say nothing without my lawyer17:49
sepenclaro que si ningo no te preocupes17:49
ningoyes, I concur.17:50
sepenclaro, don't worry!17:50
ningoyo tengo hablan espanol!17:50
ningowell, not that much anyway17:51
sepenI've more problem with my english than you, surelly!17:51
ningoI see17:52
koefzYeah, might want to go back to BASICS.17:53
ningoah yes17:55
ningoTHE BASICS17:55
ningono, the BASICS17:55
ningolynx is THE BASICS for example17:55
sepenIm a very BASIC idea of this17:56
sepenno depends!?17:56
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jaegersepen: supybot logs it, php displays it18:07
sepenmm, Im trying to write something like that for #crux-es18:14
sepenbut Im need cruxbot on it for log all conversations18:14
sepenIm getting ideas18:14
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jaegerit's not at all complicated, just need a simple log format and a bit of scripting18:15
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wiglethis room got big18:26
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pacaholy crap!  New Crux!23:27
* paca is happy23:27
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pacaWhat CMS is the crux site running?23:50

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