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cihi, all06:12
mike_kI am not 'all', but... hi, ci06:13
treachA typo perhaps? Asking for 'Al', who also appears not to be here.06:14
rxicall me al :P06:16
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treachheh, that sounds kind of gay. ;-)06:16
rxilol .. paul simon isnt gay :P06:16
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teKkancho (jap.) poke someone else's ass -_-06:17
treachrxi: depends on interpunctation. read it as "Call me, Al." :P06:17
ciit's a kind of addiction to increase kernel version with such extra-small changes06:24
ci+5 lines from .13 to .1406:24
mike_kci: but bug is really important06:24
cii don't say it's bad ;)06:25
treachis smb stuff *really* that important?06:26
treachthis thing is beginning to spin too fast, I want to get off..06:27
teKi thought there are possibilities to circumvent a chroot06:27
treachthe changelog says nothing like that.06:27
teKindependent from these things06:28
treach"cd ..\\" could mean something like that I guess.06:29
treachanyhow, I don't care, in this case. :-)06:29
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cihey artur_t06:51
artur_tci: hi06:51
artur_taon: hi06:53
aonhi artur_t :)06:53
aonios is pain :(06:54
rxilol .. is not06:54
aonit is06:55
aonnot hard, put pointless :)06:55
treachaon: nah, it's just too much in too little time.06:55
aoni haven't "officially" studied it at all06:56
artur_taon: do we have any alternative?06:57
aonwell... obsd/linux/whatever? :)06:58
artur_thardware or software solution? (read: embeded or not)07:02
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rxiand off we go07:04
treachhm, anyone successfully running obsd in qemu?07:17
jjpkI tried it like two months ago, worked fine.07:18
treachinstalls just fine, but booting up just get lots of "Process (pid 1) got signal 11" scrolling by.  :-/07:18
jjpkI saw lots of dmesg text scrolling by, but the login prompt came up as it should.07:19
jjpkVery strange.07:19
treachnetbsd also won't work, probably something similar, but I can't get a decent error message there.07:20
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sepenHan, I have this error after prt-get install 'fbpanel' and using it: /usr/share/fbpanel/plugins/ undefined symbol: a_NET_WM_STATE07:21
sepenfbpanel: can't load wincmd plugin07:21
sepenfbpanel: can't start panel07:21
sepenbut netwm is not a dependencie in port07:22
jjpksepen: same problem when I installed it, couldn't fix it myself.07:22
aonwhich wms?07:22
treachjjpk: did you use the kqemu module?07:22
jjpktreach: yep.07:23
treachok.. humm. :-(07:23
treachfunky. it seems it wont work if I have the kqemu module loaded.07:24
treachnot even the installation works then.07:25
treachcrux and debian works perfectly with kqemu loaded, but obsd/netbsd hangs during boot.07:27
sepenI think that contrib (semioficial) ports like fbpanel shouldn't have this kind of errors... are on contrib!07:27
sepenHan, please fix it!07:27
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aonouch, let's see what this brings :)07:28
vektoritreach: Yeah, I had the same problem when using kqemu.07:35
jjpkI tried it on a 2.1 install, I haven't bothered trying it again.07:36
treachvektori: Ok, thanks. At least it's not me going nuts then. :-)07:47
vektoriThe new -kernel-kqemu works even worse, it even crashed NetBSD and OpenBSD instead of just giving that "Process (pid 1) got signal 11" error...07:48
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ningofor the germans here, enjoying the nice weather:
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co|workhehe, gotta do the gardening at grannies10:04
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* treach wishes everyone welcome to the action channel.15:05
* jjpk says thanks.15:06
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vektoriBrains! More brains!15:16
vektoriJust commenting on the almost zombie-like day on #crux. :P15:16
vektoriNot even the occasional newbie has stopped by.15:16
treachvektori: I think we just got a new one here.15:17
vektoriI see... Let's prepare the newbie pyre.15:17
Husiono way :P15:19
HusioI'm just reading :P15:19
treachhopefully that won't be needed.15:19
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treachHusio: here.. the action on #crux this day.15:20
treachexciting isn't it?15:20
* ningo generates some random action15:20
Husiohow many developers has crux ?15:21
ningoone bazillion and three15:21
vektoriDevelopers of what=15:21
Husioof the project15:21
treachRemember, less is more.15:22
ningono, thats wrong15:22
vektoriToo many cooks spoil the broth. :)15:22
treachjapp. Ju fler kockar desto sämre soppa.15:23
ningoit's definitely not the same15:23
treachningo: 116k is less than 4?15:25
ningotreach: no, it's not the same15:26
treachNo, that's what I said, wasn't it?15:26
ningoyou said, I quote: "Remember, less is more"15:26
ningobut as you can clearly see, more is not equal less15:26
vektoriBah, more and less are more or less the same.15:28
treachno, less is bigger, and knows how to go backwards.15:29
vektoriBut most(1) is still better. ;)15:33
vektoriIt has pretty colors:
treachbah, ricer. :P15:35
treachthing:~% man -k most15:37
treachallcm                (1)  - force the most important Computer-Modern-fonts to be calculated15:37
treachljlatest             (1)  - prints the most recent public posts on livejournal.com15:37
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treach(apparently belongs to xscreensaver)15:39
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treach..and another one bites the dust.15:40
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jjpkvektori: too much kersone on the newb pyre. :p15:55
jjpk*kerosene. Being tired and in front of a keyboard is not a good mix at this hour.15:58
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vektoriLots of yeas!20:37
rxinot too much or you will spoil the brew :)20:39
justecoFunny you should say that, I have some homebrew fermenting away as we speak.20:43
justecoBut it was sort of a lil john yes.20:44
rxijusteco: same here20:44
rxilol .. its more of a yeeeeah20:44
vektoriLil John?20:52
vektoriOh, some rapper.20:52
justecoyeah..  I only know him because I have seen Chapelle impersonate him20:55
justecommm, beer...20:55
rxijusteco: hehe .. chapelle does a pretty good job20:55
rxiyay .. mplayer took 8m to compile21:00
justecohmmm, me likey crux.21:06
rxidont we all21:22
justecoI'm really not much of a Linux guy.  I've been using OpenBSD for about 8 years.  But ubuntu seems to make a nice Desktop, and Crux seems to make a nice clean server.21:23
justecoCrux has replaced Slackware for me.21:23
justecoNow, if lighttpd would fix their SSL bugs, I would be in excellent shape...21:24
rxihehe .. you use obsd as a desktop?21:24
justecoI am at this moment, yes.  But mostly I use it as a server.  I have about 27 servers running OpenBSD right now.21:25
justecoIt is my desktop and also my home router.21:25
justecoThe only advantages to a Linux Desktop are native versions of Flash and a few other apps like Inkscape.21:27
justecoHmm, and perhaps anything needing that audio server thing.21:28
rxii prefer windows/linux as a desktop21:28
justecoI tried using Crux as my desktop, but I wasn't able to replace pf with it.  iptables was way too much work.21:28
justecoI won't touch windows.  It's not allowed in my house.21:29
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rxii play a fair bit of games so its requiree21:29
justecoI used to play FreeSpace, but I don't really play much anymore.21:30
justecoEven my Gamcube doesn't see much action.  I'm a busy guy.21:30
rxii have an xbox sitting in the corner collecting dust21:31
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