IRC Logs for #crux Saturday, 2006-05-06

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hermitOT: anyone here play much xbox?02:09
hermitIs there any xbox rpg game which doesn't suck?02:09
hermitI want something in the stylings of final fantasy02:10
hermitnot this 3d eyecandy run and slash type stuff like dungeon seige and whatnot02:10
hermitthat's a bit too D&D style for me02:11
hermiti mean specifically something very quaresoft like02:11
hermitlike final fantasy 2-7 & 902:12
rxibuy and xbox360 and final fantasy xi02:12
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hermitnot morrowind, i will look at fable02:14
hermitthat name rings a bell02:14
rxiive never played final fantasy so i dont know02:14
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thomastankdoes anyone know where I can get a network enable crux boot kernel?05:04
mike_kthomastank: check  and
rxii guess your the n00b that couldnt05:16
thomastankthanks for that comment05:18
rehabdollwho ever said that the linux community is unfriendly? :)05:19
tilmanit's just the aussies that are unfriendly05:20
rehabdollnot enough fosters i guess05:20
thomastanknot all aussue are unfriendly05:21
rehabdollthose are the ones with big beer-budgets05:22
thomastankaussies, whoops.05:22
thomastankhahaha, the doll.05:22
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rxirehabdoll: too much fosters05:23
rxifosters has a bigger international market than local05:25
thomastankwhat about vb?05:28
rxii doubt its exported05:28
thomastankand XXXX (Queensland Beer) , god piss probably tastes better.05:30
rxino one else is stupid enough to buy vb05:31
rxixxxx is ok05:31
rxii can drink it but prefer something else05:31
thomastankstate vs state battle mainly.05:31
thomastankwell , I will be off have to change subnets to try and netboot.05:33
thomastankthanks all.05:33
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drynishhello :)05:53
rxioh god the canadians are multipling05:54
ningohopefully they will invade the US and found the north american socialist empire05:54
rxiwhat with the? county mounties :P05:56
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ningooh, the joy of being us-american05:58
jjpkThe .44 has a mind of its own!06:00
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jjpkWho the hell has that many weapons stashed. Maybe they still fear the soviets will come knocking at the door. :p06:12
the_rebeltuk-tuk! Otkryvai, burzhui!06:12
drynishI wonder where's the nuclear bomb...06:13
rxi3 pistols arent much06:13
drynishI don't have one and I don't feel missing something ;)06:13
jjpkrxi: you did not read the caption below that picture. :>06:15
rxiyeah i just did06:16
rxi10 rifles of varying calibre06:16
jjpkI get the impressio n that this person wears a tinfoil hat quite often.06:17
rxiif i could own them rifles i would :)06:19
rxibit illegal in au tho\06:19
rxijust cos one guy went on a rampage with an AR-15 and killed 30 odd people doesnt mean the other 20million will :(06:22
ningono, but they might accidently shot 300 million people06:25
rxiid like to see that06:25
ningovisit the usa06:26
rxiid rather not06:29
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artur_thm, why when i'm swithing to console, console's font is reseted to default ?? :-/08:09
bd2can anybody recall me pcmcia stuff happened last days? I heard something like "pcmcia-cs" outdated, or conversely replaced old utils...08:09
vektori"IMPORTANT: The Linux pcmcia-cs package is officially deprecated. It can only be used with 2.4 and older kernels. Current information on PCMCIA support for recent 2.6 kernels is available here."08:10
vektori"Here" being
the_rebelvektori: you was faster!08:11
bd2vektori, thanks! is cardmgr depricated?08:11
vektoriYeah, looks like it.08:12
bd2thank you a lot, vektori08:12
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bd2really I need it not for crux.. it's for my linux-based PDA. have little troubles after kernel update08:15
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SenecaI've made a guide on installing crux without a cdrom10:11
Senecaanyone want to proofread?10:11
mike_krapid look, and seems ok10:13
mike_kI did such things not from the live cd or usb-key but from another crux =)10:14
Senecawho do I talk to, to get the guide on the website?10:16
mike_kSeneca: I dunno, but it seems to be obvious... btw, cool laptop!10:18
Senecamike_k: seems to be obvious?10:19
mike_kyep, do not get me wrong... cexpirienced user, who've read the handbook obviously can make such steps. Can't he?10:21
Senecaah, gotcha...10:21
mike_kmay be some generalization and extending would make it more useful10:22
Senecayou mean like, making it a "copy+paste" howto?10:24
Senecathen again, you can't do that10:24
Senecabecause many people use alot of different live dists10:24
Senecait goes beyond the scope of the guide10:25
Senecaor something10:25
mike_kno, I mean "A few notes on the requirements for a distro(livecd/usb) to perform a chrooted, cd-less crux install"10:25
Senecaah =)10:26
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moonshadowwho can I contact for permission to use screenshots from the handbook?10:44
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thrice`moonshadow: hm...not sure who originally created them, but I would ask any of the ops in here (such as jaeger )...i'm sure it wouldn't be a big deal at all, b ut can't hurt to ask10:51
moonshadowyeah, I'd like to have permission before using them10:52
ningotomorrow on slashdot: CRUX is sueing moonshadow for 1.000.000 us-dollar because of copyright infringement11:24
ningoI doubt that any of the devs have time or is willing to bugger with such nonsense11:24
ningosueing you for copyright infringement I mean ;)11:25
vektorimoonshadow: They're under GPL, so feel free to use them under the terms of it. :P11:25
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moonshadowthanks vektori.  I just didn't feel right, using them without asking.11:26
vektoriHehe, I don't think anyone really even cares. :P11:27
vektoriSo feel free to do whatever you want.11:27
tilmanif anyone really cared, they were probably MIT/bsd licensed11:27
tilman*cough* :p11:27
moonshadowthanks folks, gotta go finish this web page for school11:28
tilmanpresenting at school might be fun11:28
ningo@  vektori So feel free to do whatever you want.11:29
clbningo: Error: "vektori" is not a valid command.11:29
* ningo bombs with million of emails11:29
ningo...but vektori said...11:29
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vektori:( :( :(11:30
* ningo blames vektori for all evil in the world11:30
vektoriHey aon.11:35
aoni was in turku :(11:36
aonyes, probably strikingly similar11:37
vektoriWhat's wrong with Turku?11:40
aonnothing, really11:41
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vektori"ZDNet UK reports that Andrew Morton, the head maintainer of the Linux production kernel, is concerned about the amount of bugs in the 2.6 kernel. He is considering the possibility of dedicating an entire release cycle to fixing long standing bugs."12:11
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ningoI'm running linux 1.212:15
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Senecatilman: " presenting at school " what?12:36
tilmanmaybe i mixed up your website and moonshadow's nick?12:37
Senecaheh =) ok12:38
Senecaif the admins at my uni stop beeing so anal, I'm soon getting ipv4 reverse on :D that pwns12:39
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MrMaxwellCRUX seems to be flawless... the silence in here. :)12:49
Senecaoyeah, that must be it ;)12:50
MrMaxwellWhat else could it be? :D12:52
jjpkI assume there is nothing flawless in this world, however since crux is based on the KISS principle problems can be fixed.12:54
MrMaxwellYeah :)12:54
MrMaxwellI'm going to try CRUX now, wish me luck :D12:54
thrice`make sure you've got the docs handy, and you'll be fine12:54
MrMaxwellYeah... I have two machines :)12:54
thrice`good deal12:55
MrMaxwellBut can't sit at both at the same time, separate desks...12:55
MrMaxwellBut I suppose I will figure it out sooner or later. :)12:55
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thrice`hm...I think we need a crappy x-games repo for boredom at work12:58
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treachfsearch zmouse.h13:53
treachFound in /usr/ports/opt/wine:13:53
treachmaybe someone should tell  wawrzyniec he needs to install wine before he starts with firefox. :P13:53
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jjpkNever seen or heard of complaints like this.14:07
Senecais anyone running an nfs server on crux? with software raid?14:15
Senecaaw, fsck it14:43
Senecacya later14:43
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aonSeneca: shouldn't differ dramatically from running it on every other linux distro14:54
treachaon: of course it would, since crux is a highly proprietary 1337 OS, which is patched beyond the ability of the plebs that are familiar with the steaming POS that is known as Linux to recognize.15:10
aonah yes15:10
aoni always forget that15:11
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MrMaxwellWell? Who did it?15:43
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AstatWho registered my nick?15:44
treachNo idea. Presumeably to tweak your nose.15:45
aontreach must mean the insurance corporation15:45
AstatGive me back my nick.15:45
aon/msg nickserv info mynick15:46
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aonif it's mrmaxwell, it's been registered over a year ago15:46
MrMaxwellIt worked earlier?15:47
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treachand how is all this related to our nice little linux-dist?15:47
AstatSince I was here last time...15:47
aonnicks are BASICS15:47
AstatOh well15:47
AstatCRUX works! :)15:47
treachof course it does.15:48
AstatIt just works. :)15:48
aonseems so, yeah15:48
treachdo you seriously think it would be released otherwise?15:48
AstatLook at Slackware15:48
* treach thinks of fedora, and retracts his last statement.15:48
Astathehe :)15:49
AstatI'm a first-time Linux user and I got CRUX working on this machine :)15:49
aon"works" = "it compiled with only one warning for each line after these 10k lines of diffs"15:49
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treachwell, any litterate person could install crux.15:50
treachthe problem is to keep it that way, if you are a newbie.15:50
AstatUnlike other distros :/15:50
AstatYeah, it will probably crash next time I boot into CRUX :/15:50
treachsmall comfort. crux won't break itself.15:50
jjpk1) user breaks it 2) hardware fails15:51
jjpkThat's about it.15:51
treachunlike some of the more automagical distros, if stuff break, *you* did it.15:51
Astathehe :)15:51
treachok, hw too.15:51
Astat"make modules_intall" didn't run... it did nothing. :|15:51
treachI wonder why..15:52
AstatWhat did I do wrong? :(15:52
treachforgot to install your command-line spellchecker.15:52
Astat"make modules_install"15:53
jjpkmake modules_install is what you are after.15:53
AstatYeah, and it did nothing...15:53
jjpkThen you are not in the right directory.15:53
aondoes your kernel have modules? :)15:53
AstatI think I picked a couple of modules...15:54
Astat"make all" went just fine.15:54
treachthat sounds convincing, doesn't it?15:54
treachand, if one may be so bold as to ask, what is "all"?15:56
AstatEverything :|15:56
treachit is?15:56
AstatYou're asking me?15:56
treachNo, not really. I'm trying to make you question yourself.15:57
AstatCan you please help me? :(15:57
treachI am, belive it or not.15:57
AstatThe kernel supportrs modules and there were a few modules... and they poped up when running "make all".15:57
AstatBut when I ran "make modules_install" afterwards, nothing happend... I just followed the steps in the documentation.15:58
AstatIs that normal? :|15:58
treachNo, I bet you missed something.15:59
AstatLike what?15:59
AstatI did everything it said. :|15:59
AstatBut that menu crashed on me though...16:00
AstatAnd I had to redo some lines...16:00
treachnow, a crashing menu does *not* sound normal.16:00
AstatI got some weird text16:01
AstatCouldn't do anything but move the cursor with the arrow keys.16:01
AstatSo I rebooted and had to redo some steps...16:01
treachok. If I were you I'd remove that .config file and redo it. (I know it sucks...)16:02
AstatRedo what? The menu stuff?16:03
treachpossibly I'd clean out the sourcetree as well, since apparently something went wrong.16:03
AstatI see16:03
treach"the menu stuff" is refered to as "configuring" your kernel.16:04
treachmuchos importante, and if anything goes wrong there nobody knows what will happen.16:04
AstatI see :/16:04
AstatIt just happend when I was reading the documentation on the other machine.16:05
AstatSo how do I clean the sourcetree?16:05
AstatWhere is "that .config file" located?16:06
treachthe root of the kernelsrc dir.16:06
treachand as for cleaning, see the README found there.16:06
AstatIn the src dir?16:07
AstatThanks for the tips. :)16:07
treachno problem. Just keep reading the docs.16:07
AstatYeah, I'll be RTFM'ing when I'm not here. :)16:08
AstatThanks once again. :)16:08
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treach-= THIS MESSAGE NOT LOGGED =-16:09
aonthe cat typed 3~3~ with its back foot while sleeping and then erased it with backspace :o16:21
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treach"Gone with the wind"17:06
thrice`dust* in the wind17:08
predatorfreakAnyone got a clever idea for making find escape outputted data?17:29
predatorfreak(That way when I run it through a for loop it doesn't cause it to expand)17:29
Hanuse -print017:35
predatorfreakHan: Thanks.17:36
predatorfreakHan: o.O -print0 == no output.17:37
Hanof course not, the output is NULL terminated.17:38
predatorfreakWell THAT'S not the escaping I was looking for <_<17:38
predatorfreakI meant more like adding slashes.17:38
HanYou won't need that17:38
Hanfind .|sed -e 's| |\\\ |'17:39
predatorfreakHan: only hit's the first space, oddly enough.17:40
Hannoob! :P17:40
Hanfind .|sed -e 's| |\\\ |g'17:40
* Han beats up predatorfreak 17:41
predatorfreakHan: Well I haven't been using find and sed as long you have, obviously :{17:41
Hanfind .|while read line; do echo $line; done17:42
predatorfreaksed will work fine, thank you :P17:44
Hanidee fixe17:45
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predatorfreakHan: or not, since for still expands it :(17:46
HanRead pkgmk for examples, in the manpage section IIRC17:47
predatorfreakHan: While worked perfectly though :D17:51
HanThat's what I usually use. The only problem is the pipe17:52
predatorfreakHan: How is that a problem? o.O17:52
Hanie:  find .|while read line; do echo $line; done; echo $line17:53
Hanoutside of the loop $line is not set.17:53
predatorfreakNot a problem for me, I want it to stay within the loop, for style :)17:53
HanMost of the time it's not a problem indeed.17:54
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faithrwanyone got crux installed on a box with usb cdrom drive?21:19
nymacrofaithrw: i have used a USB CDROM with CRUX before if thats what you mean21:23
faithrwI mean installing crux from the official cd, using an usb cdrom drive21:25
faithrwthe required drivers are builtin the kernel21:26
faithrwbut it really should give the usb drive some time to initialize before trying to mount it21:26
faithrwso, it fails to mount root, and panics21:26
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nymacrook :/21:28
nymacrofaithrw: well, you might somehow need to specify a root on the lilo command line21:29
nymacrosomething like: CRUX root=/dev/sda21:29
faithrwyes, I do. sr021:29
faithrwif I plug the drive in a running linux system, it takes the usb modules 3 to 5 seconds to actually get the drive ready21:30
nymacrook :/21:30
faithrwthe crux install kernel tries to mount it less than a second after initializing usb support :)21:31
faithrwthe funny detail is that you can hear the drive starting to spin like 5 seconds after the panic...21:33
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