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steiniback from the LinuxTag :)03:20
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Hangrep '^[^l].......w.' /usr/ports/*/*/.footprint05:52
Hanprologic should be really ashamed of himself.05:52
HanUnless he really wants to gain root on all your machines.05:52
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clarehi folks06:07
clareI do have a question, Is there some package that includes a way to see a color and its numeric value (hex)06:09
clareI am trying to edit a css file06:09
tilmangimp ;)06:09
clareOh, hoping for less of a sledgehammer, but I do have nearly all the dependencies already so it will do,, thanks tilman06:11
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steinithe c++ (g++) compiler generates a simple C code from a C++ file? Is this correct?!06:40
steiniand is it possible to view that generated code?06:41
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claretilman; gimp is idel, but the author of css went to enormous trouble to achieve pale blue writing on07:38
claremedium blue background, in 20 different places. A real pity. I give up. goodnight all07:38
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AstatI can't get networking to work... I only get the lookback interface and dhcpcd says nothing. But I get "net[ERROR]" when starting services at boot.07:47
aonwell, what do you have in your /etc/rc.d/net?07:48
AstatI've typed in what the docs says..07:48
AstatLaunching dhcpcd eth007:48
AstatI've checked it three times or so...07:48
AstatIs it a driver problem?07:49
Astatifconfig only shows the lookback thingy...07:52
jdolanjust whipped this up, if anyone else likes to toggle their cpu speed from fast and slow.  run it with sudo.07:53
teKAstat: check dmesg or /proc/pci or lspci for your NIC to be (not) supported/detected07:54
tilmanit's the like the "turbo" switch old pcs had :p07:54
teKyou may also want to have a look at ifconfig -a07:54
AstatteK:  ehm, I just run "dmesg"?07:54
teKdmesg | less comes in quite handy ;)07:55
Astatoh, hehe :)07:55
AstatWhat's /proc/pci and lspci? Some kind of logs?07:55
teK textfile and a program07:56
teK(as /proc/pci is OBSOLETE, i think)07:56
Astathmmm :/07:56
teK2.6.15 does not have a /proc/pci07:56
Astatlspci is a program just like dmesg?07:56
Astatah, okay. :)07:57
teKdunno if it's installed at your box..07:57
AstatI have no idea either :/07:57
teKwell type it07:57
AstatWill do, but since it's this machine then I have to reboot to get into CRUX. :/07:58
AstatThanks for the tips. :)07:58
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teK[hellfire@ubuntu][~/Desktop]% ./cpu max07:58
teK[hellfire@ubuntu][~/Desktop]% ./cpu07:58
teKit's a 1200MHz CPU :p07:59
jdolancheck the contents of the files its reading/writing.07:59
jdolanperhaps the kernel misdetected your cpu/cpufreq driver07:59
teKit works well (pops up to 1,2GHz if needed)08:00
jdolanor you're not using the userspace governer (?)08:00
teKi guess... :\08:00
teK[hellfire@ubuntu][/sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq]% cat scaling_governor08:01
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Astatlspci finds a Linksys device...08:06
AstatI can't find any errors related to networking or the NIC itself.08:06
teKifconfig -a ?08:07
AstatThe loopback thingy...08:07
Astatifconfig lo
teK-a ...08:08
teKifconfig eth0 123.456.78.908:08
teKtry it08:08
AstatI told you... it shows the lookback interface...08:08
teKthen it did not detect your card..08:09
AstatI see08:09
AstatSo, what to do next? :(08:09
teKcheck if the required module(s) is loaded and wether your card is supported by linux08:10
AstatI couldn't find any info for my NIC other than it didn't work very well under 64-bit08:10
rxiid recommend you start with an easier distro08:10
AstatUbuntu works just fine...08:10
rxiwell if you cant work out how to get a nic working your probably going to have a fair bit more trouble08:11
AstatI will never learn anything if I just leave it...08:11
teKdo what i told you08:12
AstatI'm googling now08:13
Astatrxi: Can you please beeing such a smartass? I googled last night without any results in English.08:13
AstatI only found Japanese pages...08:13
AstatSo quit it!08:13
* rxi shakes his head08:13
rxii guess some people miss reading the first line on the website08:15
Astatrxi: Tell me where to look instead of beeing such an ass!08:16
rxiwith that attitude i dont think so08:16
AstatAt least teK is trying to help, unlike someone who can't shut the cakehole...08:16
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AstatPeople had the same problem back in 2004. :|08:28
AstatCan't find anything... only dead ends and dead forum threads.08:49
Astatdhcpcd causes kernel panic if I load the driver...09:26
AstatAny ideas why?09:32
AstatIt prints gibberish...09:32
vektoriIs this a driver that's part of the kernel or some external piece of crap?09:35
AstatA part of the kernel...09:37
Astatdhcpcd does something...09:37
vektoriWell, whatever it does, it shouldn't crash the kernel.09:37
thrice`is /etc/rc.d/net setup correctly?  it shouldn't be loaded until the kernel is done, correct?09:38
AstatI get another interface once I've modprobed "tulip" then run ifconfig09:38
Astat/etc/rc.d/net is exactly as in the CRUX docs.09:39
Astat...for DHCP.09:39
AstatThe kernel supports my NIC too... I've checked the source code and it's in there, so it must be fully implemented.09:39
vektoriHeh, doesn't sound fully implemented to me.09:42
AstatYeah... but why have they put it there when the kernel panics if used?09:42
aonuh :O09:42
aonmaybe it doesn't with every possible hardware combination09:42
aonand afaik tulip should be rather well-tested09:43
AstatAny ideas?09:43
vektoriTry another kernel or OS.09:43
AstatUbuntu does just fine.09:43
aonuse it09:43
AstatI don't want Ubuntu09:43
aondebian? ;)09:43
AstatNo :P09:43
AstatPlease help. :(09:51
AstatIs it worth trying instead? :|09:52
AstatWill give it a try... I hope USB massage storage device works. :/09:54
AstatNo floppy... I only have one USB stick and CD-RW :)09:54
vektoriMass storage in B minor!09:56
vektoriNot a friend of Bach, then.09:59
Astathehe :)09:59
Astatw00t, at least I can list what's on the USB stick. :D10:06
AstatLet's see what it does when I try to read from it. :D10:06
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Astat2.6.16.14 doesn't seem to help. :/11:18
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HanAstat, nforce4 mobo?11:44
AstatFujitsu crap... D1826. i915P/G chipset with the "AMDtek" AN983 chip.11:46
AstatBuilt in support should be there.11:47
AstatThere are no drivers for *nix for the NIC on Fujitsus site. :(11:47
Hanpci nics are not that expensive11:47
AstatI have a 8139C laying around... but Ubuntu doesn't whine at all... it works out of the box.11:48
jjpkFactory brands rarely support anything else than windows, no surprise there.11:48
Hanm$ should be forbidden.11:48
AstatYeah :/11:48
AstatHow does Ubuntu get the networking running without any user interaction?11:49
vektoriIt's made of magic.11:49
jjpkIt probably analyses what hardware you have, then modprobes drivers until it find something, then runs dhcp. ;)11:49
jjpkie, magic. :>11:49
AstatLike me...11:49
AstatBut dhcpcd causes kernel panic through some interrupt error.11:50
AstatCan I get a newer version of dhcpcd?11:50
vektoriDude, dhcpcd can't crash your system. It's a problem with your kernel.11:50
AstatThe module then. :/11:50
jjpkNever thought dhcpcd was capable of causing a kernel panic.11:50
Astattulip is supposed to be compatible with my NIC... some people have solved it by modifying some source code, but what they added is already there on my machine. 2.6.x already has support for it11:51
AstatI've tried both and now
vektoriAnd now you have to think of something else.11:53
vektoriWell, that's your problem, isn't it? :P11:54
AstatYeah :D11:54
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vektoriLet's go.14:16
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danmcore/pciutils -> a more "stable" URL might be$name-$version.tar.gz14:24
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vektoridanm: Good idea, fixed.14:30
haaryhan/opera9: the filename is wrong, ist not opera-9.0-20060411.6-shared-qt.i386-en-236.tar.gz but opera-9.0-20060411.6-shared-qt.i386-en.tar.gz14:35
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jjpkYou can tell Han has infamy when they run away like that. :>14:43
treachyay, building stuff on a tmpfs is.. ghostly. :-)14:44
treachno flashing hddled, no noise, just scrolling text.  :-)14:44
ningoboooo, I'm the tmpfs ghos14:51
jjpkThe tmpfs boogey man.14:51
treachprobably nicer than the "barrel of rum" boogeyman. ;)14:52
treach(In case you don't know what I'm talking about)
tilmanoddlyEnoughNews? :)14:55
treachvery odd indeed, I'd say.14:56
danm'a special taste'14:58
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Hanjjpk, nonsense, that's just a good report.15:13
Hanexactly what I needed to know.15:13
HanThey must have changed it.15:13
HanMISSING   18988e6d6c9fc00ae0668fbc67deedc5  opera-9.0-20060411.6-shared-qt.i386-en-236.tar.gz15:13
HanNEW       18988e6d6c9fc00ae0668fbc67deedc5  opera-9.0-20060411.6-shared-qt.i386-en.tar.gz15:13
HanAnd it's updated.15:16
vektori\o\ \o/ /o/15:17
vektoriWhat's that, a piggy with curly eyebrows?15:18
maroI'm not sure15:18
tilmanyou just slammed your forehead on the keyboard? ;)15:19
drynishHow many users is on crux? Is it possible to know? :P15:27
drynishOh cool :)15:27
vektoriSeveral hundred, probably less than a thousand, though.15:28
drynishso around 25 :P15:28
tilman#crux: Total of 64 nicks15:29
drynishI'm joking... I was on arch and I wanted to try a new distrib15:29
tilman(yes, i know)15:29
vektoridrynish, more users doesn't necessarily equal better distro.15:29
thrice`wow, someone from Antarctica?15:29
vektoriUmm, where?15:30
thrice`check on "Antarctica" :)15:30
vektoriThe southmost person I can see is Joe from Melbourne.15:30
thrice`it says "Osbourne and Wally" from ontherockscomics.com15:30
drynishI know :)15:31
thrice`vektori: you can't pan down?15:31
thrice`how does one get added to the map?15:32
treachthrice`: you talk to cptn.15:33
treachwhen he's around, that is.15:33
thrice`i didn't realize Europe was so concentrated15:33
ningoyeah, we live here like 2 people on one m^215:34
treachthrice`: you're probably looking at china you ignorant american! ;-)15:35
vektorithrice`: Oh, yeah. Pan. Great.15:35
ningofive, four, three, one15:36
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admax88Is anyone else having troubles with crux not detecting onboard ethernet devices? or does anyone have any knowledge to lend me?15:42
treachit's not a problem.15:42
treachit's a feature.15:43
teKi guess the kernel is supposed to do these kind of things15:43
admax88so what should i do about it?15:43
treachthat actually wasn't a joke15:43
treachlshw, lspci, dmesg, etc.15:44
drynishand enabling them in the kernel?15:44
vektoriIn Soviet Russia, Ethernet devices detect CRUX!15:44
treachteK:  actually devfs used to do a lot of that, but udev doesn't.15:44
drynishbad udev15:44
treachauto detection sucks anyway.15:45
teKi have the driver compiled in or i have the module and autoloading or NOT15:45
vektoriadmax88: If you want autoloading modules, try coldplug.15:45
drynishtreach: Yeah but it's working in Windows ;)15:46
treachhaving your system autodetecting stuff is a bound to cause all kinds of misery if you and whatever deals with the auto dectection doesn't agree. I'd rather avoid that myself.15:47
treachyou don't have much experience with windows, do you?15:47
drynishlol :)15:51
drynishMy mom is still calling me about some fictious and undesirabled features of windows15:52
drynishWhat can I say to her? I don't use Windows anymore... I haven't used it for about 6 or 7 years15:52
treachSo.. how do you "know" auto detection actually works in windows then?15:53
drynishI was joking ;)15:53
drynishBut I use a Windows computer at job...15:53
drynishI really dislike this situation and I'm searching a job using Unix...15:54
drynishinstead :)15:54
drynishSo that was my speech about Windows15:54
treachgood. You just heard mine on the evils of excessive automation.15:55
maroyeah, bill sucks, etc.15:55
drynishBut hte only way to bring people in LInux... is through automated modules loading.15:56
drynishand many more features15:56
maroyep, and point'n'click installers15:56
drynishHummmm what would you suggest?15:56
drynishLinspire based on this idea isn't so bad ;)15:56
marowe need those so badly15:56
drynishOn crux?15:57
marodrynish: they're useless if you can't get them from untrusted sources15:57
treachthat people understands that you *have* understand a bit about computers to use one, just as you do with a car.15:57
drynishBut I don't know how a car is built!15:57
drynishAnd really I don't care15:57
drynishAs long as it moves ahead :)15:58
treachno, but you *do* know the rules for driving one.15:58
drynishOk I see your point15:58
marosome day your car won't work15:58
drynishSo I'll buy a new one15:58
marothen you'll have to fix it or pay one for doing it for you15:58
treachand you do know it's not running on magic.15:58
drynishYes ;)15:58
drynishI will try Crux on qemu for now16:00
maroit will still kick the shorts out of your host OS :P16:00
drynishhahaha :)16:01
drynishRight now, I'm using Suse16:01
treachwelcome to the fast-lane.16:01
maroand I've got my balls tied up with a small leather string16:02
drynishHummm fast lane as in the word gentoo :P16:02
treachcrux is a *lot* less complicated than gentoo.16:03
tilmantoo much information16:03
marodrynish: be quiet till you've tried it16:03
drynishlol :)16:03
drynishok ok16:03
marotilman: hey, he started it16:03
tilmandon't blame me, i just answered your question ;)16:03
maroer duh :)16:03
marothanks :)16:04
treachmaro: dare I suggest a bookmark  here? :P
marotreach: I'm not buying that one16:05
treachdon't worry, the demo ex. will do. You don't have to buy it to see what it means.16:07
marohm, and I thought all .com's were phony :P16:07
bd2google:define:tmi -> Trans Mars Injection  ;-)16:18
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drynish1% till completion :)16:23
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thrice`vim 7?!  madness22:03
vektoriIt's a mad house! A mad house!22:06
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