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rxii see astat isnt back04:01
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marodoes anybody know what happened to cptn?04:47
vektoriNo. :\04:47
tilmanhe probably drunk the whole weekend over frustration about artur_t ;))04:48
tilmandrank even04:48
maroApr 30 19:37:21 <-- cptn has quit ("enough" (null))04:48
rich1what happened to artur_t?04:49
ningo_teh BASICS04:49
maroMay 02 17:59:43 <artur_t> +lol04:49
ningo_that's what happend to him!04:49
marohe lolled to death04:49
ningo_he didn't finished his plate, so the giant came and ate him04:50
mike_maro: hmm... who was that man talking to me from his ICQ account this morning?04:51
tilmanmaybe the typedeffed guy?04:51
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jjpkI read on cptn's website that he move and changed jobs, that sounds time consuming so no wonder.05:45
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rxii think that was a few months ago05:50
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jjpk26th of april 2006 is not months ago. ;)05:55
rxioh he must of moved again05:56
jjpkCheck jw.tks6.net05:56
jjpkor whatever his email signature says.05:56
rxiyeah thats right05:57
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jjpkUndecided. ;)06:30
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KlaxOnHi! Can anybody help me? When I'm trying to create new user using 'useradd' it returns nflg: 0. But I can't login. It says 'Login incorrect'.06:54
jjpkDid you set a password for the new user?06:55
KlaxOnYes. I've tried useradd -ppassword user06:55
KlaxOnIn /etc/passwd account appears06:56
ningo_KlaxOn: use passwd(1) to set the password06:56
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KlaxOnningo_: create account without password and then set password?06:58
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KlaxOnCan incorrect configuration files affect to login failure?07:29
KlaxOnWill i586 image correctly work on i686 machine?07:41
rich1why haven't you took an 686 one?07:41
rich1I'm not a linux guru, but I think it would work (but you better ask one the others)07:42
KlaxOnI want to install CRUX on 686 at the beginig, and then maybe on old pentium10007:42
KlaxOnAs I know i686 will not work on p100.07:44
rich1don't know whether it is backwards compatible...07:44
mike_kI bet it is07:45
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KlaxOnWhile compiling kernel some warnings appears, it's normal?07:51
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KlaxOn...something like "uninitialized function"07:54
KlaxOnrich1,mike_k: thanks for your answers07:57
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richi_auti dont know exactly, but afaik i get warnings, too.07:58
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mike_kevery one get some warns07:59
richi_autk, but i think he didnt know that...08:00
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mike_kjaeger: bridge-utils 1.1 is out08:25
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rxijjpk: i got an email from cptn today so he musnt be dead :P08:51
ningonot neccessarily08:54
rxiwell the chances of him getting dead in the last hour are pretty slim :)08:55
jaegers/dead/busy playing games/08:57
ningoalmost the same08:57
ningolook at all the koreans who recognise too late that you don't have 'one life left' in the real world08:58
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artur_tSATA vs. PATA: what is better in technical vision? Is SATA better in all cases?10:09
rxiwell its faster and supports NCQ10:10
artur_tand how about cpu loading?10:12
rxino idea10:12
rxiim guessing SATA is better cos its newer10:12
jaegergoogling turns up some articles10:14
jaegerI haven't read them, just suggesting them for info10:14
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treachjaeger: I was eyeing your bmpx port.. does that port indicate that you have successfully built xine-lib on 2.2 with and ""? :-)10:57
treachheh, that was what vektori called your bugfixed version of xorg, wasn't it? :-)10:58
jaegerI haven't tried bmpx on 2.2 yet, actually10:58
jaegeror xine-lib10:58
treachok, I'm just going crazy on xine-lib. It won't build, and I can't really figure out the culprit.10:59
jaegerdoh :(10:59
treachI've seen claims that it's a gcc 4.x problem, but the build log could indicate that it has something to do with X as well..11:00
treach( if anyone is interested.)11:01
treachand, yep, I have "xorg-videoproto 2.2.2-1"11:02
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jaegertreach: what if you try specifying the xv path explicitly?11:04
jaeger--with-xv-path=/usr/lib or something11:05
treachI don't quite remember, but I'm pretty sure tried that as well without any luck. :(11:05
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treachbah, it worked now. Which means that either I have a memory like a seive, or that I typoed that line *twice* when I tried it. :-/11:19
treachanyway, thanks jaeger for giving me something to copy and paste.. :-)11:19
jaegerno problem :)11:19
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FylleMisstagethej/hi :)12:00
FylleMisstagetI'm considering becoming a crux user :) should I leave gentoo to become a cruxer? =)12:00
FylleMisstagetwhat? =)12:02
VVeIrDthere is no time for consideration..12:02
VVeIrDinstall now12:02
FylleMisstagetYeah I I'm reading through tha handbook...12:02
FylleMisstagetSOme things are a bit confusing12:03
VVeIrDhf :)12:03
VVeIrDonce it runs, ull be happy..12:03
FylleMisstagetwell..maybe =)12:03
VVeIrDbut i somehow think this way after each install ;P12:03
FylleMisstaget? =)12:03
VVeIrDdont bother ;)12:04
FylleMisstagethehe okay12:04
VVeIrDme being stupid12:04
FylleMisstagetI hope my linux skills will be enough to get everything to work12:04
FylleMisstagetI'm not that experienced12:04
treachthat's usually not the problem.12:05
treachgetting it up and working that is.12:05
FylleMisstagetokay..whats the problem then? =)12:05
treachproblems usually arise at the point were you have your system up, and have to do things on your own without a handbook to guide you.12:06
FylleMisstagetmmm that sounds about right12:06
FylleMisstagetAnd I'm used to working with the gentoo portage..just emerge whatever program you need and gentoo will download it, all the dependencies and install them...12:07
treachwe've got prt-get.12:08
FylleMisstagetyeah I read something about  that...not sure I understand it all :)12:08
treacha much better tool imo. but that's just my view, obviously.12:08
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FylleMisstagetI have to ask my friend when things get out of hand..he's and old crux user12:10
treachthe point being prt-get doesn't patronize you, so you never have to fight it.12:10
treachjust read the manpages. they are very good.12:10
FylleMisstagetyeah will do12:10
FylleMisstagetHm... do you make your own packages often?12:11
treachnot really.12:11
FylleMisstagetand what's in for?12:11
treachI started using crux because it was so simple to create packages..12:11
FylleMisstagetcan't you just download it on your own and compile/install?12:11
vektoriSure, but that's manual work.12:11
vektoriAnd of course uninstalling isn't so simple.12:11
treachit turned out everyone else was so busy making ports, that I rarely have to make anyone myself.. :P12:11
vektoriIn CRUX, downloading it on your own and compiling/installing isn't very different from writing a Pkgfile.12:12
treachimo, installing things without creating a port for it is stupid.12:12
vektoriWhen building ports is this easy, why bother with manual installations?12:12
FylleMisstagetops :S12:12
FylleMisstagetvektori: right12:13
FylleMisstagetwhat is DESTDIR?12:14
treachwhere the files go when you type "make install"12:14
FylleMisstagetand that is usually?12:15
vektori$PKG in the case of Pkgfiles.12:15
vektoriAnd when the build() function finishes, stuff in $PKG is made into a package.12:15
treachjust look at the other ports in case you are not sure.12:15
treach"bmpx: Couldn't connect to session bus: Unable to determine the address of the message bus"  hmm. :-/12:16
FylleMisstagetvektori: and after that?12:19
vektoriAfter that you play a round of tetris.12:20
vektoriReally, read the handbook. It answers lots of questions.12:20
vektoriI don't want to recite it to you.12:20
FylleMisstagethehe okey12:21
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treach"book of crux, chapters xiiv-xxxx"12:22
treach"#Crux is neither about bloat, nor complicating things. Spoonfeeding is right out. [...]"12:22
FylleMisstagetWell..I'm off to give it a go :)12:26
FylleMisstagetwish me luck el duderinos12:26
treachlycka till då.12:26
FylleMisstagetI think I will make an Image of my gentoo installation just in case :P12:27
treach"your lack of faith is disturbing, young apprentice."12:27
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ningobook of crux, chapter i12:44
ningo$1 NO handholding, whatsoever12:44
ningo$2 RTFM12:44
ningobook of crux, chapter mmxxvii12:45
tilman$3 Fuck You :-)12:45
ningo$424 If all things mentioned in this book fail, bugger #crux12:45
mike_kwhat is "Also, caching you be done right." in PkgutilsIdeas?12:46
ningoit's an order12:46
ningoCachingo, YOU be done right!12:46
FylleMisstagethm how do I change the root filesystem if I install from an external usb cdrom?12:47
jaegerFylleMisstaget: probably root=/dev/scd012:51
FylleMisstagetlets try12:53
FylleMisstagetkernel panic..hehe12:53
FylleMisstagetso that wasn't correct :P12:54
jaegerdo you see anything in the boot spam about the device?12:56
FylleMisstagetIt goes to fast12:56
FylleMisstagetjust that it cant find scd012:56
jaegeryou might also try sr012:57
FylleMisstagetI did that too12:57
jaegerhrmm, don't know :/12:58
treachinstalling from usb cdroms seem problematic. IIRC there were somone else trying that here a while back..12:58
jaegerFylleMisstaget: have you got some time and a CD-RW handy?12:58
FylleMisstagetyeha sure12:58
jaeger <-- try this one, if you don't mind12:59
jaegerit's not the latest version of crux but the boot sequence is quite different12:59
jaegerit won't solve your problem with 2.2 (assuming you were using 2.2) but it will possibly help us figure out what needs to be fixed13:00
FylleMisstagetokay..I will try it out13:01
FylleMisstagetmany distros have problem with external cdroms...its a pitty :( I had the same problem with arch linux13:02
jaegerseems like it should be an easy thing to work around13:03
FylleMisstagetgentoo managed =)13:03
jaegerthe image I directed you to uses a ramdisk and tries to do some autodetection, similar to gentoo's boot CD13:04
jaegerit's a bit of a brute force method but works for some things that don't otherwise13:04
FylleMisstagetBut I can still follow the handbook how to install?13:04
jaegerif you decide to install from that image, it's a little different from the handbook because the handbook doesn't deal with network installs13:05
jaegerbut not so different that you can't use it13:05
FylleMisstagethm kernel panic again..I just pressed enter at boot13:06
jaegerhow far did the boot process get?13:07
FylleMisstagetIt could not chroot13:07
jaegerwas it able to find your crux cd?13:08
FylleMisstagetyes I think so13:08
FylleMisstagetloading modules etc13:08
jaegerit should say, during the boot... there's a section of colored diagnostic output13:08
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jaeger"searching for crux livecd", etc.13:09
FylleMisstaget*Pivoting root13:09
jaegerthen it will say if it found media13:09
jaegerpivoting is the second to last step, so look before that if you can13:09
FylleMisstagetunmount: /newroot/cdrom: Invalid argument13:10
FylleMisstagetthen I cant se anything above it13:10
jaegerhrmm.. :( don't know what to tell you, it's hard to troubleshoot over the net13:10
jaegermakes me wish I had a usb cdrom to test13:10
FylleMisstagetI will try my firewire cdrom now13:11
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FylleMisstagetno luck..well well..back to gentoo :)13:12
bd2just curious, when coreteam will update to vim-7? Personally I use its cvs version for ages, but I count the days when I can drop own port ;-)13:12
jaegerFylleMisstaget: sorry =/13:13
FylleMisstagetit's okay =)13:13
jaegerbd2: no idea. I suppose one of us needs to adopt the port13:14
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bd2I see13:16
bd2hello ci13:17
tilmandoes anyone know where to put mouse cursor themes in
citilman: create a subdomain would be fine :)13:40
vektoriYou don't know!13:41
citilman: got a new webplace?13:41
tilmanvektori: yes, that's why i adapted your name to ask this question ;)13:41
tilmanasked in #xorg too13:43
tilmanlet's see13:44
cibtw, jaeger, why are you holding ldap at 2.2.x?13:58
jaegerbecause it hasn't been necessary to update it yet, been working on other things14:00
ciif it's simply a lack of time i can voluntary make a port if you don't mind of course :-]14:00
ciit's not that i don't like 2.2.x, nut it's not "actively maintained" and 2.3.x has a better LDAPv3 suport14:01
jaegerdoes it need more than a version bump this time?14:01
ciwho knows14:01
jaegerif you want to try it, feel free. otherwise I'll update it when I have the chance to14:02
cijaeger: ok then14:02
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jaegerheyo, danm14:15
jaegerci: 2.3.20 stable built fine here, will test it a bit before updating14:19
cijaeger: well, patching failed for me :)14:19
cinot a big deal though14:20
jaegerI based it on danm's patches in crux64 2.2-test114:20
cican you publish it somewhere so i could fetch it?14:21
ciyup, got it, great thanks14:25
sepenjaeger, I finished my first irc log based on your idea
jaegersepen: looks like it works well :)14:32
koefzA nice feature would be to make it searchable.14:33
sepenyes jaeger but Im writting more features like date search14:33
jaegerkoefz: wouldn't be hard to do, especially since it's already refable14:33
jaegerthe timestamps are hrefs, so you can link directly to a time14:34
koefzjaeger, hmm, ok.14:34
sepenjaeger, I have a shell script who does that but I dont' like use shell script from php14:34
jaegersuppose you ask me a question and it was answered already, I can say treach answered that at 11:02 and link
koefzjaeger, well, you're the boss of your own db. It would be nice to have a little search field.14:35
jaegerit's on the list. just have too much to do14:35
koefzAhh, ok.14:35
jaegersepen: I'm sure you could do it all in the php script14:36
sepenecho "$date $hour $nick $message" | grep $requestdate14:36
koefzAnother nice thing would be to somehow sync the logs from the bot with your own localtime.14:36
sepenI use shell_exec, but personaly I love tainted feature of perl more than php shell_exec14:36
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koefzDon't quite see how that could be easily done though. But it would be nice. Or we could just change the bots localtime to GMT+1 as a homage to pli.14:37
tilmanit should use GMT14:38
tilmanGMT ftw etc14:38
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richi_authi all15:47
richi_autdoes anyone know a link how to configure my xserver to start automatically with xfce?15:49
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Hanecho 'startxfce4' > .xinitrc15:55
Hanscratch that15:55
Hanecho 'exec startxfce4' > .xinitrc15:56
HanThat's better :-)15:56
richi_autsorry was afk16:00
richi_autthe .xinitrc file is in my home direcory?16:01
HanIt's in your fingers. :P16:02
richi_autuhh, dont overtax me....16:03
HanWell that command I just gave you will create that file. :P16:04
richi_autlike touch?16:04
richi_auti know man 1 fingers ;)16:05
HanNot exactly.16:05
HanJust do it and see what happens :P16:05
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richi_autfingers ... command not found16:05
Hanecho 'exec startxfce4' > .xinitrc16:06
richi_autok, and when i want xfce to start like gnome in ubuntu?16:06
richi_autwith login screen ans do on...16:06
richi_auti will search for docu when i'm in work again...16:12
HanThen you'll need a login manager. Like slim.16:17
richi_autaha, i will look then16:17
richi_autlooks very good. thank you.16:18
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marodamn, we need engineers to write docs16:52
treach"I have tried this on FC 3 and will probably work on other systems also."16:53
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drynishhello! :)17:23
koefzO RLY?17:27
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thrice`gaim keeps crashing, and I can't figure out why18:44
thrice`just a segfault, apparently a bug.  But it's version 1.5.0, and a very simple function18:44
treachwhat are you trying to do?18:45
thrice`*** glibc detected *** double free or corruption (out): 0x082ffa60 ***18:45
treachhm.. never seen that.18:45
thrice`i'm attempting to remove someone from my blocked list on AIM18:45
treachah. that might explain why I've never seen it.. :P18:46
treachlet him rot. ;-)18:46
treachyou could try with the 2.0 beta, imo it works better. but then otoh, I'm not using aim. :-)18:48
thrice`heh...yeah, i'm building beta3 now18:49
treachthis sounds like a great idea..
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thrice`I wish mplayerplug-in let you forward streaming videos, and let it rebuffer19:03
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Hanthrice`, googled for the error?19:05
Hantreach, indeed, they should use OSS instead!19:06
HanAnd they finally will if they really get stoned*.19:06
Han*as in getting killed by stoning.19:07
jaegertheir replacements will, at least19:07
treachhmm, I kind of doubt you do very much after getting stoned.. but really, if they make me go to the post-office to get a stone.. do they seriously think I'd help them with *anything*..?19:07
thrice`Han: nope, just build the beta, which appears to be working decently19:15
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sepengood night cruxers!19:57
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jdolanheh, i fixed xqf.22:37
jdolanit wasnt pretty.22:37
jdolani'll publish it tomorrow.22:37
vertahthat's teh game server browser yeah?22:43
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jdolanvertah, ya22:58
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