IRC Logs for #crux Wednesday, 2006-05-10

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drynishI'm now on crux :)00:10
jaegerhow do you like it?00:12
drynishI really like it... I had some difficulties compiling it tought...00:14
drynishI'm not new on Linux but new in source distrib00:14
drynishI tried Gentoo two years ago00:14
drynishAnd it was not the same feeling00:14
drynishI sense this distrib really responsive00:15
jaegerTakes a bit of getting used to00:15
drynishI have been on arch :)00:15
drynishSo let's try it a while00:15
drynishGood night :)00:15
jaegerI've been meaning to try Arch for some time, just haven't gotten around to it... one of my coworkers really likes it00:15
drynish1h15 here00:15
jaegerEST, then?00:16
drynishYes Arch is cool00:16
drynishBut I like trying distro00:16
drynishI really like this keep it simple...00:16
jaegerit's worked well for us so far00:17
drynishYou're from Quebec?00:17
jaegerI've flown over it, but no :)00:17
drynishIt helps you to support more package from one user00:17
jaegerI live in Tulsa, Oklahoma. CST00:17
drynishoh I see :)00:17
drynishHave a nice night ;)00:17
jaegeryou too, thanks00:18
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sepensorry, how I should decide about this?? --with-volume-manager=[auto/freebsd/hal/none]01:57
sepenfreebsd?? xD01:57
sepenor none?01:57
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marosepen: what kind of port is it for?02:02
maroyou don't *have* to specify every configure parameter btw02:03
maroin this case it would be senseful not to specify anything since that'd let configure do its magic02:04
marobecause officially hal isn't in crux, but it is installed on quite a couple of systems none the less, so the users that do have it would probably like to take advantage of it02:05
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maroof course, I always am!02:09
sepenI had need time to understand you response02:12
sepenmaro, Im porting thunar trying to perform for use xfce4 libs as less as posible02:13
marosepen: hmm, why not just use jue's ports?02:13
sepenjue has thunar?02:13
maroyes, he has the whole xfce 4.4 beta02:14
marodon't you read the ml?02:14
sepenbut I don't need all xfce4, only thunar for my fluxbox02:14
maroerr... then just install that?02:14
sepenthunar depends on libexo (and many) and libexo depends on libxfce4gui but not all xfce4 libs02:15
maroyes, what's your point?02:15
maroget his repo and prt-get depinst thunar02:16
sepen=======> Building '/usr/ports/sepen/thunar/thunar#0.3.0beta1-1.pkg.tar.gz' succeeded.02:17
maroI encourage you to try a full xfce desktop though, it's pretty neat now when they have a decent file manager02:17
sepenmaro, jue don't appear at portdb02:17
maroread the mailing list02:17
marono, crux02:17
maroanyway, it's my birthday, too short for irc02:18
sepenIm going to02:18
sepenhappy birthday to yooooooooooooooou!02:18
marosepen: check the april archive02:18
marothanks :)02:18
sepenhappy birthday to yooooooooooooooouUUUUU!02:18
marothaaaaaaaanks! :)02:18
sepenwell Im going to read for a while02:19
sepenthanks also maro!02:19
sepenand ...02:19
sepenhappy birthday to yooooooooooooooouUUUUU!02:19
mike_kmaro: happy b!02:22
nipuL[wr1]why was he born so beautiful, why was he born at all, he ain't no bloody use to us, no bloody use at all!!02:22
sepenmaro, my thunar port running02:23
maromike_k: thanks :)02:31
maronipuL[wr1]: thanks... sort of :)02:31
marosepen: how do you manage to make it that ugly? :D02:32
sepenmaro purchase this release of openbsd
pitillomaro, can you put one of yours? if you use desktop :D02:36
sepenhe's doing it02:51
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pitillomay be dont use X02:54
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mike_kgoddamn... subcribed to linux-serial, no answer but lots of spam04:03
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maropitillo: I'm in gnome right now (xgl isn't ideal with the xfce beta)04:20
maroI'll try to remember it though :)04:20
* rxi gives up on gentoo and tries netbsd04:22
sepenmaro, if you are in gnome you can test my thunar port without install xfce404:25
maroI have xfce4 installed04:25
maroI'm just too lazy to quit my X session04:26
sepenyou can use thunar without doing it04:26
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maroyeah, but he asked for a screenshot if I used the desktop, so I assume he wanted one of the desktop04:26
sepenonly you need is thunar and libexo from my repo04:27
sepenyes I read this04:27
maroI already got both from jue's04:27
marohe has a dedicated xfce4 beta repo04:27
sepenalso I read04:28
sepenplease give us your desktop capture04:28
MzOzDis there any script to upgrade crus 2.1 to 2.2 ?04:33
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vektoriMzOzD: Yeah, the setup script on the ISO.04:38
MzOzDwithout booting from the CD and bringing the system down ?04:39
MzOzDif you can recall, a script that used to upgrade crux 2.0 to 2.104:40
vektoriI don't think I've ever seen such a script.04:40
vektoriIt's not very safe to upgrade a running system.04:40
MzOzDhere you are04:41
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artur_tvektori, can u add following string: "!!!!\\ ||cellpadding="3" rules="all" frame="box"\\ ||#crux|| General discussion in Russian" to the wiki page 'IrcChannels' ?06:05
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jjpkhey jdolan.08:17
jdolanhi jjpk08:20
rxihey lads08:20
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j^2AHH jesus the words are flying by!13:47
tilman#crux is the #idlerpg13:47
tilmancan we get an idlerpg bot maybe? ;)13:47
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j^2...hmmm maybe we *should* create an idlebot ;)13:59
j^2being that all the n00bs have come and gone ;)14:00
s_warlockjdolan: thanks for the tip (openssl update tip)14:02
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jdolans_warlock, no problem.14:06
jdolanj^2, i'm looking into a bot for #quetoo.14:06
jdolanthe quakeforge project has a cool bot that spits out svn commit messages in realtime.14:06
j^2jdolan: quetoo?14:06
jdolan(in addition to other bot-ty things)14:06
j^2yeah that seems like a lot of spam14:07
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j^2sorry brain fart14:07
jdolanit's not spam imo.14:07
jdolani think seeing commits scroll through the channel keep people interested, too.14:07
jdolan"oh, this is really alive.." :)14:08
j^2hahah true i guess get that logic14:08
aoni don't think that most projects have frequent enough commits to count as spam...14:09
aonyou have to write the code in between them :)14:09
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jdolanhehe.. exactly.14:24
jdolan(for crux, it could get "busy" at times but i dont think that'd be bad at all)14:25
jdolanpersonally, i'd think "oh neat, jue just committed a new mysql  *ports -u*"14:25
jdolanplus we could teach it things like !tell j^2 RTFM14:26
jdolan j^2, RTFM is
j^2love you to jdolan14:27
jdolani's kidding =P14:27
jdolanif we do get a bot we should name it per.14:27
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j^2haha that would be awesome14:28
tilmanwe have a bot14:28
tilman@tell jdolan about RTFM14:28
j^2yeah but all it does is log14:29
j^2that's lame :-P14:29
tilmandunno about the syntax though14:29
tilmanit can google, too14:29
tilmannot sure about infobot functionality though14:29
jaegeryou can send it "list" in a query to get the plugins it runs, then "list plugin" to see commands for that plugin14:30
jdolan@seen nipuL14:31
clbjdolan: I have not seen nipuL.14:31
j^2@Google apples14:32
clbj^2: Search took 0.34 seconds: Washington State Apple Commission: <>; Just for Kids: <>; Apples & More: <>; Apples & More-Apple Facts: <>; Michigan Apples: <>14:32
clbHan: (help [<plugin>] [<command>]) -- This command gives a useful description of what <command> does. <plugin> is only necessary if the command is in more than one plugin.14:33
clbHan: Error: "about" is not a valid command.14:34
aon@google 10 celsius in fahrenheit14:35
clbaon: Search took 0.46 seconds: Temperature Conversion from Celsius to Fahrenheit: <>; Fahrenheit and Celsius (Centigrade) Scales: <>; NCDC: Celsius to Fahrenheit Conversion Chart: <>; Converting Celsius To Fahrenheit: <>; Temperature (1 more message)14:35
aondoesn't return google's conversion :)14:35
tilmanwhat part of "query" is it you don't understand?14:35
jaegertilman: I'm probably on his ignore list, doubt he ever saw that14:36
tilmani also meant j^2 and aon though :P14:36
j^2sorry my bad ;)14:36
aonyeah, i'm too lazy to press shift14:36
j^2it's all out of love14:36
jaegeraon: try the "calc" command of the google plugin14:36
Senecavektori: had time to look the guide I wrote?14:43
Senecajaeger: do you want to take look?14:48
jdolanlol, i love the url.14:51
jdolanhas anyone built dancer irc bot on crux?14:51
jaegerlooks ok to me14:51
Senecajaeger: ok, you can put it on the crux wiki then14:52
jaegeradded to the alternative installation method14:58
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rehabdollby the way, any specific reason why bash 3.1 is not in the core ports?15:26
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treach yay for quality software. :D18:47
ningotreach: it does what it is supposed to be - getting CSS off your computer ;)18:48
treachhm, more like getting windows off it..18:48
ningowindos actually IS css...18:49
ningobtw. I want to do some advertising and point you to vendorwatch.org18:49
treachIt is? Had you said "kass" I'd have agreed.. (meaning worthless)18:49
ningowhat does that mean?18:50
ningoI understand.18:50
treachgood. css doesn't make any sense to me in this context..18:51
ningoclosed source software?18:51
ningoMSN messenger is CSS not windows ;)18:51
treachah...  I could only think of cascading style sheets  :D18:51
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nipuL[wr1]expat 1.95.8 404's, 2.0.0 has been release. I would contact the port maintainer, but it's Per...20:24
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thrice`maro, around?21:28
thrice`maro, shouldn't gmpc depend on mpd as well?21:29
vektorithrice`: No, you can run mpd on another box.21:30
thrice`hm...I suppose so21:30
thrice`i forgot that. I always run it locally21:30
jaegeryou can always run it without mpd at all... if you're not interested in results :)21:48
thrice`i can't find another decent GUI music player.  bmp crashes everytime on my box for some reason22:00
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thrice`oh jaeger, gimp could use a versoin bump :)22:09
thrice`seems to build just fine with it22:09
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jaegerok, thanks22:13
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