IRC Logs for #crux Saturday, 2006-05-13

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marohmm, shouldn't it be possible to execute shell scripts with a 711 mode?04:16
maro(for others than the owner obviously)04:17
vektoriHow do you execute something you can't read? :)04:18
marobut it does work for cgi scripts IIRC04:20
vektoriNice, you can probably use them to read /etc/shadow, too.04:21
maroI'm not sure those cgi scripts were running on linux now that I'm thinking about it04:22
maroperhaps openbsd handles it differently04:23
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maroshouldn't it be possible to make a small setuid script for unprivileged pkgmk?04:28
maro(using the pkgmk user)04:28
vektorisudo -u pkgmk fakeroot pkgmk "$@"04:29
marono, a setuid script to do those things04:29
vektoriScripts can't be setuid.04:30
vektoriDirectly, that is.04:30
marowhy is that? :/04:30
vektoriBecause they are scripts.04:30
vektoriBash just runs them.04:30
maro"There is one difference though: if the setuid permission bit for `foo' is set, it will be honored in the first form of the command; if you really type the second form, the OS will honor the permission bits of /bin/sed, which is not setuid, of course."04:35
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marobtw, since "the OS will rearrange things" I don't think the file needs to be readable04:41
maroI'll try adding CONFIG_BINFMT_MISC to my kernel04:42
maroit _does_ work on openbsd04:54
maroditto for the 111 mode04:55
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maromeh, no luck05:10
marocgi script mystery solved though:
aonmaybe writing a perl wrapper would be easier, then? :)05:21
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senis there a port of xim or canna ?06:18
vektoriDid you find one in the port database?06:19
aondoesn't seem to be06:19
vektoriThen there most likely isn't.06:19
seni search on>ports06:20
senis there another source of ports ?06:20
aonis there a working sourceforge mirror?06:20
aonsen: no public ones06:20
senaon: ok06:20
aon(maybe that one distro that was basically crux but relabeled by some japanese people might have it ;)06:20
sengonna check this, thanks :)06:21
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tilmanprologic: please bump subversion-python to 1.3.106:26
ningoor else...06:27
tilmanprologic: and please also apply the patch from opt/subversion/subversion-1.3.1-apr.diff ;)06:28
rxiprobably should email him06:38
maroanyone wants a "HOWTO start a LKML flamefest in 5 minutes"? :P06:48
prologicgimme a b reak :)06:49
prologicI'm getting to my ports (started sometime today)06:49
prologicstill got quite a few to go :)06:49
tilmanprologic: i'm not _pushing_ you or anything. but that bug has been present for some weeks now ;D06:51
prologicnps :)06:52
prologicsuch a pain being offline for a month and a bit06:52
prologicgot a couple of privately requested changes via email to a couple too06:52
prologicI hope to have them finished by tomorrow sometime06:53
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* nymacro didn't know there were any CRUX derivitives08:01
nymacro <-- 2.x is based off CRUX08:01
rxithose ua guys are wierd08:05
* rxi wishes he paid more attention when dissembling his keyboard08:05
nymacrorxi: lose some keys?08:07
rxino no .. i had to fully dissable it .. some water got on the tracks when i cleaned it08:07
nymacrobtw, just read something written about netwosix from ALT Linux guy -- seems like its not very "secure"08:07
nymacrorxi: ahh, ok :)08:07
rxiits my good ibm too :(08:08
nymacrobugger :(08:09
rxiyep .. ibm make great keyboard cos they still make a decent keyboard without function buttons (back, foward, etc..)08:14
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maroyeah, watch out for function keys, they tend to cut off fingers08:30
rxirofl .. i have 2 usb keyboards plugged into the same machine and the num lock, caps and scroll lock keys on either keyboard control both sets of leds08:30
maroamazing indeed :)08:31
* prologic reads up08:33
prologicI really fail to see how netwosix can make any improvements over CRUX currently08:33
rxiprobably wants to do things differently08:35
prologicman it's a weird feel'n08:36
prologicbeing the maintainer of some rather important port for a server - bind :)08:36
prologicI forgot (when I reinstalled my router with crux) that I maintain it08:37
prologicDebign on dart (my router) finally cacked itself :)08:37
rxigood luck, we are all counting on you :P08:37
prologicI pride myself in my work :)08:38
prologicnext version of trac is going to be really good :)08:40 doesnt use trac anymore08:40
prologicplugable support for differnt vcs backends08:40
prologicI know08:41
prologicbut I heavily use it08:41
prologicthink jagaer still does too08:41
prologicmy 4th year software engineering project is hosted here on trac/svn08:41
rxiw00t .. keyboard all fixed09:00
rxionly took like half a day09:00
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vektoriHello kapouik.09:15
kapouikI don't find the chan #crux-gnome ... is this normal ???09:16
tilmanthere were only two guys there09:16
vektoriYou can see we're not fans of gnome here. ;)09:17
tilmanand the traffic was close to zero or something :D09:17
rxivektori: speak for yourself :P09:17
vektoriSilence, Gentoo user.09:17
* rxi hangs his head in shame09:17
rxihmm .. i put my keyboard back together but i forgot a metal thing-a-ma-jig .. oh well if it workd09:18
* tilman hears the explosion from .au09:19
kapouikarf ... I want to use gnome on crux but I have some probleme whit the port from jaeger.morpheus.net09:20
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rxiif you hang about for a while he should turn up09:20
prologicyou using the latest ver kapouik  ?09:21
kapouikcrux 2.209:21
prologicof gnome09:22
prologicI've only worked with prior version09:22
prologicahh k09:22
kapouikI just want to know is it's normal than gnome don't want to be install or if I must work on the port for doing something better09:25
rxino it should install fine .. did you use --install-scripts when you ran prt-get09:25
vektorikapouik: You didn't even tell what the problem is.09:26
tilmanit should work i guess :]09:26
kapouikthe probleme come from some dep of gdm09:26
tilman(fyi, it's "problem" in engrish)09:27
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kapouikoh sorry I'm french and I'm very bad in english ...09:28
vektoriThat's okay, I'm very bad in French. :)09:28
tilmanyes, the first part is obvious ;p09:28
kapouikand problem in french is problème ....09:28
tilmanthe second part is implied by the first, kinda :D09:29
kapouikSCNR ???09:29
kapouikwhat that ???09:29
tilman"sorry, could not resist"09:29
kapouik <---- I think than this page must be update09:31
marowith what content?09:32 :)09:32
kapouik#crux-gnomeGnome ports development discussion and support09:33
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kapouikor maybe is it an indian chan and all people sleep at this time ...09:33
rxiindians wouldnt be asleep09:34
kapouikoh yes of course they sleep !!! once a month only 2 hours and next they return to work for 100$ per month to do the job of 2 europeens09:44
kapouikntf !09:45
rxiok frenchie09:46
kapouikI would return to find the problem of my gnome. If the problem come from me I would write 1000 lines of : I must find more before asking for problem on IRC. But if the problem come from the port I will write "patch" for the port and email it to the maintainer ...09:50
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maroshould prt-get recurse for provided ports?11:56
vektoriRecurse what?11:56
maroits dependency resolution11:56
vektoriWell, it does.11:57
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marothings that depend on x11 get a pretty long list when you use modular xorg :)11:57
maronot saying that it shouldn't, I just wonder in the case of mta and other providers11:58
vektoriWhat are you talking about?11:59
maroerr sendmail11:59
tilmanthere are about 50 question marks around my head12:00
marowith our modest list I guess it isn't an issue yet12:00
maro(and hopefully won't become one)12:00
vektoriI don't understand what the "issue" is.12:00
marowell, try to do a "prt-get depends <some package that needs x11>" and get an overview12:01
marowhen you use modular xorg that is12:01
vektoriOh, you're unhappy with the number of dependencies listed?12:01
tilmanuse deptree12:01
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tilmanprt-get depends --max_level=312:01
tilmanmaybe that would be nice12:01
tilmanalso easy to implement12:01
marotilman: I tend to do, and it's a freakingly huge tree :)12:01
maroah, yeah12:02
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marogreat idea :)12:02
vektoriAnyway, what does this have to do with aliases?12:02
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tilmannothing, maro sniffed glue again12:02
marovektori: I remembered incorrectly that we had a mta alias and in that case it wouldn't make much sense to recurse12:03
maroand what to recurse into12:03
tilmanrecurse into the package that provides 'mta' of course12:04
marotilman: girls sniff glue, men drink gazoline12:04
tilmanie if i installed postfix, it would recurse into postfix12:04
tilmanif i installed sendmail, it would recurse into sendmail12:04
marotilman: yes, that would suck12:04
tilmanmaro: you danes are weird ;))12:04
tilmanmaro: why? ;D12:04
vektoriCare to elaborate on why it would suck?12:04
marobecause it doesn't make sense :)12:05
vektoriYou don't make sense.12:05
marothe only case where the recursion would be of benefit is when initially installing the package that needs it12:05
maroin which case it wouldn't know which to use12:05
tilmani siagree12:05
maroand you blame me for sniffing glue? ;)12:05
tilmanno, i was young once, too12:06
mike_kprologic: contrib/windowmaker-extra  url changed from .org --> .info12:06
marohey, I'm no longer a teen12:06
tilmanalthough i only smoked elderbush twigs (???) instead of sniffing glue12:06
vektoriNo wonder you turned out so weird.12:07
marowell I could wonder about it if I had any more glue12:07
tilmannah, it doesn't make you high :p12:07
tilmanor anything12:07
marovektori: you've seen my depres script12:10
vektoriYes, it was quite... depressing.12:10
marothe recursion could fuck it up in the case where some app needs mta, but the package providing mta have dependencies that are also dependencies of the app12:10
maroyou said you liked it :(12:10
maroanyway, it's irrelevant, we don't have virtual names so my point is... pointless12:11
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vektoridepres -> depressing12:11
maroI know, that's why I chose that name ;)12:12
* vektori throws his puns out the window.12:12
maroI should probably finish it and poblish it12:13
maroneed to find more glue first though12:13
thrice`huh.  Half the time I click "ports" on, it takes me to
vektoriOnly half?12:13
marothrice`: what happens the other half?12:13
thrice`it just goes to portsdb12:13
maroit's an emulation of the "I'm feelink lucky" google feature12:14
marofeeling, we're not Pitr12:14
marois feelink lucky, da?12:14
jjpkI thinkink that answer is no.12:15
maronow I feel like making a web page pitrizer12:15
tilmani don't even know what the question is12:15
vektoriHmm, more glue?12:16
*** danm changes topic to "CRUX 2.2 | Homepage | Ports | Paste | Temple of Knowledge | No clue, need glue!"12:19
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treachhmm, "Karlssons klister lagar alla brister, utom trasiga tänder, brustna hjärtan och brutna förlovningar." :-)12:36
tilmankarlsson på tycket? :>12:36
treachtaket. no.12:37
tilmantoo bad12:37
treachA brand of universal glue.12:37
treachthat allegedly mends everything except broken teeth, hearts and engagements. :p12:38
prologicmike_k, oh thank you12:41
prologicI haven't finished updating my ports yet12:41
prologiclots of recompiles/testing12:41
mike_kgood luck, prologic12:44
prologic2days and still not done :)12:44
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* mike_k is packaging apache 2.2... while wanted install some test index.html remembered Tuttle and droped that idea 12:45
vektoriHaha :D12:45
treach"Remember the Tuttle!"12:47
prologic<>: host[] said: 55012:50
prologic    5.1.1 <>... User unknown (in reply to RCPT TO12:50
prologic    command)12:50
prologichrmm :/ I just tried to reply to an email inthe CLC-COntrib ml12:50
maromike_k: a default index.html would suck big time for crux13:05
marohaving fun with updates huh? ;)13:06
mike_kmaro: it is not for crux, but more for myself13:11
maromike_k: it would suck for you too13:11
mike_kI know13:11
mike_kit is not very cool to see "Index of /" after pointing browser to
vektoriMaybe you could put a picture of a baby fox there.13:13
treachor maybe...  ... onkle Fester. :P13:15
tilmani'd prefer the baby fox13:15
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marophew, crux is back down at #91 on distrowatch16:36
jjpkcrux must be slipping into a deeper coma.16:36
maronope, it was at #7x just after the 2.2 release16:37
maroat the time of the lamer overflow in here16:37
jjpkSounds like a typical new release hype.16:38
maroor well, newbies, they were nice enough16:38
treachI bet it was prologic's recruiting campaign that went haywire. :P16:38
jjpkNothing wrong with that, but crux certainly has little or no mainstream appeal. :p16:47
treach"By programmers, for programmers".16:48
treachI think that sums it up quite well.16:48
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marosip: thanks!17:19
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sipmaro, np, the default behaviour was odd indeed17:33
thrice`what does the patch do?17:37
sipit disables the automatic "-p" option when tar is used by root17:38
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bd2just interesting, is it okey to put `su -l user -c "fetchmail -d 600"' into /etc/rc.local, or there is better way to run daemon only once per user?17:45
* bd2 tired of typing `fetchmail' :-)17:46
maroactually it would be pretty neat with generic support for per-user init scripts17:57
maroobviously not in crux itself but easily added17:57
bd2is some solution exist (in any distro), to see how they done it?17:58
maroe.g. a rc.d script that does it in a save way17:58
marobd2: not that I know of, only some init schemes which does it in a way similar to what you describe17:58
marorunit for example17:58
bd2I see. thanks. will do through rc.local :-)17:59
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maroperhaps I should start sleeping again17:59
bd2whoo, "pkginfo -O | wc -l" -> 38018:04
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marobd2: sissy, I have 39118:29
marohm, pkginfo -O?18:29
HanI bet he meant -i18:31
bd2no. it's -O, orphaned files option, I've posted patch to add this approx year ago :-)18:39
bd2so, I have 380 files not managed by pkgutils. it's most of them is tetex related18:40
Hanah :-)18:44
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Hancd /usr/bin ; for i in *; ldd $i | grep found && echo $i19:03
Hanow wait, that'll only work on zsh =)19:03
Hancd /usr/bin ; for i in *; do ldd $i | grep found && echo $i; done19:03
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bd2but that's all ;-)19:16
Hangood. You know what to do next ;-)19:17
bd2yes, rebuild /usr/bin/mpd ;-)19:17
bd2it's funny that I've not noticed it before. seems like I don't use it and should pkgrm it19:20
HanThat's why you didn't find it. ^^19:21
thrice`use revdep19:21
* Han tries19:22
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