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prologicsounds like I should go on my campaign again :)00:05
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mike_kprologic: is 'updating contrib/dia' present on your road map?03:51
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steinihiho :)03:53
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prologicmike_k, yes04:35
mike_kprologic: than I'll wait till you fix it...04:37
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prologicdia is being a bitch :/05:56
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tilmanmeh, clc-devel broken o_O08:46
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cintmy all09:43
aonwhat? :)09:44
aonah, ntmy too09:44
ciintiwbsw :)09:47
artur_thm, now the "root=.." kernel param isn't obligatory for the initrd...09:54
ciartur_t: initramfs is supposed to replace initrd09:58
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artur_tah, stupid init!... why the string "exec chroot /mnt/lcrux /sbin/init $@" at the end of linuxrc doesn't work? Init calls usage(). But it worked normal earlier...10:01
artur_tci: separation of kernel and initrd as two different files is more usable in most cases10:05
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vektoriartur_t: You should use pivot_root, not chroot.10:56
artur_tvektori, i must use pivot_root with chroot. read pivot_root(8) manual page. pivot_root is only for clear unmounting, not for the commands executing...11:09
artur_ti think that the problem is non-writable /dev in the new environment...11:13
artur_tbut why it calls usage() ? i don't use wrong options...11:16
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artur_thm, look like current version of busybox has a bug with "$@" variable...12:22
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artur_theh, the problem was in "root=" param :) init understand all arguments, but calls usage() when can't detects root device ....12:45
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scriptdevilhi vektori remember me, the idiot who asked if crux was going down?? i am downloading crux myself.12:48
donTommazohello crux people. I used crux 0.93 some years ago on an old Pentium2 machin. it ran quite smooth with 64MB ram and so. now, my friend has bought an old laptop mashin (p2, 64MB ram, 4GB hd) which I would like to bring back to life with Crux. Should I go with a recent version of Crux, or try with 1.0 or so for best performance?12:49
scriptdevileven the recent one is i68612:49
scriptdevilso there should be no problem12:49
donTommazoand it's not heavier for the poor hardware?12:50
scriptdevilwell, why would it be12:50
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donTommazowell, maybe because software tend to eat more and more ram with new versions..12:51
artur_tdonTommazo, which software?12:52
donTommazoyes, KDE for example. but I haven't used KDE since version 2.x12:53
donTommazobut if I'll install windowmaker or xfce or so, that's maybe not a problem?12:54
donTommazojust just want your opinion. so you think the best choise is to install the latest version?12:55
artur_twmaker eats on my machine only 1184kB12:55
bd2p2, 64MB ram, 4GB hd is not outdated hardware!12:56
bd2it's pretty new for good linux distros ;-)12:56
bd2oops, sorry. for good linux distro. ;-)12:57
donTommazohow has X11 developed in the last years? not more "bloated" because of support for so many more video cards?12:58
donTommazo( I got a Powerbook G4 some 3 years ago, and has been running OSX since that)12:58
bd2video drivers are modules, they not used as long you don't have specified video card12:59
bd2if you want, you can use fully modularised Xserver, Xorg-7.013:00
donTommazoah, I see. sounds great. it sounds like I'll go with the latest release then. thank you very much. (maybe I'll come back later if I'll get problem with the installation or something)13:01
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bd2ci_, are you here?13:22
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AstatMy kernel is a bit too verbose, like the kernel on the CD. How do I make it silent? :/13:33
AstatI'm a newbie :/13:34
AstatAs a parameter in the bootloader?13:34
artur_twrite this param to the loader's config13:34
AstatThanks :)13:34
artur_t'debug' param is for verbose13:34
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AstatWelcome back!13:35
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ci_bd2: here13:42
bd2ci_, too late, artur gone ;-)13:42
bd2but anyway13:42
ci_anyway what?13:43
bd2see private13:43
ci_dammit, after a year with irssi i'm not used to it a bit13:44
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ci_omg, i can't believe that patch was merged in core14:39
ci_just wondering how pkgmk will now handle filesystem package14:43
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tilmanis there a utf8 guide for crux somewhere? or something?16:28
tilmani believe i should see a utf8.whatever in /usr/share/i18n/locales, but there is none16:28
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danmtilman: I'd say you have all locales in a single file (/usr/lib/locale/locale-archive)17:26
danmtilman: localedef --list-archive | grep de_DE.utf817:27
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danmtilman: if you want RedHat/Fedoras default behavior (i.e. not using one archive file) you need to patch glibc's locale/programs/localedef.c (I did this some time ago but nobody liked it ;-)17:35
danmtilman: it's the --no-archive flag17:36
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thrice`hey jaeger, nice work with new gnome :)18:53
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thrice`jaeger, huh...i'm getting a bad md5 sum on rc.dbus19:58
thrice`NEW       56464f08427a6758e74651f562d701fa  rc.dbus19:59
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thrice`though the file appears to be alright20:11
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jaegerthrice`: updated it20:34
thrice`was it a bad file, or md5?  (can't update it yet)20:36
thrice`I just used -im, as the file looked alright20:36
jaegerbad md520:37
thrice`ok, good :)20:37
thrice`thanks jaeger20:37
mavrick61jaeger: Is working now?20:46
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jaegerI don't know yet, I've been out of town20:57
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