IRC Logs for #crux Monday, 2006-05-15

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pitillohi, good morning. [OT question] an ISP often offers a public IP like mine? finising in 0.01:13
Falcon|pitillo: well not really, all servers can't handle ip finising on zeros.01:34
pitilloFalcon|, I ask it because it seems a net address. Its quite strange01:39
pitilloI thought that these adresses are reserved for that01:39
Falcon|pitillo: no you can subnet ip-ranges and then .0 becomes valid01:41
pitilloFalcon|, interesting01:41
asdxdo you like my logo?
pitillotrue... the mask has changed01:42
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cohanopt/spamprobe widely used? the second url in the pkgfile seems to have moved02:39
cohan just shows some different move links02:41
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prologicmike_k, sorry mate, dia still not done03:44
prologicstill being a bitch to compile :/03:44
prologicmost of my other ports are just about there though03:44
mike_kprologic: np, I'll wait and use hand-made network map =)03:45
tilmanprologic: do subversion-python first ;>>03:45
mike_kanyone tried zabbix?03:45
prologicyeh yeh :)03:45
tilmanprologic: just kidding, take your time03:46
prologicit's ntext neways03:46
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ulughbeghhey vektori04:16
ulughbeghtilman: jdolan04:16
tilmanhello ulughbegh04:17
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treachHan: your opera9 port creates a package that is called opera#20060411.blablah.. and not opera9#2006blahblah, which is what pkgadd tries to add.05:32
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rxiwas there sessions in 8.*?06:22
treachyou're the opera-fanatic around here. :-)06:23
rxihehe .. i never noticed but id so use it at work06:23
prologicyes there was sessions in opera 8.*06:25
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Hantreach, only a problem for prt-get. And I do that on purpose so people won't get a conflict with opera opera906:59
HanJust like gcc4 for example06:59
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ScriptDevilhow do u full system upgrade on crux07:29
mike_kprt-get sysup07:30
Hanports -u && prt-get sysup07:30
ScriptDevildoes that uppgrade even fluxbox ...07:30
mike_kif it was installed07:31
HanIf there is an update07:31
ScriptDevilmike_k, and Han what is tough then about crux07:31
ScriptDevilit seems the most graceful distro07:31
ScriptDevildoes it allow u to choose stuff even from the base07:32
ScriptDevillike i dont nedd reiserfs progs07:32
ScriptDevilnor pcmcia07:32
rxiyou can instal; anything you want07:32
ScriptDevilrxi is there a small net install cd07:33
ScriptDevilinstead of 230 mb07:33
rxidont think so .. crux.nu07:33
ScriptDevilthe first thing tonight is crux install07:34
ScriptDevilrxi, finally07:34
rxi230mb isnt much07:34
ScriptDevilis pkgadd fluxbox enough or should u download the pkgbuild first07:34
ScriptDevilrxi, i know07:35
ScriptDevil230 is easy07:35
ScriptDevil1 hour07:35
rxiprt-get depinst fluxbox07:35
mike_kjoin ze club07:36
ScriptDevilwhy depinst?? dependency check??07:36
ScriptDevilwhat is rtfm??07:36
jjpkRead the fine manual.07:36
rxiread the {fucking,fine} manual07:36
ScriptDevilrxi, ok07:36
marortffm? :P07:36
prologicie: read the handbook :)07:36
ScriptDevili know the first was on ur mind ;)07:37
prologicI hope it's updated to include prt-get now07:37
marothe nicest thing about crux is the handbook07:37
ScriptDevilit is07:37
rximaro: bah .. fear my bash skills :P07:37
ScriptDevili did not read all of it07:37
jjpkI suggest you do.07:37
ScriptDevili hate gentoo people they talk as if their handbook is the handbook for all doubts07:37
maronot that it's overly well written (although it is) but because you can read it in 15 minutes and know crux intimately07:38
rxiScriptDevil: well it does have all the basics07:38
marorxi: no, it doesn't cover lynx07:38
ScriptDevilrxi, gentoo is hopelessly slow to install07:38
ScriptDevili heard crux is 15 mins07:38
prologic7mins here :)07:39
ScriptDevili had arch on in 807:39
rxiprologic: lol .. small kernel?07:39
ScriptDevili think crux is fastre07:39
prologicme compile kernels ?07:39
prologicnever :)07:39
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prologicI compile later07:39
rxii compile while im configuring the rest of the system07:39
prologicusually when I get ssh going and remote access over some network medium07:40
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marohail jaeger!07:40
* prologic bows07:40
rxijaeger: hey mud puppy :P07:40
jaegergood morning07:40
prologicneways night all07:41
rxiprologic: night bro07:41
* maro takes the opportunity to use prologic07:41
maronight :)07:41
jjpkG'night prologic.07:41
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j^2hey all08:04
vektoriHey j^2.08:05
j^2hows it going vektori?08:06
vektoriPretty...weird. My new flatmate just showed up, telling he got out of jail.08:08
* rxi hands vektori soap-on-a-rope08:10
vektoriNow I'm seriously going to start looking for a new place to stay.08:11
j^2vektori: sounds like fun....i guess it happens :P08:11
treachvektori: meanwhile, better go to the kitchen and hide the knives, eh? ;-)08:12
vektoriYeah. :/08:12
rxihe could have been a pedophile not a murderer :)08:13
treachrxi: consider the nationality. ;-)08:13
vektoriMaybe I should've asked what he did to go to jail.08:14
rxitreach: ahh thats right you european's dont have laws against pedophilia :P08:14
treachAnything violent or drug-related, get the fuck out of there asap.08:14
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treachrxi: of course we have, but we don't in general begin screaming about pedophilia if we see a picture of a nude kid.08:15
aonvektori: which crime?08:15
rxitreach: hehe i know08:16
vektoriaon: No idea.08:16
aonprobably something really hideous like pacifism ;)08:16
j^2all i'm saying is legally here in texas i'm allowed to carry a handgun with a 3 hour course08:17
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rxij^2: just dont shoot them in the back :)08:17
treachj^2: and fat good that will do if the other guy gets it first..08:17
aontreach: bulletproof vest!08:17
treachor the other guy already have one, for that matter.08:17
* treach shoots aon in the head. Twice.08:18
j^2true...but gives some form of "safety net"08:18
rxitreach: kevlar helmet :)08:18
treachj^2: no it doesn't.08:18
aontreach: bulletproof glass cabinet like what the pope has :)08:18
treachj^2: it doesn't make you safer, it makes you *feel* safer.08:18
aonyou can have a hatch for shooting out from it08:18
treachin fact it works the other way around.08:18
treachaon: :P08:19
rxiaon: i dont think it will stop a 7.62 fmj round :(08:19
aondoesn't the u.s. have like eight million (number not accurate) times more violent crime than other countries? :)08:21
treachor something like that. that's why they all feel like they need an ak-47..08:21
treachwhich is fairly idiotic..08:22
rxiits the fucked up people carrying the guns not the guns08:22
treachrxi: that's not true.08:22
aonyeah, guns don't kill people, bullets do :p08:22
treachrxi: just think about it.08:22
rxiwell cars kill more people than guns why not ban them?08:22
treachrxi: if you are an armed criminal, and you know that your victim is probably armed as well, what would you make of that?08:23
treachA) leave the victim alone, or B) use your gun first ?08:23
rxitreach: id invest in some kevlar and some more rounds08:24
treachso, how does people have guns help with anything?08:24
rxidarwin-ism ftw08:24
treachs have/having08:24
rxithey are used for police, army08:25
rxithey are a necessity for society08:26
treachwell, that's pretty normal, right. Doesn't have much to do with civilians being able to walk around with bloody kalashnikov after a 3 houer course..08:26
j^2nah just handguns08:27
rxisure .. they should atleast have to some training i agree08:27
j^2more requires more time08:27
aon6 hours!08:27
treachj^2: ah, you mean like the light anti aircraft gun I saw some idiot using in his backyard..?08:27
aondo you get a nuclear warhead after 12?08:28
rxioh man id love an aa nest in my backyard08:28
rxiwe live right on a flight path too08:28
treachor maybe you are just refering to the barret 50..08:28
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treacha rifle used for hunting unarmoured vehicles..08:29
treachor eve lightly armoured such.08:29
aontime to go test audio installations for the light soviet tank... ->08:29
rximm .. 50 cal08:30
rxishame they arent anygood except for ammo dumps and small vehicles08:31
treachdepends on what you use it for..08:31
rxiwould be way too heavy to hunt with08:31
treachshot at a human and a near miss will do.08:31
treachhunt with it, a hit and voilá, instant minced meat..08:32
rxitreach: you want a clean shot08:32
rxiand no game requireds a 50 cal except for african stuff08:32
treachfuck no I don't want a clean shot, I want that crap banned.08:33
treachbesides, with that gun it doesn't matter if you get a clean shot or not.08:33
rxiof course it does08:33
rxidont want to damage any meat on the animal08:34
rxiotherwise you might aswell use a 12guage08:34
treachah, ok, I was thinking the objective was to kill whatever was at the other end.08:34
rxiwell unless your hunting arabs then the objective is to eat whatever you kill08:35
rxioh and boars08:35
treachjust aim for the head, a hit anywhere there should blow the entire thing of, and not hurt too much meat.08:35
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rxiill stick to my 22 magnum thanks, still blow the head off a rabbit or roo08:36
rxiwe dont have elphants in au08:36
rxithat would be a bitch to skin08:37
treach"Why are there no elephants in australia?" "They weren't poisonous enough."08:37
rxitreach: ever fired a gun before?08:37
treachYes, we have military service here.08:38
rxiahh true08:38
treachnever used anything else but our ak-5, the m-16, and the ak47.08:38
treachI think that was experience enough for me.08:39
rxiive only ever used small bore semi-autos08:39
treachoh, righ, I have fired the measly 9mm traing-gear for the at-4 as well.08:40
rxiive had a slug gun since i was like 1008:40
rxigood for shooting empty deoderant cans08:41
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treachlol, I think I found a picture of j^2..08:55
ningoyay, we were the first.08:56
ningoas always, when it comes to war techonlogy08:56
treachwell.. actually the brits invented the tank.08:57
treachonly to realise there was no place for a horse in it.08:57
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j^2treach: i only wish i could have that gun :P09:19
treachI somehow got that feeling. It's completely laughable..09:19
rehabdollnamed by hitler and everything.. how does that affect the national pride? :)09:31
jaegerany amavisd+spamassassin users in?09:54
j^2jaeger: got enough processor speed and ram for spamassassin? its' a nasty resource hog09:55
jaegermore than enough09:55
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j^2running a quad operon then eh? :P09:55
jaegerin this case, single athlon6409:56
j^2ah good call, i tried with a 1.2 32bit was painful09:56
jaegerbefore this new server, I ran 16 instances of amavisd-new at a time on a 1.4GHz thunderbird with 1G RAM, no problems09:59
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j^2really? that's odd, when i ran assassin, perl took up everything, litterally 98% of the cpu time all the time i ran it10:00
jaegernever had that problem here :)10:01
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j^2lucky bastard :P10:01
j^2:* you know i love you jaeger ;)10:01
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j^2360 has been hacked!13:30
j^2^5 tilman13:31
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jaegerah, I see it14:04
ningojay squared is a lumberman!14:05
j^2jaeger: yep, took longer then i'd think personally14:08
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copworkthey used an axe ?14:16
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tilmanziomg, we don't have ncursesw in crux15:02
vektoriCRUX is dying because of it!15:02
tilmanever tried to use mutt w/ utf8 and the plain ncurses?15:03
tilmanguessed so :p15:03
aonncursesw is TEH BASCISCSCSCSCS!15:04
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bd2wmaker users here? the question is: I can't fully maximize xterm/aterm in wmaker, it leaves some free space from right and bottom. how you deal with it, if any? I know why it happens, is there way to fix it?15:09
aonterminal windows resize incrementally15:09
aonand your display width/height can't be evenly divided by the font width/height, so it leaves some empty space15:10
bd2I know, I know15:10
bd2but with fluxbox or kde that is not a problem15:10
aonmaybe they add extra padding15:10
bd2maybe.. so, no easy way to fix it in wmaker, right?15:11
aonbd2: i think not15:12
rehabdollno, you dont deserve to be laughed at vektori!15:12
rehabdollthat was aweful15:12
aonvektori: :DD15:12
tilmanit made me smile15:12
aonthis is probably even more sad:
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mike_khow to get CPU load(idle, system, user) from cli, not interactively?15:31
mike_kload in %15:32
vektoriUh, can't you multiply it?15:32
j^2top > temp.txt | more temp.txt | grep load15:33
j^2top > temp.txt && more temp.txt | grep load15:33
mike_kI'd like current or at least for the last 10sec  load15:33
mike_k1 minute is not to accurate15:33
mike_kand top itsel will load cpu a little15:34
mike_kand spoil results15:34
j^2well mine kinda worked :P15:35
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treachhmm, anyone present who tried building kdelibs against the new cups?19:04
treachI'm not present. I'm half asleep. :P19:08
HanJust explain where you got stuck, preferably after a good night of sleeping.19:09
treachActually it's quite simple, it doesn't build for me, so I was interested in wether anyone else had succeded.19:11
treachipprequest.cpp: In member function 'void IppRequest::setMap(const QMap<QString, QString>&)':19:11
treachipprequest.cpp:521: error: '_ipp_free_attr' was not declared in this scope19:11
treachbarf, barf.19:11
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HanTry asking on a kde devel channel19:18
treachyeah, probably a better chance for a hit there.19:20
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brian|lfsI'm really confused21:40
brian|lfsI just installed CRUX and got my kernel to boot and none of my moduels are laoding21:40
brian|lfsis there a service I need to add21:40
brian|lfsto my rc.conf21:40
brian|lfsI jsut tried adding hotplug it didn't help21:40
jaegercoldplug may be more your speed if you want them at boot-time, though it doesn't load everything under the sun21:42
brian|lfsthat isn't udev or soemthing for CRUX21:44
brian|lfsdoes coldplug come on the CD?21:44
jaegerare you used to devfs? udev doesn't work quite the same way21:45
jaegeramong other things, it won't load modules when their devices are accessed (or rather attempted)21:45
jaegerbut the coldplug and udev combination works pretty well21:45
brian|lfsdo coldplug and udev come on the CD?21:45
jaegerudev does, I don't think coldplug does21:46
brian|lfsgot my nic up so how do I download packages21:46
brian|lfsnever used CRUX before21:46
jaegercheck and
jaegerports, pkgmk, pkgadd, and prt-get21:47
brian|lfsI'm confused I msut be messing soemthing22:01
brian|lfshow can I downlaod anything if I don't have any programs besides the base programs22:02
jaegerdo you have ports and rsync installed from the CD?22:02
brian|lfsI installed everything on the cd22:03
brian|lfsand there were no errors22:03
jaegerrun ports -u and have a look in /usr/ports22:03
brian|lfsthats why nothing is working lol22:03
brian|lfsguess I didn't see about ports lol22:04
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brian|lfscoldplug is trying to laod the wrong nic hmm22:12
brian|lfsso I added the moduel for my nic to modprobe.conf but it won't load it hmm?22:12
jaegerif you want it loaded explicitly, use /etc/rc.modules22:18
jaegermodprobe.conf only defines options and load order, it's not used to actually DO any loading22:18
brian|lfsso in my rc.modules I just do aline that says /sbin/modprobe 8139too in my case22:23
jaegerthat should do it, yes22:23
brian|lfshow do I get that file to laod before my networking22:23
brian|lfsmy networking is still failing22:24
jaegeralternatively, "alias eth0 8139too" in modprobe.conf can accomplish the same thing, just for reference22:24
brian|lfshow do I get that to load before my networking?22:24
jaegerit should already22:25
brian|lfsmy networkign still fails22:25
jaegerinittab says rc runs first, then rc.multi22:25
jaegerrc calls rc.modules22:25
brian|lfswhat init level should I be in22:25
jaegerwhat have you got in /etc/rc.d/net?22:25
jaegerthe default is 2, though that shouldn't have any bearing in this case22:25
brian|lfsI have my loopback line22:26
brian|lfsthen under that I have /sbin/dhcpcd eth022:26
brian|lfsdid I miss read that part of the handbook22:27
jaegerthat sounds reasonable22:28
jaegerdoes it work if you activate it manually?22:28
brian|lfsI have /sbin/ifconfig eth0 commented out would that cause probs22:28
brian|lfsya it does22:28
jaegerthe ifconfig line shouldn't cause problems, just a waste of processing power if dhcpcd is called right after22:29
brian|lfsdidn't think so22:29
brian|lfsam I booting with the wron run level22:30
jaegeranother thing to check - is it really going to be eth0? if I let hotplug/coldplug load all it wants to, I get eth1394 loaded before my NIC22:30
jaegerno, CRUX only uses one runlevel, really22:30
jaegerBSD-style init, not Sys-V22:30
brian|lfsyou have a point actually beucase hotplug/colpulug trys to laod the wrong realtek nic22:30
brian|lfsactually hotplug don't even start it jsut fails22:31
brian|lfsalong with udev22:31
brian|lfsand my network22:31
jaegerare your /proc and /sys entries in /etc/fstab commented out?22:31
brian|lfsis there a specific order I need those 3 services in22:31
brian|lfsdefinitly not22:32
brian|lfsI'm going to try eth1 in my net.conf22:33
brian|lfsand reboot and see what happens22:33
brian|lfsnevermind definitly 022:34
jaegerwell, if you know the wrong module is getting loaded (or tried), blacklist it22:34
mavrick61jaeger: Do you now know if the works?22:34
brian|lfshow do I blocklsit it22:34
jaegerin /etc/hostplug/blacklist22:34
jaegermavrick61: I haven't tested it yet, I'll have a look at it tomorrow morning22:34
brian|lfshotplug won't even boot on startup22:35
brian|lfsit fails22:35
mavrick61OK... I made the changes "cptn" aske me to do...22:35
jaegermavrick61: aye, I saw the email... just have too much to do. I spent most of the day fixing mailing lists and spam filtering on another server today22:35
jaegerbrian|lfs: and if you run it manually after boot?22:36
jaegerthe hotplug initscript, that is22:36
brian|lfswhere is the script located22:36
jaegerin /etc/rc.d22:36
brian|lfsI see hotplug stuff all over the place22:37
brian|lfsok hold a sec22:37
jaegeranything that's referenced in /etc/rc.conf's SERVICES array is in /etc/rc.d22:37
brian|lfsdon't see it22:38
brian|lfsunder rc.d22:38
mavrick61No problem.. I have not got so much time over to digg down in the problem, so the change in DNS might be the best we can do for now...22:38
jaegerwell, hotplug has no init script22:38
jaegercoldplug does that22:38
jaegerhotplug is for after, coldplug is for boot-time22:38
jaegerso if you're actually calling "hotplug" in the SERVICES array, yes, that's not going to work22:38
brian|lfsok so take it out ok22:38
jaegermavrick61: the lack of spam filtering from NDC won't be a problem anyway, the lists are moderated22:39
jaegermavrick61: so if it works, at least we can relax until later22:39
brian|lfswhat about udev then that also fails22:39
jaegerbrian|lfs: what's actually IN your SERVICES array?22:39
jaegerudev is run by /etc/rc, no need for it in SERVICES22:40
brian|lfsudev coldplug crond net22:40
jaegerok, then remove udev22:40
jaegercoldplug, crond, net are fine22:40
brian|lfsletting my system roobt will see what happens22:41
brian|lfsnet still insists on failing lol22:42
brian|lfsadded that dam nic to my blacklist22:44
jaegerif it still doesn't work, mind pasting your /etc/rc.modules and /etc/rc.d/net to
brian|lfshow ssh in I guess lol22:46
jaegeras an alternative, a python-based command-line pastebin script:
brian|lfsif it would let me ssh in lol22:47
jaegermake sure sshd is started and /etc/hosts.allow contains a line to permit sshd connections as in the handbook22:48
brian|lfswhere in the hand book is that22:51
brian|lfsI have to many tabs lol22:51
jaegerI've no idea, actually. the short answer is to add "sshd: all" or "sshd: 192.168.1." or something similar to your /etc/hosts.allow file22:52
jaegerdepends on what access you want to allow22:52
brian|lfsI'm assueming I don't have a /etc/hosts.allow until I create it22:53
jaegera default one exists but it doesn't have much in it22:53
brian|lfsits there jsut me22:54
brian|lfsI'm in22:55
brian|lfsI only pasted the top part of my rc.d/net22:59
brian|lfsbecuase I was having trouble selecting it all22:59
brian|lfsthe part I didn't paste was default any how23:00
*** morlenxus has quit IRC23:00
jaegerok, the first thing that springs to mind is that dhcpd and dhcpcd are very different things23:00
brian|lfsya they are23:00
jaegerdhcpd is likely not what you want :)23:00
brian|lfsno thats the server lol23:00
brian|lfsyou have a point23:00
jaegerso if that's not a typo on the pastebin paste, then it is in the net file23:01
brian|lfswe all have are off days lol23:02
brian|lfsgezz jsut shoot me rofl23:02
jaegerof course :)23:02
brian|lfsdon't help being legally blind23:02
brian|lfsif I do prt-get install kde will it install all of kde?23:03
brian|lfsor do I have to do all the parts23:04
jaegerI'd recommend reading through the prt-get manpage first; with metaports and suites like kde, gnome, xfce, etc., you probably want to do 'prt-get depinst' instead of 'prt-get install'23:04
brian|lfsok that answers my question23:05
*** morlenxus has joined #crux23:05
brian|lfsseems alot like gentoo CRUX from what I have seen23:06
brian|lfsthe package manager that is23:07
jaegerThere are some similarities but to be fair it's closer to freebsd's tools than gentoo's23:07
brian|lfsya the scripts are alot like freebsd23:07
brian|lfsI was just curiosu about CRUX becuase I use arch and arch is based on this23:08
brian|lfsis there a make.conf I can edit so I compile with -O3 instead of 2?23:09
jaegercrux doesn't make use of one, the equivalent for building packages is /etc/pkgmk.conf23:09
brian|lfscan I change both the cflags and cxxflags safely to O3 march=pentium423:12
jaegeryou're welcome to do so but there's no strict testing of packages built with other than the default flags; we don't have the manpower23:13
brian|lfsya I noticed you guys are small23:13
brian|lfsjudgeing by your documentation23:14
brian|lfsto me CRUX is like LFS but with a package manager lol23:14
jaegermany distributions have gotten their start in a like manner23:15
jaegerLFS is a great project and teaching tool23:15
brian|lfsgot LFS setup as a server23:16
brian|lfsfor my ftp and shoutcast and fileserver23:16
brian|lfsand I also have LFS on this machine for a desktop OS23:16
brian|lfsI've tried alot of distros23:17
brian|lfsmy friend thinks I'm nuts23:17
brian|lfshe gets pissed off at me now when I try a new distro23:17
jaegerI used to do a lot of that, myself23:17
brian|lfsdo you help devlop CRUX23:18
j^2brian|lfs: nope, jaeger is a slacker :-P23:18
brian|lfswhere you all from I'm in Washington DC23:18
jaegerTulsa, OK23:19
jaegerj^2: I spent the weekend in Houston23:19
brian|lfsso you a slacker j^223:19
j^2jaeger: i'm sorry :P you should have come to's badass here23:19
j^2brian|lfs: ehh...hang out here for a few days and you'll probably catch the drift of who i am ;)23:20
brian|lfsthe owner lol23:20
jaegerj^2: I much prefer Austin. I was there for Rice's graduation and to visit relatives23:21
jaegerthere being houston23:21
j^2ahh nice! i'm jealous of people that go to rice, they are freaking smart...(in general)23:21
brian|lfswhat you think of people that work for the IRS23:22
j^2they steal my money :P23:22
brian|lfsI work for the IRS do desktop support for them23:22
j^2IBMer here23:23
brian|lfsIBM is going down lol23:23
brian|lfsI just bought a 5 grand notebook from xtremenotebooks.com23:23
brian|lfsits go tan amd 64 fx 60 dual core in it23:23
j^2i second that one23:25
jaegerbrian|lfs: what kind of video hardware's in it?23:25
brian|lfsgo 780023:25
brian|lfsfrom nvidia23:25
brian|lfs2 gigs of ram23:26
brian|lfs2 100 gig 7200 sata drives23:26
jaegerthe accelerator?23:26
jaegerI meant the xtremenotebooks model23:26
jaegeraccelerator, fusion, reactor23:26
jaegerpoking around their site, looks pretty decent for a desktop replacement23:26
brian|lfsdon't remember23:26
jaegerI bought a sager just after christmas... but not as a desktop replacement23:27
brian|lfsya accelrator23:27
brian|lfssagers are nice23:27
brian|lfsright now I have simply mepis and arch on my laptop23:28
brian|lfstried arch64 but I couldn't even make a partition so I said I probably shouldn't be using this23:28
brian|lfsso I used normal arch23:28
jaegerI'm thinking about getting another laptop to have a mobile amd64 but if I do that one will be bottom of the line23:29
*** predatorfreak has joined #crux23:29
jaegerthe sager's an in-between... runs WoW, EVE, Tomb Raider Legend pretty well, good enough for me23:29
brian|lfsso do you run any linux distros besides CRUX right  now?23:30
jaegerscattered about, I'm running CRUX, Gentoo, Debian, and a bunch of Red Hat Enterprise23:31
predatorfreakHi folks.23:31
brian|lfshows redhat enterprise23:31
jaegermy personal machines are all CRUX (and a gentoo partition on my amd64)23:31
jaegerheyo, predatorfreak23:31
brian|lfsI tried downlaoding it once kept getting coasters23:31
predatorfreakjaeger: Hows it going?23:31
jaegerit's not bad. I wouldn't use it if the choice were mine but I'm required to in order to receive support from Oracle23:31
jaegerpredatorfreak: well, thanks. you?23:32
predatorfreakjaeger: Great.23:32
predatorfreakI just got done with a nice game of C&C: Generals :)23:32
jaegerglad to hear it23:32
predatorfreakNothing like the smell of a nuclear fallout....23:32
j^2predatorfreak: i just recently took C&C: general up23:32
predatorfreakj^2: Fun game isn't it?23:33
j^2crazy good23:33
j^2us is really heavy handed thought23:33
brian|lfswhat version of kde is CRUX using right now23:33
predatorfreakAbout 2-3 weeks ago I got hooked on Dawn Of War, but I'm rotating back to C&C: Generals.23:33
j^2but those a-10s...i knick-named them the righteous hand of god23:33
predatorfreakj^2: heheheh, that nick name belongs to my King Raptors :}23:34
j^2haha nice23:34
brian|lfslast night I was int he linux channel and two people were argueing about NTFS and Microsoft lol23:35
predatorfreakWell, King Raptors or nuke MiG's, either one ;)23:35
predatorfreakDepends on the General I take up.23:35
predatorfreakAnyway, hows it going j^2?23:37
brian|lfsahh cups failed lol23:37
brian|lfstry to go a prt-get dsinst kdebase23:37
j^2pretty good, i've been swamped at work, and also i almost died on friday night, so i think i'm gonna come back to want i know best, the #crux channel and mess around with my MBP23:38
j^2brian|lfs: you are probably missing a dep, it's not *always* fool proof23:38
jaegerI saw someone mentioning a problem with the latest kdebase and cups earlier23:38
predatorfreakj^2: Almost died? o.O23:38
predatorfreakI bet that doesn't happen every friday :P23:39
j^2plus i just got X11 on my MBP too, so i can mess around with things here23:39
brian|lfsshould I do a prt-get depinst cups then23:39
j^2predatorfreak: yeah, i ran over a plank of wood or something on a highway, popped my two left tires spun out and hit a railing.23:39
j^2i messed up the front left of my car23:39
jaegerj^2: glad you're ok23:39
j^2jaeger: thanks23:40
predatorfreakj^2: Same as jaeger.23:40
j^2i'm actually pretty shook up about it still23:40
j^2predatorfreak: thank you also23:40
j^2i've been thinking a lot about my mortality lately....23:41
j^2i almost died alone in a car, and no one would have known23:41
predatorfreakj^2: :\ Police would have.23:42
predatorfreakBut that's probably not very comforting :P23:42
brian|lfsdamm cups23:43
brian|lfsany ideas?23:43
j^2acutally when it happened there was no-one and i mean no-one around23:43
jaegerbrian|lfs: what's the error?23:43
j^2it was at 2.30am23:43
predatorfreakj^2: Car crash would get reported or found later.23:43
brian|lfsgives a million paths and says something share/applications don't exist23:43
jaegerfor future reference, be as specific as possible when you're asking for help, much harder to troubleshoot otherwise23:44
jaegerpastebin the relevant error output, too, if convenient23:44
brian|lfsI will this time thanks23:45
jaegerah, not the kdelibs problem from earlier23:50
j^2i feel dirty23:51
j^2i have to run bootcamp23:51
j^2i'm gonna have a Visual Basic class next term23:51
j^2and i cant get darwine to run it23:52
j^2so i'm gonna duelboot my machine23:52
j^2freaking m$ junkies23:52
predatorfreakj^2: ahhh, visual basic!23:52
brian|lfsshould I throw that machine out the window lol23:52
* predatorfreak hides.23:52
j^2on that note i'm gonna curl up in my bed and cry myself to sleep23:53
j^2night all23:53
jaegerbrian|lfs: looks like a port problem23:53
jaegerlater, j^223:53
brian|lfsshould I use a different window manager then23:54
jaegerbrian|lfs: your window manater has no effect on ports23:54
predatorfreakj^2: Sleep well.23:54
jaegertake a look at /usr/ports/opt/cups/Pkgfile23:54
brian|lfsso you think there is a prob with ports in general23:54
predatorfreakjaeger: manager*23:54
jaegerpredatorfreak: thanks. it's late :)23:54
jaegerbrian|lfs: with the cups port, specifically23:55
brian|lfsyou  mean the server not my end right?23:55
predatorfreakjaeger: We all make mistakes :)23:55
brian|lfsoh ok23:55
jaegerbrian|lfs: well, both, since the ports get downloaded to your machine :)23:55
brian|lfsis there a way I can tell it no cupws23:55
jaegerbrian|lfs: there's a line in the Pkgfile that says "rm -r $PKG/usr/share/{locale,icons,applications}"23:55
jaegertry changing that to "rm -r $PKG/usr/share/locale"23:56
jaegerand build it again23:56
brian|lfswhere would the file be I need to edit23:56
jaeger[23:54] jaeger take a look at /usr/ports/opt/cups/Pkgfile23:56
brian|lfsok found it do I want the brackets still in the line23:59
jaegerno, remove them23:59

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