IRC Logs for #crux Tuesday, 2006-05-16

brian|lfsgood just making sure00:00
jaegernot a long-term solution but it should get you past the problem00:00
brian|lfsI really don't need cups I'm not printing lol00:01
jaegerit's used by other software like gnome and kde anyhow... you can probably edit the kde ports to not use it if you prefer00:02
brian|lfsya it passed00:02
brian|lfsits doing ldap now00:02
brian|lfswow I need to go to sleep00:04
jaegerme too, now that my emerge -u world is under way :)00:04
brian|lfsdon't you want a --deep to00:04
jaegernot this time00:04
brian|lfsmy friend is like any distro that you have to compile evertyhing is a waste of time lol00:05
jaegerI do so occasionally but it's usually stable enough and faster to simply update and check reverse deps00:05
jaegera lot of people think that way.. I saw to them they don't have to use one00:05
brian|lfsmy friend doesn't under stand the advantages of using source code00:05
jaegerdefinitely time for me to sleep, typos are taking over00:06
brian|lfsI'm not a programer and I knwo why source code is better00:06
brian|lfsits mroe stable00:06
brian|lfsand optimized for your system00:06
jaegerperhaps sometimes... but that's a longer discusson than can fit in the next minute or so, so I'll pass on it tonight, hehe00:06
jaegergood night, all00:07
brian|lfsok we can discuss that tomorrow00:07
brian|lfsI need soemthing to tell my friend why compileing is better00:07
jaegerstart researching :)00:07
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brian|lfsgood idea00:07
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artur_tWho from developers does not sleep now?00:43
artur_tin short, i want that somebody will add new channel to the IrcChannels wiki page.01:02
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aonartur_t: that doesn't tell how much people search for the linux distro since crux means other things too :)02:02
aonbut what's interesting is
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copworkit isnt the linux distro mostly02:21
copwork-> Restoring Nazi church an ethical crux02:21
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aonclearly too much ... ehm, chips06:02
aonin hte first pic, that is06:02
prologicanyone know of a way to get uptime stats on a ppp connection ?06:16
prologicnothing in either /proc or /sys is of any use06:20
rxitheres a ppp-status or something06:21
prologica util available on Debian called 'pppstatus' has this feature06:21
prologicbut not sure if I can port it to CRUX or not06:21
prologicyeh ppp-status is just an alias to ifconfig ppp006:21
rxii thought there already was one06:21
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prologicpppoe-status == echo "pppoe-status: Link is up and running on interface ppp0" && ifconfig ppp006:22
rxiwhat about the time stamp on the lock file?06:24
prologicyeh how do you get the ts on a file ?06:24
rxils should be able to read it06:25
prologicdisplay a unix timestamp is another thing :)06:25
prologicand ctime is the creation time right ?06:25
rxii didnt mean unix time06:25
prologic# ls -l --full-time --time=ctime --time-style=+%s ppp06:27
prologiccrw-rw---- 1 root root 108, 0 1147400334 ppp06:27
prologicthere we go06:27
prologicthat might work06:27
artur_twhat is ppp? log?06:28
artur_tah, lock file...06:29
artur_tprologic, u can also use ps06:29
prologicI'll try this first06:30
prologicI'm betting that /dev/ppp is created when a pppd process is running06:30
prologic$ ./ppp-uptime06:36
prologicPPP Uptime: 4+9:17:5006:36
rxithat baby has seen a lot of action :P06:40
prologichm ?06:42
prologicoh you're being sarcastic :)06:43
prologicneways that quick hack I just wrote seems to work nicely06:43
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rxiwelcome back :)06:47
prologicjust figured out I can't use /dev/ppp06:48
prologicthat's created when the ppp module loaded06:48
prologic        if os.path.exists("/var/run/"):06:48
prologic                ctime = os.path.getctime("/var/run/")06:48
prologicslight modification with the above though works as expected06:48
rxiyeah .. thats what i was thinkin06:49
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rxiyou got  2 nicks or you managed to clone yourself :P06:50
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lkthomaswhat ip do you got if you ping ?06:55       60      IN      A
rxilkthomas: cant ping it06:55
lkthomashow come my own dns can not new ip06:56 is unreachable06:56
lkthomasI blocked icmp :)06:56
lkthomasjust want to know the ip06:56 has address
prologicrxi, note the hostname, I don't come from that isp :)06:56
prologicoh wait a min06:57
prologicthat's from my isp06:57
prologic--- [cjames] ( : Call JaMeS for help L-o-L06:57
prologicI'll bet it's Hellson using bitchx or irssi on one of my boxes06:57
lkthomasmy own dns can not resolve the new ip06:57
lkthomasanyone have idea why ?06:57
lkthomashow could I flush cache on dns06:57
rxiprologic: hehe06:58
prologictoo bad I removed my rwho daemons from my servers06:58
rxinymacro: the c3700 has a little lcd on the front which is easily programmable .. atm it says "rxi ftw" :P06:58
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nymacrorxi: ooh, nice :P07:09
nymacrorxi: you could get some nice stats happening on there :)07:09
rxiyep .. got `whoami`@`hostname`.`domainname` now07:11
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bd2Subject: You have been unsubscribed from the CRUX mailing list07:56
bd2what is that?07:56
jaegerI just sent a followup mail about it07:56
rxii get mail from the ml for about the first week after subscribing then it dissapears07:57
bd2ah. I just though that ML is moved somewere. but is silent about that07:58
jaegerbd2: the idea is to move it to from fukt.bth.se07:58
jaegerthe only reason we hadn't yet is because's mail was being sucked up by another machine at kalmar ndc until now07:58
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bd2is clc-dev also moving?08:02
jaegermaybe. we have more access to berlios than fukt08:08
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jjpkSo for the time being, it's business as usual with the ml?08:14
rxijaeger: are you able to see if im subscribed to clc-devel?08:15
Viper_well I've been unsubscribed from the mailing list without doing anything08:16
aonSubject: You have been unsubscribed from the CRUX mailing list08:16
aonFrom: crux-bounces@lists.crux.nu08:16
aonoh, :)08:16
aondidn't look at the discussion before pasting that08:16
jjpkit has worked without problems in my experience.08:17
jaegerrxi: you'll have to ask cptn, I don't have access to it myself08:17
rxiahh ok08:18
jjpkjaeger: I have to admit it makes much more sense having the ML on a manageable location. If I remember correctly, not even pli had full access to it anymore for some reason.08:19
jaegerjjpk: I'm not sure he ever did, really. in fact, we can't even get the list archives without pli requesting them specifically. and when he does, he gets an archive made that day08:20
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jaegerbesides, the admin(s) at fukt may not want to host us forever, who knows?08:21
jjpkYou would be more qualified to know the answer to that.08:21
prologicrxi, just mail the ml's bot with a subscribe command08:21
prologicit'll either subscribe you or refuce since you're already there08:21
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jjpkStrange behavior since it shouldn't remove your address unless you specifically request to do so.08:22
jaegersome mailing list software will automatically unsubscribe you if your address bounces a lot, but mailman isn't one of those08:22
rxii used to get them but now it just stop sending me them08:23
prologicI think I'm gonna have to write another procmail filter to convert \r\n to \n08:24
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jdolanhey jaeger have i been unsubscribed from the list???08:42
jaegeryes :P08:43
prologichave i ? :)08:44
jaegernope, we still like you08:45
jaegerit's just jdolan08:45
marojaeger: did you try the "new" win32 codecs?08:45
maro(well, from january)08:45
* prologic feels special :)08:45
jaegermaro: I am typing the commit message at this moment08:45
maroprologic: you are special ;)08:45
marojaeger: ah :)08:45
jaegerthe date on them on the ftp site is from may, though, for what that's worth08:46
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jaegermaro: since you're here I'll forego responding to the email about it :)08:47
marosure :)08:48
maroI only mailed you because you weren't online :)08:48
jaegerI was out of town the whole weekend, pretty much08:48
maro(and I tend to forget)08:48
jaegerI know the feeling08:48
marobtw, don't even bother with the new udev08:48
maroone of the arch devs told me that it has undocumented changed behaviour08:49
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maroyeah :(08:50
prologicbtw is the clc-contrib list fixed ?08:53
prologicI could not reply to it the other day (to resolve a conflicting port)08:53
jaegerhrmm... didn't know it was broken08:53
prologicif nothin'gs changed since the day before - it is indeed08:54
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richi_autis the official homepage of git?09:11
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richi_auti was confused: on this page they write: "The latest stable Git release is v1.3.2, published on 2006-05-04." and on the server (where crux downloads the sources from) the newest version is 1.3.3...09:13
artur_twhat i need to edit (and where) for non-passwd root login? In /etc/shadow:09:24
artur_t"root::0::::::"   The same string for the simple users give positive results.09:24
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artur_trichi_aut, what you want ? stability? or the newes version?09:29
artur_tbtw, su works normal, so i think that the problem with login program, but /etc/login.defs is unchanged09:32
artur_thow it works on ISO?09:32
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lkthomassup all10:26
lkthomasI just changed my server WAN NIC card to intel10:26
lkthomasI hope that could boost the network speed10:26
jaegerwhat was it before?10:27
lkthomasrealtek 813910:27
lkthomasit's a crap10:27
prologicaren't they both 100Mbps cards ?10:29
lkthomasbut then 8139 never reach 100mb10:29
lkthomasprologic: realtek never reach that speed10:29
lkthomasintel could10:29
mike_kbut it easily reach 100% cpu load10:29
lkthomasmike_k: LOL, is it ?!10:30
prologicgood lord10:30
* prologic sighs and goes to bed10:30
lkthomasnever saw that before10:30
mike_k50% on 2 such craps10:30
lkthomasbut then intel card got microcode10:30
mike_k(duron 900)10:30
lkthomasit will drop cpu usage even more10:30
lkthomasyou never understand why realtek produce such a shit card10:31
* prologic notes that all 6 of his computers all have RTL cards and the company I worked for >40 machines all had RTL cards10:31
prologicoh well10:31
prologicnight all10:31
jaegerone of those situations where mileage varies10:32
lkthomasI was thinking to use 3c905 card10:32
lkthomasbut I heard it will have some wired problem on *nix10:32
lkthomasso I better pick intel10:32
jaegerI use a lot of 3c90x cards, they work quite well10:33
jaegerof course, I have a few intel and realtek as well, heh10:33
lkthomasis it  ?hmm10:33
prologichmm before I go10:34
prologiclkthomas, mail me your rtl card :)10:34
aonyou probably can buy a rtl cheaper than the postage is :)10:35
lkthomastoo expensive to mail10:35
lkthomasaon is correct10:35
aonwill go in a letter, though10:36
aonbut weights a lot :)10:36
jjpkRealteks are shit eh. I disagree, they are entry level cards, they do their job fine.10:36
jaegereverything has its use10:36
jaegerbesides, it might be that on certain combinations of motherboard and NIC, they're rock solid and better than intel10:37
jaegertoo many variables10:37
jjpkHard to say what the problem is.10:37
lkthomasbut then intel and 3com card give out a constant high performance10:37
jaegerthe same thing applies to them10:37
lkthomasjaeger: poorly written driver might be the main cause10:37
jaegerthat's also possible10:37
lkthomasno one ever tweak realtek driver10:38
lkthomasbut intel developer are involve to develop *nix pro/100 driver10:38
lkthomasthat makes a lot diff10:38
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aonbrb ->10:41
aonr =~ 0.5h10:41
tilmanhe also takes the temple-of-knowledge thing a bit too seriously10:41
tilmanhe's like that friend of yours who only calls you when he's got a problem :>10:42
jjpkYep yep.10:42
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jdolanwinner: us11:04
chris__z__hi tilman, have you received my message?11:06
*** chris__z__ has left #crux11:07
tilmanhe's an irc n00b ;>11:09
*** chris__z__ has joined #crux11:09
chris__z__@tilman: sorry, but I can't send private messages to you... only if I register!11:10
clbchris__z__: Error: "tilman:" is not a valid command.11:10
chris__z__to tilman : sorry, but I can't send private messages to you... only if I register!11:10
*** chris__z__ has quit IRC11:11
jjpktilman: seems you will have your hands full with this one.11:14
tilmanpossible :/11:14
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copworkprettyde@ sounds like it might be worth it11:30
j^2hey all11:36
tilmancopwork: "prettydevil". he's male. so no11:37
copworkhehe, does crux has its own geekgrrrl section ?11:37
copworkare there any female cruxer around :?11:38
tilmancopwork wants to mate11:39
copworkhaha, i dunno how11:39
copworkjust curious because of this devilette11:39
tilmani think you missed the "he's male" part11:40
tilmanhe's male11:40
tilmanmale male male11:40
copworkyesh yesh11:40
copworkthat thing apart ... zzZZZZ11:40
*** nope^^ has joined #crux11:41
copworkwho should then represent crux on bigger conventions11:41
copworkyou have to start luring female personal in in time11:41
tilmanthere's at least one female crux user11:42
copworkthats good news11:42
vektoriIf you get excited by the thought of having a female person in an IRC channel, you need to go out more often.11:43
tilmanvektori: you just keep cool because there's loads of females in the finnish ircnet channels!11:44
vektoriWell, that's true. :)11:44
vektoriUnless you're talking about or something.11:45
copworkHehe, you are right11:46
tilmangentoo isn't popular among finnish girls? ;)11:46
vektoriNah. CRUX is. ;)11:46
copworkbut i was getting more excited by the fact that I might have to dress up to make up for the lessness11:47
copworkbasically i lost a female ircer from malaysia because I was enjoying the last sunrays here a little to long11:48
*** nope^ has quit IRC11:54
copwork"her" last words12:00
copwork<aDeLe^fLetCheR> a lil bit confuse here but okayyy:?12:00
copwork<-- aDeLe^fLetCheR has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)12:00
vektoriMy condolences.12:01
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vektoriMoskau, Moskau, wirf die Gläser an die Wand, Rußland ist ein schönes Land, hohhohhohhohhoh!13:19
* vektori has gone insane.13:19
jjpkEurovision material!13:31
predatorfreak"This means to produce 1 gram of antimatter, CERN would need to spend 100 million trillion dollars and run the antimatter factory for 100 billion years."13:31
predatorfreakWe'd best get to work :P13:31
predatorfreakwill[werk]: By the time we'd have one gram of antimatter to use as fuel we'd all be dead.13:32
predatorfreakUnless we get our asses to work and improve the production of it.13:32
will[werk]Does that take into consideration technology advances?13:33
will[werk]How can I make antimatter?13:33
predatorfreakwill[werk]: With a multi-million dollar particle accelerator.13:33
predatorfreakand about 20 million dollars for one picogram.13:34
mike_kwe already have /dev/null and /dev/zero  that is enough13:34
predatorfreakerr, *several* picograms :P13:34
predatorfreakmike_k: I can't get to Alpha Centauri with /dev/{null,zero} ;)13:35
mike_kyou have no need really, don't you? =)13:36
predatorfreakmike_k: Well it would be nice to rule over an entire Star System before I die ;)13:36
will[werk]It would be nice to have my own ice planet.13:37
predatorfreakwill[werk]: You can rule over the Pluto of Alpha Centauri ;)13:38
will[werk]AWESOME! Thanks!13:38
mike_kpredatorfreak: If they ever get that 'fuel'... the price would be your soul! Uha-ha-ha13:40
predatorfreakmike_k: Well, considering we'd need 100 million trillion dollars to produce one gram, yeah ;)13:41
will[werk]How many grams do you need?13:42
mike_kTHEY need13:42
mike_knot we13:42
will[werk]THEY need?13:42
mike_khope, we are lucky enough to enjoy our planet13:43
predatorfreakwill[werk]: A lot.13:43
predatorfreakIt produces a huge amount of power.13:43
will[werk]Like 2 grams?13:43
will[werk]Is antimatter flamable?13:43
predatorfreakBut to get from here to Alpha Centauri.13:43
predatorfreakAt least a few gallons worth.13:43
predatorfreakwill[werk]: Nah.13:43
will[werk]Can I store antimatter in milk containers?13:44
will[werk]Easier to transport.13:44
predatorfreakWhen antimatter collides with matter it generates a huge amount of power.13:44
will[werk]So I need a really good milk container.13:44
predatorfreakand then I harness that and run that power through an engine.13:44
predatorfreakwill[werk]: No.13:44
will[werk]And just not shake it.13:44
predatorfreakThe antimatter would annihilate the milk container.13:44
will[werk]That's not cool.13:44
tilmanit works with german quality milk containers13:45
tilmantried it last summer13:45
tilmanpredatorfreak lies :-)13:45
predatorfreaktilman: :)13:45
bd2it would better if it annihilate milt container, but not us13:45
*** pomj has joined #crux13:48
will[werk]predatorfreak, On that wikipedia link, it has "The Protoss race of Starcraft uses antimatter for both propulsion and weaponry." Now I know this must be true!13:49
predatorfreakwill[werk]: Well, the Protoss are just psychic alien bitches.13:50
predatorfreakFor the most part ;)13:50
predatorfreakFOR THE SWARM :}13:50
will[werk]But they rock the zerg13:50
* predatorfreak Zerg Rushes.13:50
predatorfreakkekeke time.13:51
* will[werk] makes lots of pcannons.13:51
predatorfreakwill[werk]: RUSH.13:51
predatorfreakwill[werk]: You don't even get the chance to make one ;)13:51
will[werk]Depends on map13:51
will[werk]And how well it was executed.13:51
predatorfreakThis makes me want to go Rush people in C&C: Generals :(13:53
* predatorfreak primes King Raptors and MiGs.13:53
*** predatorfreak has quit IRC13:55
*** koefz has quit IRC13:59
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*** lasso has joined #crux14:27
*** Astat has joined #crux14:39
AstatHello :(14:39
tilmanevening :(14:40
vektoriHej :(14:40
AstatI've run prt-get depinst --install-scripts xorg        but nothing works. :(14:40
AstatThere's no startx or anything like that after that. :(14:40
AstatAnd if I remove and install again then I get error at mesa3d :(14:41
tilmanSuddenly, tilman vanishes! --More--14:41
vektoriHaha :D14:41
AstatI've done that...14:41
AstatI installed NVIDIA's own...14:41
tilmanyou moved the x11r7 repo to the first position in prt-get.conf? :)14:41
tilmanand removed your old mesa package?14:41
tilmanand removed all that nvidia/ati/etc crap?14:41
AstatOld what?14:42
AstatIt worked the first time...14:42
Astat...but nothing changes, no X.14:42
tilmanwell, startx is in xorg-xinit14:42
hackedheadwhere can i find out what the proper -march flag for my system is?14:42
j^2hackedhead: pkgmk.conf14:42
j^2(in general)14:43
tilmanj^2: sleepy?14:43
tilmanj^2: ran out of coffee? :D14:43
j^2very :P14:43
AstatThere's no startx in xorg-xinit14:43
Astat/usr/ports/x11r7/xorg-xinit   right?14:43
tilman$ prt-get fsearch startx14:43
tilmanFound in /home/tilman/devel/crux-stuff/xorg7/xorg-xinit: /usr/bin/startx14:43
tilmanwell, the path sucks14:43
tilmanbut it really is in xorg-xinit14:43
j^2<--- dumbass...never listen to me ;)14:44
AstatCan't find it :(14:44
tilmanAstat: yes! less /usr/ports/x11r7/xorg-xinit/.footprint14:44
j^2thinking CFLAGS...14:44
hackedheadi want to set the one in pkgmk.conf ... but i need the docs to match up my processor and the value i should use..14:44
tilmangrep startx /usr/ports/x11r7/xorg-xinit/.footprint14:44
*** treach has joined #crux14:44
Astatbash always tells me that startx doesn't exist14:45
j^2Astat: what's your $PATH?14:45
treachj^2: think...14:45
j^2i cant :(14:45
j^2it hurts too much14:45
Astatbash stills whines even if I go to the dir where it's so supposed to be :(14:45
tilmanthat's /usr/bin14:46
tilmanright? :-)14:46
AstatThere's nothing buy Pkgfile and crap like that14:46
tilmanThat's what the footprint says14:46
AstatHow do I reinstall X11?14:47
treachAstat: Well, *does* it exist? and are you saying you've got pkgfiles in /usr/bin??14:47
j^2Astat: have you heard of archlinux?14:47
tilmanprt-get install depinst xorg-xinit14:47
Astatj^2: Yes14:47
j^2Astat: better yet, ubuntu?14:47
AstatUbuntu sucks...14:48
treachj^2: you are not being constructive.14:48
AstatI learn nothing from Ubuntu... all I got was a horrible desktop...14:48
AstatWill try tilman14:48
tilmanAstat: run, pkginfo -i|grep xorg-xinit14:48
tilmanwhat does it say?14:48
j^2treach: true, but he's flooding the channel when the simple answer would be get the iso and pkgadd x11#*14:48
AstatI want X11R7 not X11R614:49
tilmanj^2: he's trying to install x11r7 i believe:)14:49
treacheither just say "Fuck off l4m3r" and be done with it, or shut up. ;-)14:49
AstatSo... ehm?14:49
tilman(21:48) <@   tilman> Astat: run, pkginfo -i|grep xorg-xinit14:49
tilman(21:48) <@   tilman> what does it say?14:49
tilmanrun: prt-get depinst xorg-xinit14:50
j^2treach: Astat : I want X11R7 not X11R614:50
j^2my bad14:50
Astatmesa3d returns errors14:50
j^2i'm slow today14:50
*** Brzi has joined #crux14:50
tilmanAstat: please paste them at paste.se14:50
treachj^2: no worries.14:50
j^2so bored at work it's scary14:51
AstatCan't paste... different computer...14:51
tilmancopy it manually then14:51
tilmani cannot help if i don't know what it complains about14:51
treachtilman: iirc you never returned my crystal ball...14:51
AstatFiles missing14:51
tilmantreach: sorry, i sent it to cptn so he could provide better support for ronny14:52
Astattilman: A dri_* file is missing...14:53
tilmanfootprint mismatch?14:53
tilmaninstall it anyway14:53
AstatDon't ask me... but the first time I run prt-get to install X11R7 then it works...14:53
AstatInstall it anyway, how?14:53
tilmanprt-get install -uf mesa3d14:53
AstatComplete stop.14:53
AstatUnable to update footprint files.14:54
tilmanprt-get install -if mesa3d14:54
tilmanuse "if", not "uf"14:54
Astatdrm.h is missing14:55
tilmanprt-get install libdrm14:55
AstatPackage not found14:56
treachAstat: every time you get a complaint about a missing file, prt-get fsearch will help you find out what package it belongs to.14:56
treachuse that instead of asking us.14:56
*** pomj has quit IRC14:56
tilmanAstat: ls /etc/ports/opt.rsync14:56
tilmanports -u opt14:57
tilmanprt-get install libdrm once /usr/ports/opt/libdrm exists14:57
tilmanyou run crux 2.2, right?14:57
tilmanokay, running "ports -u" should fix it then :D14:58
AstatOkay :)    Thumbs up dude! :)14:59
tilmani posted links for 5 minutes only to realize my connection had died15:01
treachsomething related to people who expects you to magically message them after they disconnect?15:04
tilmanhuh? no15:04
treach(I just read the log)15:05
*** benmat has quit IRC15:10
tilmanmaro: :>>>15:16
maroseriously, what kind of answer did he expect? :)15:18
treachhonestly, maybe he didn't know. one of the orignal uses of the ml *was* to report bugs in packages, iirc.15:19
treachbut I guess that was before your time. ;-)15:20
maroah right15:20
tilman"back in the days when our rubber boots were made out of wood"15:20
tilman(german jokes _do_ work in english ;)15:20
maroand now that there's a bug tracker, surely the mailing list must be the place to report bugs15:20
treachtilman: :)15:20
treachmaro: have you ever done any system development?15:21
maroyes, and computer programming too15:22
treachThen you should be familiar with obstacle #1 to any new system :)15:23
treach"Getting the old people to use the new system." :)15:23
marobut he was obviously aware of the bug tracker15:23
treachawareness != using..15:24
marodude, read his question15:24
treachI know. I'm just saying your reply wasn't entirely warranted, imo.15:25
treachbesides, I can never keep track of what bugs are supposed to go into the bugtracker, and which aren't.15:26
treachso usually I just pester the maintainer about it. :-)15:26
bd2quiz: what WM and terminal emulator are you using?15:30
maro"When the system has installed, why would you still need to install stuff?"15:30
maroyeah, crux sucks15:31
tilmantwm, xterm15:31
jaegerthis is crux? aww, hell15:31
*** jaeger has left #crux15:31
* maro lurked the fedora mailing lists a while ago and was chocked to see someone complaining about a "install everything" option in the installer15:31
maroerr, a _missing_ option15:32
bd2tilman, can you please share your .twmrc ?15:32
tilmanno, i lied15:32
bd2lol :-))15:32
marobd2: I'll send you my merged gconf xml file15:33
maroit's only 200K or so15:33
bd2hahaha :-)15:33
* tilman only gets every 3rd joke in here15:33
marothe joke was on me using bloatware15:34
treachweren't you using kde?15:34
tilmani wasn't referring to your joke specifically15:34
marotreach: yeah, until two months ago when I missed gnome too much :(15:35
bd2treach, are you have same behavior: aterm lose copied text when you resize it?15:35
maroor rather got sick of qt's weirdness15:35
*** steini has joined #crux15:35
marorunning jue's xfce beta on another bux though, seems promising15:36
treachbd2: how do you mean? Copying text out of aterm to some place else?15:36
bd2treach, or to same aterm after you resize it15:36
treachmaro: qt weirdness?15:36
marobd2: it does it here too15:36
bd2maro, you use aterm too?15:37
marotreach: mostly trolltech's disregard of the FHS, plus its weird installation15:37
treachbd2: looks like it.15:37
marobd2: I have it installed for when I go into minimal-wm mode :)15:37
maro(evilwm -term aterm)15:38
treachmaro: ok, can't say I've suffered from that..15:38
*** predatorfreak has joined #crux15:38
marotreach: hm, take a look at the rpath of its libs15:38
bd2maro.. ah... evilwm.. tried. it's really evil :-)15:38
treachnah, I need it anyway for opera. :)15:38
j^2bd2: jaeger had the best idea with evilwm, it's part of his mythtv port15:39
marothe overly complex Pkgfile is a minus too :/15:39
maro(in my book that is)15:39
bd2mythtv? what is it in few words?15:40
marobd2: PVR(?) software15:40
bd2so, what is PVR? :-)15:40
maroyou know, when coupling a pc with a tv and a remote control :)15:40
predatorfreakAhh nothing like rushing people down and killing them :}15:40
j^2it's a nice "backend" for a required wm for x15:40
treach@google lucky mythtv15:40
bd2got it15:41
j^2good ol clb15:41
predatorfreak@google lucky mars15:41
predatorfreakI was expecting mars.com15:42
predatorfreakor something.15:42
treachhe has improved lately. maybe we should question jaeger about genetic doping or something. ;)15:42
j^2and adding a idle part :P15:42
j^2and a mininova search :P15:43
j^2j/k on the last one15:43
j^2treach: genetic doping15:44
*** danm has joined #crux15:46
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o danm15:46
tilmandanm: thanks for the utf8 locale hint. worked like a charm15:47
tilmanhi, too :p15:47
*** predatorfreak has quit IRC15:59
bd2for those who use aterm and want to fix it:
brian|lfscan anyone help me kdeibs won't compile for me16:01
treachdisable cups.16:02
j^2that's funny16:02
brian|lfshow do I disable cups16:02
brian|lfshey everyone16:02
brian|lfsin the pkgbuild file or jsut striaght from the line16:02
treachin the "Pkgfile" under configure some place.16:03
treachnote that you'll have to end the line with "\" unless it's the last one.16:03
j^2 /me runs16:04
treach(I'm guessing that's the problem, since it wouldn't build for me for that reason, and it seems I can't load your paste for some reason.)16:04
treachyou can run, but you can't hide kid.16:05
*** maro has quit IRC16:05
*** maro has joined #crux16:05
brian|lfsok thanks disabled it will see what happens now16:06
brian|lfswhy is cups messed up anyhow16:07
treachnew version issued post the kdelibs port, presumeably not 100% compatible for some reason.16:10
marotreach: there was a commit some hours ago about that16:10
brian|lfsoh so now we have to wait for a  new version of kde libs16:11
marobrian|lfs: update your tree and try again16:11
treachmaro: ok, didn't know that.16:11
brian|lfshow do I update my tree again lol only done it once rofl16:11
marokdelibs: added patch for cups 1.2 (thanks to Torsten Henschel)16:11
marobrian|lfs: crux isn't for you16:12
treachah, Herr Henschel strikes again. :)16:12
brian|lfsI can look in the hand book was jsut being lazy16:12
treachit doesn't quite boil down to reading the handbook.16:13
brian|lfsthats what I figured ports -u16:14
maroyou have to be an asshole as well16:14
* treach looks hurt16:14
brian|lfsI am an asshole thats easy16:14
brian|lfsI"m compiling kdelibs without cups I don't need cups anyhow whatever16:15
marothen you don't even need to specify --disable-cups16:15
marojust don't install it16:15
treachYou do *not* have to be an asshole. All you have to do is try google and make some attempts on your own account before asking questions.16:15
maroand if you notice anyone who doesn't, let them know they suck16:17
marotreach: it was me who was the asshole :)16:17
treachoh, ok. :>16:18
*** Romster has quit IRC16:18
maro<maro> brian|lfs: crux isn't for you16:18
brian|lfsno it isn't I have to LfS machiens lol16:18
*** Romster has joined #crux16:19
brian|lfsnope not at all16:19
treachmaro: guess I've gotten overly sensitive by all the "meanie", and "dick in general" stuff that have been flying my way lately. :p16:19
marotreach: hey, I only said I was the asshole in this particular case ;)16:20
brian|lfsI'm going to go take a nap in a few16:21
maroseriously though, I think you're the most patient in here16:21
brian|lfsthis is boring watchign something compile16:21
marobrian|lfs: then try &>/dev/null16:22
maronow that's boring, especially for kdelibs16:22
*** jaeger has joined #crux16:22
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o jaeger16:22
brian|lfsya only a 3.2 p416:23
treachput your buildir on a tmpfs if you've got ram enough.16:24
jaegertmpfs workdir rocks16:25
*** lasso has quit IRC16:25
maroor if you have swap enough :)16:25
treacheh, no..16:25
marowhy not?16:26
treachyou think swap is an adequate replacement for ram?16:26
marothen it will use ram when possible and fall back to disk (in which case it will just be as slow as otherwise)16:26
treachsure, but you have to have decent amount of ram to begin with..16:27
bd2"nice nice pkgmk" is also useful16:27
*** mike_k has quit IRC16:27
treachit's not a brilliant idea to put your builddir on a tmpfs if you've got 64MB ram to begin with and expect to compensate for it with swap...16:27
maroI somehow doubt that his 3.2 GHz P4 has 64 megs RAM16:28
marobut it will even make sense on 64 MB16:28
marobecause it will be faster for whatever size of the build can be kept in ram16:29
treachI'm not about to test the validity of that claim.16:30
maroyou doubt that ram is faster than disk I/O?16:30
*** pitillo has quit IRC16:32
jaegerwhat I wonder, but am too lazy to test, is whether or not you'll automatically swap when you run out of tmpfs16:32
treachjaeger: iirc that's what happens.16:33
bd2it depends how much RAM building process wants. if gcc will go to swap, it will slow down16:33
jaegerit should, yes16:33
marojaeger: tmpfs uses the virtual memory16:33
marothat's why I said "or swap enough" :)16:33
jaegernot that I'm likely to see that unless I limit my tmpfs size a bunch, hehe16:33
maroe.g. I have a gig of RAM and half a gig of swap, but have a 1G tmpfs for my build dir16:34
treachmaro: the answear to your questions obviously "no", but I'm thinking of what happens once you run out of your measly 64MB...16:34
*** Romster2 has joined #crux16:34
marotreach: yes, then it falls back to the slow disk I/O for the rest of the build, which it would have done for the entire build otherwise16:34
bd2maro, sometimes it's better keep *.o's on disk to give gcc done job faster.16:34
bd2in case 64 megs RAM of course16:35
treachmaro: so you mean the files you've got on your tmpfs doesn't take any ram? worst case they get swapped out, and then you'll get a lot of swapping activity, in addition to the file ops..16:36
treachanyhow, afk.16:37
marotreach: no, they do take as much ram as they can get, and when they can't get any more, they swap out which means that from that point, the build is as slow as the entire build would otherwise have been16:37
marome too :)16:37
bd2"is as slow as the entire build would otherwise" - wrong. there is no RAM-space left for gcc16:38
marobd2: do you know if the tmpfs will get swapped out or if gcc will?16:39
*** Romster has quit IRC16:40
bd2maro, no. do you? it's not so easy to say which method will be faster on 64 meg ram - is what I wanted to say16:40
maromy initial recommendation obviously wasn't meant for 64 MB setups :)16:42
bd2:-) yeah. we are discussing spherical horse in vacuum :-)16:43
maroit was just that "if you have enough ram" gives an impression of >= 1G16:43
maroand I think it's useful for 256MB setups as well16:43
Han640kb should be enough for anyone.16:44
marohaha ;)16:44
sepenjaeger, my new irc bot-log
bd2maro, if I will have spare time in future, I'll try: cat /proc/meminfo  | grep Total   ==>> MemTotal:        21144 kB16:44
marois that box running crux?16:45
sepenIm going to write another for #crux-es and host in my router-server16:45
bd2that is my home-router. Pentium-75. yeah, of course it is running crux16:45
maronice :)16:45
bd2crux => CRUX version 2.116:45
* maro sends crux an e-kiss16:45
sepenI've also 2.116:46
sepen# uptime16:46
sepen 23:56:32 up 48 days, 15:16,  1 user,  load average: 0.00, 0.00, 0.0016:46
maroI have a leaked 2.3 alpha!!!16:46
bd2 01:58:43 up 43 days, 19:16,  1 user,  load average: 0.01, 0.02, 0.00 - router16:46
jaegersepen: good deal16:46
bd2 01:52:39 up 12 days, 13:54,  5 users,  load average: 0.00, 0.00, 0.00 - workplace16:46
sepen cpu MHz         : 167.06616:46
jaegermy best crux uptime at the moment is 91 days =/16:47
bd2cpu MHz         : 74.711  :-PP16:47
sepenMem:         62408      60676       1732          0      25836      1006016:47
sepenSwap:        40280       8048      3223216:47
AstatI can't start X... connection refused.16:47
maro 23:47:42 down 425 days,  6:51,  0 users,  load average: 0.00, 0.00, 0.0016:47
jaegerlost power back then =(16:47
marooh wait, downtime doesn't count16:47
sepenI've also running ngircd and more16:47
bd2sepen, hey! you got TONS of memory :-)16:47
jaeger 16:47:37  up 251 days, 12:56,  1 user,  load average: 0.29, 0.29, 0.1216:47
jaeger <-- oracle server16:47
sepenyes jaeger you have a profesional server16:48
sepenload average ..16:48
maronope, it was running oracle16:48
bd2jaeger invincible ;-)16:48
hackedheadi'm working on 68 days for this little ibook.... its a shame too, i restarted in an attempt to install something ppc arch can't even build...16:49
maroCRUX Professional16:49
sepenIm very surprised about how works my 58616:49
sepenit sucks!16:49
maroyou're surprised a 586 sucks?16:50
* maro has some weird fetish for slow hardware16:50
will[werk]I do too, lol.16:50
maroprobably because I'm a cheapo and it makes me feel like I've saved money16:50
hackedheadi have one for free hardware.. which winds up being much the same thing.... lol16:50
sepenthe only thing that I fix is the problem I had with dynamic dns16:51
hackedheadmare: precisely =P16:51
sepenI write a ddclient remplacement in one shell script
sepensince then I have 48 days running my box16:52
treach586 doesn't suck. You just have to adjust your choice of apps..16:54
bd2586 really suck if you want to compile something. it suck less with gcc-2.x16:56
sepenI have another i586 running 2.1-crux, x11, blackbox, etc etc
sepen100% cpu while compiling kernel16:56
marodo anybody have any idea of what the 686 optimizations gain btw?16:57
treachit won't boot on i586. :D16:57
maroyeah, I was thinking performance wise16:57
marosince it would obviously be useful for i586 users if they could compile on their i686 boxen16:58
*** Astat has quit IRC16:58
treachthere is nothing stopping you from building your stuff on a 686..16:58
marowell, and use the packages both places...16:59
* bd2 yearns for binary repo for core and opt. :-)17:00
jaeger  5:00pm  up 176 days,  7:08,  2 users,  load average: 0.08, 0.06, 0.0117:00
jaegerthere, found a better one17:00
jaeger  5:00pm  up 251 days, 13:42,  3 users,  load average: 0.00, 0.09, 0.1317:00
treachbd2: it's called "jaegers updated iso." :P17:01
bd2ah. just forgot it :-)17:01
*** Brzi has quit IRC17:01
jaegerheyo, mavrick6117:02
jaegermavrick61: lists. is working now, thank you17:02
mavrick61Do you have any status on lists.crux.nu17:03
bd2we need "prt-get sysup-from-jaeger-iso" to not mess with downloading iso ourselfs :-)17:03
*** steini has quit IRC17:04
jaegerI need to update my iso for 2.2, haven't had time yet17:04
mavrick61An new liveCD ?17:05
jaegerthe same idea as my 2.1 livecd, just for 2.217:08
jaegeranyway, need to drive home, back later17:08
*** jaeger has quit IRC17:08
*** jdolan has quit IRC17:08
*** nope^ has quit IRC17:10
*** jaeger has joined #crux17:21
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o jaeger17:21
*** sen has joined #crux17:21
treach ;D17:22
will[werk]Damn it. I hate bash. Sucks me in all the time, reading the same quotes over and over again.17:38
treachbah, most of it is just crap, but some things are really fun. :)17:41
will[werk]The top 10 or 20. I crack up everytime still.17:41
will[werk]In the office and everyone wants to know what's funny.17:41
treachheh, and nobody gets it..17:41
will[werk]No concept of IRC.17:42
treachor a lot of other things related.17:42
treachlike, how many can relate to this one..?
prologiche must have a lot of machines!17:45
prologicmore than me17:46
nipuLive only got 6 now17:46
nipuLtook a heap to the recyclers17:46
prologichow many with crux ?17:47
prologic3/6 here17:47
nipuL1 crux, 1 obsd, 2 fbsd, 2 nbsd17:48
nipuLoh an and a mac 8.1 :D17:48
prologicwhich is ya desktop ?17:49
treachthe mac. ;)17:50
prologicat 8.1 surely not :)17:50
treachI hope not.17:51
bd21 crux, 1 obsd, 2 fbsd, 2 nbsd  - Welcome to OS-Zoo ;-)17:52
treachadd windows and you'll have a cirkus.17:53
*** predatorfreak has joined #crux17:53
treachcircus,even, maybe.17:53
prologicadd dos, skyos, and beos just to be sure :)17:53
prologicnah cirkus is better :)17:53
predatorfreakHi folks.17:54
treachprologic: It's too late for me to be able to be certain on how you spell the same word in different languages..17:55
*** danm has quit IRC18:00
prologicthat Arch Linux is getting quite a lot of say in OSNews18:01
treachpoor them.18:01
prologicgoes to show you how good CRUX really is :)18:01
prologicArch being a fork and all18:02
prologicCRUX the better half of Arch :)18:02
treachlots of stuff from crux seem to show up on different places.18:02
treachlike "networsix" or wtf it was called.. :P18:02
prologicyup yup18:03
treachalso I've seen attempts to bring prt-get over to some other distros.18:03
treachbut as long as they get all the publicity and thus all the basket cases, I'm all for it. :)18:04
prologicwe just sit quietly getting all the feedback/reports18:04
prologicslowly building a stronger backend for them!18:04
treachnot really.18:05
predatorfreaktreach: prt-get/pkgutils/ports are pretty portable.18:14
predatorfreakI don't see how using them for a different distro would be hard.18:14
treachI didn't say it would be, did I? But they don't build out of the box for bsd though. :-/18:15
predatorfreaktreach: Han did CRUX ports for BSD.18:16
predatorfreakwith some clever hackery I'm sure prt-get would work with Han's work.18:16
treachyes, but iirc that's a rewrite.18:16
predatorfreak(well, CRUX ports for OpenBSD)18:16
predatorfreaktreach: Yeah, but, it's fairly similar.18:17
treachthat wasn't the point, was it?18:17
predatorfreaktreach: What was your point then?18:17
predatorfreakWe both know it's a rewrite.18:17
*** jdolan has joined #crux18:18
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o jdolan18:18
treachyou were the one who started to talk about portability.18:18
treachimo, if you have to rewrite something then it wasn't all that portable after all..18:18
prologicI have to agree with treach18:19
predatorfreaktreach: It wouldn't be very hard to port pkgutils to BSD.18:19
predatorfreakMostly some code changes and such.18:19
treachbut that wasn't what we were discussing.18:19
predatorfreaktreach: Well, ask Han why he didn't just port pkgutils ;)18:20
predatorfreakI wouldn't really know myself.18:20
nipuLas someone who has made a serious attempt at porting pkgutils to freebsd, it is not as portable as one would assume18:22
predatorfreaknipuL: Well then scratch that ;)18:23
prologicthen maybe the code/design should be updated so it _is_ more portable :)18:25
treachmmh, probably easier than porting it to windows.. but iirc it has some nasty deps on gnu-stuff.18:25
nipuLit sure does18:26
treach(I had a *very* brief look at it a while ago.)18:26
nipuLit uses too many gnu tools that arent 100% compatable with the bsd equivalents18:26
nipuLespecially in the scripts18:26
nipuLa rewrite is definately the way to go imho18:27
nipuLi started work on a libpkgutils a while ago, but real life got in the way18:28
Hanpredatorfreak, prt-get does work with my ports, and it is in my repo18:41
HanBut my pkgadd pkgrm and pkginfo are rewrites, in sh18:42
HanFor the rest it's mostly compatible.18:42
nipuLheh. mostly ;)18:44
*** treach has quit IRC18:52
maronipuL: how's it going btw? :)18:52
*** jdolan has quit IRC18:52
*** jdolan_ has joined #crux18:52
maronipuL: have you seen the new wiki page with ideas and such?18:53
HannipuL, I added a few features... like pkginfo -i pkgname18:54
HanStuff like that.18:54
hackedheadanyone running mpd know what schedulers they are using, offhand?19:45
brian|lfskdebase failed now lol20:05
brian|lfsI'm not understanding why everything fails lol20:06
bd2you should try archlinux, it's fixed version of crux20:19
brian|lfsapperantly lol20:19
brian|lfsI run arch but wanted to try CVRUX and CRUX seems to fial on compiling stuff lol20:20
brian|lfsI mean CRUX20:20
bd2yeah. crux is flawfull and buggy. that is why archlinux exists :-)20:23
brian|lfsmy bash prompt is stable lol20:23
bd2don't they, archlinux team, waste their time for the just clone of the crux? no. they are fixing it each day. as for crux... crux is dead since 200120:25
bd2of course it died bacause of lack basics ;-)20:26
brian|lfswhat distro do you use?20:29
bd2crux, with remorse20:30
brian|lfswhat do you use for a window manager20:31
brian|lfsoh no wonder you don't have probs lol20:31
bd2i'm using kdelibs+kdebase for konqueror.20:32
brian|lfswhy would you want to use konqueror20:32
bd2because I don't like firefox ;-)20:33
brian|lfs-rw-r--r-- root/root      3812 2005-10-10 10:04:21 usr/include/konq_drag.h20:33
brian|lfs-rw-r--r-- root/root      2836 2005-10-10 10:04:21 usr/include/konq_filetip.h20:33
brian|lfs-rw-r--r-- root/root      3205 2005-10-10 10:04:15 usr/include/konqsidebarplugin.h20:33
brian|lfs-rw-r--r-- root/root      2597 2005-09-10 03:26:02 usr/include/kdecoration_plugins_p.h20:33
brian|lfs-rw-r--r-- root/root      4976 2005-09-10 03:26:02 usr/include/kdecorationfactory.h20:33
brian|lfs-rw-r--r-- root/root      1290 2005-09-10 03:26:03 usr/include/KWinInterface.h20:33
brian|lfs-rw-r--r-- root/root      3802 2005-10-10 10:04:21 usr/include/konq_undo.h20:33
brian|lfs-rw-r--r-- root/root      1582 2005-10-10 10:04:21 usr/include/kivdirectoryoverlay.h20:33
brian|lfs=======> ERROR: Footprint mismatch found:20:33
bd2to be honest, I'm using elinks as main browser. And load konqueror when I really need see web-page with all whistles20:33
brian|lfsNEW       -rwxr-xr-x      root/root       usr/lib/kde3/kio_ldap.la20:33
brian|lfsNEW       -rwxr-xr-x      root/root       usr/lib/kde3/kio_ldap.so20:34
brian|lfsNEW       -rw-r--r--      root/root       usr/share/services/ldap.protocol20:34
brian|lfsNEW       -rw-r--r--      root/root       usr/share/services/ldaps.protocol20:34
brian|lfs=======> ERROR: Building '/usr/ports/opt/kdebase/kdebase#3.5.2-2.pkg.tar.gz' failed.20:34
brian|lfsprt-get: error while install20:34
brian|lfs-- Packages where install failed20:34
brian|lfsgot any ideas20:34
bd2brian|lfs, next time, please use, and give url to error you've got20:34
brian|lfsI'll be good next time20:34
bd2brian|lfs, as someone said here: footprint missmatch is not "OMG errors" :-) you can ignore them20:35
brian|lfsso it installed fine20:36
bd2edit /etc/pkgmk.conf, set PKGMK_IGNORE_FOOTPRINT="yes" and forget about them20:36
bd2no. it's not installed20:36
brian|lfsoh ok20:36
bd2as you don't tell to ignore footprints in first place (-if option to prt-get), you should now manually install it by pkgadd -i kdebase#.blabla.tar.gz20:37
bd2it's compiled fine, but not installed20:37
nipuLthe mismatch is fairly obvious20:37
brian|lfsshould I uncomment any of these other lines in /etc/pkgmk.conf20:37
nipuLthe mainte=ainer dosnt have openldap20:37
nipuLand you had it installed20:37
nipuLthe kde build scrit automatically detects add on libraries, as do many others20:38
bd2brian|lfs, yes.20:38
bd2brian|lfs, and please, read handbook. footprint errors question covered in handbook.20:39
bd2or in faq. I don't remember20:39
brian|lfsmust be the faq I read msot of the hand book by now lol20:40
brian|lfsneed to feed the human while I wait again20:40
brian|lfsnot sure what I want tongiht20:40
brian|lfsthinking a burtio sounds good20:40
bd2yeah, you're right. it's in faq20:41
brian|lfsseriously who ever reads faqs lol20:41
bd2I'm :-(20:41
brian|lfsI'm just being hounest20:42
brian|lfsapperantly the crux faq is important20:42
brian|lfswow it installed lol21:10
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brian|lfsI'm guessing sound don't work without kdemultimedia I can't remember?21:22
bd2don't know. you can check sound in general by "cat /bin/ls > /dev/dsp" if you enabled OSS or OSS Emulation in kernel21:27
bd2and don't forget about unmuting channels in alsamixer, if you use alsa21:28
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