IRC Logs for #crux Wednesday, 2006-05-17

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sepengood morning cruxers!01:54
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artur_tsepen, 'good morning european cruxers'  sounds better ;-)02:01
sepengood artur_t !02:02
sepen another irc log02:02
sepenalso cruxbot can return google and portdb searchs for you02:03
sepen./msg cruxbot help02:03
vektoriWow, I think you'll next implement a device for pushing a button.02:03
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copworkthat might save the Lost guys some work02:04
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artur_tsmall poll: how long x11 is compiling on your machine? it might be as well to point cpu and mem (and version of x11)04:17
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artur_ton my machine [P4/2.4GHz 512M] it was compliling (just finished) ~40 min....04:41
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maroI can't give you my numbers, running modular :/05:00
Farcallerartur_t, 7.0 - 20 min on my athlon64 2800+ (overclocked to 3200+)/256Mb05:01
maroIIRC it was much less though05:01
Farcallerccache is a very nice thing :D05:01
* maro should overclock his machine too05:03
marocould get so fast irc05:03
maroand browse web pages much faster05:04
* artur_t is going to reboot for final testing of lcrux-2.2 (qemu is slow)05:04
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Hangcc is has way too much optimizations, they should focus on producing clean code05:09
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richi_autHan: why is your gcc not recommended for everydays usage?07:42
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jdolanis there a way to un-add something in svn without committing it and then removing it?08:26
vektoriYou mean something like "svn revert <file>"?08:31
maroor svn revert -R <dir> if you screwed up big time ;)08:36
marotilman: there?08:36
maroany other git suckers? :)08:38
marothis is pretty cool:
marogit suckers only08:38
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maro - it's like mutt for git :)08:45
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aonmaro: :)08:51
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Hanrichi_aut, read the next sentence as well09:00
artur_twhich umask value gives a+rw permissions for the dir?09:02
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artur_taha, umask=111 gives a+rw, umask=000 gives a+rwx (for dir).09:06
richi_authan: sorry, i forgot, to add the 4 at the end -> i meant gcc409:11
artur_t   <= sources of lCRUX-2.2  ISO will be available tomorrow. Additional info is here:
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Hanrichi_aut, because it's beta...09:15
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richi_authan: you mean you don't know whether it will work with all packages from the core and opt ports?09:17
maroartur_t: that's a speedy server you've got there ;)09:22
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julious_deanhi all09:25
julious_dean1 question how can i update a remote server to crux 2.2 from crux 2.109:25
prologicsame way I'm gonna do mine I guess09:28
prologicpkgadd all the packages09:28
prologicrun (either manually or otherwise) stuff in setup-helper09:28
prologicmainly renaming of some packages I think09:28
prologicreboot :) and croxx fingers09:28
artur_tmaro, heh, in ukraine most servers are speedy like that ;)09:28
aonhehe, already slashdotted? ;)09:29
julious_deanthere is no script available like 2.0 to 2.1?09:31
artur_tsetup will run it at the end of upgrade09:32
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aonanybody know where xmms caches id3 tags? :/09:35
artur_tjulious_dean: ah, no in 2.1 setup comes w/o setup-helper09:36
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artur_tbut this isn't a problem : 2.1 and 2.0 has very small diffs in packages lists09:41
aonisn't that where the gcc3.3->3.4 transition happened09:41
aonthat's rather significant09:42
* treach puts up a sign "beware of the openssl"09:42
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jdolanthx vektori :)10:20
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j^2hey all10:40
*** artur_t is now known as all10:41
allhey j^210:42
*** all is now known as artur_t10:42
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jdolansign me up for a redhat6.2 box 8)10:44
vektoriThat's probably their Exploit plan.10:46
jdolan"Linux Red Hat"..10:46
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jdolani want Linux CRUX :(10:46
treachheh, you don't need a plan to exploit rh 6.2..10:46
jdolani had a rh6.2 box rooted back in '99.10:47
jdolangood times 8)10:47
treachI bet they are a subsidary of Microsoft, to fix the statistics.10:47
ningo[playing] Lordi - The Kids Who Wanna Play With the Dead - The Arockalypse10:50
vektoriYay, news from obsolescence. :P10:50
treacha new version of xfree, and the world rejoices.. :P10:50
ningothe netbsd world at least10:50
vektoriYeah, they're probably the only entity that's still using XFree86.10:51
ningothat's because xorg doesn't support as many architectures as xfree86 does10:52
vektoriThat's true.10:54
jdolankinda sad that a project with such a strong and long standing following ..died like that.10:54
jdolanbut they shot themselves in the foot.10:54
vektoriAnd they were too proud to reverse the licensing decision even after it became apparent that no one was going to use XFree86 anymore.10:56
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treach"conceit precedes downfall." or something. One can just hope it'll strike in redmond as well.11:10
marojdolan: I wonder when xorg will be "the linux x server" :P11:12
maroajax already talked about a glib dependency11:12
maroand the future 3D plans are going to be painful for the other unix vendors to catch up with11:13
maroisn't netbsd still using xfree86 btw?11:18
treachas vektori pointed out. They are probably the only ones.11:19
maroah, didn't see it11:19
maroand it was ningo :P11:20
treachnot quite..11:20
marowow, we so need a port of this:
treachI somehow get the impression someone misunderstood the term "work-out program".11:24
aonusually doing such programs doesn't help11:27
aonsince you end up spending more time on hacking the program than excercising :)11:27
maroyeah, seems pretty brain dead11:27
treachaon: But it does help. You might grow some mental condition instead.. wait, that doesn't sound right.. :P11:28
treach(kondition -> stamina)11:29
aonyesterday when i was jogging i thought it'd be cool to build a computer with step and heartbeat sensor, so you could draw graphs of beats/min and steps/min or something :)11:30
ningoI hate bioware for not releasing their nwn diamond edition in europe ;(11:31
treachaon: with an usb port for a memstick so you could take the data to your workstation for further processing?11:32
* treach begins to wave a warningflag..11:32
aonand graph with rrdtool ;)11:33
aonbut then i realised that this kind of thinking is partly why i weight three numbers11:34
aonso it may as well be left unimplemented11:34
treachbetter implement some more jogging instead whenever you get such ideas. ;-)11:34
aonyeah :)11:34
treach"Getting ideas now again? 100 laps around the soccerpitch ought to teach you about that!" :P11:35
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Romsternow that is funny11:38
Romsteri just browsed here to read my backlog good time too heh11:38
Romsteri don't think logging exercise information is a good idea for us lol :) though some do exercise alot also sit at the pc all day and night :)11:39
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maro"Arch Linux is a bleeding-edge distribution built from the ground up using Linux From Scratch as a base with a driving philosophy: keep it simple."12:12
maroerm.. :)12:12
vektorimaro on takinkääntäjä. :P12:13
treachhaha, I wonder what they'd call crux then.. "Keep it primitive"?12:13
treachSimple is such a wonderful word, it could possibly mean anything..12:14
maroyeah, it's that simple12:14
maroI guess arch is simple compared to fedora12:15
treachor debian or windows.12:15
marobut I really think crux had deserved some mention as being the lfs derivative that keeps it simple12:16
maroand arch being a derivative of crux12:16
marobut for some reason I'm glad it didn't get it ;)12:16
vektoriI don't understand how something can be an LFS derivative. LFS is just a project documenting how a distro is build, right?12:17
marowhat's up with you?12:17
marovektori: yeah12:17
vektoriThat's like saying a ruby script is a Programming Ruby derivative.12:17
maroif you take samples from Programming Ruby then it is, sort of12:18
treachor a c-program is a K&R derivative. :)12:18
vektoriYeah. :P12:18
treachmaro: I'd much prefer crux staying below the radar and letting arch and the rest take the hit from the n00bs. ;)12:19
marothat's exactly the "some reason" I was talking about :)12:19
treachyou hadn't added that when I last replied.12:20
maroit does suck that they give it that description though12:20
treachwho cares. :)12:20
treachLet us all just sit by the side and smugly watch the idiots. :)12:21
vektorimaro: Arch doesn't use any code from CRUX anymore, right?12:21
treachvektori: but it used some of the ideas from crux iirc.12:21
marovektori: I don't think so, only concepts12:21
maroand per's libtar patches I think12:21
treachIP-theft!!1!1! :D12:21
vektoriYeah. I wouldn't call something which just borrows some concepts a derivative.12:22
vektoriBut maybe I'm just narrow-minded. :)12:22
maroPer should have patented simple software12:22
treachvektori: havn't you heard of SCO? ;)12:22
cnukevektori: pacman uses some functions from pkgutils12:22
cnukebut thats all12:22
treach"All your code belongs to us, give us all your money." :)12:23
maro"Arch Linux is an i686-optimized linux distribution that was originally based on ideas from CRUX, a great distribution developed by Per Lidén."12:23
marofrom the intro docs12:23
treach now this is what I like to see. :)12:24
maroI have no clue why judd chose to write makepkg from scratch instead of using pkgmk :/12:24
treachthe higher you go, the more flak you catch. ;)12:24
vektorimaro: Maybe a pathological case of NIH? :)12:25
marotreach: hah12:25
treachNot Invented Here12:25
marooh, heh :)12:25
treachlol, everyone is now osn-staff?
vektoriOSNews is such crap. Even worse than Slashdot.12:29
treachit's a complete joke.12:29
treachrun by a bunch of ocds..12:29
treachI don't think I've ever seen a post from someone associated with that site that doesn't seem to have mental issues.12:30
marotreach: hm, weird countries that top the list on the google link12:34
treach"Park Service Worried About Plan To Turn Arch Pink"12:35
treachdamn, article no longer available.. :-(12:36
vektoriProbably some people even looking for fedoras, as in hats.12:36
treachvektori: yeah I know. It was just a joke. :)12:36
vektoriAt least Debian is Debian. :P12:36
treachquite probably. Crux however is hardly original. :-/12:37
vektoriYeah, it's a magazine for a priests' union in Finland, among other things:
vektori"Crux: Uncompromising products (rucsacs/tents) for climbing and alpinism."12:38
vektori"Högkvalitativ utbildning och säker utrustning för arbete på hög höjd, i slutna utrymmen och räddningsarbete." \o/12:39
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treachand let's not forget
vektoriEven the Danes have something:
treachwhere even "scientific fact" is routinely placed under the microscope12:40
treachabout rejecting the "culture of cool" and the dictates of "what's hot"12:40
treach(what crux is about. :-) )12:40
treachlol > a refuge for that endangered species known as humanity12:41
treachman, that place is a goldmine for stuff you could use for us as well..  "the cutting of a forgotten edge and the new wave of an ancient way"12:41
treachCrux is not: a fashion guide for the tragically hip :D :D12:42
vektori"Crux is a new brand. Small, focused, unfettered by heritage. We have challenged conventional thinking about product. We have executed the basic principles that climbers have long recognised: minimalist design, simple solutions, the best materials."12:43
vektoriWow, they even share our ideals. :P12:43
treachyeah. :D12:43
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treachman, I wish we could persuade jaeger to nick some of that stuff to create a presentation of crux clb could give for people barging in and wondering what crux is all about.. ;)12:46
treachcrux is: "the virtual dwelling place of a transcendent reality"12:47
treachthat's just too good for being posted on some backwater website some place. :)12:47
maroyou have no idea how many times I've puked in there12:50
treacha place were even the fish is happy. :>12:50
marotreach: there aren't any fish, only bicycles ;)12:51
treachheh, ok.12:51
*** predatorfreak has joined #crux12:52
aonno shopping carts or cars? :/12:52
marothey pick them up around march every year so that the boats can sail again :D12:52
predatorfreakHi folks.12:52
maro(for the summer and hence the tourists)12:53
maroaon: I was talking about the water12:54
aonin the water indeed12:54
treachshopping carts and cars are not uncommon to be found part of the submarine world..12:54
treachor indeed anything that isn't cast into the ground or so.12:55
j^2hey has anyone ever messed with
treachprobably a whole bunch of hacker wannabees.12:56
marono cars, few shopping carts (there aren't many marts in copenhagen, only expensive, specialised stores)12:56
aonyou could bring them from elsewhere with a car12:56
aonand then drive the car into the water too12:57
j^2aon: is it worth it? and how much does it slow down your connection?12:57
maroaon: or even better, drive the car onto a boat and sink the boat!12:57
treachj^2: If you are interested, iirc Romster is your man.12:57
j^2Romster: ping12:57
aonj^2: well, i don't think i need it12:57
aondon't remember how slow it was12:57
aonbut it was noticeable12:58
j^2Romster: tor?12:58
Romsteryes i've made a tor port12:58
Romsterits in contrib12:58
j^2suggestions and experiances?12:58
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Romsterits still sow to a degree but not as slow as networks like freenet.12:59
treachor "a sow" maybe. ;-)12:59
aonwow, nice12:59
Romsterdosn't slow ya connection much jsut the over tor stuff is a bit slower, slowness for hidden ip is a tradeoff.13:00
treachaon: oh, yes. woods, autum and a setting sun. I can see that speaks to the finnish mentality. ;-)13:01
treachbut there is too much light, and too little spruce. :D13:01
j^2Romster: nice thanks, and is port you created the server? (i havent checked yet)13:01
maroand no penguins13:03
marobad picture13:03
aonand no polar bears either13:03
maroyeah, definately sucks13:03
Romsterits the whole thing actually just ahve to uncomment some lines in the config13:03
Romsterthere is a readme for it13:03
will[werk]Penguins don't live with polar bears.13:03
*** predatorfreak has quit IRC13:03
j^2Romster: thanks for the info13:03
aonwill[werk]: no shit?!13:04
Romsterif u get stuc just msg me or email me :)13:04
Romsteri'll be out latertoday for a few days13:04
aonnext you'll probably tell me that neither of them live in finland :'-(13:04
j^2no worris, thanks agan!13:04
treachaon: of couse they do.13:04
aonmy mental sanity almost vanished13:05
maroyeah, it isn't just that you have an ugly girlfriend13:05
maroit *is* a polar bear13:05
treachI bet you have those fancy hotels they take in on during their world wide travels, called they usually have a sign reading "Zoo".13:05
aoni think this is a good nature pic:
aonwinter, dark, and the transformer is on fire.13:06
Romsterhear you fine13:07
Romstererm wrong channel lol13:07
Romstergot a live stream on heh13:08
Romsterok first stupid mistake for the morning lol :)13:08
treachsure you don't have some sort of "text2speach" reading #crux for ya? ;)13:08
Romster4:08am and arn't in bed yet13:08
Romsterthey all suck13:09
Romsterwell what i've heard anyways13:09
Romstermessed with festival in the past13:09
treachbah, you try getting them to read $random_non_english_language .. :/13:09
Romsteri was insane enougth to compileit on winblows too for a friend LOL13:09
treach*that* sucks..13:09
aontry betatesting telephone services where the prompts are recorded with a speech synth and you have to listen to them hundreds of times13:10
Romsterit worked but meh still sounded crap13:10
treachaon: working for nokia? ;)13:10
Romsteromg that be insane too13:10
aonafaik they don't do that kind of stuff13:11
jdolanuseradd: options -n and -g conflict and can't be used together13:16
* jdolan scratches head13:16
jdolanif i'd provided the -n option, i'd totally understand that msg.13:16
treachjdolan: that's a known problem..13:17
jdolanuseradd -g users soandso13:17
Romsterso you only added  -g for group13:17
jdolantreach, i remember hearing something about it.13:17
jdolanRomster, correct13:17
treachcptn was helping somone else with it a few days ago iirc.13:17
Romstereh i don't see a -n option on mine hmm13:18
Romstertheres -m and -M but no n13:19
jdolanRomster, yea it's fuX0r3d!13:19
Romsternot by the man page anyways13:19
ningois' deBASICS'd13:19
treachstrange, iirc cptn said something about the "-n" stuff originating from /etc/login.defs, but I can't find anything that looks related in mine.. :-/13:20
jdolantreach, this box is probably in very bad need of a rejmerge.13:21
treachobviously ICBR, and in fact I've been known to be so on numerous previous occasions, etc.13:21
jdolanso perhaps that is the case.13:21
treachI didn't dare put a "W" there in case some dumbass american decided to read it upside down and call the white house to tell that I've got a "you know what". :P13:23
Romsterwhat version u got jdolan?13:24
ningotreach: "we have to offer every child in america... a nuclear misssle"13:24
Romsterhrmm its part of a group i can't remember whcih pkg it was off heh oh well, i'm sure jdolan can downgrade that or patch it :)13:25
jdolanyea.. 8 months of rejmerge at once, whee.13:35
jdolanthanks ldap, for putting 100 files no one touches in /etc.13:35
treacha winner is you!13:35
* jaeger cheers13:36
ningo" You have been unsubscribed from the CRUX mailing list" You had me there for a moment, jaeger :)13:37
jaegersorry, that wasn't intentional :)13:37
ningooh, and there's a problem with cups13:38
ningo+ rm -r '/usr/ports/opt/cups/work/pkg/etc/rc.d/*'13:38
ningorm: cannot remove `/usr/ports/opt/cups/work/pkg/etc/rc.d/*': No such file or directory13:38
jaegeryou should file a bug or email the maintainer13:39
jaegersince he's not here to see that13:39
ningoI figured.13:41
maroor just yell at jaeger like the rest of us :)13:43
maroaon: cool picture :)13:43
jdolanftr, rejmerging /etc/login.defs fixed the useradd issue.13:48
jdolanjiiiiiiiizz 8)13:48
jdolani updated inittab and ..something else which used to reference /etc/vc to /etc/tty..13:49
jdolanis that good? :)13:49
jdolanw/e.. it'll provide entertainment when i reboot the machine some weeks from now having forgotten this whole incident.13:51
jdolanit's just our nfs /home and mail server.13:51
jdolan"if you can find cheaper pussy.. FUCK ITTT"13:51
Romsteranyhoo i'm off to sleep13:52
*** Astat has joined #crux14:02
AstatI'm having problems with X. :/14:03
Astatxinit: <snip> no server "X" in PATH.14:03
AstatHave I missed something? :/14:03
ningoYes, your Xserver is not in PATH14:07
jdolanheh, we have 3 identical versions of an "indent" port, none of which build on 2.2.14:17
mike_kjdolan: Per's ones?14:19
jdolanobbl, ogg, and strcat14:20
jdolanand apparently we no longer have an astyle port.14:21
mike_kis that of any use?14:24
mike_koh, I've missread it14:25
vektoriUhm, identd? o_O14:25
jaegerit works fine, if that's what you're asking14:25
vektori# Description: indent for dyslexics14:26
jdolanjaeger, the indent ports build for you?14:26
jaegerno idea, I was talking about ident :)14:26
AstatCan someone please help me with X? :(14:26
jaegerAstat: 'X' appears to not be in your path. so find X, figure out what your path is set to, and you should be able to solve that14:27
treachHave you tried helping yourself?14:27
AstatWhat is X called?14:27
jaeger... 'X'14:27
treach"X" XD14:27
Astat"X" :/14:27
AstatWhat's startx then?14:28
jaegerjaeger@charon(~)$ which X14:28
AstatDoes it start X or is it something else?14:28
vektoristartx is a wrapper which starts X and whatever you might have in .xinitrc.14:28
jaegerit's a shell script, have a look at it if you want14:28
jdolanjaeger, you do excellent work on the gnome stuff.14:29
jdolani love pkgsync'ing 10 boxes to a new gnome in like a minute.14:29
jdolanit makes my pkgswell14:29
treachjdolan: sush, maybe he'll send an invoice for ya. ;)14:30
jdolanAstat, i usually run xinit.14:30
jdolani think it resources a few less things than 'X' or 'startx'14:30
jdolan(said Per :-/ )14:31
jdolanAstat, you can always run xdm, slim, gdm, .. if you boot to x11 99% of the time.14:31
jdolanwhy do x11 and nvidia have to collide?14:33
AstatIt says that /usr/bin should be in PATH...14:33
AstatI have /usr/bin in PATH14:33
jaegerjdolan: well, glad you like them :) thanks14:34
*** mjeq has quit IRC14:35
jdolananyone else keep getting md5sum errors for php/modphp?14:36
jdolangonna restart x and see if i hosed nvidia.14:39
*** jdolan has quit IRC14:39
bd2that is when irssi+screen useful ;-)14:40
treachmmh, too bad that combo doesn't do google talk.14:41
treachand having several apps for essentialy the same task sucks.14:41
bd2gtalk is just yet another jabber server?14:41
treachsure, but the login is somewhat more complicated.14:42
ningocan't bitlbee do gtalk?14:42
bd2treach, I know that /usr/ports/opt/bitlbee/ can do jabber. don't know about gtalk tho14:42
treachnot without bitching with patches etc iirc14:42
AstatX sucks :(14:43
treachYOU suck14:43
ningodamn straight, dude14:43
AstatTell me what to do instead...14:43
treach"The unskilled blacksmith blames the iron."14:43
j^2didnt we already go through this yesterday with Astat??14:43
AstatYou're just dumb...14:43
bd2btw, can goggle talk send/recieve messages from other servers?14:44
AstatAll you do is whine.14:44
tilmanprt-get depinst xorg-xinit14:44
treachAstat: are you attempting humor?14:44
Astattilman: I've done that.14:44
Astattreach: Yeah... LOL...14:44
tilmanls -l /usr/bin/startx14:44
ningoAstat: sorry, you failed14:45
Astattilman: It's there.14:45
tilmanrun "startx"14:45
AstatThen I get "no server X in PATH"14:45
tilmanls -l /usr/bin/X14:46
AstatNo such file or directory14:46
AstatThat's why I'm here...14:46
tilmanpkginfo -i|grep xorg-server14:46
treachprt-get depends xorg-server might be even more informative..14:47
tilman"prt-get depends xorg" even14:47
tilmanlook for [ ] :>14:47
Astatxorg-server not installed :(14:48
tilmanwhat the fucking fuck14:48
tilmanfuck fuck fuck14:48
tilmanprt-get depinst xorg14:48
tilmanfor fucking fucks sake14:48
tilmaneod and all that14:48
* jaeger runs from tilmanrage(tm)14:48
tilmani'm just pretending14:48
AstatI've done that crap already... but that crap keeps crapping up.14:48
*** nope^^ has quit IRC14:48
j^2tilman: two days in a row ;)14:48
tilmanAstat: give me crappy LOG (and the FULL Log please!11) from "prt-get depinst xorg"14:48
treachAstat: if you attempt installing stuff, please, please make sure they get installed before going on a rampage here..14:49
Astat"package xorg is installed"14:49
treachxorg is just a meta-package.14:49
vektoriDude, just use x11 from the ISO.14:49
vektoriYou don't NEED the 7.0 crap.14:49
AstatYou don't NEED to use your keyboard.14:50
j^2Astat: you arent making any friend here14:50
AstatI don't want to be your friend j^2, sorry.14:50
treachj^2: he's just feeling like an idiot.14:50
treachI guess nobody likes that.14:51
* j^2 kicks Astat in the nuts14:51
AstatYeah... I'm an idiot.14:51
vektoriAstat: With that attitude, don't expect to get much help.14:51
Astatblah blah blah... you two are just talking crap.14:51
AstatYou're just flaming me, the troll.14:51
treachAstat: want a free peice of advice?14:51
AstatYes, please.14:52
AstatInstall Ubuntu?14:52
RyoSi lol'd hard14:52
*** pomj has quit IRC14:52
treachput down your keyboard. Go outside, take a walk, and chill.14:52
AstatI can't.14:52
AstatI have a mental disorder.14:52
vektoriYou don't happen to be galisus, do you?14:52
RyoSomg this is so funny =)14:53
AstatNo, no idea who that is... or what that is.14:53
RyoSfirst time i look into that channel for around.. 2 weeks, and then i see "this" =D14:53
j^2mark one down for vektori ;)14:53
AstatI LOL hard at you too RyoS.14:53
ningoAstat: sorry, we are just plain arrogant14:53
RyoSAstat: thanks =) this brightens up my sad day =)14:54
Astatningo: I've noticed... complete silence until I get attacked by dorks like j^2.14:54
treachAstat: I bet nobody glued you to your chair. Just try what I told you, I bet we are all going to benefit from it.14:54
treachbecause if you go on like this you are going to end up k/b..14:54
AstatJust because j^2 feels insecure doesn't mean he can be a complete idiot towards me because I'm a newbie.14:55
jaegerAstat: if xorg is install but deps are not, try removing xorg (AND the package file for it) and then running 'prt-get depinst xorg' again14:55
*** jdolan has joined #crux14:55
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o jdolan14:55
treachAstat: If you don't like someone, there is an excellent option in your irc client, called "ignore".14:55
Astatjaeger: Will try.14:55
treachI bet a lot of people have found it already.14:55
AstatThanks treach.14:55
vektoritreach: At least Han seems to have every key bound to /ignore.14:57
*** nope^ has joined #crux14:57
treachafaik I'm the only one who hasn't ended up in that list. Yet. :)14:57
aonhm, i don't think i'm there either14:58
treachaon: j/k.14:58
j^2ironicly i'm not on the list either ;)14:59
vektoriaon: Puuha-Pete kaiken korjaa!14:59
ningovektori: for him, the channel is practically one line per hour with absolutely no reference15:03
jaegereven more disjointed IRC than normal, hehe15:04
treachI'd say it's jointed alright..15:04
vektoriningo: Haha, yeah.15:04
RyoSi am setting up crux on a new machine and it says me this while compiling the driver - make: warning: Clock skew detected. Your build may be incomplete.15:07
RyoSdo i have to be afraid?15:07
treachBe very afraid.15:07
RyoSwhat does it mean then?15:07
j^2RyoS: not completely, but i'd change the date15:07
treachRyoS: that your clock settings are bonkers.15:08
j^2to what time/date it is15:08
jaegerRyoS: only that the clock is off15:08
treachor that they were.15:08
jaegerit *can* but won't always cause build problems15:08
RyoSdate looks ok to me Oo15:08
treachRyoS: maybe the clock was wrong when you installed.15:08
jaegeror wrong timezone?15:09
vektoriRyoS: If you're building from scratch, it won't be a problem.15:09
RyoSmh ok15:09
RyoSthanks =)15:10
marotilman: new git :)15:26
vektorimaro, are you into git now?15:26
marotilman: check out tig btw:
marovektori: nope, but I'd like to :)15:27
maroit takes some getting used to I guess15:27
vektoriI wish it was more portable.15:27
marothey want to make it portable15:27
vektoriYou can only run it under Cygwin in Win32, and even then it's slow.15:27
tilmanprolly because cygwin runs like a one-limbed dog15:27
vektoriAnd cogito wants bash...15:27
marolinus is currently rewriting most of the shell scripts in C in order to drop the gnu dependencies15:27
j^2linus if finally runing from RMS?15:28
marono, he just wants it to be usable by other projects15:28
marowtf, 2 goals in 2 minutes15:29
tilmanmaro: also, where the fuck do you see a new git release?15:29
*** pitillo has quit IRC15:29
marochampions league final15:29
tilmanif you feel the urge to tell me about new releases the minute after they have been announced on some obscure mailing list, i'd prefer if you only did if it wasn't in opt already15:29
jdolanjaeger, i rejmerge'd in the new udev rules file and now i get some errors on boot.15:30
treach"news from champions leauge, git scored twice in two minutes"15:30
marotilman: hm... the junkie guy is confusing15:30
maro"Could you try 1.3.3?"15:30
marobut obviously there isn't a release15:30
j^2hey europeans! any of yall gonna watch the worldbowl?15:30
tilmanthere obviously is15:30
tilmanit has been announced on the ml15:31
tilmanit's on kernel.org15:31
jaegerjdolan: what kind of errors?15:31
tilmanit's in crux' svn15:31
tilmanit's everywhere15:31
tilmanit's on my box15:31
tilmanit's on code-monkey.de15:31
tilmani could go on for hours15:31
maroI'm subscribed to the git ml15:31
tilmani know15:31
jdolanjaeger, unknown rules.. lemme check, they dont show in dmesg :-/15:31
marowhy did you question it if it's there? :/15:31
jdolanah shit i cant get 'em w/o rebooting.15:32
tilmanMessage-ID: <>15:32
treachj^2: No.. and wtf are americans so obsessed with prefixing everything that is uniqe for them with "world*"?15:32
jdolan(or can i restart udev and trigger them?)15:32
tilmani don't question anything15:32
treachdo you think it will make the rest of us care?15:32
maro<tilman> maro: also, where the fuck do you see a new git release?15:32
treachOr is it just some ploy to reinforce your egos?15:32
jaegerjdolan: udevstart will probably do it15:32
tilmantilman@hammerfest [~] > pkginfo -i|grep git15:32
tilmancogito 0.17.2-115:32
tilmangit 1.3.3-115:32
tilmantilman@hammerfest [~] >15:32
jdolantreach, the rest of the world has "World Superbike" while we have AMA..15:32
tilmanlatest git is in svn15:32
jdolanso don't go pointing your finger =P15:33
*** pitillo has joined #crux15:33
treachjdolan: ok, and then you counter with the "world series"...15:33
jdolan!america dislikes america because they are jealous :>15:33
marotilman: sorry, huge brain dump on my part15:34
tilmannp :D15:34
maroI have 1.3.3 installed :)15:34
* jdolan hands maro some TP15:34
treachjdolan: turn of fox news plese. ;)15:34
j^2treach: www.worldbowl.com15:34
jdolantreach, i only watch local news and the daily show.15:34
jdolanjaeger, sudo udevstart is silent15:35
jdolanmust i stop it first for a restart to really take place?15:35
treachI hope you were kidding, because if you didn't, it looks like the same shit is eating away at you.15:35
jdolantreach, me?15:36
treachyes. Now I notice the ":>" so I take that as you were joking. :)15:36
jdolanhalf joking.  i do tire of the "americans are so stupid" bs.15:37
jdolanthere are quite a few of us in here who do you no harm.15:37
jaegerjdolan: hrmm, if it's silent I would expect things to be fine, hehe15:37
jaegerjdolan: may need to reboot after all15:37
treachjdolan: yes, too bad there aren't enough of you.15:37
jdolanjaeger, shitz0r.  :-/  hey w/e, everything works.15:38
vektoriMocking Americans has become a mindless fad.15:38
jaegerjdolan: I could maybe tell you more with specific errors but not sure otherwise15:38
vektoriPeople do it because it's "cool".15:38
j^2i just was curious about the seems kinda cool15:38
jdolanjaeger, i know, not your prob/fault.15:39
treachvektori: not really. unfortunately they have been turning into a parody of themselves lately.15:39
j^2vektori: like sodomy and herion :P15:39
jdolansodomy is cool?  HAN YOURE COOL AGAIN!@!!15:39
vektoriAdventures of lol.15:39
treachadventures of lolo sounds more interesting..15:39
jdolani'm on his /ignore anyway.. =P15:39
* treach takes cover15:40
jaegerjdolan: you say that like it's some exclusive, hard-to-get-into club :)15:40
jdolanbeing cool?15:40
tilmanjdolan: rofl :D15:40
vektoritreach: <315:41
treachok, seems even safe for work for americans. ;)15:41
jdolanyesss, 80's console games with religious undertones.15:41
vektoriCome on, that was one of my favourite games. :P15:42
treachreligious undertones?15:42
vektoriAdventures of Lolo over Adventures of Moses any day.15:42
jdolantreach, eden, devils..15:43
vektoriMy little brother actually enjoyed playing a religious Boulder Dash clone whose name I can't remember anymore.15:43
treachjdolan: oh, right..15:43
jdolanhey did ff get faster?15:44
jdolanmy LAN page loads seem to be rendering snappy-like.15:44
jdolanmaybe x11 got faster :>15:44
jdolanno... no.15:44
treachI guess I don't look that careful since there always was so much crap in the media about "role players are satanists" etc when I was a kid.15:44
jdolanand you complain about fox news?  lol.15:44
treachbecause it wasn't on the same scale. It usually amounted to a few loud nutcases in the media with a very small following..15:45
treachpeople, who while still being nutcases managed to seem quite sane compared to that "OhReally" guy.15:46
vektoriDid Astat get his X11 working or did he actually shut up?15:47
treachmaybe he went for that walk I suggested.15:48
jdolantreach, okay youre right the US is a horrible failure.15:53
jdolanwe should all drink poisoned koolaid.15:53
treachjdolan: yeah. Shut down the shop and eject. ;-)15:54
rehabdollfox news is fun as hell. its like deathmatch between six-year olds15:55
rehabdollwith knives15:55
treachit's bloody stupid. and apparently people buy into it.15:56
treachbecause it makes them feel good.15:56
rehabdollyeah, if you watched it as news, you'd be screwed15:58
rehabdollbut for pure entertainment its great15:58
treachI'm not really convinced that's a good idea.15:59
treachA lot of propaganda which later lead to greif has been sold as "entertainment" before.16:00
treachI think it's quite easy to get affected subconsiously even if you know it's crap.16:00
treachespecially if the message is totally drummed into you.16:01
rehabdollim about as far left as one can be on the political scale16:01
treachsure, and you are probably pretty well educated as well.16:01
rehabdolli feel quite safe :)16:01
treachthose things help, but one should never underestimate the power of propaganda.16:02
treachprobably one of the biggest lessons in history.16:02
rehabdollofcourse, i feel for those who actually think fox news is "news"16:02
rehabdollits just editorial oppinion16:02
treachrehabdoll: too bad, because they sure as hell won't feel for you when they bash your brains out for daring to question the truth told to them "on the telly".16:03
maroI love those quotes16:04
rehabdolltur att jag bor i sverige då :)16:04
treachmen sanningen kvarstår, de flesta människor är får, tyvärr.16:05
*** mike_k has quit IRC16:05
*** vico has joined #crux16:05
*** nope^ has quit IRC16:15
*** brian|lfs has joined #crux16:16
jdolan~> pkgsync diff | wc -l16:22
*** hurricane has joined #crux16:23
*** jdolan has quit IRC16:24
*** hurricane has left #crux16:26
*** sen has joined #crux16:29
*** pitillo has quit IRC16:43
*** predatorfreak has joined #crux16:57
*** jaeger has quit IRC17:04
*** Brzi has quit IRC17:16
*** jaeger has joined #crux17:29
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o jaeger17:29
*** prologic has joined #crux17:33
*** kensai has joined #crux17:45
*** Astat has quit IRC17:45
kensaihi guys17:46
jaegerdid Astat get his X sorted?17:47
treachno idea.17:47
jaegerheyo, kensai17:47
treachbut apparantly he wasn't galisus at least.17:48
nipuLwho cares :)17:48
nipuLnot being able to get X to work is crux's way of telling you not to use it17:48
kensaihi jaeger , you are the one in charge of nvidia package right?17:48
kensaiI needed to change all instances of pkg0 in the pkgfile with pkg117:49
kensaipkg0 is outdated pkg1 is the current version17:50
maroanybody familiar with portage's binary packages?17:50
marolooks like they don't contain any meta info17:50
kensaiI love how in crux I don't have to rely on the mantainer to upgrade a package I just change a simple letter or number and thats it17:51
jaegerkensai: the suffix on pkg denotes a different type, actually17:54
jaegerkensai: pkg0 contains no precompiled distro drivers17:54
jaegerpkgX does17:55
jaegersame result but pkg0 is half the size17:55
kensaiohh thx for pointing out17:55
kensaijaeger, but pkg0 didn't wanted to download it said all the time it werent available17:55
jaegernvidia has broken round-robin DNS/mirrors like sourceforge17:56
jaegerif you try again it'll work, eventually17:56
kensaihmm nice thx for enlightening myself17:57
*** treach has quit IRC17:58
kensaijaeger, and thanks for updating gnome to latest stable17:59
kensaiI appreciate a good gnome desktop everywhere17:59
jaegernp :)17:59
kensaiI need to reinstall crux though I borked my system badly18:03
kensaimy hdd was failing and all18:03
kensaiand the worst part I'm in Suse 10.1 now18:03
kensaiso I need to get out of here fast18:03
kensaiI can't take that much mediocrity inside a distro like ubuntu, mandriva, or fedora and the likes18:04
mavrick61HI all18:07
jaegerhaven't used it in years, myself18:09
jaegerheyo, mavrick6118:09
kensaijaeger, lucky of you18:09
kensaiother thing before I reinstall shorewall is outdated18:11
kensaihehe I shall be the robot that emails the mantainers everytime a new package comes out18:11
kensaiok now reboot and reinstall crux, ohhh lovely crux 2.218:13
kensaithe 96 distro on distrowatch.com18:13
kensaiis lovely18:13
kensaiwith more effort we can become the 100th18:13
kensaienough, now reboot18:15
*** kensai has quit IRC18:15
*** moonshadow has quit IRC18:55
*** maro has quit IRC19:18
*** ningo has quit IRC19:23
*** thrice` has joined #crux19:28
*** jdolan has joined #crux19:28
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*** thrice` has quit IRC19:39
*** qid has quit IRC19:52
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*** maro has joined #crux20:04
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*** brian|lfs has joined #crux20:54
*** sepen has joined #crux21:26
nipuLi wonder how the boss will react when i trash windows on the workshop computer21:51
nipuLjust need to safely relocate the data21:51
nipuLby relocate i mean delete >:D21:55
*** nymacro has quit IRC22:02
*** RyoS has quit IRC22:05
*** RyoS has joined #crux22:05
*** nymacro has joined #crux22:10
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*** sen has quit IRC22:16
*** sen has joined #crux22:18
*** thrice` has joined #crux22:24
*** kensai has joined #crux22:26
kensaihi guys22:26
kensaiI have a question, which is a good size for /var in crux?22:26
kensaiI'm going to partition a 120 GB hdd and 10gb will be / and 1.24gb swap and the rest as /home22:27
hackedheaddepends what the system is going to be doing22:27
kensaibut is there any recommendation to set up a /var and the size for it?22:28
hackedheadits highly dependent on what the system is for22:28
hackedheadservers need a bigger /var to store logs, etc22:29
kensaia desktop day to day use22:29
kensaifor me just upgrading packages and browsing the net listen to music and play movies22:29
hackedheadi've never seen my var get above 100MB, i usually give it its own 4-500MB partition22:29
nipuLi wouldnt worry about it then22:29
nipuLif you do use a /var patition it's generally a good idea to put it at the fron of the drive though22:30
kensaiso a 100 mb would be enough or maybe a 200mb /var?22:30
hackedheadif you bother to make one at all, for a basic desktop its really not required to ahve it sepereated22:30
kensainipuL, I was thinking on doing it in this order, /boot /var swap / and /home22:31
nipuLi usually pu swap first22:31
kensaiohh so I shall not do a separate var then22:31
kensaithen I'll do /boot swap / /home22:31
hackedhead... i really don't understand the obsession with swap being at the front of the drive... frankly my swap partition has never seen more than 4mb in once... and that was only the one time...22:32
nipuLyou arent running enough applications at once ;P22:32
kensaiwell I don't run many applications at once either22:32
*** thrice` has quit IRC22:33
hackedheadi suppose, its hard to fill my 1.5gb physical, even during compiles...22:33
kensaiI only saw swap being used for the first time in gentoo compiling kde using ram to compile it and using some more apps22:33
hackedheadthen again, this ibook only has 384mb and it never uses swap either....22:33
kensaiwell, a / partition of 10gb is large enough right?22:34
hackedheadyeah plenty22:34
kensaiwell for a graphical complete installation of gnome and some other things I think is more than enough22:34
nipuLwatch your swap fill up when you use shared memory as your ports work directory :)22:35
kensaiI think of giving less to /22:35
*** molinero has left #crux22:35
hackedheadi should try that22:35
kensaimasybe a 5gb root22:35
hackedheadkensai: i dont use a gnome/kde etc, and my / hovers around 2gb, 3 if i have multiple kernel sources trees present22:36
kensaiI'll go with 10 then22:36
kensaisince the hdd is of 120gb22:36
kensaiI don't have to woeey that much22:37
hackedheadyeah, no sense cramping yourself with that much to play with22:37
kensaiI think I shall go and start installing thanks very much hackedhead and nipuL22:37
*** kensai has quit IRC22:39
nipuLsweet deleted enough stuff22:45
* sepen 's going to bed (zZZz...z.zz.z.Z.z.z.z.zZZz)22:47
*** morlenxus has quit IRC23:05
*** morlenxus has joined #crux23:05
jdolanjaeger, quakeforge and quake2forge ports are fixed..23:07
jdolanthe quakeforge fix was.. well less ugly than my xqf fix, but it involves a 12M patch (bzipped down to 1.6M ;))23:08
jaegerI'll give it a try23:08
jdolani'm not sure why the team hasn't had a release in so long..23:08
jdolanmy patch is a diff from 0.5.5 to trunk.23:09
jdolanfixes compile errors, adds flac support and some other goodies.23:09
*** destruct has joined #crux23:22
jdolanjust ran around in a qw server, works fine.23:25
jdolan(really, i -had- to get qf building because i need the pak tool for my q2 retexture project :))23:26
jdolanwow.. i get 37fps in qf, as opposed to 89 in Quetoo.23:26
DaViruzi misread quetoo as gentoo, almost started to cry.. :)23:27
jdolanoh ffs, does this openssl update (a->b) screw all dependents again?23:47
*** destruct_ has joined #crux23:55
*** destruct has quit IRC23:55

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