IRC Logs for #crux Thursday, 2006-05-18

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marolooks like a neat approach, except for the unionfs dependency of course02:31
tilmanmaro: do you have sufficient permissions on flyspray to assign the git bug to me?02:31
maronope :(02:31
maroat least I don't think so, I'll confirm02:32
tilmanthe following would be nice:02:32
tilmanuser foo files a bug for port "bar"02:32
tilmanflyspray looks up the maintainer for "bar" and automatically assigns the bug to him02:32
marohm, nope :(02:32
maroyeah, could be nice02:33
maroor just let the user assign from a list upon adding it02:33
marosort of like trac did02:33
marotilman: did you try out tig btw? :)02:35
tilmanno, just looked at the screenshots02:36
tilmani don't feel i'm missing something ;)02:36
maroit's pretty neat IMO,at least for large projects02:37
marolike switching to mutt instead of having to grep in your mbox :)02:37
tilmanwhen the cli tools don't provide the overview i need, i use gitweb02:37
marothat's nice too :)02:38
tilmanso, umm02:39
tilmandoes asciidoc depend on fop to create man pages?02:39
maroI don't think so, but don't take my word for it02:40
tilmansucks anyway02:42
marowonder why he doesn't use a freaking Makefile :)02:43
tilmani meant git. it sucks to depend on python just to build the goddamn documentation02:43
maroI looked at the freebsd and debian build files, they do the steps manually too02:44
marotilman: yeah, and I think he's argument that it's like shipping binaries sucks too02:44
marosince they're pretty platform independent02:44
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maroif it wasn't because I had already asked him in private, I'd ask the list02:51
tilmanjunio sucks :>03:24
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marotilman: hehe yeah :)03:46
marotilman: btw, :)03:46
tilmanA: If you get `Attempt to load network entity' errors when building xmlto, your system does not have the required support for XML Catalogs03:48
marotilman: is it the oasis url?03:50
maroit always fails :/03:50
tilmanwhich i can access properly03:51
marohm :/03:51
marodid you run the post-install thing?03:51
tilmanbut the frigging installation script says "I/O error: attempt to load network entity: url"03:51
tilmangood idea03:51
maroI'm not at all into those xml stuff, I just hate it :)03:51
marothink it sucks that it needs network access03:52
tilmani used docbook once03:52
tilmanwas a pita to set up03:52
marowhat was the crux handbook written in before the docbook convert?03:54
maroplain text?03:54
vektoriHTML, I think.03:54
marook :)03:54
aoni think it was in plaintext, based on the links03:56
tilmancan anyone give me a xmlto package? O_O03:56
marotilman: yeah03:56
maroone sec03:56
marotilman: hm, it's trivial03:57
tilman_package_, not port :x03:57
tilmani used jaeger's port03:57
maroah, duh :)03:57
maroone sec03:57
tilmani don't have docbook-xsl03:58
marotilman: when you install it, remember the post-install script03:58
tilmanRunScripts Yes03:59
tilmanor something :D03:59
tilmanstill fails03:59
tilman-- Packages installed04:04
tilmandocbook-xsl [post: failed]04:04
tilmannow it fails to load
maroI think you can ignore that :)04:11
tilmanyes, it _did_ write the man page at least04:11
maro(I searched google for it once, and it seems to be pretty common)04:11
ningoall your base are belong to me04:13
tilmanxmlto is super awesome04:15
tilmanonly takes 15 minutes to generate a single (short) man page04:15
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prologicQ: how do you get gunzip to extract something from a Sun box ?04:19
vektoriUmm, gunzip something_from_a_sun_box.gz?04:20
pitillohi, good morning, [OT] anyone know how to set up a new theme, for example gnome-gtk-theme in ~/.gtkrc-2.0 ? I can only setup Tango. (To use with thunar)04:20
prologic$ gunzip phrankdev[1].sql.gz04:21
prologic incomplete literal tree04:21
prologicgunzip: phrankdev[1].sql.gz: invalid compressed data--format violated04:21
tilmanso it obviously isn't gzipped04:21
prologicoh it is04:21
prologicjust not with gnu's gzip04:21
prologiccame from a Sun box like I said :)04:21
tilmanpitillo: just put "gtk-theme-name = "gnome-gtk-theme"" in ~/.gtkrc-2.004:22
tilmanwithout the outer quotes04:22
ningodoes gzip interprete [] correctly without escaping?04:25
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marotilman: hm, he does seem to be open for a patch04:34
* maro looks at the Makefile04:34
vektoriningo: The shell does the expansion, not gzip.04:34
ningovektori: yeah, I know. And that it was I meant, even if I wrote different things. Oh bugger :)04:35
marotilman: replied :)04:41
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pitillotilman, I tried it last week and got the same effect like without theme. The only way to setup is with Tango. Is quite strange. Thanks :)04:41
tilmanmaro: yes, i'm working on the patch04:43
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marotilman: nice! :)04:45
tilmanwill take 5 hours until i know whether it's good though04:45
tilmancause xmlto is so fucking slow04:45
pitillotilman, easier tnah that. "gtk-theme-name = "gnome"" nice :)04:46
pitillos/tnah/than :D04:47
* treach reads about nicks woes and laughs..04:50
maroheh, wow :)04:55
treach"Oh NOES, I lost my scores!" :D04:56
maro"don't forget to have a backup box at hand if you give it a try"04:56
marotreach: you never score!04:56
marotelling cam girls to pee on themselves doesn't count at all04:57
treachI'd much prefer to lose the scores, which I actually don't care about, than as to what foobar once managed..04:57
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maroyeah :)04:57
maroI hate that stuff, pure bloat04:57
marowhen I used kde I used juk over amarok for that reason04:57
treachI'll never use foobar again.. it's just too well named. :P04:58
maroit plays music and has a playlist, all I need04:58
maroah, I miss that :)04:58
treachopen application, drag and drop your mp3 map to it, and then wonder wtf your mp3 folder went..04:58
maroit was pretty nice AFAIR04:58
treachIt bloody ate the folder..04:59
marohm, the alien did look sort of evil05:00
treachI've never had any problems with amarok, even if I've heard others did.05:00
marome neither, it just have too many features for my liking05:04
tilmani think it's totally fucked up that xmlto always loads xml entity fu from the web05:04
tilmanyou need a connection to run it, wtf?05:05
maroI tended to spend minutes trying to find the song I was looking for because it was so busy suggesting me what to listen to05:05
treachactually I wonder how many of those features that are really part of amarok..05:05
marotilman: yeah, sucks big time05:05
maroall the fancy doc utils do :/05:05
tilmanlatex doesn't05:05
treachit did? I never got any suggestions from it..05:05
tilmandocbook can be told not to05:05
marocool, didn't know that05:06
tilmanjust use a file:// url :D05:06
ningomaro: you can turn that feature off05:06
maroah, duh :)05:06
ningoI dislike amarok because it depends on X. otherwise it's quite cool05:07
marothese days I use mpd, mostly because it isn't crapped with features05:08
ningoI'm missing crux there05:21
ningoerr... never heard of it05:22
treach lol..05:25
treachhm, I get the feeling some people would suggest we should have the debian pic. :P05:27
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tilmanmaro: patch sent, watch the list for reactions ;>05:57
tilmangotta run05:57
maronice! :)06:02
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vektoriHey ulughbegh.06:34
vektori"This evil & satanic Finnish band is not welcome in Greece. We welcome all Finnish friends that love and respect Hellenic civilization, Hellenic Christian Church and our Orthodox believes."06:35
jjpkYou've got to be kidding me. :D :D06:38
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rxijjpk: i guess thats right up yours and hermit's ally :)06:38
jjpkLordi only scares little children, if even that.06:39
vektoriAnd Carola from Sweden.06:40
ulughbeghwelcome all Finnish friends06:42
vektoriEven evil, satanic Finnish friends?06:43
jjpkno. :>06:44
ulughbeghevil, satanic Finnish friends even06:44
jjpkSomehow that sounds so paradoxical. o_o06:45
ulughbeghegg comes from chicken06:47
ulughbeghsee ya06:48
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jjpkFeed paradox with even more paradox, great plan.06:49
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aonisn't the lordi singer rather religious?07:01
aonhm, apparently there has been a misunderstanding07:04
aon"Tomin eläkkeellä oleva, joogaavaa sähköinsinööriäiti on poikansa Lordi-projektista hyvin ylpeä, eikä seurakunta-aktiivinakaan peittele tämän henkilöllisyyttä."07:04
aon"iinä missä Lordi "on kovempi jätkä, alakerran veijari", absoluuttinen paha ja todellinen ilkimys, on Tomi varsin lempeä sälli. Hän ulkoiluttaa koiriaan Itä-Helsingin metsissä, on nähnyt Bridget Jonesin päiväkirjan ja pukeutuu äitinsä tekemiin nahkavaatteisiin."07:04
jdolanhey guys, how do i setup url handlers and file associations for gtk apps?07:04
aonyeah, that is rather evil and satanic07:04
jdolangnome has the prefered applications applet, but i'm only running blackbox here (no gnome installed)07:05
jjpkaon: haha, that Greek page has it all wrong. :D07:05
rxijdolan: wouldnt that be handled by blackbox07:05
rxiaon: that character set looks pretty evil :P07:05
aoni think we should send Torsofuck next year07:06
jjpk:D :D :D07:07
jdolanrxi, i'm not sure, i thought gtk had some "registry" type settings for file associations (aside from gconf)07:07
jjpkWonder how far Torsofuck would get.07:08
jdolanit'd just be nice to click urls in thunderbird or xchat rather than right click, copy, change workspace, start firefox, control-t to hide my homepage, paste.. =/07:09
rxijdolan: both thunderbird and xchat can do that07:09
rxiits in the xhat settings07:09
rxisame with tbird07:10
aonjjpk: "First gig lasted only for 8 minutes and was very shitty"07:10
aonthey would do better than average07:10
rxijdolan: <command> %s t or something07:11
aonbut omg, there's a new album from them07:11
aonhm, or then not, but will be07:13
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adelhiAny word on whether AMD64 port of crux 2.2 will be available?09:16
adelhilooks good. You know whether test version is stable?09:21
jaegerI'm on it right now, seems pretty solid09:22
adelhijust had some bad experiences with debian testing and unstable09:23
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adelhiyou know if the built in kernel supports reiser4?09:25
jaegeras far as I know it's vanilla09:26
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jdolani have what looks to be a stock /etc/rc and /etc/fstab, with, but this machine hangs at boot after spitting out all sorts of mount/udev complaints.09:28
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hermitWhat's going on?09:41
hermit12 ppl?09:42
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jdolando i need to *do* anything with it, or just enable it, rebuild/reboot?'09:42
marojdolan: just enable it09:42
marothe mounting is hardcoded in /etc/rc09:42
jdolanthat's a little better.  thanks fellas.09:46
jdolanfor some reason i had a hunch about that :-/09:46
jdolanlet the pkgstink begin09:48
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jdolani'm leveling all of the machines here and doing fresh 2.2 installs :-/09:57
jdolanthey've been pkgsync'ed up since 1.3.. but it's just a mess now.  the pkgsync repo is in good shape, but there are so many dirty, orphaned, or deprecated packages installed on these things.09:57
hackedheadtedious, but so worth it =P09:58
jdolanplus they're running an older kernel and devfs.09:58
hackedheadeww... devfs... double worth it09:58
jaegersounds like a good time for cleanup09:58
jdolanwell, honestly, i could give a shit about devfs vs udev.. but to upgrade to 2.2 it's more or less necessary.09:58
jdolani really just wanted to push the latest gnome to these machines as 2.14 has quick login switching and is supposedly much faster :-/09:59
jdolantwo things we'd benefit from a LOT.09:59
jdolanbut yea.. now they'll also get udev and a preemptive kernel too.09:59
jdolan319 packages in my pkgsync repo, heh.10:00
jdolan(that's actually all of core and opt that i use, plus gnome, openoffice, thunderbird, etc..)10:00
jdolantakes about 2 minutes to sync a machine from a fresh 2.2 :)10:00
jdolanall disk io..10:01
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jdolanyea, lines 37-39 of the udev rules cause problems on my machines :-/10:21
jdolanscsi stuff..10:21
jaegeryou could always comment them out10:21
jdolan(not "problems" just noise)10:22
jdolando you think these should be commented out by default?10:23
jdolani'm not sure how many CRUX users run scsi cdroms, but i'm guessing < 10%10:24
jaegerwhat's the actual noise10:24
jaegeras far as I knew, they worked10:24
jdolanudevd: add_to_rules: invalid kernel operation, invalid rule10:26
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jdolanalso, i've never run dbus, hald, or howl to run gnome.10:28
jdolanever since famd used to spin off to 100% cpu on nfs mounts, i said to hell with gnome daemons.10:28
jdolanam i missing out on much?10:29
jdolanthese machines dont really do much hotplugging.10:29
jdolanaltho i'd like to hotplug a couple of the girls in my office.10:29
jaegernot really10:30
jaegerdon't you have a girlfriend?10:30
jdolanyea :-/10:30
jdolani have an insatiable thirst for tight 20yo ass, what can i say?10:31
jaegerI have no response for that10:32
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jdolanare you fucking kidding me.11:07
jdolani just installed 2.2 and pkgsync'ed gnome on this box.  reboots fine in my office.  i plug it in at the station, and kernel panics, looks like a dead drive.11:08
jdolanthis is the kind of shit that makes you want to quit your job.11:08
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jdolanthe only thing i can think of that i did is i unplugged the cdrom as the machine was coming down.11:11
jdolanbut it was on a different IDE chain than hda.11:11
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j^2hey all11:14
jdolanheh, reran lilo and it's fine.11:15
jdolanhm, no it's not fine.  i'm getting drive errors left and right.11:17
jdolanwhat the hell....11:17
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jdolanone of the advantages of working at a motorcycle dealership is all of the heavy tools and cool toys laying around.11:45
jdolani just took a sledge hammer to that failed hard drive, and then did a burnout on it with a bike.11:45
jaegergood deal. if you're gonna do it at all, do it right11:53
copworkthat sounds like a geek dream12:01
jdolanit didn't fly out from under the tire as far as i'd have hoped..12:20
jdolanmaybe 10ft :-/12:20
copworke@sy riders12:21
copworkall i ever did to a hdd was put it into the fridge12:21
jdolanwhat does that do?12:21
copworkbecause a friend claimed he could save some data by that after a head crash12:21
jdolanoh, heh.12:21
copworkdidnt get anything from mine12:21
jdolani think he was testing your gullibility ;)12:22
copworki looked deep into his eyes12:22
copworkand i got a ruffle from the managment12:22
copworkfor clogging up the fridge12:22
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marogood night?12:41
ulughbeghmaro how is weather?12:46
*** lennart has joined #crux12:47
lennarthi, can anybody tell me about the stability of danm's crux 2.2-64bit current test release?12:50
ulughbeghall equbilirium equations are equal zero12:53
*** CaptLloyd has joined #crux12:57
jaegerlennart: in my experience it's fine13:03
ulughbeghsee you later13:03
*** ulughbegh has quit IRC13:03
lennartthanks, I'll give it a try13:03
*** predatorfreak has joined #crux13:06
tilmanlennart: hi:p13:07
lennarthi tilman13:08
marouluit sucks13:09
tilmanlennart: finished building your amd64 box? :>13:09
marotilman: new lftp13:09
maroand yes, I've verified this time ;)13:09
maro(noticed because the old url fails because of the bump)13:09
*** acrux has quit IRC13:09
lennarttilman: just editing /etc files in setup process. the machine itself runs quite fine13:10
tilmanmaro: ..and suprisingly, junio didn't respond to my patch yet :x13:12
marotilman: yeah :/13:14
marohe's active on the list though, so he must have seen it13:14
maroreally hope he sucks it in13:14
tilmanif he doesn't, i'll use gentoo's doc tarball13:15
tilmanmaybe create another port for it though13:16
marogood idea13:16
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maroso you don't have to wait for them on new releases and such13:17
marohow long did the generation take?13:17
maroand on what hw?13:17
tilmangeneration? hw? what?13:17
marothe man page rendering13:18
tilmani tweaked the manpage13:18
tilman%.1: touch $<13:18
marohaha :)13:18
PazODid any of you guys having problems with upgrading db to 4.4?13:19
tilmanis it just me or does sepen's cube port suck?13:19
tilmansources=(..., but it's not shipped with the port13:19
maroPazO: nope13:19
PazOI can't compile apache because it wants 4.313:19
marobut you'd probably like to run revdep13:19
marotilman: :(13:20
maroPazO: are the rest of your package up to date?13:22
PazONo, I'm doing a sysup13:23
*** sen is now known as sen_13:24
*** sen_ is now known as sen13:24
*** sen is now known as sen_13:25
*** sen_ is now known as sen13:25
PazO /usr/bin/ld: cannot find -ldb-4.313:29
PazOI keep getting this error :(13:29
marotry to recompile apr13:30
*** mjeq has quit IRC13:35
sengot* and libGLU*, i try to compile a simple game using both but it can't find -lGL nor -lGLU, someone could tell me what's wrong ?13:38
bd2got that too. ln -s /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/ solved problem for me. don't know who to blame :-)13:39
bd2maybe gl-select13:39
senin fact i already got symlinks but all are in /usr/X11R613:40
senk, symlink /usr/X11R6/lib/ to /usr/lib/ solved the problem13:41
PazOmaro, wow it worked13:41
PazOthanks! :)13:42
maronp :)13:42
*** richi_aut has joined #crux13:43
richi_authi all13:43
richi_autgot a question: how do i get out which driver is used for which network interface?13:44
tilmans/get out/find out/13:47
richi_autyes ;)13:47
tilmangod junio is a bitch13:50
richi_aut? you mean me?13:51
*** richi_aut has quit IRC13:55
*** pomj has joined #crux14:06
jdolanyou know what i love about gnome?  they never really get anywhere with it.. add a feature, remove another.  squash a bug, add another..14:08
marotilman: yeah :(14:11
* maro is going to ignore it14:12
jdolanlol, always great when your cdrom falls on the floor as it's installed glibc.14:13
CaptLloydYou're supposed to screw those in :)14:18
CaptLloydI was looking to see what extra stuff I'd installed and noticed that groff (used for formatting manpages right?) depends on x11?14:19
CaptLloydWill it cause any problems reading manpages if I remove x11?14:20
rehabdollif i remember corretly, you need to rebuild groff after removing X14:22
rehabdollit complains that X is not installed, but configure continiues anyway14:23
CaptLloydAhh, thanks14:25
hackedheadokay, i'm trying to make a chroot-jailed ftp with multiple virtual users, i'm a little confused as to how i'm supposed to set /etc/passwd (both the real one and the jailed one), are there any thorough howto's on this?14:44
vektoriProbably easiest to just use pureftpd.14:49
hackedheadi've tried pureftpd, and i don't really like it, not quite sure why, so i was gonna give bftpd a run14:51
Hanuse vsftpd14:52
*** mayhan has quit IRC14:54
marohackedhead: bftpd is cool14:56
marotrue crux spirit :)14:56
*** richi_aut has joined #crux14:56
marouse it where you'd use mathopd for httpd14:57
maroand use vsftpd where you'd use apache for httpd :)14:57
hackedheadyeah, vsftpd seems a bit much for what i need14:57
hackedheadi just don't understand how to set up virtual users for bftpd.. yet.14:58
marohm, me neither14:58
hackedheadi guess its related to a secondary /etc/passwd file that exists within the chroot, but the docs don't explain any more than 'it's possible'14:59
Han81kb ... too much?15:04
hackedheadyeah, i've only got 12kb left on my disk and so binary size is the very top of my priority list.    ....15:05
*** richi_aut has quit IRC15:16
maroif you give it a spin, use full path names15:20
marothis could make some pretty neat packaging possibilities :)15:23
marono more fixing DESTDIR in libtool archives etc15:24
*** Hellson has quit IRC15:25
maro meh15:45
maroseems it doesn't support device nodes15:46
maroit looked like it did while I was in fakeroot, but looking at the tarball afterwards it's just an empty file15:47
jdolanoookay.. usb-storage with udev anyone?15:54
jdolanwhy don't i have /dev/sd*?15:54
*** mjeq has joined #crux16:00
marojdolan: it should be created automatically16:00
maro(that is, "works here")16:00
CaptLloydhaven't done it on crux yet16:01
marodo you have the hotplug scripts?16:01
maroor even hotplug-ng :)16:01
marodmesg might also be of some help16:01
jdolandmesg recognizes the device.16:03
jdolanjust no /dev entry.16:04
marodriver loaded, etc?16:05
jdolanyea, no modules here.16:05
jdolani have hotplug installed16:06
jdolannot hotplug-ng tho (?)16:06
*** brian|lfs has joined #crux16:06
marothat's ok, the "or" was literally :)16:06
CaptLloydYou're using udev, right?16:07
marothat's in /proc/sys/kernel/hotplug?16:07
jdolanyes, udev.16:08
maro<jdolan> oookay.. usb-storage with udev anyone?16:08
maronew keyboard :/16:08
* Han is very happy with his IBM 1994 clickety-click keyboard. :-)16:08
jdolani dont have that file/directory16:08
maroHan: well, actually old keyboard :)16:09
maroalso a clickety-click model16:09
HanAlso great for self-defense.16:09
marojust a while since I've used it16:09
marojdolan: so your kernel don't have hotplug support?16:09
jdolanprobably not.16:09
jdolanis that necessary to use usb-storage with udev?16:10
maroread the udev README :P16:10
jdolanomg udev is so much better.. you trade a turnkey solution that just works for a super-customizable maze of version-dependent shell scripts where nothing works out of the box!16:11
*** sepen has joined #crux16:11
jdolanthank god we got that update out =P16:11
marojdolan: take a look at /sbin/start_udev too16:11
maroCopyright 1999-2005 Gentoo Foundation16:12
maroI guess they were early with udev adoption :P16:12
CaptLloydYeah, I was using crux for a while and went to update my kernel, never figured out how to do it (at the time) because they stopped using devfs16:17
* CaptLloyd mumbles something about not being able to think correctly16:18
jdolansays it's for things outside of the kernel tree (modules)..16:19
hackedheadudev is outside the kernel16:19
jdolanbut.. i want usb-storage to work, which i'm building into my kernel.16:19
jdolan*sigh* w/e.. here we go.16:19
hackedheadthe built-in "usb-storage" support should get a major-minor kernel device reference, hotplug gets that passed to udev, which makes /dev/sd*16:20
jdolanhaha, yesss.. CONFIG_HOTPLUG == rebuild everything16:23
hackedheadisn't it enabled on crux 2.2 by default though?16:24
*** brian|lfs has quit IRC16:24
hackedheadaaarrrr, effing chroot jail, how do you function?!16:33
*** nope^ has quit IRC16:44
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sepen xDD21:18
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CaptLloydHmm, anything interesting and cruxie going on?22:33
hackedheadif by interesting you actually mean frustrating, then yes22:34
CaptLloydOoh, care to share?22:35
hackedheadbftpd and chroot jail is killing me22:35
CaptLloydI think I left my play-server off when I was at my office... There was a small flood in it, but I decided to turn it back on because it was safe... but maybe I didn't22:35
CaptLloydStill having the /etc/passwd problem?22:36
hackedheadhaving i-don't-even-know-what problems22:36
CaptLloydAhh, the, "it just doesn't work the docs don't help and there's no meaningful errors in the logs" thing?22:37
hackedheadwell... not precisely22:37
hackedheadit may be i don't understand chroot?22:37
CaptLloydHmm I think I kinda do, let me know if you have any questions22:37
hackedheadi can get it to take the chroot (i think)  if i supply etc/{group,passwd, shadow} in the jail22:38
hackedheadso bftpd launches, no compliants22:38
hackedheadand i can login22:38
hackedheadbut i see my entire dir-tree instead of just the jailed root (which would be just the tree under /jail)22:39
CaptLloydHow is your ftpd being launched?22:39
hackedheadstandalone from root (su'd shell) : # bftpd -d22:39
hackedheadi also don't quite get how bftpd works as far as dropping root privelges22:40
CaptLloydHow are you telling it to chroot into /jail?22:40
hackedheadjust the settings in bftpd.conf .. initial_chroot = "/jail" and do_chroot="yes"22:41
CaptLloydcan you turn up the logging level with something like adding -vvv to the command line?22:41
hackedheadlet's find out22:42
CaptLloydYou might have a permissions issue on the directory, but I would think it would just bail if it had a problem with that.22:42
hackedheadi'm not really sure how the permissions for a chroot jail should be setup to begin with22:44
CaptLloydwell I'm no expert but take a look at this22:44
CaptLloyddrwxr-xr-x    7 root     named        4096 Aug 25  2005 named/22:44
hackedhead.... okay, so this is odd..... the bftpd log suddenly jumps 4 hours into the future for some reason....22:44
CaptLloydWhat time zone are you in?22:45
CaptLloydWhich is normally -5, and with daylight savings it'd be -4 right?22:45
CaptLloydmight not know how to make its timezone correct then22:46
hackedheadodd that it'd change though... i can't imagine what setting i affected to make that happen22:46
CaptLloydmy chroot'd named has an /etc/localtime22:46
CaptLloydmartian67 zu22, easy, once they charge people for it, they have very little incentive to offer it freely22:46
CaptLloydwrong copy and paste22:46
CaptLloyd[captain@server /chroot/named/etc]$ ls22:46
CaptLloydlocaltime  named.conf  rndc.conf22:46
CaptLloydI am guessing I copied my regular /etc/localtime to that dir22:47
CaptLloydWhat user does your bftpd run as?22:48
hackedheadi haven't the slightest22:48
hackedheadi'm starting it as root, but i can't find anythign in the docs about it dropping root, except that it mentions it can, i think22:49
hackedheadas far as top tells me, it just continues to run as root22:49
hackedheadwhich i'm not real keen on22:49
CaptLloydIt probably has to have at least one process stay as root22:50
CaptLloydotherwise when your users login it wouldn't be able to change to their user22:50
hackedheadmost ftp servers i've seen have a "drop to this user" setting, which i cant find for bftpd22:50
CaptLloyddo you have lsof on your box?22:51
hackedheadi like its purported simplicity... but with docs this bad i think i may just have to abandon it...22:51
CaptLloydyeah, it will show you what open files you have22:51
CaptLloydyou can tell what dir bftpd is in22:51
CaptLloydI don't know if it is available but you might be able to install it and see more of what it is doing22:52
hackedheadthat'll be handy... let's try that22:52
hackedheadyeah there's a port =D22:52
hackedheadalready compiling =]22:52
CaptLloydI don't know if you can specify like "lsof bftpd" or if you need to pipe it through grep to just get the relavant info22:53
hackedheadgrep works22:53
hackedheadwell this is no good22:53
hackedheadno metoin of jail anywhere22:53
hackedheadbut then again22:54
hackedheadif i tell it to chroot to /jail and /jail doesn't exist it complains22:54
CaptLloydif it is staying as root, I don't think permissions would be a problem22:54
hackedheadand in the same way, its definitely using the "jailed" passwd and shadow files22:55
hackedheadbecause only modifying those changes the servers behavoir22:55
CaptLloydbut when you log in it gives you the real root instead of the chroot'd one22:55
CaptLloydis it setup for anonymous ftp?22:55
hackedheadah... and its accessing a lib in /usr... and there's definitely no /jail/usr22:56
hackedheadyeah it is22:56
hackedheadthough that's not necessary22:56
CaptLloydDoes it launch a new process for each person that logs in?22:56
hackedheadand the new process reference the jail22:58
hackedheadthey seem to be taking the jailed /etc files... but i get placed into the real root22:59
hackedhead*sigh* .... as much as i don't really like pure-ftpd... its ease is become more appealing by the minute23:01
CaptLloydYeah, I don't think I have a good solution23:01
CaptLloydI'd try it if I had my box available23:02
hackedheadwhat i really probably need to do is learn how to throw the whole server in a true chroot jail, rather than relying on its chroot frontend23:02
hackedheadbut that's beyond my scope for the time being23:03
CaptLloydThat's what I've done with a couple things, but some things will require a lot of files be copied23:03
CaptLloydbind 9 is made so it is easy23:03
hackedheadthose are the *only* docs i can find about chroot anywhere23:03
hackedheadthe bulk of them anyway... very annoying ... =P23:04
CaptLloydoh, they're on chrootin bind?23:04
hackedheada lot fo stuff about that, yeah23:04
hackedheadthat or chrooting ssl logins...23:05
CaptLloydI was looking for an ftpd the other day23:05
* hackedhead *just* got openssh working yesterday, was happy23:05
CaptLloydnever found one23:05
*** morlenxus has quit IRC23:05
*** morlenxus has joined #crux23:05
hackedheadyeah, i'm gonna go back to pure-ftpd... its... alright... i at least can figure out how to make it do what i want, and the docs are above average23:06
CaptLloydWhat was it you didn't like about pureftp?23:06
CaptLloydI remember on my Core Linux box it took me a while to get ssh to work23:06
hackedheadthe implementation seems like a bit more power than i need, or rather, not quite aligned with my particular server needs23:07
CaptLloydI had an incorrect permission on something in /dev I played with it off and on for about 8 months then one day I opened up the source and saw that the error I was getting was actually caused by that certain file23:07
CaptLloydIt complained about something else, which was also in that part of the code23:08
CaptLloydso it was throwing me off23:08
hackedheadah, ew23:08
CaptLloydI was in the source less than 10 min before I figured it out, and I'd spent all that time messing with it up until then23:08
CaptLloydI'm not much of a programmer so I didn't really think of it23:09
hackedheadaaah, i cant wait til fall, when i take a course in C++ and refresh my memory and maybe build up the nerve to start looking at source23:09
CaptLloydA lot of stuff is surprisingly easy to understand23:09
hackedheadyeah, i learned all my OO theory in java, so i open a c source file and the syntax just knocks me out, i have no idea where to start...23:10
*** vertah_ has quit IRC23:10
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