IRC Logs for #crux Friday, 2006-05-19

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s_warlockhi i have a problem with firefox02:57
s_warlocksh-3.00$ /usr/lib/firefox/firefox-bin: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/ undefined symbol: g_type_register_static_simple02:58
s_warlocki think it's a gtk or a glib problem02:58
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ScriptDevili have just downloaded the iso.03:23
ScriptDevilNow i want to know, if i use ports will it be optimised to 686 or my cpu architecture(A P4)03:23
treachtried the handbook?03:24
ScriptDevilam opening it03:25
treachin other words: "No."03:25
ScriptDevilno, it is not there03:26
ScriptDevili read it before/03:26
ScriptDevil\Re verified03:26
* ScriptDevil gives a sigh of relief as the iso passes the md5sum test03:27
ScriptDevilrxi, treach somebody tell mw, will the ports i compile be like P4 optimised or 68603:28
treachhandbook, 2.2) "I want packages optimized for my processor (think -march=i686)"03:28
rxiyou can make it optimised for anything gcc supports03:28
treachyou just set what every you want in /etc/pkgmk.conf03:29
treachbut don't come here crying if you totally rice out the damned thing.03:29
ScriptDeviltreach, thats what the creator wanted, but rxi  and you cleared the doubt03:30
ScriptDevilwhats to rice out?03:30
ScriptDevilrxi, i am neither english nor american, so i dont understand rice out03:31
treachor to be a bit more verbose: To use a whole bunch of gcc optimization flags for gcc that you don't really know what they do, or how they will effect the code.03:32
rxiie: gentoo03:32
treachit is possible to set flags in a way that breaks the build in some subtle ways that are very hard to debug.03:32
ScriptDevilthanks treach03:33
treachyou are welcome03:33
ScriptDevili sure am, i am going to bot the cd once the write is over03:35
ScriptDevilI was using arch all these days then i thought source stuff was better03:35
ScriptDevili hate gentoo though03:35
treach"better" is always subjective.03:36
treachbetter for what?03:36
ScriptDevilthe stuff is more fun03:36
* ScriptDevil is a 16 year old bored bufoon03:36
ScriptDeviltreach, why would i run something compiled by others??03:37
ScriptDevilself help is the best help03:37
treachbecause you don't want to wait during installs?03:37
ScriptDeviltreach, i dont mind03:38
ScriptDevilarch was good but something in mew tells me i am missing something03:38
treachfor me, building from source has 1 advantage. It's about the only way to get a handle on what dependencies are going to be installed.03:38
rxiand omptimising for a p4 over 686 wont give any tangible performance benefits03:38
treachthe rest really doesn't matter.03:38
ScriptDeviltreach, in arch thats not a problem, it shows u the depndencies it installs03:39
treachwhat if I don't agree with the packager?03:39
treachbesides, I had never heard about arch when I picked up crux, and crux has never failed me, so why bother..03:40
ScriptDevili saw mplayer, it tells me to recompile with dont-detect-processor-during-runtime03:40
ScriptDeviltreach, arch was made with heavy borrowing from crux03:40
treachI know.....03:40
ScriptDevilI am not suporting arch03:40
ScriptDevilI need crux03:40
ScriptDevileven the name is the coolest i have heard for a linux distro!03:42
ScriptDevilthouh itis the east i care about crux03:42
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ScriptDeviltreach, is crux community maintained??03:44
ScriptDevilor is it a one man distro like slack03:44
ScriptDevilThanks that assures it is here to stay03:44
treachit used to be a one man show with a bunch of helpers, but pli retired and the comunity took up the slack, if you pardon the pun.03:45
ScriptDevilpeople in distrowatch are crazy!03:45
ScriptDeviltreach i think u r right03:45
ScriptDevilcrux in 92, ubuntu and fedora up in the list, whats up with linux, it is no more for cool geeks03:46
treachone moment..03:46
ScriptDevilsuse is 203:46
ScriptDevilcd written03:47
treachCrux is: about rejecting the "culture of cool" and the dictates of "what's hot", "a refuge for that endangered species known as humanity", "the virtual dwelling place of a transcendent reality".03:48
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ScriptDevilthe 3 best distros i knew previously -Arch, Slack and freebsd are at 21, 11,1203:49
ScriptDeviltreach, look at my site, it is still in development03:49
treachCrux is not: "the lifestyles of the rich and famous", "a pusher of products or the promoter of projects", "a partisan play for power or influence", "a fashion guide for the tragically hip", "a haven for the safe or the mouthpiece of the politically correct", and "a poor imitation of existing distros".03:49
treachtake it or leave it.03:49
ScriptDevilsorry it is deviltalk.bravehost.org03:50
treachs and/or03:50
ScriptDeviltreach, am i speaking to bernard shaw?03:50
treachMaybe I'm right, maybe I'm left, or even wrong, but what I definitely am, is hungry.03:51
treach<- afk03:51
ScriptDevilsorry it is deviltalk.bravehost.com03:51
ScriptDevilbyee, rebooting with crux03:51
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marohe's never going to survive the kernel compile04:01
* rxi grins evilily :P04:02
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richi_aut*gg* yesterday i did it the first time with satisfying results ;)04:04
richi_autok, nearly satisfying...04:04
rxiyou want a medal?04:05
pitillomaro, who?04:06
maropitillo: ScriptDevil04:08
pitillomaro, seems he know to do that, imo.04:08
maroyeah, I just felt like being mean04:09
maroI'll shoot my neighbour's dog with a pellet instead04:11
maronoisy creature04:11
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pitilloneeds too time with a p4 to compile the kernel xD04:45
rxiits about 15min or so04:46
pitillothen maro was in true xD04:46
marorxi: my clawhammer 3200+ does it in less than 504:55
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rx5Is there CRUX peoples?05:06
rx5Good day!05:08
rx5Could anybody help me with configuring SOUND card driver (alsa) to use non-block mode?05:09
rx5CRUX 2.1 (2.6.12)05:09
artur_tdo you mean full-duplex?05:10
rxiDear User, CRUX 2.1 is unsupported as 2.2 is the current please upgrade to receive support for your product05:10
rx5I mean device /dev/dsp can be accessable for two or more application's directly ( i need minimum 2 - this ESD)05:10
rx5Sorry, Im NOT user...05:11
rx5... and other application which use /dev/dsp directly...05:11
artur_twhich sound card do you have?05:12
ningorxi: we provide support?05:12
rxiningo: of course not but the idea was to get him to upgrade05:13
rxirx5: your using crux 2.2 does that not make you a user05:13
rx5integrated HW ad1835, 6 ch. (EAX 2 compatible)05:13
rx5in MB ASUS P4P800 Deluxe05:13
rxiif they dont support 6ch then your fucked05:14
rx5No! My sound card works good ( include 6 ch mode). But I want only to enable NON blocking mode with alsa...05:15
rx5And I use my CRUX 2.1 - this my principle...05:18
rxiyou would need to create or modify the asoundrc i would imagine05:19 can help05:19
artur_tlcrux-2.2.iso now is available for downloading:
rx5artur_t: Thanks for proposing...05:24
treach"tipical", indeed. To fit in a tipi maybe? ;-)05:25
rx5artur_t: in this document showed only _software_ mixing... as I know my sound card can mix up to 64 voices (hardware)...05:25
rxionboard sound?05:26
artur_ttreach: what is tipi?05:28
rxii would doubt it05:28
treachsorry for the wrong link..05:29
rxitreach: no your not :P05:29
treachactually, I blame opera on it..05:30
treachs on/for05:30
rx5rxi: in must die I allready test it.05:32
artur_twhy is there comparison with tipi?05:32
rxirx5: ok .. just ive never heard of onboard sound having hardware mixing is all05:33
treachbecause the mail spoke something about lcrux being tipical something. "tipical" -> "sharing characteristics with a tipi"05:34
treachyou probably ment "typical".05:35
artur_toops, sorry05:35
rxitreach: dont you hate it when someone doesnt get your bad joke :)05:36
treachnah, I'm used to it. :)05:36
rx5rxi: sound quality is _very_ good (heh... but this not SB Audigy :()05:47
rxiuh huh05:47
rx5ad1835 is _not_ ac97 codec family, ad1835 integrated _hardware_ sound...05:49
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rx5rxi: so, how I can enable HW mixing?05:50
rxifucked if i know .. i guess alsa has to support it05:50
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rx5Thanks all!06:02
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lkthomassup all06:27
lkthomasanyone using AMD64 now ?06:27
rxiyes theres a heap of people using it06:27
lkthomasI am wondering if my old ATX server case could be reuse on AMD64 MB ?06:27
vektoriAnd you just head for #crux for information?06:28
rxiaslong as its atx06:28
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lkthomasvektori: nah06:28
lkthomasvektori: my server down for couple of hours tho06:28
treach /topic "Off topic questions only"06:29
lkthomasshould be time to upgrade my server06:29
copworkhas anyone seen my potato salad ?06:29
lkthomasLOL ?06:29
lkthomascopwork: I finished it :)06:29
copworkteH noes06:29
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* rxi shakes his head06:30
treachcopwork: I think the guy who keeps refusing to deliver nipuL's latte ran away with it. :-/06:30
lkthomasI am thinking to make my own isolation box06:30
lkthomasmy server are so noisy that killing me from sleep06:30
lkthomasI still very impress that two fans added into my server and my CPU/MB temperature drops 16degree C06:31
lkthomascrazy enought ?06:32
rximan that shit is off the hook06:32
lkthomasmmm ?06:32
artur_t  There is better construction for pkgmk. In origianl CRUX Makefile it doesn't check errors06:32
marohm :/06:33
maromy pkgutils package is bigger than dpkg :(06:33
vektoriOh no, you'll run out of disk space. :(06:33
maro(the tarball that is)06:33
marovektori: nope, just weird considering the excessive bloat in dpkg06:34
lkthomasdpkg ?06:34
vektoriWell, keep in mind that pkgutils includes libtar.06:34
lkthomasisn't that for debian ?06:34
marolkthomas: the Debian PacKaGe manager? you must be kidding!06:35
lkthomasvektori: do you think crux/BSD would be cool ?06:35
lkthomasmaro: what is dpkg then ?06:35
marovektori: my libtar.a is 45K06:35
lkthomasvektori: why not ?!06:35
vektoriOpenBSD and NetBSD are cool enough without CRUX.06:35
lkthomaswe have debian/BSD :)06:35
vektoriYeah, unfortunately. :P06:35
lkthomasLOL, come on06:35
lkthomaswhy do you think so06:36
vektoriIIRC they do silly things replace the native libc with glibc...06:36
marolkthomas: :P06:36
lkthomashey, not a smart choice06:36
vektoriIt's also a case of fixing what's already working.06:36
lkthomaswhy would they do that ...err..06:37
vektoriI use CRUX because it's BSD-like, I don't want BSDs which are Linux-like.06:37
maronoone sane will put gnu on top of bsd06:37
marothe whole point of bsd is to get rid of the gnu retardness :)06:37
lkthomasI heard glibc sucks on performance, what do you think ? vektori06:37
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marolkthomas: you hear performance? o_O06:38
lkthomasmaro: actually, some people like BSD firewall rather than linux one06:38
lkthomasmaro: from maillist06:38
vektoriI don't know about performance, but at least it's bloated like hell.06:38
hulahubeverytime you call lkthomas i get a highlight :D06:38
marolkthomas: yah, I use pf myself06:38
vektoripf over iptables any day. :)06:38
lkthomasPF rocks06:38
rxivektori: bah too much effort required :P06:39
lkthomasvektori: I am waiting for that to port to linux :)06:39
marodo they accept bsd code in the kernel?06:39
maro(I honestly don't know)06:39
lkthomasvektori: so when NTPL using on glibc, what was libc doing ?06:39
vektoriSure, BSD license is GPL compatible.06:39
marook :)06:40
hulahubbut linus hates BSD? :D06:40
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vektorilkthomas: Which libc?06:40
lkthomasvektori: BSD libc06:40
vektoriThere is no such thing.06:40
vektoriThere's the OpenBSD libc, the NetBSD libc, the FreeBSD libc, the DragonflyBSD libc etc.06:41
lkthomashulahub : with BSD license, linux can not growth like the time now06:41
maroschillylibc :D06:41
lkthomasvektori: so *BSD libc didn't use NTPL or what but linux using it ?06:41
vektoriDude, there ISN'T a "*BSD libc".06:41
lkthomasso I specific on freebsd libc then06:42
treachmaro, I think that's "solaris libc"06:42
vektoriAsk the FreeBSD guys.06:42
marotreach: as long as it can be shortened to s<app>06:42
lkthomasso the whole OS performance determined by libc ?06:42
lkthomasor glibc06:42
lkthomasisn't glibc just API ?06:42
* rxi puts lkthomas on ignore06:43
lkthomascome on rxi :)06:43
lkthomaswe are discussing linux :)06:43
marodude, you're more noisy than my neighbour's dog06:43
maroeven after I short it in the leg06:43
treachget the popgun then. ;-)06:43
lkthomasdude, you guys just idle on channel ?06:43
treachbut I guess you'll have to supercharge it a bit to get the range. :D06:43
hulahubplease stop talking to lkthomas because that makes my irssi icon bounce :D06:44
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rximaro: if your in the usa go an buy an ak-47 from your local dealer ...06:44
lkthomashulahub: I don't know what cause your problem06:44
treachor if you are in russia, get an ICBM..06:44
hulahublkthomas: my name is thomas :)06:44
marotreach: nah, I use pellets so I can keep shooting it day by day :)06:45
lkthomashulahub: LOL, change it then :)06:45
lkthomasguys, I should shut off now06:45
lkthomasor the whole channel will kills me06:45
* lkthomas zip06:45
hulahubor? :D06:45
* lkthomas on idle mode06:45
rxii think ignoring lkthomas has like halved my log file already :P06:45
vektoriYou must be approaching Han's experience.06:46
hulahuberm --- is there a way to upload a bunch of files to a directory on a ftp server witht he ftp cmd line app without going into interactive mode ?06:48
*** lkthomas has quit IRC06:49
bd2using expect, I think06:49
bd2# Description: Tool for automating interactive applications06:49
vektorisitecopy works for me.06:50
treachthat wasn't the question. ;)06:51
bd2oops. what was the question? :-))06:51
treachif there was a way using "the" commandline app.06:52
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treachI read that as meaning the standard issue client.06:53
bd2okay, right06:53
treach(without extra rocket propulsion..)06:53
vektoriWow, glibc _is_ bloated:
treachof course it is. :-/06:58
vektoriBut I didn't imagine the difference would be that dramatic.06:59
treachwell, it's a small app, I guess it evens out a bit in the long run.07:00
treachbut bsd usally uses less ram in my experiences. I guess this is one of the reasons.07:01
marothat's just plain scary07:01
marotreach: aren't most of the binaries statically linked?07:01
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treachNo idea, I'm not a programmer really, so I usually don't worry about it.07:02
treachbut iirc, freebsd is mostly dynamically linked.07:03
vektoriAs are the other BSDs.07:03
treach(I have some recollection about there being some hoopla about it.)07:03
vektoriStatic linking is only used in special cases where you don't want to depend on external libraries.07:03
maroI wonder how uclibc is07:07
treach"limited" iirc07:08
vektoriBut a simple "hello world" binary was something along the lines of 10-20k.07:08
ningohmm, my altgr key isn't working (neither in console nor in xorg). I checked the locales, rc.conf, xorg.conf, etc... I'm runing out of ideas here. Any idea where the error might be?07:10
maroningo: faulty hardware? :)07:10
ningonah, keyboard's working fine ;)07:11
bd2treach, vektori, regarding hello world,
ningoappears as mod507:16
vektoribd2: Yes, but that's dynamically linked, no?07:16
Hanlook at examples how to bind it with xmodmap to whatever you like.07:16
bd2vektori, my bad07:16
* bd2 punish himself07:16
vektoriHehe, no need to.07:17
ningoHan: I'm wondering, because it once worked07:17
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ningowithout rebinding stuff, etc..07:17
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jdolan_hey jaeger, does gnome ever not logout when you ask it to?08:24
jaegerhaven't had it fail so far, no08:24
jdolan_thankfully, the "Swith User" button takes me back to the GDM login easily enough (which is where logout should take you, too..hmm?)08:24
jdolan_but all of my boxes do that, yea.08:24
jdolan_(is the switch user function supposed to do something else?)08:25
jaegerI thought it was supposed to allow you to switch quickly without going all the way back to GDM08:25
jaegerbut I've not tried it yet08:25
jdolan_perhaps i have a stale package in /usr/packages.08:25
jaegerwhere is it?08:25
jdolan_Desktop ->08:25
jaegerhrmm, I don't even have an entry08:26
jdolan_hit Logout08:26
jdolan_there's a button to switch user.08:26
jaegerah, ok08:26
jdolan_who knows.. could be nfs/nis wierdness.08:26
jdolan_in general i like 2.14 tho.08:26
jaegerok, it does go back to gdm, but it leaves your session running08:27
jaegerI just tried to login as me again and it gave me the option to return to this session08:27
jdolan_to actually log out i have to ctrl-alt-backspace08:27
* treach sees some noob with 55 sessions running and wondering why linux is so slow..08:28
jaegerno idea what's up with that08:28
jaegertreach: hehe08:28
jdolan_we'll definitely use the switch user feature a lot.08:28
jdolan_in our parts department we often have employees sharing or jumping from machine to machine.08:28
treachhm, desperate times? ->
treachjdolan_ obviously doesn't want to waste time on that, so he can proceed here.. ->
jdolan_i'm quite sure the girls who live across the hall from me have sucked off our landlord once or twice.08:36
jdolan_they've not had steady work in the 1.5 years i've been there.08:36
HanI still recall sitting in the train while the driver was explaining what the next station was -- in dutch of course -- while one American, sitting next to me, proclaimed to the other `I really don't know why they send those messages, they're totally useless!'08:36
jdolan_and they do a lot of coc.08:36
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treachHan: :D08:37
jaegerlike me and jdolan standing around t-centralen wondering why our train never showed up08:37
jaegerevery swedish person we asked wasn't paying attention to the PA08:38
jdolan_then walking 5mi to per's08:38
treachjaeger: I guess you were there at the wrong time of the year.08:38
jdolan_i thought i was going to shit my pants.. that sucked.08:38
jdolan_"matt, i really dont know if i can make it.."08:38
rxithe only place ive been outside of au is down to the beach :P08:38
treachover here it's not unusual to have the information spoken in both swedish and english during the tourist season.08:39
rehabdolli once stood behind an american in my local supermarket checkout line. he was talking on his cell while purchasing the stores entire stock08:39
*** jdolan has quit IRC08:39
*** jdolan_ is now known as jdolan08:39
rehabdolli've never seen one man buy so much08:39
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o jdolan08:39
treachjdolan: 5mi?08:40
treachmiles or minutes?08:40
jdolanit was a fucking hike.08:40
jdolanand it was freezing out.08:40
jdolanand matt was in ..a tee shirt if i remember.08:41
jdolanwe were totally lost, couldnt understand the street signs.. just wandering aimlessly in a not so built-up part of town.08:41
treachheh. well prepaired, apparently.08:41
*** ningo has joined #crux08:42
jdolanhe always does that.  when we went sight seeing in bostin this past november he was a little underdressed :)08:42
jdolanthat was a good time, tho..08:42
treachfunny. Somehow, when you get lost you always get into the shadier part of town..08:42
treachit's almost like if there is some kind of magnet there attracting lost people.08:43
vektoriWouldn't want to do that in Malmö...08:43
jaegersorry, had to go out of the office08:43
jaegereverything was closed that day for some reason so jay couldn't find a restroom :P08:44
jaegerand it was 2.4km to Kristineberg, I think08:44
treachvektori: no. that would quite probably be a bad idea.08:44
rxijaeger: thats what tree's are for :P08:44
jaegerI don't remember seeing many trees, oddly08:44
rxior lampposts08:44
jaegeror parked cars08:45
rxiyeah .. tyres are good08:45
jaegerwell, I guess he was being nice08:45
rxijust dont do it in thailand08:45
treachfrom a brighter side, if you were lost almost everyone speaks understandable english.08:45
treachprovided that you can find somone to ask in the first place that is. :)08:46
jaegerwe actually never got lost. there were enough signs pointing to Kristineberg that we found it08:46
treachthat's nice.08:46
jaegerI really enjoyed that whole trip, even walking that day... it was cold but I like cold weather08:46
*** mrks has joined #crux08:47
rxithe only thing swedish i know is koenesegg (sp?) :P08:47
jaegerI told Per he should move here and I'd move there so we could swap weather08:47
jaegersupercars, yay08:47
rxias in broom-broom car :)08:47
jdolantrees?  i had to drop ass.  wtf good is a tree gonna do me?08:48
jdolando i look like a crackhead?08:48
jaegerit might at least hide the view from the rest of us, thankfully08:48
rxijdolan: rest your back against and get leaves to wipe your ass08:48
jdolantakin turds on sidewalks..08:48
treachrxi: that procedure requires a minor forest being nearby.08:50
jdolangood god.08:51
jdolanthose are some serious cans.08:51
*** rx5 has left #crux08:52
rxitreach: nah .. usually half a dozen leaves is all thats required unless you do one of them dumps which you need like half a roll of toilet paper to clean off08:52
jdolanah yes.. the neverending wipe.08:53
jdolanthat's the worst.08:53
jaegercheaper to use a hose08:53
jdolani always pray for the clean break..08:53
rxijdolan: its all about butt control08:53
jdolancheaper and less anal irritation.08:54
jdolanrxi, have you mastered your sphincter?08:54
rxiindeed i have :P08:54
jdolani wish i could say the same :[08:55
rxihermit is the ass man around here .. he specialises in putting stuff in tho08:55
* bd2 was eating before read that ;-)08:56
rxianyway im off to bed .. damn this working on a saturday saturday business08:56
rxinight all08:56
jdolannight rxi08:59
treachjdolan: btw, 08-15 00 00 ;-)09:07
* jdolan scratches head09:10
treachif you call that number -> taxi :)09:11
jdolanoh, hah, that looks nothing like a phone number to me ;)09:11
jdolanmore like a date.09:11
treachstrange calendar.09:12
jdolan(so, what, shit in a taxi? ;))09:12
treachno, but it'd be faster than walking 5 miles.09:12
jdolanhey ready for a n00b question..09:13
jdolando i have to hdparm my machines to get any sort of power saving on them?09:13
jdolanor should i do it in the bios?09:14
jdolaner.. by power saving, i mean i want the drives to spin down after 10 minutes of inactivity.'09:14
treachno, you don't have to use hdparm, you can do it in bios. ;-)09:14
treachbut hdparm is probably more convenient.09:15
jdolannow, if i do it in hdparm, are the options stored (and restored) somehow?09:15
treachrc.local :)09:15
jdolanor should i >> /etc/rc09:15
jdolani've lost a lot of drives here in the past 2 years..09:15
jdolanit occurred to me that they don't spin down ..ever :)09:15
treachwell, that is probably not the problem really.09:16
jdolanhope not09:16
treachit feels like quality really has gone down the drain the last 10 years.09:16
treach(I've got to fix the warranty replacement for my broken drive so I can set up the mirror again..)09:17
jdolanyea.. or maybe the margins are the same, errors per blocks/sectors.. drives are just so damn big now.09:17
treachno idea really. anyhow, afk grub-time. :)09:18
*** pitillo has quit IRC09:22
Hangrub grub09:22
hackedheadbootloaders for breakfast?09:28
mike_kbreakfast for bootloadres09:32
mike_kby Kurt VonneGNUrt09:36
hackedhead... okay that last line did me in, lol09:39
*** systemx_ has joined #crux09:40
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ningo<rxi> openbsd has a negative effect on things :P10:49
ningothat's what you find googleing for openbsd :P10:50
*** systemx_ has quit IRC10:54
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maroevul haxxorz!11:19
*** ningo has quit IRC11:19
maro"They meet in underground forums with names like and to trade tips and data and coordinate scams that span the globe."11:19
marosee, we _so_ need a forum!11:19
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jdolanwhy is the version of vim on the iso so retarded?13:57
jdolanit's freaking worthless.13:57
jdolanwould :set nocompatible help or something?13:57
tilmancompatible is on by default indeed :p13:58
jdolanis that why it makes no goddamn sense and you can't tell what you're doing?13:58
tilmannot sure13:58
tilmani never noticed13:58
tilmanbut it's easy to find out :p13:58
jdolantrue.. i don't think that's it, tho.13:59
jdolan(i'll try in a moment when i setup rc.conf)13:59
jaegernever had a problem with it, myself :)13:59
jdolannot once it's installed.. but actually using the one on the iso.13:59
jaegeryeah, have used it a few times14:00
jdolan(while my kernel builds in the chroot i drop back to another tty and edit /mnt/etc/*)14:00
jaegerto fix lilo.conf or fstab or something14:00
jdolanman.. it doesnt tell you if you're in insert mode, you have to hit i every two seconds because for some reason it pops out of insert rather easily.  you can't overwrite chars, you hit delete on them and they get uppercased.. wtf?14:01
mike_kwhat is supposed to replace gnu recode? it was in contrib and now is gone (14:02
tilmanbad inputrc maybe?14:02
jdolantilman, hadn't thought of that.  it *is* an MS ergonomic kb.14:02
tilmantry an ergonomic non-ms keyboard ;)14:02
jdolanno one else made them back when i bought this thing ;)14:03
*** ningo has quit IRC14:29
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sen_i'm wondering why i can't access network services, e.g: ssh localhost or localhost on firefox does nothing, sshd and apache are running16:54
will[werk]Didn't think Apache looked at host.allow16:54
treachmaybe not, but you've got to start some place.16:55
treachsince sshd *does* look in it.16:56
will[werk]Yes it does.16:56
treachwill[werk]:are you refering to apache?16:57
will[werk]No, sshd :)16:57
will[werk]Agreeing with you heh16:57
treachoh, how novel :)16:57
sen_hmm how does your hosts.allow look like ?16:59
treach(then you better do some iptables magic, or you'll get hammered..)17:00
sen_hmmm it didn't help17:01
sen_sshd:ALL, restart ssd and couldn't ssh localhost17:01
treachhow did you start sshd?17:02
sen_/etc/rc.d/ssh restart17:02
treachhave you set up iptables?17:02
sen_i think i don't get support in the kernel17:03
sen_iptables is a must have ?17:03
treachok, I was thinking if you maybe inadvertedly had blocked it.17:03
sen_oh, ok17:03
treachbut to answear the question, "yes".17:04
treachat least if you are publicly accessible.17:04
will[werk]sen_, Default install?17:04
sen_will[werk]: yes17:06
will[werk]You shouldn't have any problems with sshd.17:06
will[werk]Maybe /etc/rc.d/sshd start ?17:06
will[werk]Why would you want to ssh to localhost?17:06
treachtesting, presumeably.17:06
sen_just to test17:06
will[werk]Yeah, but that doesn't seem like a good test.17:07
sen_it's closed from another machine on the local net17:07
*** Brzi has quit IRC17:07
sen_in fact, apache 's not running17:07
will[werk]Try the sshd, and then on the other computer do ssh ip17:07
sen_/etc/rc.d/apache start17:07
will[werk]These "shortcuts" seems to always bring trouble.17:07
sen_but nothing in my ps -A17:07
will[werk]Fix one problem at a time :)17:08
sen_at that time i can't test with another box17:09
sen_i simply launch /usr/sbin/sshd, i cannot ssh localhost17:10
treachwhat is the error message?17:10
sen_no msg17:10
sen_it's just wait17:10
sen_then return to prompt17:11
treachhave you checked your log files for additional info?17:11
treachok, apparently it times out.17:11
will[werk]Well, I guess it should work...17:11
treachsen_: are you sure you started sshd by typing in "/etc/rc.d/sshd start"17:11
will[werk]I just ssh localhost, and was able to do it so...17:12
sen_yes sure17:12
treachfor the last time. check your logs.17:12
sen_in /var/log/auth, just got : listening on when launching sshd17:12
sen_is there anything to do with /etc/ssh/sshd_config ?17:16
treachshouldn't be.17:17
sen_does sshd got his own log ?17:18
treachI can't think of anything I've ever had to do more than just starting sshd, make sure the keys get created, and open for it in hosts.allow..17:18
sen_i'm thinking the same, it's the first time i got that17:19
treachauth.log, and /var/log/messages17:19
sen_nothing in logs17:20
sen_keys are here17:20
sen_how can i recreate keys ?17:20
treachI don't think that's the problem.17:21
*** jaeger has joined #crux17:21
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o jaeger17:21
sen_if hostname has been changed after keys creation, it's not a problem ?17:21
treachthe problem seems to be that your client doesn't get any response whatsoever from the server.17:21
treachHonestly, no idea.17:21
sen_the problem seems to be the same to all network services17:22
treachsen_: if you try telnet localhost 22 what happens then?17:22
sen_apache's running, but can't access17:22
sen_samba running, but can't access too17:22
sen_no response from telnet17:23
treachare you sure you have a driver for your nic loaded?17:23
treachsorry, that's not the issue. :/17:23
sen_i'm using wifi, all's working17:23
sen_loading wifi config seems to bring eth0 down and lo too .....17:24
treachok, that would be a pretty effective showstopper.. :)17:25
sen_so, all's working now..17:25
sen_thanks a lot for the help17:26
*** mrks_ has quit IRC17:28
*** s_warlock has quit IRC17:29
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*** Han_ is now known as Han19:43
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*** vkd has joined #crux21:30
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o vkd21:30
vkdI am ready for the firing squad21:30
CaptLloydWhat's up?21:30
vkdnothing much21:30
vkdjust haven't been here in sooo long, people will hate me21:31
CaptLloydI already hate you21:31
CaptLloydkidding :)21:31
vkdthan my job is done21:31
vkdthen... bah, damn you english!21:31
CaptLloydyesh, yesh english!21:31
CaptLloyddamn it21:31
vkdwhere is lord jaeger!21:31
hackedheadoh dear... who made him a lord? lol21:32
vkdwasn't he always a lord?21:32
CaptLloydWhere's the map of crux developers?21:32
CaptLloydI saw a google map thing once21:32
CaptLloydthat had it21:32
vkdI saw it once, but I don't recall where21:32
vkdcptn did it21:32
hackedhead*shrug* ... he was here earlier today, in any event21:32
vkdwho was?21:33
CaptLloydI was?21:33
CaptLloydOh, him21:33
vkdhe used to have a repo of precompiled ports!21:33
vkdI can't be expected to compile ports on my machine, that's just heresy21:33
CaptLloyd  Don't know if this is current21:34
vkdman, linux sucks, to update my system to 2.2... I got to recompile sooo much crap21:34
CaptLloydThat's newfangled21:34
hackedheadcan't be too much worse than the 500Mhz celly i'm on here21:34
CaptLloyd2.0 is where its at21:34
CaptLloydOh you mean Crux 2.221:34
vkdhackedhead, I got a Pentium M notebook21:35
vkd1.5 ghz... sucks ass21:35
CaptLloydI have a 1.6hgz Celeron M21:35
hackedheadmap at:
hackedhead.... damn you and your Ms21:35
CaptLloydyeah I just linked it21:35
hackedheadMs are *fast* as crap, man21:36
vkdI went to an apple store to look at their new 13" macbook. Wow, i was impressed. MacOSX is nice21:36
hackedhead... freaking my friends 1.5Ghz M outperformed my p4 2.6....  0_021:36
hackedheadbleh.. apple21:36
CaptLloydNever seen one21:36
hackedhead.... its pretty, but its freaking ugly under the hood21:36
vkdit was nice looking, intuitive, and I really liked iPhoto and Aperture21:37
CaptLloydI'll have to go when I visit a big city again21:37
hackedheadheh, pop open a terminal and take a gander at how badly the broke the so-called "UNIX based" system.... FHS all gone to crap... et al.21:37
vkdSalespeople were freaks though. Like look at them "apple users" unshaven in some kind of artsy "I am a painter" clothes21:38
hackedheadnot black turtlenecks?21:38
vkdbut still weird looking21:38
vkd1100 for a notebook though... too pricey21:39
vkdit was nice, but overpriced21:39
CaptLloydI paid 450 before tax for mine a few months ago21:39
CaptLloydnot a macbook21:39
vkdwhat kind?21:39
CaptLloydToshiba Celeron21:39
CaptLloydworks fine21:39
hackedheadi paid about $400 for my ebay'd ibook g3 500Mhz....   gets the job done21:39
CaptLloydI'm really glad I bough it21:40
hackedheadget hot much21:40
vkdI paid 1500 for mine 2 something years ago, 1.5 Ghz Pentium M dell. But it was for business so I got it with a tax write off, so that was good.21:40
CaptLloydnot mine21:40
CaptLloydOh, the g3?21:40
CaptLloydOh, yeah the celeron not get hot21:40
CaptLloydruns the battery out quick21:41
hackedheadthat's good, no, heck the g3 is cooler than anything i've ever seen21:41
vkdPentium M overheats, shuts down the CPU to 600Mhz and NOTHING you can do21:41
vkdbut reboot21:41
CaptLloydno clock changing or voltage reducing21:41
CaptLloydon the celeron21:41
CaptLloydI wanna put a Pentium M in my Toshiba21:42
vkdI don't know if the Intel Core Duo is any better21:42
CaptLloydthey're just damned expensive21:42
vkdWhy get pentium M when Core Duo is around?21:42
CaptLloydthe fan rarely runs on the Celeron, and the Pentium has power saving21:42
CaptLloydI don't think the Core Duo will go into my laptop21:42
CaptLloydmaybe  it will, I haven't really researched it21:42
vkdok, I need a compiled version of thunderbird... I really don't want to compile that thing :)21:42
vkdit takes days21:43
hackedheadpsssh.... if i can compile stuff on this celly, you can certainly manage on a M =P21:43
vkdlol, I want it now :)21:43
CaptLloydMaybe that's what I'll do tomorrow21:43
CaptLloydwhile my girl is having lunch with her friend21:44
CaptLloydattempt to setup crux on my laptop21:44
hackedheadthen just compile sylpheed =P21:44
vkdhave you guys seen whatever it is Novell did for linux? Some Xgl thing? cool gfx thingies? What the hell is that? I can't seem to find screenshots of what this thing does21:45
CaptLloydNo, but I'd like to see if someone gets a link21:45
hackedheadits basically just a few de tricks with 3d accel21:45
hackedheadand a *lot* of hardware probing backflips to make the live-cd "just work"21:46
vkdso it's not like a new interface or anything?21:46
CaptLloydYess, the Pentium Ms seem to be getting cheaper fast because of the Core Duos21:47
hackedheadvkd... did you happen to see the new OSX "change user" animation? where the screen turns the corner, like a cube?21:47
rxilol its vkd21:47
vkdhackedhead, I tried to do it, but their system was locked somehow21:47
vkdrxi, hey. Yes21:47
hackedheadthey basically do that for workspace switching.. that's more or the size of it21:47
vkd'tis me21:47
vkdhackedhead, oh, I see21:47
hackedheads/more or/more or less21:47
rxivkd: come by for your anual checkup :P21:47
vkdMan, I've been working... alright, poor excuse, I've just been an ass21:48
hackedheadlol... i wonder why i dont get this treatment, the last time i was here in any force was uh.... aslt year around this time (summmmmmmer!!!!)21:48
rxihehe .. havent missed anything apart from 2.221:48
vkdhackedhead, hahaha, you don't start political wars, that's why ;)21:49
CaptLloyd  oooh, I want that21:49
vkdvkd has a history21:49
rxilol and what a history21:49
CaptLloydDo I want to know?21:49
hackedhead.... i'll keep that in mind =P21:49
vkdCaptLloyd, but you got to figure in the work to take the notebook apart and all. Might be involved21:49
CaptLloydyeah, I've got a guide somewhere21:49
CaptLloydI'll have to read it first21:49
CaptLloydrather, again21:49
CaptLloydI'm somewhat worried about compatibility too21:50
hackedheadgod... i took this thing apart once... i dont think i ever want to again21:50
vkdrxi, it's not easy to win every argument, but I think I got a spotless record :) lol jk21:50
CaptLloydI've got the 533 Socket 478(479? The one that's like a 478 but they moved a pin)21:50
rxiCaptLloyd: you mean socket 423? afaik there is no 47921:51
vkdplus, they changed cvs to subversion... I got to learn this thing now...21:51
vkdand I don't want to f something up21:51
rxivkd: and then to rsync21:51
vkdwell, cvsup sucked ass21:51
vkdI hate cvsup21:52
CaptLloydI'm pretty sure it is 478, but I guess there's 221:52
vkdCaptLloyd, no clue, since I got my notebook, I pretty much stopped following hardware news :)21:52
CaptLloydIt has been a while since I researched it21:52
rxivkd: ill find you the doc to change21:52
vkdrxi: cool, thanks. I hate to make you do work though21:52
rxivkd: its alright i just got home from work :)21:53
rxiok i cant access crux.nu21:53
CaptLloydthe website?21:53
hackedhead.... 0_o..21:53
CaptLloydI can...21:53
CaptLloydIt just hates you21:53
hackedheadgood here21:54
rxinope its just my shitty router21:54
hackedhead... punishment for being away to long, crux disowned out21:54
hackedheads/out/you ....?  like english did to me apparently...21:54
rxibeing away too long?21:54
hackedhead.... wow.  i have been awake too long... the three letter names are running together...21:55
rxistop taking so much lsd then21:55
hackedheadbut i love lsd.....  *sniff*21:55
* hackedhead goes in search of caffiene (and more lsd...)21:55
rxibrb .. manual reboot required :(21:56
nipuLdamn, still half an hour until i can leave22:01
vkdnipuL, hola22:01
rxiomg its nipuL too .. the planets must definitaly be aligned today22:01
* nipuL courtseys towards vkd22:01
vkdrxi, hahaha. Maybe it's global warming22:02
vkdI am tired of blackbox... The Apple store ruined me! I want eye candy!22:02
nipuLit's days like this i wish someone would give me a programming job22:04
nipuLbeen dismantling PCs all morning22:04
rxinipuL: yeah i know what you mean22:04
nipuLthen i have to test all the parts i salvaged22:04
*** RyoS has quit IRC22:05
*** RyoS has joined #crux22:05
nipuLthen build crappy elcheapo computers from them22:05
rxirofl .. would cost more in labour22:05
nipuLi know :\22:05
rxiyou guys have an account with asi solutions?22:05
nipuLnot that i'm aware of22:06
rxiahh .. they do an ex govt p4 with 17" monitor for like $250ex22:06
nipuLwe get our machines from apcd22:07
rxiwe sell like 1 or 2 a week22:07
nipuLex govt optimas22:07
rxiahh they would be pretty average22:07
nipuLthey are adequate22:08
nipuLbut the ones i'm building are sub-$100 specials22:09
nipuLold p2s and crap22:09
rxiif you cant afford $500 for a machine you shouldnt own one22:09
vkdI am downloading 2.222:13
jaegervkd: you rang?22:14
vkdjaeger, hey, how's life22:14
jaegerbusy but otherwise good. yours?22:14
jaegerthe USA is still seriously under-represented on the crux user map22:15
CaptLloydI'm in the US!22:15
CaptLloydHow do I add myself22:15
jaegersend your coordinates to cptn22:15
jaegerand your name/irc nick22:15
rxinipuL: thats $100USD :P22:16
rxijaeger: those damn europeans breed like rabbits :P22:17
vkdUS ? Underrepresented??? WHAT? I count for like 100!22:17
jaegerwe do, too, unfortunately22:17
jaegervkd: heh22:17
vkdIf #crux is found to have wmd's, I'll liberate it!22:18
* rxi heads out for a weekend on the gas, lickin ass22:18
CaptLloydI'm gonna leave for a weekend with my girlie in about 50 min22:18
vkdjaeger, do you still do precompiled port versions of firefox/thunderbird?22:18
jaegervkd: I haven't posted one recently but I could if needed22:18
vkdwell, that's ok, I was just curious. I am probably going to do a failed attempt at updating to 2.222:19
jaegerwhy should it fail? :)22:19
vkdbecause I haven't done any seirous hackory with a pc in months22:20
CaptLloydoooh, hackory22:20
jaegerwell, hopefully it'll go smoothly22:20
vkdjaeger, I went to see the new apple book, damn nice22:20
vkdOS X... looking sweet22:20
CaptLloyd This processor is in a 478-pin micro-FCPGA2 (479) form factor22:21
CaptLloydThat's the 479 I was talking about22:21
CaptLloydIf anyone is here that was following that topic22:22
CaptLloydjust happened to be on that link I pasted earlier22:22
jaegerj^2's got one of the pros, I think22:22
vkdjaeger, I ran iPhoto and Aperture and bunch of other progs. Looked nice. Display was crisp22:23
vkdran a movie too22:23
vkdand it has a camera built in22:23
jaegerI might buy one if I hadn't just bought my sager a few months back :)22:23
jaegerbuying a house now, though, so I don't have a lot of extra money22:23
vkdIt's pricey22:23
jaegersagers aren't too bad, alienware hardware without the price tag22:24
jaegerI paid $2044 (with shipping) for a 2.13GHz pentium M, 2G RAM, pci-express geforce 6600gt22:24
CaptLloydMy friend has a Sager, he loves it22:24
vkd1099 which makes no sense, their mini costs 800 with a Core Duo, and notebook 1100 so basically, for 300 bucks, you get a tft display, keyboard, notebook form factor. And you can still use it just like a mini. So why would anyone get a mini? stupid pricing22:25
jaegerI've been quite happy with mine22:25
vkdI want it more for the software22:26
jaegerI'm not a big fan of osx, myself, so can't really justify buying an apple laptop when my sager will run linux, windows, freebsd, or whatever else22:26
jaegerAFK for a while, gonna watch some TV... leave a message if you need something :)22:27
jaegerI'll upload the firefox/thunderbird packages when they're done building22:27
prologicyou could probably get the ff bin package from here22:28
prologicbut I don't build thunderbird22:28
*** jdolan has joined #crux22:57
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o jdolan22:57
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*** morlenxus has joined #crux23:06
*** brian|lfs has joined #crux23:31
*** vkd has joined #crux23:33
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vkd2.2 running, nice..23:33
CaptLloydNice man23:37
CaptLloydI'm off for the weekend see you all Sunday!23:37
*** vkd has quit IRC23:40
*** vkd has joined #crux23:40
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o vkd23:40
*** predatorfreak has quit IRC23:52
jaegeruploaded the firefox and thunderbird packages if you still want them23:56
vkdcool, thanks23:56
vkdjaeger, is that for 2.2 ?23:57
vkdor 2.1?23:57
*** brian|lfs has quit IRC23:59

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