IRC Logs for #crux Saturday, 2006-05-20

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nipuLsweet, got remote esd working00:11
nipuLi can log in from any computer and it will redirect the sound to it00:12
nipuLi wonder how well movies will play00:12
nipuLawesome :D00:14
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tilmandns just decided to stop working here06:30
tilmanthe weird thing is that just the answer section of the query remains empty06:31
tilmanie the authority and additional sections are being filled o__O06:32
jjpkJust sounds like your dns servers are hosed, maybe poisoned.06:37
tilmani always have several dns servers in my resolv.conf06:38
tilmannow, the first one in the list was fucked (omitting the answer section, dunno why)06:38
tilmanbut, libc didn't count that as a failure06:38
tilmanand so it didn't go and tried the other servers in the list06:38
tilmani don't know whether that explanation makes sense, but it seems that's how it works06:39
* tilman happily resolves host names again06:39
marotilman: what was the fix?06:41
maroremoving the bad server from the list?06:42
ningoDon't the e17-project has a decent cvs server now?06:48
tilmansomeone tell Han to look at that bug06:48
maroHan: look at that bug06:50
ningoand do it fast!06:50
HanSo do you think you are funny?07:03
HanWhat's the proper sed command?07:03
tilmansed --help of course07:18
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tilmanartur_t: test the last patch i attached and let me know whether it's good enough for you please08:22
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artur_ttilman: all works08:34
artur_tbut your package is bigger :P08:39
tilmanmaking two ports for the same package doesn't seem to be right :)08:40
artur_ti don't like second 'make install'08:41
artur_tyou can use 'install' instread08:41
tilmanwhat do you mean?08:42
artur_tinstall -m 0644 path/to/ $PKG/lib/
artur_twe need only this lib, right? so why we must install all files again?08:47
tilmanjust in case it wants to install even more stuff :p08:48
tilmanbetter safe than sorry etc08:48
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artur_tmore stuff = simple links to this lib, we can create them manually08:49
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aonhi ulughbegh09:00
ulughbeghyo aon09:01
artur_ttilman, u can also use 'make install.ncurses'09:10
tilmanflyspray sucks.09:12
aonyeah, better use flypaper to save the environment ;)09:13
artur_ttilman, yet one variant: 'make libs install.ncurses'09:16
tilmani like the current solution :p09:16
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ulughbeghtilman, take some break09:17
tilmanulughbegh: why?09:17
ulughbeghyou are tired09:17
artur_t'make libs install.ncurses' works normal and doesn't take so long time as ' make ; make install'09:20
tilmanartur_t: you should use ccache, then it would fly :P09:22
tilmanartur_t: it doesn't even work :>09:24
artur_twhat's the error?09:25
tilmanthe's were missing (footprint mismatch)09:27
marowhy not 2 packages?09:27
tilmanartur_t: i suggest you 'svn up' core/ncurses and then try your fixes until you have something that works09:27
tilmanartur_t: then i'll look at it to consider whether it's cool to have :p09:27
artur_tdid you set DESTDIR=$PKG09:29
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prologicanyone know of a tool to convert an mbox file into nice pretty html equivalent  ?10:17
aongoogle says there's at least mbox2html and mail2html10:18
aondunno if they're nice :)10:18
prologicahh thanks10:19
prologicI couldn't quite think of the nae10:20
prologicI'd used such tools before a few years ago10:20
aon and probably10:20
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CaptLloyd-2Where can I find a list of packages included on the 2.2 ISO?12:32
CaptLloyd-2I wanna install on my laptop without losing my XP's NTFS and am trying to figure out how to get ntfsprogs on when I initally boot the CD12:33
CaptLloyd-2Last time I added a file to the crux CD (kernel source) it wouldn't boot correctly.  And I also cannot remove the install CD until Ive actually installed so putting the NTFS resizer on a second CD will also not work in my case.  Has anyone an idea of how I should go about resizing my NTFS partition so that I can install crux?12:37
CaptLloyd-2ooh, I think I found something12:39
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jjpkWhen I bought the laptop one and a half years ago, I used a knoppix live cd to resize the ntfs partition.12:39
CaptLloyd-2Yeah, I found a livecd that is for partitioning12:40
CaptLloyd-2knoppix, I'll try that if this doesn't work12:40
CaptLloyd-2Thanks, you've been very helpful :)12:41
jjpkIt is extremely heavy for simply partitioning, though I happened to have it around.12:41
CaptLloyd-2I'm at my girlfriend's and she's out at lunch wit a friend so this is like my little project12:41
jjpkI believe the program was called gparted or kparted.12:41
treach"qparted" iirc.12:42
jjpkOh right, it was QTParted.12:42
CaptLloyd-2gparted is what I just downloaded12:43
CaptLloyd-2I'm gonna burn it12:43
CaptLloyd-2If this works I'll be installing crux in a little bit :) Thanks everyone12:44
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jaegerheyo, danm13:41
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rugekhi danm13:49
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jdolanxterm is messing up long commands with incorrect wraps.14:19
jdolanvery annoying.  any ideas?14:19
vektoriDo you use ANSI codes in your prompt?14:23
jdolanit just overwrites previous lines.14:23
jdolando i have to export COLS or COLUMNS or something14:24
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deus_exulughbegh: What's up?15:45
ulughbeghdeus_ex, who are you?15:46
deus_exulughbegh: AKA pedja.I was away,and someone registered my nick :-(15:47
ulughbeghhey pedja15:48
deus_exulughbegh: Hi,sorry for the confusion :-)15:48
ulughbeghdont worry15:49
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deus_exbe happy15:49
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ulughbegh_vektori, what do you think about eurovision?15:56
aonwe're evil and satanic, the others are just plain horrible and half-naked15:57
vektoriYeah. :P15:57
vektoriAnd the whole event is a joke.15:58
aonyeah, this sucks15:58
aoni should've staid overnight in the forest to avoid it :)15:58
deus_exMy country is banned from Eurovision this year.What a loss...16:00
ulughbegh_not a big loss16:00
aonhehe, that's also common for us16:00
ulughbegh_but man, makedonian girl was great in visual16:01
deus_exulughbegh: They are,in general.Great temperament,as well16:01
deus_exThey tend to get fat past the age of 30,though.16:03
deus_exulughbegh: What's the name of that macedonian girl,do you recall?16:05
deus_exI'm not watching Eurovision.16:05
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ulughbegh_i think her name  is elena16:07
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deus_exulughbegh: Thanks.16:12
deus_exulughbegh: Elena Ristevska16:12
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deus_exblackus: Hello,welcome.16:15
blackusI got some questions about crux64, any users here atm?16:15
jaegerI use it16:21
blackusconcerning ports: danm has adjusted some of the core and opt ports. because of the symlinks from /usr/lib to /usr/lib64, old ports work as well (but feel a bit dirty).16:25
* danm too16:25
blackusby creating these special ports for crux64, there is redundant update work to do - why not adapt pkgadd to move the lib-directories to the desired place?16:26
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danmI've been thinking about that too.16:29
blackusbecause right now I check almost every port not adjusted, if the x86 port is ok for crux64 - which is quite annoying16:30
blackusbut rewriting all Pkgfiles for 64bit is even more annoying - not to mention the double update work16:31
danmSome ports need special adjustments (openssl, cups etc.) it would work as long as you have the lib directory symlink.16:32
tilmanif the symlink hack works, why bother? :p16:32
danmtilman: it somehow dirty16:32
tilmanpff :D16:32
blackustilman: it just doesn't feel right :D16:32
danmthe right way(tm) would be lib64 -> 64bit and lib -> 32bit16:35
blackusso, right now it's "installing from ports-x86 what's possible and write a new port for the rest"?16:36
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ulughbeghFinland won \o/16:37
aonnot yet :)16:37
tilmanomg o_O16:38
vektoriulughbegh, what do you think about Lordi?16:38
ulughbeghthey have good sound. is it power metal they made?16:39
danmblackus: I don't know how many people are using crux64. I'm sure it's a minority - that's why everything is sooo complicated and user-unfriendly ;-)16:39
ulughbeghor speed16:40
danmblackus: new ideas -> clc-crux64 mailinglist.16:40
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predatorfreakhmmm, anyone else notice that ripperx/flite/ivtv/dia constantly checkout from contrib even though NOTHING changes.16:41
blackusdanm: where is the new clc-crux64 list? all links pointed to berlios16:42
blackus(or I was just too blind ;) )16:42
danmit's the list at berlios (
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blackusahh, ok. thought that one was down16:46
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danmblackus: hehe, remember: don't send more than two mails/month. Some subscribers could get a heart attack.16:47
blackus:D naa, it was just that berlios threw some errors at me yesterday when I tried to access the archive (or join? - don't remember) - must have been my fault16:50
danmhmm, it IS down (at the moment)..16:50
ulughbeghcongragulations vektori, aon16:53
vektori\o\ \o/ /o/16:55
vektoriHell has frozen over.16:57
tilmaneurovision=fubar :D16:57
aonand for the next 30 years we'll send some clown in a rubber mask "because it worked once" and get no points17:01
aoneverything back to normal ;)17:01
tilmanulughbegh: suprisingly, they play hard rock, not metal :)17:02
deus_exWho will co-host next year in Finland?Ozzy?17:02
tilmanulughbegh: power metal and speed metal both is much faster usually :P17:02
ulughbeghtilman, strange17:02
ulughbeghi heard faster sound17:03
ulughbeghi am not sure it was hard rock, but sure i am not an expert of music17:05
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bd2hey, congrats to Finland :-)17:19
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ulughbegha comment from musician, "Finland's victory is not suprise; sound, state of the art costumes and whole band was great, it is clear they well prepared after years without achived first place"17:44
ningofinland won? predictable, really17:49
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bd2 - hey! video available18:02
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hackedheadwoo!  hooray for musicbrainz being ported already =D18:51
thrice`for linux?18:51
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hackedhead.. does anyone use the libtunepimp port? i've installed it in hopes of using the musicbrainz tagger....20:52
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