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marohackedhead: I think most kde users have it installed01:54
maroany problems with it?01:54
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rxilol .. lordi won eurovision02:38
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prologicwho was the maintainer for p5-lwp ?03:59
prologicit's no longer in the trees03:59
prologicgeez christ03:59
prologicit's gone altogether03:59
aonit's -libwww04:02
prologicwhat ?04:05
aonp5-libwww is lwp04:05
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prologicprobably never noticed the rename04:05
prologicthanks :)04:06
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prologicI'm getting all sorts of weird Date/ warnings/errors04:15
prologicUse of uninitialized value in pattern match (m//) at /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.8.8/Date/ line 3298.04:16
prologicUse of uninitialized value in multiplication (*) at /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.8.8/Date/ line 3300.04:16
prologicthe xmltv update still worked (mythfilldatabase)04:20
prologicbut I notice something stuffed up, there are & in some of the titles04:20
prologiccrux doesn't support rlimits yet does it ?04:56
vektoriprologic: rlimits are a kernel feature.04:58
prologicahh k04:58
prologiclocated under ?04:58
vektoriman setrlimit04:59
prologicI'm assuming if I enable it04:59
prologicI can create a /etc/security/rlimits.conf file ?04:59
prologicdirectory currently doesn't exist here04:59
vektoriThere's no magic /etc/security in CRUX.05:00
prologicmythtv is complex software05:01
* prologic kicks the mythtv devs05:01
vektoriYou can use e.g. bash's ulimit(1) to set rlimits.05:02
prologicahh k05:02
prologicmight try this though05:02
prologicseeing as the docs reccomend it05:03
prologicneed to upgrade my kernel neways and test out the new ivtv driver05:03
prologiconly works with >=2.6.1605:04
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marohas anybody used directfb?06:39
vektoriNo, has* :)06:40
cnukemaro: yeah06:42
marovektori: heh, ok :)06:42
marocnuke: so how good is it? can it replace X? :P06:43
cnukeit is usable but not a X replacement06:43
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marohm, ok :)06:44
ningowhat's so debian 'bout it?06:46
ningono, that doesn't look like a debian swirl on that radar map06:49
rxi << thats debian logo06:50
vektoriSomeone's lacking some imagination.06:50
ningovektori: 'lacking some imagination' as in 'standing upside down and consuming lsd'?06:50
aonnow i can't find the microsoft graph where the attacker looks like the debian logo :)06:52
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prologicQ: What'd be the best way to merge in fixes from mythtv-0.19's fixes branch from svn ?07:00
aona patch with the fixes?07:05
aonor make the port check it out from svn ;)07:06
tilmantough question07:06
prologicthat's ugly :)07:06
prologicI'm thinking I might export the tree07:06
prologictar is up and stick it on my webserver07:06
prologicit's just a damn shame the mythtv devs are so slow at releases07:06
tilmancreate a patch07:07
tilmani don't want to download a new tarball everytime they change one line in the fix07:07
prologicI'll try and create a diff of the entire tree against the stable 0.19 then07:08
prologicor I could do some hackery inthe Pkgfile07:09
marothat's just as stupid07:09
maromake a plain svn port :)07:09
prologicany existing ports like this then ?07:09
maroI obviously assume we're talking a lot of fixes07:10
prologicprobably - I wouldn't know07:10
maropersonally I'd suck out the most important ones07:10
maroand either attach them as patches in the port, or if they're big, host them externally07:10
prologicgawd this is gonna be some work :/07:10
maronot at all :)07:11
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niewodI have a question about imagemagick and libpng08:15
tilmanask it then08:16
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niewodI tried to build IM in crux 2.2, but I failed. Have any of you build it properly?08:17
tilmandetails regarding the build error would be awesome08:19
Han`It doesn't work...'08:19
niewodThe error message:08:20
niewodthen mv -f "coders/.deps/magick_libMagick_la-png.Tpo" "coders/.deps/magick_libMagick_la-png.Plo"; else rm -f "coders/.deps/magick_libMagick_la-png.Tpo"; exit 1; fi08:20
niewodcoders/png.c: In function 'ReadOnePNGImage':08:20
niewodcoders/png.c:1758: warning: implicit declaration of function 'png_access_version'08:21
niewodcoders/png.c:1767: error: 'png_ptr' undeclared (first use in this function)08:21
niewodcoders/png.c:1767: error: (Each undeclared identifier is reported only once08:21
niewodmake: *** [coders/magick_libMagick_la-png.lo] Error 108:21
niewodcoders/png.c:1767: error: for each function it appears in.)08:21
tilmanthat might be due to the libpng update to 1.2.1008:21
tilmanhang on08:21
Hanonly the first error: line was interesting.08:21
HanSearch google for that line08:21
niewodI found:
niewodwhich is in agreement with tilman suggestion08:22
niewodI chacek debian and rpm distribution an all of them have libpng 1.1.808:23
niewod1.2.8 of course :)08:23
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tilmanniewod: i'm looking into it08:33
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tilmanimagemagick=crap :)08:36
tilmanniewod: fixed, can you try the diff for me?08:38
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niewodI rebuild ImageMagick with libpng from Crux 1.2.8 and it works08:57
niewodfrom Crux 2.1 (libpng 1.2.8)08:58
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niewodtileman your patch works09:28
niewodThank you very much :)09:34
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niewodI found another bug09:54
niewodlibmovtar cannot be build with gcc409:54
niewodi succes when switch CC flag into gcc-3 (from my gcc-3 port)09:55
aonvektori: add a space between tile and man and you can almost imagine what the megaman opponent would be like ;)09:56
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tilmanjaeger: <    niewod> I found another bug, libmovtar cannot be build with gcc410:35
jaegerok, i'll look into it10:38
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niewodI'll send more info later. Bye now10:48
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tilmanis clc-devel still borked?10:48
tilmani tried to send a mail again, but after 5 minutes i neither got a 'b0rk b0rk b0rk' mail nor was it delivered10:49
ningowell, obviously we need to call starship enterprise10:49
tilmanmaybe it's time to consider moving clc-devel to :)10:54
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larrynI wrote that I have problem with libmovtar and gcc413:21
larrynThere are many warning:13:21
larrynwarning: pointer targets in initialization differ in signedness13:21
larrynand finally13:28
larrynRTjpeg.c: In function 'RTjpeg_mcompressYUV422':13:29
larrynRTjpeg.c:3127: warning: pointer targets in assignment differ in signedness13:29
larrynRTjpeg.c:3155: warning: pointer targets in passing argument 1 of 'RTjpeg_dctY' differ in signedness13:29
larrynRTjpeg.c:3164: warning: pointer targets in passing argument 1 of 'RTjpeg_dctY' differ in signedness13:29
larrynWith gcc-3 everything is ok13:30
larrynBTW Dia have a newer version.13:34
larrynthan in port13:34
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Hancheck for patches from the developmentteam.13:51
Hanor even better, testdrive the newer version.13:51
larrynI confirm that libmovtar works after last port update13:54
larrynI don't use dia at all, but somebody's had a problem with it13:55
larryn(on the mailng list)13:55
larrynmy first impression was that is another gcc4 problem13:56
larrynI check dia website and after 0.94 it was gcc4 fix13:56
HanCould you be kinds and report this to the maintainer?13:57
larrynI wrote aboyt it to crux mailing list, is it enough?13:59
larrynor rather wrote directly to James13:59
vektoriJames is on the list, so that will do.13:59
HanYou wrote to James directly, that's great. :o)14:02
larrynI had not time in the meanwhile James responsed at list ;)14:05
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prologicumm yeah well14:14
prologicI'm kinda already on the case as you might have gathered14:15
prologicjust dia is being a bitch14:15
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jaeger!seen jdolan14:28
-MelOne- jaeger, I don't know anything about jdolan, don't you mean morlenxus?14:28
jaeger@seen jdolan14:28
clbjaeger: jdolan was last seen in #crux 1 day, 0 hours, 4 minutes, and 13 seconds ago: <jdolan> do i have to export COLS or COLUMNS or something14:28
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jjpkSomeone has impecable timing. ;)14:47
tilmanmaro: see the latest "what's in git.git"14:52
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jdolanjaeger, *hump*15:00
jdolani'll install it tomorrow and give it a spin.15:00
thrice`jaeger: instead of what you have on the readme, would this work in .xinitrc ?15:10
thrice`exec dbus-launch --exit-with-session /opt/gnome/bin/gnome-session15:10
thrice`er.../usr/bin instead of /opt15:10
thrice`i seemed to be having problems in gnome the other day that I thought was related to dbus, but couldn't locate it for sure.  Just lots of apps crashing15:12
thrice`i thought that might be it, but not sure =|15:12
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marotilman: nice15:38
larrynI resolved problem with libavifile in 2.2 (upgrade to newwer version) should I send it to Maintainer or Packager?15:38
larrynjaeger are you hear?15:41
jaegerno, but I'm here.15:41
vektoriBa dum chh.15:42
larrynlibavifile should be upgrade to 0.7-0.7.4515:43
jaegerok, will have a look at that, too15:45
tilmanlibavifile... that reminds me of the pre-mplayer days15:48
tilmanwhen watching divx movies was a pita :D15:48
jaegerugh, yeah15:48
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larrynand mjpegtools should be upgrade to 1.8.016:04
ulughbeghi cant login with gdm, errors were related with new openssl/ssh stuff, which ports should i recompile??16:05
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jaegerwhat errors?16:07
prologiculughbegh, recompile from the bottom up from a deptree16:09
ulughbeghjaeger, i am not sure, wait a second pls16:09
jaegerrevdep might save you some time16:09
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ulughbegh/usr/etc/gdm/Xsession: Setup done, will execute: /usr/bin/ssh-agent -- gnome-session16:14
ulughbeghOpenSSL version mismatch. Built against 90709f, you have 90802f16:14
ulughbeghgnome-session works from .xinitrc16:14
jaegerhard to tell which part is complaining in that16:15
jaegermight just need to rebuild gdm16:15
ulughbeghi ll try16:16
ulughbeghwith revdep results16:16
ulughbeghjdolan, do you have any video record of your motorbike rides?16:19
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tilmansounds like it might be ssh16:37
tilmancan you run "ssh-agent" on its own?16:38
ulughbeghOpenSSL version mismatch. Built against 90709f, you have 90802f16:38
ulughbeghas i said "tilman is tilman"16:40
tilmantrue true16:40
jaegersergeant obvious! you've just been promoted to captain!16:40
jaegerperhaps "tilman is the man" :)16:42
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vektoriOh no, they killed maro. You bastards!16:46
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jaegerI was just thinking that16:50
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acruxdoeas clc-contrib ml17:23
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larrynI've just install plugger17:58
larrynand I'm quite confussing17:58
larrynwhat is the true:17:58
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larrynDon't forget to make a symlink from /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins to /usr/lib/plugger/plugger.so17:58
larrynor next line in readme17:59
larryn ln -s /usr/lib/plugger/ /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/plugger.so17:59
jaegerthey're both correct18:00
jaegerthe first describes what you need, the second tells you how to get it18:00
larrynbut first line is wrong18:01
jaegerhow so?18:01
jaegermozilla instead of firefox?18:01
larrynI see18:01
larrynfor me symlink has oposte direction :)18:02
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larrynbtw. Is it normal that I have no 'standard plugins'? I have only plugins installed from other ports (plugger, adobe, flash...)18:07
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predatorfreakjaeger: Can I ask you to change the URL of my ports repository?21:55
predatorfreakjaeger: As soon as I rsync it to my server, it will be
predatorfreakJust waiting on rsync to compile.21:58
predatorfreakSeeing as my host is primarily dead right now, I figure this is the best route.21:58
predatorfreakjaeger: Done.21:59
predatorfreakGotta love rsync's ability to compress stuff :)21:59
predatorfreakjaeger: Thanks22:01
predatorfreakjaeger: This is better than waiting for my host to return and letting it bitch for an eternity :P22:03
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hackedheadsheesh... anyone know of a decently powerful id3 tagger... more so than tagtool or easytag?22:21
prologicwrite ya own ? :)22:32
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hackedheadmaybe... there's a long list of software i need to write... first order of business is learning a decent language though =P23:02
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