IRC Logs for #crux Monday, 2006-05-22

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Romsteri updated to crux 2.2 and after i've rejmerged and compiled the kernel and edited fstab and lilo.conf i get a error of fatial raid_setup: stat("/dev/hda") when i do lilo, i have no idea what thats ment to mean i got a pata hdd01:50
Romsterno raid or scsi01:50
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Romsternevermind i think i got the problem solved i'll try it later02:00
mike_kGot "autopoint: *** cvs program not found" on updating core/cpio02:15
tilmanfile a bug please02:15
tilmanso i don't forget about it again02:15
tilmanwhen you filed the bug, you can try the following fix:02:18
tilmanafter the "patch" line in pkgfile, enter:02:18
mike_kprt-get depinst cvs02:18
tilmansed -e -i 's/^AM_GETTEXT.*//' configure.ac02:19
mike_ktilman: I've already installed cvs and cpio, or do want me to test the above line?02:23
tilmanmike_k: it's okay, i can do it myself tonight :)02:24
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Romsterwhy not just add cvs as a depends on?02:46
tilmancause that's retarded?02:46
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Romstererm i missread the line as mike_k's and not tilman's nevermind my mistake03:07
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predatorfreakHmm, looks like jaeger didn't update the actual httpup file that the cronjob uses :\03:28
predatorfreakSince it's still trying to hit the old server.03:28
tilmanwhy do people continue to have ports in their repos that are in opt?03:34
tilman(found cogito and git ports in people's repos o_O)03:34
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Hellsonanyone know if its possible to install msn for mac onto crux?03:35
Hellsonapparently you can install mac msn on linux...i don't know if its true but its something i heard03:35
predatorfreaktilman: Do you have any ability to modify the httpup files for repos? Because I get sick of seeing "failed to sync" messages in my inbox every hour :(03:37
tilmani don't03:42
predatorfreaktilman: Who does? :\03:44
pitillotilman, the sames ports? may be they were changed by the repo owner and differs in something to the opt ports. If it doesn, its a good idea to remove them from their repos.03:47
tilmanpitillo: yes:)03:49
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pitillotilman, if you have a bit of time, can you take a look to my repo? Any sugestion or problem is welcome :)
tilmansure :)03:53
tilmanpitillo: i'd rename ati_old_driver to the canonical name, whatever that is03:56
tilmanmaybe either ati-driver or ati_driver03:56
tilmanmaybe fglrx03:56
tilmanpitillo: "ett" should be called "eet"! :)03:56
pitillotilman, but is an older version of the ati driver, this is the only version that runs with RV250 chipsets. I thought in the name of that port and the fact of that name is that reason.03:59
tilmanpitillo: usually, you should use "" instead of a specific sf mirror (-> xcdroast)03:59
pitillotilman, nice observation about the eet port :)03:59
tilmanpitillo: seems you didn't test it at all :>04:00
predatorfreak <-- Hahaha, McDonalds owns the rights to Martin Luther King! :P04:01
pitillotilman, I?ll change it. didn?t test xcdroast? I did it, but I?ll review it.04:01
tilmanpitillo: i meant you apparently didn't test "ett" :)04:01
pitillotilman, I think in xcdroast, sorry. I?ll take a look.04:05
pitilloarf, they changed the path in E I think. Need to review the eet port. Thanks for the help tilman :) Learning bit a bit.04:17
tilmanpitillo: they've got a new cvs repo/server04:23
tilmanpitillo: it's been announced on , too04:23
tilmanpitillo: look for MUNCHKINs04:23
pitillotilman, MUNCHKINs ??? I read it, and see that they changed the cvs server and the path. I changed and it works fine. This afternoon will change the repo.04:36
tilmanokay :)04:37
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s_warlockwhy isn't there a prelink port it's not so hard to make install the elfutils and make the following build for prelink ./configure --prefix=/usr && make && make check && make install after that copy the prelink.conf to /etc06:28
s_warlockthen to prelink06:28
s_warlockprelink -amRv06:28
copworkits so easy you could do it06:29
s_warlocki have done it06:29
copworkcan you feel the proudness06:30
s_warlockhave heard alot of pepole that requests prelink06:30
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s_warlockthe speed change is great06:30
s_warlockat least when you open the programs like konqueror06:31
copworki have never used it06:31
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copworkbut is your repo linked in the portdb ?06:32
s_warlockhe he06:33
s_warlockdidn't se that sten and prefatorfreak had prelink port06:34
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copworksee :-)06:35
s_warlocknot the newest prelink version06:37
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aonoh nice, now even the v4 dns doesn't work anymore06:40
predatorfreaks_warlock: I built a prelink/elfutils port combo awhile agho.06:45
predatorfreaks_warlock: Now, my host is currently dead.06:45
predatorfreakBut I moved my stuff over to my repo.06:45
predatorfreakerr, server*06:45
predatorfreaks_warlock: and I'll update it now.06:46
s_warlockpredatorfreak: nice06:46
s_warlockpredatorfreak: there have comed a new verion of elfutils 0.12006:47
predatorfreaks_warlock: is the replacement for my old repo.06:47
predatorfreaks_warlock: I'll update both.06:47
s_warlockpredatorfreak: great06:47
predatorfreakI moved to -Bdirect for awhile then I said screw it to both.06:47
predatorfreakMy system starts fast as-is :P06:47
predatorfreaks_warlock: Then again, I'm using Openbox :P06:49
s_warlocki'm using  pekwm06:49
s_warlockopenbox is nice06:50
predatorfreakThe only really "large" applications I'm using are Opera and k3b.06:52
predatorfreakK3b because I'm dead-lazy.06:52
predatorfreakOpera because I've taken a liking too it :P06:52
s_warlockjust that i like konquror as a file browser06:52
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s_warlockk3b is nice06:52
predatorfreaks_warlock: I'd use something less-demanding, but I'm a lazy, lazy person :P06:53
s_warlockfirefox gain a lite bit better speed if you use pipelining06:53
predatorfreaks_warlock: It's not rendering speed that I care about.06:54
predatorfreakIt's requirements on resources and start time.06:54
predatorfreakand Opera is noticably better here for both.06:54
s_warlockhe he06:54
s_warlockpredatorfreak: use dillo if you care about resorses06:55
s_warlockor links06:55
predatorfreakFirefox eats like 24MB of disk space.06:55
predatorfreaks_warlock: I'm not THAT Nazi.06:55
s_warlockhe he06:55
predatorfreakBut Firefox eats a noticable 60MB of memory after heavy usage.06:55
predatorfreakCompared to Opera eating about 20MB.06:55
predatorfreakFAIL: deps1.sh06:56
predatorfreakFAIL: deps2.sh06:56
predatorfreakFAIL: undosyslibs.sh06:56
predatorfreakThose tests consistently fail.07:00
predatorfreakLooking at how Gentoo do it though, they seem to skip make check :\07:01
predatorfreakMaybe the checks are busted?07:01
predatorfreakThey may just need root as well.07:02
predatorfreakI was running them as user...07:02
predatorfreakwell deps1 and 2 still fail.07:03
predatorfreakbut undosyslibs works.07:03
predatorfreaks_warlock: Works fine though.07:04
predatorfreakSo I guess it's not critical.07:04
s_warlockhe he found a problem with my vt8235 sound chip it seams that art doesn't like the new alsa drivers07:04
predatorfreakaaahhhh arts!07:05
* predatorfreak hides.07:05
predatorfreakI nuked that.07:05
s_warlockhe he my girfriend runs kde07:05
predatorfreaks_warlock: Uploaded the new elfutils/prelink.07:06
predatorfreakDrop a message to if it changes and I don't update.07:06
predatorfreakOne thing I can say for prelink, it NOTICABLY improves the time it takes for gimp to start.07:08
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predatorfreakWelp, I've gotta do some morning crap.07:13
predatorfreakThen it's documenting XD07:13
predatorfreakThe worst part of any project, documenting it.07:14
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pitilloI changed the ports at my repo.09:05
pitilloIf anyone has any sugestion or can see something bad, please tell me. :) (sorry the two lines)09:06
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larrynThe glibmm package from gnome ports cannot be build09:16
larrynNo package 'sigc++-2.0' found09:16
larrynthis package is in han, jolupa and pazo  repos09:16
jaegerthere isn't a glibmm package in the gnome ports09:19
larrynok. it in contrib09:24
larrynI send info to Han09:25
marolarryn: you're probably looking for libsigc++09:27
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aonit's in the deps09:32
aonbut not in the repos, it seems :/09:33
j^2hey all09:34
aonhey j^209:35
j^2how you doing aon?09:35
aonfine, enjoying my slacking time :)09:36
aon(or well, i guess it's meant for preparing for exams...)09:36
jaegerseems the ncurses update broke dialog10:09
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jaegereasy fix10:11
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jaeger--with-ncurses becomes --with-ncursesw10:11
hackedheadi recall this being taked about the other day... modprobe.conf seems to not be parsed at boot? how was that resolved?10:14
j^2gotta love readmes :-P10:14
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jdolanjaeger, my cable is out at my apt, that's why my ports aren't syncing.. i'm also not getting any email atm.10:34
jdolanso, i apologize if clc-contrib is getting spammed :-/  nothing i can do, they're fixing it this afternoon supposedly.10:35
jaegerI don't think clc-contrib is working10:35
tilmanclc-* is gone10:37
jdolanbtw, have you meant to add the user switching applet to gnome's deps list?10:37
jaegerhaven't done it yet10:39
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jaegerjdolan: updated10:51
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hackedhead ... *chirp*13:02
j^2once again, #crux is bubbling with life ;)13:10
hackedheadanimal life =P13:10
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ningohello and welcome to animal adventures, today we're watching the common geek in his habitat: the IRC13:17
hackedhead... *burble*13:17
ningothere's a good specimen!13:18
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ningonow we're robbing forward to catch a better view of his behaviour. it is important not to anger the common geek, he can get very aggressive. A fortiori if pups are around.13:19
* j^2 pulls out his tranquilzer gun13:23
* j^2 shoots himself in the foot and gets a grin on his face :P13:24
ningoah, one of the geeks seems to be in the hot13:25
ningonot, the spladdered foot - a sure sign of awareness towards female specimen13:26
j^2hahah nice13:26
j^2ah yes the lovely, "I finally got the balls to talk to you, but now i say something stupid, and kill it right there"13:27
ningonow the geek turns to his every-day-bussiness, rambling shit without context13:27
aonwhere "say something stupid" = "shoot myself and grin"13:27
j^2what would ya'll do without me?13:28
ningowe know leave these two specimen, as it seems they are dating13:28
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ningo"It also plays looped music that can't be stopped.13:34
ningothe end is near13:34
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nekrodeshi to all!! ;-)13:46
ningohi nekrodes!!!13:46
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tilmanHELLO AON13:56
tilmanwe're a bunch of retards13:56
tilmanit's wonderful13:56
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tilmaneverytime i'm speaking about retards, jjpk shows up14:01
jjpkI have that sixth sense. :p14:01
jaegerretard sense tingling!14:01
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ningodo we have some sort of changelog?14:31 -> development -> timeline14:31
ningoah, thanks14:31
ningoncurses: include wide character (unicode) libraries14:31
ningotilman, you're my god14:31
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* ningo deletes his own version14:32
tilmanwhy didn't you speak up? :)14:32
ningowell, it isn't that important for me ;)14:33
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bd2who! new mailing lists15:42
*** tilman changes topic to "CRUX 2.2 | Homepage | Ports | Paste | Temple of Knowledge | No clue, need glue! | Welcome your new mailing list overlords"15:42
* bd2 huging all15:42
jaegerI, for one, welcome our new mailing list overlords.15:42
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bd2thanks all who was involved in migration.15:44
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bd2wb jaeger. fyi, nvidia-8762 is out16:20
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danmCould anyone run the following command for me?16:58
danmnm -D /usr/lib/ | grep png_set_asm_flags16:58
danmI'd like to know whether this symbol exists on x86.17:01
jaeger00006230 T png_set_asm_flags17:02
danm%&$#! 64bit17:03
bd2yeah.. i586 rule ;-)17:03
danmgcc still doesn't support mmx on Athlon CPUs :-/17:03
tilmangot problems with imagemagick, too?17:04
tilmanor is this unrelated?17:04
danmimagemagick, yes.17:05
danmWhat kind of CPU do you own?17:06
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tilmandanm: x86, sorry. libpng 1.2.10 triggered a funny build failure in imagemagick though. something about png_set_asm_flags()17:06
danmexactly my error.17:07
tilmando you have a log? :>17:07
tilmani posted a patch to the bug tracker17:07
tilmani have no idea why sip doesn't like it17:09
tilmanit's obvious imo17:09
danmReversed (or previously applied) patch detected!  Assume -R? [n]17:12
danm%$#! 64bit17:12
danmI've not even that symbol in my :-(17:13
tilmanit's not reversed17:13
* tilman too slow i guess17:14
tilmandanm: you could just change (ie, break) the ifdefs above that code fragment17:14
tilmanso that the condition is wrong and the code gets ignored17:14
tilmanyou'll probably lose some speed, but that's still better than no png coder at all :p17:15
tilmantilman@h3879 [~/ImageMagick-6.2.6] > grep -ri png_set_asm_flags *17:15
tilmancoders/png.c:    png_set_asm_flags(png_ptr, asm_flags & ~mmx_disable_mask);17:15
tilmantilman@h3879 [~/ImageMagick-6.2.6] >17:15
danmtilman: yeah, I know. But /proc/cpuinfo says mmx and sse2 support. Only that stupid gcc doesn't like it.17:17
tilmanwhat does it say?17:20
tilmanor does it officially not support mmx on amd64?17:20
tilmanseems hard to believe :)17:20
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Hanbd2, cheers :-)17:23
danmtilman: to be honest - I don't know. At the moment I'm trying to 'debug' libpng's configure/build to find out why it excludes png_set_asm_flags().17:27
danmtilman: But I remember seeing mplayer's configure telling me something about "MMX and x86_64 is not supported yet".17:27
tilmanPNG_ASSEMBLER_CODE_SUPPORTED is not defined, right?17:28
tilmanmmh, nevermind17:29
danm{standard input}:125: Error: suffix or operands invalid for `push'17:33
tilmanand following17:34
tilmani guess it says "result: no" in your config.log for that test?17:34
tilman(it's "yes" for me)17:34
tilmandanm: you can extend the ifdef condition in imagemagick's png coder by: && PNG_ASSEMBLER_CODE_SUPPORTED17:36
tilmanthat would be correct anyway17:36
tilmansince your beloved symbol will only be present if that macro is defined17:36
tilman(it's exported in pngconf.h)17:36
danmtilman: yes, thanks.17:43
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vkdwhat do you guys use for spam filtering?21:39
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CaptLloydMy friend runs my mailserver, I don't remember what he uses21:50
CaptLloydthen I just use thunderbird to catch the ones that sometimes get through21:50
vkdI see21:51
thrice`my sys admin at work uses spamassassin21:51
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vkdAnyone up on slang? What's "Double K" ?21:58
jaegerin what context?22:01
*** thrice` has joined #crux22:02
vkdhe sings "Went to mall to buy timberlands, then dipped down a one way trying to skew up double k22:02
vkdI kinda like this song22:02
jaegerno idea22:03
vkdthought I'd download it before is shutdown as well22:03
vkdhey,can't beat .10 cents22:03
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vkdback in a bit...22:05
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CaptLloydGot a good deal today at a local Radio Shack that is going out of business23:22
CaptLloydabout 30% off this:
*** jaeger has quit IRC23:55

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