IRC Logs for #crux Tuesday, 2006-05-23

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RomsterCaptLloyd seen them b4 not much chop unless your in a very strong signal area02:23
Romster < my antenna rocks02:27
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marotilman: X11R7.1 :D03:13
tilmanmaro: oh really?03:30
koefzO RLY?03:30
marotilman: yep03:36
marocheck the list and lwn :)03:36
tilmani was sarcastic as i could ever be03:36
tilmanmaro: please DONT announce releases to me if they aren't older than a few days (or maybe a week in case of x).... i'm already on it03:37
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marotilman: chill03:38
nekrodeshi to all ;-)03:38
marothe ":D" was meant as a "nice" and not a "get your fucking ass up and update the ports"03:40
mike_kthe line between is narrow03:43
marobe nice or I'll post a "My desktop OS: CRUX" article to newsforge :D03:43
rximaro: if you do that we will make you answer every dumb ass question that gets asked in here03:44
copworkwhere did my sandwich dissappear to ?03:44
maroI'll rdr them to mike_k and tilman03:44
rxibesides it was on newsforge ages ago iirc03:47
marohah :)03:47
aonyou can always become an osnews editor and post "Getting back to basics with CRUX" or sth :)03:55
aonhm no, that wasn't their own article03:55
aonbut anyway, be sure to say "it would be good that it doesn't have binary packages"03:56
maro"It lacks the BASICS! There's no lynx in core!"04:00
aongah, /me has to edit procmailrc now :)04:01
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prologicoh you poor baby :)04:07
prologicso do i :)04:07
prologiclynx sucks maro :)04:07
prologicgo elinks!04:07
nipuLcurl ftw!!04:21
prologicoh now come on :)04:31
prologicyou can't render anything with curl!04:31
* prologic imagines nipuL writing bash scripts with dialog to render websites with curl04:32
prologicwow cool04:46
prologicthe new dia is actually less buggy now :)04:46
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nipuLpfft, i can read html like the matrix05:01
prologicsuuuure :)05:02
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predatorfreakIs there ANYONE here who could possibly change the httpup file for my repo?06:16
rxiprobably need to speak the cptn06:17
predatorfreakI just want the damned thing to shut up.06:18
rxiemail him with the details06:18
predatorfreakrxi: I forgot his e-mail XD06:18
predatorfreakFound it.06:19
rxithe one at is gone afaik06:20
predatorfreakrxi: Yeah, works though :P06:23
predatorfreakThere, sent off.06:24
* predatorfreak will have to remember to punch his buddy who was SUPPOSED to keep his server from dieing.06:24
jjpkIt happens, you can not control everything.06:27
rxishit happens as forest would say :P06:28
predatorfreakjjpk: Well, I told him the day he first say file system corruption.06:30
predatorfreakTime to reinstall.06:30
predatorfreakBut he didn't listen.06:31
predatorfreak-say +day06:31
predatorfreakjjpk: Yeah, my initial reaction as well.06:33
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predatorfreakjaeger: Hi.06:35
predatorfreakjaeger: Well, I'm still getting bitch-mail from crux-contrib :(06:38
predatorfreakjaeger: I've dropped cptn an email though, so hopefully this will get fully resolved soon.06:39
predatorfreakCrap I can't spell.06:39
predatorfreakor I can't see.06:39
rxiand your grammer sucks06:40
jaegerah, the prtsync collection is still set to the old one06:40
predatorfreakjaeger: Yup.06:40
predatorfreakrxi: You can shoot me if you please.06:41
* rxi pulls out his 22 mag and lets predatorfreak have a few rounds06:42
* predatorfreak dodges.06:42
jaegerupdated it06:42
predatorfreakjaeger: Well then I'll drop cptn another emailing saying you did it :P06:42
jaegertraditionally cptn and jdolan have done all the work on prtsync, I forgot about it06:42
rxipredatorfreak: you think your neo now with your mad haz0ring skills and bullet dodging?06:42
predatorfreakoh and thanks.06:42
predatorfreakrxi: Nope.06:43
jaegerpredatorfreak: I'm going to drop the mail that's queued to crux-contrib about it if you don't mind06:43
predatorfreakNeo is too lovey dovey, I'm more like Agent Smith :P06:43
jaegersince it got held for approval anyway06:43
predatorfreakjaeger: Go for it.06:43
predatorfreakjaeger: Although, what's with the list not appearing on
jaegerberlios removed the project06:44
jaegerthat's why we moved the lists to lists.crux.nu06:44
jaegerand also why we couldn't import the same subscriber list :/06:45
predatorfreakjaeger: :\06:45
predatorfreakI'll resign up then.06:45
jaegerok :)06:45
predatorfreakjaeger: There :)06:51
predatorfreakjaeger: the nvidia port can't seem to fetch the file :\07:07
predatorfreakOh wait.07:07
predatorfreakWorking now.07:07
jaegernvidia's using broken round-robin mirrors like sourceforge now07:07
predatorfreakoh...... great.07:08
predatorfreakWhen will people get SANE about this stuff? :\07:08
jjpkThey just seem to love the broken round-robin system. :/07:08
jjpkNever it seems.07:08
predatorfreakjjpk: Maybe we should launch an education campaign to prevent this in the future? :P07:09
jaegerI'm sure they thought it was a good idea at the time. They just don't seem to bother with maintaining it.07:09
jjpkThis is another of those ideas that seem brilliant on paper. :p07:09
* rxi thinks it isnt easy to create and maintain a round robin system .. especially with sf's transfers07:10
predatorfreakI think they just got lazy :P07:11
jjpkHard to say what is going on anymore.07:12
jaegerI think it would be easy to maintain but maybe I'm wrong07:13
rxijaeger: i guess it depends on the amount of data transfered and the individual nodes07:13
jaegerwell, it seems to me you could break it up into a few areas: dns, storage, and sync07:14
jaegerthe only difficult one, in my opinion, is sync, and that's not even very difficult with a good rsync setup or the like07:14
rxigentoo seem to pull it off07:14
jaegerso where it all fails miserably is dns07:15
jaegerthey don't remove hosts that fail from the round-robin setup. ever.07:15
rxiyeah .. dns would be the key07:16
jaegersourceforge has been broken in this manner for years07:16
jaegernvidia's only recent but it's the same problem07:16
predatorfreakTime to restart X.07:16
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predatorfreakYay, it works :P07:19
jaegergood deal :)07:19
predatorfreakNow to update my server.07:20
rxipredatorfreak: why dont you create a round-robin server so we can complain about it when it breaks07:21
predatorfreakrxi: Because, I only have one IP and one server :P07:21
prologicwhat are we talking about anyway ?07:28
jaegersourceforge and nvidia's retarded round-robin mirror setup07:28
jaegernice idea, bad implementation07:28
prologiclemme guess07:29
prologicsomeone wants to build a round-robin mirror of them ?07:29
rxino no .. just bitching about them07:29
jaegerno, they both already do it07:29
jaegerbut they do it badly07:29
predatorfreakXorg 7.1...... too bad Modular is still a pain.07:30
jaegerI find modular to be rather easy, since tilman did all the porting work07:30
predatorfreakjaeger: Last time I tried to install it.07:30
predatorfreakI didn't have freaking sans.07:30
predatorfreakand it didn't generate the font.alias files.07:31
predatorfreakWhich were basically required to start X.07:31
predatorfreakSince it couldn't find fixed without them.07:31
jaegerhaven't had that problem myself07:31
jaegerperhaps something he's fixed since then07:32
predatorfreakjaeger: I just used the xorg port, which seems to lack quite a few major things :\07:32
predatorfreakIt was about a month or two ago.07:32
jaegerI use it as well :)07:32
predatorfreakAlthough, gl-select doesn't support it yet.07:32
predatorfreakand I'm too lazy to hack it myself :P07:32
jaegereventually I'll make the original support both07:33
predatorfreakWell then, I guess I should get to installing it.07:38
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jaegerwell, don't let me make the decision for you, certainly :)07:39
jaegerif it isn't broken...07:39
* rxi thinks he will stick with good old 6.8.207:39
predatorfreakjaeger: I've been meaning to move forever.07:40
predatorfreakI'm just lazy :P07:40
jaegerfair enough07:40
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rxiis there any tangible benefits r7 has over r6 apart from reduced compile time?07:42
jaegerI honestly don't know... I haven't followed the low level details but I really do like the compile-time part. if libxft needs updating, I don't have to update the entire thing now, just the one port, etc.07:43
predatorfreakrxi: Yes, r6 is dead too them now.07:44
predatorfreakEverything is going to be modular now.07:44
rxiyeah .. i doubt i would really care that much .. although seeing as i dont have a machine thats greater than 1ghz running linux07:44
jaegerrxi: that might be the best reason, hehe07:44
predatorfreakWell, tilman suggests killing X.07:44
predatorfreakSo I'll go with that.07:45
* predatorfreak kills X.07:45
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rxipredatorfreak: so what? unless the wm's and de's stop supporting it i dont see the need to change07:45
rxiits not like x does that much anyway07:45
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marogah, is expiring :(07:56
aonwell, renew it :)07:57
maronah, I'm poor :(08:03
prologicwhat's on it ?08:05
maronothing, that's why I won't renew it :P08:05
maroit was supposed to be stuff for ossholes08:05
prologicossholes being ?08:06
maropeople interested in oss08:06
prologicoss is dead :)08:06
prologicalsa rocks!08:06
prologicoh well08:06
aonopen-source software08:06
maroopen source software08:06
aonnot open soundsystem :)08:06
prologicI was gonna offer to renew it for you, but I won't now :)08:07
prologicsince it's related to oss ;)08:07
* prologic reads up08:07
maroyou can take it over :)08:07
* prologic ignores #crux now08:07
prologicthere's no web server behind that though08:07
marowe don't like you either08:07
prologicthat's why I asked, what's on it08:07
prologicbite me :)08:07
prologicoh fine too lazy to bite me :P08:08
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marotilman: do you know what all the stuff in /usr/lib/X11/xserver is?08:12
marolooks like nls stuff08:12
marohm, no, print stuff08:13
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maroand other stuff :)08:14
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deus_exjdolan: You are a DJ,right?08:47
deus_exrxi: 'heh'?Is he *that* good? :-)08:49
jaegerI've heard him, he's totally worth of 'heh'08:50
* jaeger ducks08:50
rxirofl even08:50
prologicdamn you Eurpoeans ;)08:51
prologicrxi we need more aussies here08:51
prologicand our own DJ :)08:51
rxideus_ex: well he's no paul oakenfold or car cox but i like his music08:51
* prologic goes on his recruiting campaign again08:51
rxiprologic: jay is an american08:51
prologicoh right08:51
prologicwell probably one of the only few :)08:51
rxiyeah .. the uk produce better dj's on average08:52
prologicoh really ?08:52
jdolanlol.. says who?08:52
rxiits alive!08:52
rxijdolan: says me08:52
jdolanif you ask me, greece and aussie have been cranking out the best talent for the past 3 years.08:53
rxiv-sag is pretty cool08:53
jdolanchable, steve may, dousk, kosmas epsilon, v-sag..08:53
prologicgo aussie!08:53
rxii havent really listened to any new stuff in ages08:53
jdolanuk had it's time to shine.. (mid-late 90s)08:54
rxiyeah .. i like listening to your collection of essential mixes :)08:54
jdolani havent heard anything terrible impressive or original coming out of europe.. except maybe james holden.08:55
rxistill would like to see glastonbury tho08:55
jdolaneurope is on this whole electro kick..08:55
jdolanit's really awful.08:55
jdolanbuzzy, clicky, grainy, poppy sounds..08:55
jdolanit's gay.08:55
rxiyeah .. i dont mind trance tho .. only in small doses08:56
jdolani dont know who thought "hey let's make music that sounds like it was produced on 1982 synths" was a good idea..08:56
jdolanbut unfortunately it caught on.08:56
jdolanoh, well yea.  then there's the trance scene..08:56
rxii mainly listen to 80's music :)O08:57
jdolantiesto, corsten and pals have had the same sound for 8 years.08:57
jdolantrance is too formulaic.08:57
rxiyeah it gets boring really quickly08:58
rxihence the small doses08:58
jdolan4 chord synth line + 4/4 kicks + cheesey female vocal == "trance anthem"08:58
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rxii really should download some new stuff08:58
jdolanDO IT08:59
predatorfreakjaeger: Okay, question.08:59
prologicdoes anyone here know how uni style net is accomplished in the linux/oss world ? ie: try to go somewhere and you get redirected to a sys login page, after which you can surf the net.08:59
predatorfreakWhere did my pretty bitstream vera fonts go? :)08:59
jdolanprologic, some dns trap, right?08:59
rxijdolan: yeah .. ill have a look tomorrow at work08:59
prologicI need to build a transparent proxy solution for a school, along with filtering and a tight firewall as well08:59
prologicjdolan, not sure08:59
prologicI sure would like to know how it's done though08:59
predatorfreakand yes, I installed the xorg-font-bitstream-vera, but they aren't the same fonts.09:00
jdolanjaeger is a sysadmin at a uni :)09:00
Hanpredatorfreak, use my freetype port09:00
rxijaeger: ahh so thats why he is the way he is :P09:00
rxijdolan rather09:00
predatorfreakHan: Will do.09:01
jjpkprologic: there should be some squid guides somewhere, look for them on google.09:01
prologicdo they cover this stuff ? I've never really seen it09:01
jjpkI have seen some guide that used iptables to "intercept" www traffic transparently into a squid proxy.09:01
jaegerprologic: nocat is what I'd suggest09:01
prologicahh k09:01
prologicI'll google that up09:01
jaegerwe use some commercial crap here, no real experience with it09:02
jaegerperfigo or something09:02
predatorfreakHan: Although, how is this supposed to help?09:02
HanDoes it hurt to try?09:02
prologic <-- that what you're referring to jaeger ?09:02
predatorfreakHan: The problem is that the fonts are just NOT the same ones as shipped in Xorg 6.9.09:03
* Han shrugs.09:03
jdolanoh, yea, anyone else notice font borkage with new xorg/firefox in crux 2.2?09:04
jaegerprologic: yes. I haven't used it myself but I've heard good things about it09:04
jdolanmy fonts looked like hammered shit.09:04
jdolani had to change the default faces in ff.09:04
prologichmm ta09:05
prologicgoogle shits me sometimes :)09:05
* predatorfreak grabs 6.9 package.09:05 for nocat and you get crap on the first 10 hits09:05
* predatorfreak grabs proper Bitstream fonts and rolls his own port.09:05
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j^2heya all09:22
aonhey j^209:26
*** deus_ex has joined #crux09:26
j^2hey aon, still studying?09:26
aonnot too much09:27
aonenglish tomorrow... math,biology and history need some reading, though09:27
j^2bah! history, just read wikipedia :P09:28
aonprobably shortened my life for couple of months because of acute rage against the postal office09:29
aonwhich was completely unnecessary in the end :)09:29
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predatorfreakI swear, nothing works.09:37
predatorfreakI've copied the fonts over, rebuilt it, restarted it a dozen times.09:37
predatorfreakand it still won't display the bitstream fonts.09:38
predatorfreakI must be missing somehing that comes with 6.9 that's NOT in this installation.09:38
predatorfreakjaeger: Does bitstream vera * work for you?09:40
jaegeryeah, no problems09:41
predatorfreakjaeger: Mind giving me a list of everything you have installed for x11r7?09:41
jaegersure, give me a min to collect it09:43
jaegernot on that box09:43
predatorfreakj^2: Thanks09:48
jaegerbitstream-vera isn't in the xorg deps list but I have it installed as well09:48
jaegerxorg deps first in that file, then "prt-get listinst | grep xorg"09:48
predatorfreakjaeger: Hmm, deps are different than mine o.O09:49
tilmanmaro: symlinks  to C which contains "print" stuff. so xprint maybe09:49
jaegerpredatorfreak: odd09:50
*** percent20 has joined #crux09:50
predatorfreakjaeger: Your telling me.09:50
jaegerfor what it's worth, my prtdir order is gnome, x11r7, core, opt, jaeger, contrib09:51
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bd2sorry for stupid question, I heard that nvidia drivers do not support xorg 7.1 yet, coz of ABI changes. is that true, anyone tried?09:54
jaegerno idea yet, haven't tried xorg 7.109:55
predatorfreakDamn it, still nothing.09:55
deus_exbd2: It's true,according to thread at NVNews forum.09:56
jaegerpredatorfreak: does /etc/fonts/fonts.conf contain the right <dir> entries?09:56
jaegerpredatorfreak: X11R6 references replaced with the correct ones09:56
tilmanbd2: si teh true!09:56
predatorfreakjaeger: ............ THAT MIGHT BE IT.09:56
tilmanbd2: (most likely, i haven't tried)09:56
jaegerpredatorfreak: <dir>/usr/lib/X11/fonts</dir> or something09:56
bd2okay, thank you all09:56
tilmanbd2: _maybe_ it will work if you disable renderaccel09:56
tilmanso the exa abi break doesn't hit09:56
tilmanbut i dunno09:56
* predatorfreak smacks forhead.09:57
bd2will wait for new nvidia drivers and then upgrade to modular x1109:57
predatorfreakjaeger: Works now! :D09:57
jaegerpredatorfreak: great :)09:57
*** mike_k has quit IRC09:57
* predatorfreak gives jaeger a "Thanks for cetching my stupid mistake" award.09:58
deus_exbd2: Officially,Nvidia will deal with that in 9x series drivers.09:58
jaegerI've made that very mistake, myself09:58
jaegerseveral times09:58
predatorfreakjaeger: Experience :P09:58
bd2deus_ex, do they tell when 9x drivers will come? ;-)09:58
predatorfreakbd2: Probably next year :)09:58
jaegerexperience is that feeling that tells you it's a mistake the second time you make it09:58
predatorfreakjaeger: Now it feels perfect.09:59
predatorfreakJust like home :P09:59
deus_exbd2: RealSoonNow [tm]09:59
jaegerpredatorfreak: :)09:59
j^2has anyone here every played with applescript?10:00
predatorfreakdestruct: Awww don't spoil my fun :P10:00
jaegerdoh! I've broken the netinst upgrade10:00
jaegerdamn setup-helper10:00
bd2ah.. I've seen that RSN on gnu site for a months when they were cracked10:00
deus_exbd2: Check
bd2deus_ex, much thanks10:00
deus_exbd2: np10:00
predatorfreakbd2: I've seen mixed reports of NVIDIA working with the beta/RC releases though.10:02
predatorfreakSo who knows :\10:02
bd2predatorfreak, afaik ABI changes was made just before release ;-)10:03
bd2near RC1, or something like that10:03
predatorfreakbd2: Ah.10:03
predatorfreakbd2: That explains it.10:03
predatorfreakbd2: Tell them to stop doing that :P10:04
bd2no. any changes are good, stagnation is worse10:05
predatorfreakbd2: Changes yes.10:05
predatorfreakAssraping my Wolf: ET no.10:05
bd2hehe. I'm playing ET too, nothing forces me to upgrade to 7.1. I can play with old xorg just fine10:06
predatorfreakbd2: I'm just moving to 7.0 because I'm a lazy bastard.10:07
predatorfreakerr no wait.10:07
predatorfreakBecause today I'm NOT a lazy bastard.10:07
predatorfreakand I know I should :)10:07
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*** ningo has joined #crux10:29
tilmanit seems my elite script to update the x11r7 ports is working10:39
predatorfreaktilman: Just don't update to 7.1 just yet :P10:40
tilmanwhat do you think i'm updating if it isn't 7.1?10:40
deus_extilman: ITYM leet10:40
tilmanhint: it's not xfree86 4.410:40
tilmanpredatorfreak: prt-get lock xorg-server10:40
predatorfreaktilman: Well, 7.1 busts nvidia-driver.10:41
tilmanor whatever the syntax is10:41
tilmani don't give a *beep* about proprietary drivers :)10:41
predatorfreakWell I do :P10:41
predatorfreakWolf: ET! :P10:41
tilmantrue combat elite!10:41
predatorfreaktilman: Either way, locking xorg-server wouldn't help much.10:42
predatorfreakOther things would be effected too.10:43
predatorfreak-effected +affected10:43
tilmani don't want to think about it really10:43
tilmancause i don't care :)10:43
tilmandon't update10:43
tilmannobody forces you10:43
predatorfreakI can't resist the goodness ;(10:43
predatorfreak-( +)10:43
jaegerprt-get lock `prt-get quickdep xorg` :)10:44
predatorfreakMeh, for the most part I've been too addicted to my Windows-based RTSes lately to care much.10:44
predatorfreakSo I'll just shutup.10:44
jaegerwhich ones?10:44
predatorfreakjaeger: C&C series, most notably Generals and Red Alert 2, Dawn Of War, Rise Of Legends.10:45
ningodeath to proprietary drivers10:45
predatorfreakThe people who did the voice "acting" for Rise Of Legends should be shot in the skull.10:46
predatorfreakBecause they SUCK.10:46
tilmanfucking violent american asshats10:46
j^2tilman: ...we all dont wear hats :P10:46
ningodon't you?10:47
predatorfreaktilman: If you had to sit through as much of that as I did to play the levels without going "WTF IS HAPPENING." you'd want to shoot them as well.10:47
* ningo tries to readjust his view of the common north-american10:47
tilmanningo: removed all the hats? :)10:47
*** mjeq has quit IRC10:47
ningoyeah, but the pile of guns under the betsheet's still there10:48
deus_exIn case of DHCP assigned address,is dhcpcd eth0 all that should be in
j^2deus_ex: yep10:49
j^2and dhcpcd -k eth0 for stop10:49
tilmani didn't understand the qestion, but the answer is probably "yes"10:49
deus_extilman: If eth0 gets its ip from dhcpcd,is /usr/sbin/dhcpcd -d eth010:50
deus_extilman: all that should go in ifconfig eth0 up or smth?10:51
jaegerdestruct: leave the lo stuff in and replace the eth0 lines with dhcpcd10:51
deus_exjaeger: Like /sbin/dhcpcd -N eth0 ?10:55
jaegerthat should work fine10:56
*** predatorfreak has quit IRC10:58
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predatorfreakHmm, one thing I just noticed with the nv driver, it's slow as crap in comparison to the closed-source RenderAccel'd nvidia driver.11:08
predatorfreak(Noticably so)11:08
predatorfreakand I like my snappy desktop :(11:09
tilmanmay i quote jaeger?11:11
tilman"sgt. obvious, you just have been promoted to captain!"11:11
tilmanyou might want to monitor nouveau.sf.net11:11
predatorfreaktilman: Have been.11:12
predatorfreakAlthough, I wasn't expecting miracles.11:12
predatorfreakBut, the nv driver IS supposeed to provide hardware 3D acceleration.11:12
tilmanof course11:13
predatorfreakand it felt like it wasn't accelerated at all.11:13
tilmanwell uhm11:13
tilmanxaa always sucked at accelerating render11:13
tilman(that's why they came up with kaa and exa)11:13
predatorfreaktilman: Hmm, doesn't 7.1 port the NV to that?11:14
tilman says exa for nv is wip11:14
predatorfreakGuess I'm stuck on 7.0 until nvidia update.11:21
predatorfreakor someone completes EXA support for the nv driver.11:21
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*** cjames has quit IRC11:28
*** cjames has joined #crux11:30
tilmanthere's a "microtouch" driver and there's a "mutouch" driver11:31
*** kensai has joined #crux11:33
kensaihi guys11:34
kensainvidia released the new driver yesterday now it is till november that they release another11:44
predatorfreakkensai: Sadly, your probably right.11:45
kensaino I believe in september and a bugfix in december and another one in february and the again the bugfix in may11:45
kensaithey are so predictable11:45
kensai2 releases starting the year and 2 releases ending the year11:46
kensaiat least its a better driver than what ati does11:46
kensaithe reason why nvidia does not open the driver I understand11:46
kensaithey don't want ati looking at their code11:46
kensainvidia was the company that made my life easier for the migration to Linux11:47
predatorfreakkensai: the 9XXX series probably won't come until then anyway :(11:50
predatorfreakand by then we'll have Xorg 7.2.11:50
predatorfreakand even more ABI nuttery!11:51
kensaiXorg is making a good job with ati11:51
kensaisince the ati company can't11:51
kensaiso sad11:52
tilmani doubt you know enough about the matter to be able to determine whether it's nuttery :)11:52
predatorfreaktilman: Nuttery is my generic term for a big change :P11:52
predatorfreakGood or bad.11:52
kensaiNvidia has been succesfull with Linux since they say they have a large Linux laboratory and they test their chips against Linux11:52
tilmanpredatorfreak: ok11:52
deus_exkensai:So does M$.11:53
deus_exHave their Linux lab,that is.11:53
kensaiyay! I want to go there and work in that laboratory where the studies are not biased :)11:53
kensaibecause you need to get the FACTS11:54
kensaiM$ is most cost effective11:54
kensaisince you can download a corporate pirated version11:54
kensaiand install it on your companies pc11:54
kensai:)11:55 is the site,I think.11:55
kensainow M$ is making some of their apps shared source11:55
kensaiand  when you read the license it is scary11:55
kensaiso many hidden things11:55
deus_exkensai:Until BSA knock on your door :-)11:55
tilmantoo bad many people don't realize that it's not about the source, but about the freedom11:56
kensaitilman, true, very true11:56
deus_exDefine freedom.11:57
tilmanfreedom to use, copy, alter, redistribute11:57
kensaiand freedom to kill11:58
kensaiopps thats not in Linux sorry11:58
deus_extilman:It's sometimes hard to get that point across.11:58
kensaiI don't use Linux because of the license or the freedom or nothing else, is just because is a better pice of Software11:59
deus_exFreedom comes in the package :)12:00
kensaiI just find that anything I can do in Windows I just do it more efficiently in Linux12:00
deus_exMaybe Adobe will go full circle Mac->Win->Linux.Oracle did.12:03
predatorfreakdestruct: Yeah and maybe pigs will fly.12:03
deus_exWith enough thrust,why not?12:04
* maro watches kensai go into the air12:04
*** pitillo has joined #crux12:04
predatorfreakdestruct: Sorry for the beeps :)12:05
deus_expredatorfreak:They will do it,if that means money for the shareholders.12:06
deus_expredatorfreak: It's OK.:-)12:06
kensaimaro, ???12:07
predatorfreakdeus_ex: Bahh, I still think binary products are evil.12:08
predatorfreakI only have...... two binary closed source things on here.12:08
marodeus_ex: flying pigs do mean money for the share holders12:08
predatorfreakThe nvidia driver (I'd drop it for a EXA nv driver in a heartbeat) and Opera.12:09
predatorfreakand Opera is actually pretty decent even though it's closed source.12:09
* maro has none12:09
predatorfreakand it beats Firefox in my book.12:09
deus_expredatorfreak:I agree,but sometimes necessery evil,at least for the time being.12:10
maropredatorfreak: do you play any games?12:10
predatorfreakmaro: Ahh, yeah I forgot about Wolf: ET.12:10
kensaiI'll wait until opera 9 and firefox 212:10
marohow heavy is that?12:10
kensaiwhih are available as betas right now12:10
predatorfreakmaro: Not bad, a few hundred MB's of disk space.12:11
marocompared to q312:11
predatorfreakmaro: Much less :P12:11
kensaiopera 9 is the most interesting since it will have bittorrent support12:11
predatorfreakqt3 isn't bad at all.12:11
maropredatorfreak: then I'd recommend you to get a $25 radeon :)12:11
tilmanet > wolfenstein > q312:11
predatorfreakkensai: The client they have annonys me.12:11
tilmanin heavyness ;)12:11
tilmanet doesn't differ that much from rtcw though12:11
predatorfreakkensai: Then again, I prefer rtorrent.12:12
marohm, dunno if it would be playable on a radeon 9250 then12:12
predatorfreakmaro: The game is Quake 3 based.12:12
tilmanTCE is okay on my x80012:12
tilmannot sure how better the r200 drivers perform (compared to r300)12:12
predatorfreakI've got a Radeon 9200 in the other room.12:13
maropredatorfreak: that's even better12:13
predatorfreakBut I'm not ready to give up my pretty GeForce 6800 GT just yet :P12:13
maro9200 > 925012:13
tilmanput it in!12:13
tilmanr200 has render accel in exa12:13
tilmansi teh awesome fast12:13
marotilman: fast for what? :(12:13
predatorfreaktilman: Maybe, if I'm not lazy.12:13
tilmanand stuff12:14
tilmanrender in general :)12:14
maroin my experience exa is only slower because there are 3D stuff not yet supported12:14
marobut yeah, composite is much faster12:14
predatorfreaktilman: This sysem is my main gaming system though.12:14
predatorfreakAlthough, at the rate they are demanding resources.12:15
marothen again, it's still close to unusable, so if I want spiffy effects I'll just go with xgl :)12:15
predatorfreakBy next year I'll have to freaking replace it.12:15
maropredatorfreak: that's why you should use your radeon 9200 :)12:15
predatorfreakmaro: It's in another PC right now :P12:16
maronot being able to upgrade is a pretty good motivation for not spending money on upgrades12:16
predatorfreakI've got a 9800 sitting around I could probably use with the r300 driver.12:16
marotilman: how's the r300 driver working for you btw?12:16
maroI have a 9500 PRO somewhere12:17
tilmanit's okay for quake3-based games12:17
tilmandoom3 is slow as crap12:17
maroI'm more concerned about stability and such12:17
tilmandunno about unreal anything12:18
tilmansuper stable12:18
maroI never play any games12:18
marocool :)12:18
tilmanbut no render accel12:18
maroperhaps I should try to locate it12:18
predatorfreaktilman: If I had an extra box I'd swap the Radeon 9200 in the other one into it and put the 9800 in that Windows box.12:18
predatorfreakSadly my only other box is my server.12:19
*** percent20_ has joined #crux12:19
kensaiI shall look at for a new nvidia card12:25
kensaimy fx 5200 is not the best12:25
predatorfreakHopefully though the SOC stuff should speed up the nv driver EXA work.12:25
predatorfreak(I can hope right? :()12:25
tilmanthey have a soc for exa?12:25
kensaiI  loved my geforce 3 ti200 that card was unbeatable and overclocked insanely12:25
* tilman hits the button12:26
predatorfreaktilman: Add EXA support to an unsupported/incomplete card, I think12:26
tilmanyeah, but will anyone do it?12:26
predatorfreaktilman: I hope.12:27
predatorfreakI'd pay someone to do it if I had the money.12:27
*** percent20 has quit IRC12:35
kensaihmm kernel is going to be out soon lol12:37
*** Brzi has joined #crux12:39
*** destruct has quit IRC12:51
*** koefz_ has joined #crux12:59
*** koefz has quit IRC13:04
*** koefz_ is now known as koefz13:05
predatorfreak"An anti-piracy hologram on the Windows 95 box had an animation of a baby sitting next to a computer and then pointing to the computer where the Windows 95 logo appeared. The model, who was the infant son of the photographer, wasn't wearing a shirt, which led some people to the belief that he wasn't wearing pants either, even though he was visible only from the waist up. After government complaints, Microsoft had to chan13:37
predatorfreakge the hologram to one that didn't feature "naked children". "13:37
predatorfreakMaybe they are going to enter the child porn industry now?13:37
jjpkwtf? :D :D13:37
jjpkSince it is a black market, they could probably get a slice of the action.13:38
jjpkThough they would be in deep shit if and when they get caught.13:39
predatorfreakjjpk: Yep.13:40
aoni wonder if my win95 has that hologram13:52
aonit has a kid, i'm sure about that :)13:52
predatorfreakaon: If it does take them to court for child pornography! :P13:54
*** kensai has quit IRC13:54
*** lasso has joined #crux13:55
aongood idea13:55
predatorfreak"MICROSOFT MOLESTED MY SON!"13:56
predatorfreakAh man this is just what I need before sleep.13:58
aonthis is what indicates that I need sleep13:58
predatorfreakaon: See you in dreamland then :P13:59
predatorfreakI'm dead tired, been up since 11 or so last night.13:59
predatorfreakSo sleep time by my standards.13:59
aoni've been up since 11 or so this morning13:59
predatorfreakaon: Sleep well and don't let Microsoft touch you!13:59
*** predatorfreak has quit IRC14:00
aoni'll try to14:00
jjpkYou can tell that hell has a deep freeze when the following events have occurred. :p14:01
jjpkNice touch with bringing the lord into the ms + satanic finns winning the eurovision.14:04
bd2 - hey! everybody think that you are coding hardly, but you are just chating ;-)14:10
aoni crafted a boss.theme for a similar purpose14:13
jjpknice. :D14:13
aonalthough it's still rather noticeable unless the term is small with bad contrast :)14:13
*** jaeger has quit IRC14:13
j^2how can people use the black on white? it hurts my eys14:14
jjpkj^2: I wonder the same.14:16
aonsomething like this was the usual setup14:17
j^2but it's so good that i got that theme ;)14:17
jjpkI tried a setup like that two years ago, not my cup of tea.14:17
j^2aon: that's small ass text14:18
jjpkNow that is difficult to read. :p14:18
j^2hey a want to create a domain, any suggestions on domain names?14:23
j^2i'd like something clever14:24
tilmanor .net?14:24
j^2i'm none profit online, i was thinking *.org14:24
j^2s/none/non14:24 doesn't make it clever ?14:25
sennice too, but sounds a bit commercial for non profit14:26
deus_exj^2:What's that non-profit about?14:28
j^2nothing, it was a lame joke :>14:29
senwhat do you need a domain name for ?14:30
*** pomj has joined #crux14:31
j^2mirrors/email/freelance development14:31
sendidn't even think to say it ...14:32
senaon: you're my true master14:32
j^2aon: like always, thank you :>14:32
deus_exOh, is taken(that's for me,not you,j^2)14:32
sentry .info14:33
tilmandeus_ex: your space key is broken14:33
tilmanbadly14:34 is for news domains,right?14:34
seninfo is in fact for what you it to be ..14:34
senas others tld, by the way ...14:35
senj^2: what are you usually developping ?14:36
deus_extilman:It's my new keyboard :(14:37
aonit has some lock that you must press some other key than space after punctuation? :)14:37
tilmanweirdly enough, your space key seems to work in certain situations14:38
aonmaybe he's saving the space bar14:38
deus_exaon:It's nick completion issue,or lack of caffeine14:39
aonreally? :)14:39
deus_exaon:Yes,really :)14:40
senoh you make me think something important, when an usb pointing device just move down and top whatever you do, and knowing that it perfectly works on another machine, what could be the trouble ?14:40
j^2sen: looks like a POS system, and an interactive email coupon system too14:40
senj^2: POS ?14:40
aonPiece Of Shit14:40
j^2Point of sale or like aon said Piece of shit, take your pick14:40
senhmm interesting abbrev14:40
sennothing better..14:42
j^2sen: are you russian?14:43
senj^2: no, essentially french14:43
j^2sen: oh sorry14:43
aonthe cold war is not over, j^2 seems to assume that everyone is russian ;)14:43
senahah :)14:43
senj^2: by the way, why ?14:44
j^ true...and if it's not in texas i dont know it :P14:44
j^2sen: no reason14:44
senhmmm weird14:44
sendeeming that i can be anywhere in the world, and your first question ask if i m russian :)14:45
j^2wait...essantially french?14:45
sengot a portuguese part14:46
j^2ahh makes sence14:46
senhmm go on14:46
j^2then by that logic, i'm english/east african/texan14:47
j^2sorry tilman s/sence/sense :P14:47
seneast african from your parent ?14:47
j^2dad was born in kenya14:48
tilmanj^2: oh, i wasn't reading. np.14:48
j^2;) i remembered though ;)14:48
senso what s the problem with russian people ? :)14:48
j^2i dont have any14:48
tilmanj^2: that's cool :)14:48
deus_exserbian/german/hungarian me.14:48
sensure ?14:49
senwhat does .nu stands for ?14:50
deus_exsen: Yes.My grandfather was german, grandmother hungarian.That's the mothers side.14:53
deus_exI guess not.
*** jaeger has joined #crux14:54
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o jaeger14:54
sendeus_ex: in fact i was saying that to j^2  :)14:54
j^2oh sorry14:54
j^2i walked away :P14:54
sendeus_ex: i believed the first time, np :)14:55
senj^2: np, it's not good to sit for too long14:55
deus_exsen: ;)14:56
*** s_warlock has quit IRC14:57
*** danm has joined #crux15:14
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o danm15:14
larrynhey, I have strange problem with gst-plugins15:15
larrynchecking for gstreamer-0.8 >= configure: error: no GStreamer found15:15
larrynpackage gstreamer is installed15:15
tilmanwhat version?15:15
tilmanof gstreamer15:15
jaegeruse gstreamer-plugins-* instead15:17
jaegergst-plugins is for the old gstreamer15:17
larrynI build  gstreamer-plugins-* with no problem I started to think that gst is for old version15:17
deus_extilman:I figured out the 'broken space key problem'.15:23
deus_exIt was(is) PEBKAC.15:24
tilmanoh? :)15:25
deus_exsorry :)15:25
deus_exi will get better with practice, hopefully.15:26
deus_exif port won't build with --enable-final, and builds just fine without it15:29
deus_extaht would suggest some issue with the source,right?15:30
*** treach has joined #crux15:30
treachhi prologic, had a look in your "kid" port lately? :)15:31
nekrodesone question:15:36
nekrodesit's overthere a list with basic programs to watch video, liten to music, etc?15:37
deus_exnekrodes:Check freshmeat.net15:38
deus_exOr google.15:38
larrynI saw this kind of list on wikipedia15:38
j^2nekrodes: go with mplayer or vlc15:38
deus_exmplayer rulez15:40
deus_exxine is good for dvd's with menus.15:41
treachiirc mplayer is kind of in limbo atm.15:42
j^2treach: yep, and the osx verison doesnt work on macintel anymore15:43
j^2this last update broke it15:43
nekrodesthanx deus_ex & j^2 ;-)15:43
maroprologic: what's up with kid in contrib?15:44
marolooks like I just got the entire extracted tarball when I synced15:44
treachmaro: he screwed up again. :P15:44
treachthe workdir is still present for some reason. :)15:44
tilmanbah ffs15:44
tilmani just ports -u'd to see what's wrong15:45
tilmanprologic has a talent for messing things up15:45
treachroger that. :P15:45
marohehe sorry :)15:46
treachI hope he's not maintaining anything critical by profession. :D15:46
marotilman: are you human?15:46
jaegerman, you guys are harsh :P people make mistakes15:46
tilmantreach: i'm currently thinking of homer simpson ;>15:46
maroX11R7.1 on day one :)15:46
tilmanmaro: :>15:47
marozero day warez!15:47
tilmanmaro: it weren't that many updated packages15:47
tilmanand i wrote a nice script to help me with the upgrade15:47
treachjaeger: En gång ingen gång, två gånger gong-gong.. :P (one time is no time, two times is gong-gong..)15:47
marobtw, I think the old radeon mmap patch is still floating around15:47
treachsorry it doesn't translate too well. :/15:47
jaegersomething's lost in translation15:47
jaegerdoesn't mean much in english, heh15:47
j^2i concur ;)15:48
tilmanmaro: you mean the radeon driver still needs patching? i doubt that. url?15:48
jaegerI'd hate for you guys to see some of my mistakes in ports, heh15:48
marotilman: no, that it's still in your tree15:48
tilmanmaro: just checked, it's not in /usr/ports at least15:48
maroI have it in /usr/ports/tilman-mod-x/xorg-xf86-video-ati15:48
tilmanmaro: rm teh-patch && ports -u x11r715:49
tilmanyou're using x11r7.rsync, no?15:49
treachgong-gong, like the one they hit when the boxing-round is over. "gong" is prononced like the swedish "gång" which means "time" in this context.15:50
maroI am15:50
marojust changed it to use the old name in the actual checkout15:50
maroliked it better :)15:50
tilmani'm operating x @ 640x480 atm, cause resolution switching seems to be b0rked atm :/15:50
jaeger640x480 would seem like torture on my nice monitor :/15:51
treachtilman: hah, then all you are missing is win 3.1 :P15:51
marohm, doesn't prt-get consider dependencies on sysup?15:51
maroso that the new ports depending on another upgradable port will be queued after that port?15:51
jaegerdon't think so15:52
marodefinately doesn't look like it :/15:52
treachmaro: probs with xorg?15:53
maronope, but I think a normal sysup could cause it15:53
tilmanxorg-server is the only critical port this time, though15:53
tilmanso it's not a biggie15:53
prologicwhat have I gone and done ?15:53
marotilman: yep, but aren't the drivers supposed to be built against the right version?15:53
treachprologic: just check your kid port.15:54
maroprologic: shared an extracted 'kid' tarball with the world15:54
treachit should be evident...15:54
prologicoh shit15:54
maronext time make sure it's porn or something15:54
prologicwell that shouldn't be there now15:54
prologicit's all httpup-repgen's fault :)15:54
prologicgah don't ask me how 'work' gets there15:55
maroprologic: personally I have a small script that does a svn export, then httpup-repgen, then portspage15:55
treachIt's _all_ *your* fault.15:55
* treach looks sternly at prologic 15:55
tilmanmaro: the new drivers will refuse to build against xorg-server 1.0. so you need to update the server first15:55
prologicmaro, I do a similar thing15:56
marotilman: ah, cool :)15:56
prologicanyway, it shouldn't be there next sync15:56
maroas long as they refuse to build15:56
prologicit is that blasted httpup-repgen tool's fault :)15:59
prologicit should ignore 'work' dirs15:59
prologicguess I'll chnage my script eh maro :)16:00
jaegeryou could make httpup-repgen ignore work16:01
* treach wonders what the plan is wrt to 2.2 and xorg..16:01
tilmanit will ignore them if you tell it too16:01
tilmandon't blame the tool if you cannot operate it16:01
prologicyeah just realized it can16:02
treachtilman: do you say that when windows screws you as well ;)16:02
maroor if chomps off your finger because your neighbour can't operate it :)16:02
maroif it16:02
tilmanare you putting windows and httpup-repgen on the same level?16:03
treachwell, a tool as a tool. ;-)16:03
maroa kick would be appropriate16:03
sensooner someone was saying he got a 166mhz, so question to him : you got crux on it?16:04
treachmaro: the question was on a purely philosophical level. :p16:04
marosen: you'd probably want ucrux for that box16:04
marotreach: :)16:04
senmaro: don't know, i was wondering about compiling time16:05
* j^2 is so bored, 16:05
jaegersen: lots16:05
treachdepends on what you are trying to put on it.16:05
sentreach: yep exact16:05
marotreach: kde obviously16:05
treachopera and a bunch of console apps will probably be fine.16:05
senjaeger: i m compiling x11 on my pIII800, i can't imagine on a p166..16:06
treachmaro: I thought you were the only one who would even try that. :p16:06
marosen: ah, it's not that bad :)16:06
jaegerjust imagine it more slowly, that's all :)16:06
senahah :)16:06
maroI run crux on a p3-500, don't think it's bad16:06
treachit's a speed demon :P16:07
seni was thinking the same but today got a sysup with's get long..16:07
marotreach: I also installed fedora and suse on it :D16:07
maropoor machine16:07
marosuse couldn't run at all, fedora didn't run too smoothly16:08
treachlol. im so chocked i can't even type.. :D16:08
maroor well, suse could probably run, but it started swapping during boot...16:08
treachis there no "pta" for computers? ;D16:08
seni got another p3, does a distcc with that box, will make me gain a significant amount of time ?16:08
treachprobably, if the builds doesn't break.16:09
senhmm pretty encouraging :)16:09
maroin which case you'd spend builds * breaks + 1 time :P16:09
marounless you had 4 or so, I personally wouldn't bother16:10
treachccache might help as well.16:11
senin fact, got them but i dont want to bother with so many box, and they are often busy16:12
senccache keeps compiled code to reuse it if it can ?16:13
deus_exccache=compiler cache,so probably yes.16:22
j^2the nano/nike thing on /. is freaking cool16:28
*** treach has quit IRC16:28
deus_exAston Martin DB9.what a car...16:35
*** danm has quit IRC16:39
marotilman: no wonder prt-get couldn't figure out the build order :/16:46
marothe drivers don't have any dependencies :/16:46
marobad monkey :)16:49
*** pitillo has quit IRC16:52
*** deus_ex has quit IRC16:58
*** jdolan has quit IRC17:05
*** lasso has quit IRC17:06
*** kensai has joined #crux17:16
kensaiX11R7.1 comes to live17:16
kensaiI won't touch it until some iso of crux with X7 comes out, I've had bad experiences with X7 migrating from X6, installing X7 as the first and only X is easier17:18
tilmanpkgrm x1117:18
tilmanyou prolly aren't talking about crux17:18
kensaino I have had headaches in arch linux and gentoo linux17:19
kensaiso much pain to migrate them to X7 from X617:19
tilman(it's not "x6" or "x7")17:20
kensaiI just make the name short17:20
*** acrux has joined #crux17:20
*** nope^ has quit IRC17:22
kensaiI just think Xorg make the move too drastic, not everything/one was prepared for modular X17:24
tilmantwo possibilities17:24
tilmana) i'm a genius17:25
tilmanb) arch linux and gentoo linux suck17:25
tilmani'm leaning towards b17:25
kensaiB) is more probable17:25
tilmanbut it would be cool if someone proved b incorrect17:25
tilmanand thus proved i'm a genius17:25
tilmanthat be neat :)17:25
*** Brzi has quit IRC17:26
tilmanprt-get depinst xorg my_favourite_windowmanager xorg-xf86-my_driver17:26
kensaiI know 100% I can get X11R7.1 working on crux but I just hesistate because of those eperences17:26
tilman*hacketihack* at xorg.conf. done.17:26
kensaiI still prefer for a crux 2.2.1/2.3 to get X7 before risking my main desktop OS17:27
kensaiwhich is CRUX17:27
tilmani doubt "x7" as it will ship with crux 2.2.1/2.3 will be much different from what's in the x11r7 repo currently17:29
tilmanthere has been some ""worrying"" about the port splitting etc17:29
tilmanbut so far noone else made a better stab at porting it17:29
kensaiWell I have goten XOrg 7 working on Arch Linux and many other distros17:29
kensaiI just hesistate to do so now because I have bad experiences before the good ones17:30
kensaimaybe tomorrow I'll be saying I'm inside X11R717:30
*** nekrodes has quit IRC17:32
kensaitilman, so you are using X11R7 from the crux repo?17:33
kensaiI might give it a try17:34
kensaiI whine a lot and then end doing what I was against17:34
*** koefz has quit IRC17:37
*** pomj has quit IRC17:37
*** larryn has left #crux17:38
*** bigmatt has joined #crux17:39
bigmattI just installed crux and i want to use modular xorg 7 instead of 6.9 i added the x11r7 repo17:40
bigmattwill i have to remove 6.9?17:40
bigmattin order to install x11r7?17:40
bigmattor any transition things i shoudl know about?17:40
bigmattor it installs seperately?17:40 -> documentation -> installing x11r717:40
bigmattoops lol17:41
bigmattthanks i guess :)17:41
tilmannp ;)17:42
*** kensai has quit IRC17:49
bigmattcrux is really, if there isnt a package make it a Pkgfile and install :)17:52
bigmattand bootup is quick to17:52
*** koefz has joined #crux17:53
prologicyes well crux rocks :)17:58
bigmattdo people play with the compile flags or anything? cause i'm guessing the default for crux are -02 and -march=i686 right?17:59
*** kensai has joined #crux17:59
bigmattwhich are pretty good anyways :/17:59
prologicwe don't generally touch it :)18:00
prologicunless it's a different arch machine18:00
prologicor you somehow want all your packages to have debug info in them ;)18:00
bigmattoh :) hehe18:01
bigmattoooooooh an error while building glitz lol18:15
bigmattits near the end :/18:16
bigmattof building18:16
bigmattthe sed command in the pkgfile isnt working18:18
bigmattit says cant find file or directory does not exist18:18
bigmattanybody know of a fix?18:20
jaegerI don't see that error on my end18:23
bigmattprt-get update glitz :/18:23
bigmattand ummmm18:23
jaegercan you upload the output to or something?18:24
bigmatti'll type the full output of the error18:24
bigmattumm ok18:24
ningoit's jaeger's fault18:24
bigmatti'll do it in about 5 min gotta eat :) hehe18:24
jaegerit might be, dunno :)18:24
kensaiomg when people will realize that fixing something in Linux is more important than eating, :-)18:25
bigmattanyways back18:33
bigmatti don't even think it's worth a paste bin :), the error is basically sed -i -e 's| -L/usr/ports/opt/glitz/work/src/glitz-0.5.3/src ||' /usr/ports/opt/glitz/work/pkg/usr/lib/libglitz-glx.la18:35
bigmattthen after that it says the thing cant read blah blah18:35
bigmattno such file or directory18:36
*** kensai has quit IRC18:36
bigmattits just an error in the Pkgfile18:36
bigmatti think it's your sed command lol18:36
bigmattwell then again it could be a compile error18:38
bigmattcause it's not finding the file in that location18:38
bigmattpretty sure that's the proper paste bin18:45
bigmattor not lol18:45
jaegerthat looks like the right one18:46
bigmattoh ok18:46
jaegerdo you have x11 installed?18:46
bigmattit was installed until i removed it about 5 min before i began updating18:46
bigmattis that the error? lol18:46
jaegerglitz wants to use the glx stuff in x1118:47
bigmattoh i seee18:47
jaegeryou should be able to build x11r7 with x11 installed, I think18:47
jaegerquick fix would be to add the x11 package from the CD and then continue18:47
bigmattok cool18:47
bigmattthanks18:47 says you can18:47
senand remove x11 once r7 is compiled18:48
sengood night18:50
*** bigmatt has quit IRC18:54
*** bigmatt has joined #crux18:55
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*** ChanServ sets mode: +o jdolan19:07
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*** brian|lfs has joined #crux21:10
*** kensai has joined #crux21:36
kensaiI upgraded shorewall myself to latest stable and it went fine shall I submit a bug for it to be upgraded or shall I wait?21:36
*** MrX has quit IRC21:39
jaegereven better, send a patch to the maintainer that does it21:41
kensaijaeger, I don't know how to make patches21:42
* kensai goes to ebay searching for Sending patches for Dummies21:42
kensaihmm good for making patches21:44
jaegermake a copy of the port dir called port.orig21:47
jaegerdiff -urN port.orig port > wtf.patch21:47
*** nippy|lfs has joined #crux21:50
*** brian|lfs has quit IRC21:51
kensaiport dir called port.orig?21:56
kensaiyou are saying that I shout diff -urN /usr/ports/opt/shorewall/* > the.patch21:56
jaegercopy /usr/ports/opt/shorewall to shorewall.orig21:57
jaegerthen edit shorewall/*, then diff the dirs to make a patch21:57
kensaiare there any documentation on this?21:57
kensaiI shall not bother you with more questions21:58
kensaifrom what I understand I make a copy of the original state of /usr/ports/opt/shorewall to shorewall.orig which I place in the shorewall port dir22:01
kensaiwhat I don't understand is diff -urN port.orig port > wtf.patch22:02
kensaiis it diff -urN shorewall.orig shorewall > wtf.patch ?22:02
jaegerread the diff manpage22:05
*** RyoS has quit IRC22:05
jaeger-u for unified, -r for recursive, -N for new files22:05
*** RyoS has joined #crux22:05
*** nippy|lfs has quit IRC22:09
kensaishorewall.orig is only the Pkgfile of shorewall22:12
kensaiis that what is supposed to be?22:13
jaegerif only the Pkgfile has changed, you can do a simpler patch22:13
jaegerdiff -u Pkgfile.orig Pkgfile > shorewall-pkgfile.patch22:13
jaegerthe earlier form is great when multiple files have been changed or added or removed22:13
kensaiin shorewall only Pkgfile is what changes, well md5sum and footprint too but I guess it does not matter right?22:14
jaegerfor example, Pkgfile, .md5sum, and .footprint22:14
jaegerif all 3 change, I'd do the former version22:14
kensaibut how I get all them into shorewall.orig?22:15
jaegerI don't understand what you mean22:15
kensaiok I'm doing this22:16
kensaicd /usr/ports/opt/shorewall/22:16
kensaicp * shorewall.orig22:16
jaegerok, there's the problem22:16
jaegermake a copy of the *directory*22:16
jaegernot the files in it22:16
jaegerin the *directory* shorewall.orig you won't change anything22:16
jaegerjust in shorewall.22:17
Hancp -r /usr/ports/opt/shorewall{,.orig}22:17
jaegeryou'll end up with Pkgfile, .md5sum, and .footprint in BOTH directories22:17
kensaiso I edit the Pkgfile and the md5sum and footprint in .orig to match the new package of shorewall?22:19
jaegerno, don't edit anything in .orig22:20
jaegercheck this out:22:20
jaegerbefore making ANY changes, do this22:20
jaegercp -a /usr/ports/opt/shorewall{,.orig}22:20
jaegercd /usr/ports/opt/shorewall22:20
jaegermake changes here22:21
jaegercd ..22:21
jaegerdiff -urN shorewall.orig shorewall > shorewall-update.patch22:21
jaegerdoes that make sense?22:21
jaegershorewall.orig means original copy. this is what you BASE the patch on, so no changes happen there22:22
kensaiperfect I just don't understand why cp -a /usr/ports/opt/shorewall{,.orig} ?22:22
jaegerthat expands to this:22:23
jaegercp -a /usr/ports/opt/shorewall /usr/ports/opt/shorewall.orig22:23
jaegerit makes a FULL copy of the whole shorewall port dir to shorewall.orig22:23
kensaiok kool22:25
kensainow how I get the new .footprint22:25
jaegerbuild your new package22:25
kensaiI have done everything except this22:25
kensaiI already did22:25
jaegerthen pkgmk -uf will update .footprint22:26
kensaidoes not matter If I build the package before making all this copy stuff?22:27
kensaiand does not matter that I have footprint disbaled?22:27
jaegerwell, if you have footprint disabled, you won't get a new one, so that matters22:28
jaegerand if you build the package before making the copy, where are you going to get an unpatched copy to make a patch against?22:28
jaegerin order to make a patch, you have to have a source (the original) and a destination (the updated version)22:28
kensaiohh ok22:29
kensaiat least I understood how to make patches jaeger so thanks22:30
jaegerhope it helps :)22:32
kensaiyeah, a little more knowledge, and sure I will start submitting patches22:34
kensaijust that now is so late in night I shall wait for tomorrow22:35
kensaiI have to disable footprints since it makes kde packages fail22:38
jaegerwhat causes them to fail?22:39
kensaiI don't know in the documentation it says:22:40
kensaiSince KDE has way too many compilation requirements, I would like to inform you of the PKGMK_IGNORE_FOOTPRINT variable in /etc/pkgmk.conf.22:40
*** rxi|work has joined #crux22:43
rxi|workjdolan: you around?22:43
maroor upside down?22:45
maroinside out?22:46
* rxi|work opens up a can of whoop-ass22:48
kensaikill him!!!!22:48
marokilling isn't nice22:49
* maro send kensai a SIGTERM22:49
kensainot even cyberkilling?22:49
kensaiyay!! Rammstein adn Tatu - Mosaku22:50
kensai* Moskau22:50
marosounds yucky22:50
kensaithat its pure metal22:51
maroa bunch of sweaty germans with a couple of russian lesbians22:51
kensaiyeah that is interesting22:51
maropretty common I'd say22:51
kensaiI don't understand anything they say in the song but...22:52
kensaiI know english as my second language and thats it22:52
kensaiwell guys good night22:55
kensaiand thanks for your patience jaeger22:55
kensaignite all22:56
jaegerno problem, glad to help22:56
* kensai is now marked away, but can't he stop talking already?22:57
rxi|workjaeger: what time is it over there?22:57
rxi|worki guess jay is asleep22:57
kensai24 yay!!! go to sleep already kensai22:58
kensaisane#1.0.17-3.pkg.tar.gz' succeeded.22:58
kensaiok now I'm off22:58
rxi|workthank fuck for that23:00
jaegerjay's 1 hour ahead of me so he might be23:02
maroway ahead of you :)23:03
rxi|workpfft .. you guys are in my dust .. 140323:03
rxi|workjaeger: so its like midnight where he is?23:03
marorxi: where are you?23:03
marooh, an aussie, I should have known :)23:04
jaegerrxi|work: yes23:05
*** morlenxus has quit IRC23:05
*** morlenxus has joined #crux23:06
*** brian|lfs has joined #crux23:07
*** nope^ has joined #crux23:29
jdolanrxi, about to go to sleep23:32
rxi|workhey .. you seen
jdolanyep :)23:33
rxi|workive downloaded a few from there23:33
jdolanyea it's cool..23:34
rxi|workany other good places to get some good tracks?23:34, fiberlineaudio.com23:34
rxi|workahh .. cool  thanks bloke23:34
jdolannp :)23:34
rxi|worknight :)23:35
*** nippy|lfs has joined #crux23:55
*** brian|lfs has quit IRC23:55
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