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pitillohi, good morning00:21
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paulbodI'm getting an error trying to load the ip_tables module: ip_tables: Unknown symbol nf_register_sockopt -- can anyone give me a hand?00:35
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pitillopaulbod, are the modules included in kernel?01:14
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paulbodpitillo: thanks for responding.  Silly mistake on my part - I forgot to run lilo after I recompiled the kernel.  Everything works well now02:16
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Romsterlol, i've done that a few times now :P02:26
Romsterputs sticker on monitor don't forget lilo :P02:26
pitilloor use grub :D02:27
Romsterheh thought of that too02:28
paulbodThanks for your help02:29
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r0binh00dHi! Can anyone tell me why /etc/suauth gets ignored when using su?04:10
marobash-3.00$ pkginfo -o /etc/suauth04:24
maropkginfo: no owner(s) found04:24
marowhat are you trying to do?04:25
r0binh00dI want to be able to su to root with my own pass using su (not sudo)04:26
r0binh00dbut the suauth-file seems to get ignored by crux 2.204:26
r0binh00dWorked perfectly in 2.104:26
maroehm, you don't need that file to do that04:27
marohave you tried just using su?04:27
r0binh00dsu works if I type the real root password. but what i want to be able to do is using my own password04:29
marohm, dunno, check what changed in the shadow package04:30
maroit's most likely upstream04:30
r0binh00dok, i'll look more into it. thanks. bbl04:31
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prologicexcuse my ignoreance04:38
prologicbut why would you want to do this ?04:38
prologicit seems silly to me and pointless04:38
prologicmay as well "not have a root password"04:38
maroprologic: he's not here...04:38
prologicyeh well :)04:38
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aonhi cptn04:55
rxilo cptn04:58
s_warlockcptn: hi05:01
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* kensai wakes up06:39
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doodhello, when i do "mount -t devfs devfs /mnt/dev" it tells me that it doesn't know what fs devfs is08:34
doodso i can't carry on =(08:34
jaegerdevfs was removed from the kernel (and from CRUX)08:34
doodit's just it's on the handbook08:34
jaegersounds like you're reading an older version08:35
doodthanks =)08:35
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doodis the british keymap uk?08:51
marohey cptn :)08:51
cptnhey maro08:52
marodood: I'd think so, at least the danish one is dk08:52
marocptn: busy lately? :)08:52
artur_tdood: zcat /usr/share/kbd/keymaps/i386/qwerty/ | less08:53
marothat reminds me, why don't we have zless? ;(08:53
cptnmaro: well, rather different priorities08:54
marocptn: ah, okay :)08:54
maroat least the commits got a pretty nice boost today :)08:54
marothere's nothing (well, few things) better than drinking coffee and watch the packages improve commit by commit :)08:55
doodmaro: ty =)08:57
marorehabdoll: that's pretty gay08:58
rehabdollquite, yes08:58
doodi presume that /etc/rc.d/net is where is set things like my ip address, gateway and such?09:02
doodbecause i've never used that before to set up my network09:02
doodi've always used /etc/network/interfaces09:03
jjpkYou generally use that file to set your network connections.09:03
doodwell, i've reached a dead end now because i've never done anything like this before09:04
marodood: it's something that varies between distributions09:04
doodwhere should i look for a good guide on this area? can you recommend anything?09:05
marodood: /etc/network/interfaces is used by debian & friends09:05
marodood: the handbook09:05
doodyeah, just got it =P09:06
* maro feels geeky09:06
doodi've used debian for about a year so i'm finding a lot of things i took for granted are missing09:06
marodood: yep, lots of stuff is missing in crux, that's why we like it :)09:07
doodi'm hoping i will too09:07
jjpkIf you stick to CRUX for a while, you will likely notice that things are not missing, they are just accomplished in a different way.09:08
jjpkPlus you can always edit the system to use a method you prefer over the existing framework.09:10
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bd2sorry for interrupting you, I'm asking about removal of "i686-optimized" slogan on web site. i586 iso is i586-optimized too.09:11
jaegerthe only official iso is i68609:12
jaegeri586 is contributed09:12
bd2yes. but i586 not any worse09:12
jaegerno one said it was09:12
jaegerbut it's still not official09:12
bd2"i686-optimized" little snarl up those who want to try it on i58609:13
bd2maybe just remove this "optimized" and let user to find out what archs is supported09:13
artur_tit will be good when will be simply 'optimized'...09:14
jaegerwe're not here to hold everyone's hand09:14
aonnah, just 'optimized' seems even worse09:14
jaeger'optimized' by itself indicates nothing09:14
aonit's kind of buzzwordish09:14
bd2jaeger, of course. and that is the reason I love crux ;-) but "i686" is disinformation09:14
cptnbd2: only supports i68609:15
jaegerbd2: why is it disinformation? it's true09:15
cptnthe bugtracking, the documentation, all for i68609:15
cptnnot calling it i686 would be disinformation09:15
jjpkOfficially anyway. I would consider that if someone installs the "contributed" i586 iso they know what they are doing.09:16
bd2okay. i586 is not official, it's contributed. And I clearly see on download page. but I think that there is nothing wrong happen if we just remove "i686-optimized". It's my point of view, I may be very very wrong.09:18
rehabdolli think you are :)09:18
bd2okey, I admit it. I'm not about to argue with it. just my two cents09:19
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predatorfreakjaeger: I've just decided to revert to my 6.9 port XD09:20
predatorfreakjaeger: Locking the ports is a dirty hack around the actual probem and reverting them by hand in a pain in the ass, so until nvidia either fix their freaking driver or nv get's EXA support, I'll stick with 6.9.09:21
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deus_exHello, all.09:22
jaegerpredatorfreak: I'm sticking with 7.0 until then, myself09:24
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predatorfreakjaeger: I managed to get the WIP nv exa patch to apply over the latest modular nv driver, but it busts due to 7.1 changes to xorg-server :\09:25
jjpkdeus_ex: tired after a long day at the university.09:26
predatorfreakjaeger: I didn't expect it to go boom with compilation.09:26
jjpkTrying to mentally prepare for the work I have to get done. :p09:26
jaegerspeaking of which, be right back; restarting X09:26
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deus_exjjpk:I know how you feel, man.I just got from work.09:26
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predatorfreakjaeger: Wb.09:29
predatorfreakWhat the, I updated my repo over two hours ago and portsdb is still displaying the old information o.O09:30
cptnportdb is updated once per day only09:30
predatorfreakcptn: Ah, that would explain it.09:31
jaegerif you want it updated, I can do it manually09:31
jjpkdeus_ex: no exams yet, just a lot to read, plus several group projects at the moment.09:31
predatorfreakNah, it's not a big deal.09:31
predatorfreakI just thought it updated hourly.09:31
cptnthat's just contrib09:31
predatorfreakcptn: Thanks for clearification then.09:32
deus_exjjpk:Good luck :)09:32
aonstudying :(09:33
cptnpredatorfreak: we might eventually merge the two, however they were developed independently09:33
cptnso it's purely for historical reasons the two are out of sync...09:34
cptn(contrib and portdb)09:35
predatorfreakcptn: It's no big deal too me, so don't rush.09:36
cptnheh, okay09:36
* cptn slows down09:36
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j^2hey all10:15
aonhey j^210:21
* j^2 tips hat to deus_ex and aon 10:21
doodhow do get the driver eepro100 working for eth0?10:23
j^2dood: ...are you seriously asking that?10:23
j^2that's worse then my questions most of the time10:23
doodi've compiled it into the kernel10:24
doodthe card never started10:24
deus_exdood:Anything in dmesg?10:24
deus_exKernel logs?10:25
doodit looks like it did load, there is an reference to eth0, but "ifconfig eth0 netmask" tells me that the interface doesn't exist10:28
dooda reference*10:28
doodright, i just did modprobe eepro100 and now it works10:29
deus_exSo, you didn't compile it in?10:29
doodi thought i did but it must have been as a module10:29
doodis it /etc/modules in crux too?10:30
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sengod, ratpoison can't be found in ports db..11:30
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aonsen: on which os?11:32
senaon: crux11:34
predatorfreakaon: This is #crux :P11:37
predatorfreaksen: Just write your own port.11:37
senpredatorfreak: thanks, i didn't dare to say it :)11:37
senpredatorfreak: there's one, but not in opt/core, nor contrib by the way11:38
predatorfreaksen: I've been here long enough to, hopefully, not get killed just yet :P11:38
senpredatorfreak: it s what i wanted to say11:38
senpredatorfreak: yeah it's what i was affraid of11:38
predatorfreaksen: If you wanted to pick up maintainership and had a registered repo you could add it to contrib.11:39
predatorfreaksen: I was kidding, I don't think anyone will kill you for stating the obvious :P11:39
* predatorfreak was only just promoted from Sgt. Obvious to Cpt. Obvious yesterday, so he has a long way to go until Gen. Obvious :D11:40
predatorfreakI suppose I should stop being lazy and do something productive, but I can't be bothered :P11:43
* predatorfreak should probably write that talked-about-with-folks-here portlint-like script for CRUX, but he's too lazy :P11:44
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aonyeah,  thought it was #ratpoison :)11:47
predatorfreakHmm, I wonder if "Duplicates" means duplicate files or duplicate ports.11:49
predatorfreakIf it means duplicate ports that's easy enough to do with a simple diff.11:50
predatorfreakIf it means duplicate files I could parse .footprint.11:50
* predatorfreak implements both! :D11:50
predatorfreakWell first basic port-level verification, then expanding to tree level verification.11:52
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kensaiosnews is more time down than up, just like the stupid sourceforge mirrors12:54
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Hanand they only discuss that spin-off15:49
deus_ex"If I had to chose between pacman and prt-get, I would definitely chose pacman because it has made a more serious impression on me."16:15
HanLike, it never makes a joke.16:16
ningoMaking Linux Distributions. Serious Bussiness.16:17
HanIf I was a crux fan and I could post messages on a forum like that I would consider it indecent to vent my opinion about it.16:17
HanANd I am a crux fan ;-)16:17
ningofanboi, you16:17
* Han hides in shame16:18
ningoit's ok16:18
ningowe're all fanbois :)16:18
HanAnyway, I won't give my opinion until someone asks for it.16:21
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deus_exOpinion based on technical merit is fine, but attitude that this kids have16:30
deus_ex"i use it, so I'm leet!" is really annoying, to me anyway.16:31
j^2deus_ex: hey man you gotta realize that using not arch but gentoo is the true essance of l33tness. or should i say l44tness, because you are soooo l33t that you are +1 ;)16:39
deus_exj^2:Gentoo is in its own class of leetness ;)16:42
deus_ex"Gentoo.So leet,it hurts."16:42
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deus_exFriend of mine has Gentoo on his laptop.From power-up to login ~4min.It's insane.16:49
ningoMy LFS needs 10 seconds16:49
jaegerone of my laptops used to take 8 minutes to boot windows XP16:49
jaegerbad HD was the cause, heh16:50
jaegerjust not bad enough to stop working16:50
j^223 seconds for my macbook pro ;)16:50
ningoalthough, it's so horribly stripped, it's nearly not usable16:50
ningook, i confess, I'm a ricer16:50
doodjaeger: lol16:50
jaegerj^2: you doing the bootcamp dualboot or just running osx? or that and linux?16:50
deus_exjaeger:On that same laptop, xp boots in under 2 minutes ;)16:50
jaegerxp boots in like 20 seconds for me... any slower and I'd be surprised16:51
j^2jaeger: osx right now, still havent found a xp cd, and i wanted to attempt to get crux on there, but alas i'm still kinda scared to16:51
jaegerj^2: ah16:51
jaegerI'd try it but I don't have an MBP :)16:51
jaegerbeen to the mactel-linux wiki?16:52
j^2still not exactly enought info for me to mess with imo16:52
j^2macbook pro16:52
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kensaihi guys17:24
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deus_exjaeger:Don't you ever sleep, man? :)17:33
senwhen you sleep, your box can be vulnerable, you got to have 24/24 watch17:35
deus_exsen:You can always, I don't know, turn the computer off? :)17:36
senwhat !17:37
senwhat for ? the building is on fire ?17:38
deus_exsen:I hope not.17:40
deus_exCut down the electric bill?17:40
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senhmm i see that a project for laptop at 100$ got a crank to charge the battery17:42
deus_exIt also has, IIRC, a solar panel or smth.17:43
senwhat is IIRC ?17:43
deus_exThat works in sunny parts of the world.17:43
deus_exIf I Recall Correctly.17:43
seni'm learning sth everyday17:44
deus_exI would love to hang out here, but I got to go sleep(work tomorrow).17:45
deus_exsen: ;)17:45
senso good night17:46
deus_exg/n,guys and gals.17:46
senmay the force be with you(tm)17:46
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doodis there any option for a minimal install?17:48
jaegeryeah, just deselect what you don't want17:49
doodcouldn't i cause something to break?17:49
doodi know there is no dependency handling in there17:49
jaegernothing that can't be fixed17:49
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