IRC Logs for #crux Friday, 2006-05-26

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PuGzgooday everybody!03:11
PuGzhow are we all?03:11
pitillogoing on friday :D03:17
PuGzgoing on friday eh... here it is 4:17pm friday afternoon - and i am about ready to have my first beer :)03:18
PuGzaustralia -> perth (+8 timezone)03:18
pitillohere 10:17... at work... but thinking in the weekend :)03:18
PuGzi got offered a job today - think i might take it!03:19
PuGzi am finishing my engineering degree at the end of this year... and i got offered a graduate position03:19
PuGzok - gonna reboot and install crux 2.2 now03:21
PuGzcya later03:21
pitillobye :)03:21
pitilloengineering degree? what?s that?03:24
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cptnhey there03:44
rxihey cptn03:44
pitillogoodmorning cptn03:45
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sepennas cptn ?03:55
sepengood morning is the same03:56
rxicptn: you got your own range of network attached storage :P03:58
cptnhehe, yeah03:59
rxii bet it runs some propreitry non standard software too ;)03:59
cptnit run's Cptn's LinUX of course04:00
cptnshort CLUX04:00
rxican you make drumsticks out of it?04:01
cptnonly with the "gold" license04:03
aonwin98se has crashed only three times in the very demanding task of downloading three files and unextracting one of them04:06
rxidodgy ram?04:06
aondodgy installation, rather04:06
rxiits pretty hard to fuck up04:06
aoni mean that the win98 that's installed has all kinds of crap in it04:07
aonthat's not too hard to achieve04:07
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jjpkaon: a great OS indeed.04:57
aonnow i installed debian to be able to install openbsd04:57
aongrub for dos didn't work for some reason04:57
aonwell, it doesn't have cd/floppy/usb boot/netboot :)04:58
aonyeah, a bit04:59
jjpkSome challenge there, if it just had the cd it would be too easy. ;)05:00
rxiid chuck the fucker in the bin05:00
aonrxi: nah, it's only 1.3kg...05:01
rxieven better reason05:01
aonand i just got it05:01
aon"inconvenient" != "not worth doing" :)05:01
rxiwhat is it? a 20yr old palm pilot :P05:02
rxiahh .. the old brickpad05:04
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mike_kprologic: contrib/mpdclient: Pkgfile: line 21: syntax error: unexpected end of file07:15
mike_kvim garbage at the end =)07:15
cptnactually, it's not the vim garbage07:16
cptnbut the 'j' character07:16
cptnwhich should be '}'07:16
cptnalthough the vim garbage isn't pretty either :-)07:17
mike_kI mean that too07:17
mike_kmight be the character recognition software bug )07:18
prologicholy shit07:22
prologicthat ending brace here is a 'j'07:22
prologicdon't ask!07:22
* rxi asks :P07:23
prologicthanks for that07:23
prologicI must have been smoking something weird07:23
cptnyou were probably wanted to move the cursor down to delete the vim garbage when you accidentially hit 'i' first :-)07:24
mike_kor font antialiasing was so ugly07:24
cptnor 'j' was the "character of the day" then07:25
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mike_kprologic: we want public investigation and then 'll put you in jail!07:25
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j^2hey jjpk09:17
j^2hey aon09:20
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j^2and xbox hackers here?09:27
* ningo waves axe09:34
ningoI hate them, really.09:34
* ningo returns hacking his xboxen09:35
jjpkSounds like fun.09:46
j^2hehe, lovely...just a simple yes or no, is it easy to do the "hdd switch, media center, and get it to play my back ups?"09:49
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predatorfreaktilman: Hi.10:04
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tilmansorry about the noise10:05
* j^2 gets my breaking stick10:06
j^2you better be :P10:06
predatorfreakj^2: Don't you mean his? :P10:06
predatorfreakRefering to yourself in the first person in /me, tisk tisk :P10:06
aonaccording to texas law you probably shouldn't make sense in /me's :)10:14
* j^2 is so lost :P10:14
aonhm yay, the celeron 300 has enough beef to run video10:15
* aon sells all other hardware10:15
predatorfreakaon: Personally I prefer my systems with BACON :P10:16
j^2predatorfreak: that shit'll kill you...just like smoking, or women...or kittens10:17
aonor life10:17
j^2aon: no one gets out alive ;)10:17
predatorfreakj^2: I'll survive, I always seem too.10:21
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ningo<j^2> I quote alot.10:34
ningoand I don't think, that a t-shirt can harm an os10:35
ningoand the first one is obviously a hentai-addicted10:36
aonnot necessarily, as a german you should know that10:36
ningonever seen a woman with a penis aon10:37
ningodon't know about finnland, though :p10:37
aonyou should support domestic pornography more, then :/10:37
ningoI only watch ye upright cristian porn with man and woman10:38
ningobut I'm only looking at the men *cough*10:39
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kensaihmm, I think I'll try and upgrade to x11r710:49
ningoZOMG X!!R& TEH PWN10:49
* ningo still uses 6.9 and lives happily hereafter10:49
kensaiI am happy with it too10:49
kensaiI'm just forced to upgrade because of group pressure :)10:50
jaegerif you're an nvidia user, don't upgrade yet10:50
kensaiok then I won't upgrade10:51
jaeger7.1 and the nvidia drivers aren't working together yet10:51
jaegernvidia says the 9xxx series should10:51
jaegerbut it's not out yet10:51
kensaiomg so we need an nvidia driver upgrade10:52
kensaiand nvidia is not going to release it soon I believe10:52
jaegerI've no idea on their timeline but hope it's soon since xorg 7.1 is already around10:52
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kensainvidia has religiously followed 2 releses early in the year and 2 releses at the end of the year, or so I've heard10:53
jaegerhaven't really kept track, myself10:55
kensai"100% Microsoft-free household, inclusive of all facets of the Microsoft product line (XBox, Windows Mobile, Any/All Microsoft OS); 0% pirated software."10:57
kensailol ^10:57
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kensaiI read in nvidia forums that some people get nvidia driver 1.8762 working on X11R7.1 and some don't is a matter of luck.11:05
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jaegerif you want to test your luck, feel free11:06
kensaiI guess I shall not test my luck in my desktop day to day pc11:06
kensaiand I have no other pc by the way11:07
ningoj^2: obviously there's more to it, than previously thought:
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predatorfreakArgh, can I get a count on how many people can get to work?11:39
predatorfreakI've got multiple reports of the server being dead ONLY for that IP.11:39
predatorfreakerr, not IP, domain.11:39
jaegerunable to connect11:39
kensaiunable to connect11:39
predatorfreak....... what the hell.11:40
predatorfreakjaeger: Try
predatorfreakSupposedly that works.11:40
predatorfreakBut DOESN'T.11:40
tilmanDarkWeb ( Down11:40
tilmanDarkWeb is down due to hard disk failure.11:40
predatorfreakBut they point to the same server.11:40
predatorfreaksame EXACT server.11:40
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tilmanno, they don't11:41
tilmanpool:, dcaf:
predatorfreak........... what the.11:42
predatorfreakThe DNS is still old then.11:42
tilmanunless the EXACT same server is accessable under both ips11:42
predatorfreaktilman: The DNS must have recently changed for both and dcaf isn't updated for you yet.11:42
jaegerpredatorfreak: "DarkWeb is down due to hard disk failure."11:42
jaegerthat's what I see at poolofrandomness11:42
predatorfreakjaeger: It's a message for a friends server.11:43
predatorfreak...... that explains it.11:44
predatorfreakAll the reports match for the IPs.11:44
* predatorfreak fixes.11:44
predatorfreakhmm, DNS actually looks fine, I guess it's just being slow to propagate.11:46
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predatorfreako.O Crazy ass DNS host didn't update the records.11:55
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tillbhi everybody12:54
aonhm, anybody here using sshfs13:01
vektoriHey tillb.13:01
aonany idea what to do when fusermount just says 'invalid argument' without anything else when trying to mount with it?13:01
vektoriI don't think you can use fusermount for mounting anymore.13:02
aonthis is probably some arcane sshfs13:03
aonhm, perhaps i'll try with a more recent one :)13:04
aoncould be because i have the newest stable kernel and _debian_ userland :)13:05
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aonyeah, that sorted it out13:38
ningoaon: debian userland on crux?13:42
aonno, of course not13:43
* ningo removes sweat13:44
aonthat'd be interesting, though13:44
aonbuild debian source tarballs with pkgfiles :)13:45
* ningo puts sweat back in place13:45
aonor aon.projectq.append();, rather, although that depends on how it's parsed13:47
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deus_exI just updated to 2.2,sysup is in progress.15:25
rehabdollgood luck15:25
deus_exCongrats to CLC team on good release.15:25
rehabdollno reason really, just a general good luck15:26
rehabdolldont worry :)15:26
deus_exYou mean it can actually break something?15:26
deus_exWith 100 or so ports to update,it may take a while...15:27
deus_exDamn openssl breakage :)15:27
deus_exWhy is openssl so special that even its minor update15:28
deus_exrequires so many ports to recompile?15:28
rehabdollits the 0.9.7->0.9.8 change15:29
deus_exI'm just curious.15:29
rehabdollit was the only issue i came across15:29
deus_exrehabdoll:That's a minor update,right?15:29
rehabdollno, minor updates in openssl are 0.9.7a->0.9.7b etc15:29
deus_exrehabdoll: Oh.So,it's not major.minor.micro release numbers?15:31
deus_exThat's the only issue I had so far[fingers crossed] :)15:32
rehabdollwell im not sure.. but the actual verison-numbers cause issues15:32
rehabdollpath issues15:32
deus_exLibrary issues,also.15:34
deus_exI ran binstats after installing .2.There were 96 missing libraries15:35
deus_exMost of it is openssl.15:35
* deus_ex check sysup progress.15:38
deus_exTime for qt.That will take a while.15:38
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kensaiI have overcome this but it maybe worth to note: When you want to install freeglut it fails because there is no in /usr/lib/ since Xorg does not install one neither nvidia they just install but no alone, the only package that does this is mesa3d, so I suggest a dependencie of mesa3d by freeglut or a symlink from the nvidia installed
kensaimaybe is worth filing as a bug19:18
HanContact the maintainer of freeglut19:20
bd2kensai, I suspect that it's gl-select bug or something. must be a symlink to
Hanmy nvidia port does add them19:25
bd2I've not tried it. but I have the same problem with nvidia from opt19:27
bd2the same as kensai have19:27
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predatorfreakbd2: Simple work around is to merely symlink it.19:29
predatorfreakln -sf /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/libGL.so19:30
bd2predatorfreak, I know it. I just suggested it to kensai ;-)19:30
bd2but the root of the problem is gl-select, I think. I've not looked into it though19:31
predatorfreakbd2: It's easy to fix.19:31
predatorfreakjust add an extra symlinking too it.19:31
kensaiI know That happened to me a while back I fixed it without problems19:32
kensaibut let's say someone new installs crux and encounters the same problem19:33
kensaimaybe he will not know how to fix it19:33
bd2that is his own problem ;-)19:33
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kensaibah, that is a "31173r than y0" it is elitism19:34
bd2basix 4ever!!19:34
bd2kensai, that is bug, that is should be fixed, no one argue with that19:36
kensaiwell but the "that is his own problem ;-)" comment was what get me mad19:36
bd2but someone should make a patch and put it in crux.nu19:36
predatorfreakbd2: or better.19:36
predatorfreakJust tell jeager to add a line or two too gl-select.19:37
predatorfreakHell I could whip up a fix in a few seconds flat :P19:37
Hanor use my nvidia port19:37
predatorfreakHan: The "proper" way to deal with it is to fix gl-select.19:37
bd2kensai, "crux is not about holding everyone's hand" (c) someone here. crux is not for newbies, *I think*19:37
HanI beg to differ. Applications have the rigth to link to the .so file. Links are supposed to be there.19:38
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kensaiI second that19:39
predatorfreakHan: The problem is that it will great a collision.19:40
bd2kensai, that is my opinion, you can bite me for that. futher more, I'm not a crux developer or something. I'm nobody here, just regular user.19:40
kensaiand I agree CRUX is not for n00b's but things that should work need to work.19:40
predatorfreakand one of the benefits of gl-select is that it AVOIDS collisions with packages.19:40
predatorfreakSo the best fix is to fix gl-select.19:40
Hanpredatorfreak, nonsense.19:41
predatorfreakas anything else which adds would collide with nvidia or x11 or whatever.19:41
bd2the main reason for gl-select existance is that Xorg-6 installs its own libGL, which conflicts with nvidia one.19:42
HanIn the end it's a library and the admin should decide which is the best lib for him19:42
bd2maybe Xorg-7 will permit to not install libGL and everyone will be happy19:43
* Han doesn't mind a little conflict now and then.19:43
bd2Han, hm. so gl-select/nvhelper is useless?19:44
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bd2okay, you have nvhelper too.19:46
HanNot really an ideal application. But ok.19:49
bd2but it is exist for switching libraries around package manager19:49
HanYou'll still get a conflict. .oO(so what?)19:51
bd2I'm just saying that the ideal is pkgrm xorg-gl, pkgadd nvidia or something isn't it?19:51
bd2and let xorg-gl, nvidia, ati to conflict.19:52
HanYeah, that sounds nice19:53
HanThat's what your package manager is supposed to do. Push packages.19:54
HanThat's why I really like my nvidia port, it includes the kernel version. =)19:54
bd2I still don't like gl-select/nvhelper ;-)19:55
Hanme neither ;-)19:56
* Han ditches it./19:56
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bd2would you join gcc&nvhelper-haters-club? ;-)19:56
Hanbegone, thou foul daemon spawn from the underworld!19:57
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kensaisparc-kly, are you at the Sun Ultra 5?21:32
sparc-klyC3 VIA SAMUEL 2 here.21:33
sparc-klythats crazy21:33
kensaiI see21:34
kensaiwhich OS?21:34
sparc-klyWindows XP PRO SP221:34
* kensai loads the guns to kill sparc-kly 21:35
sparc-klygod bless AMERICA .21:36
sparc-klynow you can due21:36
kensaiI'm going back to play Wesnoth21:45
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kensaisparc-kly, ?22:30
sparc-klymessenger please!22:30
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rxisparc-kly: you gentoo traitor :P22:58
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rxihehe .. i use both23:23
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