IRC Logs for #crux Saturday, 2006-05-27

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kensairxi, sparc-kly is a proud windows user, trust me he is my neighbor00:39
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rxicptn: whats the status on multiarch?01:08
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jjpkhi deus_ex.06:04
deus_exjjpk: Hi.How are you?06:05
deus_exOh.Rain is starting.06:05
jjpkIt rained quite a bit yesterday, then the weather improved.06:06
jjpkMaybe you could call it bipolar weather. :p06:06
deus_exMostly sunny here during the week,occasional rain at night.06:06
deus_exMy kind of weather.06:07
jjpkRelatively sunny outside, probably won't get over 12-13 degrees today.06:07
jjpkStill nice though.06:07
deus_exWhat part of the world,jjpk?06:08
rxiits winter here .. yay06:08
jjpkEastern Finland.06:08
deus_exjjpk: Nokia-land.06:08
jjpkIndeed. :p06:09
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deus_exrxi:How's that giant snowman comming along?06:09
rxiwinter here is like your summer06:10
deus_exWith 10 sunny days?06:10
rxinah .. slightly cold mostly sun06:11
deus_exSummer here last few years is very unsummerly.06:11
epohin Germany too06:11
epohonly rain all day :-(06:11
deus_exWith floods as added bonus.06:12
deus_exDanube was very naughty this year.06:13
deus_exParts of my town were flooded till few weeks ago.06:13
epohoh not very nice06:13
deus_exFar from me, but still.06:14
deus_exLocal authorities were very surprised with the flood.06:14
deus_ex'Snow will melt in the spring.I wonder where it will go.Hmmm.'06:15
epohin Germany, i think it was 2003, there was a very big flood. No one has expected it.06:15
deus_exHow was this year?I watched on the news that Austria and Germany06:16
deus_exwere flooded this spring too.06:16
epohFloods this year too.06:16
epohbut not as much as in 200306:16
epohnot much going on in this channel hm?06:16
deus_exAt last something Eastern and Western Europe have in common.Floods.06:17
deus_exIt's a start ;)06:17
epohiam compiling Crux atm06:18
deus_exGood luck.06:18
epohdid the same yesterday. BUt FreeBSD has destroyed my MBR06:18
epohi had to fix it with FreeDos06:18
epohmaybe my fault06:18
deus_exI wondr would fdisk /mbr help.06:19
deus_exIIRC,of course.06:20
epohi searched in fdisk, but haven t found any option06:20
rxiwell it would put the windows mbr on06:20
epohyes  i will remeber if that happens again06:20
deus_exHow could you backup mbr before potentially dangerous operation?06:21
rxiyou cant really06:21
deus_exIs taht even possible?06:21
rxiyeah .. ghost or dd06:21
deus_exGuess not.06:21
epohI have a CD, named UBC or so, which has a freedos tool name" MBRwork". That can do mbr backups. Havent done this yet06:22
rxithe mbr is just the first 100 or so sectors on a disk06:22
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deus_exWhat was tool that repairs partition table called, anyone remember?06:25
jjpkfsck or (c|f)disk comes to mind.06:27
deus_exThat too.Damn this old age, I can't remember shit anymore ;)06:30
prologicthat's cause shit is too big :006:31
deus_exI remember.gpart.06:32
deus_exprologic: :)06:32
deus_exNew data is overwriting old.06:33
deus_exI need a brain defrag.06:34
jjpkI think they still have not invented a defragger for a brain.06:35
jjpkThough maybe they have, but it takes out too much. :p06:35
deus_exjjpk: :)06:36
prologicone day we'll all be equiped with large compatible Tb storage devices plugged into our brains :)06:36
rximine doesnt .. it uses reiserfs v4 .. so i only loose data :P06:36
deus_exTake the blue pill.06:36
epoharg... i finished CRUX installation, booting --> Missing operating System ..... strike !06:37
deus_exrxi:I used reiser4, it become too much of a hassle to patch the kernel.06:37
prologicI wonder how many years till we accomplish the wireless neural interface ;)06:37
aonjjpk: lobotomy? :)06:37
deus_exprologic:That would give whole new meaning to wardriving.06:38
prologicwardriving ?06:38
rxiprologic: theres some personal wireless network development happening06:38
epohspotting wlans06:38
prologicrxi, not quite the same thing though is it ?06:38
rxinot really but i thought this discussion really needs my input :P06:39
deus_exToo many wireless routers left with default pass.06:39
deus_exOr none.06:39
prologicI think it's all still fictisious at this stage06:39
prologiconly in sci-fi films06:39
deus_exYou never can tell when America's army is involved.06:40
prologicyeah I have heaps of wifi lans around my place here06:40
prologicall open and insecure06:40
prologicbut how do you hunt down the ip of the ap or find a gateway ?06:40
deus_exNot that I've done it...06:42
prologichmm interesting tool06:42
prologicmust get myself a wifi card and try it06:42
prologicI only have a Minitar AP06:42
deus_exEasier to use, but Kismet kicks ass.06:44
prologicI want a tablet pc :)06:44
prologicthat'll be a nice mobile device06:44
prologicstick Kismet on that06:45
deus_exThere's interesting device on thinkgeek that does that.06:46
prologichmm yeah there are several around that do06:46
deus_exSize of usb stick.06:46
prologicbut ya just gotta love a good computer and nice software :)06:46
deus_exOf course :)06:46
deus_exTablet pc's are pricey, though.06:47
prologicbut nice06:47
prologicI don't like laptops06:47
deus_exI wish I could afford one.06:49
rxiprologic: i like mine but i never use it as a laptop06:49
deus_exYou could hack MS Origami, put Linux on it.06:49
deus_exrxi:You use it as a desktop?06:50
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deus_exToo heavy to carry around?06:50
rxino ..just dont have a need to carry it06:50
deus_exWhich brand is it?06:53
deus_exI haven't had a chance to play with that one yet.06:54
deus_exThis new ones with Intel in them ?06:54
deus_exDual Core?06:55
rxinah .. g3 50006:56
rxii dont really like intel apples06:57
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deus_exI've read some reviews of it, mostly positive.06:58
deus_exI would rather take Fujitsu Siemens Amillo series notebook.07:00
epohi have a Fujitsu Siemens Lifebook.... very nice07:00
epohhigh quality works fine all time :D07:00
epohnever have had problems with it. Its nbearly 3 years old07:01
deus_exFriend of mine has Amillo FS, with AMD64.07:01
deus_exIt's an awesome piece of hardware.07:01
deus_exHe put gentoo on it, though.07:02
deus_exSo, somehow it doesn't quite work as expected.07:02
epohi have tried gentoo to several times. Nice OS, but i dont get my Wlan ( rt2500 Chpset) working properly07:03
deus_exThere is a rewrite of wireless stack in kernel in progress,iirc.07:04
deus_exThat might help.07:04
deus_exBunch of new and updated drivers, also.07:05
deus_exThere's an article on LWN about that, if you're interested.07:06
epohWhat is LWN?07:06
deus_exLinux Weekly News.07:06
epohk thanks07:06
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deus_exIs there something like cabextract for .msi files?07:27
rxino idea.. google.com07:28
deus_exI want to add updated textures and images to stellarium port.07:28
deus_exrxi: Google came up empty.07:29
deus_exAll tools taht I've found are windows-only.07:29
rxiwell der07:29
deus_exI extracted them on windows box, and made a tarball.07:30
deus_exBut, I was wondering if there is a way to do it under linux.07:31
rxii would doubt it .. being microsoft installer and all07:31
deus_exI guess I'll ask admins to put regular zip file of textures and images07:34
deus_exon site, they have PC and Mac version, PC being zipp'd msi.07:34
deus_exSince Stellarium has both Windows and Linux ports, that would be sane thing to do.07:35
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kensaihi all10:35
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aonhey ulughbegh12:27
ulughbeghaon what do you think about new crux motto "CRUX not tested on animals"12:28
aonwell, humans are animals too12:30
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jjpkNo reason to put that motto. CRUX is not involved in the business of skinning furs or hunting.12:33
jjpkAt least none that I'd know of. :p12:33
ulughbeghcome on jjpk, it is coming from north12:34
aonwhat does that have to do with it?12:35
marojjpk: I bet ulughbegh is furry12:35
jjpk:D :D12:35
* jjpk gets hunting rifle.12:35
marothey taste better when they're still shaking12:36
ulughbeghit is so sad12:38
jjpkWhat is that supposed to mean=12:39
jjpk?... I can't hit anything today. :p12:39
* maro hits ulughbegh on behalf of jjpk12:39
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jjpkBlatant advertising and everything. :p12:50
aoni like the "ProfessinaL" part most12:50
jjpkVery ProfessionaL indeed.12:50
aonnah, professi_o_nal must be something different12:51
marohaxrs dn't have that key12:51
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jjpkThe missing o letter is probably due to the predominant use of 0 for that purpose. :p12:59
jjpkOr none at all.12:59
ningoreal haxxors write with their numblock13:06
* maro haxors ningo at mirc!!113:12
aonreal haxors don't have a noobblock13:13
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deus_exQuiet night, eh?15:34
deus_exIt's saturday night, everybody is out, geting wasted, I guess :)15:38
aonyes, probably15:40
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aoni'm listening to sw radio :)15:40
aonprobably as good pastime as consuming ethanol15:41
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deus_exWhat kind of music?15:42
aonjust talk now15:42
deus_extalking on the radio after 21.00h should be forbidden.15:43
deus_exjust play the music,dammit!15:44
deus_excan't wait till i get little faster connection(64k now)15:45
deus_exproteus radio,here I come.15:45
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deus_exsysup went smoothly, thank $DEITY15:55
deus_exof 50 or so ports, 2 bombed out.15:55
deus_exsubversion, and one mine(gcc4 issue).15:56
deus_exkudos to devs.15:56
j^2why is it that no matter what you are always on cat5 cable short?16:08
deus_exshort of cat5 cable, or is cable short just enough to annoy?16:11
j^2ironicly this time i just need one. normally it's just a tad bit too short16:13
deus_exbitten by Murphy.16:13
deus_exwhen I tinker inside computer case, all works smoothly, until I screw a side back on.16:16
deus_exit happened so many times, I don't bother anymore.16:16
deus_exlost the screws anyway.16:17
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hermitin the current 2.2 ports tree, does one of either KDE or Gnome install more easily than the other?17:20
j^2gnome for me always17:20
hermitI want to install one of those two on a box I use rarely but I just want it to require the least intervention and so on.17:20
hermitGnome is probably a bit faster too, I reckon.17:21
hermitfaster to install17:21
hermitnot faster performing, i mean17:21
hermiti hear kde is a big compile17:21
hermitoh gnome isn't in the standard tree17:21
* hermit checks jaeger's site17:21
hermiti should just use xfce and save myself the grief17:23
ningoI'd say KDE is faster to kompile, as oposed to GNOME with it's library hell17:26
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hermitkde isnt library hell?17:29
ningono, not from the packagemanagement view17:35
ningoKDE has some big packets, whereas each line of code has it's seperate library17:35
ningoI hate it, when I mess up the most important part of the sentence17:36
ningos/whereas/in gnome/&17:36
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Hans|i|& i|;s|/&|/17:44
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hik0anyone running openbox?17:58
hik0and have an issue with menu links not working .. i.e. azureus , stellarium etc17:58
hik0they only open when run at a terminal...17:59
Hancheck the X output18:04
Hanfor example .xsession-errors, if you use xdm18:04
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treachhm.. where did that link come from..?19:31 article had a flikr sidebar with random images19:31
hermitthat's whacked shit19:31
treachNo, I meant my first one.. it should have pasted the second one.19:32
treachI think aon has been in sweden recently. ;-)19:32
hermitthat woman must have been backing up fast19:32
treachwell. Somone is probably quite unhappy about it. :>19:34
hermitportugal 4-1 cape verde19:34
treachyou mean cap verde managed to score? And you are celebrating?19:35
hermittreach: own goal mistake19:39
hermitdefender bumped it in on his own19:39
treachoh, that would explain it.19:40
hermitsweden 0-0 finland19:40
hermitholy jesus19:40
hermitGermany 7-0 Lux19:40
hermitthat's just mean19:41
treachlook at the team we had on the field.19:41
treachI think these games are more about not getting players injuried than winning.19:41
hermitthese games are about getting your wc team some real match practice as a team before the cup starts19:42
hermitportugal played starters19:42
hermiteveryone else did too19:42
treachwe didn't.19:42
hermitI am trying to find a match report19:43
hermitlooks like all but three19:44
treachbut those guys are pretty important..19:44
hermitzlatan and larsson...i think ljungberg can be replaced19:45
hermitlarsson rocks19:45
hermitHe's probably my favorite swede player.19:45
treachaye, he's cool.19:45
hermitIsn't he leaving barca this summer?19:47
hermitGoing back to Celtic or something>?19:47
treachyes and no.19:47
hermithe wants to go to sweden doesnt he?19:47
hermitto finish his career at home19:47
hermitI thought I read something like that.19:47
treachleaving, yes, but he's going to play for helsingborg next season.19:47
hermitIs that the name of the city?19:47
hermitI don't really have any exposure at all to the allsvenskan19:48
hermitWhat are the top 2 or 3 clubs?19:48
treachHelsingborgs Idrotts Förening is the club, usually known as HIF.19:48
treachwell, there is usually a whole bunch of teams who can win the serie.19:49
hermitThat must be a good league then.19:49
treachwell, it could also be that all the teams are pretty bad. :D19:50
hermitwell, yeah they are obviously at a lower level than more prominent european series19:51
hermitbut if there is a lot of close competition, it doesnt matter19:51
hermitthat would still be really exciting to watch19:51
hermitit's not much fun when there are only one or two clubs with a chance19:51
hermitand while the top series in sweden may be less skilled than that of england or netherlands, it is still a very high level of talent and good for spectators anyways19:52
hermitI even go out to watch local div1 games here in victoria once in a while (non professional, just small rec league) and it's fun19:52
hermittreach: hey...I thought you hated sports19:53
hermitis that some other #crux swede I am thinking of?19:53
treachNo idea, I don't hate sports. I'm just moderately interested.19:54
hermitmaybe that was koefz then19:55
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treachhermit: btw, finally found some decent statics for allsvenskan. one would almost think it was classified..
thrice`ew, don't say statics20:03
koefzNo, it's not me either.20:04
koefzI'm really not that interested.20:04
* treach watches an unknown player score on thrice` ;)20:05
koefzI do however go out and look for canadians to beat up when we lose hockey finals against you.20:05
thrice`treach, I think you meant statistics :)20:05
treachbah, you are right.20:05
thrice`statics is a whole nother study :)20:05
treachI'm too tired, I don't know what I was thinking about. :/20:06
treachI'm well aware of the difference between statics and statistics. :/20:06
thrice`good, most people aren't :)20:07
thrice`statics is a good thing to understand20:07
* treach bites back his sudden urge to ask if "most people" are americans..20:07
thrice`heh...indeed.  I, however, am an engineer / exception :)20:08
treachbut that would probably be a too charged question ;)20:08
treachengineer? what field? (no pun intended, belive me.. )20:09
thrice`is that good or bad ?20:15
treachloooots of interesting mathematics. yay. :)  bending, cracking, cutting etc. :P20:15
thrice`bending will be the one that always kills ya20:16
treachI'm soo glad I decided to stay out of that crap. :P20:16
thrice`crap like that keeps you guys alive :)20:16
treachwell. most of it is about calculating how much you can cut on the corners without killing people anyway. ;)20:17
treachie, "how weak can I make this detail, without putting people into unreasonably big danger." :P20:20
thrice`unforunately, any good design is ALWAYS limited to money20:20
thrice`you want me to get more accurate, it'll cost you another ...20:20
treachso, in effect you are not trying to keep us safe, you are trying to minimize the risc that your employer will be sued out of existence.20:21
thrice`basically :)20:21
hermitah good find20:30
hermitMalmo, IFK are the only clubs I have heard of20:31
treachthey are the historically most successuful20:31
treachsucessfull ones..20:31
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treachdamn that backspace..20:31
rxiyou know you love it20:35
treachnot really. but hey, it's on my laptop, so I guess I shouldn't ask for too much.20:36
rxihehe .. apples idea of a delete key is backspace :(20:38
rxii spose i could remap but its just easier to bitch about it20:40
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marorxi: I thought the delete key was x?20:42
rxiid laugh if i knew what the hell your talking about :)20:42
rxid you mean?20:43
marodid I say d?20:44
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Handi di di!20:48
treachda da da20:48
HanThat's Russian for yes yes yes :-)20:48
treachI know.20:49
treachdo you know what "da di da dit" means? ;)20:49
HanHow could I have known?20:49
treachif you were ever into telegraphy, you'd know. :p20:50
rxigod damn it .. google language tools doesnt have russian :P20:50
Han./--/.-/-.-./... .--./---/.--/.-/....20:51
treachfreely translated, it means "good night" wich is what I'm about to say. :)20:51
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marohave any of you noticed that the permissions and ownership of /dev/tty* changes when a tty has been used?21:02
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rxii cant say ive ever looked21:05
marodon't bother, it isn't true21:06
rxii wasnt going to anyway21:06
maroyes you were21:06
maroadmit it21:06
rxiok ill admit you suck :P21:07
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kensai(EE) AIGLX: Screen 0 is not DRI capable22:12
kensaithis is what I get when I try to startx after upgrading to X11R722:12
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kensaiomg, that app has been in Debian for a lot of aeons years by now22:29
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hermitanyone have experience with apps to convert wmv files to something that isn't shit like avi?23:19
vertahmencoder ?23:39
hermitIt'll do that?23:40
hermitI'll look into it.23:40
hermitmy god the mencoder documentation is complicated23:52
hermitYou need to be some kind of media genius to understand this shit23:52

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