IRC Logs for #crux Sunday, 2006-05-28

vertahtry mencoder infile -of mpeg outfile00:04
hermiti googled around and found some sample commands but they are way longer than that00:04
hermitthe first attempt is just about done now00:04
hermitwe shall see if it actually works00:05
hermitit has like 4 lines worth of args00:05
vertahi make a script to convert into dvd compatible mpegs00:05
vertahso i can convert tv shows, etc..00:05
hermitI just want them in avi because both of my dvd players in the house play avi files00:06
hermitwell, divx00:06
hermitand other than that it is just computers00:06
hermitthe only real reason I want to get all the wmv content put into avi is because mac does not have a universal (intel compiled) wmv player yet00:07
hermitthe company responsible for the wmv shit (sponsorted my ms) still hasn't released updated binaries00:07
hermitso i have to play it under ppc emulation00:07
hermitand it's fscking slow00:07
hermitplayback is ok but skipping forward and back takes quite some time00:07
vertahoooh, i didn't think you wanted avi00:12
vertahmy bad on the reading part there00:12
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ningocan someone tell me what package countains ""?04:33
sen_isn't it ncurses ?04:36
prologicprt-get fsearch <path>04:38
sen_seems that ncurses need to be compiled with --with-termlib to get libtinfo04:39
ningoprologic: I would not have asked if that was possible04:40
ningoI found it already. anyway.04:40
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cihi, cruxers06:09
artur_thi, ci06:10
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acruxtilman: there is a nvidia port compatible with x11r7 ?07:02
acruxi'm now with nv :/07:03
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acruxoh, jaeger there is your one!07:40
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cii want to mix two songs.08:25
ciwhat software should I use?08:25
ci mena, not crossfading, but a real mix say with 15 seconds overlapping08:25
ci/mena/I mean/ damit08:26
cimaybe some sound engine with such capabilities is also would be great08:29
cibut i don't know any :(08:30
strwci: maybe audacity (opt-tree)08:34
cistrw: will try it.08:55
cii found icecast08:55
ciit's for sreaming mainly, to mix playlists08:56
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richi_authi, is there a port containing the run-mailcap program?13:18
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richi_autyes, i tried before, but when i query for mailcat, i get no matches...13:25
jaegerthen there's probably no port13:27
richi_autk, then i got to get the sources...13:28
richi_autif there are any13:28
richi_autfound it here:
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ningoIs it intentional that the "xorg" ruleset is missing in /etc/X11/xkb/keycodes?14:05
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hermitprologic: you around?14:51
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hermitMarco Ferra aqui?18:03
hermitnymacro: you quit maintaining mono ports, right?18:08
hermitDid anyone pick them up?18:08
hermitI downoaded a bunch of precompiled .pkgs from jaeger.18:58
hermitI put them in a dir called pkgs18:58
hermitThen I edited pkgmk.conf and put that path as my PKGMK_PACKAGE_DIR18:59
hermitHowever, when I do prt-get depinst mypkg, it downloads and compiles18:59
hermitshouldn't it see that pkg in that folder and install it insttead?18:59
ningomaybe the version in the ports is newer?18:59
hermitVersion:      3.9.218:59
hermitRelease:      118:59
prologichermit, yeah I'm around, just about to leave for uni (got an exam in 5hrs) leave me a msg19:00
hermitprologic: it's ok i just wanted to ask you about a port you maintain19:00
hermitbut it doesn't matter anymore19:00
hermitsolved it19:00
prologicPkgfile needs updating at all ?19:00
hermitdunno, i didn't get into it19:01
hermitI found out that it wasn't what I neded19:01
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nymacrohermit: yeah, i have stopped maintaining my mono ports20:05
nymacroim also pretty sure prt-get goes off more than the version; i think it goes off timestamp as well20:06
nymacro(i have had times when prt-get would recompile lots of packages instead of using already built ones)20:06
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bd2just read "Future development of CRUX / pkgutils discussions". that is scary.23:21
bd2 - best idea, imho23:24

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