IRC Logs for #crux Monday, 2006-05-29

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hermitI have a port question.00:42
hermitI have this port I am making and the tarball gives an error about some trailing garbage.00:42
hermitThis is OK because that's just how the current tarball is.00:42
hermitIs there some way I can make it ignore that complaint from tar and continue building the package?00:42
hermitAs it is, as soon as it sees the error from tar, it exist.00:42
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Romsterhmm unpack it in sources function?02:17
Romsterhi cptn, hermit, everyone else02:17
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Romsterhi aon hmm gotta head very soon to darts02:51
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Romsterrightio i'm off to darts be back around 11 ish03:12
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aon 11:12 < Romster> rightio i'm off to darts be back around 11 ish03:13
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ulughbeghwb cptn:04:44
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prologicffmpeg: unrecognized option '-mv4'06:02
prologicAnyone know what might cause that ?06:02
cptnother than what it says?06:07
cptn$ ffmpeg 2>/dev/null|grep -- -mv406:07
ningo_close source software has been proven false by math:
prologiccptn, I"m thinking it must be a compile time option to enable that06:10
prologicassuming mv4 is mpeg4 video06:10
cptnx264 enabled     no06:11
cptn(configure output)06:11
rxithat seems a little weird06:12
cptnprologic: I guess if you install rho/libx264 or yhafri/x264 it'll be compiled in06:13
prologicenabling that option -mv4 ?06:14
cptnwell, it's not in my help06:14
cptnso I can't say if that will enable it06:14
prologicI'll look into it more06:14
prologicall of a sudden nuvexport won't export to Xvid anymore :/06:15
cptnbit x264 provides mpeg4 support06:15
cptnmmmh, but Xvid is something different, right?06:15
prologicno idea06:15
cptnxvid enabled     yes06:15
cptnx264 enabled     no06:15
prologicI think it must use mpeg4 though06:15
rxiyes xvid is different06:19
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jdolanningo_, yea i really don't understand that whole illegal prime thing.08:10
jdolanah, okay, i understand it now.08:15
rxihehe maths is too complex for me .. 1+1= a window :)08:16
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rxihow many bullseyes did you get?08:21
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Romster5 :/08:22
rxihaha .. ive only ever gotten 1 in my entire life08:23
Romsterteh highist is the triple 20's :) and i hit that a few times too08:23
Romsterheh practice helps :P08:24
rxihehe yeah08:24
rxialthough ive gotten it on the board from about 5m08:24
rxiand somewhat accurate :)08:24
Romsterheh thats furthor than needed :P08:25
rxii know but i happened to be a bit drunk at the time :)08:25
rxihad to go over a beam in the room to get te distance :)08:25
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Romster2damn net went out again08:43
Romster2seems to be a common thing at this time08:44
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Romsterflex, slocate have diferent md5 hashes, imagemagick has changed version and the old file is no longer there.11:58
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mike_kmaro: did you mean securety-related sub-project?14:48
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maromike_k: what would the alternatives be?14:49
mike_kdunno, just wanted to be shure14:50
mike_kmaro: I think predatorfreak is concerned about security too =)14:51
predatorfreakmike_k: Yup.14:51
predatorfreakTo a healthy extent.14:51
maropredatorfreak: check the ml then :)14:51
predatorfreakI've been reading the ten different e-mails I got for a few minutes now :P14:52
predatorfreakThis is what happens when you go away for the weekend.14:52
maro(no, not the PS/2 guy that should be using ubuntu)14:52
maro(if a computer at all)14:53
mike_kbut the 'tar' guy, who should be using OpenBSD =)14:53
marowho is using openbsd :)14:53
marobut want something slighty more up-to-date and shiny for his desktop14:54
maropredatorfreak: just order by date, I think it's the latest message14:55
predatorfreakmaro: The stuff on building packages/the kernel as user?14:56
maropredatorfreak: yep14:57
maroor rather a hardening sub-project14:57
predatorfreakI don't go overboard with hardening.14:57
predatorfreakI just watch what I do.14:58
predatorfreakBuild my stuff as user and such.14:58
predatorfreakmaro: I'm guessing your Mark? :P14:59
maropredatorfreak: nope, I'm Tom Miller and Ronny Kornexl15:00
predatorfreakmaro: Riiiiiiight :P15:00
maroin other words, I'm your worst nightmare!15:00
marook, call me Mark15:00
* predatorfreak zerg rushes :}15:00
predatorfreakmaro: Call me Brett then :P15:01
maropredatorfreak: I'd prefer Bennett15:01
ningoyou can call me ningo15:01
marolike the crook with the tight leather clothes from Commando15:02
marotilman = aunt Tilly15:02
predatorfreakmaro: Anyway.15:02
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predatorfreakmaro: I'm guessing your recruiting folks to help with the sub-project?15:03
maropredatorfreak: nope, I'm not that much into security15:03
maroalthough I'd certainly contribute anything I'd find of interest15:03
predatorfreakI just hope, if the sub-project IS created, they don't use PAM.15:04
* predatorfreak shivers.15:04
predatorfreakPAM has uses, but it's complexity outweights ANY serious use.15:04
maropredatorfreak: by creating/joining the project, you could make sure that happened :)15:04
marohm, could you let the mailing list know about that?15:05
maroin Johannes' 2.3 thread15:05
predatorfreakmaro: What 2.3 thread?15:05
maroI never got to understand pam fully, but it did seem complex15:05
deus_exmaro:Would something like this be useful:
predatorfreakmaro: Again, what 2.3 thread? :P15:06
maropredatorfreak: ah, sorry, it's on crux-devel15:06
predatorfreakI should just join all the lists.15:06
marodeus_ex: doubt it15:06
maroHLFS would probably, though15:07
maro(Hardened Linux From Scratch)15:07
tilmanmaro: No.15:07
maroTilly: go pet your cat15:07
deus_exTrinity OS is similar,afaict.15:07
deus_exGuide for hardening Linux distro.15:07
marowell, you can read it if you want15:09
marothere's too much crap for me to bother15:09
deus_exIf that's what you have in mind.If not, sorry.15:09
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predatorfreakmaro: I'm not seeing anything about PAM.15:12
maropredatorfreak: then look again :)15:13
maro[crux-devel] meeting notes & next IRC Meeting15:14
marojust in case you're watching something else15:14
predatorfreakNow I see it.15:15
predatorfreakHard to reply when I don't have the original in my inbox :(15:15
predatorfreakmaro: Just because I'm lazy, could you forward the original message?15:15
maroof course :)15:15
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predatorfreak maro predatorfreak@dcaf-security.org15:16
cptnthe downloadable text archives contain the message ids15:16
cptnjust in case15:17
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maroI'll go watch tv, sleep tight when you hit that stage :)15:17
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predatorfreakjaeger: Hi.15:23
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predatorfreakHmm, is there a special channel for CRUX IRC meetings? (and is it invite only?)15:35
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mike_kpredatorfreak: I'll ask you tomorrow if you'll find that chan )16:40
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thrice`can the clc-devel ML be viewed online?16:55
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hik0jaeger: sup.. got a minute?18:09
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jaegerwhat's up?18:11
hik0got my wireless nightmare solved with the broadcom chipset18:11
hik0ndiswrapper works good,18:11
hik0just gotta work on the WPA setup..18:12
hik0but i got some other issues... cd-burning18:12
hik0for as long as i've been using crux its a shame i cant get a burner working :)18:12
hik0do we need to use ide-scsi anymore?18:12
hik0cdrecord dev=ATAPI -scanbus detects the burner18:13
hik0graveman crashes when trying to detect the device...18:13
hik0my burner device is /dev/hdb18:13
hik0fstab has the relative info18:13
hik0i installed cdw18:13
hik0and tried to configuring it but it segfaults in the end...18:14
hik0my other crux server is running grave man also, but its crux 2.1 64 bit18:14
hik0and i didnt have to load any ide-scsi, sg, or sr_mod modules18:14
jaegeride-scsi hasn't been necessary in some time and was in fact broken when 2.6 was released =/18:15
jaegerbut dev=ATAPI: or dev=ATA: should work18:15
jaegernot sure why graveman would crash when trying to detect it18:16
hik0i'm running kernel cdrecord dev=ATAPI --scanbus18:16
hik0i'm running kernel  version 2.6.17-rc518:17
hik0and a default user will be able to use the burner device(s) without any other permission settings?18:17
jaegerthe user will need to be in the 'disk' group to burn without root privileges18:18
jaegerbut the device should be writable18:18
jaegerI mean readable18:18
hik0is that turned on automatically?18:18
hik0so far i can mount cds/dvds no problem18:18
hik0or should i need to add it to rc.local or somethin18:19
hik0chmod u+r /dev/hdb ?18:19
hik0 graveman18:20
hik0umount: /dev/hdb: not mounted18:20
hik0*** glibc detected *** free(): invalid pointer: 0x080ade90 ***18:20
jaegerhrmm, dunno what that's about18:20
jaegerbrb, need to go get some food18:21
hik0gonna update glibc right now see if thats got anything to do with it18:21
hik0cool-- thanks for the chat18:21
jaegerback now18:57
jaegerthere was some env var you can set to make that work, I think18:57
hik0cdw segfaults. it recognizes the device tho18:58
jaegertry 'MALLOC_CHECK=0 graveman'18:58
jaegerer, sec18:58
hik0bash-3.1# MALLOC_CHECK=0 graveman18:58
hik0umount: /dev/hdb: not mounted18:58
hik0*** glibc detected *** free(): invalid pointer: 0x080aee90 ***18:58
jaegermissing _18:58
hik0u da man jaeg18:59
hik0whats that flag for?18:59
jaegerI think I recall someone saying that was caused by a glib bug18:59
jaegerI don't know :)18:59
hik0i update glibc and recompiled/installed graveman and it still crashed18:59
jaegerI don't think glibc is responsible19:01
jaegerglibc is detecting the problem, not causing it19:01
hik0i see19:01
jaegerglib was the cause, if I understood correctly19:01
hik0il'll add the flag to rc.local19:01
hik0is there gtk2 frontend you recommend?19:03
hik0for burning that is...19:04
jaegergraveman is what I use when cdrecord isn't enough19:04
hik0graveman now doest seem to support mp3 as an audio format?19:04
jaegerno idea19:05
jaegerI usually just make mp3 CDs with mkisofs/cdrecord19:05
hik0got this laptop workin niice tho19:05
jaegermy car stereo reads mp3 discs so there's no need to convert to cdda19:05
hik0i'm going from the laptop to AUX-in on my car deck19:05
hik0using audacious19:06
hik0and have it linked with the media keys on the laptop and on the remote for it19:06
hik0works like charm19:06
hik0i just gotta tweak this kernel better19:06
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hermitAnyone have a nice set of default term colours for me to try on?19:20
hermitI really don't feel like making my own and all the ones I am downloading are a bit too soft19:20
hermitDefaults are god awful though.19:20
hik0jaeger: thanks again! -- peace19:20
hik0i'm sure i'll be back again :d19:21
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thrice`i think it's glib 2.10.x19:36
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thrice`with the graveman deal19:36
kensaihey tilman you there?19:36
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kensaiI guess hes sleeping19:44
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kensaiI get AIGLX: Screen 0 is not dri capable error after upgrading to X11R719:46
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hermitwierd issue20:17
hermitI downloaded all those new vista fonts (the 6 ttf ones)20:17
hermitso I copied them all to /usr/share/fonts/vista/20:17
hermitI added the line in xorg.conf accordingly and then did mkfontscale and mkfontdir in that dir20:17
hermitfc-cache -f, xset fp rehash20:17
hermitand just for good measure, I even restarted X20:18
hermitnow the fonts show up in my gtk2 font selection dialogs20:18
hermitbut when I choose them, gtk-chtheme bails20:18
hermitIf I do urxvt -fn xft:Consolas, it tells me cannot load base font20:18
hermitthough -fn xft:Monospace works fine of course20:18
hermitany suggestions?20:18
jaegerperhaps there's something funky about those fonts, specifically20:24
jaegersince Monospace works20:24
Romstersilly question but how do i reload /etc/profile?20:29
Romstervista fonts hmm20:29
*** sparc-kly[u5] has joined #crux20:29
Romstersudo sh ./etc/profile dosn't seem to do it20:30
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Han. /etc/profile20:36
strwyea, or 'source'20:37
HanThat's not supported by ksh20:38
strwbad shell20:38
Hanpointless remark20:38
strwalias source='.'20:39
RomsterHan, thanks i knew i forgot that one..20:47
Romsteryay sexy prompt back without restarting :)20:47
Romsterhermit: try this one its prologic's i pinched :P export PS1='\n\[\033[1;34m\]\u\[\033[0m\]@\[\033[1;31m\]\h\[\033[0m\]\n\[\033[0;32m\]\d \t\[\033[0m\]\n\[\033[1;37m\]\w\[\033[0m\]\n\$ '20:48
thrice`hm...doesn't work with zsh20:54
thrice`unless I did something wrong :(20:54
Romsteris working on bash21:00
Romsteryou use a diferent shell then21:00
Romsterhrmm zsh looks intersting, will read that site21:02
thrice`and, it's got built in tetris :)21:03
Romsterthat game is addictive21:03
Romsteroh gawd i love this song21:05
RomsterBonnie Tyler - Total Eclipse of the Heart21:05
Romsterand i posted to the wrong channel is listening to a radio stream O_o21:06
hermitRomster: no i mean't xterm colors21:10
hermitnot a colorful prompt21:10
hermitI mean like changing the default brightblue, blue, green, brightgreen, etc21:10
hermitcolor0, color1 and so on up to 1521:11
hermitfrom ~/.Xdefaults21:11
*** kensai has quit IRC21:11 classical guitar win21:11
Romsterhermit oh21:13
Romster.977 the 80's channel :)21:13
hermitI used to listen to that a lot, but lately I have found the classical guitar one really nice.21:13
hermitLots of latin instrumentals and stuff, some really great brazillian composers.21:13
Romsteryeah i change to a few stations21:13
Romsterto my mood21:14
hermitjaeger: a gentoo guy i know has them working fine for him21:15
hermitamd je21:15
hermitand he's using the same version of freetype and everything21:16
hermitset them up exactly the same21:16
hermitanyone here want to try out these new vista ttfs and see if you have better results?21:16
hermiti'd like to see if its just me or some crux-centric issue21:16
jaegerI'll give them a shot21:18
hermitjaeger: ok, i'll get you urlness21:18
HanNP: Bach - Sonata 1 - 01 - Allegro moderato.ogg21:19
Romsterare they in a port?21:19
Romstermanual install stuff21:20
hermitthere are 6 fonts in there21:20
hermitvery easy21:20
thrice`Han: wow...very complex21:20
hermitjust unzip, throw all the .ttf files into a folder like /usr/share/fonts/vista21:20
Romstersnached from Ms?21:20
hermitthen cd to there, mkfontscale (as root) and mkfontdir (as root), fc-cache -f and xset fp rehash21:20
hermitor restart x to be uber sure21:20
hermitRomster: yeah21:20
hermitthey're released21:20
jaegertake me a few minutes; I reinstalled XP today and haven't fixed grub yet21:20
hermitat least, consolas is21:20
Romsterneat hehe21:21
hermitjaeger: ok21:21
Romsterhehe common to reinstall winblows21:21
hermitms has a free download for consolas as an exe, so I assume the others as well21:21
Hanthrice`, yeah. check out the doit extension :-)21:21
jaegerback in a few, rebooting to fix that21:21
*** jaeger has quit IRC21:21
Hanor what happens when a command returns non-zero21:22
Romsterheck Han that looks like a very mature and old config!21:23
thrice`Han: very nice :) is that cplay you're using also?21:23
HanI use cplay indeed.21:23
HanRomster, been maintaining it for ages.21:24
Romsterbloody neat vista fonts :)21:24
Romsteri bet21:24
Hanhave you got a screenshot for that?21:25
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jaegerhermit: they seem to work ok for me21:39
jaegerhermit: I did have to fix their permissions, though, they were all 60021:40
jaegersorry for the long response time, took me a while to find a linux CD to boot21:40
*** CaptLloyd has joined #crux21:41
CaptLloydYay, I got crux all going on my laptop21:41
*** andrew_ is now known as thrice`21:44
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hermitjaeger: poo21:56
hermitjaeger: that must be it!!21:56
hermitjaeger: thanks dude21:57
hermitI feel so newb for not looking at that.21:57
jaegerI know the feeling21:59
kensaiomg I borked my CRUX22:01
kensaiI tried to install X11R722:01
kensaiand I get an error no matter what22:02
kensaiand I have played alost with evry config file available22:02
kensaiand nothing works and now nothing from the x11r7 compiles22:02
jaegerat the worst you can always reinstall x11 from the CD22:03
kensaiI was thinking of reinstalling without X and just the core packages and install x11r722:04
kensaibut I don't know22:04
*** CaptLloyd has joined #crux22:05
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*** RyoS has joined #crux22:05
thrice`i still don't get the benefit to 7 over 6.9.022:05
*** _Viper_ has joined #crux22:06
kensaibah it is just a pain for migration x11r7 just came to break things in the linux world22:06
kensaithe world isn't prepared for x11r7 yet22:06
*** Viper_ has quit IRC22:07
jaegerdon't have any trouble with it, myself22:07
kensaiWOW I'm really frustrated I can see22:07
jaegermaybe lucky22:07
*** _Viper_ is now known as Viper_22:07
kensaiI just kept getting AIGLX: Screen 0 is not DRI capable22:07
thrice`did you remove the old xorg before compiling the new?22:07
jaegernope, needed the old installed to build something22:08
kensaiand searching google said it was a problem with not having ATI drivers installed22:08
kensaiand I don't hav an ati card22:08
jaegerremoved it after all the packages were built22:08
kensaiand I tried to compile xorg-xf86-video-ati just in case and it failed as any othe x11r7 packages I tried thereafter22:09
kensaiI have a mess of a system now22:09
kensaiand I removed X11R6 after the x11r722:10
kensaiOMG, I just want to reinstall and make a good and beautifull GNOME system again22:10
kensaiohh. and GNOME has like 10,000 ideas for bounties in the google summer of code this year22:11
kensaiohh frustration is so bad22:13
kensaihmm gnome is almost 2.14.2 now22:14
hermitjaeger: what do you think of Consolas?22:15
hermitI quite like Consolas 13 for terms.22:15
hermitI think I may replace Monospace with it.22:15
jaegerhermit: it'd  take some getting used to but it's clean, at least22:15
jaegerI like small fonts, like 822:15
jaegerso it's hard to find good ones22:15
*** copwork has joined #crux22:16
jaegerseems like the typeface authors don't think about less than 1222:16
hermitI can't read that shit.22:16
hermitWell, depending on my DPI22:16
jaegerI use 8 and 10 at 1920x1200 :)22:16
hermitjesus christ22:16
hermitwhat dpi?22:16
hermitwhen I use startx -- -dpi 72, the fonts are smaller22:17
jaegerfrom the X log22:17
hermiti thikn my default are like 9622:17
hermiti will have to look at that22:17
jaegersounds about right22:18
jaegerthat's what my 1280x1024 at work does22:18
hermitThen I guess 8-pixel fonts on a 152 dpi are not that much larger than 12 on my 96dpi22:18
hermitnot much smaller22:19
jaegerprobably not22:19
hermitI gotta find a tutorial on rebuilding my new ILQ in-line bearings.22:21
hermitI don't want to screw them up when I do my first rebuild.22:21
jaegersomething unusual about them?22:21
jaegernot familiar with those22:21
hermitThey're the new bearings replacing ABEC bearings in skate22:21
hermitthey use 6 balls instead of 7 and I think they use a gel filling instead of traditional lube.22:22
hermitThey are fscking *fast*22:22
jaegerstill got abec 5/7 on mine22:22
jaegercool, I'll have to check those out22:22
hermitI have been skating on 7s for a couple years with a few rebuilds along the way22:22
hermityou use some bearing cleaner, soak them for a while and lube em upa nd they fly22:22
jaegerI like 5/7 a lot but used to swap in 3s for playing hockey22:23
hermitbut these ILQ bearings are smoking compared to a fresh set of abec 7s22:23
hermitI don't do hockey on these skates, these are for fitness22:23
hermit84mm wheels22:23
jaegerI haven't played in about 9 years but used to love it22:23
jaegerjust fitness/recreational now22:23
hermitI just love skating for rec22:24
hermitNothing beats a nice smooth set of bearings to coast on22:24
jaegeryep :)22:24
hermitI have been on the same set of K2 skates for almost 5 years now22:25
hermitthey were a really high end skate at the time and were so comfort I just couldn't bring myself to upgrade22:25
hermitbecause they were so perfectly fitted to my feet from all the use22:25
hermitbut finally the padding inside just wore out so much that my feet were in uber pain when I started up this year22:25
hermitso i went to this pimp new salomon set22:25
jaegerI have very little choice in skates :( I ordered a really nice set of K2s the day they stopped making them22:27
jaegerthere's no market for size 14 (48) skates22:27
jaegerso I have to take what I can get, unfortunately22:27
hermitjesus god22:27
hermithow tall are you?22:27
jaegermy current set are some mediocre rollerblades22:27
hermitthat's basically the boot I got, not exactly but the only difference is my bearings are ILQ7 not 922:28
hermitoh and that's a 90mm wheel22:28
hermiti am on 84 now22:28
hermitI tried out a 90mm set when I was buying and it was crazy22:28
hermitthe center of gravity is so high22:28
hermiti actually felt uncomfortable on them22:28
jaegerI can fit up to 96 on mine22:28
jaegeruse 84s22:28
hermitbut i am sure it would get good22:28
hermitholy siht22:28
hermiti was riding on 76mm for years and that was oversized for my old boots22:29
hermitthey were made for 7222:29
hermitso i was pushing it22:29
hermitriding on 84mm is perfection22:29
jaegerI started on 72s with an old pair of rollerblade lightnings in 199222:29
hermithaha leet22:29
jaegertook me about 6 years to destroy those skates22:29
hermitman you have massive feet for your height22:29
hermitthat must be bunk for buying shoes22:30
jaegeryeah, it sucks22:30
jaegermy last 3 pairs of shoes I've just said screw the looking around and ordered from vans online22:30
hermitdo you pay premium if you buy direct or is that just to get in stores they jack it up?22:30
jaegerit's not a whole lot different in my experience22:31
jaegermaybe lower prices but shipping often makes up for that22:31
hermitwell i thought shoes >12 or so just cost more in general as ewll22:31
hermitbecause of the low demand for stock22:31
jaegerholy crap, K2 makes 14s again22:31
jaegerI could maybe get new skates22:31
hermitExo 6.1 is so leet22:32
hermitthat's the pair i was going to buy originally22:32
hermitbut NO one in town could get my size22:32
hermitso I finally said fuck it and tried some other pairs22:32
hermitended up liking the salomon just as much fortunately22:32
hermitbut yeah that is a fucking pimp skate, man22:33
jaegerI'm really tempted to order some before they pull a surprise and ditch the line again, hehe22:33
hermiti rode it around in the sportshop a bit22:33
hermituber comfort22:33
hermitand nice lacing system22:33
hermitand ILQ22:33
jaegerI can't remember the model of the ones I wanted before but they were K2 Flights of some kind22:33
jaegerthey had 2 lines, entry and nice fitness ones22:33
jaegerthe entry ones didn't even go up to 1322:33
*** kensai has quit IRC22:34
hermityeah they still do that22:34
hermit6.1 is the leet model22:34
hermit2.1 is for the bums22:34
jaegerguess I'll go out and look at them this week, I had totally given up on them22:34
jaeger2 places within 5 miles of me that sell K2, so I might get lucky22:35
hermitI looked in the owners manual for my skates and it doesn't say anything specific about rebuilding the bearings...just open, soak in cleaner, lube and seal22:36
hermitbut it also shows 7 balls in the picture22:36
hermitso I bet the manual is from before the new bearings..22:36
hermiti think I'll look it up with twincam, the people who make ILQ22:36
*** thrice` has quit IRC22:37
*** thrice` has joined #crux22:38
hermitjaeger: yeah, twincam (the company who manufactures ILQ bearings) has a specific ultralight gel for them22:39
hermitsince the gel fills the bearing up, the idea is that it keeps shit out22:39
hermitat least moreso than an empty bearing with just a coating of lube22:39
jaegerseems reasonable22:44
hermitI want to try out this new Segoe font.22:44
hermitApparently it's the new vista default system font.22:45
hermitLooks a lot like tahoma22:48
hermitvery narrow22:48
hermitwill take a bit of getting used to maybe, but I think I quite like it22:48
jaegergot a screenshot?22:48
hermitThat's the font22:48
hermithang on22:48
hermiti'll screen it up22:48
hermitthe gtk theme22:50
jaegerhrmm, not bad22:51
hermitI gotta see if there's a patched freetype in ports to make my fonts uber smooth.22:55
hermitthere was a money patched 2.9 a while back22:55
hermithm...there's a lot of shit dependent on freetype...22:59
hermitjaeger: do you think backing up to 2.1.9 with the smooth patch in han's repo will fuck my shit up that was built with 2.1.10 ?22:59
*** nipuL[wrk] has quit IRC22:59
hermitWell, only one way to find out.23:00
jaegerI don't think so, no... but it will maybe cause new builds to fail23:01
hermitjaeger: segoe looks even nice with 7px23:01
hermitUsing it for my pekwm font23:02
jaegergood to know :) I'll try it out soon23:03
hermitOh this is even nicer still with the 2.1.9-smooth freetype.23:04
*** morlenxus has quit IRC23:05
*** morlenxus has joined #crux23:05

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