IRC Logs for #crux Tuesday, 2006-05-30

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CaptLloydyou're the maintainer of the crux usermap?01:20
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cptnwell, maintainer is probably the wrong word, but I can edit it, yes :-)01:20
CaptLloydWell I would like to be added, do you have a form or is there a place I should email you?01:21
cptnI prefer mail01:21
cptnthanks for participating01:23
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mavrick61Hi all02:23
marohey mavrick61 :)02:24
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CaptLloydAfterDeath, It is kinda slow in here most of the time02:29
CaptLloydgreat group though02:29
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richi_authi, is it possible, to write a email to: core-ports at crux dot nu ?04:56
richi_autotherwise i would make a new bug, that there is a new version of freetype available.04:57
ningook guys, talk's over, I buy for $86,400.0004:59
cptnrichi_aut: you can send mail to that address, however a bug report is preferred05:00
richi_autcptn: ok, and the url for imagemagick is brocken, but that was already posted on the maillist.05:01
cptnsame there, the posted should have reported it either directly or via ML05:03
cptnbut I'm sure Simone saw it05:03
cptnrichi_aut: is it binary compatible with the previous version?05:04
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richi_autcptn: freetype? i got no idea...05:06
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cptnfrom the footprint missmatch it looks like it'll likely break applications05:07
cptnincluding our current ports for fontconfig, KDE, sdl_ttf, xpdf05:11
richi_autcptn: I'm not a C/C++ programmer, but i think this: "Version 2.2 no longer exposes its internals, this is, the header       files  located in  the `include/freetype/internal'  directory of       the source package are not  copied anymore by the `make install'       command.  Consequently, a number of rogue clients which directly       access  FreeType's  internal   functions  and  structures  won't       compile without modification." . maybe will05:11
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tilmandang, how do you force prt-get to reinstall a port?05:43
tilmanprt-get install -fr -fi foo doesn't work05:43
prologicprt-get update <port> -fr05:44
prologiccptn, am I allowed to reply to crux-devel :) ?05:44
tilmani guess that makes some sense05:44
treachtilman: make a function for it. ;) "sudo prt-get update -fr $1;"05:45
treachI had to look it up, since I never call prt-get anymore. :P05:46
tilmantreach: no, that's okay. i just thought it should work with the 'install' cmd, not 'update'05:46
prologicinstall will only work for non-installed ports05:46
tilmanobviously it's not so obvious if i didn't get it05:46
treachI guess it depends on how you think about stuff.05:47
tilmanupdate is also only an update if the currently installed version doesn't equal the one you're about to install05:47
tilmantreach: exactly :p05:47
treachwell, imo, if you are changing something it's an update.05:48
tilmani think install -fr -fu should work, too, though05:48
tilmanfontconfig indeed doesn't build with freetype 2.205:48
tilmanevas and xorg-libxft do05:48
treachgah, are we facing another prt-get update -fr $bloody_everything?05:50
tilmanprologic: don't mess up your reply-to headers when you reply to mailing list postings. kthx05:51
prologiceh ?05:52
tilmanprologic: n/m05:52
tilmanjust noticed that it's not a reply :]05:52
tilmanthough his original mail did get through05:52
prologiceh ?05:53
prologic'm so confused :)05:53
prologicI was asking if I could reply to crux-devel list!05:53
prologicI"m not officially considered a dev though, but I wouldn't mind putting my 2c worth in05:53
treachha, I though you had discovered that you had posted another src-dir in a port. :P05:53
tilmansimple to turn back where Simone Rota's email address is unstandable, likw what05:53
tilmanuses underscores, dots etc before the @ char?05:53
tilmanis he retarded?05:54
prologictreach, shoosh :)05:54
tilmanprologic: i'm talking about the Danny mails on the crux ml05:54
prologichmm no idea about that too05:54
prologicall I know is he was posting to crux@crux.nu05:54
tilmanyou are james mills, right?05:54
tilmanprologic: yes, and that address is still active05:55
tilmanas cptn wrote in his announcement mail :)05:55
prologicahh yeah05:55
prologicbut won't be for long05:55
tilmanfontconfig 2.3.95 (2.4.0-rc1) works05:55
treachprologic: the problem is if everyone does that it could be quite noisy. Also presumeably it defeats the purpose of a seperate list..05:55
tilmanprologic: very good excuse05:55
* tilman goes bananas05:55
prologicI"m lost05:55
prologicI'll just go eat dinner now05:55
prologick :)05:55
* prologic adds in his procmail filter05:56
tilmanif it's too hard for romster and you to handle 'both' mailing lists until the transition phase is over, that's not the problem of the rest of us05:56
* treach adds prologic in his baynesian ;)05:56
tilmanso please don't duplicate mails05:56
prologicyeesh :)05:56
prologicthat's why I didn't do it to the 2nd one05:57
prologicI thought the first wouldn't have reached the list, but then I realized it had05:57
tilmanand yes, feel free to mail to crux-devel05:57
tilmaneveryone else does it05:57
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cptntilman: as tilman say, you can certainly mail to crux-devel06:19
cptnalthough no recent mail actually called for discussion or input06:19
cptntilman: install / update works just the same as with pkgadd/pkgadd -u06:20
tilmanthat's a good argument06:20
treachxpdf: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory06:21
treach :/06:21
tilmanis that motif?06:21
treachlesstif actually.06:21
tilmanso lesstif should provide it06:21
cptnprologic: as tilman say, you can certainly mail to crux-devel06:21
cptnit does on my system...06:22
tilmanyes, just checked the footprint06:22
cptnopenmotif has .so.3 though06:22
treachhmm. some funkyness there. I got it working now.06:22
tilmani'm off the hook \o/06:23
treachbut lesstif is a bit of a bitch.. it insists on putting stuff in /usr/X11R6. :/06:23
tilmaneven though host.def says ProjectRoot /usr?06:24
tilmanyou might want to put that ProjectRoot line in lesstif's own host.def06:24
treach/usr/lib/X11/config/host.def is *empty* ??06:27
tilmanoh, seems site.def is the one to use06:28
treachtilman: the /usr/lib/X11/config/site.def ProjectRoot says /usr so I guess Lesstif overrules it in it's on config.06:30
treachs on/own.06:30
treachoh, marvellous.06:31
treachthanks for the pointer.06:31
tilmanwell, it's just a guess06:32
tilmanbut a good one i think ;D06:32
treachit's a place to start looking. :)06:32
treachyay.. "MotifProjectRoot"06:34
treachhacks coming back to bite ya..06:36
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SenecaI have problems installing scrollkeeper on crux 2.206:38
Seneca"DocBook XML DTD... configure: error: not found"06:38
Senecabut I have docbook-xml-dtd installed06:38
Seneca"ensure that it is registered in /etc/xml/catalog"06:39
treachpost-installscripts run?06:39
treach(gnome is such a hack..)06:39
Senecanope, saw that now... *idiot*06:40
Senecait works not06:40
Senecathz for the tip06:41
lutin_tristeim wondering ... do you get Security Advisories in crux? like in slackware06:49
marolutin_triste: yes06:49
maroon the ml06:49
treachgrr, anyone having any successes with trying to get files from fdo?06:50
tilmanannarchy (xorg.fd.o/wiki.x.o, webcvs, anoncvs, anonsvn, et al) down06:51
tilman(#xorg-devel topic)06:51
tilmanwhat do you need?06:52
treachta. :)06:57
cptnnp :-)06:59
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treachnote to users: openmotif is probably a better alternative than lesstif, if need of such arcane stuff should arise.07:07
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jdolan_i <3 boys08:54
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rxilittle boys or big boys :P08:56
ningolittle indian boys08:56
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j^2hey all09:18
rxisup j^209:19
j^2hey guys09:20
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hermitThis is wierd...09:46
hermitI unsubscribed from the crux mls a few months ago, yet I have recently been receiving emails again.09:47
hermitWas there a restore done on the server from backups or something which would have put me back on?09:47
cptnwell, yes09:47
cptnwe've moved to a different server09:47
cptnand imported the subscriber list09:47
jaegerwhich we only had a snapshot of09:47
hermitI requested an unsub a few days ago and got no message from the list to confirm.09:48
cptnthe snapshot was from end of march IIRC09:48
hermitIs that known to be broken?09:48
hermitcptn: that explains it09:48
cptnmmmh, that shouldn't be09:48
cptnwhere did you send it to?09:49
hermitused the web admin09:49
hermiti had it send me a password reminder and then unsubbed and I think we're good now09:55
cptnmay I ask why you unsubscribed?09:56
hermitI don't really have any need to be on the list, nothing that comes up is of much interest to me as I am not maintaining or anything.09:57
hermitAnd everything in 2.2 is working really well, so..09:58
cptnokay :-)09:58
hermitI replaced my crux laptop with a macbook, so I use crux only at home now09:58
hermitAnd yes, kids, osx win10:00
tilmanthat's awesome10:00
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prologicwhat makes osx so great neways ? :)10:10
prologic<-- never used macs before :)10:10
koefzNo one really knows.10:10
koefzBut the cases match people damned IPods.10:11
hermitWell, I don't want to start a heated debate, but it's just really well put together.10:11
hermitEverything really "Just Works"10:11
koefzOr is it peoples'?10:11
hermitThe UI is very responsive10:11
hermitAnd Apple is well reputed for designing very good interfaces in terms of usability and esthetics.10:12
hermitAnd I am seeing that's very correct.10:12
hermitThere are drawbacks, but they are few.10:12
hermitI could very easily live purely with OSX.10:12
hermitI have apache, php, vim7, everything I need on  here.10:12
prologicdidn't MS steal their gui ideas from Apple anyway / :)10:12
hermitBut for instance, wmv playback has not been ported to intel procs yet, so if I want to play wmv porn it has to run under rosetta (PPC emulation) which, while it works, is frustratingly slow.10:13
hermitBut that will be resolved in short time.10:13
hermitAlso, Adobe hasn't ported their apps yet either.10:13
hermitBut since I only use photoshop recreationally, it's OK by me.10:13
hermitAgain, that will be resolved probably by the new year.10:13
hermitI installed a package management dealy called fink which is an implementation of debian apt on OSX.10:14
hermitSo I have irssi, wget, all those nice little linux tools.10:14
hermitmutt, if you want it.10:14
hermitAlso, OSX comes with an X11 package as well.10:15
hermitSo for instance, I can run freeciv (gtk2) right inside osx10:15
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hermitAnd that does not depend on stuff like fink, that's just out of the box.10:16
prologicsounds like you like your Mac :)10:16
hermitThe real advantage to apples comes in the marriage of the hardware and the software.10:16
hermitSince apple makes the software and the hardware, they only need to make a perfect compatibility between those two10:16
hermitit's a nice change from what I have been used to over the years10:17
hermitresearching motherboards to see which chipsets have stable linux drivers for components etc10:17
hermitI still use linux on my shuttle at home primarily because nothing touchest mplayer for its filetype support, among other things.10:18
cnukemac os x is still slower as it could be10:18
hermitcnuke: then you likely haven't used recent versions on recent machines10:18
cnukeold ibook g4 :)10:18
hermitThat would have been true a year ago10:18
hermittiger has come a long way10:19
cnukemac os x is per design slow, thats all10:19
hermitnot to mention the fact that the new core duos smoke old g4s10:19
cnuketook a long time until x86 beats ppc ;)10:19
jaegerwe have a dual 2.7GHz G5 here at work which feels slow to me... but it's all rendering slowdown, not cpu, it seems10:29
jaegerdon't have an intel mac yet, looking forward to getting one10:29
hermitYou mean video?10:31
jaegerI mean everything. the entire interface feels extremely sluggish to me10:32
jaegerfor a dual 2.7, at least10:32
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hermitjaeger: that's bizarre.10:47
hermitMust be something up there.10:47
hermitMaybe short on the ram?10:47
hermitAnd lots of crazy shit started on boot?10:47
hermitI understand OSX likes its ram.10:48
hermitWhich is why I run 1.5Gb in my laptop.10:48
jaegerit's got 2G and not much running10:49
jaegerand I should stress that most people probably wouldn't notice it10:49
jaegerbut it's enough that it bothers me :/10:50
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hermitjaeger: yeah it would sure bother me if a system like that wasn't lightning fast.10:57
hermitI dunno, man. This thing blazes.10:57
hermitI guess it's just that PPC garbage. :)10:57
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jaegerhermit: I suspect so11:05
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jaegerhermit: a coworker is getting an intel mac soon so I will have a comparison :)11:06
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jjpkhi danm.12:14
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cnukehermit: mac os x is like solaris14:01
cnukeit is slow. but is in almost the same manner slow if it is on full load14:03
koefzSort of like a big fat V8 truck then.14:04
cnukekind of yes :)14:04
koefzDoesn't matter if it's empty or loaded with 2 tons of shit, still has the same 0-60 times.14:05
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j^2*sigh* starting up classes again next monday14:57
j^2last week of freedomn14:58
aon*sigh* ending classes for 2 months14:59
jjpkTwo more weeks of marketing left, then I have about three weeks of vacation.14:59
jjpkThen its no mercy until December again.15:00
aoni have free 'til 16.9.15:00
aonthen to work15:00
jjpkAt least by this time next year it will all stop.15:00
j^2i love/hate being a student15:00
aonuh, what?15:00
aon19.6. i mean15:00
jjpkNice long vacation I thought. :p15:01
jjpkStill hard to believe I have been studying 9 months at the university level.15:02
jjpkTime just went by really quickly.15:02
j^2crazy ass that september 19? or some month that us americans don't have :> :P15:03
jjpk:D :D15:03
aonno, 19.6. is in june15:03
tilmancrazy ass us americans15:03
j^2i'm not very well edumacted15:04
aonyou don't know months? :p15:04
tilman2006-06-19 yay for no ambiguity15:04
aonyeah, that's probably rather low even for american educational standards15:04
aontilman: yeah15:04
j^2aon: so so true15:04
aonbut some use DD.MM.YY and some use MM.DD.YY15:05
aonhow do you tell when day <= 12 :)15:05
j^2good question ;)15:05
tilmanthere's only one possible meaning of 2006-06-1915:05
tilmaniso 8601 or something ;)15:06
jjpkThought they passed yet another directive regarding the date standard.15:06
jjpkWhatever the case, it has not visibly changed around here.15:06
aonyeah, and that's good15:06
aonsince DD.MM.YY(YY) is right(tm) :)15:07
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j^2@google lucky jagerbomb15:11
j^2@google lucky jaegerbomb15:12
j^2@google lucky jaeger bomb15:12
tilmanthat's just "jaegermeister red bull" in germany15:12
j^2yep same here15:13
tilmancrazy ass us americans and their names for boring drinks15:13
aon@google lucky ethanol and orange juice15:13
jjpk:D :D15:13
jjpkA redbull vodka is good.15:13
jjpkToo bad you quickly lose count, and then things start to happen. :p15:13
aonor whatever energy drink is available :)15:13
aonand after that, things stop happening :)15:14
jjpkIndeed, you hit a wall, and then it goes worse from there.15:14
tilmanthe bad thing about energy drink mixes is that you don't taste the amount of alcohol they have15:14
laodwhy would you ruin perfectly good alcohol :(15:14
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jjpkTrying to keep a draconian grip on drinking, especially starting on june.15:14
danLhey what i need  in kernel configuration to enable sata ?15:15
aontilman: yes, vodka is clearly intended to be consumed straight from the bottle, preferably outside when it's -20°C15:15
aon(or less)15:15
tilmani'll try that when i'm visiting funland15:15
jjpkfunland. :D :D15:16
tilmani don't think we had -20C last winter15:16
tilman-15C maybe15:16
laoddanL: it's in the SCSI subsection, I believe. You just pick the appropriate low level driver for your sata controller15:16
*** danL is now known as lutin_triste15:16
aonyou seemed to have mosquitoes (or at least one) in october :)15:16
jjpkThe worst it got here was -30 for one week, then another two weeks ranging -25 and -18.15:16
aonthe bite is still visible :/15:16
aonhm, gotta sleep so i have enough energy to set sail for the last schoolday tomorrow :)15:18
tilmancan't you just sleep through it?15:19
tilmanyou could bring a pillow15:19
aonit's just like 2h, such short sleep is annoying :/15:19
jjpkDecent philosophy I'd say. :p15:21
jjpkMight as well call it a day, still have some reading left for tomorrow.15:24
jjpkMarketing theory... how interesting can it get? :D15:24
* tilman falls asleep as he reads the words15:24
aonyeah, i also have to participate in some ceremony and sleeping wouldn't probably make a good impression15:25
aonbut <-15:25
jjpkExactly... I don't feel like reading them, but the fact that the prof has a pop quiz policy.15:25
jjpkStill hasn't used it, maybe tomorrow it will happen. bugger. :/15:26
jjpkaon: g'night.15:26
lutin_tristesomeone know what is ahci sata ? and if it needed15:28
strwlspci -v | grep AHCI15:31
lutin_tristeyea i guess i dont need it15:32
strwif you're unsure, compile it as a module15:33
lutin_tristeim wondering if bsd process accounting is needed for a desktop system ?15:39
CaptLloydCertainly could be used for some things15:40
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CaptLloydany of you recently install the xmms2 package from contrib?15:46
lutin_triste is it important to enable plug and play support in kernel configuration ?15:47
CaptLloydI haven't tried with it off15:47
CaptLloydI think you might need it unless your bios is set for PnP OS = no, but I may not be correct15:48
CaptLloydassuming you're on an x86 arch15:48
lutin_tristek thx¸<15:59
tilmanCaptLloyd: no, what's wrong with it?16:00
j^2why is it the press always gets the _craziest_ person to talk about look at right now, that woman looks like she hasnt showered in a week!16:00
lutin_tristeif you have a /boot partition do you need to copy the kernel there instead of /16:01
CaptLloydI get footprint mismatches16:03
CaptLloydI might email the maintainer16:03
CaptLloydbut I'm gonna mess with it some more first16:03
j^2CaptLloyd: what port?16:03
tilmanwhat's missing?16:04
tilmanprolly just some plugin16:04
j^2like good ol' xmms16:04
CaptLloydI'll get you the error in a sec16:04
CaptLloydA bunch of stuff for ruby16:04
CaptLloydsmb and vorbis looks like plugins16:05
j^2you can always pkgmk -f *#* it16:05
lutin_tristewell i can put anywhere i want right (vmlinuz) ? i just need to setup lilo.conf correctly16:05
j^2lutin_triste: correct16:06
tilmanCaptLloyd: nothing serious16:06
CaptLloydWould really like vorbis tho16:06
tilmanprt-get install libvorbis16:06
CaptLloydOh, well16:06
CaptLloydI'll do that first16:06
tilmanthe mad plugin handles mp3, so you'll prolly want that too :D16:07
CaptLloydI've never used xmms2 it a lot different from xmms?16:07
CaptLloydwhat packages do I need for mad?16:09
CaptLloydI have something called libmad but I don't know if that is it16:10
tilmanit is16:11
CaptLloydthanks :)16:12
CaptLloyddo you know what libxmms_smb would do if I had it?  I can't find any info on what it does on google16:13
tilmanallows you to access files that are published via a samba share16:14
tilmanor a real ms network thingy16:14
CaptLloydI can get by without that16:14
CaptLloydcaptain@Cruxtop ~$ xmms216:16
CaptLloydERROR: Could not create default configfile!!16:16
tilmancheck the wiki for how to get started16:17
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CaptLloydGot it working16:34
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lutin_tristefor some reason sendmail take alot of time to start at boot time... any place i should look to fix this ?18:01
jaegerperhaps /etc/hosts18:03
jaegerif sendmail can't resolve your hostname, it'll hang like that18:04
jaegerit might be something else but that's my guess18:04
lutin_tristenah i changed it to localhost and it okay now18:07
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treachhmm, some things really doesn't make sense.. why would you want to write to /dev/zero??18:37
*** nekrodes has quit IRC18:39
bd2treach, it must be filled with zeros prior to using it :D18:55
treachlol. better put that in the handbook :p18:56
bd2"I (Thomas Esser) have decided not to make new releases of teTeX any more (May 2006)." (c)
bd2oh crap, that is sucks19:02
treachI bet someone else will. And if not, is it needed?19:04
treachbesides, everyone knows that Word is the pancea for typesetting. ;)19:04
bd2"I (Thomas Esser)" suggests us to use Live TeX distribution. it's 600 MB, and provides only as iso's19:07
koefzThat would be fun to make a Pkgfile for.19:12
koefzAnd actually use it.19:12
treachsounds like a pretty damned stupid idea, imo.19:12
treachlike, back to the old days of shuffling floppies..19:13
koefzHahah, yeah. Those damned floppies.19:14
* treach remembers his old amstrad with 2 5.25 floppydrives and 512K ram. :p19:15
koefzI had a friend with no dial-up connection at home, and he only had one single floppy. So he took his bike back and forth, back and forth, to copy a whole bunch of winamp skins and icons and whatnot.19:15
*** CaptLloyd has quit IRC19:16
koefzThose 5.25" floppies were the greatest.19:16
treachspeak about floppies. :)19:16
* bd2 had a computer that was boot from audio tapes19:18
treachthose were cool. :)19:18
treachcopying games etc with a tape-recorder. :P19:19
koefzDamn, we're starting to get old.19:19
koefzI remember I liked those early i286:es and i386:es best.19:19
koefzLarry, Codename Iceman, etc.19:20
bd2treach, no, not c64. it was russian, called "Assistant" ;-)19:20
koefzI think Testdrive started to come out sometime around there.19:20
koefzNothing like a Corvette's engine roar simulated by a PC-speaker.19:20
koefzbd2, cool.19:21
treachprobably some illegal c64 copy. ;)19:22
koefzMuch of that old Soviet tech seem to have been lost on the way.19:22
koefzOr maybe it has never reached us in the west.19:22
koefzBut they had to have something to run those moonrockets and ICBM:s and stuff.19:23
treachyou don't lose soviet tech! it'll be around for ever..19:23
koefzAnd most likely it wasn't american hardware.19:23
treachbut maybe it was american *designed*. :p19:24
koefztreach, sure. But how many have ever heard of "Assistant", or what their variant of Unix was like, etc.19:24
koefzWhat CPU architectures did they use.19:24
koefztreach, heheh.19:24
bd2"probably some illegal c64 copy.", I really think it is. it is definitely a clone19:25
hermitok my memory is failing me19:25
koefzbd2, heheh.19:25
hermitwhat's the name for the practice of embedded one file into another cryptographically without affecting the host file? such as embedded a text file into a jpeg and it only being viewable by being decrypted19:25
hermitI thought it was stenography but that seems incorrect.19:25
treachno, it sounds right.19:26
treachI misread.. I thought you wrote steganography the first time.. :D19:27
*** treach has quit IRC19:28
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*** sam__ has joined #crux21:18
sam__anyone is using wmii  from ports and get wmiir: cannot open file '/bar/status/data': file not found21:19
jaegernot I21:22
*** sam__ has quit IRC21:25
Hanscreen rocks21:28
Han :-)21:32
*** thrice`_ has joined #crux21:32
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*** thrice` has joined #crux21:33
strwmaybe it's useful to someone21:36
*** brian|lfs has joined #crux21:55
Hanecho $PATH | grep -q /usr/local/sbin || PATH=/usr/local/sbin:/usr/sbin:/sbin:$PATH21:59
Hanstrw, you may want to take a look at my zshrc ;-)21:59
strwwhy not ;)22:00
*** RyoS has quit IRC22:00
strwalias :wq='echo "Dude.. $SHELL != vi"'22:02
strwthat's really important..22:02
*** RyoS has joined #crux22:05
Hanhmmm I have often typed c-x c-c as well. :-)22:09
HanQuite impossible to make an alias of that.22:09
Hanstrw, doesn't that alias interfere with : which is a valid command.22:10
HanOw well, I bet you wouldn't notice in an interactive shell.22:10
*** predatorfreak has joined #crux22:11
strwhmm, : doesn't seem to make an troubles22:14
Han: the shell built-in for /usr/bin/true22:17
*** percent20net has joined #crux22:31
*** jaeger has quit IRC22:48
*** lutin_triste has joined #crux22:58
lutin_tristehi , anyone know if  you need  IP: Advanced router in kernel for iptables22:59
jdolanyou do not.23:00
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