IRC Logs for #crux Wednesday, 2006-05-31

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marojdolan: you suck01:06
marojdolan: you've had like 4 days to take out that tommiller guy on the ml, yet no action ;(01:09
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richi_authi, could anyone exlain me, why samba is listed in the dependencies of xine, twice?03:28
cptnprobably just an oversight03:34
cptnI mean, the fact that it's listed twice, not that it is in the first palce03:34
ningoWhy's samba depending on xine, anyway?03:35
ningoor vise versa, rather03:35
cptnnow why would a tool which played media files depend on a library which provides access to files over the network...03:37
rximaybe it uses some library for its streaming or something03:37
richi_autningo: yesterday i was asking myself the same question.03:37
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richi_autcptn: on your page, when i click on prt-get and httpup i get a 404 response.04:32
jjpkYou probably can specify an option for configure to not look for samba support if it bothers that much.04:44
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richi_autyes, I found that out, today. you can use prt-get depinst xine-ui --ignore=samba05:00
jjpkI should try that out, usually I end up editing the Pkgfiles themselves.05:01
richi_autbut my oppinion is, that there should be a reason for listing samba in the dependencies... (is only my oppinion)05:01
treachthere is a reason. the packager thought it was a good idea.05:02
treachjjpk: --ignore is quite a bit easier than that. :p05:03
treachespecially when you are doing depinstalls..05:03
jjpktreach: sure is, spent a bit of time editing a few pkgfiles when I installed amarok a few months ago.05:03
treachhehe, yeah.05:03
richi_autto install samba, or to make xine-lib compileable? (it compiles without samba, too (with no errrors))05:03
jjpkNot going to bother with it again, it was way too heavy in my opinion.05:03
treachI just made a port for myself for amarok, since nick seems to like the kitchensink approach.05:04
ningokitchensink approach?05:04
treachadd a space if you like.05:05
jjpkningo: including a lot of features.05:05
ningojjpk: u-hu05:05
treachlike, *everything*.05:05
ningoare you talking abou the /opt port?05:05
richi_autI am.05:06
jjpkDidn't think there was another amarok port that nick maintained.05:06
treachpersonally I don't think amarok is that heavy, but then I used my own port, and you've got to remember it runs a database for all those mp3's..05:06
ningojjpk: I don't know :)05:06
ningojjpk: nick doesn't enable mysql05:07
treachah. small mercy.05:07
jjpkInstead I settled for something much smaller and leaner, cmus.05:08
ningotreach: well, I found amarok with mysql much faster.05:08
ningojjpk: yeah, cmus rocks05:08
jjpkI will keep that in mind IF I decide to install it again sometime in the future.05:08
treachnow, if I were shopping for a reliable ide disk, what should I look for?05:08
ningoa shame that cmus doesn't work on openbsd >*05:08
treachany ideas?05:08
ningoseagate? western digital?05:08
jjpkningo: thought they already had included the SUN output driver in cmus.05:09
ningothey have, but openbsds ncurses has issues05:09
treachseagate have bad record here.. and so does a lot of other people say.05:09
ningotreach: other people say exactly the opposite05:10
treachbut I guess they are feeling more confident now, since they are offering 5 y warranties.05:10
jjpkI have a 40g seagate as a replacement in the drawer, never had issues with it.05:10
rxithe nl35 drives are good for servers05:10
jjpkAh right, the other disk in my raid-1 is a seagate, the other is a western digital.05:10
rxii used to like wd til one of mine died :)05:11
ningorxi: thousands of HDDs die every day...05:12
rxibecause you jack off ?05:12
jjpkThat is why I keep the desktop in a raid to have that small additional buffer.05:12
ningoNo, because that's the matter with HDDs05:12
rxilol no shit05:12
rxiyou didnt get the joke05:13
jjpkThat is what keeps them in business at the end of the day.05:20
jjpkEither that, or there would be a monopoly by only one company since it would be useless.05:20
jjpkGive that drives would last longer and generally be more reliable.05:20
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treachwell. if they are all equally worthless nothing happens as well. :p05:20
treachjust like in any other oligopoly.05:21
treach(compare with gas, cellphones etc.)05:21
jjpkGood point.05:24
jjpkThey just give the perception that you have some sort of choice. :p05:24
aonor web browsers!05:24
treachor banking.05:25
aongas price has been going downwards, though, that's nice :)05:25
aonalthough doesn't feel anywhere now that my consumption went down 4l/100km...05:28
rxiyou get 100km to 4L?05:29
aonbefore it was 12l/100km, now it's around 8l/100km05:29
cptnrichi_aut: indeed, I should fix those links05:31
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richi_autis anyone using gcc4.1.1? have any problems apperared with that version and the other ports?09:23
jaegernot using it yet, myself09:24
richi_auti'm only asking because i found such a port int cptn's collection and consider to try out this one...09:25
richi_authave you tried out x11r7.1?09:27
jaegernot yet09:29
jaegerI've heard reports of it breaking nvidia drivers09:29
jaegerbut also reports that they work fine09:29
jaegerhaven't tested it, myself09:29
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richi_autok, then i will try09:32
jdolani forsee myself prt-get locking x11 when the modular build seeps into opt ;)09:40
jdolanthe way i see it, gnome is sometimes torturous because of the number of packages.  xorg can't be *much* better.09:41
j^2hey all09:43
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j^2swedes! what happened with thepiratebay?!?09:49
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Romsterdunno i can't reach it either09:57
j^2check /.09:57
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Romsteroh bugger10:00
Romsterencripted networks will rule and they wont find the source10:01
j^2so who's ready to set up a darknet ;)10:02
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mike_kor netsukuku10:09
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mike_kany sort of $collection_dist_files_up_to_date_url_list on
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mike_kpredatorfreak: did they tell you the place for the secret irc-meeting ?12:40
predatorfreakmike_k: Nope :P12:40
cptndid you ask?12:41
cptnor did you guys expect a memo?12:41
predatorfreakcptn: Well I did ask where the channel was and recieved nothing.12:41
mike_kcptn: that was a kinda long-time joke12:41
predatorfreakcptn: So would you be so kind as too tell me? :)12:42
cptnpredatorfreak: okay, I guess I wasn't around12:42
cptnwell, try /whois cptn for a change...12:42
predatorfreakcptn: * [cptn] @#crux12:43
predatorfreakcptn: That's all the usable information I got :P12:43
cptnchannels : @#slim @#crux-cruxcon @#crux12:44
cptnis what I get12:44
cptnwell, #crux-cruxcon is the dev channel12:44
predatorfreakcptn: Next meeting is tomorrow, correct?12:45
predatorfreakcptn: I'l just join now and wait :)12:45
cptn15 minutes from nough, roughly12:45
cptnalthough I guess it'll start late as always :-)12:45
predatorfreakcptn: Well, you can't always expect some people to be on-time or early :P12:46
bd2it is not secret anymore, i think12:47
cptnit has never been, really12:47
predatorfreakbd2: No, no it's not, it's been logged now :P12:47
jaegerthat's what #crux-sekritz is for12:48
bd2although nobody tell that devel discussions happens there12:48
cptnjaeger: noo!12:48
cptnbd2: well, it was on clc-devel12:48
predatorfreakjaeger: Now I know your secret plotting channel! :P12:49
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jaegerall yours :)12:50
jaegerit's so secret even I've never been there12:51
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cptn@seen vektori13:00
clbcptn: vektori was last seen in #crux 4 days, 23 hours, 58 minutes, and 35 seconds ago: <vektori> I don't think you can use fusermount for mounting anymore.13:00
mike_kmaro: don't you want to watch the discussion?13:11
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predatorfreakArgh, my ISP officially sucks.13:40
predatorfreakcptn: After the meeting is over, could you provide me with a log?13:40
predatorfreakdeus_ex: My connection died in the middle of a meeting :(13:41
cptnpredatorfreak: sure13:41
predatorfreakcptn: Thank you.13:41
cptnjust remind me again :-)13:41
deus_exMeeting?What meeting?13:41
predatorfreakcptn: Will do.13:41
predatorfreakdeus_ex: Developer meeting in #crux-cruxcon :P13:41
predatorfreakJust don't speak there, as it's a developer meeting :P13:41
predatorfreakdeus_ex: Open-to-the-public-but-please-don't-interrupt-the-developers type of thing.13:42
deus_exI'll STFU. :)13:43
koefzHmm, bad, so we can't even be in there?13:46
deus_exWe can, but silent.13:46
aonperhaps it's better to not be there13:46
aonsince someone'll probably sneeze or fart sooner or later13:46
aonand that'll interrupt them13:46
koefzI'll just wait for the log.13:47
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jaegerheyo, danm14:04
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* jaeger shakes fist at chanserv14:31
strwis there a not all too big program you guys are still missing in the ports? i set up a repo at the moment.14:37
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j^2hey all14:38
aonhey j^214:39
j^2hey aon14:43
lutin_tristehmm if i set my agp to 8x i get a black screen but it's okay in 4x.. do i need to enable something in the kernel for 8x ? i have radeon 980014:44
lutin_tristebah it useless anyways14:48
predatorfreakUgh, this PAM stuff is turning into a feud.14:48
jaegerI wonder how many people really feel strongly one way or the other14:49
deus_expredatorfreak:What's your problem with PAM, anyway?14:49
jaegerI'm totally ambivalent about it, as long as it works14:49
deus_exJust curious.14:49
deus_exIf it's transparent to user(me), why should I care?14:52
cptnwell, the primary argument against it is that it's rather flexable14:52
cptnprobably more than the average user needs14:53
deus_excptn: So, what's the problem with that?14:53
cptndeus_ex: well, it's a design choice to build a simple system14:54
cptnand PAM kinda conflicts here14:54
cptnthat said, it's rather hard to switch current crux to PAM14:54
cptnthis is why we're evaluating it14:54
cptnit's all a question of whether an additional feature is worth the added cost of complexity14:55
deus_excptn: OK.I'll google for it, to see what's it actually about.14:56
deus_excptn: Always a tough decison to make.14:59
j^2i dont like the concept personally14:59
j^2it's not "simple" in my mind14:59
deus_exj^2: Thanks.15:00
* deus_ex dives into the FAQ.15:00
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predatorfreakGarrr, stabbing of SBC time.15:14
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deus_expredatorfreak: After reading PAM FAQ, I think I understand your point.15:18
predatorfreakdeus_ex: Welcome to the "OHSHI DIVINE WRATH" ahead side.15:19
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deus_expredatorfreak: It's not that simple, though.danm also has some valid points15:20
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deus_exin mail at crux-devel15:21
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predatorfreakdeus_ex: Yes, but CRUX must always balance features and what the distro stands for.15:21
predatorfreakdanm: Feel free to add to the discussion :)15:23
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danmpredatorfreak: There is not much I can tell about right now. The HOWTO scares all the users away with its 'complex' ASCII arts.15:26
predatorfreakdanm: HAHAHAHA, I used to browse ASCII porn for fun, so THAT doesn't scare me :P15:26
* predatorfreak sends off his reply to the ML.15:29
rehabdollis it just me, or is the mirror hosting the imagemagick tarball a bit iffy?15:31
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ulughbeghaon tilman15:36
deus_ex jdolan: Have you received diff for j2re update I've sent you?15:36
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jdolandeus_ex, yes, i did see it.15:59
jdolani'll try to commit it this evening.15:59
deus_exjdolan: OK,glad you find it usefull :)16:01
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thrice`maro: around?20:38
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thrice`hm...someone had an ATI port for xorg7, and I can't find it anywhere21:04
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sam__hmm i have alsa built-in with the driver i need .. but i still get no sound .. do i need to do something else ?21:33
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sam__well i have sound21:43
sam__but only in root i guess21:43
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kensaihi guys what do you think about an open source movie?21:51
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sam__hmm how do you add a user to a existing group ?21:58
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thrice`tilman: around?22:47
thrice`or jaeger, have you install xorg7?22:48
jaegerI have22:48
thrice`well, it's a simple error.  It's saying that files already installed for xorg-xproto (the second package)22:49
thrice`and lists stuff from /usr/include/X11/22:49
jaegerand if you run pkginfo -o on them?22:49
thrice`it says no owner found22:50
thrice`ls -dl /usr/include/X11/Xproto.h22:51
thrice`there's an example of a file with 0 owners22:51
jaegerwell, I only see Xproto.h in x11 and xorg-xproto... but with different paths. don't know, unless you've got more info22:52
thrice`I can install xorg7 with x11 installed as well, correct?22:53
thrice`it says, "package /usr/ports/x11r7/ up to date; installing xorg-xproto blah blah, and then lists the files that it doesn't like22:54
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thrice`i'd hate to remove x11...I thought xorg7 needed it to build23:08
thrice`i'm stumped =|23:10
thrice`well, it says that the listed files are already installed (by x11 6.9.0)23:11
thrice`i mean, it has to be x1123:12
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thrice`well, it goes when I remove x1123:15
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