IRC Logs for #crux Thursday, 2006-06-01

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bsdirlHello, does anyone have a minute?00:54
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cptnrichi_aut: did you use the patchs against fontconfig?01:48
richi_autfrom freetype?01:52
cptnyeah, the fontconfig patch from freetype01:53
richi_autsh.... sorry, haven't seen that...01:53
cptnit's on the other comment01:54
richi_autsorry, at home, I'll try again... could you delete my comment?01:55
cptnso you haven't deployed CRUX at work yet? ;-)01:56
richi_autno, using ubuntu/dapper :( . but somehow I don't like debian any more...01:57
richi_autI will deploy it, when i feel *really* familiar with crux, but at the moment I'm trying out to get thinks work on my crux machine...01:58
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pitillohi, good morning, is sata supported in CRUX 2.2? are there problems installing it on a sata HD?02:12
cptnnot in general, no02:12
cptnI mean, no problems02:12
cptnyes, it's supported :-)02:12
pitilloahh, you scared me :)02:12
pitillocptn perfect, then this weekend will start a new adventure :)02:12
cptnPretty much all sata chips supported by the kernel are in the boot kernel02:13
cptnso if linux supports it, CRUX should too02:13
cptnI've had a single issue with one particular machine02:14
cptna shuttle barebone02:14
cptnI think it has an nforce3 chipset...02:14
cptnit would panic when booting from the 2.1 ISO02:15
cptnusing Matt's updated ISO fixed it though02:15
pitilloummmh offtopic question about HD... I want to buy one... I like one Maxtor, and I thought that may be a good choice the 250Gb with cache 16Mb. Its a good choice? Maxtor 200Gb has 8Mb and its 10e cheeper.02:18
pitillo50Gb and the double of cache size by 10e more... I think is better.02:19
cptnsounds like a good deal02:19
pitilloI hope so :)02:19
cptnalthough I can't really tell; I usually try to find reviews before buying hardware02:19
Romster300GB wd westerndigital 16MB cache sata2 is what i'm looking at getting next02:19
cptnmaybe the 200Gb model is really silent02:19
Romsteri got 2 200gb sata 8mb cache drives atm i'll move to my other pcs.02:20
Romster300GB is the sweat spot atm02:20
pitillocptn I read at Maxtor website both HD. Had the same specifications. (Transfers mode and cache size differs)02:20
Romsterin terms of value per a gigabyte02:20
cptnpitillo: okay, then the larger one sounds pretty good :-)02:21
pitillocptn I think that too :)02:22
pitillothanks for your opinions :)02:22
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richi_autcptn: to apply the rogue-patch t fontconfig, i have to place it in /usr/ports/opt/fontconfig , and edit the Pkgfile?03:55
richi_autrogue-patch for fontconfig...03:56
cptnyou don't necessarily have to place download it manually03:59
cptnyou can just add it tou sources=()03:59
cptnor its url, rather04:00
richi_autok, I'll try that. thx04:00
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cptnhey aon, ulughbegh07:01
ulughbeghcptn, aon07:02
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jdolanlol, "so here's a picture of a cute baby fox"07:31
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jjpkI've missed something. o_O07:36
cptnstart there and read on :-)07:37
cptnor just to if you're impatient07:37
jjpk:D :D07:41
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deus_exHi.Any of the devs around?07:48
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deus_excptn: I was wondering if this bug in binutils affects us?07:48
deus_exThere is a patch at
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cptnmmmh, I guess we are07:50
deus_exIt affects post 2.16.1, right?07:51
deus_exversion, that is.07:51
deus_exI stumbled upon it in LWN.07:51
cptnyeah, definitely07:53
cptnI'll look into that, thanks for the heads-up07:54
deus_exIf I find something else, I'll send mail to core-ports.07:55
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cptnbd2: I didn't quite get the PhD remark... is that an insider?08:15
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bd2no, I just will not bother you with my vision of BASICS. I said my opinion, but I do not want push on it. you decide what to do with crux, I can only agree or disagree. Now I'm just disagreeing,08:21
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cptnmmh, okay; still fail to see how the PhD got in there08:22
cptnbut hey, it's a free world08:22
rxicptn: not if your part of the axis of evil :P08:23
bd2cptn, PhD remark is an answer for attitude about me as an "PhD student" that we all know08:24
cptnmmmh, obviously I'm not included in your 'we'08:26
cptnhave a link?08:26
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bd2that was started here,  , but I didn't find pun exactly about phd08:33
cptnare you sure you're not thinking of Stew Heckenberg?08:34
bd2maybe, do not remember correctly08:34
deus_ex"I'm not a "point-and-clicker" -- I'm doing my PhD in Computer Science."08:34
deus_exStew, of course. :)08:35
cptnkinda fail to see how this is related08:35
ulughbeghsee ya08:36
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jjpkThat was a legendary post to the mailing list. :D08:44
rxijjpk: thats topic worthy :P08:45
tilmanwhazaaaaahp <at> hotmail.com08:48
tilmanthat's a good one08:49
jjpkVery professional.08:49
deus_exRonnie's 'IS CRUX DEAD?' thread?08:50
tilmanmaybe he just wants to go for a phd after he finishes primary school08:50
ningoTEH BASICS!!108:54
jjpkno BASICS, no fun. :>08:56
aonhe thanks himself in the end :D08:59
tilmanhe just forgot the comma09:00
aonthat's what you'd think :)09:01
deus_extilman: you're just too nice...09:01
cptnwell, in Ronny's case the language certainly was a big problem as well09:09
rxiyou mean those big words like "fuck and off" :P09:09
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rxiningo: well it is fairly logical process09:20
ningorxi: yep, they're securing windows by letting the users click so often, that they're too annoyed to proceed and let the system as is.09:23
rxiwell it was a system file that the user didnt have permission to use09:23
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strwtilman: Would you be so kind to update the directfb-port?09:30
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strwI'd like to install qingy :>09:30
j^2morning all09:30
strwhey j^209:30
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aonsuch a long visit :>09:40
ningoalways on the move...09:43
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tilmanstrw: the current port doesn't work?09:55
strwNo, they deleted the old version09:55
cptnthose bastards!09:56
strwOkay, they just moved it :>09:56
tilmanproblem is, fb doesn't work for me atm so i cannot test new versions of directfb09:57
strwAh, that's a Problem09:57
strwbtw. it would be nice if someone of you have the time to take a look at my repo:
strwif there's something wrong, please contact me10:02
strwI just set it up10:02
cptndid you try to contact the authors of the duplicates you maintain to see whether you could combine your ideas?10:03
strwnot yet, but I will now10:04
cptnalso I'm not a big fan of those # vim: syntax=sh lines...10:05
strwOK, I remove them10:05
cptnalthough it's not a biggie, compared to the size of footprints10:05
cptnau BufNewFile,BufRead *Pkgfile set filetype=sh10:05
cptn^ I have that in my .vimrc10:06
tilmanprologic: ^^^^^^^10:07
prologicyes mate ?10:07
strwcptn: good idea, thanks10:07
tilmansee what cptn just suggested to strw10:07
strwYea, I saw this in prologic's ports :>10:08
cptnstrw: multitail's man page is in /usr/share/, should probably be /usr/man10:09
prologictilman, cptn, noted10:09
cptnstrw: also, /opt is in general reserved for packages not install by pkgutils10:09
cptnstrw: dietlibc installs there to10:10
jdolan_ooh thank you cptn.10:10
jdolan_i also use vim for editing ports.10:10
cptnothers have used /usr/local (which is worse) or /usr/dietlibc10:10
ningono shit10:10
strwcptn: Roger. I'll edit those files10:10
cptnotherwise, the ports look fine10:10
cptnwithout testing any of them :-)10:10
jdolan_(i've actually started using gvim for all development.. still learning, still slow at some things, still annoyed at others..but sticking with it)10:10
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cptnstrw: very clean in fact10:11
jdolan_btw, are there any patches/forks for blackbox to get window grouping/tabbing like flubox has?  --without the horridly unstable butload of features that fluxbox has :)10:11
cptnmmmmh, don't think so10:13
cptnalthough there are lots of patches submitted to their patch tracker10:13
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jdolan_i'll browse them some other time then, thanks.10:15
jdolan_for a while, fluxbox cvs had a way better tabbing mechanism.. you'd actually split/join the window's title bar, rather than append tabs off the top or left of the window.10:16
jdolan_but i think they reverted to having the protruding tabs..10:16
jdolan_i'd love to have just that feature in blackbox.. so i could join my editor and my web browser into one window, with the title bar split 50/50.10:16
cptnyou could use a JS terminal and run vi in a firefox tab :-)10:17
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jdolan_hah :)10:48
jdolan_wtf, firefox keeps on complaining about the cert from my server after i hit a particular servlet.10:50
jdolan_there's nothing wrong with the server/cert.  restarting firefox "fixes" the problem.10:50
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hermitOk, someone who knows c++ or some other real programming language, tell me11:47
hermitis it atypical to be able to inherit statics?11:47
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cptnhermit: well, in C++ you inherit it, but it's the same variable12:13
mike_kcptn: do you(the team) have source mirros support planned in pkgmk?12:26
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cptnmike_k: no, although I guess the changes in pkgmk are marginal compared to the effort needed to maintain the distfile mirrors12:33
jdolan_hermit, that is the norm.  statics (you mean constants?) are class variables, and are therefore inherited (directly accessible) in child classes.12:34
bd2no need to maintain them, there are already bunch distfiles mirros for gentoo.12:36
mike_kcptn: I am trying to do the both for LAN. maintaining mirror on non-crux unix is tricky but trivial12:36
aonit's rather unorthodox to use mirrors from other projects12:36
aonat least without asking12:36
aonand there are version differences12:36
bd2aon, they are public.12:36
aonwell, yeah12:37
mike_kbd2: high chances it will miss some files12:37
bd2mike_k, patch for pkgmk already exists. with it you can use gentoo mirrors12:37
bd2mike_k, so? pkgmk will falldown to true package source12:37
aonbut for an independent distribution depending on others' mirrors shouldn't be an option12:38
aonhow much do you have problems with dist sites in general? sourceforge is perhaps the only one, and those errors can be usually solved by using just one mirror12:38
bd2aon, if that feature will be accepted, than soon will get own crux distfiles mirrors12:38
aonfrom where?12:39
mike_kbd2: can you give me a link? I've modifyed pkgmk to allow listing mirrors in pkgmk.conf.  The primary goal was to maintain LOCAL mirror for other users on th esame LAN, without paying for internet traffic.12:39
bd2aon, I use local aera network mirror of gentoo distfiles, that administrator provide.12:39
aonin my experience such 'transition' mechanisms don't work often12:39
bd2mike_k, a moment12:39
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aon"why should we have our own mirrors when gentoo has them already?"12:39
bd2aon, to not depends on them12:40
cptnaon: :-)12:40
mike_kaon: the first reasin for me is to have own, local mirror to reduce $ spent12:40
aonyou do that, then :)12:41
bd2look, if there will no problems with gentoo mirrors, then we don't have to worry to create own. if not, nobody stop you from create yours12:41
aonand why should this be enabled for all users?12:42
mike_kbd2: cruxers are not cheeters in nature, are they?12:42
aonwhy do we raise a big fuss when someone makes a verbatim copy of crux and distributes it as their own but it's ok for us to leech other people's mirrors?12:42
bd2aon, it should NOT. every user which want to use mirrors, just uncomment line in /etc/pkgmk.conf and then write the mirror he wants12:42
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bd2I'm not asking you to apply it, nor I'm asking you to not do attributes. I use it by myself a long time, mike_k asked for it, and I gave it to him. what's the problem?12:44
aonuh, nothing? :)12:45
mike_kbd2: thanks, but somebody's code is dark forest to me... the idea seems to be the same.12:47
bd2mike_k, preparing yet another rewrite of pkgutils?12:48
mike_kYAR of pkgmk12:48
bd2it's better start to understand foreigns code and then contibute to it, instead of invent the wheel12:49
mike_kjust for fun12:49
bd2I can't stop you, and don't want to12:50
cptnmike_k: also, the fact that there are no plans doesn't mean that there won't be any changes of course12:50
cptnmike_k: I for one am pretty unhappy with the "sourceforce situation"12:50
cptnalthough it can be solved without touching pkgmk, it would be easier inside it12:50
aonhow about some $(foo)_MIRROR system like in at least openbsd?12:51
cptnaon: I think that would work for GNU12:51
aonwhy not for sf?12:51
* mike_k searches for his openbsd cd12:51
cptnwell, every SF mirror I hardcoded in hosts so far lacked some file12:51
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aonSF_MIRRORS=( ...) ? :)12:52
aonso you could replace a failing rr with a failing array! :)12:52
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cptnalso, not all GNU mirrors seem up to date...12:53
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cptnI had to look at a couple of those listed to find make 3.81...12:53
cptnaon: yeah, although I'd rather allow to use a custom download command12:53
cptnso we could hacks like this there :-)12:54
maroor port debhelper :P12:55
mike_kbut simple PKGMK_SOURCE_MIRRORS=( would be nice feature. If my code was not that crappy, I'd suggest such a change...12:57
jdolan_maro, i couldn't tell if you agreed or disagreed with my reply to danm.12:57
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jdolan_i'm retarded.12:58
marojdolan: the first paragraph was being sarcastic12:58
jdolan_okay, i thought so.12:58
jdolan_i dont even have a huge problem with PAM (i'm rather ignorant of it, too) - it's really just his attitude that made me o_O12:59
cptnyou mail sounds rather harsh though12:59
cptnat least in my book12:59
marocptn: mine?12:59
cptnwell, yours anyway12:59
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cptnbut I meant Jay's13:00
jdolan_i tried to be as un-harsh as i could while stating the facts about his previous message :/13:00
jdolan_he basically just said "oh ive never heard of that it must be crap"13:01
jdolan_that'd be like the rest of us saying "oh ive no use for PAM get lost" ;D13:01
cptnthat's what most have been doing so far :-)13:01
jdolan_hah.. :)  i dont think so, not entirely.13:01
cptnhe's the only one who actually put time and effort into adding facts13:02
jdolan_just because in general most are not jumping up and down with enthusiasm towards it...13:02
cptncreating the ports for us and so on13:02
maroI think the ports was for him13:02
jdolan_right.  and nipuL put a lot of effort into seaports and no one used it.13:02
cptnerr, we asked him to provide this information13:03
cptnto evaluate it13:03
cptncports was just nipuL baby13:03
marofact: rpm is bloated13:03
marolet's get it in13:03
cptnports categories, anyone?13:04
maroit's nice he explains why he find it useful13:04
jdolan_cptn, my reply was certainly valid.  his immediate dismissal of openpam was careless, given he is the one pushing for a pam solution for crux.13:04
cptnjdolan_: the point you make definitely is13:04
jdolan_you just disagree with my tone?13:05
cptnit may be that we just don't get the nuances13:05
cptn'we' being those non-native speakers13:05
mike_kyou guys need another cruxcon to see eachother's faces )13:05
maroor a project manifesto :P13:08
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mike_ksuch manifesto will allow to hang maro and remain unpunished13:09
maroI'm serious though, a manifesto and maybe an official project leader (jue and cptn would be good candidates IMO) to make the final calls13:14
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kensaiOMG, it urges me to reinstall CRUX after my system getting broken13:15
maroor anybody else who match the manifesto and have the time/engagement :)13:15
cptnyeah, we've been talking about the manifesto thing just yesterday13:15
maroah, I should have read the logs, sorry :)13:16
cptnit's just time consuming to define13:16
cptnit wasn't here13:16
cptnand I don't think there are public logs for that13:16
kensaiI'm stuck in this mediocrity called Arch Linux since I hadn't time to reinstall CRUX yet13:16
marohmm, I just recall bd2 talking to someone about it earlier13:16
maroor are we talking different conversations?13:17
cptnmmh, bd2 and I usually talk about baby foxes13:18
cptnand phd's13:18
marono baby fox, no fun!13:19
hermitjdolan_: I meant static methods13:20
maroheh, from the openpam page: "[,,,] that focuses on simplicity,correctness, and cleanliness.13:22
maronote the missing space before "correctness"13:22
cptnhermit: in C++, they're inherited too13:22
cptnhermit: if you had Base::hello(), you can call Derived::hello()13:23
marocptn: hm, it looks like print_msg() prints to stderr while print_err prints to stdout, is that intended?13:25
maroyour latest commit13:25
cptnyes, actually it is13:25
cptnalthough it really doesn't make a lot of sense :-)13:25
maroindeed :)13:25
cptnI just want to run out=$(check_urls 2> /dev/null)13:26
cptnand only get the errors in there13:26
cptnand "print_err" prints an error, not to stderr :-)13:26
Hancptn, try checkUrlSources ;-)13:27
cptnoh :-)13:27
cptnyeah, it's first on google :-)13:28
HanOh, I already uploaded it. :-)13:29
kensaihmm, firefox rleased13:31
kensaianother bug fix13:31
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Hanthe mozilla ftp-server is already on high load13:32
kensaiconsidering a new release it always gets high load13:33
kensaiI saw the open source movie-short film elephants dream I think is great13:34
HanMeans it is propagated properly13:34
Hankensai, nice huh!13:34
Hanwrong term ;-)13:35
Hanalright, it's uploaded; firefox- in my repo13:36
kensaiI think I shall use Han repo for nvidia and firefox :)13:37
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kensaiHan, which window manager or DE you use on CRUX?13:38
cptnmike_k: oh, BTW, you can manipulate ${sources[*]} in pkgmk.conf13:38
cptnmike_k: in case you don't want to hack pkgmk itself13:38
kensaiHan, smart choice13:38
HanYeah, it looks nice, can do everything and is very configurable in a sane way.13:39
mike_kcptn: I've already hacked it (13:39
cptnokay, nevermind13:45
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jdolan_i recommend the "older kids" version.14:02
j^2gaim is lame for an irc client14:15
*** mike_k has quit IRC14:15
ningo_j^2: no, it is not14:21
ningo_bitlbee for example ist quite good14:22
j^2i agree, but when you are an a windows laptop and the only thing you can do is use gaim, and you are used to irssi, you feel dirty14:24
jaegerssh somewhere with irssi :)14:30
cptnor install irssi in cygwin14:30
jaegerwell, firefox hasn't blown up yet14:31
j^2jaeger: i've been doing that but alas my server blew up, and i havent had a chance to restart it14:37
j^2cptn: i wish i could, this laptop is already slow enough :-P14:37
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hermitcptn: thanks14:52
hermita guy told me that you shouldn't be able to inherit static methods and that php is screwy for allowing it14:52
cptnmaybe he meant that you can overload static methods?14:55
cptnnot sure, not that familar with PHP14:55
*** percent20 has quit IRC15:09
hermitthere's no overloading in php15:13
hermitonly overriding15:13
hermitwhich you can do15:13
hermitbut he suggested that "real programming languages" don't allow a class to inherit static methods from inherited classes15:14
hermitI thought that sounded nonsensical15:14
hermitbut since I don't know any "real programming languages", I couldn't say for sure15:14
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acruxmmh libcryptopp gives error..15:24
jdolan_cptn, were you going to add a check for the file:/// urls in check_urls?15:26
jdolan_or would you like me to?15:26
cptnyeah, although probably not today15:26
cptnif you can do it, please feel free :-)15:26
jdolan_sure, i'll poke at it tonight.15:26
jdolan_i dont want everyone getting spammed for my lousy java ports :)15:27
cptnmmmmh, let me do a quick test first though15:27
cptnjdolan_: fixed already :-)15:29
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drbomhi :)16:15
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*** Darky is now known as nekrodes16:55
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nekrodeshi to @ll !!16:57
treachh3110, nickspammer.16:58
nekrodesit was a mistake treach17:17
nekrodesmi nickname it's registered ;-)17:18
nekrodesbut i use Darky in other servers17:18
treachthen I guess it's not your nick (anymore).17:18
nekrodesin this server it wasn't17:19
nekrodesbut in other is, treach17:19
nekrodesthe problem with Xchat is that only one nick can be use to all servers although you have more than one17:21
nekrodesso I apologize for my mistake, sorry to @ll17:22
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treachdon't worry. I'm just the local meanie.17:23
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thrice`huh...I removed all xorg7 packs, and rebuilt x11 6.9; now startx gives "/usr/bin/startx" not found (though /usr/X11R6/bin/startx does and works, and /usr/X11R6/bin is in my path)19:02
treachdid you try to log out?19:03
thrice`hm...maybe not :|19:03
thrice`I thought so19:03
treachbesides, why go back to 6.9? :p19:03
thrice`ATI won't work on xorg 7.119:04
treachmaybe it's trying to tell you something. ;)19:04
treachwhich gpu?19:04
thrice`9700 pro19:04
thrice`well, fglrx won't work *19:04
strwthrice`: /usr/bin/startx != /usr/X11R6/bin/startx  (or are you using symlinks?)19:04
*** silverpower has left #crux19:04
treachyo.. isn't /usr/bin/startx  part of R7?19:05
thrice`hm...actually, it probably is19:05
treach(I'm not on crux right now, so I can't check.)19:05
thrice`not sure though- I removed it19:06
treachfsearch startx19:06
thrice`prt-get remove `prt-get listinst | grep -i xorg` was what I did19:06
treachprt-get fsearch19:06
thrice`never used that before :)19:06
treachit's a good thing(tm)19:07
thrice`yup, it is19:07
thrice`Found in /usr/ports/x11r7/xorg-xinit19:07
thrice`and that package has been removed19:08
treachwelcome to "the ghost archives".19:08
treach"were files just won't die."19:09
thrice`and the file no longer exists...huh19:09
thrice`does stock R7 go into /usr, or just crux's19:09
thrice`as opposed to R6, which was /usr/x11r6/...19:10
*** thrice`_ has joined #crux19:10
treachno idea how other distros have done it, actually.19:11
treachs done/solved19:11
*** thrice` has quit IRC19:11
*** thrice`_ is now known as thrice`19:11
thrice`oh well...I rebuilt x11 for good measure19:12
*** DaViruz has quit IRC19:12
thrice`I wonder why fglrx doesn't like 7.219:13
thrice`oh well...i'm gonna update x and logout and see if it works19:13
*** thrice` has quit IRC19:13
*** DaViruz has joined #crux19:17
*** thrice` has joined #crux19:19
thrice`well, something worked19:19
treachAh, to quote J. Audobon Woodlore. "Now, let's have fun, fun, fun."19:20
thrice`I wanted to try modular though :(19:20
treachget a "better" card. :P19:21
treachlike a r2xx :D19:21
thrice`i know!19:21
thrice`wait, your fglrx works?19:21
treachno. but the xorg drivers work well enough for me.19:21
thrice`ah...I want 3d accel19:22
treachAt least I used to be able to run et with them, so they weren't exactly bad.19:22
thrice`the...xorg-xf86-video-ati or whatever it is?19:22
thrice`huh...maybe when gnome finishes building itself, i'll remove x11 and try installing the R7 again with that, since they're all built anyways19:23
treachbut I just have a radeon 9000 and a 7500, so I have no idea how it works with anything more recen..19:23
treachpresumeably anything post r300 will be troublesome.19:24
*** pitillo has quit IRC19:26
treachI have no idea how well it works now though. Last time I tried the xorg cvs stuff (before the 7.1 release) they had managed to break the 3D support for the 9000.19:27
thrice`ooh, I thought you were using 7.119:27
treachI am.19:27
thrice`with the 9000?19:27
treachnope. but the 750019:28
thrice`oh well19:32
thrice`i guess i'll wait for the next fglrx release19:32
treachNow, *that's* exactly why I always look for my hardware in the bargain bin. :p19:33
treach(It's old enough to be pretty well supported.)19:34
*** jaeger has joined #crux19:34
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o jaeger19:34
*** jaeger has quit IRC19:34
thrice`i'll try the open source driver when gnome is done19:35
thrice`I should be able to remove x11 and add xorg easily now that they're all built19:35
treachUnfortunately, I don't think they will work very well for you. 9700 is just too new.19:36
treach(it's r300 iirc.)19:37
thrice`you think?  it's older than the rXX series19:37
thrice`yeah, basically an r300...just below r70019:38
thrice`I wonder why fglrx would work in 7 and not 7.1.  I think ATI makes it a point to be a release behind?19:38
treachI have some faint recollection tilman spoke about some ultra experimental open drivers for r300 a while ago.  but that's all I remember. :/19:39
treachATI makes a point of being a PITA for everyone.19:39
*** jaeger has joined #crux19:40
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o jaeger19:40
treachthrice`, btw, maybe this is intereresting for you
thrice` drm module isn't loaded19:43
thrice`it appears it might work though :)19:45
treachati's evil plans foiled again. :)19:46
thrice`i'll let gnome build and pkgrm x11 and add xorg again19:47
thrice`no good?19:48
treachjumping from 6.9 to 7.x required some quite extensive recompiling for me. I guess you'll have to do that again if you reverse the jump..19:49
treach..and I'm not a gnomer..19:49
treachunless you backed up your old packages, that is.19:50
jaegerI didn't have to rebuild anything, if I remember right19:51
thrice`well, I have all of 7 built19:53
thrice`I should just be able to pkgrm x11 and prt-get depinst xorg...I would think19:54
thrice`though I assume it'll break :(19:54
treachthose weren't the problem for me, but rather all apps that were looking for files in a /usr/X11R6.19:54
thrice`ooh, I see what you mean...19:55
treachor in "/usr" for that matter if you reverse.19:55
thrice`i'll ask revdep19:56
thrice`jaeger: btw, thunderbird was also bumped to
treachmaybe I'm wrong, after all it *is* 3am here, and maybe jaeger is right. but I have a recollection of a mail from tilman appologizing for the inconvinence. :/19:57
jaegerthrice`: aye, it's building19:57
thrice`jaeger: neat :)19:57
jaegertreach: it's certainly possible there are apps that need rebuilding, I just don't think I had any installed :)19:57
treachlucky you then :)19:57
thrice`and you had gnome installed on that box?19:58
thrice`well that makes me feel a little better19:58
thrice`jaeger: btw, what order should be used in rc.conf for hal, dbus, etc?20:01
thrice`or doesn't that matter20:02
jaegerhald after dbus, howl doesn't matter20:02
thrice`ok, thanks :)20:05
*** treach has quit IRC20:13
*** sen__ is now known as sen20:15
*** BigPapaN0z has joined #crux20:21
BigPapaN0zQuestion: I'm just getting back into Linux, and after going through the Crux installtion (CD Install) I have gotten the kernel compiled and copied over.  However, I'm having problems getting LILO to work.  I'm installing to a SCSI drive but it seems it doesn't like it.  Any ideas on how to get this to install and work correctly?20:24
*** sepen has quit IRC20:35
prologicanyone know the ffmpeg port is broken ?20:36
*** BigPapaN0z has quit IRC20:37
*** chewb has joined #crux20:38
chewbAny one awake? =)20:39
*** chewb is now known as hweb20:39
hwebDidnt think so either :D20:41
*** predatorfreak has joined #crux20:42
prologicwhat's up ?20:46
hwebNothing that can't wait, its time for bed :)20:56
hwebWas just thinking of making my own livecd and needed some startingpoints :)20:56
prologicjust checkout the svn repo21:00
prologicsnv go nuts :)21:00
prologicjust need to modify the Makefile and such21:01
prologicsvn co crux21:02
hwebOh, ty!21:02
hwebbtw, wtf are you awake for? ;-D21:04
hwebIts like 4AM :)21:04
prologicyeh so21:04
prologicit's like 12.05pm here21:04
prologicFri Jun  2 12:04:22 EST 200621:04
prologicthere are a few aussie cruxers ya know :)21:05
prologicright rxi :)21:05
prologicRomster :)21:05
hwebOh :) Didnt know... :)21:07
hwebIll come visit you sometime, while on a surf vacation :)21:07
hwebNot that far from here, just half around the world, not a problem at all :)21:08
prologicsounds good :)21:10
prologicwe'll have a cruxcon-au sometime :)21:11
hwebDamnit, gotta cach some sleep... :-) Ill stick around this time! I'm to involved in crux, not to be here :)21:11
prologicnight mate21:11
hwebThe next one is around here, right?21:11
prologiccrux rocks :)21:11
hwebOr is it decided where it shall bee?21:11
prologicno we're thinking of holding a cruxcon-au anyway :)21:11
hwebCrux rocks everyone :)21:11
prologicjust for fun maybe21:11
hwebBut you dont know anything about the "real" one? =D21:12
prologicI don't21:12
hwebBeen using crux for 5 years now I think21:12
hwebor something =)21:12
prologicme just getting on to 2 :)21:12
hweb:-) Its fantastic, I remember the 1.3 release :)21:13
hwebStill running som 0.X releases on some machines21:13
prologicouch :/21:13
prologicI'm kicking myself for having old 2.1's around21:13
prologicgot 6 of them to update21:13
prologicall remote too :/21:13
hweblol =)21:13
prologicno pop-cd in job21:14
hwebUnfortunaly I dont have time to upgrade :)21:14 is running 2.1 I think21:14
prologicalways have time :)21:14
hwebprologic, not when you are unemployed while trying to run a company =)21:14
prologicoh I like your website21:15
prologichow's it done ?21:15
hwebVery simple :)21:15
prologicjust a form box ?21:15
*** lutin_triste has joined #crux21:15
prologicoh very nice21:15
prologicI like it a lot :)21:15
hwebty =)21:15
hwebm2 :>21:15
hwebmade it in 30 minutes, got one of those... "CATCHING......."21:16
hwebyou know what I mean ? =)21:16
hwebLight over your head and that shit :)21:16
hwebUnfortunaly, not everyone Is aware how the linux commands work, gotta make a win/mac site too :/21:17
*** zhware has joined #crux21:18
hwebWhat AM I still doing here, good night! :)21:18
hweboh, now I know, still dl:ing the 2.2 ISO :)21:18
*** lutin_triste has quit IRC21:21
*** nippy|lfs has joined #crux21:21
*** percent20 has joined #crux21:22
nipuL[wrk]sounds more fun that what i'm doing21:22
nipuL[wrk]designing a inventory management system for all the workshop21:23
*** Hellson`` has joined #crux21:33
*** Hellson` has quit IRC21:34
*** brian|lfs has quit IRC21:37
*** RyoS has quit IRC22:05
*** RyoS has joined #crux22:05
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*** brian|lfs has joined #crux22:36
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*** vertah_ has quit IRC22:54
*** vertah has joined #crux22:54
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