IRC Logs for #crux Friday, 2006-06-02

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bsdirlanyone got a second for a question?00:57
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nipuL[wrk]some people need to learn how to ask questions00:59
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prologicsome people need to learn patience :)01:13
marohm, are /usr/lib/firefox/{LICENSE,README.txt} used for anything?01:13
prologicI was just about to ask him what's up when he left :)01:14
prologicmaro, I doubt it :)01:14
prologicI don't see where in ff I can bring up the license or readme :)01:14
pitilloprologic, ff?01:14
prologicff = firefox01:15
nipuL[wrk]yay, got 30 motherboards that i need to test :\01:15
pitilloarf, thanks :)01:15
prologicit's like fsf just without the s :)01:15
pitillothinking in change the server distro... from sarge to crux. What about that? Sarge offers stability and security, in front of performance and stability (not sure if the same security too). Any opinion about this? (server P166MMX+128Mb)01:20
aonyou'd probably want a second box to compile updates01:37
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pitilloaon, Im thinking in sarge, the more confortable for keep it update.01:40
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ajaycanyone there?07:01
ajayci downloaded the crux disc07:01
ajaycpopped it into the drive07:01
ajaycwhen booting ti said cannot mount kernel07:01
ajaycany idea?07:01
rxithats a problem07:02
cptnajayc: what did you use as root= option?07:02
ajaycwhat do i have to use?07:02
treachyay for reading skills...07:02
cptn"(you might have to adjust the root= parameter, depending on your hardware configuration)."07:02
cptn(from the handbook)07:03
cptnrxi: it would if there was such a thing as mounting the kernel07:04
treachiirc, the first screen after booting speaks about it as well.07:04
rxicptn: hehee yeah .. dumb questions get dumb answers :P07:04
treach"This isn't the distro you are looking for."07:06
aonnow remember, there are no stupid questions, there are just stupid people07:06
prologiclet's not be too harsh :)07:07
treachwell, lack of reading skills isn't an indication of stupidity.07:07
jdolani was under the impression that Flyspray logins were our wiki names..07:07
aontreach: well, they try to teach it quite effectively these days :)07:08
rxiaon: i gueess he slipped through the nets :)07:08
aonreading comprehension is a totally different thing :)07:08
treachthey are just trying to get kids though the school system with the minimum of effort. :-/07:08
treachthere is an amazing amount of kids these days that can't read or write properly.07:09
aonno wonder you were after us in that some quality of education test :)07:09
ajaycjust wait what i contribute to CRUX07:10
aonajayc: i'm not targeting anyone, just banging the keys :)07:10
ajaycme too :D07:10
treachthis is an elite club for litterate people, we don''t want illiterates, we just pass them along to gentoo. :P07:11
ajaycyeah and then they graduate as PhD from there :P07:11
treachor maybe arch. :D07:11
ajaycyeah arch sucks07:12
treach"I'm not a mouse-clicker, I'm a PhD student!"07:13
ajayc"If using linux is wrong, i dont wanna be right"07:14
aonPhD is a rather broad term :)07:14
treachaon, yeah. And unfortunately, even if you manage to get your PhD it doesn't really prove what a lot of people seem to think it does..07:15
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aonlike having a master of philosophy in russian literature doesn't make you any less of a mouse-clicker :)07:20
treachexactly. Or that anyone who doesn't have an PhD is intellectually inferior.07:21
prologicyou guys are crazy07:25
treachyou mean "Hey I've got a peice of paper that says I'm smart and thus you shall all bow to me" is the sane attitude?07:27
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ajayci am crazy07:28
ajaycthe lord of crazy's07:29
prologicjust wait till I start my PHD :)07:31
treachjudging people by formalia is quite possibly one of the most stupid things you can do..07:32
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ulughbeghwhat is your shoutcast player07:37
ulughbeghyou are fun07:38
rxibloody oath07:38
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Romster2where did the patches go for gcc4.0.3 and  i don't need them for gcc 4.1.1 ?07:57
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richi_authi, anyone using the nvidia package?08:22
rxinope its been moved to unmaintained08:24
richi_autahh, thanks08:25
rxino im joking man08:25
richi_autsince when?08:25
richi_autno, its because i get an error message while compiling glitz08:26
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rxioh man it would have been funny if you did go lookiong for unmaintained08:26
richi_autI would have...08:26
rxii should have let you go .. muhahah08:27
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richi_autsadist... but are you using it, or not?08:28
rxinah not me .. nvidia only works in x86 :)08:29
prologicwell that was a nice DDOS :/08:29
prologicfuck'n loosers08:29
* prologic emails his isp08:29
rxiwelcome back08:29
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Romsterheh i dunno why prologic gets all the DDoS and not me *grins*08:37
Romsterhrmm while i'm tinking of it is there a decent ssh program to block bruteforce attempts?08:38
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jaegerI just throttle it with iptables, myself08:43
prologicas do i08:43
prologicwell of course sync failed for my repo08:45
prologicmy network was ddos'd :/08:45
Romsterta deus_ex08:51
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j^2hey all10:14
aonhey j^210:14
j^2how's it going aon?10:14
aonenjoying the uh, second day of my summer holiday :)10:15
j^2i'm on the last friday of mine :(10:17
Romsterhow do i check if a symlink exists in bash if something ; do ?10:31
* Romster really needs to read a bash script howto one of these days10:31
cptncheck "man test"10:32
jaegerif [ -L /some/file ]10:32
j^2Romster: the oreilly book is really good10:32
j^2and it's funny too10:32
Romsteronline or i gotta buy it :)10:32
j^2i bet you can find the pdf if you really want to, but i support orielly so i have no problem collecting them10:33
Romsteryeah just i'm on a tight budget :)10:34
Romsteri'll look into it10:34
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Romsterta jaeger10:34
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Romsterdeus_ex, you still around or someone that knowas about sshd hosts.allow has ALL: ALL, and hosts.deny has the bad ips added right, but its still not blocking the hosts.deny listed ips. hosts.allow over riding hosts.deny?11:15
j^2ALL:ALL is scary unless it's in hosts.deny11:16
jaegersshd: all might be better11:16
j^2then you have to open up sshd:ALL11:16
j^2in hosts.allow11:16
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Romsterhmm sshd: ALL works11:25
Romsterbut not sure if it blocks in hosts.deny yet11:25
Romsteri'm reading over
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lutin_tristehmm how do i add ~/bin in my path ? i tried to put export PATH="$PATH:$HOME/bin" in .bashrc put it doesnt werk..11:41
j^2did you sources .bashrc after?11:41
j^2$ source .bashrc11:42
lutin_tristeno i will try it11:42
prologicI put PATH="~/bin:$PATH" in my /etc/profile11:42
lutin_tristeok it work thx11:44
cptnor source .bashrc from .bash_profile11:47
lutin_tristehow you do that ?11:49
cptnif [ -f ~/.bashrc ]; then source ~/.bashrc11:50
jdolan_. ~/.bashrc 2>/dev/null12:00
jdolan_or does the source directive not allow that?12:00
jdolan_i'm not sure..12:00
jdolan_just an ide0r 8)12:00
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Romsterdeus_ex, thanks for that program url, it's now in the repo and is protecting my linux box too :) after some messing round of inetd, and i'm still realitively new to the inner workings of linux.12:57
Romstercontrib repo when it syncs12:57
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faxmulderhi all17:20
faxmuldernobody had problems with "prt-get depinst --install-scripts gnome" in order to get gnome working?17:21
hermithaha yeah17:22
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faxmulderand did you find a solution?17:25
hermiti said "oh yeah thats why I dont use gnome"17:32
hermitkde went on very cleanly, in comparison17:32
hermitthough i dont like either of them17:32
hermiti just use a slim wm typically17:32
hermiti just thought i would experiment with them17:32
faxmuldernow i'm using kde17:32
hermitbut if i had to choose one or the other, i would take kde17:32
hermitkde combines lots of shit into a few core packages to make life easier17:32
hermitand easier it is17:32
faxmulderi think i will remain with kde17:33
hermitand i will remain leaving work for the day17:33
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clareHi - anyone home?18:06
clarea puzzle - trying to compile gconf, needed for libgnomeui , and it has missing files all names containing evoldap18:08
clarewhat is missing in the dependencies?18:08
claremaybe it wont matter?18:09
clare(all this to comile multisync for my phone)18:11
deus_exclare: Probably not.Does it compile at all (gconf), or just complains?18:12
clarejust complains at the end18:12
deus_exIgnore it, then.18:13
deus_exWhich phone?18:13
clarethanks, I'll have to; but can't help wondering...18:13
clarephone is a motorola A925, quite fun but a bit unpredictable, this morning answerin my alarm caused it to sned a phone call.18:14
clarefirst time it has done anything THAT silly.18:14
deus_exI've had a835,now I have e1000.18:15
clarescary too as my alarm goes off pretty early, luckily the other end just took a message18:15
clareis e1000 a pda too?18:15
deus_exNo, just a phone.18:16
deus_exA925 has Linux as OS, right?18:16
clareyou are in OZ too? I have to go now and tend to horses; more another day18:17
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j^2hey all18:17
claredeus_ex; no, Symbian18:18
deus_exclare: No,Serbia.Horses?You're a farm girl :)?18:18
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claredeus_ex; no a pacing (trotting) race stable, I live here and help out.18:19
deus_exHave fun :)18:20
claredeus_ex; are you a farm person?18:20
claremust rush off, bye now18:21
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prologicanyone awake ? :)20:33
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Romstercptn you about?20:48
Romsterthis is just bugging me about libstdc++20:49
Romsteras gcc from 3.1 onwards includes it so why the libstdc++-compat port for?20:49
Romsterlibstdc++-compat port contains,,
Romsterbut the source url for the current libstdc++ contains only
Romsterso i'm totally confused about all of this.20:53
Hanhmm e17 made a lot of progress20:56
thrice`did it?20:57
thrice`I was thinking of trying it20:57
thrice`Han, you have in the e17 readme to cd /usr/pkgmk/sources; I don't have that by something off, or can I simply create it?21:00
Romsterhrmm nevermind i've figured it out i think21:01
Romstercompatability issues with way older coded programs21:01
Romsterthat use a older compiler21:01
Hanthrice`, that's just an example21:11
thrice`it seems to be checking out CVS fine without any alterations21:11
thrice`very nice work with the e17 ports btw21:15
HanThank you21:15
thrice`and the rebuild script is handy21:15
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HanAnything I do more than thrice I make a script for ;-)21:22
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thrice`Han, yeah, it looks pretty good.  Though I really liked the old icon bar better, where that's all that existed at the bottom21:38
HanI can't help that ;-)21:42
thrice`ah, I got it21:43
thrice`just have to remove all the stuff21:43
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victuaillehey my audio driver are compiled in the drivers and it work .. but i only get sound as Root how can i fix this ?22:19
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hermitvictuaille: permissions22:21
hermitvictuaille: if you're using crux 2.2 then you're on udev22:21
hermitso it's likely that your audio devices are owned by group audio22:21
hermit(if not, create that group)22:22
hermitand then add your user to that group22:22
hermitand any users who should have audio access22:22
victuaillei tried that... i did  chgrp audio /dev/dsp* but i still get permission denied22:23
hermitvictuaille: but do you have a group called audio22:25
hermitand is your user in that group22:25
hermityou want dev/snd22:25
hermitthat's alsa devices22:25
hermitdev/dsp is an oss compatibility layer device i believe22:26
thrice`i don't think there is an audio group by default- I had to make it22:27
hermityes, so did i22:29
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victuaillei get ** WARNING **: alsa_get_mixer(): Attaching to mixer hw:0 failed: No such device22:37
victuaillewhen im not root ; /22:37
thrice`run "groups"  do you see audio?22:42
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HanYou have to log in again22:50
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