IRC Logs for #crux Saturday, 2006-06-03

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sapinwhen i try to build python from port i get.. =======> ERROR: Footprint mismatch found:01:11
sapinNEW       -rwxr-xr-x      root/root       usr/lib/python2.4/lib-dynload/_tkinter.so01:11
sapin=======> ERROR: Building '/usr/ports/opt/python/python#2.4.3-1.pkg.tar.gz' failed.01:11
Manwichhey, this is a dumb question, and i'm trying to figure it out from the handbook but I'm getting confused, does crux provide binary packages in repositories alongside ports (like freebsd)01:11
rxinot officially01:12
rxiapart from whats on the cd01:12
sapinanyone know what im missing to install python01:12
rxisapin: sounds like tk01:12
rxiprt-get depinsta python --install-scripts01:13
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sapini have tk 8.4.9-101:13
predatorfreaksapin: Your not missing anything, your getting something new.01:20
sapinis it broken?01:20
rxilol i didnt even look at that01:21
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sapini guess01:35
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richi_authi, anyone using the nvidia driver from opt04:37
marorichi_aut: nope, it's just there04:38
richi_autmaro: are you using it?04:39
marobut if you asked your question perhaps someone who does will answer it04:39
richi_autwhile compiling glitz i got following error message: "gcc: /usr/lib/ No such file or directory". anyone knows how to get arround this?04:41
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treachhi pedja :)04:59
deus_exWhat's up?05:00
treachnothing really, just the bad cold of the century I guess. :-/05:00
treachpredatorfreak: changed your repo lately, or did you tire of it?05:02
predatorfreaktreach: What needs updating?05:02
predatorfreakAside from firefox/thunderbird.05:02
predatorfreakI haven't updated those yet because of the fact that I need too rebuild each.05:02
treachno, but it seems like I can't reach it.05:03
treachso I though you maybe had taken it off line.05:03
predatorfreaktreach: I moved it too
predatorfreakSo that may be it.05:03
treachthat would explain it.05:04
predatorfreakMy old host died because of hard disk failure.05:04
predatorfreakand this gave me the perfect excuse too switch it.05:04
treachI see.05:04
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ulughbeghsee ya05:56
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rxiwelcome back06:09
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mike_kjdolan: have you tested opt/j2re creation?07:30
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deus_exmike_k: I've sent him diff for j2re.Any problems?07:40
mike_kdeus_ex: no errors, but 230k  package as a result (07:41
mike_k230 Bytes07:41
mike_kanly a few links inside07:42
mike_kI just can't dig in now07:42
deus_exDoes .md5sum check out?07:44
mike_kdeus_ex: oh, thanks. I was looking at the old file. The new is empty07:46
deus_exYou did download jre from Sun's site before making the package?07:47
deus_exJust checking :)07:47
mike_ksorry for false warning07:48
* rxi slaps mike_k around with a large troute07:48
deus_exWhat's a troute?07:49
deus_exSome kind of fish?07:49
rxiyeah ,, large trout07:49
* deus_ex googles07:50
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jdolanman.. way to start off my morning with a panic attack =P07:59
jdolandeus_ex, there's also the one-eyed trouser trout..08:00
jdolan8=====) ~o ~o08:00
rxijdolan: sup my nigger08:00
deus_exjdolan: :-)08:01
jdolanhi rxi08:02
deus_exI learn something new every day...08:02
rxijdolan: got any brown trout over your way?08:02
jdolanrxi, browns, rainbows, brook trout..08:03
jdolani love freshwater fishing :)08:03
rxijdolan: lol .. brown trout is a turd08:03
jdolani thought you might be headed in that direction ;)08:04
jdolantried to give you the benefit of the doubt.08:04
jdolanhehe.. i get it, they both swim.08:04
rxiive been drinking08:04
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sapinsomeone installed python from ports ? bc i get  Footprint mismatch on  usr/lib/python2.4/lib-dynload/_tkinter.so10:38
rxisomeone already resolved that for you10:39
rxi16:20 < predatorfreak> sapin: Your not missing anything, your getting something new.10:42
rxiprt-get help10:43
rxior prt-get depinst python --margs="if"10:44
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sapinit work but do you know why it was doing that ?10:54
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prologicyeah you have things the maintainer doesn't or didn't when he compiled it10:59
prologicno big deal10:59
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mike_kif a daemon app does not support internal user change during execution... should we list sudo as a dependecy (for rc.d script)?13:55
jjpkSuppose you could, what daemon are you talking about though=13:57
cptndoesn't seem right13:58
cptndon't you rather want 'su'?13:58
mike_kin rc.d script?14:01
mike_kjjpk: I am talking about zabbix_agentd14:01
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mike_knetwork monitoring agent14:02
mike_kfor use with zabbix server14:02
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j^2hey all14:38
j^2\o/ TPB is back up!14:40
aonbut mostly it sucks :(14:41
j^2true, but it's a real stand for the cause ;)14:42
j^2give it a couple more days and it'll be the defacto standard for the movement again14:42
aonno, i mean it sucks in general14:42
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deus_exWhat's a TPB?14:50
aonthe pirate bay14:50
vektori"Thanks, I was just looking for the latest album from Britney Spears."14:51
j^2man, i'm like the preggies ;)14:51
deus_exs/Britney Spears/Tool14:51
deus_exPerfect Circle, that is :)14:52
vektoriCome on, make up your mind! :P14:52
aonanime on finnish tv, and it isn't (poke|digi)mon or the moomins. extraordinary.14:53
deus_exOK....And you will know us by the trail of dead14:54
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vektoriaon, well, Neon Genesis Evangelion has been airing for a long time.14:54
aonit has?14:54
j^2i've tryed getting into' was too out there for me14:55
aonwhich ch?14:55
vektoriNow there's also Yugioh and Hamtaro. :P14:55
aonok, anime on yle, then14:55
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aonalthough i have kurenai no buta on vhs from early 90's :)14:56
aonthat was on tv2 iirc14:56
vektoriYeah, I recall them airing that14:56
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RyoSi am haveing a slight problem installing x11... there is no startx in my /usr/bin/15:49
jaegertry /usr/X11R6/bin15:51
jaegerprt-get fsearch helps here15:51
RyoSalright, thanks15:51
RyoSthere we go, still it fails... mh..15:52
RyoSi guess this is because i tried to install xorg7.. it somehow seems to think i am still using it.. the nvidia driver maybe.. reinstalling this might help out..15:52
thrice`/usr/bin/startx is from xorg715:54
RyoSagain same problem... mh... damn... i even removed every folder x11 creates before i compiled it..15:54
thrice`did you logout/in?  maybe you need to update your path15:55
RyoShow do i do that? and no didnt logout and in.. i am pretty rusty right now with my linux experience.. didnt use it for a long time15:56
thrice`well, if you removed x11, it might have changed your PATH15:56
thrice`meaning, it won't find /usr/X11R6/bin or whatever15:56
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RyoSmight ldconfig help?15:57
RyoSthere we go =)15:58
RyoSthere still is one problem... root can successfully run X, user cant16:00
RyoSi have absolutly no idea why this is oO16:04
RyoSweird... the startx output is exactly the same as for the user16:09
deus_exstrace it, that might give you a hint.16:10
deus_exstrace -o startx.log $(which startx)16:11
deus_exthen check the log for wrong permissions, etc.16:11
RyoSthis log actually looks like nothing usefull to me :s16:12
deus_exThen paste it to, someone can check it out.16:13
RyoSis there a way to copy/paste in the console, or can i upload the file somewhere otherwise it will be a slight problem16:14
vektoriThis guy can't be serious:
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RyoSwhich group should the user have?16:18
RyoSi just saw that i didnt create a users group..16:18
RyoSoh.. there is..16:18
RyoSoh wait i will just put the log online16:20
deus_exAlso check /var/log/Xorg.0.log16:23
koefzvektori, =)16:24
RyoSonly problems.. when you need sshd, it wont work... crap16:25
vektoriEven after fixing /etc/hosts.deny?16:25
RyoSmh let me check ._.16:26
vektoriIt's in The Great Book of Hand.16:26
RyoSwhat shall i put there? i forgot.. i got it all working once..16:26
predatorfreakvektori: Book of Hand? o.O16:26
predatorfreakvektori: That makes it sound like some masturbation manual.16:27
vektoriRyoS: man hosts_options16:27
vektorikoefz: Hehe,
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vektoriw3m: Can't load
RyoSmh... -_-16:40
RyoSforgot to run httpd after reboot16:42
RyoSanyone can find some hints in there?16:48
deus_exNot really.Anything in /var/log/Xorg.0.log?16:51
RyoSsomething wants to make me angry Oo16:54
RyoSi just added a new user16:54
RyoSand it works16:54
RyoShaha =D deleted "ryo", readded it, doesnt work, weird! i will just use a new login name :x16:59
acrux_rxi: today, we have worked on cruxppc16:59
acrux_tomorrow, i think you can download a ppc32 iso16:59
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jdolanwhat's the largest numerical value you can represent with a float?17:45
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nipuLjdolan: that's a rather platform dependent question ;P18:38
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j^2hey eliteforce18:43
eliteforcei just found crux in wikipedia and it kinda looks nice18:43
j^2awesome, the best way to learn about it is just to try it, do you run linux now?18:45
eliteforceehh no but i've the new ubuntu installed and it sucks imo18:45
eliteforcenever liked it ^^18:46
j^2cool cool, i'd suggest you get qemu installed on you ubuntu installation, try buliding crux that way and take it for a spin ;)18:46
eliteforceits so bugged (probably because i have a laptop here)18:46
eliteforcehehe building on my own?^18:48
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eliteforceahm are there any repositories for packages?18:51
vektoriCRUX is a source-based distribution18:52
eliteforcei see, but why are there package tools then? :D18:52
eliteforceor did i get something wrong18:52
vektoriBecause the source gets compiled to packages, and the packages get added into the package database.18:52
eliteforceah jeah *wallbash*18:53
vektoriThe only official binary packages are those on the CD.18:53
eliteforceok, i just dont like it if i have to build x and a whole desktop environment and ... takes ages :/18:56
vektoriYou didn't even look what's on the CD yet.18:57
j^2we have binarys of those, x, and windowmaker, but if you dont want to, well crux might be for you18:57
eliteforcewhere can i see whats on the cd19:00
eliteforcethanks alot19:03
eliteforceheh minimalistic, i guess the creator was bsd fan :P19:04
eliteforceok one more silly question, how stable is it?19:05
j^2as stable as you make it ;)19:06
eliteforceor when is a port assumed stable?19:06
eliteforce / are there many patches19:06
eliteforcejust curious hehe19:06
j^2vektori: you want to field that question?19:07
vektoriHmm. No. :P19:07
vektoriMinimal patching is done when necessary19:07
vektoriAnd stable, non-beta versions are used19:07
eliteforceive a weird idea right now19:09
eliteforcea decentralized p2p package management hehe19:09
vektoriWith XML!19:10
j^2already discussed ;)19:10
vektoriAnd Buzzword-o-matic! :)19:10
nipuLeliteforce: most geeks have probably thought of it at some stage19:10
eliteforcethat idea hit me like a lightning19:11
nipuLdoing it with torrents would be very easy19:11
eliteforceso why doesnt it exist yet? :]19:11
nipuLi prefer source based ports19:12
vektoriBecause CRUX has a weak binary package format.19:12
vektoriIt's not suitable for large-scale sharing.19:12
nipuLif i wanted binary pakages i'd use debian19:12
eliteforcehmpf thats too outdated19:13
eliteforcebut i'm having a problem with linux in general anyway ^^19:14
eliteforcethat incompatibilities and bugs are making me crazy19:18
vektoriMaybe you should run something else?19:18
eliteforcei'm using windows for gaming.. but windows disappoints me too19:19
eliteforcegimme some guru advice! :P19:22
vektoriRun OpenBSD. :P19:23
eliteforcei had freebsd on my laptop19:24
Hanincompatibilities for hardware are caused by the iron grip M$ has on the industry, and the only way out is to support FOSS19:25
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* eliteforce *cries*19:26
HanThis is a battle!19:27
eliteforcean unfair one19:27
eliteforcei'm so down19:31
koefzNuking Seattle could also be a solution.19:34
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eliteforcecoding an evil windows virus would be more realistic19:35
eliteforcebut i'm not soooo into assembler, so its up to somebody else :p19:36
vektoriDude, Windows *is* an evil virus.19:36
eliteforcehmmm, nice point of view :)19:37
eliteforceif i just wasn't such an addicted gamer hehe19:38
strwzsnes is the answer ;)19:39
eliteforcei left znes behind me when i was 1219:40
koefzI left Wintendo when I was 12.19:40
eliteforcei'm switching linux distributions more often than my pants :(19:40
koefzYeah, that is a strange phenomenon.19:42
eliteforcea treatable one?19:42
eliteforcehey but i also reinstall windows ~once a month19:42
vektoriYou should try imaging software. :)19:42
eliteforceor every two month19:42
vektoriInstall once and restore from backup when everything gets fucked up.19:43
koefzOr just install Arch.19:43
eliteforcei'm coder, bugs are my enemies19:43
eliteforcelike the ants in my room19:43
vektoriAh yes, Arch, the Holy Grail of Linux distributions.19:44
eliteforcei had archlinux already19:44
koefzDid you like it?19:44
vektoriIf all else fails, call Eugenia.19:44
eliteforcewas cool until everything crashed after an update19:44
koefzvektori, hahah.19:44
koefzThen you won't like us.19:44
vektoriCRUX is like Arch except more primitive. :P19:44
eliteforceso i cursed some arch devs and said goodbye on the mailing list, i guess they dont love me anymore19:45
koefzvektori, "less complex" is the correct term, I think.19:45
eliteforceif it was a bit more stable i'd grab the latest netinstall iso and install it right now19:46
vektoriNo, Arch really is evolved. Unfortunately in this case the evolutionary step consists of growing a kitchen sink on your back.19:46
eliteforcedoesnt that hurt? hehehehe19:47
vektorieliteforce, what do you mean with "a bit more stable"? Did it crash even before you installed it?19:47
koefzYeah, but "primitive" sound so negative.19:47
koefzOn the hand it scares newbies away.19:47
vektoriYes, but it's primitive from the Arch POV. ;)19:48
eliteforcevektori: nah it was "stable" until i wrote some nasty stuff into the console and pressed return19:48
eliteforcewhich was a simple pacman -Suy19:49
vektoriMust be the parental control.19:49
eliteforceok, ok, a sudo pacman -Suy19:49
vektoriTry KNOPPIX, it's hard to mess up that one. :P19:50
eliteforcethat one was a bit low :p19:50
vektoriAnyway, I ought to get some sleep. ->19:50
eliteforceeh wait ^^19:50
eliteforcejust wanted to say thx for the discussion19:51
eliteforcekeep up the work on crux and i wish u much success19:51
eliteforce(if you want to hear more non success stories of trying out linux distributions query me :P)19:51
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vektoriWell that was fun.19:52
* vektori strikes one newbie out.19:52
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kensaiI can't but get amazed at the blazing speed packages build in CRUX19:57
thrice`i wish .desktop files weren't removed by default19:59
thrice`it's annoying for us DE users :(20:00
kensaiyay KDE!20:00
rxithrice`: email the maintainer with your problem20:01
thrice`it'd be alot of maintainers :)20:01
rxior just modify the port yourseldf20:01
kensaiin CRUX modifyng ports is so easy20:02
thrice`it'd be nice.  say, I install amarok, it' just appear in my menu in kde20:02
kensaithrice`: I install amarok and it appears in my K menu20:03
kensailog out and log in and see if it is there20:03
rxiwell put something forward on the ml to discuss if .desktop should be installed20:03
thrice`openoffice didn't (amarok hasn't finished compiling yet :)20:03
thrice`I think it has been discussed before20:03
kensaithrice`: Koffice 1.5.1 is way better for me in a kde environment I just use in a GNOME environment20:04
thrice`so how long was kde start to finish for ya?20:07
kensaiI shall make an article " Top 10 Reasons I hate Arch Linux and love CRUX"20:07
rxiok now your freaking me out20:08
kensai10. DOes not have a GOAL just a lot of bleeding edge pakages appearing on repo day to day20:08
rxiok you can stop now20:09
kensairxi: sorry I was traped inside Arch Linux just this morning20:09
rxiwe all know why arch sucks20:09
kensaiI won't list the 10 neither :)20:09
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kensaidoes anybody here have the Elephants Dream movie?20:17
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