IRC Logs for #crux Sunday, 2006-06-04

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koefzDamned foreign expressions and sayings.03:41
koefzIt really sucks not knowing all the nuances of other languages.03:41
koefzWhat different meanings can "on the nickel" have, primary in american english?03:41
koefzWhere are all you americans?03:42
jjpkProbably sleeping.03:42
koefzNah, he's only 9 hours ahead or so, isn't he?03:42
jjpkYou mean behind.03:43
koefzUhm, yeah.03:43
koefzHaven't had my coffee yet, sorry about that.03:43
jjpkHehe, it happens. :p03:43
Romsterhow do i use a not or ! on a if [ grep -i "username" /etc/shadow ];03:49
Romsterkoefz i can find out for you later when my friend usa friend is awake if you like.03:50
koefzCan't you wake him now instead?03:52
koefzAnycase I'd be grateful. Been googling for hours with nil reasults.03:52
Romstershould be up in an hour if you can wait that long03:53
koefzYeah, I can wait.03:54
Romsteryou wouldn't know how todo a if not for my bit of code there^ or do i have to use something like else code there fi ?03:54
koefzNo idea.03:55
koefzAnd it probably won't be better even with caffeine in the blood stream.03:56
Romsteri don't see a not or ! on the conditionals, meh i'll throw a else in there that'll fix that03:56
Romsterah figured it out04:04
Romsterif [ ! `grep -i "username" /etc/shadow` ]; then  echo "done"; fi04:04
Romsteri forgot the back tics04:04
Romsterif i get a linux maching saying hda: dma not ready, that means either the hdd, cable or controler is faulty right?04:13
Romsteri can't think of any other problems that would cause that, except maybe corupt bios04:14
koefzYour kernel can probably be fscked or misconfigured also.04:14
Romsterah maybe, i never thoght of that one04:14
Romsteri'm on i'll try 1904:15
Romsteri might have to go back a bit maybe04:16
Hanif ! grep -qi username /etc/shadow;04:20
Romsteri edned up using if [ ! `grep -i "_tor" /etc/shadow` ]; then04:22
Romsterso the [ ] arn't really required?04:22
Hanls /bin/[04:23
Romsterah i should use -q for silent04:24
Romsterhrmm i see04:28
Romsterwhy thend oes everyone use square brackets then i don't know, *really eneds a bash scripting book*04:28
rximan bash :)04:29
Romsterlol gawd *slaps self*04:29
Romsteri so arn't thinking this evening04:29
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Han[] == test; test returns 0 on succes and 1 on failure;04:31
HanYou tested if grep returns valid output or not, turn that into a string and then you let test return 0 or 104:32
HanI simply get the return code from grep.04:32
Romsterah so i only need that if i do if [ comamnd args ] == "string";04:32
Romsterif i get it now :/04:33
Romstermeh i'll read the man page sometime oviously i haven't got it yet04:33
Romsteroh right its not a comparsion it assigns [ command args ] == text; echo text04:34
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HanYou really mix up stuff.04:34
Romsterlol i was at the pub last nite04:35
Romsterno wonder04:35
HanSo was I.04:35
Romsterhow much did you drink though :P04:35
Hantwo glasses. I'm a very modest drinker.04:36
Romsteris that all, i can't rememebr how many pots of beer i drank :/ in the order of 20 i think might of been more04:36
HanStupid kiddie :-)04:38
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nipuLi drank 3 beers last night05:25
RyoSare you crazy?05:25
nipuLrxi: you tried blue tongue lager yet?05:26
rxinipuL: nope .. did you like it?05:26
nipuLyeah it's pretty nice05:26
nipuLthey also make ginger beer05:26
rxithen no i wont be trying it05:26
nipuLgo drink some vb or something then05:26
rxicos little creatures sucked arse05:26
rxiid rather my homebrew05:26
rxiinfact i feel like some vodka and oj05:27
nymacrorxi: what did you need to get for your HP PARISC system? Did you need to get something for the monitor?05:42
rxinymacro: you need either a matrox or voodoo to run the graphics05:42
rxior if it comes with a v/c with a evc connector you'd need an evc to vga adapter05:43
rxibeward any hp graphics cards dont support anythiong over 8bit color depth with linux driverrs05:44
nymacroi would be able to put another PCI graphics crad in it though, it uses standard PCI?05:45
rxinope .. the card has to have its own bios05:45
rxiso you need either matrox or voodoo05:45
rxieg a 1mb s3 trio wont work05:45
nymacroi had a voodoo2 a while ago, except it was a daughter-card05:46
rxiahh .. it has to be pci05:46
nymacroit _was_ pci :)05:46
rxiahh .. i dont know shit about voodoo cards05:46
nymacrothis was an old school workstation voodoo2 which was _huge_.. it plugged into the existing video card too05:47
nymacroit was dual PCB. lol05:47
rxifor some reason i cant get my matrox msytique to work05:48
nymacrobugger :/05:48
rxibut it should work according to anyone who has one :P05:48
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rxiits really starting to piss me off too .. ive had it like a month or more and cant get it to work05:50
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nymacroi probably wont go and buy this HP machine then ...05:50
rxiwhich one?05:50
nymacroas much as i love exotic hardware, if i can't get it working how i want it. it just annoys me05:50
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nymacroi would much rather a PPC though :)05:51
nymacroalthough they aren't too exotic :)05:51
rxihehe .. i can tell you the fxe video card is dea weight05:52
rxidoesnt work full stop in linux05:52
rxiwell i think console works but no x05:52
rxiwith a voodoo/matrox it would be cool05:53
rxijust remember you have no java or win32codecs05:54
nymacrowow, someone on ebay is selling a "DualCore PowerPC Computer" with Intel Pentium CPU...05:55
nymacrothere is also a "AMD PowerPC Computer"05:56
rxityhat shit is wacked05:56
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rxiso wacked cptn ran away screaming :P05:58
nymacroyeah.. thats some seriously weird shit05:58
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rxilol they are leaving in droves06:00
nymacromust be gone to educate AMD PowerPC sellers?06:00
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RyoSdid anyone ever experience this: in various programs the font is not shown, or just partly10:25
RyoSfor me this is with rox and firefox right now :/ with a new setup machine.. and i have no clue (like always) why10:26
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ningo_RyoS: turn off anti-aliasing10:36
ningo_and disable Xft fonts10:37
RyoSmh anti-aliasing, is this on by default? i didnt turn it on..10:37
ningo_I don't know. Depends on the application.10:37
RyoSweird :x10:39
RyoSi never had this before i was forced reinstalled crux10:39
ningo_I had the same issue with opera, and turning off Xft and AAF helped10:39
RyoSbut its not just firefox for me which makes me worry...10:40
RyoSwell we will see10:40
RyoSAA doesnt seem to help.. did turn it off within the nvidia settings.. now to the fonts..10:41
RyoSi dont have xft fonts loaded10:42
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artur_thm, CRUX is i686-optimized (official ISO), so why we have non-pc keymaps in /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/xkb ? btw, package 'kbd'  hasn't one...11:00
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eliteforcehey \o/11:32
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eliteforcei have no idea why i joined this channel11:34
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treachjdolan: afraid of the "eliteforce"? ;D11:41
koefzjdolan, what different meaning can "on the nickel" have?11:41
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hermitHas anyone here been able to build ogle on Crux-2.2?12:22
hermitMine won't compile and I am thinking it is probably the new gcc, but if someone else has done it, then I need to look elsewhere..12:22
ningoWhat's that?12:22
hermitdvd playing app12:22
ningoThe error message?12:23
hermitac3dec_wrap.c:51: error: static declaration of 'program_name' follows non-static declaration12:23
hermit../include/debug_print.h:7: error: previous declaration of 'program_name' was here12:23
hermitac3dec_wrap.c: In function 'get_q':12:23
hermitac3dec_wrap.c:278: warning: pointer targets in assignment differ in signedness12:23
hermitmake[1]: *** [ac3dec_wrap.o] Error 112:23
hermitThis exact same source tarball built fine for me on my crux 2.1 system.12:23
ningothe last 3 lines look like a source bug to me12:25
ningoand the first two are just12:26
ningoinclude problems12:26
ningois this a new version of okle?12:26
thrice`+files/ogle-gcc4-fix.patch, +ogle-0.9.2-r1.ebuild:12:26
thrice`google is your friend12:27
hermitdon't you give me that12:27
hermiti didnt ask anyone to solve my problem12:27
hermiti asked if anyone compiled google12:27
ningoseems as if gcc 4 handels sloppy pointer assignments differen than 3.x12:28
hermiteverything else was voluntarily contributed12:28
hermitgoogle: "Did anyone else compiled ogle successfully on crux 2.2?"12:28
thrice`yes, I saw that12:29
thrice`and I know you didn't ask for help, but the solution was simple12:29
thrice`hermit, happen to have that link for the vista fonts around?12:31
hermitno, google12:31
ningohorrible ajax12:31
* thrice` sighs12:31
hermityou earned it12:32
hermitand that's exactly how i found them12:32
hermitand no i didnt save the link12:32
thrice`well, you even said it was likely a gcc4 issue!  and low and behold, ogle gcc4 patch in google turned it up12:32
hermityes, i was already on the right path12:32
hermitnow i am trying to find the damn patch12:33
ningo-static char *program_name;12:34
ningo+char *program_name;12:34
ningothe usual suspect12:34
hermiti googled for "ogle-gcc4-fix.patch" and that did not come up12:34
hermitmaking now12:35
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thrice`cool :)12:53
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acruxsomebody has succesfully compiled synaptics-0.14.5 ?13:35
guaquaepsilon in contrib doesn't quite compile, others had the same experience?13:59
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Romsterhow do i get chown to only affect the last dir in a Pkgfile?14:27
Romstersay i do chroot -R newuser:newgroup $PKG/usr/lib/newdir/ how do i make it only affect newdir and below?14:28
Romsteri've been scratching my head at this one and cding then chown is messy and it dosn't appear to work in a Pkgfile, and install dunno might be my only option?14:29
Romsterwhats the patch? i've compiled gcc4.1.114:41
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Romsterah nvm saw the url above14:42
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Romsterthrice` vista fonts
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