IRC Logs for #crux Monday, 2006-06-05

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pitillohi! good morning01:36
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thenonedoes anyone have a good document about seting up mail server on crux04:42 will show you heaps04:42
thenoneyeah i know about ir already04:42
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aondocumentation of the software you're going to use might be a good bet04:54
pitilloanyone can take a look of that port? :)04:56
aonprt-get will probably choke on that Depends on: line :)04:57
pitillonice observation04:57
pitilloI?ll read to change that line. Thanks aon04:57
pitillowell, are the perl modules included in perl?05:00
aoni dunno05:01
aonbut you could make ports for them05:01
pitilloand, openssl is optional, need to include a README with that optional package?05:01
aon maybe a 'Nice to have:'-line05:01
pitillowell, I?ll wait sepen, He can confirm it.05:01
pitilloummm, there isn?t any "Optional" line...05:02
pitilloI used the READMe file in nessus, for example05:02
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aonpitillo: i think that people use 'Nice to have' for stuff that can be depended on but isn't needed05:08
aonafaik nothing parses those lines, though05:08
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pitilloaon, perfect . I?ll change that. And about modules... I can use it without any module but there are some versions at web (LibWhisker)05:09
aonif it's included in the source, you don't need to depend on it05:10
pitilloI need to read about the modules and perl. May be are inside perl, but reading the perl?s pkgfile cannt see nothing about05:10
pitilloaon, true, only depends on perl I think05:11
aonand NET::SSLeay05:12
aonit isn't in by default05:12
pitilloI dont read about it...05:12
pitillois an extension for perl to use ssl... I dont understand the deps of that package. May be a dep if using it with openssl05:13
pitillobut at web it says that is a required package05:14
aonyep, seems it isn't required if not scanning ssl05:15
pitilloaon, true, but at web its a required package and openssl is optional. I dont understand it.05:21
pitilloit works for me without SSLeay and LibWhisker05:22
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pitillochanged the Pkgfile
koefzOn a side not I think someone, most likely vektori, wrote some script to download and install modules from cpan. You might look that up and put some instructions in a README, or something.06:34
pitilloummm good tip. I?ll read about.06:35
pitillokoefz, nothing about cpan or perl modules.06:36
koefzThere somewhere, I think.06:37
koefzBut I don't really remember who wrote it, so. =/06:37
pitillokoefz, thanks for the info. I?ll read it.06:39
pitillowell I read the doc at web, and libwhisker its inside the source. nad the other I think its neede by openssl06:49
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koefzpitillo, there it is.07:02
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RomsterI'm trying to chown all files in a port i've made but i don't want to change the user:group on directorys like /usr/bin/ just the containing files for that port only, is there such a way, also can i only chmode the directory and all contained files with chmod -R /usr/var/lib/program/ while only affecting the /program and below, i tryed cd down the tree in the $PKG path but that dosn't work for me.07:13
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jdolanRomster, find -type f -exec chown root.users {} \;07:20
Romsterah thanks jdolan i'll try that out07:22
Romsteri really think shown needs another flag option :)07:22
Romstererm chown*07:22
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rxii guess he wasnt the one :P08:34
jdolan_anyone know if updating subversion/python-subversion breaks trac?08:45
artur_ti didn't hear about that08:47
jaegerno idea08:48
artur_tu can search in reports at trac.edgewall.com08:48
jdolan_hm.  i issued the sysup.  if trac breaks, i can always downgrade and lock :-/08:49
artur_twhich version of trac do you use?08:50
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artur_tjdolan: btw, here on freenode is #trac channel, maybe guys from it knows more...09:01
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kensaicurrent version of tcl in opt doesn't compile and gives an error changing the Pkgfile to point to the latest stable fixes it.09:39
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Romsterkensai mail the maintaner of the port09:44
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j^2hey all09:44
kensaiI'll check09:47
kensaij^2: Hi09:47
j^2kensai: hey09:48
kensaiwhich is better for learning to programm Ruby or Python?09:48
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kensaihmmm ok09:48
kensaiI am trying to learn python but I get stuck in the ident chapter09:51
kensaiI think I shall search for more books that explain ident better09:51
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Romsteryou trying to write a bot kensai?09:54
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Romsteryay that works :)10:05
Romsterfianlly got that port sorted10:05
Romsternow to test it all out10:06
kensaiRomster: a bot? why?10:07
jdolan_ident is often required by irc servers.10:07
kensaihmm let me see if that ios what I ment10:07
jdolan_btw, i have no experience with ruby, but i do like python quite a lot.10:08
jdolan_jue, cptn, and probably some others here prefer ruby, i believe, tho.10:08
kensaiIndentation is what I mean is that the same10:08
jaegernah, quite different10:08
jdolan_lol, no.10:08
kensaino I see it is just a whitespace10:09
jaegercurse the english language for similar words with totally different meanings10:09
jdolan_python uses whitespace (indentation/justification) where other languages rely on { } or other constructs to determine instruction scope.10:09
Romsterkensai what are you after ident for?10:09
jdolan_Romster, he's not.10:09
kensaiI just don't understand identation and I think is the book I'm reading that does not cover it very well10:09
jdolan_kensai, the reason python does that is so that everyone's python looks the same, and there's never any confusion over what statements belong where.10:10
jaegerkensai: anything that's indented the same amount is a block, more or less10:10
Romsterheh english is bad for reusing the same word for many meanings10:10
kensaibut I got confused since the book says in Identation "How to indent"10:10
jdolan_TAB works for me *g*10:10
Romsterjsut use tabs instead of the brackets10:10
kensaithx jaeger and jdolan_10:10
jdolan_they're just trying to explain why indentation is important in Python.10:10
jdolan_it's really a nice feature of the syntax.. i think they were trying to avoid a major pitfall of perl or other sort of similar languages where the same statement can be written 20 different ways.10:11
kensaiI shall make the Hello World! again since it will give me good luck again10:12
cptnkensai: check out if you're still unsure10:12
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cptnthe whole tutorial is pretty good10:12
jdolan_there are good tutorials right on
jdolan_well, perhaps for experienced programmers..10:12
kensaithx cptn just bookmarked it10:12
jaegerI have a paper copy of Dive Into Python, love it10:13
kensaijdolan_: I'm using a byte of python that is for beginning in programming10:13
jdolan_i've not checked out the beginners ones - and i didn't mean to suggest that cptn's sugestion was not good - it almost certainly is ;)10:13
kensaiI was looking at ruby also I though it was good for starting10:15
cptnI think ruby is somehow more expressive10:16
cptnalthough I believe python is easier for beginnners10:17
kensaiI see10:17
cptnjdolan_: you should check it out, it's pretty good :-) (dive into python)10:19
cptnalthough it just scratches the surface of certain subjects, such as testing or refactoring; it's still pretty complete10:20
kensaidoes sten have a different nickname here in irc?10:31
kensaiI mean the one who mantain all kde and have his own repo10:31
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jaegerno, he's just rarely here10:35
j^2he's pretty active on the ML though10:37
jaeger@seen sten10:38
clbjaeger: I have not seen sten.10:38
j^2@seen my_girlfriend10:39
clbj^2: I have not seen my_girlfriend.10:39
j^2bots are fun :-P10:39
kensaiI used to make fun of dpkg back when I used debian10:39
kensaiI told dpkg that I loved him10:40
kensaihe replied that the feeling was not mutual10:40
kensaior "I hope it is on a platonic way"10:40
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j^2you swede's kick ass14:57
j^2taking to the streets for every true geek on this planet ;)14:57
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* j^2 tips hat to sweden14:57
sepenI add a line to my server (running crux) for ftp incoming connections, but when I use ftp passive mode don't run, anyone has a solution for this in his iptables-netfilter script?15:01
koefzThe best part is that one of the guys that were arrested in the raid confessed to murdering or prime minister Olof Palme.15:02
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j^2sepen: your first problem is that you want to use ftp, if you have sshd running you already have a sftp running15:03
j^2but that imo15:03
sepenIm trying with iptables -A INPUT -p tcp -m state --state ESTABLISHED,RELATED -j ACCEPT15:03
j^2koefz: haha that's even better :-P15:03
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sepenj^2, there isn't my problem, but thanks15:04
j^2ouch that sucks...freenode died15:04
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sepenj^2, I add this last line and seems to be ok. but I ask for another less permisive rule15:05
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aoni can't see how tpb could claim that it's just a search site...15:06
aonbbc isn't probably getting it15:06
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j^2aon: most main stream media rarely gets anything right ;)15:07
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strwno metal? hmm, ok..15:26
ningolook, this is a channel about operating systems. if you'd talked about MetalOS, then there would be talk.15:31
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strwningo: ah, now I begin to see things clearer.. my mistake15:48
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Romsteror anything linux related to a OS16:03
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strwyea, don't take it too serious ;)16:27
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drbomanyone not sleeping yet? :)16:56
aonthere are also these "timezone" things, btw :)16:57
drbomdo you happen to know which packages would I have to rebuild if I wanted to downgrade my GCC from 4.0.3 to 3.4.6?16:57
drbomright :). what's yours timezone? i'm in GMT+1 :)16:58
aonhm, glibc+binutils at least16:58
aonnah, finland16:58
guaquaaon is from belarus16:58
guaquahe just pretends ;)16:58
drbomright, core CRUX team is from fi16:59
aonno :)16:59
aoncore crux team is from all over the world16:59
drbomright, dumb me ;)16:59
aonthe previous maintainer was from sweden16:59
guaquaeuropeans, americans, australians16:59
guaquadunno if it16:59
guaquadunno if it's in plural for all though :)16:59
drbomok ok, my bad, sorry :)16:59
drbomhmm glibs and binutils you say...17:00
drbomwaaay too long for a cel533 :)17:00
aonprobably goes like that in the other direction too17:01
drbom14. Cross fingers and reboot <-- nice one :)17:02
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drbomi could build it on my cel2.4 and ten move tha packages17:03
drbomyup, that might work17:03
guaquawhy do you need that gcc?17:03
drbomi'm affraid of teh cgg4 line17:04
drbomand gcc and not cgg17:04
guaquaafraid? :D17:04
drbomkeyboard responses differently in irrsi than in mIRC :)17:05
drbomyea :)17:05
guaquasounds...well...rational, anything specific?17:05
drbomjust my dumb belief that the old gcc3 builds things more reliably17:06
guaquamaybe it would be just easier to install an old version of crux and then change the repositories17:06
guaquaand compile everything17:06
drbomno, cuz i'm too noob to migrate from devfs to udev by hand :)17:06
guaquait was easy17:06
guaquai did it too :)17:07
drbomi tried to do it once but i messed up my OS :)17:07
guaquahmm :/17:07
drbomand then i decided to burn the 2.2 and reinstall the system :)17:07
guaquai did it as it said on the instructions and no problems17:08
drbomyea, i could've taken more time studying the manual...17:08
drbomto study*17:09
guaquawell, sometimes you just get lucky too :D17:09
drbomdo you use x-windows while working with your CRUX?17:10
guaquait depends17:11
guaquai have crux on server and workstation17:11
guaquathough i still mainly use windows on the workstation17:11
drbomok, i understand17:11
drbomi think of building X on my workstation17:11
drbomcurrently i'm in the process of gathering strenghts for that :)17:12
guaquahowever i'm going to get myself some more hardware and get a file server - then i'm probably going to use more linux on the desktop17:12
drbomwhy is that?17:12
guaquacrux has pretty much everything needed to get x working even out of the box17:12
guaquawmaker as the window manager and all17:12
drbomactually i was thinking of fluxbox17:13
guaquayou just need to configure X and modify the xinitd17:13
guaquafluxbox seems nice17:13
drbomsounds simple enough17:13
guaquai've been using e17 lately17:13
drbomwhat's e17?17:14
guaquait's a lot of eye candy at least :D17:14
drbomyea, i heart of it17:14
drbomhow much eye candy? XP style? :)17:14
guaquamore than XP17:14
guaquait looks really nice17:14
drbomwill my GF FX5200 handle that? :)17:15
guaquawell my radeon 9200 se does, so it must too :)17:15
drbomyea, probably :)17:15
guaquathat's pretty much default setup17:16
drbomnow that is pimped out :)17:16
drbomi just wonder how easu on sys resources is that.. :)17:17
aoneasily lighter than gnome/kde17:17
guaquai haven't quite figured out how to manage the program shortcuts everywhere, but i'm getting there17:17
guaquait's not very heavy on the system17:17
guaquaall the graphics is 2d and seems pretty optimized17:17
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guaquai haven't compared the memory it takes to others though17:18
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drbomhmm... a lot of dependencies this e17 has17:19
drbomgth is GOME's, right?17:19
guaquasee that url17:19
guaquathe first list is all you need actually17:20
guaquathough those have some deps...17:20
guaquabut it's a piece of cake compared to kde or gnome17:20
drbomgot that :)17:20
drbomgonna try that on the workstation17:21
guaquabtw, does someone here have crux working as a file server with software raid and all that?17:21
drbomnot me. i don't even have raid :)17:22
jaegerhave done it before, don't have any software raid crux boxes at the moment, though17:23
drbomwhat do you mean by saying "a file sever"? ftp?17:23
guaquajaeger: was there something special to care about, any major problems?17:23
guaquadrbom: to save all data17:23
jaegernone that I recall17:24
jaegerpretty simple software raid setup with md17:24
drbomguaqua: got it17:24
guaquafor example save music and all that and access the server from all other computers through nfs or something similar17:24
drbomunderstood :)17:24
guaquajaeger: sounds good17:24
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nipuLwhen i first setup my raid i used ext3 and it trashed about 40gb of data17:37
nipuLfiles just started disappearing17:37
guaquahow does that work out?17:37
nipuLit was raid1 aswell17:37
guaquado you have raid now?17:38
nipuLbut it's on my freebsd box now17:39
guaquaokay, so no idea what the problem might have been?17:40
nipuLwell the problem would be with ext3 i assume17:40
jaegerI've lost data to ext3 as well, for no reason I could spot17:40
jaegerhaven't used it since17:40
jaegerabout 4 years ago, I think17:40
guaquareiserfs now, or?17:41
nipuLi used xfs after that debarkle17:41
jaegermostly xfs, some reiser17:41
guaquawhat's the advantage of xfs?17:41
*** mort has left #crux17:41
jaegerit hasn't broken yet :)17:41
nipuLit's super fast with large files17:41
drbomgood for movie server :)17:42
drboma movie server*17:42
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kensaiI see CRUX make a good server. But I'm a desktop guy and I have it setup with KDE and looks more beautiful than SUSE 10.1 :-P18:01
*** DaViruz has quit IRC18:01
kensaiI have also set it up with GNOME jaegermakes great GNOME packages18:02
kensaijaeger *18:03
*** koefz has joined #crux18:05
kensaiI love GNOME I'm not using it right now since it wastes too much memory18:07
jaegerI have too much RAM, gotta use it up somehow18:08
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kensaihehe true18:10
sepenprt-get depinst monodevelop returns me that! : checking for gnome-sharp-2.0 >= 2.3.90... Package gnome-sharp-2.0 was not found in the pkg-config search path.18:10
kensaiwell I don't know if 1GB is considered too much in a Distro that compiles packages from source18:10
kensaisepen: installed gnome-sharp?18:10
jaegerI have 2G in this laptop and my main desktop, building everything in shared RAM is fun :)18:11
sepenkensai, this package don't exits18:11
kensaiyeah I see I which I have 1GB more of RAM18:11
kensaisepen: well it is on sten repo18:11
sepenmono       gtk-sharp218:11
*** pell has quit IRC18:11
sepenalso sten has the same18:12
kensaihmm there is a mono repo18:12
kensaidid you try building it from the mono repo?18:12
sepenIm in error?18:13
kensaihmm strange18:13
sepenIm using dependencies install18:13
kensaiwell did you checked if gtk-sharp2 was installed already?18:14
sepenyes Is installed18:14
sepen$ pkginfo -i | grep sharp18:14
sepengecko-sharp 2.0-0.11-118:14
sepengtk-sharp2 2.5.92-118:14
kensaiwell then I can't figure anything out18:15
nipuLjaeger: shared memory work directory is nice :)18:15
sepen$ pkginfo -o sharp | grep 'gnome' Im trying to find them ...18:16
nipuLi just had a cool idea, ccache into shared memory too18:17
jaegernipuL: aye, love it :)18:17
nipuLjsut need to backup your cached objects before you reboot18:18
jaegerI'm too lazy for that18:18
jaegerbut the workdir there rocks18:18
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thrice`any reason to avoid a coreutils upgrade?18:44
thrice`hm, or new freetype- wonder if 2.2.x is any improvement18:45
Romsterwhats the command to add a group to another group?19:01
Romsteroh and gpasswd dosn't exist in the man pages either yet it's listed on groupadd19:02
*** thrice` has quit IRC19:05
jaegerI have a passwd manpage19:09
Romstergpasswd(8) through19:14
Romsterlisted on the bottm of man groupadd19:14
jaegeroh, sorry, misread19:14
jaegerdunno that one19:14
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j^2hey all19:44
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j^2busy channel eh?20:28
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kensaick12 patchset released yay!!!!!! Kernel upgrade time for me!!!!!21:23
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kensaiok 2.6.16-ck12 compiled now cross fingers and reboot21:36
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thrice`morlenxus: graveman update, that fixes a bug :)22:58
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