IRC Logs for #crux Wednesday, 2006-06-07

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richi_authi, is the REPO file in a repository on mandatory?02:32
richi_autsorry for stupid question, doesn't seem so...02:35
tilmanREPO files are used for httpup repositories02:35
tilmanthere are a few rsync repos in the crux portdb02:35
tilman(the portdb was designed for httpup only, so things might seem a bit hackish at places)02:36
richi_auttilman: i was asking, because yesterday i wanted to try out your x11r7 ports, but wasn't able to retrieve it...02:37
tilmanhang on02:37
tilmanthat one doesn't work?02:37
tilmanthat's a httpup mirror for the rsync repo02:38
tilmanyou can also use
tilman(the real thing ;D)02:38
richi_auti downloaded this one, copied it to /etc/ports and then ports -u02:38
cptnis no httpup repo02:38
cptnnothing in repo/ is an httpup repo except for core/opt/contrib IIRC02:39
richi_autok, thanks, I will try again in the evening...02:39
tilmanah, so core/opt/contrib are treated specially02:39
tilmanrichi_aut: use the rsync file i linked then02:39
richi_auttilman: ok, i will.02:40
cptntilman: we can certainly add a repo to yours too, or all rsync repos in general02:40
tilmanthe database needs a few code touchups anyway... i think it's better to fix the real problem02:41
tilmanalthough. needs a copy of the repo anyway, for the search...02:41
cptnyeah :-)02:42
cptnwho could know that there would be rsync repos in the future ;-)02:43
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marotilman: no x updates since 7.1? :(03:44
MalevolenTcrux seems like an awesome distro03:45
MalevolenThas anyone here used both crux and gentoo?03:46
maroMalevolenT: no, crux doesn't have BASICS!!!03:46
marois no fun03:46
tilmanmaro: i'm busy as hell w/ real life, but i'm working on it03:46
MalevolenTthat's ok03:46
marotilman: ok :)03:46
MalevolenTI can install what I need03:46
MalevolenTI like it that way03:46
MalevolenTbut I mean, can anyone tell me how it compares to gentoo speed wise?03:47
marocrux doesn't use -fomg-optimize by default03:47
marogenerally it's faster though, because there's less bloat03:47
MalevolenTI want to try crux and I'm currently using gentoo, I am just trying to get a general idea, yes it seems more slimmed down03:48
MalevolenTwhich I like03:48
cptnthe main difference is that crux is so simple that you can tweak it to your liking03:49
cptnwhich e.g. means that you can make init faster than on other distros03:49
aon(it usually is faster out of the box)03:50
MalevolenTyeah from reading over the manual I got that impression :)03:50
cptnOTOH the micro-optimizations are far less popular around here03:50
maroand soon there'll be plenty of opportunity to add bloat with package attributes ;)03:50
MalevolenThehe, cool thanks for the info03:52
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marorichi_aut: eh?04:18
richi_autjust in case you want x7.1 (i read this: tilman: no x updates since 7.1?)04:21
tilmanjust pushed a few updates so he can get his fix :P04:21
marotilman: thanks :P04:24
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tilmanyhafri's column port is fucked up07:32
tilmandirectory name column@07:32
tilmanit installs a binary called column@07:32
tilmanand it explicitly strips that binary07:33
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deus_extreach: prt-get update `prt-get quickdep xfce4` should update xfce,right?08:04
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cptnwell, 'prt-get sysup' will do the same08:06
deus_exWhy then prt-get wants to update glib first, and glib is current?08:07
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treachusually the reason for using the `prt-get quickdep` part is that you want to add the -fr switch..08:08
cptnprobably because glib's Pkgfile has a newer access time than the glib package08:08
deus_excptn: It's glib from 2.2 iso.08:10
cptnand 'prt-get diff glib' says "no differences"?08:11
cptnand 'sysup' wants to rebuild it?08:12
cptnthat definitely shouldn't be, it's the same code IIRC08:13
ningomd5sum mismatch with the new tor port08:13
deus_excptn: 'prt-get sysup' no, 'prt-get update $(prt-get quickdep xfce4)' yes.08:14
cptndeus_ex: yes, of course08:14
cptnjust use sysup08:14
cptn[15:07] <cptn> well, 'prt-get sysup' will do the same08:14
deus_excptn: What's the difference?08:16
cptnupdate `quickdiff` will rebuild packages without difference if you don't have a prebuilt package08:16
cptnand it will print errors if depends prints non-install packages08:16
deus_excptn: OK, thank you :)08:17
cptnno problem :-)08:17
deus_exI just might update glib to new version, then.08:18
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deus_exgtk is up to 2.8.1808:20
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tilmanin case anyone has an urge to try freetype 2.2.1008:44
cptn-> :-)08:45
treachhehe, wrt ooo, "use this patch".. if that meansyou'll have to build a fixed version of ooo, I doubt there will be a lot of takers... :P08:45
cptnit's just a build-time thing08:46
cptnyou can keep your ooo binary08:47
treachThat's a relief, but I think I'll adopt a wait and see attitude about it. :)08:48
cptntreach: have you ever imagined the speed gain from building ooo yourself?08:48
cptnyou could probably not measure it, but it would certainly _feel_ faster!08:49
treachno. I always stop at the imagination of the buildtime. :p08:49
treachbtw, that's why I switched over my kde workstation to kubuntu..08:50
* treach hides.08:50
aonthat's ok, we all have our dark moments08:50
cptnoh, isn't this the channel of the crux gtk theme?08:50
aonthat theme sucks, btw08:51
aonalthough the window decoration is rather nice08:51
tilmanthe scrollbars suck08:51
tilmanwindow decor ftw08:51
treachdon't worry, I haven't completely lost it.. I'm still a cruxer via my laptop. :)08:51
aoni'm a debianist via my laptop08:51
aoni wish i could invent something to get rid of it :)08:51
treachafk, food08:52
rxiwell you guys are going to bury me and my gentoo desktop :(08:52
aonhm, i haven't tried yaifo to openbsdize the laptop08:54
* aon tries08:54
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treachaon: you have a thinkpad too, right?09:42
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j^2sup everybody11:06
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maroj^2: wuzzaaaar11:07
j^2maro, i dont know how to respond to that...other then a death cry from the bouls of hell! AHHHHHH!!!!!!11:09
* j^2 goes running11:09
treach"goes running". indeed.11:10
j^2treach, if i didnt love you so much, i'd stab you in the eye ;)11:11
treachI was just amused by the expression..11:11
j^'s hard to pick that stuff up on irc11:12
treachit reminded me of the use of "one" in plural, also used in english... like "theres are the ones we are looking for."11:12
treach*there are*11:13
treachwhich is also a damed funny expression, if you think about it.11:13
treachmaybe I should have said "these are..." but you get the point.11:14
j^2yeah english is a very odd languge...that's why i mumble more offen then not ;)11:15
tilmanfunky, for some movies mplayer eats ~80-~90% cpu time if and only if i set its cache size to 8kb11:16
maroindeed, let's speak l33t11:16
tilmanplayed locally11:16
tilmanwtf is wrong there11:16
marotilman: mplayer is obsolete ;)11:16
tilmani could understand it if it was a very short peak at the beginning resp after every seek11:16
tilmanbut it's constant11:16
marohasn't moved an inch since d'arpi left two years ago11:16
marotried anything gstreamer-based?11:17
treachtilman:  your cache settings, apparently, is what is wrong. ;-)11:17
jaegerit may be obsolete but it's still the best11:17
tilmanwho cares about arpi, it's almost perfect anyway ;)11:17
jaegergstreamer's getting better with every release but still needs lots of work11:17
marojaeger: with 0.10 I don't have any arguments to keep mplayer around11:18
treachsomone should bury gstreamer + totem with a pole through their hearts..11:18
maroI've actually watched a movie with gstreamer that mplayer choked on :)11:18
jaegermaro: gstreamer won't play everything I've tossed at it and occasionally has sync problems that mplayer doesn't11:18
treachmaro:  you must have made something wrong.. :D11:18
jaegerof course I don't have a sample of every kind of video there is but this has been my experience so far11:18
j^2tilman, try vlc, it's more or less mplayer but sometime imo more robust11:18
marojaeger: likely :)11:19
jaegerit isn't likely, it's fact :)11:19
jaegerunless you're referring to treach's comment instead of mine11:19
marono, treach: impossible11:20
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tilmanj^2: that specific problem only occurs if i patch my x driver with something experimental.11:20
tilmanwithout the patch, the driver eats 80% cpu time because it does some video format conversion in software11:21
tilmanso it's not an issue really o_O11:21
j^2kudos for you for trying someting experimental ;)11:21
tilmani'm mad like that11:21
tilmanproblem with that stuff is that you can easily lock up your graphics hardware ;)11:22
treachwe are all mad.. depending on how you define normal. :P11:22
tilmantreach behaves like a chatter bot today11:22
treachI'm sorry, I guess I'm just too tired to press the "ON" button on my brain..11:23
marotreach: don't bother, doesn't seem to work anyway :)11:23
treachI suppose not.11:24
tilmanfight fight11:24
maroa happy fight considering the ":)" :)11:24
treachmaybe "RESET" will do the trick..11:24
* j^2 brings out his bookie hat11:24
j^2bets? bets i'll give 4 to 3 that treach takes maro11:25
j^2no throwing the fight maro11:25
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treachsorry j^2, I think the match is off. I'm not in the mood for it, feels like I'm more dead than alive.11:28
* maro turns on treach11:28
j^2damn, i wanted to make some money...*sigh* on well11:28
maroerr... or I hope not11:28
* bd2 sends "mov r0, #3 ; mcr p14, 0, r0, c7, c0, 0" to treach.11:33
bd2it's entry to sleep powermode11:33
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bd2it's not fair. i don't know what E7 is11:34
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bd2<bd2> it's not fair. i don't know what E7 is11:34
treachE7 x86 asm "HALT"11:34
bd2treach, command not supported. it was ARM instruction from my side ;-)11:35
bd2or even opcode11:35
treachok, I've never done any assembler on anything but 8086 and M68705. :-)11:36
treachbut that was many years ago, so I don't remember very much of it.11:36
bd2I've never done any assembler on x86. so it's okay11:36
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aontreach: yeah11:49
treachgreat, I'd be interested in you adventures then. ;-)12:14
treach(If you don't mind, obviously.)12:14
aoni dunno if i can fit the source tree on my only openbsd box12:18
aonoverkill hardware <312:18
treachyou can't keep it on nfs?12:18
aoni could12:19
aonbut dunno if i want to reboot any other machine to get a kernel with nfs support :)12:19
* treach reads about a guy who got fined ~1600? for sharing the swedish movie "the robbers". I can't decide wether that in it self constitutes robbery, or if he should have had a bigger fine.. :-/12:22
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* treach triumpantly watches j^2 dancing around with a mousetrap on his right index finger.13:45
treachthat ought to teach you to keep your fingers out of the cookie-jar, sonny. ;-)13:46
j^2haha, that was for maro and another death cry13:46
j^2...i cant have cookies :(13:47
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j^2:O --13:55
j^2:O  -13:55
j^2:O  <13:56
j^2:O  <>13:56
aonj^2: wtf is that?13:56
j^2me puking...13:56
j^2i tried13:56
aonah, <> is the puke on the groudn?13:56
j^2i came up with it on the stop13:57
treachcookies make you puke?13:57
j^2no...alas i'm a diabetic...13:57
treachAh, but I guess there are cookies without sugar.13:57
j^2and the taste like ass13:57
treachYou can't have everything, you know. ;)13:58
j^2sucrolouse is pretty good13:58
treachsucker-u-loose? ;D13:59
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treachin case you read norwegian.. "*Don't* play it again Sam."14:35
tilmanonly when i'm drunk, thanks14:35
treachtilman: basically, if you live there, it could turn out to be expensive to play loud music.14:36
treach(12 000 NOK in fines, 21 days in prison and your stereo confiscated, in this case valued to 60 000 NOK.)14:37
richi_auttilman: you tried to compile your xorg with freetype 2.2.1?14:37 components work14:38
tilmanat least xorg-libxft14:38
tilmanrest should work i think14:38
richi_autuntil now it works, yes.14:39
richi_autwith ports from opt/core and x11r714:39
tilmantreach: i understand "førstestatsadvokat" and "Stereoanlegg" :D14:39
richi_auttried out the freetype from the jw collection.14:39
tilmanrichi_aut: well, you'll need to patch fontconfig :)14:39
richi_auti made a fontconfig 2.3.95 port14:40
richi_autit doesn't need the internals of freetype afaik14:40
tilman/msg keithp release fontconfig 2.4.0 (-> freetype 2.2), kthx14:40
marothey're such slackers14:41
treachmaro: you think they should have beheaded him instead? :p14:42
richi_auttilman: you are not takling, to me?14:42
tilmanwell yes, but i was kidding14:42
treachmaro: just kidding. I was refering to the norwegian guy.14:42
tilmankeith might not appreciate it if you tell him that14:42
richi_autyes, i was searching for him...14:43
marotreach: oh, heh14:43
marotv time!14:43
tilmanwell, he _is_ keithp on irc14:43
tilmanright here on freenode :P14:43
maroI know14:43
tilmani know, i'm talking to richi_aut14:43
marothat doesn't make him less of a slacker, quite the opposite :)14:43
richi_autok, later i will try with freetype 2.2 again...14:45
j^2your mommas so dumb she set her buffer length to a minimal octal instead of puging the cache15:09
aontreach: for the record, i fucked up the yaifo stuff and have to install something to the disk in a compaq armada :)15:17
treachoh.. sound fun.  :-/15:18
treachCompaq -> spawn of satan..15:18
aonluckily i have the new Teräsbetoni album to keep me going \m/15:19
treachOk, I have no idea what that is, but I suppose it's something that keeps your andrenaline high. :)15:20
treach(as if you'd need that when you're dealing with a compaq...)15:20
treachsounds great....15:21
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jjpk_Spent the whole day at the university today. :|16:38
jjpk_Spent more time there this week since sunday than at home.16:39
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jjpk_This is becoming unhealthy. :p16:40
aonthat's bad16:41
jjpk_Hopefully this is where it stops, finally finished the opus that is making several people lose their sanity.16:42
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prologicDo we have anything in our repos that'll graph network traffic ?20:56
pacaprologic: Are you looking for graphs to track trends or to use for billing purposes?21:12
prologicjust to keep a record of DDoS attacks :/21:43
pacaWhat data do you want to hang onto?  The best free solution for traffic and packet/second graphing is RTG.  And that's kind of sad since it isn't that great, but it really is better than the other stuff you will find for that task.21:44
prologicwell there is cacti as well21:45
prologicbut noone seems to have a port for it21:45
pacaIf you want to track types of traphic and source/destination data, you are gonna have to look at Cisco netflow or something.  Unless you are using unix-based PC routers etc...21:45
pacaYou don't need a port for cacti...21:46
pacaIt's pretty easy to install.21:46
pacaBut it won't give you a lot of data about ddos attacks...21:46
pacaI use cacti to spot trends and to give my users an easy-to-use way to look at their traffic.  I use RTG for data used for billing, or more exact data over time.21:47
pacaAre you tracking info to your servers?21:47
pacaIf that's the case, then you will want to keep some firewall logs and parse those somehow.  I'm not real sure what is available for that...21:48
pacaMaybe even ntop can help out a bit.21:48
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prologicyeah dunno21:50
prologicpeople love to udp flodd my router :/21:50
pacaWhat kind of router?21:50
prologicP3 box21:51
pacaWith iptables or something?21:51
prologiccrux 2.221:51
pacaiptables is pretty fast at stateless operations...  Parse the logs for the offenders and contact your upstream provider and ask them to null route the guys.  Ussually if they have enough information about the offenders, they can do a lot if they have time.21:52
pacaOtherwise drop traffic from those IPs right off the bat.21:53
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prologicthat's what I'm doing :)21:56
pacaSometimes you get lucky and one of the offending machines can be examined and the culprits found.  About a year ago we shut down a botnet because they were using a server we had colocated.21:58
pacaA customer's server rather, not one of ours.21:58
prologicyeah well I'd like to shutdown every bloody botnet there is22:00
prologicthey're such a pain :/22:00
pacaThose guys were like "How did you find this channel?"22:01
HanHow did you miss it?22:02
pacaHan: how do you mean?22:03
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