IRC Logs for #crux Thursday, 2006-06-08

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cptnprologic: you around?00:31
prologicwhat's up ?00:34
prologicjust about to head off to training00:35
cptnI just saw that romster "commits" to contrib00:35
artur_tcan anybody from devs change link of russian community from to
cptndirectly in your svn00:35
cptndo you think that's appropriate?00:35
cptnartur_t: just submit a bug report, someone will eventually do it I'm sure00:35
artur_tcptn, ok00:36
prologiccptn, to be honest I never really thought of that, if it is inappropiate then I apologise and his ports will have to be desynced00:37
Romsteryes i do on some ports :)00:37
Romsteron the svn no i thought its only when prologic check outs subversion00:37
Romsterto the httpup00:38
cptnRomster: well, I have 12 ports which list you as maintainer in /usr/ports/contrib00:38
cptnprologic: well, the other day he mentioned "I'll be in contrib soon"00:38
Romsteryes as there in prologic's httpup00:39
cptnand I just though "Oh, someone should tell him that it's an opt-in" thing00:39
Romsteris there any problem with that?00:39
cptnRomster: yeah, you're supposed to apply for contrib00:39
cptnand then the current maintainers decide whether you'll be accepted or not00:40
Romsteri'm under prologic though... so that still aplies to me? no one has ever informed me this.00:40
prologiccptn, my apologies, it would appears I've bended the rules/guidelines :/ in which case his ports will have to be desynced and he'll have to apply to be a contrib maintainer00:40
cptnprologic: it's not that this is necessarily needed00:41
cptnI just think it might have been a good idea to notify crux-devel00:41
cptnof the new "face"00:41
Romsteri have good intentions and the ports work, i maintain them too00:41
cptnprologic: so maybe you can do that; there's no need to desync them, but just inform the others involved00:42
prologicI"ll vouch for his workmanshi[p anyways :)00:42
prologicsorry about the mess!00:42
cptnno problem, just seemed slightly wierd :-)00:43
prologicalso it would appear you don't like $Id$ or # vim: tags, so I'll probably remove them from all my ports soon00:43
prologiccptn, yeah00:43
prologicit kinda all just happened00:43
cptnwell, $Id:$ might make sense if you set the svn property :-)00:44
Romsteryeah ok so what do i do or will you inform them about me ?00:44
Romsteroh and i've followed the gideline on pre/post install scripts should be able to be ran multiple of times, i've yet to see anyone else abide by that guideline/rule yet :) so i'll send a e-mail to that mailing list?00:44
prologiccptn, I do :)00:45
prologicI've missed a few tags in the past though :/00:45
Romsteronly vim tag i use is to tell vim its a sh script but then again it could be set in the vim config file to tell it that all Pkgfile's are bash scripts.00:50
RomsterI dunno how to subscribe to CRUX-Devel and CRUX-Contrib looks liek i only see crux list but i'm on that now00:51
Romsteroh btw there is a newer version of flex :) i'm on the newer one and its fine also gcc4.1.100:53
Romsterok i gotta go out for awhile todo a repair on electrical gear00:53
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richi_autcan someone explain me, what the --install-scripts option for prt-get does?02:24
vertah_it's not in the man page?02:24
richi_autin the man page there stands: runs pre and post install script, but what does that mean?02:24
vertah_that's strange02:24
vertah_well, if theres a file called pre-install, it will run that first02:25
vertah_reversed for the latter02:25
richi_autyes, but what's the difference between prt-get depinst xorg and prt-get depinst --install-scrips xorg?02:25
richi_autare then only the scripts executed, without installing the package?02:26
cptndepinst doesn't run the scripts02:26
cptndepinst --install-scripts runs the scripts and installs the package02:27
richi_autaha, thanks, so i schould look, what happens in this scripts...02:28
richi_autbut the packages xorg depends on are installed?02:28
richi_autotherwise xorg couldn't be built, i think.02:29
cptnwell, that's what "depinst" does, right?02:29
cptnnstall ports and their dependencies02:29
richi_autthanks, i think, now i got it ;902:30
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troptropanyone know how to get sound ? i installed my alsa driver using the env command everything look fine but when i mobprobe it i get FATAL: Module snd_via82xx not found.02:33
cptnusing the env command?02:33
troptropin the readme02:34
cptnmmmh, did you run 'depmod' after installation?02:34
troptropenv ALSA_CARDS="via82xx" pkgmk -d -if02:34
cptnthat just builds the package02:34
troptropwhat you do after ?02:35
cptnread the manual :-)02:35
cptnyou have to pkgadd it02:35
cptnpkgmk just builds a package file, and you then pkgadd that to install it02:35
cptnor just use the command as listed in the README02:35
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troptrop-i is not for install ?02:36
cptn-i is install, -if is "ignore footprint"02:37
cptn-h prints the help02:37
troptropah ok02:37
cptnpkgmk -i will just run pkgadd for you though02:38
cptnnothing more :-)02:38
richi_autctpn: sorry for bothering you, tody, but i got one last question: does --install-scripts run the scripts of all packages, the package depends on, too?02:39
richi_autdody -> doday02:39
cptnyes, it'll run them for all packages it installs02:39
tilmani suggest to enable RunScripts in prt-get.conf :P02:40
cptnso it won't run them for all dependencies, but just for those which aren't installed before02:40
richi_autok, thanks, i'll try out, in the evening.02:41
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cptnwe'll never know whether troptrop has sound now02:54
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pitilloanyone can let me a hand with a port? I made a symbolic link but the app need a config file that resides in the "to" directory and when launching the app dont find the config file. Anyone can see or test it?
cptncd $PKG/usr/bin; ln -s ../share/$name/$ $
cptnerr, wait03:06
cptn(cd $PKG/usr/bin; ln -s ../share/$name/$ $
cptn^ missing before03:06
pitillodidn?t find the config file again... it tries to find it at /usr/bin where is placed the symbolic link03:09
cptnwell, maybe you have to patch $ then?03:10
pitilloummmm I dont know cptn sorry. I?read the pl to see if I can patch it. Thanks for spend a bit of time with this :)03:11
pitillowell.. I understand it :)03:12
pitillothanks. I?ll try to make it without broken nothing :D03:13
pitillo(time to take a bit)03:14
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Romsterok home but off to table tennis (busy day)03:29
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Romstercptn, done03:58
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pitillocptn, can you take a look to the modification made with sed to patch ? its the same addres04:20
pitillosepen made the patch with sed, thats better that use diff04:20
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tilmanlook, it's an ufo05:12
treach tilman, do you think it contains an illegal alien? :p05:13
bd2UnFinished Object ;-)05:13
tilmantreach: hundreds!05:13
tilmaninvading earth!05:13
mike_kbd2 from outer space05:14
* bd2 sends sleep powermode asm sequence to earth via broadcast ;-)05:14
bd2you're owned05:15
mike_konly m68k owners survived05:15
treachnah, bd2 only knows arm asm, so we are pretty safe. :p05:16
* tilman 's arms fall asleep05:17
* tilman cannot type anymore05:17
treachtilman: You should probably check your computer then.. It speak on the irc. :p05:18
tilmanneural interface etc05:18
treachah. of course.05:18
tilmannew valgrind for the win05:23
tilmanthey say they've improved memchecks performance by 15-30%, but it feels more like 150% :PPP05:23
treachthat sounds nice.. or at least I'm sure it will once you reach the coding proficency needed for having any use for it. :p05:26
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rehabdollthe best thing about buying new computer stuff is the bubble-wrap05:48
treachand the worst is the styrofoam..05:53
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treachbah, no higscore. :/06:37
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jjpkHaha, good one.06:39
jjpk"must have more!!"06:39
Hanwheeeee =)06:48
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nipuLthis is going to be a fun night06:57
nipuLkept putting off converting some vhs taps to dvd, and the guy rang up today and said he's picking them up tomorrow06:57
nipuLi thought i had until the 14th :\06:57
nipuL4 tapes on how they construct offshore rigs06:58
rxioh man i wish i could so be there06:58
rxibut im here drinkin beer so bah :P06:59
nipuLit's exciting stuff06:59
treachheh, rxi, don't you think it sounds cozy to have some beer and watch a few action filled movies about off shore rigs? :D07:00
sepenare ther any plain on crux to divide contrib in subcollection of packages like BSD ports?07:00
rxitreach: yeah thats why i wish i was there :P07:01
treachsepen:  afik "NO"07:01
nipuLthis one is from the 6007:01
sepenI think will be like pkgsrc from NetBSD, too big07:01
treachsepen: however, there has been discussions about implementing some sort of "group-tag" in the port some way or other.07:02
treachwell, pkgsrc contains a lot more ports than crux does.. you don't think the difference in size is in any way related to that..?07:03
sepencontrib flavours07:03
treachfuck no.07:03
treach"Flavours" is what you manage with your own private ports.07:04
sepenyes I find my own solution with pkg_installed ports07:04
sepenbut could be necessary in future no?07:05
treachThat's the clc guys headache, but afaic, I'm fine with keeping obnoxious stuff that requires "flavours" to a lot of ports (e.g gnome) in separate repos, just as it is now.07:07
sepenyeah! taht could be one solution07:07
sepenthat repos should be semi-official07:09
nipuLtime to watch 'Port Bonython' that should be .... good07:17
rxinipuL: pass the popcorn07:19
cptnsepen: do you ever browse /usr/ports?07:20
cptnI mean, do you search for ports via cd & ls?07:20
treachcptn: I think there are such misguided people..07:21
cptnwell, maybe, but usually when this comes up it's another solution without a problem07:22
treachyeah :)07:23
sepencptn, yes of course07:23
cptnsepen: but you know there are tools to help you with that?07:23
cptnsepen: find, grep, prt-get...07:23
sepencptn, I usually use your prt-get07:23
sepenit's works fine07:23
cptnthat's always good to hear :-)07:24
treachso what's the problem then?07:24
sepencptn, Im trying to find how to use a virtual repo with my selected packages07:25
treach"viritual repo".. ugh.. that doesn't sound like a particulary good idea..07:26
sepenI use pkg_installed but how can I use ports -u only for it07:26
rxilol .. a ports/repo debate *settles in for the night with a 6 pack*07:27
cptnpkg_installed is some tool he wrote IIRC07:27
cptnsepen: if you use httpup, that's pretty easy07:27
sepenI trying to write a driver like httpup for that?07:27
cptnwell, isn't this going to be a headache to maintain though?07:28
sepensoor, I can't understand07:28
cptnwell, your custom build repo, the ports in there will probably change07:28
cptnget new dependencies, depend on particular versions07:29
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treachcptn: ok, it had the ring of "I use a bicycle, but how can I use a screwdriver for the same purpose?"07:29
cptnand you'll have to track all this manually07:29
sepentreach, xDD07:29
sepenwhen I write my 'cruxer' I tried to implement and application to search/install/remove ports individually but it crash with depinst07:31
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sepenthanks for your help07:33
cptnI don't think we've helped you yet07:33
cptnbut maybe I'm the misguided one here :-)07:33
treachwell, we (hopefully) discouraged him from his viritual repo idea.. :p07:33
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nipuLonce attributes are implemented 'flavours' should be easy to do08:03
nipuLdepends=(...) # mininale dependencies08:03
nipuLgnomedeps=(...) # deps if you use gnome08:03
cptnthen you just export USE="gnome"08:05
nipuLhey, now there's an idea :D08:05
cptnbefore emerge'ing the package08:05
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nipuLi guess it could also be done with meta ports08:07
nipuLnot really08:08
cptnno, not if a port needs special treatment08:08
jdolan_good morning guys.08:09
nipuLyeah, cant really compile x into y with a metaport08:09
jdolan_how are you nipuL ?08:09
cptnhey jdolan_08:09
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*** ChanServ sets mode: +o jaeger08:09
nipuLbored as batshit08:09
jdolan_hi cptn08:09
jdolan_fruit bats?08:09
jdolan_like from indianna jones?08:09
nipuLconverting vhs tapes on offshore oilrig construction to dvd08:09
jdolan_i dont even know what to say to that.08:10
* jdolan_ points at nipuL and laughs08:10
jaegerdone that, I can attest it's boring as hell08:10
jdolan_sorry i've been less present here in recent weeks.08:10
nipuLplus i'm doing at home instead of work, because the tv card on the multimedia machine is borked08:10
jdolan_is there anything jaeger hasn't done?08:10
jdolan_besides my girlfriend..08:11
jaegera few, I'm sure08:11
jdolan_actually... she still talks about you.  hmmm.08:11
jaegeryour girlfriend, base jumping08:11
* jaeger snickers08:11
jaegerI haven't successfully worked a full day with oracle without thinking bad thoughts about it08:12
nipuL*yawn*, not used to being up this late. i must be turning into an old man08:12
jdolan_that happens.  > 23 or 24..08:12
jdolan_i can't hang like i used to.08:12
jaegerformatting a 400gb drive with ext2 makes baby jesus cry08:13
nipuLno, having a gf does that. if i'm not in bed by 10 she chucks a sad08:13
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jaegerjdolan_: have you done a clean gnome install anywhere since the 2.14.1 branch was released?08:15
jdolan_yea, on all 12 boxes here :)08:16
jdolan_nipuL, yea, they do that..08:16
jaegerwere the panels fubar initially?08:16
jdolan_kelly mozys off to bed at 10:30 and expects me to come to..08:16
jdolan_i'm like "aww but this is the only time i get to have fun" ;)08:16
jdolan_jaeger, no.08:17
jdolan_it went really smoothly actually.08:17
nipuLjaeger: that happened when i tried it08:17
jdolan_i leveled all of these machines for 2.2, and pkgsync'ed gnome 2.14.1 to them.08:17
jaegerok, cool. just wondered, trying to track down a funky problem with the initial defaults08:17
jaegernipuL: did you fix it or live with it?08:17
jaegerjdolan: ok08:17
nipuLi removed everythng and stuck with my rox dekstop08:17
jaegerheh, alright :)08:18
jdolan_jaeger, /home obviously stayed in tact tho (nfs mount)08:18
jdolan_so ..could be a default preferences issue youre seeing?08:18
jaegerjdolan_: right, figured... next question was did they have an older gnome install already?08:18
jaegerin /home, I mean08:18
jdolan_yea.. every one of them.08:18
jaegerok, cool08:18
jdolan_i can create a new user real quick if you want.08:18
jaegerIf you wouldn't mind, I'd appreciate it08:18
jdolan_sure, gimme 5 minutes i'll letcha know.08:19
nipuLwell that was an exciting video08:21
jdolan_top panel is solid gray with nothing on it, bottom panel never shows up.08:23
jdolan_basically unusable :-/08:23
jaegerok, exactly what I was expecting, thanks08:24
jdolan_i hope we don't hire anyone, lol.08:24
jaegerwould you mind testing a command for me and creating a new user again?08:24
jaegeron a machine you can shut down gconfd08:24
jaegeralways a catch, hehe08:24
jdolan_what's the procedure?08:25
jaegergconftool-2 --config-source=`gconftool-2 --get-default-source` --direct --load /usr/etc/gconf/schemas/panel-default-setup.entries08:25
jaegergconfd-2 should not be running when this is executed08:25
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jdolan_okay, i'll try that.  in the meantime, read this:
jdolan_is there any chance this will hose gnome on that box, btw?08:29
jdolan_because i can't afford that :/08:29
jaegerI don't see any way it could... user prefs are supposed to go in ~/.gconf anyway08:29
jaegerthis just installs defaults in the global database08:29
jaegerheh... smooth manager that doesn't even ask questions08:31
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lutin_tristekinda off topic .. but anyone know what i need to play hd trailers with mplayer08:52
jaegerin what format?08:52
deus_exSome people have way too much free time :)09:15
jdolan_jaeger, sorry buddy, i had a customer walk in.09:17
jdolan_employees are here now, i can't really screw with a machine :-/09:17
jaegerI'm testing it on my laptop, too, but the more the merrier09:18
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richi_autI have a laptop with an installed ubuntu, using grub as bootloader. when i want to boot crux i only have to add the following to the menu.lst? :09:32
richi_aut# Booting CRUX09:32
richi_auttitle  CRUX09:32
richi_autkernel (hd0,10)/bzImage root=/dev/hda1109:32
jaegerassuming your partitions are correct that's probably enough09:34
richi_autIm a little bit confused, because I only have one primary partition and hda11 is a extended one. the 10 would be correct, anyway?09:37
rehabdollgive us a "fdisk -l /dev/xxx"09:39
rehabdollyeah, think so09:40
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richi_autcan't find the crux channel. partitionshda10-12 at the moment doesn't exist...09:43
jdolan_i feel so stupid.  i have a bracing issue in a 700 line class, and i can't find it.09:54
jdolan_i'm not familiar enough with vim yet to search it out somehow.09:54
jdolan_could be a semicolon too, i guess.09:54
jdolan_compiler just complains about 'expected }' on last line :|09:55
cptnjust paste it to, and jaeger will look into it09:56
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jdolan_but my intellectual propertiez!!!!09:56
jaegerdoes he know this yet?09:56
cptnyuck = Yes U Can asK me09:56
rehabdollofcourse, such an obvious acronym09:57
jaegereven as retarded as english is, that's a hell of a stretch :P09:57
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jaegerwhy are there 2 public final class ServletInvocations?09:59
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jdolan_somebody kill me.10:00
jdolan_how did that happen?10:00
* jdolan_ heads out for coffee10:01
cptnone Ctrl-A too much probably :-)10:04
cptnor Ctrl-a, rather10:04
j^2hey guys10:09
j^2sup jaeger ?10:10
jaegerfixing jdolan's code, hehe10:10
j^2haha nice :P10:11
jaegerand working on the gnome ports again10:11
j^2time to update?10:12
jaegertracked down that annoying panel issue with clean installs, working on aesthetic fixes and helper scripts now10:12
jaegernot a new release, just cleanup10:12
j^2ah yeah...gotta love the summer clean up ;)10:16
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artur_thm, what is the best ogg vorbis decoder? i want to hear objective opinion.11:41
j^2never use ogg myself11:43
tilmanoggdec is pretty awesome11:44
tilmanbut imo the question is a bit weird11:45
j^2wow....i'm so "not cool" anymore, an old friend of mine used "dust" as a "goodbye" subsitute11:46
j^2wtf? "dust"?11:46
* j^2 get's his beating stick11:46
tilman#crux = mostly european, so you better complain somewhere else maybe?11:46
tilman#ghetto-jiggaz or something :D11:46
j^2always the support tilman, thank you ;)11:47
artur_ttilman: yes, i angree, thx for hint11:47
tilmanj^2: sorry, i really don't want to interrupt your beating rampage!11:49
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mike_kcan anyone suggest fairly fast tabbed terminal for X?13:54
jaegerI'll assume you don't want to install gnome and therefore suggest checking out Terminal13:57
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mike_kjaeger: thanks... it is not in ports? Actually, I've realised that I have all deps for the gnome-terminal installed  ((14:02
*** Brzi has joined #crux14:02
mike_koh, jolupa has it14:02
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mike_khis repo is down, but I see ".sync" in portsdb. what a crime!14:11
jaegeryou can get it directly from the portdb if you like14:12
cptnmike_k: his repo is not synced to contrib though14:13
cptneveryone can have .sync files :-)14:13
tilmanhe was a bad monkey iirc14:13
cptnyou RC14:13
tilman.oO(contrib/mesalib o_O)14:13
cptn.oO(amulebeta 2.0.3)14:14
cptnjaeger: do you get mail from portdb's sync scripts if repos don't sync anymore?14:14
jaegercptn: I haven't seen one in a long time so probably not14:16
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cptnheh, okay14:23
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thrice`anyone else getting weird invalid pointer errors randomly?  I think it's related to glib17:45
thrice`no, post-compiling17:46
thrice`for instance, my gaim won't even start anyone, and just comes up with "invalid pointer"17:46
will[werk]Oh, no.17:46
will[werk]I've had trouble compiling firefox for some reason. And x.17:47
will[werk]But it was on a temp workstation so I didn't care.17:47
thrice`*** glibc detected *** free(): invalid pointer: 0x08203960 ***17:47
thrice`just things like that...nothing more17:47
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prologicyou didn't compile your toolchain yourself did you ?18:09
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*** ChanServ sets mode: +o jaeger18:20
thrice`prologic: nope18:24
thrice`maybe updating glib will help ?18:24
thrice`but no, I haven't touched gcc / glibc18:24
thrice`i don't see how upgrading glib to 2.10.3 would hurt18:26
prologicprolly wouldn't18:26
Hanglib 2.11.1-118:38
Hanuh .2 has been released...18:38
* Han updates18:39
thrice`Han: did that take alot of re-compiling ?18:40
Hanno... check ldd to see why18:40
thrice`I thought glibc 2.4 might18:43
Hansame reply :-)18:47
thrice`running into any issues?18:47
Hanno :-)18:48
thrice`neat :)18:49
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Romsterhrmm new glibc19:31
Romstergoes to rebuild the toolchain again.19:31
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