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pitillogood morning01:05
s_warlockgood morning pitillo01:05
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pitilloany problem related aout installing CRUX 2.2 in a SATA hd with  VIA VT6420 SATA RAID Controller ? May be I?ll work a bit this weekend :D03:44
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pitillothen the best way to know it, is to try it :D04:12
cptnor google it?04:15
cptn"VIA's VT6420 Serial ATA chip  ? fakeraid. libata's "sata_via" driver set provides production-level support a/o 2005-11 (included since kernel v. 2.6.3)."04:16
rxicptn: thats a pretty useful page :)04:17
pitillocptn, I try to find some info about the controller and CRUX. no problem related about. Im sure here there is more knowledge about problems :)04:22
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pitilloI dont want to disturb, sorry. I?ll try to read instead of talk :)04:38
rehabdollyes, damnit.. irc is not for communication!04:40
cptnpitillo: sorry, was away04:49
cptnhowever, there's nothing CRUX specific about HW support04:49
cptnso if the kernel support it, it'll work on CRUX04:49
cptnif it doesn't there's nothing you can do in userspace to get it to work04:49
cptnwell, nothing simple04:49
pitillocptn, thanks. :)04:50
rxicptn: anything happening with multiarch04:55
cptnrxi: not that I'd know of04:56
rxiso its still pretty much grounded?04:56
cptnI guess you could call it that way04:58
cptnso far, there's just no one working it04:58
rxippc have an alpha 2.2 release04:59
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cptnwas there a 2.1 PPC?05:02
rxiwell it was more of an internal release05:03
cptnkinda reminds me of suse :-)05:05
cptnthe logo and color05:05
rxilol true .. i only seen that .. usually a month or so between visits05:05
treachthe logo?05:05
rxicertainly better looking than the old site05:06
cptntreach: the nested circles, like the eye of the chameleon05:06
treachI agree about the colour and layout, but the similarity with the logo is probably in the eye of the chameleon, err, beholder. :o)05:07
cptnwell, it's more of a "first impression" thing05:08
cptnI agree you wouldn't confuse the two, but it could as well be a redesign of the suse artwort, right?05:08
treachyeah. But you are right. "Suse" was my first thought as well.05:08
rxiwhy cant crux have a cool logo too :P05:09
cptnthe baby fox is our logo ;-)05:10
treachbecause logos is a way of marketing your self. And we are not the extrovert kind of people, right?05:10
rxitreach: i thought europeans were extroverted/exhibitonists :P05:10
treachbesides, is it really worth it? Who really cares, and is it worth even the most remote risk of getting into more legalese bullshit?05:11
rxinot really but think of the money we could make in the off chance someone infringes on the logo :P05:12
cptnI think the penguin on the second picture would look fine05:12
cptnor maybe "READ THE HANDBOOK"05:13
treachcptn: I fear we would be another "krita".05:13
cptnaka krayon?05:14
cptndon't follow the KDE scene closely enough, I fear05:14
rxicptn: the penguin is the kinda logo that represents our attitude to n00bs/new commers :P05:14
rxiin the second frame^05:14
treachor whatever. I have no idea.. I think they were originally known as Killustator, and have had to change name a number of time since then.05:15
treachalso, it *seems* to me our firefox port is in some aspects questionable as well, if you take that legal bullshit to it's extreme.. :/05:16
treachbut, hey, IANAL, so what do I know. :)05:17
cptnwell, maybe the one on the ISO05:19
treachyeah. since any other version isn't distributed as such.05:20
cptnnot sure about the port, since we're not actually shipping it05:20
treachbut in a sense that's splitting hairs.05:20
cptnalthough we might need to call the port firefox_tm05:20
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treachcptn: there is a name for it already.. :D
treachno problem.05:23
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jaeger if any gnome people are interested08:15
treachfor javacoders -> :p08:21
jaegerthe hell?08:21
ningotreach: I used that once.08:22
treachirssi under cover. :p08:22
ningoget's annoying after some time08:22
jaegermakes my head hurt just looking at the screenshot, hehe08:22
treachI can imagine.08:22
jaegerthis seems to be the GNOME group's answer to spotlight, or similar at least08:24
rxijaeger: lol .. i tried to click on the links in the xgl wiki :P08:26
jaegerrxi: in the screenshot? :)08:27
jaegerI've done that before, hehe08:27
jaegeralways feels smart08:27
rxihehe yeah08:27
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bd2 that is funny09:42
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j^2hey all10:15
ningobd2: oh, they _did_ fix it finally10:15
treachtalk about bone-headed..10:16
ningobd2: I thought that whole thing was trying to catch up with duke nukem10:16
mike_kwould it be rude if  I'll '.sync' pcmciautils for contrib? It is supposed to appear in opt...10:20
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mike_kanyway, iproute is there so... hope, more people will test it there10:26
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tilmanyes, it's rude to duplicate ports from core/opt in contrib10:30
tilmanwith or without changing the name10:31
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tilmansepen: i think your cube port is missing cube.sh10:32
mike_ktilman: I mean iptables and pcmciautils are still not a part of core/opt and I want them to be more tested before inclusion...10:42
jdolan_tilman, yea, it is.  you have to cd to the gamedir and run the binary.10:45
mike_ktilman: so, am I wrong?10:55
rehabdollgood luck tilman :)10:55
rehabdollkickoff time!10:56
tilmanmike_k: i guess that's fine (i assume you don't mean iptables but iproute :)10:56
sepentilman, mmm thanks Im goint to10:56
tilmanrehabdoll: with cube?10:56
tilmani just remembered that the r300 driver doesn't implement some feature that's used by cube, so it prolly won't run that well10:57
rehabdollgeez, what kind of german are you? :)10:57
rehabdollworld cup damnit!10:57
tilmankick off10:57
treacha german without any interest in football apparently. ;D10:58
mike_ktilman: yep, blame me10:59
sepentilman, what's the exact error message from cube10:59
treach"Germany-Costarica 0-1"11:00
tilmansepen: Pkgfile says there's, but there's not!11:00
sepenSpain out at quarter-finals11:00
sepentilman, =======> Building '/usr/ports/sepen/cube/cube#2005_08_29-1.pkg.tar.gz' succeeded.11:01
treachI was talking about the error message from "the cube" :p11:01
tilmanevery day this week, i've woken up to the news guy in the radio talking about michael ballack's wounding11:02
tilman(captain/super star of the german team or something)11:02
rxilol .. im glad i dont live in germany for the next month11:02
jaegersepen: =======> ERROR: Source file '' not found (can not be downloaded, URL not specified).11:02
tilmanjaeger: thanks :)11:02
tilmansepen: you need to add it to the repo :)11:03
sepen# ls11:03
sepenPkgfile  cube.sh11:03
tilmanPkgfile says: "" without an url11:03
sepenplease, update port11:03
tilmanso it assumes that it's included in the port11:03
sepenyes it's included11:04
jaegerUpdating collection cube11:04
jaeger Checkout: cube/.footprint11:04
jaeger Checkout: cube/.md5sum11:04
jaeger Checkout: cube/.sync11:04
jaeger Checkout: cube/Pkgfile11:04
jaegerFinished successfully11:04
jaegerregen your httpup repo11:04
tilman doesn't list cube.sh11:04
tilmanso httpup doesn't download it11:05
sepenmmm I need to remove before my REPO11:05
sepengive me a minute11:05
tilmanno worries11:06
tilmangermany goaled :p11:07
sepenI find the problem11:07
sepenmy http-repgen-ignore its wrong11:07
jaegerah ha11:08
sepen# cat REPO | grep 'cube'11:08
sepenwell, and what I need for contribute with this kind of my ports to contrib repo?11:10
tilmansend a mail to the contrib master saying "add me pls, kthxbye"11:11
tilmani think there's a guide on somewhere11:11
sepensimply a mail11:11 ?11:12
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sepenNo such list clc-contrib11:16
tilmanthat's the new list for contrib11:16
tilmani'll fix the wiki11:17
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predatorfreakjaeger: Hi.11:33
predatorfreakQuite night....11:41
predatorfreakWell day.11:41
jaegerat the moment, yeah11:42
predatorfreakjaeger: Maybe we should invite the local Harley club to spice things up? :P11:43
jaegerI don't know much about Harleys, I'm not sure I could contribute :)11:43
sepenjaeger, send a mail to clc-contrib@harley.nu11:44
predatorfreakjaeger: We could just invite Judas Priest or something.11:45
j^2well i'm actually watching ##world-cup-2006 right now11:46
predatorfreak##for-the-swarm :P11:47
predatorfreakBest entertainment in the world is Starcraft :P11:48
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mike_kerr, what port contains a tool to choose gtk theme?12:22
sepenmike_k, also gtk-theme-switch12:32
sepenand gtk-theme-switch2 (from ogg repo)12:33
mike_kit is good to have a choice12:36
tilmanvim ~/.gtkrc-2.012:40
tilmangtk-theme-name = "foobarbaz"12:40
sepeninclude "/usr/share/themes/Clearlooks-DeepSky/gtk-2.0/gtkrc"12:44
tilmansetting gtk-theme-name is obviously easier :P12:47
mike_ktilman: somehow gtk-theme-name did not work... some sort of rehash needed.12:48
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tilmanmike_k: the refresh is always needed, no matter _HOW_ you touch ~/.gtkrc-2.012:53
tilmanrun that to refresh all gtk apps12:54
mike_kdamn... gtk-chtheme is all I need12:55
mike_ktilman: thanks12:55
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lutin_tristehmm sorry for the newbish question but how do i make linux use my .bashrc evertime i login ?15:43
jaegerlutin_triste: check for the "INVOCATION" section in the bash manpage, it explains which files get run when you start a shell15:44
lutin_tristeyea when i type bash he use it15:51
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lutin_tristehow can i make crux start bash as bash and not sh so my .bashrc work ?16:13
RyoSchange the user to use bash my default..?16:15
lutin_tristeahh im a poor excuse for a human16:16
RyoSwe all are16:16
RyoSman usermod16:16
jjpkbash is linked to sh, there should be no reason to change it unless you use a completely different shell.16:17
tilmanlutin_triste: ln -s .bashrc .bash_profile16:18
tilmannot sure how much of an evil hack that is, but i've used it for ages and never had problems16:18
jaeger@seen j^216:18
clbjaeger: j^2 was last seen in #crux 4 hours, 31 minutes, and 57 seconds ago: <j^2>
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Hanlrwxrwxrwx 1 root root    9 jun  9 23:27 /bin/sh -> /bin/mksh16:28
Hanjjpk, sh is a link to bash, most of the time.16:28
deus_exjaeger: I've just sent you diff for glib update.16:42
deus_exSomehow, that doesn't sound right...16:44
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* deus_ex pumps up the volume(trance mix on radio)16:48
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will[werk]Is there a libldap package? For some reason, I seem to have lost it. /usr/sbin/cupsd: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory17:39
will[werk]I did a sysup.17:39
deus_exwill[werk]: prt-get fsearch
will[werk]Yeah, did that, and libldap. Nothing.17:46
will[werk]The only thing I found is openldap, and that's installed already.17:46
will[werk]Hmm.. looks like openldap was upgraded. /usr/lib/
jaegerwill[werk]: this is one of those times when revdep is helpful, will tell you what needs rebuilding17:48
jaegeryou can rebuild cups against the new ldap17:48
will[werk]ah. What is revdep?17:49
jaegerit's a script that checks your reverse dependencies17:50
will[werk]Ah, I'll look into that. THanks.17:50
jaegerwell, sorta. anyway, it's perfect for finding out what's broken when libs change17:50
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deus_exI use binstats for that, as well.17:53
will[werk]Wow, must be pretty extensive. It takes a while.17:54
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nipuLrip crux64? :(20:24
nipuLdoes this mean arch support is on the horizon or dan just got too busy20:24
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RomsternipuL, *shrugs* but i'll be on a amd64 later so if noone has a crux64 versiob i might be tempted to redo the livecd22:18
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Romsteroff to work i go :/22:46
hermitI have found that on my new 2.2 system updated to vim7, my colors in vim are all off from what they normally are22:53
kensaiI think those are upstream changes22:55
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hermitupstream ?22:58
hermitI have vim 7 on other boxes without this22:59
hermitand also, I am using the same colorscheme file from my other box..22:59
hermitthat's the wierd thing22:59
hermitAnd it isn't a matter of xterm font colors because I ssh into another box from that same terminal and run vim and the colors are correct.22:59
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