IRC Logs for #crux Saturday, 2006-06-10

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jdolancan you believe this shit?
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rxihey jay08:43
jdolanhi rxi08:43
rxiwassup :)08:44
aonjdolan: you clearly need to set that to resolved: "Bought adipex."08:45
jdolanugh, so frustrating.08:46
mike_kwe ve got the same on trac08:46
jdolanreally? same bozos or another one?08:46
mike_kwhy do they expect free software users to fillow that shit08:46
mike_kjdolan: the same08:47
jdolani know it..08:47
jdolanit'd be great if someone started an project to DDoS them :)08:47
jdolanspam our sites, we'll flood yours.08:47
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mike_koh just meditate instead08:48
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jjpkjdolan: annoying spam indeed.09:05
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mike_kstrip creates some files(for example stJ4vNPb), containing actual *.a, fails stripping them, and all that garbage is packed with pkg... anybody saw that?11:31
mike_kduring pkgmk11:31
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tilmancongrats, weirdos :P11:48
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lutin_tristehello.. i have a question, which fonts should i choose in rc.conf to have accent in console ?12:11
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jaeger@seen j^212:36
clbjaeger: j^2 was last seen in #crux 1 day, 0 hours, 49 minutes, and 56 seconds ago: <j^2>
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j^2hey where do i find ctype-uca? it failed building mysql19:45
Hanon google?19:49
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j^2f00ck i got it19:56
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jaegerauuugh, j^2 logs on while I'm not home20:41
jaegerjdolan: what's up?20:41
jdolannothin peaches, hows your weekend?20:41
jaegergoing well except for the migraine I had today. yours?20:41
rxilol .. peaches thats cute :P20:41
jaegerjay's all about cute20:43
jaegerhe's a red-head, they have chronic cute obsessions :)20:43
jaegertried out ubuntu's latest release on an extra box, really slick these days20:44
thrice`ubuntu is?20:44
rxihave they got hppa support yet?20:44
jaegerrxi: no idea20:44
jaegerthrice`: debian-based distro20:45
thrice`jaeger: no no...I knew that :)  you mean ubuntu is slick?20:45
thrice`too bad it's still ubuntu :\20:46
* jaeger shrugs20:46
jaegerI'll try just about any distro at least for a bit20:46
thrice`i never liked .deb personally20:46
jaegerwhy, if I may ask?20:47
thrice`I was too lazy to figure out how to make my own, other than checkinstall20:47
thrice`well, I tried a little bit, and nothing stuck I never digged much deeper20:47
jaegerI never tried to make my own debian packages20:48
jaegermade tons of RPMs years ago20:48
thrice`I've never used an rpm-based distro, actually20:48
jaegerI used red hat for years on my desktops, still do on servers (for oracle support)20:49
thrice`well, we've got a few boxes up at school, actually20:50
thrice`they are replacing old suns with RHEL, I believe20:50
jaegerever search google for your own name? I find a lot of old postings to red hat's mailing lists if I look for mine :)20:50
jaegerand some of the stuff I posted amazes me now20:51
thrice`good, or bad20:51
jaegersome of both but I knew way less then than now :)20:52
thrice`ubuntu just released a version, didn't they ?20:54
thrice`it is always neat to try those things out to see how far linux is being pushed / progressed21:02
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jdolani definitely like ubuntu.21:11
jdolanfor my girlfriend's computer, and other machines i never want to touch.21:11
jdolanjaeger, weekend's okay so far :)  getting behind on sleep, tho.21:12
jaegerI know the feeling21:12
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jdolanlast night i added zlib compression as an extension to Quetoo's network protocol.  maintains backwards compatibility with older clients, just gives quetoo players some more bandwidth to play with on quetoo servers.21:14
jdolanneedless to say i got to bed really late :/21:15
jdolanman i just ordered a pizza..21:16
jdolanit came to $15 and change.  wtf?21:16
jaegerthat'll teach you!21:17
rxiatleast they deliver to you!21:20
jaegerI spent about $50 on 2 pizzas in london if that makes you feel any better21:21
rxilol .. they would want to be very good pizzas21:22
predatorfreakjaeger: Rob them back! :P21:22
jaegerthey were some of the best I'd ever had21:22
rxihehe .. i hope that included a blowjob for that price :P21:24
jaegerour waiter wasn't female enough for my tastes21:25
jaegeralso had the best thai food I've ever had in london21:25
rxilol .. would have been cheaper to fly to thailand :P21:26
jaegerwell, I didn't go for the food :)21:26
rxilol .. free "massage" when you order food ;)21:26
predatorfreakrxi: Let's hope you don't get a male waiter ;)21:27
predatorfreakrxi: or go to Brighton, for that matter :)21:27
rxipredatorfreak: hehe .. dont mind ladyboys ;)21:27
predatorfreakrxi: Oh, in the case go to France :)21:28
rxilol .. ladyboys are from asia21:29
predatorfreakrxi: They're starting to invade France.21:29
predatorfreakand it's cheaper going to France :P21:29
predatorfreakPlus less Communism.21:29
rxinot for me it isnt21:29
predatorfreakrxi: Well, still less Communism ;)21:30
rxithailand is like 5hrs flight .. france is on the otherside of the world21:30
jdolan$25/pizza.. good lord.21:30
jdolanjaeger, did we get room service in stockholm?21:31
jdolanor just that ppv harry potter..21:31
jaegerdon't think so21:31
jaegerwatched the movie, yeah21:31
jdolanthat entire hotel was staffed by hotties.21:31
jaegerthis is no lie21:31
jaegerI wanted to pack the receptionist up in my suitcase21:31
jdolanomg yea..21:32
jdolanshe was gorgeous.21:32
jaegerI'd havve left all my other crap there21:32
thrice`for one of the cruxcons?21:32
jdolanand the accent.. oof.21:32
jaegerthrice`: aye, 200421:32
predatorfreakjaeger: Yes, but when you come back to the U.S. customs will go "WTF?"21:32
jaegerI'd find a way, man21:33
jaegershe was that hot21:33
predatorfreakjaeger: Mind control?21:33
* jaeger writes that down for future reference21:33
jaegergood call21:33
jaegershe was really nice and helpful, too, showed us where to go shopping and stuff21:35
rxilol .. maybe she wanted you too :P21:35
predatorfreakjaeger: Personally I'd just get someone I know there to show me around and then invade his house :P21:35
predatorfreakRather than try to hit on the receptionist and get her to show me around :)21:36
predatorfreakjaeger: But, by all means, go for it :P21:36
predatorfreakjaeger: Also, when the police find out you illegally immigrated a women from the U.K, I had nothing to do with it :)21:37
jaegersome of the women in the UK scared me21:38
jaegerbut not nearly so much as those in my own country21:38
jaegerbesides, I think they're more laid-back about that in sweden, they have more hotties to share21:38
predatorfreakjaeger: Heheheh, some of the people in GENERAL from the U.K. scare me :P21:38
jaegerthat said, though, we did get Per to show us around :)21:39
jaegerand we invaded his apartment for a short time21:39
predatorfreakjaeger: Yay! Home invasion!21:39
predatorfreakjaeger: I'll bring my Shermen tanks and such :)21:40
predatorfreak-men +man21:40
predatorfreakjaeger: I'm almost afraid to enter "Dr. Strangelove" into any P2P software....21:41
jaegerit's a classic21:41
predatorfreakI get the feeling I'd get tranny porn and such.21:41
jaegerdunno, never searched for it21:42
predatorfreakAlthough I demand more seeds for this torrent, The day the earth stood still.21:42
jaegergreat movie :)21:43
predatorfreakjaeger: So I hear, if only I could get the entire thing :(21:43
jdolanfirst bite of my damn $15 pizza21:44
predatorfreakjdolan: I'll bring the shotgun.21:44
predatorfreakjaeger: If nothing else I got the "restored" version of Metropolis.21:44
predatorfreakAlthough it's sad that we've probably lost a quarter of the original.21:45
jdolanthx buddy21:45
* predatorfreak hands jdolan a shotgun.21:45
* jaeger fires up hl2 ep121:46
* predatorfreak fires up Starcraft :)21:46
predatorfreakjaeger: Zerg Rush!!!21:46
thrice`jaeger: is that an addon?21:48
jaegeryeah, episodic content21:48
* jdolan recalls that jaeger has a thing for trying exotic pizzas when on vacation21:49
predatorfreakjaeger: I'm too lazy to get milked for it, plus I have things I want more that cost less ;)21:49
jaegerjdolan: eh?21:49
jaegerpredatorfreak: well, $14.99 isn't breaking the bank21:50
predatorfreakjaeger: I'm more in love with music I can turn into Ogg Vorbis files than I am with Alyx or Gordon :P21:50
jdolanjaeger, you were raving about the pizza at the prudential center in boston :)21:54
jaegerah, that's right. it was quite good21:55
* predatorfreak plays "Don't Copy That Floppy!" and laughs, then proceeds to copy a floppy (Yes, he still has a floppy drive)21:55
predatorfreakI thought it was important enough to have a floppy drive when I bought this PC in 2004 :(21:58
jaegerI've still got one or two around just in case22:05
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predatorfreakjaeger: Want to trade some illegal floppies? :P22:07
jaegergot plenty, thanks :P22:07
predatorfreakjaeger: Well I could always load them up with DOS viruses :P22:09
thrice`hey jaeger, does your ftp disc just download all of the latest core/opt stuff, or does a source need to be specified?22:09
jaegerA source needs to be specified, it provides a default22:11
thrice`and that'll nab current pkg's eh?  very slick idea :)22:12
thrice`I think arch has something like that22:12
* predatorfreak buys jaeger a mandatory ticket to Thailand :P22:13
thrice`what is the default, jaeger ?22:13
predatorfreakjaeger: Enjoy :P22:13
jaegerpredatorfreak: heh22:13
jaegerthrice`: it downloads a package list from the ftp/http site and installs those22:14
jaegerthrice`: the default is, I think22:14
thrice`oh, I didn't think that housed updated packages22:16
jaegerit's updated when I update it :)22:18
thrice`wow...very nice job22:19
thrice`that's awesome22:19
jaegerthanks :)22:20
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thrice`hm...what abotu having the net-inst option available on the official iso?22:35
jaegerit may be, sometime in the future22:36
thrice`it'd be nice, I think.  It's a pain having to install 2.2 a couple months after released, and wait a night fof sysup to finish :)22:36
jaegerwell, that's exactly why the updated CD was made, the netinst is a side-effect22:38
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