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raywtfcan anyone help me out w/ quik and an oldworld machine and linux ?00:23
j^2raywtf: explain00:32
raywtfthank the good lord00:32
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rxiwtf indeed00:33
raywtfdamn that00:33
raywtfas i was gonna say00:33
raywtfi installed debian00:33
raywtfvia a convoluted process00:33
raywtfusing bootx00:33
raywtfand a spare IDE drive00:33
raywtf(the installer wouldnt see my CD drive)00:34
raywtfoldworld PPC00:34
raywtfbiege G3 tower00:34
j^2dude. you are sooooo in the wrong room00:34
raywtfoh ?00:34
j^2i attempted myseldf00:34
raywtfi was so hopeful00:34
j^2and i nuked the machine hardcore00:34
raywtfj^2, should i continue ?00:34
rxiisnt g3 newworld?00:34
raywtfnot the beiege00:35
raywtfthe blue& white is00:35
raywtfhere's a question00:35
raywtfthat may be screwing me00:35
rxiprobably the only place you will get cruxppc related answers00:35
raywtfwhen i partition00:35
raywtfand i use one of my drives00:36
j^2rxi: that forum is ok...but not 100%00:36
raywtfit doesnt automatically assign the main partition as "/"00:36
raywtfit just says00:36
raywtf"dont use this partition"00:36
raywtfthats... wrong.. isnt it ?00:36
rxij^2: yeah but better than what you;d get from here :)00:36
raywtfperphaps debianppc or ppclinux00:36
raywtfbut no one's in those chans00:37
j^2dont use this partition?00:37
raywtfone sec00:37
raywtfi'm in it now00:37
raywtfi have freaking 4 macs in this room00:37
raywtfall from different generations00:37
rxiraywtf: you are trying to install cruxppc right?00:38
raywtfdebian actually00:38
raywtfbut that's not my problem00:38
rxiwell i dont see how we could help you00:39
raywtfcause it's a bootloader problem00:40
raywtfi figured it'd be general00:40
raywtfand the site on the bootloader told me to come here00:40
j^2openfirmware is evil00:40
raywtfyea, rather, damn cat00:41
raywtfi dunno00:41
raywtfit's better than BIOS00:41
raywtfcorrection tho, BROKEN openfirmware, like on the oldworld powermacs is evil00:41
raywtfthe newer versions are much more flexible than BIOS00:42
raywtfthat's why everyone's moving over to EFI eventually00:42
raywtfEFI will basically be like an evolution of BIOS and openfirmware00:42
raywtffrom what i understand00:42
j^2sorry man, i wish i'd could help you more, but when ever i've installed debian on a ppc, (a couple times) it's always hand held me the whole way00:43
j^2never really had to debug it00:43
raywtflucky basterd00:44
raywtfthats part of the reason i was using debain ironically00:44
j^2try ubuntu00:46
j^2or redhat00:46
j^2or hell, *bsd00:46
raywtfit's the damn bootloader00:46
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raywtfnow, THAT would be funny, considering it barely runs OSX00:46
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clarehi folks, where can I find out about USB audio - thinking about speakers for laptop (Logitech V20, need drivers?)01:45 doesnt have any info on them?01:46
claredidn't think to try that, tried kernel drivers. but I did read that :Standard USB audio driver should work, but couldn;t find that.01:47
rxiahh .. would probably help if you could find the chipset01:49
Hanugh usb audio01:53
HanI tried it, and it's too easy to fail under load01:54
rxiits a good idea in theory tho01:54
clarerxi;  realtekALC202, with standard intel AC'97, also I have now found that xmms has a lugin to convert output to S/PDIF.01:54
clareI started thinking to try to get an S/PDIF speaker because I have that as an output from the sound sytem. But on furhther looking01:55
clarenot only is it hard to get any sort of speaker for that except big boxes with "BASS", but the doc on the chip seems to say the frequency reponse01:56
clareis not as good as ordinary analog. Its main purpose seems to be to simplify the connections for a home theatre.01:57
HanI tried improving my sound-setup and ended up with sticking with my old emu10k1 card01:57
clarethe usb has the advantage that no extra power supply is needed - more portable.01:57
rxiprobably just as easy to go with some good unpowered philips01:58
clareHan; thanks, but this is a laptop, and a mini at that.01:58
clarerxi: can the laptop drive an unpowered speaker? THat never occurred to me.01:59
HanI'd use a second system for the audio then.01:59
rxiclare: yeah .. they arent really loud tho01:59
clarehan; You are making a lot of sense. I could easily set up another machine and buy it a good soundcard.02:00
claremy collection of boxes all have very bad onboard sound.02:00
rxiholy shit thats a long url sorry02:00
HanNow try get your hands on a emu10k1 card. :-\02:01
rxiHan: plenty of audigy 2's out there for next to nothing02:01
clarerxi; yes :) I  tried it but it only went as far ias Consumer products selelct your language. I will go after what I think it is saying.02:04
rxithere last model range was like $7002:05
clarerxi: it then went to a cute pair of sort of half balls about 50 mm diameter, 8 ohm; I will see if that will match.02:06
rxiyeah thats the one i tried to link to02:06
mike_kanyone saw segfolting "strip --strip-debug some.a" ?02:12
clareI find that the realtek ALC202 can drive 8 ohm with 60 mW,  It is *many* years since I knew what RMS power ratings mean.02:12
clareHan; thanks I will probably do that anyway, but keep looking for something a bit more portable. I use this laptop a lot.02:14
Hansure, just brainstorming along02:14
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marotilman: wee :)12:24
maro(git man pages)12:25
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RyoSwhat is wrong there? ^^12:29
RyoSguess i need gcc3 ^^12:47
aoncould be12:47
aonor a gcc4 patch for that software12:48
RyoSi will install gcc3 for it12:48
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_poohhello guys!17:38
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thrice`jaeger: when building gaim, can firefox replace nss ?19:39
thrice`Han: fyi, your OOo source seems to be bad19:39
HanWhat about it?19:44
HanYou know I like good bug-reports :P19:44
thrice`just doesn't contain the source, from what I can tell19:45
thrice`the source in /opt works fine, however19:45
thrice`Han: sorry, I was in CLi, and didn't do more than swap them out after the one in your Pkgfile refused to download; sorry for not having anythign else19:46
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thrice`Han: unless it was just me19:59
hermitelinks is tabbed, that's handy20:05
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Hanworks fine here...20:13
HanIt's a dutch mirror btw20:13
thrice`odd :-\20:14
HanJust download the tarball manually from another mirror.20:14
thrice`=======> ERROR: Downloading '\_LinuxIntel_install.tar.gz' failed.20:14
thrice`yeah, that's what I ended up doing20:14
Hanoh I got it :-)20:15
Hanreplace $version\ with ${version}20:15
Hansyncing with my repo now; thanks for reporting.20:16
Hanfixed similar problems as well.20:19
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thrice`cool, gaim built against the firefox binary :)20:49
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Han pkginfo -o firefox |grep include || echo 'wtf are you talking about?'20:56
thrice`binary sure is quick to install :)20:58
Hanyup :-)20:58
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thrice`er...stratch that.  gaim isn't happy21:13
HanWhat about it?21:21
HanYou know I like good bug-reports :P21:21
thrice`I tried to compile it with firefox instead of nss, but the MSN protocol didn't like that21:22
* Han prefers bitlbee21:23
HanWorks with good oll' OpenSSL21:23
thrice`doesn't nss as well?21:23
Handunno, I never use gaim21:24
Hanerrr yes bitlbee also works with nss21:24
HanNot that I ever got _that_ working. ;-)21:25
thrice`ooh, you use amsn eh?21:25
HanNo bitlbee. :P21:25
thrice`hm...i've never heard of that21:27
thrice`i thought you meant you used that in place of nss21:27
* nipuL also uses bitlbee21:28
HanYou don't even have to install it =)21:28
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RomsterHan, your tidy port should have cvs on the depends line :)23:57

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