IRC Logs for #crux Monday, 2006-06-12

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HanRomster, trivial04:04
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prologicwhat was ?04:20
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Romster[14:57:22] <Romster> Han, your tidy port should have cvs on the depends line :)07:03
Romster[19:04:41] <Han> Romster, trivial07:03
Romsterya trival but it caused it to fail doing a depinst tidy :)07:04
Romsterback from darts07:04
Romsteronyl won the doubles but i threw a 135, 109, 108 this evening.07:05
ningoblog it!07:06
rxiRomster: hehe07:06
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Romsternar i get bored of blogs07:07
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richi_autHi, is there a possibility of changin the default keyboard layout of ma xserver without having a xorg.conf file?08:25
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pitillorichi_aut, in /etc/rc.conf08:33
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richi_autpitillo: and whitch variable? KEYMAP? I've already set that to de-latin1-nodeadkeys, but xorg ignores it...08:39
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sepenrichi_aut, visit /usr/share/kbd for keymaps and set it your keymap08:41
pitilloummm setxkbmap may be?08:43
richi_autsepen: on the console I got the right keymap, but not on my xserver08:44
richi_autpitillo: thank you, on this computer (ubuntu) it doesn't work, but I will try at home.08:48
jjpk/usr/share/kbd applies only to the console btw.08:49
sepenfreebsd has 'kbdmap' utility08:50
sepenwhy kbd port from core hasn't it?08:50
jjpkThat is freebsd, linux uses "loadkeys" for setting the console keymap.08:51
richi_autpitillo: setxkbmap de works.08:53
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j^2hey all09:36
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sepenhi j^209:41
j^2hey sepen09:41
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rxiyay socceroos :)09:46
hermitI concur09:53
hermitThat was the business09:53
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rehabdollcan someone fill me in on what tools to use to monitor cpu temps etc?10:47
rehabdollno x1110:47
rehabdollok, thanks10:48
mike_krehabdoll: in opt10:48
rxitail -f <path/to/proc/file> ?10:48
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artur_thm, simple code: main(void)12:04
artur_t  char *cmd;12:04
artur_t  sprintf(cmd, "ls");12:04
artur_t  printf("%s\n", cmd);12:04
artur_t why it returns SEGV on crux (glibc 2.3.6) and works fine in openbsd 3.9?12:04
tilmanchar cmd[500]; // can put 499 at most in here12:04
tilman499 chars*12:04
artur_tand in the end '\0' char, right?12:06
artur_thm, it works, thx12:07
Hanbecause you didn't malloc12:09
artur_t*what is the max length of command line?12:11
Hanread any ./configure12:12
mike_kchecking the maximum length of command line arguments... 3276812:12
predatorfreakmike_k: I think that's variable depending on the system.12:37
tilmanno shit, that's why configure tests for it12:38
* mike_k gotta dig in ./configure later12:38
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ningoautohell shall burn!13:00
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artur_tthis is only a dream...13:05
j^2stupid us soccer13:06
rehabdollowned :)13:10
j^2so true13:11
j^2so anti-climatic too13:11
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j^2anyone tryed torpark with wine?14:10
Romsterwhats that?14:14
Romsternot related to tor by any chance14:14
j^2a tor+firefox system14:14
Romsterhmm interesting, you do knwo i got a tor port :)14:16
j^2and thank you sooo much14:17
j^2it has the actual router in there too right?14:17
Romstergot it to now run out of root14:17
j^2i'm not infront of a cruxbox right now14:17
Romstereverything in that port for tor14:17
Romsteri updated it some hours ago14:17
Romsteri'm quite happy with denyhosts too it blocks baddies from my ssh14:18
Romsterhrmm never knew about torpark its basicly newbied version for users to use14:20
Romstertor + privoxy is all you need14:20
j^2and it's windows based too, so you can use it at work :P14:20
j^2i'm gonna set up a tor router in the near future14:21
Romsterwell there is already a install package for tor, privoxy, vidalia14:22
Romsterin fact i'm over tor here :P14:22
Romsteryeah the other one i'm watching is i2p.net14:22
mike_kjaeger: can you update calmav to 0.88.2?14:23
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* Romster been prt-get edit <package>ing all evening hehe14:24
Romsterrebuilding a tool chain on one of my boxes atm14:25
Romsterthis be the second one i've ever done :)14:25
Romsterj^2, by tor router just use that tor port and edit the /etc/tor/torrc file :)14:26
Romsterthen restart it14:26
j^2nice thanks ;)14:27
Romsteryou canpoint any number of hidden services or be just a router or middleman router14:27
RomsterI should prolly do the reame a bit better14:27
* j^2 hands jdolan_ a towl14:35
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Romster* j^2 hands jdolan_ a towl < that14:38
Romsterand the line above it14:38
Romsterjust read it14:39
Romsteri should be in bed but no silly me has to be doing stuff on my computers lol14:39
Romsterhrmm coffee would go good about now :)14:41
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artur_thm, did anybody from channel use lcrux one or more times?14:57
Romsternegative, hrmm think i tryed it once but didn't work for me14:57
Romsterwas a long time ago14:57
artur_tRomster: do you remember what was a problem? kernel?15:00
Romstersad part i si saw the crux64 isn't worked on anymore, and i'm gonna get a amd64 system later on so i dunno what will happen then, i might have to build my own iso so i can install stuff15:00
Romsteryeah it didn't boot for me15:01
Romsteryet the crux-2.1 worked15:01
Romsterso i ended up booting on that then getting ent working15:01
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Romsterthe new one uses udev i think. so it shouldn't be a problem now15:02
Romsteri notice the crux 2.2 cd upgrade breaks openssh :/15:05
Romsterand makes some other werid glitches here and there, untill ya do a force recompile of the system15:06
artur_tRomster: have you any  coments about lcrux structure and/or packages list?15:09
artur_tis the using of official ISO packages list (+/- few ports) the best variant?15:12
Romsteri haven't looked at it for ages so i can't really comemnt on that15:14
Romsteri find the i586 and i686 iso's are all i ever need15:14
Romsterand crux64 later when i get a 64 bit cpu15:15
Romsteri'm gonna sleep for awhile15:19
j^2night man15:32
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sepenjaeger, I found this at win32 port16:15
sepenConnecting to||:80... connected.16:15
sepenHTTP request sent, awaiting response... 404 Not Found16:15
sepen23:15:56 ERROR 404: Not Found.16:15
sepen=======> ERROR: Downloading '' failed.16:15
sepenthis README is the only file hosted now16:16
jaegerupdate your ports, that's an old mirror16:33
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marowow, new mplayer16:51
marowhat's next? hurd 1.0?16:51
* Han rebuilds mplayer from cvs16:53
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Hanugh, they switched to svn.16:55
jjpkDidn't expect mplayer to do that yet, they seemed so trenched in cvs that it would never change.16:57
jaegerwhere do you see a new release?16:57
jaegerah, I see only some of the mirrors have 1.0pre817:01
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hwebHrmhrm, not long ago I got a link to a webpage from someone here, it was some palce with nice little makefiles for me to make my own livecd :)18:32
hwebAnyone know wich one it was, I prommise I'll bookmark this time :)18:32
hwebOr even better, is there any guides on how to make one :)18:35
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thrice`jaeger: fyi, new win32 (20060611) and mplayer (pre8) build fine with a version bump (no gcc4 patch needed either)18:58
jaegeraye, I've built them at work18:59
thrice`ah, ok :)18:59
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thrice`er, nevermind19:00
thrice`it didnt' like the mplayer.conf cp19:00
jaegerdid you remove it from the source array?19:02
thrice`hah...indeed.  But it is sitting in the DIR19:02
jaegerbut it won't be copied to $SRC if it's not in the array19:02
thrice`oooh, ok.  didn't know that19:03
thrice`thanks :)19:03
hwebIf anything comes to mind, give me a PM :) Nighty guys19:04
jdolansomeone should port that.19:37
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nipuLjdolan: i tried that a while ago, it's pretty buggy19:42
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thrice`er...tcl won't build21:01
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ahmrahtcheerhowdy y'all.  I'm switching from Slack to CRUX, have everything working in Slack (w/2.4.32 kernel).  Everything works in CRUX except sound.  Have you heard of any issues in 2.6.15 w/the snd_cmipci module?21:22
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ahmrahtcheeralsaconfig recognizes the existence of the card, loads module, but i get the "make sure your soundcard is configured properly" msg in beep & audacious21:23
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thrice`are you a member of the audio group?21:23
ahmrahtcheerno, i'm not21:24
thrice`groupadd audio, then add yourself to it21:24
ahmrahtcheerahhhhh, DOH!21:24
hackedheadwhooooa, ahm, long time no see21:25
ahmrahtcheerno joke, dewd!  where you been???21:25
hackedheadhere mostly, lapse outta irc a lot during the school year though21:26
hackedheaddropped outta #dsl when i started using crux full time21:26
ahmrahtcheerstill isn't working21:30
thrice`did you log out / in?21:31
ahmrahtcheernope...again, DOH!  i'm refereeing a 12 round bout between kids...21:32
ahmrahtcheerkinda makes it hard to concentrate on linux issues.21:32
thrice`that should help21:32
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ahmrahtcheerstill no joy21:37
ahmrahtcheerlsmod shows the module is loaded, lshw verifies that it's the correct module, i'm in audio group, relogged in...21:38
thrice`alsamixer shows things as un-muted?21:39
ahmrahtcheeri get this error box when i try to play an .mp3:21:43
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ahmrahtcheersorry..our twice daily earthlink dump21:44
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