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Romsteranyone using NCQ support on silicon sata controlers?
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j^2hey guys10:27
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mike_kjaeger: can you be so kind to update clamav in spare time, if you have one?10:35
jaegerI've got it updated, will commit it as soon as I've tested it10:39
mike_kok, thanks10:39
mike_kbtw, is there any chance to get basic smtp auth in sendmail without sasl?10:40
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shiningI just installed crux, because of jdolan :d11:08
drbomhe forced you to install it? :)11:08
shiningI'm trying to get a clue about its package/port management11:09
shiningwell, no, but he made me curious11:09
drbomlog in as root and do ports -u11:09
jjpkshining: the crux handbook gives you a pretty good start about the ports system.11:09
drbomor you mean how to build packages/ports?11:09
shiningactually, I'm used to arch, but I've never tried crux before, so it was weird11:09
shiningyep I'm reading the handbook11:09
drbomi don't like arch cuz of it's "obsciruty"11:10
shiningalso prt-get manpage because it seems nicer :d11:10
drbomcrux is more straightforward11:10
drbomheh :)11:10
drbomcrux rulz11:10
jjpkah, since you previously used arch, crux will not be that difficult to grasp.11:10
shininghm prt-get quickstart actually first11:11 will just need to build your own kernels now and not use those ready-made ones :)11:11
shiningI did that11:12
drbomoh, sorry then :)11:12
drbomjjpk: did you substitute your sysklogd with syslog-ng?11:12
drbomhmm, substitute for i thin11:12
shiningon arch, I generally started with the default kernel pkg, then eventually build mine. Though this time, I was still using arch default kernel, I upgraded, and since then I didn't manage to boot11:13
jjpkI have not touched the system logger.11:13
drbomjjpk: ok, thanks11:13
shiningarch guys are playing with init stuff, looking to make an initrd replacement, but it broke my box. The fact that I used sata + software raid don't help though11:14
drbomis initrd in arch's init scripts?11:17
shiningthe default kernel uses it, so it must be somewhere11:18
drbombut isn't it a package that's loaded at boot throuht LILO?11:19
drbomi always thought it worked that way11:19
shininghm yes, you have to tell your bootloader to use an image11:23
shiningbut you need tools for building this initrd image11:23
drbomthere is "initrd" package in arch11:24
shiningsome arch guys are developping such tools, which allow you to build a custom image11:24
drbomplus a .conf that you use to add or subtract modules you want to load at boot-time11:24
shiningthere is mkinitrd : A tool to create the initrd image11:24
drbomyea yea, sorry, it's mkinitrd11:24
drbomstill, i wonder why did they make it that way11:25
drbomit was crux that forced me to learn to build my own kernel11:25
drbomin arch it's more like fighting with the system to let you build your own kernel11:26
shininghmm well, not really11:26
jjpkIt just seems Arch caters to a wider audience.11:27
shiningit's totally straightforward to build your own kernel, and it doesn't conflict with the rest11:27
shiningI had this feeling with other distribs though :)11:27
drbomok, maybe i'm exaggerating a little :P11:27
drbomtalking about distros is like talking about cars - yours is always the better one :)11:28
drbomjjpk: it is more widespread for sure11:29
shiningreally? I've always the feeling to have the worst one11:29
drbomshinning: really? hmm... that breaks my theory then :P11:29
shiningand besides, most ppl don't own a distrib, they just use it11:30
drbomlet's not go into details ;)11:31
shiningsometimes without liking it. (though on this one, I guess the same could apply to cars) :d11:31
drbomguess i'm in the minority then ;)11:32
drbomtell me please, which logger does stock arch use? sysklogd, syslog-ng?11:32
drbomor this metalog or sth like that11:32
shiningsyslog-ng I think11:33
drbomyup, you're right11:35
drbomit's in current base11:35
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shining- Completely new database format, similar to FreeBSD11:51
shiningerm, that's why fbsd is also so slow11:51
drbomumm.. what? :)11:53
shininghow are information about packages (both installed and not installed) stored in crux?11:53
drbompkginfo -i11:54
drbomthat gives you the list of installed packages11:54
shiningseems that /var/lib/pkg/db has the name, the version, and the files of each installed packages11:54
shiningyep, right11:54
shiningI guess pkginfo -i just reads this file, so it's very fast11:55
drbomand for example, prt-get depends (name) checks whether a port is available from those you dl'ed11:55
drbomyup, i think so11:55
shiningha yep, that's nice11:56
shiningthough, where does it look for this information?11:56
drbomno idea :)11:57
drbomi th=maybe it's guessing :)11:57
drbommaybe it's guessing :)*11:58
shininghm, seems it look at every files in /usr/ports/11:58
drbomthere are only ports in /usr/ports11:59
drbomand it checks packages, not ports11:59
sepenalso pkg_installed: /usr/bin/pkg_installed /usr/man/man1/pkg_installed.1.gz12:02
sepenit creates one dir with symlinks to installed ports12:03
sependrbom, I have a tool for search the entirely crux portdb without using web browser
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shining modprobe nvidia13:06
shiningFATAL: Module nvidia not found.13:06
shiningbut it's there : /lib/modules/
mike_kdepmod -a13:07
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shiningoh right, thanks :p I forgot about that13:08
shininganother stupid question13:08
shiningwhere do I add modules to be autoloaded?13:08
shiningI would need my ethernet driver, usbhid and nvidia there13:09
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shiningmy first attempt to use an unofficial port isn't a success14:07
shiningdoes this script even looks like a crux one? :
shiningIt's very easy to make a working one.. I don't understand14:07
shiningor maybe something changed in crux14:08
jjpkThat script you point in the link is just a control file that goes to /etc/rc.d/14:09
shiningI don't have /etc/rc.d/functions14:09
jjpkMeaning you can make it start when the computer starts if you define it in /etc/rc.conf14:10
jjpkHmm. I don't have a functions there either.14:10
jjpkI found the file, seems it is part of baselayout in the heidi repository.14:13
jjpkI would not install it though.14:13
shiningha ok, weird. well me neither :d14:15
shiningnah, I just fixed the script instead. I was looking for an explanation and you provided it, so thanks :)14:16
Romsterodd bash script at that14:21
shiningyou mean, why is it bash instead of sh (I wondered that too), or the script itself is weird?14:32
jjpkbash = sh in most linux distributions.14:33
shininghm right, another thing I forgot :)14:36
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nipuLmmm, avocado and vegemite on toast for breakfast18:15
thrice`jaeger: fyi, win32 codecs were upped with mplayer to 2006061118:18
jaegeraye... I've had a bit of weird behavior from them so far, though, so they're not up yet18:21
thrice`oh, I see.  I missed it the first time, so I didn't know if you had as well18:21
thrice`I haven't tested it too much, however18:21
jaegerI didn't mention the codecs but yeah18:22
thrice`mm...I just got my "renew my lisence, you're almost 21 letter"  :)18:43
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nipuLsh parameter substitution... foo=bar, bar=1. how to make the eqvivalent of ${$foo} work?20:02
nipuLany ideas?20:02
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nipuLfigured out one way, eval echo \$$foo20:12
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nipuLah, indirect parameters..that's much nicer20:27
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nipuLeval foo=\$$bar20:29
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thrice`jaeger: around?20:56
thrice`when trying to build gnome, it gets stuck at scrollkeeper, with:21:01
thrice`checking for DocBook XML DTD... configure: error: not found. Make sure you have the DocBook DTD installed and ensure that it is registered in /etc/xml/catalog.21:01
thrice`though /etc/xml/catalog defintely exists21:07
thrice`and the post-install ran fine21:10
jaegerfixed that at work, forgot to commit it21:11
thrice`ooh :)21:12
jaegerthe configure looks for versions 4.3, 4.2, and 4.1.2, 4.4 is the current21:12
thrice`any quick fix?21:13
jaegerchange the patch to say 4.4 instead of 4.321:14
thrice`the scrollkeeper patch?21:15
thrice`you mean just add 4.4 to that for loop?21:16
thrice`huh...still doesn't like it21:18
thrice`+       for vers in 4.4 4.3 4.2 4.1.2; do21:18
jaegerhrmm... the docbook-xml-dtd post-install may still be broken21:21
jaegerI emailed cptn about it but I think he's gone temporarily21:21
thrice`i'm trying to find something else, but not much is turning up21:27
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thrice`jaeger: do you have an /etc/xml/catalog that works properly in building this?21:28
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thrice`do you think I could perhaps obtain this from you?21:32
thrice`unless it's inconvenient21:32
jaegerjust need to fix the docbook-xml-dtd post-install21:35
jaegeror go change 4.3 to 4.4 in your /etc/xml/catalog21:36
thrice`hah...I did that, but forgot to run the actual post-install afterwards21:38
thrice`one of the days, I guess21:38
thrice`thanks again jaeger21:39
jaegerah :)21:39
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thrice`jaeger: you recommend running dbus before hald, correct (in rc.conf) ?23:17
thrice`alright, just wanted to be sure :)23:18
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