IRC Logs for #crux Wednesday, 2006-06-14

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prologic$ graveman02:11
prologic*** glibc detected *** double free or corruption (out): 0x08182d20 ***02:11
prologicwtf ? :)02:11
prologicI'm hoping this is just a bug with graveman02:11
nipuLit's a known bug02:20
nipuLoh sweet, mplayer 1.0pre802:21
nipuLheh, that's quite a changelog02:22
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richi_autanyone knows how to change the X11r7 keyboardlayout from commandline (without a configuration file)? in which package is the command setxkbmap?02:39
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pitillorichi_aut, xkbcomp  or setxkbcomp. I dont remember if anyone told you that.05:35
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richi_autpitillo: you told me it would be setxkbmap, but somehow i don't have this programm, and couldn't find any package containing it...05:59
Romsterdoes anyone know where is located for apache, in the config files?06:01
Romsteror is it compiled at compile time in apache. i could just symlink to but i'd like to do a proper fix not a messy workaround06:03
pitillorichi_aut, and what about setxkbcomp? do you have it?06:04
sepenrichi_aut, $ pkginfo -o xkbcomp06:05
sepenPackage  File06:05
sepenx11      etc/X11/xkb/xkbcomp06:05
sepenx11      usr/X11R6/bin/xkbcomp06:05
sepenx11      usr/X11R6/man/man1/xkbcomp.1x.gz06:05
pitillosepen, ummm he?s trying to do with  x11R706:06
sepenpitillo, no06:06
sepenrichi_aut, $ pkginfo -o setxkbmap06:06
sepenPackage  File06:06
sepenx11      usr/X11R6/bin/setxkbmap06:06
sepenx11      usr/X11R6/man/man1/setxkbmap.1x.gz06:06
sepenyou should have it06:06
pitillosepen, he asks this: anyone knows how to change the X11r7 keyboardlayout... I have no experiencie with xorg7. I thougth in xkbcomp or setxkbcomp06:07
sepenhe should find it!06:08
rxiw00t .. n00b fight!06:08
sepencruxer -ds setxkb06:09
sepen   x11r7      xorg-setxkbmap06:09
sepenrichi_aut, you have to install xorg-setxkbmap form x11r7 repo06:10
sepenthat's easy to do06:10
sepenrichi_aut, also you can find cruxer util at
Romsterhmm recompiling apach should fid the new lib, me thinks06:12
sepenRomster, fix?06:13
sepenrxi, iuuuju! xDD bobo06:14
Romsteri'm in crappy typing mode, heh06:14
sepenrxi, knows the answer for you06:14
rxisepen: wtf bro?06:15
sepenyes sobre todo06:16
sepensorry TODO06:16
richi_autpitillo, sepen: thanky for you advices. xorg-setxkbmap is a very good idea ;) , I'll try that at home. sorry for overlooking that.06:21
richi_autwas afk for a moment...06:21
pitillothanks to rxi ... xD06:22
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sepenrxi, thanks06:33
rxialright .. im going over here now06:35
Romsterhmm don't supose anyone ahs made a script to see what packages area ffected by a spefic lib?06:42
rxiRomster: ?06:42
sepenRomster, try with pkginfo options06:43
Romsteri updated expat and em now in the process of using prt-get deptree <port> to see what ports i have to update06:43
rxiyou want to know what apps are compiled against a specifc lib?06:43
Romsterhmm i'll try k06:43
Romsteryeah :)06:43
Romsterwas thinking of writing a bash script but I thought i'd ask first :)06:44
Romsterso i can just do a force rebuild on the affected ports06:44
rxihehe .. id imagine it would have to process either depends() or the footprint06:45
Romsterprt-get deptree, looks good to use06:45
Romsterdepends hmm might be easier06:45
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Romsterthough it dosn't say that other ports in the list are affected, but it would if i went through the whole pkginfo -i06:46
Romsterhrmm *brain storming*06:47
rxiprt-get dependent <lib> ?06:47
Romsteroh nice06:48
Romsterthanks rxi, i over looked that06:48
Romstersaved me making a silly bash script :)06:48
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Romsterfunny hwo it liss expat as a dependent of itself.06:49
Romsterack got to retrain my typing style06:49
RomsterI'm suprised i haven't broken this linux box, considering I've updated core parts.06:51
Romsterslocate 3.1 was a nice pain todo as it had changed so much, but it appears to be working good06:51
Romsterglibc-4.0, gcc-4.1.106:52
rxislocate is nasty :)06:52
Romsterheh hwo come there is find aswell :)06:53
jjpkI use find, slocate is not my cup of tea by any means.06:53
rxiRomster: cos find doesnt rely on a database06:54
jjpkBesides, you can accomplish the same by having a cron of find create a file list every so often.06:54
rxislocate needs to be updated everytime a file changed06:54
jjpkrxi: yeah indeed, that is why I do not like slocate.06:54
Romsteri tend to use slocate first if no good then i use find06:54
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Romsteryeah i'm aware of how slocate works06:55
rxiRomster: find -iname <string> / :P06:55
Romstermeh makes slocate redundent..06:55
rxithats the whole point :)06:56
Romsterand i spend a few minutes messing with the Pkgfile heh, oh well06:58
jjpkThe point is that you choose what suits you best.06:58
Romsterya get the defaults then ya tweek to what ya want. I like how crux works :)07:00
Romsteri've already changed a few things around07:00
Romsterthat gives me an idea of a bash file that'll list all the stuff one uses and put it on a site so others can gain ideas from it, I make too many ideas :D07:01
shiningI also wondered why "prt-get dependent pkg" always list the pkg itself07:01
Romsteryeah seems odd but it does depends on itself07:01
Romsterthough i'd think that should be supressed07:02
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rxiukraine ftw07:52
mike_krxi: urghhh07:54
* mike_k has no tv to watch the match (07:55
rxiill give you an update :)07:56
* shining has no tv and is glad :)07:57
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ningomike_k: watch the ascii-wm then08:02
copworktoo many connections :)  .. try later08:03
mike_kningo: I'd better break DVB stream our users are listening to switch on football08:03
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rximike_k: spain just scored08:13
rximike_k: its only the 13th minute .. plenty of time to beat down the spanards :)08:14
sependon't worry rxi08:15
sepenthe second one is going to became08:15
rxigrr .. yellow card08:16
sepenrxi, the second one08:17
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sepenbenne benne red p0wa!!08:46
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rxinooo penatly09:03
sepenvilla meta-crack09:04
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rxigod damn ukraine are having  bad game09:37
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sepen<rxi> mike_k: its only the 13th minute .. plenty of time to beat down the spanards :)09:49
sepenjust nice!09:49
mike_kah, anyway I do not really like soccer09:50
sepenbut Im spaniard xD09:50
sepenyes bobo09:57
shininghey, me I hate soccer09:59
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rehabdollit's called "football" :)10:17
jjpkthe "proper" football. :p10:18
j^2heeelllll no10:18
j^2it's soccer and football is football10:18
rehabdollfootball is that american version of rugby, right?10:19
sepenin spain 'futbol'10:19
rehabdollTHEY USE THEIR HANDS10:19
j^2fuck no10:19
j^2it's a amazing game of ches10:19
jjpkrehabdoll: not to mention the ridiculous amount of padding.10:19
shininganyway, it's all the same kind of shitty sport10:19
j^2because you litterally smack into each other over and over, ruby you run, in football it's really hard to run10:20
sependiff -ruN football soccer ?10:20
jaegerrugby also has some more interesting rules like no forward passing10:21
shiningsepen: lol, nice one10:21
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j^2jaeger: you went to OU!..... careful you might get shot for something like that :P10:30
jaegerthere are more than enough rabid football fans around without me, they'll manage :P10:31
j^2hahah touche'10:32
j^2UT is still cooler though :P10:32
jaegeryou just keep thinking that :)10:32
j^2...granted i dont know who our next QB is gonna be10:32
j^2which is f00cking crazy10:33
jaegerI don't even know who OU's current one is10:38
j^2sophmore...that's all i know, he distroyed OU his freshman year10:39
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sepenI have this error trying to compiling 'gtksourceview-sharp':   configure: error: Library requirements (gnome-sharp-2.0 >= 1.9.3) not met13:46
sepenany idea? gnome-sharp isn't ported yet13:47
jaegersounds like the problem to me13:47
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sepenjaeger, should I port gnome-sharp to fix the problem ?14:04
jaegerwell, considering the error message says gnome-sharp is missing, that's probably what you need14:08
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shininghow do I tell prt-get to rebuild a package?14:44
shiningI installed a new kernel and I need to reinstall nvidia14:44
rehabdollgot any tips on how to handle apps that insist on using hardware-mixer/volume control?14:44
shiningand why doesn't xpdf find any fonts? xlsfonts lists many fonts14:50
deus_exshining: prt-get update -fr nvidia14:54
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deus_exAs for xpdf, man xpdfrc, and look at /etc/xpdfrc.14:55
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jjpkI use acrobat reader because it just seems much more robust.15:14
shiningbut it isn't open15:18
Hanit's bloatware15:19
shiningdeus_ex: thanks, worked fine for nvidia, and I'm looking at xpdfrc15:21
jjpkacroread is obscenely bloated, but it does the best job rendering pdf files in my opinion.15:27
shininghm, I've no idea what fonts to choose for xpdf.15:28
shiningI only found a few pfb fonts in /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts/Type1 with very weird name15:28
shiningso I don't know how to map them15:28
shiningwtf, 42M for acroread15:29
deus_exshining: read the xpdfrc, it's very well commented.15:29
shiningwell, I think I did15:30
deus_exYou don't need acroread for most of the pdf's you'll come across.15:30
deus_exshining: You think you did?15:31
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shininghow can I know if c0648bt_.pfb is Times-Roman or Times-Italic or15:31
deus_exshining: You don't need to know, just install ghostscript, and xpdf will use its fonts.15:32
deus_exAutomagically, almost :-)15:33
shiningha, I thought about installing ghostscript, but I wasn't sure it would ease the configuration. Thanks a lot15:34
deus_exAlso, you could install x11-fonts-corefonts(M$ fonts) and add that directory to .xpdfrc.15:35
deus_exBTW, copy xpdfrc to your ~/.xpdfrc and edit it there, just in case...15:36
shiningyep, good idea. I wasn't going to do that :d15:36
jorgpis there a way to tell ports to upgrade all15:46
jjpkman prt-get15:49
pitillojorgp, man prt-get ... making a ports update and using prt-get you can do that15:49
jorgpgot it, sysup15:52
jorgpis there an upgrade to gcc 4.1.1?15:53
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pitillojorgp, read the handbook... there is a lot of interesting info that can help you15:55
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shiningI've a problem with time in crux18:18
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shiningI put my timezone in rc.conf18:19
shiningand date shows my timezone : CEST18:19
shiningso it shows the wrong hour (-2)18:20
shiningmaybe it thinks my clock is set to localtime instead of utc?18:20
shiningso it doesn't add the 2 hours for my timezone?18:20
shiningin most distrib, you have the choice between utc and localtime18:21
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jaegerif the timezone is correctly selected, you might only need to set the clock and let it go from there19:47
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jaegerI'll see that and raise you
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