IRC Logs for #crux Thursday, 2006-06-15

nipuLphone rings: hello, can you tell me why my computer is broken?00:07
nipuLprobably, what's broken about it?00:07
nipuLall my icons are gone!00:07
nipuLhmmm, you might have active desktop running, right click on the desktop and you should get a popup menu00:08
nipuL*sigh* ok go into the control panel00:08
nipuL...followed by 2 minutes silence, then he hung up00:08
nipuLa new level of stupidity, almost as fun as trying to explain how to 'right click' over the phone00:09
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pitillogood morning. Nice job with CRUX 2.2 Thanks to all :)01:08
pitilloproblems downloading libid3tag... changed the source line. source=($name-$version.tar.gz01:41
nipuLhere's a tip for not having people in crux hate you, when ports break email the maintainer ;) unless of course they are in here01:58
pitillonipuL, nice tip. Thanks :)02:01
Romsterpoor nipuL, I hate them types, not worth even trying to explain how to do something, infact them types that arn't willing to learn shouldn't be let near a computer!02:11
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pitillois it a good choice to use dl.sourceforge instead of another (for example mars)?. It seems to be better sourceforge. With others there are problems getting files. Ask this before email nobody. :)02:36
Romsteryeah jsut use and in hosts add the colsist mirror02:38
Romsteri'm looking at prozilla and aget, anyone got other good, multisource download programs? ones that can download segmants from multiple servers?02:40
Romsterand can also check hashes if they exist from the site02:40
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prologicQ: what's the scale of priority in nice/renice ?04:20
prologic+0> higher priority ?04:20
copwork-19 ... +19 higher priority04:21
prologicso +19 is highest ?04:21
copwork+19 is lowest04:22
prologicthen I guess these processes are already at highest priority04:22
copworkits the nicest process04:22
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rugeko_O crux64 is dead?05:02
prologicI hardly think so05:02
prologicjust not many people using it05:02
prologicI plan to get an AMD64 dualcore someday soon05:03
rugekso i have to use gentoo??05:04
prologicfine use gentoo05:05
prologicsee how we care :)05:05
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shiningrugek: if the problem is that not many ppl use it, and you don't use it because of that..05:11
shiningit isn't going to change anytime soon :d05:11
rugeki don't use it because of that05:12
rugeki use it because i want a 64bit crux05:12
prologicafaik the crux64 works just fine05:14
rugeki know05:14
prologicjust because of the lack of users, doesn't mean much05:14
rugekbut now it's unmaintained05:14
prologichmm not sure about that05:15
shiningmaybe you could help maintaining it?05:15
prologicI reckon :)05:15
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pitillojdolan, ping!05:18
rxipitillo: he's probably still asleep05:18
pitillorxi, I hope he reads that ping. I want to aks hima question about a port. Thanks :)05:19
rxihe probably will05:20
shiningpitillo: which one?05:28
pitilloshining, about firefox-java-plugin05:28
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jdolanpitillo, sup?06:48
pitillojdolan, hi, Im trying to install the firefoxz-java-plugin. There isn?t readme. I read the Pkgfile and download the version write there but there is no way to get it installed06:51
pitillojdolan, Im missing something or is there a problem with it?06:51
jdolandid you install j2re?06:54
jdolanall that port does is create or update a symlink.06:54
jdolanit searches for a java runtime environment, either from my j2re or j2sdk port, and links into it.06:55
pitillojdolan, yes I read it. I miss that port. Thanks.06:55
pitillojdolan, , true. sorry.06:55
jdolanno problem =)06:55
jdolanjava is a mess..06:55
jdolanvery complicated to distribute, install, or integrate.06:55
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sepenI sent a mail to crux contrib but I have a rejected RE:mail07:16
sepenYour request to the crux-contrib mailing list07:16
sepen    Posting of your message titled "request for contrib"07:16
sepenhas been rejected by the list moderator.07:16
sepenIm only try to request for contrib07:16
sepenI subscribed to the list: Welcome to the mailing list!07:18
sepenTo post to this list, send your email to:07:18
sepen  crux-contrib@lists.crux.nu07:18
sepenwhat I need?07:19
sepen my subscription seems to be right no?07:29
sepenwhy I can't send messages to list?07:29
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jorgpmorning jaeger08:53
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jorgpjaeger: what version of xorg are you using?09:00
jaeger6.9.0 on this machine09:01
jorgpI followed the xorg 7 howto and on xorg-xproto install fails saying09:01
jorgppkgadd: listed file(s) already installed (use -f to ignore and overwrite)09:01
jorgpprt-get: error while install09:01
jaegeruse 'pkginfo -o file' to see what owns them09:02
jorgpprobably 6.9.009:03
jorgpthe howto said nothing about removing 6.9 first09:04
jorgpits running now09:08
pitillojorgp, I took a look to the howto... and it explains how to remove x11R6...09:08
pitillojorgp, and says that it isn?t a good idea to have both :?09:09
jorgptrue, but I would think that would be at the top, because the install fails without removing x11 first09:09
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pitillojorgp, may be a good idea to read all  the howto before do nothing. (its an opinion)09:11
jorgpyes, probably right09:14
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deus_exWho I need to bribe to port freevo :-) ?09:49
rxii started ages ago .. cbf finishing it09:49
rxiactually someone already did09:49
deus_exrxi: I checked ports db, couldn't find it.09:50
rxithere was one a while back iirv09:50
jaegernot updated but that might help you start09:50
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deus_exjaeger: Marry me.09:50
deus_exjaeger: Thank you.09:52
deus_exThis should be a fun weekend project.09:56
* deus_ex checks out repo 09:57
hackedheaddeus_ex: tell em how it goes, i'm gonna paly with something like this later this summer as well09:59
deus_exhackedhead: OK.10:02
j^2hey all10:04
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shiningsound is really strange. yesterday, at the beginning, it didn't work. then it worked. And now it doesn't work anymore10:33
shininglike if it was muted or something, except that it isn't :p10:33
shiningho nevermind10:34
shiningthere is a weird trigger in alsamixer : Audigy Analog/Digital Output Jack10:34
shiningit used to work in both modes, but now it only works in one10:35
shiningalso, how can you tell if muted is analog and unmuted is digital, or the other way around? that's totally stupid10:35
jjpkOnce you get the volume at the level you want, I recommend you store it.10:42
jjpkalsactl store, then add a line to /etc/rc.local to restore it at boot time.10:43
j^2shining: yep, jjpk says it exactly right10:43
pitillonice, in rc.local... why not in /etc/rc.d/sound ?10:44
j^2pitillo: we all skin cats differently10:45
jjpkI prefer it to just load the volumes, I don't want alsactl to store changes if I have made them.10:46
pitilloj^2, true, but what is the reason to put it in rc.local? I put it in sound because is related to sound, no other reason :) I ask to know if there are some reason, only that10:46
jjpkYou could always create the script yourself if it bothers you that much.10:47
jaegeronly personal preference10:49
pitillook :)10:49
shiningactually, I already had it in rc.local :) it's nice to have this things to put random stuff in10:58
shiningon my laptop, I could also tell it to use the conservative cpufreq governor there10:58
shiningit's true that other distribs generally have scripts for these stuff, but it isn't needed10:59
jjpkCRUX is for those who like to get their hands dirty configuring, not letting the os do it for them. :p10:59
shiningI've no problem with that11:03
shiningbut I think the quality and the number of the ports aren't the best11:03
shiningat first sights, archlinux looks better. and fbsd is far ahead11:04
shiningbut I like crux overall11:08
shiningstill don't know which one I prefer between these 3 though11:08
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shiningthere isn't a standard place for reporting problems with ports?12:21
hackedheademail the maintainer12:25
jaegerbesides the bug tracker or maintainer email?12:25
Hanjjpk, with a bit of sh knowledge you can keep your config very clean, whereas any other distro makes a mess of the config.12:40
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shiningnow it's weird. subversion built just fine on my desktop, but it fails on my laptop13:19
shiningchecking for APR... configure: error: the --with-apr parameter is incorrect. It must specify an install prefix, a build directory, or an apr-config file.13:19
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pitillois a good choice remove $PKG/usr/share/* when making a port?13:23
jaegerdepends on what's there13:23
pitillojaeger, there's a command... but I dont know if its really needed. (I think yes, this is the reason because Im asking)13:25
pitillowell, here is the command ... I think its a good choice to keep it13:26
pitilloummmm I'll finish the port and put a link to the url.13:28
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pitillocan you take a look to this?
j^2looks ok to me13:32
pitillowell, the footprint is this
pitilloforgive a dep xD13:44
pitillowell, bit a bit :)13:48
pitilloSorry if this is a trivial Q: prt-get quickdep how installs the Dependencies? (For example xfce4 need a order to install deps or use quickdep option, this option installs deps in the right order)13:52
pitillos/ order) / order?)13:52
treachhopefully, if the packager has listed them in the correct order.13:55
hackedheadpitillo: prt-get readme xfce4   ... should tell you the correct order for that the xfce suite13:56
hackedheads/that/installing ... (whoops)13:56
pitillotreach, thanks :)13:56
pitillohackedhead, thanks too. I readed it and think about the Q :)13:57
pitillowhat a nice job... brbrbrbr13:59
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shiningwhere are ports built?14:40
tilmanin PKGMK_WORK_DIR14:45
tilman /etc/pkgmk.conf14:45
shiningit's automatically cleaned, right?14:46
shiningho, the package is still built, even in case of footprint mismatch?14:47
tilmana) yes, unless you specify the -kw (keep work) switch14:47
shiningin this case, the following msg is misleading :  ERROR: Building '/usr/ports/opt/ffmpeg/ffmpeg#20050806-1.pkg.tar.gz' failed.14:47
tilmanb) only after the build has finished can you determine whether there's a footprint mismatch14:47
shiningyes, the build has to be done, of course :d14:48
shiningit could still not make the pkg14:48
shininganyway, thanks14:48
tilmanit did make the package14:49
tilmanbuild has been done == pkg has been created14:49
tilmani agree that the error message is a bit ambigious14:49
shininghmm, I thought there was just a little step for making a pkg, that is making an archive of the install dir14:49
tilmanthe point is, a footprint mismatch isn't fatal to the build process14:50
tilman(see the documentation for why)14:51
tilmanso removing the package in case of a footprint mismatch would be silly14:51
shiningyep, indeed. you could still want to install it14:51
shininganother question, what happens when you edit some ports in /usr/ports/ , then run ports -u ?14:53
tilmandepends. usually it will overwrite your changes14:53
tilmanso if you want to make changes and keep them, you better copy them to some other directory14:53
shiningI wonder if I didn't already lose some changes :d well it was only minor stuff14:55
shiningI've many emails to send, I hate mails :p14:55
shiningit would be nice to have some sort of ports tracking, where you could post suggestions and bugs for each ports14:56
tilmanit would be good if you read the crux wiki14:57
tilmanwe do have a bug tracker :)14:57
shiningI know14:57
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cheikhdoes crux have ftp install21:41
predatorfreakYay, new system day.21:43
* predatorfreak dances and slams his new system with a full system recompilation to break her in.21:43
predatorfreakHan: She has to get used to the load, she's going to replace my aging primary server ;)21:45
predatorfreakHan: Plus I like them to work.21:47
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