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Romsteri'm making a port that depends on gettext, and gettext wasn't instaled yet its in core. Whats the rule about not listing core ports on the depends line? Is it ment to be only the ports that are instaled by the cd or does it mean any port in core should not be on the depends line?00:07
predatorfreakRomster: If it's going into contrib.00:08
Romstermost possabilly00:09
predatorfreakThe depend must exist in core/opt/contrib.00:09
Romsterafter i test it00:09
Romsteri remeber reading someware that core ports are not to be lsited on depends00:09
Romsterbut that was awhile ago. ok so i should put it as a depends then its a core lib.00:10
predatorfreakRomster: The reason not to list things in core is because nothing in core should ever be missing.00:12
Romstertrue, but gettext wasn't installed, so _everything_ in core is ment to be installed.00:13
Romsteroh i read your earler msg wrong, the depend exists, if it dosn't i make as many ports as needed to make the program compile and work.00:14
Romsteri have a compile error, if anyone has some time can you have a quick look at
Romsteri have a feeling that version was beta, so i'm trying a version before that00:17
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Romsteroh lovely same error on that version too hrmm.00:25
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pitillogood morning01:20
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Romstergrr this won't compile hrmm01:21
Romsterok a earlier version did compile01:28
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Romsteris there anyway to get pkgmk to use another download engine other than wget?02:11
Romsterwithout having to patch pkgmk?02:12
* mike_k is getting crazy about jk concert in kiev02:13
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pitilloim fighting with dri in CRUX 2.2 I created video group and added my user to it. (needed by udev) I installed mesa3d and freeglut and remake x11. Any tip about why cant open /dev/dri/card0 ?04:21
tilmandrm kernel module loaded?04:24
tilmanpermissions checked?04:24
pitillotilman, permissions are handled by udev (think). Im in the video group. And about modules... may be the problem is there. need to review that. Thanks for the tip.04:25
tilmanrun ls -l /dev/dri/card004:25
pitillothere isn´t card004:26
tilmani prefer to stick the obvious dri stuff in xorg.conf04:26
tilmannon-existance is a strong reason why you can't open it :>04:26
pitillotrue... but its udev work to create it?04:26
tilmanprobably :P04:27
tilmanmodprobe drm && modprobe radeon works for me04:27
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pitilloremade the kernel... hadn´t drm and radeon modules... (my bad, using fglrx)04:32
tilmanfor fglrx it's obviously 'modprobe fglrx'04:32
pitillobut there isn´t card004:32
pitillotilman true.. I was using fglrx. This is the first time I setup radeon driver with CRUX and udev.04:33
tilmanSection "DRI" Mode066604:33
tilmanthat should be \n, not \t04:33
pitillotilman I added the Group in dri section Group 10004:34
pitillogid 100 for users group, and Im in. Need to create the card0...04:37
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pitilloits drm function to create the card0...04:45
pitillothank you tilman  :)04:47
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shiningwhen you change a link in /usr/lib , do you need to run something for the change to have an effect?05:48
mike_kshining: what is the exect command, i can't get your point05:50
mike_ktry "ldconfig"05:50
shiningI tried that05:51
mike_kso what are trying to achieve?05:52
shiningit's normal that only has : /usr/X11R6/lib ?05:52
shiningsh: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory05:53
mike_kI think, others are hardcoded05:53
shiningI've this errors when running an app05:53
shiningthere was only a link in /usr/lib/05:54
shiningso I tried to add a , but it doesn't change anything05:54
shiningso it looks like that now :05:55
shiningls -l /usr/lib/*05:55
shininglrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 10 Jun 16 12:45 /usr/lib/ ->
shininglrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 20 Jun 16 12:45 /usr/lib/ -> ../../lib/
mike_k# ls -l /lib/libdl*05:56
mike_k-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 9944 Apr  8 21:31 /lib/libdl-2.3.6.so05:56
mike_klrwxrwxrwx 1 root root   14 Apr 11 04:19 /lib/ -> libdl-2.3.6.so05:56
shininghmm yes, it's already in /lib too05:57
shiningI thought maybe the app was looking in /usr/lib05:57
shiningso it wanted a there05:58
shiningbut it didnt help05:58
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mike_kan app shurely should search for /lib first06:02
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shiningwell, I don't know then :p06:02
mike_kother way how could it use /lib/
shiningwhat is this lib for ?06:02
mike_kmusthave core libs, kernel modules (lib/modules)06:03
tilmanapps don't search libs06:03
tilmanthe linker (ld) does it06:03
shiningthe app in question is dvdrip, which is a perl script06:04
mike_kis perl himself working?06:05
shiningthe error isn't critical, the app can still run. I just don't like it06:06
mike_ktilman: have you ever saw "strip --strip-debug file.a" segfaulting?06:07
mike_kme too, only one case06:15
mike_khalf of the zabbix_server's ".a" files06:16
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pitilloanyone using e17 port? I installed it with CRUX 2.1 and there isn?t some modules then I install it with e-get help. Works fine the port or should try to port it by another way?07:19
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Romsterthe numbers at the end are the versions of the libeary08:04
shiningI think it's just a problem with dvdrip itself08:05
shiningyep I thought should be in /usr/lib/ , but it already is in /lib08:06
shiningso nothing wrong there08:06
shiningdvdrip is broken..08:08
Hanmike_k, s/shure/sure/08:16
mike_kHan: thanks, sure!08:17
Hanshure is a brand of microphones ;-)08:18
mike_kand Han Solo is a rebel fleet helper =)08:20
HanI knew that already.08:20
nipuLand Solo is a type of softdrink08:23
nipuL"light on the fizz so you can slam it down fast"08:23
rxinipuL: haha08:23
nipuLhuhuh, local humour08:24
HanI didn't know that. :-)08:24
rxinipuL: dont think i want to slam down han tho:P08:24
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rxisup jau08:35
treachjau? why not "sau" when you're at it..?08:35
rxitreach: wtf08:36
treachrxi: don't worry, it's just me being a bit unfamilliar with the keyboard. I haven't used my laptop for a while..08:37
rxitreach: thats what they all say :P08:37
treachdude... I love the keyboard on my tp, but if you are tuned to one of those logitech natural keyboards, it's quite different...08:38
rxihehe yeah .. im just poking fun :P08:39
treachAye, got that. Just pointing out how things are..08:40
rxiive had too much vodka so just ignore me :)08:40
treachand btw, wow.. the serbs seems to get their asses handed to them..08:41
rxiargentina ftw :)08:41
treachWell, the game is 90 min.. but it certainly looks like it. :P08:41
rxihehe.. only australia has come back with 3 goals in the last 8 min :P08:42
Romster<shining> yep I thought should be in /usr/lib/ , but it already is in /lib < edit the port and add to ./configure --libdir=/lib08:42
treach41 min passed, 3-0.. and you weren't playing against argentina. :)08:42
rxitreach: hehe .. but japan is our argentina :P08:43
Romsteri use shure microphones alot :)08:43
rxithey are the top of our conferation08:43
shiningRomster: it's a perl prog, it doesn't use autotools08:43
Romsterand audiotechnica08:43
shiningspeaking about autotools, what do I need to run when there is no ?08:43
Romsterperl itself?08:43
treachnah. I actually like how the japanese team plays, but they are certainly no argentina..08:44
rxitreach: did you see any of the au vs ja game?08:44
rxitreach: hehe .,. there was like 20 million in au watching it too :)08:45
tilmanwho won?08:45
treachok.. what's your local time?08:45
rxitreach: gmt +1008:45
treachrxi: oh, ok I guess that makes it a bit of a nocturnal event. :p08:46
rxitreach: lol .. yeah 1st game starts at 2300 .. last game starts at 0430 :P08:46
treachtilman: the japs had the game, and then they totally fell through at the end of the game.08:46
Romsterperl may need to know where the lib is :) theres no libdir in perls port08:47
* Romster is eating pizza :)08:47
rxiRomster: damn you!08:48
* ningo blogs that Romster is eating pizza08:48
rxibetter not be dominos08:48
treachGary Lineker once said "Football is a game played for 90 minutes, and then the west germans win on penalties." I guess the japanese tend to forget about the 90 min part. :p08:48
tilmanFootball is a simple game; 22 men chase a ball for 90 minutes and at the end, the Germans always win.08:50
* tilman ponders :P08:50
rxilol .. s/German/Brasilians08:50
Romsterwhy everyone else has a diferent defination of football to us aussies i dunno08:51
* deus_ex watches Argentina kicking Serbia/Montenegro ass. 08:51
treachok, ok, I was quoting from memory, my version is the only one I've heard. And germans winning on penalties sounds plausible. :p08:51
rxideus_ex: its half time08:52
rxii can eat more oranges than you!08:52
Romsterlol, and be pissing every 5 minutes too!08:52
deus_exrxi: I'm not very optimistic.08:53
tilmantreach: :)08:53
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* deus_ex pretends he cares about football.08:53
treachlol, you mean "pretends not to care" :p08:53
Romsterdeus_ex, lol true it gets boring for me, car racing anyday..08:54
Romsters/to not/not to/08:54
rxiRomster: lol .. i hope you dont mean f108:54
deus_extreach: No, really.I don't care about football.Never did.08:54
Romsterany type F1 indy500, rallys etc08:54
deus_exAmerican football I like, but this?Nah.08:55
Romstermonster trucks, drag races, i recken the rallys are the most fun to watch08:55
rxiRomster: ahh .. seen a1gp?08:55
treachdeus_ex: I'm just kidding. :908:55
deus_extreach: I know :-)08:55
* treach makes a not to press "shift" properly..08:55
Romsterhrmm not sure there been busy the last few weeks i did see a bit on tv a fe3w days ago08:56
deus_exRomster: MotoGP?08:56
rxiRomster: a1gp is in the off season atm08:56
Romsterhehe, shift is a pain when ya just chatting on irc08:56
Romsterah yeah that be moto gp08:57
deus_exRossi so rules...08:57
rxideus_ex: you know he is gay?08:57
Romsterwell what i saw of it, like the last 45 minutes08:57
deus_exrxi: Rossi?The dottore?No, I didn't know that.08:58
rxideus_ex: yeah08:58
deus_exrxi: Italian gay motoracer.Go figure.09:00
Romsterwhy does everyone always go this and that person is gay, ya don't hear much of this and that person is a lesbeane :D09:01
rxiRomster: guys cant be lesbians :P09:01
deus_exHe is very talented.His sexual preference is not relevant.09:02
Romstertrue, but i don't hear anyone talking about females much :)09:02
Romsterdeus_ex, precisely09:02
* Romster goes to make a coffee09:02
mike_k# ls09:03
mike_k# ls -l09:03
mike_kls: libcr` No such file or directory09:03
mike_ktotal 009:03
deus_exmike_k: WTF?09:03
mike_kthe same question09:03
mike_kbroken fs?09:04
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mike_kdmesg is silent... uff, do not want to run reiserfsck09:05
treachdo you prefer a corrupt fs?09:06
treachnot to rain on anyones parade, but iirc I've had errors like that preceeding diskcrashes.09:08
mike_kI've had some sad moments too... so, backup and fsck09:09
pitillogood weekend to all!09:13
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Romsteri've learned to backup my stuff :)09:17
treachBah. "Real men doesn't take backup. But they often cry." ;)09:18
ningoreal man have their backup in their head09:18
treachOMZ? Is that the 1337 resistance? =)09:19
ningoOh no, my cover's been blown09:21
mike_ktilman: reiserfsck --rebuild-tree fixed that09:26
treach5-0.. Not a good day to be a Serbia-Montenegro fan..09:42
deus_extreach: Serbia-Montenegro doesn't exist anymore.09:44
treachI know. But the team still does.09:44
treachwell. It seems to be disintegrating atm, though.09:45
deus_extreach: 6:009:45
deus_exCan they make it to double digits?09:46
treachUgh.. I hope they don't. That would be truely humiliating.09:47
treachlike, 4 goals against in the remaining, what, 4 min or so.09:47
treach(counting on some extra time.)09:48
deus_extreach: They need a lesson.09:48
treachnope. 1 min. No double digits. :p09:48
treachwell, they got one.09:48
deus_exWell deserved one.09:49
deus_exIt's ironic that sports that we are *good* at(basketball, volleyball)09:50
deus_exget a fraction of funding and attention.09:50
deus_exshining: Serbia.My country, for better or worse.09:51
treachless spectators -> less funding.09:51
deus_extreach: More spectators than football.09:51
shiningI never understood why ppl say we for speaking about some guys practicing some sports in their countries09:51
treachshining: How do you know he doesn't play football or volleyboll or something..? :p09:52
treach(beeing here doesn't constitute evidence. :D )09:52
deus_extreach: Average attendance football:400 viewers.Basketball, volleyball:full house.09:53
treachdeus_ex: Ok, that was a surprise.09:53
shiningthere is still ball in all these09:53
shiningmakes them not very interesting :)09:53
deus_extreach: It was *good* when we kicked USA's ass at World Basketball championship.09:54
deus_exHell, it was fantastic.09:54
treachdeus_ex: here it's the reverse, football, usually ~2-10 k, ice-hockey the same.. basket, volleyball.. 10-300 maybe. :)09:55
deus_exThen Argentina in the finals.World champions.09:55
treach"motivation beats class" :)09:56
mike_ktilman: rebuild helped, but I see one more crapped file appeared... hardly an fs issue.09:57
mike_kseems like hdd is getting crazy09:57
* deus_ex kicks freevo10:01
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j^2hey all10:12
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shiningstill didn't manage to get dvdrip working correctly14:25
* shining needs a noob os where everything works out of the box14:25
shiningany suggestion? :)14:25
shiningit's a bit slow and bloated, but otherwise it's fine14:27
shiningI can't find a perfect one :p14:27
jjpkPerfect does not exist.14:28
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shiningyep, I think I'm realizing the sad reality14:28
will[werk]Perfect does exist. What is perfect to you is not perfect for me. You want perfect, you do it yourself.14:29
shiningthat's right too, nobody has exactly the same needs14:30
will[werk]Technically, Crux is perfect for me. It works exactly the way I want it.14:30
will[werk](Just get an OS up so I can install my server software)14:30
shiningcrux itself is nice, the ports aren't14:30
will[werk]Ports work great for me, actually.14:31
will[werk]Ports have the same concept in terms of being "perfect"14:31
will[werk]crux itself is just Linux. The ports among other things is what makes crux.14:32
jjpkI don't use heavy or very complex programs so it works out just fine for me using crux.14:32
shiningand like freebsd, the priority seems to be compiling ports instead of using package, but unlike freebsd, crux has way many ports, and quality varies a lot14:32
jjpkYou have been talking about "quality" for days now, what do you mean by that?14:33
shiningwill[werk]: that isn't what I meant. the port system itself works nice14:33
will[werk]I don't know what a "quality" port means...14:33
shiningjust working14:33
shiningie building, then running nice14:33
will[werk]They all work for me. Except for footprint mismatches.14:33
rehabdolli take it that you have issues with the way some ports are configured?14:33
rehabdollperhaps gentoo might be something for you then14:33
will[werk]But that's a "checking" thing that can be turned off.14:33
rehabdollwith USE flags14:34
jjpkIn most cases you can ignore the footprint mismatch because they simply are a benchmark, nothing else.14:34
shiningI had some footprints mismastch, and yep I ignored them14:34
rehabdolli usually come across footprint missmatch on some apps, since i dont run X on my crux-box14:34
shiningsome ports relied on down mirror, and I didn't find working one14:34
shiningothers on down cvs server14:35
shiningone didn't build14:35
rehabdollgroff etc. checks for X, but then compiles w/o X support, and then later i get complaints of missing X-tools for groff etc14:35
jjpkI avoid cvs stuff.14:35
shiningone relied on using a baselayout replacement for the crux rc system14:35
jjpkThose are unofficial ports you are talking about.14:35
rehabdolli take it you have had some issues with ports from contrib?14:36
shiningonly the last one14:36
jjpkThey are not sponsored or supported in any way by crux.14:36
shiningjjpk: you're talking about contrib ports, or others ?14:36
jjpkcontrib ports for one are not official.14:36
jjpkonly core and opt are official.14:36
rehabdollI find it easier to just download the tarball and build without ports on some contrib-apps that i use14:36
rehabdollits not that hard to manage a few apps without some sort of package manager14:37
jjpkI usually make my own ports, unless it is something more mainstream like firefox or mutt.14:37
shiningso my only complain is that there are way too few ports in core and opt. otherwise crux would be (nearly) perfect14:37
tilmancvs is the devil14:38
rehabdollthe only thing i can think of missing in opt would probably be dhcpd, but i manage without it14:38
shiningsome projects are only available through cvs or svn14:38
rehabdollbind might be missing also14:38
jjpkrehabdoll: use dnsmasq.14:38
shiningopenal and ffmpeg for example14:38
rehabdolldont remember :(14:38
rehabdolldnsmasq dont do the job14:39
jjpkrehabdoll: if you are just using bind for the local network, then dnsmasq is brilliant.14:39
rehabdollbut im not :)14:39
jjpkNevermind then. :p14:39
tilmanopenal = sick bastards for not releasing stable tarballs14:45
tilmanit's in use for ... close to 5 years or something o_O14:45
tilmanffmpeg = insane by definition (too many mplayer dudes involved)14:45
shiningyep, for openal it's quite weird. for ffmpeg, I don't know. I like mplayer :)14:48
shining(doesn't mean their dev aren't insane)14:48
tilmanme too14:52
jjpkLet's just say they have unorthodox ways of accomplishing goals. :p14:54
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jjpkhey treach.16:53
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