IRC Logs for #crux Saturday, 2006-06-17

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shiningi've a very weird problem running configure for lsdvd05:47
shiningchecking for dvdread/ifo_read.h... no05:47
shiningconfigure: error: Header files for dvdread not found05:47
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shiningI've /usr/include/dvdread/ifo_read.h05:47
tilmanread config.log for details05:47
shiningho I already saw this error, I don't remember where, but it hurts my head05:50
shiningI'm not able to compile anything myself ...05:59
tilmanthat error means lsdvd is broken and needs to be patched05:59
shiningI wonder why this works then :
tilmanthis day is way too nice to spoil it by reading arch linux crap06:01
tilmani guess they patch it, too06:01
tilmanor maybe they use another version of libdvdread06:01
shiningI use the same version of both, and the lsdvd patch is unrelated06:02
tilmanmaybe lsdvd was patched? :)06:04
shiningwhat do you mean?06:05
shiningI'm clueless about how arch guys got that working. gentoo needs a small patch, that will do it06:11, line 1306:12
tilmanput the include stdint in front of the other06:12
tilmanthen run autoreconf06:12
tilmanvoila, should work ;)06:13
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shiningyep, that's what the gentoo patch does06:15
shiningdoes this mean the lsdvd guy didn't even try to build it? Or is it possible that it builds in another environment?06:16
tilmanmaybe libdvdread was changed recently...06:18
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shininghm yep, you're right, last release is recent06:20
shiningworks fine :)06:21
deus_exIf anyone is interested, I've updated freevo and deps.06:28
* prologic uses mythtv :)06:28
prologicdon't think I ever liked freevo06:28
deus_exIt builds and runs, but there is a problem with tvtime.06:28
prologicfreevo has too many deps ;/06:29
deus_exprologic: I don't like mythtv using mysql.06:29
prologicme neither06:30
deus_exCouldn't they use something smaller/less heavyweight?06:30
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prologictehy've been tlaking about it06:30
prologicI'd much rather they use sqlite06:31
deus_exI know that mythtv is powerfull, but still...06:31
prologicthen I'd much rather they didn't use qt3 either :)06:31
deus_exSqlite would be nice.06:31
deus_exInstead of qt3, what?wxgtk?06:31
prologicno it should use plain x11 :)06:32
prologicand if that's not available sdl :)06:32
prologicor a fremabuffer06:32
deus_exGoogle earth uses qt3.06:32
prologicI didn't know there was a linux version of Google earth06:32
deus_exYup.Few days ago, I think.06:33
prologicgot a link ?06:33
deus_exMoment, please.06:33
* deus_ex starts ff06:34
artur_thm, SuSE Enterprise 9/SuSE Linux Pro 9 ...06:36
prologicyou have to buy it ?06:37
artur_tit's only recommended configurations for Google Earth Fusion06:38
deus_exIt's free as in beer.06:39
prologicGoogle Earth is06:40
prologic*phew* :)06:40
deus_exIf you're looking for alternative, check WorldWind.06:42
prologicah huh06:42
deus_exWindows only, for now,Next version should have Linux port.06:43
prologicwindows only :)06:44
deus_exprologic: Are you familiar with python?06:49
prologicgoogleearth is slow ;/06:51
prologicmy graphics card insufficient ?06:51
deus_extvtime plugin in freevo fails to load.Would you check
deus_exbtw, afaik google earth is slow on windows, also.06:53
prologicI'd say directory is None06:54
prologiccheck your config files maybe06:54
prologicor file a bug report06:54
deus_exCould it be a python-2.4 issue?06:55
deus_exFreevo is 2.3 native, updated to 2.4.06:56
deus_exHave fun with google earth :)06:56
prologicI doubt it06:58
prologicstartswith is a methof of a string06:58
prologicbeen around for a while06:58
prologicI'd say the object isn't actually a string06:58
prologicI gave up on goodle earth06:58
prologictoo slow :/06:58
deus_exSo, it's my config, probably.06:59
deus_exEverything else works(movies,pix,music).07:00
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* deus_ex tries mplayer for tv.07:00
prologictry mythtv :)07:01
deus_exThat doesn't work(mplayer).07:02
deus_exprologic: I just might :-)07:02
prologicgood good :)07:02
deus_exIs mythv obscenely hard to configure?07:03
* deus_ex updates ports07:03
prologicno it isn't07:03
prologicquite easy really07:04
prologicI do recommend reading the docs on the mythtv site though07:04
prologicbut prt-get depinst mythtv07:04
prologicthen configure07:04
prologicmostly you just need mythtv-setup07:04
prologicI should update the README :)07:04
deus_exLast time I tried it, I had a problem with mysql.07:05
prologicshouldn't do07:05
deus_exCoudn't figure out how to set it up.07:05
prologicalthough you need to create a mysql account first07:06
deus_exuser/group mysql?07:06
prologica mysql account07:06
prologicie: GRANT ... :)07:06
prologicthen import /usr/share/mythtv/mc.sql07:06
deus_exdatabases make my brain fry.07:07
* prologic updates readme :)07:07
deus_exprologic: your trac-svn port is 40407:09
deus_exFailed to download The requested URL returned error: 40407:09
prologicahh thanks07:11
prologicI'll fix that07:11
prologicobviously didn't finish the damn port :)07:11
prologicdeus_ex, don't you use contrib ?07:11
prologicmythtv is in there :)07:12
deus_exI just wiped out updated freevo repo with ports -u.07:12
prologicoh ouch :)07:13
deus_exDay work down the drain.07:13
deus_exThat'll teeach me to keep backups.07:14
prologicprt-get depinst libtrash07:14
deus_exNah, I like to live dangerously.07:15
jjpkdanger ftw!07:15
deus_exWhere is the fun in recycle bin?07:15
tilmanrecycling it07:16
prologiclibtrash has saved my life many times :)07:16
prologicftw == for the wicked07:16
Romster<deus_ex> I just wiped out updated freevo repo with ports -u. < i did that b4 so now i got a seperate dir, for modifyed ports :)07:16
prologicI think :)07:16
tilmanfor the WIN07:16
prologicoh ok :)07:16
jjpkprologic: correction, for the win!!111eleven!1107:16
Romsterlibtrash md5 sum is off07:17
* Romster goes to install libtrash07:17
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jjpkIt cold mean what you said, but it does not have the same type of idiosyncrasy.07:17
Romsteri should have that just in case too07:17
deus_exRomster: I do, too.But, I updated them in place(/usr/ports/freevo), and 'forgot' to copy them07:18
deus_exbefore ports -u.07:18
Romstermy stuff gets a cron job at 8pm07:19
deus_exGood thinking.07:19
* Romster updates the ports again07:19
Romsterbtw if anyone is interested i modifyed pkgutils to use proz, prt-get info proz07:20
Romsteri got a patch if anyone wants to try it, it works on my system.07:20
Romsterlol no07:21
deus_exAny has a port for porn-get yet?07:21
tilmanbloody porn-addicted aussies07:21
tilmanno proz07:21
Romsterodd should be in contrib by now07:21
koefzFemale cons aren't all that nice, must be because of that.07:22
deus_exAnyone,even.Need more coffee.07:22
tilmanprotein z?07:22
ningoerr, it is in contrib07:22
jjpkcptn said that the web interface gets updated once per day iirc.07:22
tilmanor what?07:22
Romstererm wrong name sorry lol07:23
Romsteryeah that one ^07:23
tilmanbloody mistyping aussies07:23
tilmandownload accelerator... hum07:23
Romsteri didn't know someoneelse had it in there personal repo too, last i looked it wasn't there or i forgot to check *shrugs*07:23
Romsterlol tilman07:23
tilmanRomster: you got funky indentation in the Pkgfile :P07:23
tilmanless Pkgfile07:23
Romsterhrmm thats odd07:24
* deus_ex builds mythtv07:24
Romsterit looks fine in vim07:25
* Romster scratches my head07:25
tilmanwelcome to 'understanding how vim indentation works'07:25
tilmanyour host today is TEH INTARWEBB07:25
Romsterso i'll just backspace it again and put the tabs bck on it07:29
Romsterlibtrash compains it can't fidn ldconfig...07:29
Romsterhrmm looks like libtrash is amuch more manual process.07:34
Romsterok fixed prozilla indentation hopefully07:37
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Romsteri mustn't of looked sten has a port too, I couldn't get that version to build, hmm disable debug i wonder07:40
bd2pretty easy to fix using perl as shell07:40
Romsteromfg thats funny07:43
Romsterhrmm sten can't put stuff into contrib can he? so i'll try to rebuild prozilla to that version he has with that --no-debug tha i never even thought of trying07:45
tilmanhe's got write access to opt07:46
tilmanso if he wanted it to be accessable easier, he'd put it there i guess07:46
Romsterah, would be a nice idea07:50
Romsterhmp same error07:55
Romsterdownload_win.h:55: error: extra qualification 'DL_Window::' on member 'print_status'07:55
Romsterwhatever that means, i've tryed to figure it out but gave up and went to a older version that workd07:56
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aonbd2: or install -m 0755 /usr/bin/chmod /usr/bin/chmod2 :)13:11
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shining_ningo: interesting, you made a port ? :)13:29
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deus_exFcking mythtv is broken,15:53
deus_exWould someone please check sed magic in mythtv Pkgfile?15:54
deus_exIt fails to install under fakeroot.15:54
deus_exCorrection.Some parts install, some don't.15:55
deus_exmakefiles are a mess...15:55
deus_exToday is not my day.15:56
jaegermail the maintainer if you've got a fix... mythtv's makefiles have always been horrid15:57
deus_exjaeger: Funny thing is that it partially installs.15:58
deus_exSo, it's partially broken.16:01
deus_exbtw, how do I start mysql properly?16:01
jaegerwith the init script?16:02
deus_exI get 'permission denied' with mysqladmin -u root passord $pass.16:02
deus_exTried that.16:02
jaegerchanging the password and starting it are two different things, which one is the problem?16:02
deus_exChanging the password.It starts fine.16:02
jaegercan you log in with the current password?16:03
deus_exWhat current password?16:03
jaegerwell, by default there isn't one16:04
jaegerso can you login without specifying one?16:04
deus_exLet me try.16:04
deus_exmysql -p, right?16:05
jaegerjust mysql -u root16:05
jaegerif you pass -p it expects a password16:05
deus_exERROR 1045 (28000): Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost' (using password: NO)16:06
jaegerlooks like there is a password or something else is wrong (though I'm not sure what it would be)16:06
jaegerif you've already tried to set it once, you may have succeeded and didn't know it :)16:07
ssimondeus_ex: mysql -u root -p16:08
ssimonthis will prompt you for a password16:08
deus_exjaeger: You just might be right.16:10
deus_exI tried mysql before, version before this.16:10
jaegerI don't recall any output from a successful password change16:10
deus_exWhere does it store passwords?16:12
deus_exI'll just remove it, clean up and try again.16:13
deus_exssimon: Tried that.16:13
* deus_ex removes mysql16:14
jaegerthere is a way to reset the password if you don't have it16:17
jaegeryou can start mysql with --skip-grant-tables16:17
jaegerlog in, reset it, then restart it normally16:18
deus_exjaeger: Yes!Fixed it :-)16:20
jaegergood deal16:20
deus_exPhew.That was fun.Sort of.16:20
jjpkAnother step closer to victory. :p16:21
deus_exNow, to fix mythtv.16:24
* deus_ex beats mythtv devs to pulp first.16:24
deus_exI feel better now.16:25
jjpk*almost* feeling lucky that I never bothered to start toying with it.16:25
jaegerit's great once it's set up. pain to set up, sometimes16:26
jaegerpain to build, mostly16:26
deus_exjaeger: Amen to that, brother.16:27
jjpkThat is the impression I have got about mythtv at this point.16:27
deus_exIt better be worth it.16:27
jaegerI love the package and fully intend to build another mythtv box when I move :)16:28
deus_exOr I'll beat prologic who recommends it :)16:28
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deus_exNow, I'm tempted to build it as root.16:29
jaegeryou could always try freevo instead16:29
deus_exjaeger: I did.I used tilmans repo, updated it.16:30
deus_exIt builds fine.16:30
deus_exProblem with tv, though.16:31
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deus_exEverything else works.16:31
jaegernever used it, myself, I like mythtv16:31
deus_exWell, freevo has more deps, but it's mostly python, so it builds rather fast.16:32
deus_exAnd doesn't use mysql.16:32
jjpkyou might as well continue configuring mythtv since you have already spent at least a day one it.16:34
jjpkIt's not too fun to know you've wasted that much time. :p16:34
jjpkand for nothing.16:34
deus_exjjpk: Yup.I'm stubborn like that.16:34
deus_exI want to see what's all the hype about.16:34
jjpkExcellent, an mirror just stalled half way. :(16:36
deus_exHeh.What else is new?16:36
jjpkIt usually works if it hits a working mirror. ;)16:36
jjpkFinding a working mirror is the hard part.16:37
deus_exIt's a gamble.16:37
jjpkCould play some old commander keen in dosbox, feeling nostalgic for some reason.16:37
deus_exCommander keen?That sounds faliliar.16:38
jjpkTypical stuff from the early 1990's released by id-software/apogee.16:38
jaegerside-scrolling adventure game16:38
jjpkThe first duke nukems were quite like that and so forth.16:39
jjpkHocus Pocus was another prime example.16:39
tilmanwhat game was it where you could find commander keen hanging from the ceiling? :)16:39
tilmandoom1 or 2 iirc16:39
deus_exI liked Monkey Island series.16:39
deus_exAnd Grim Fandango.16:40
tilmanthree-headed monkeys ftw16:40
rehabdollim addicted to lbreakout2 :(16:41
tilmanis that why you're on rehab?16:44
rehabdollyoure the first one to guess it right!16:44
deus_exWTF?-momfg-fast-speed CFLAG in Gentoo mythtv thingie.16:45
ssimonhello tilman :)16:49
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* deus_ex does the unthinkable and builds mythv as root.16:55
* deus_ex waits for the wrath of Han,16:55
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deus_exHan: Would you be so kind to check mythtv Pkgfile?17:15
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HanWhat for?17:37
HanHow ugly! for i in `grep -lr "usr/local" *`; do sed -i -e 's|usr/local|usr|g' "$i"; done17:38
Hansed -i 's|usr/local|usr|g' *17:38
tilmanHow dependant on the fact that your sed works without -e, too!17:40
rehabdollo m g17:54
rehabdollrm -r instead of cp -r17:55
rehabdollim a fucking retard17:55
rehabdollim going to kill myself now17:55
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deus_exNice :-)17:55
HanI always think `machina' whenever you say something. :-)17:56
deus_ex'deus' nick is taken, so... :-)17:57
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deus_exHe resurectes!17:57
Hantssss ircing as root17:58
deus_exrehabdoll: Welcome back from the other side.17:58
rehabdollheh, im not17:58
rehabdolluser_name = root :)17:59
deus_exThat's confusing.17:59
Hanroot is banned on #OpenBSD17:59
rehabdoll00:57 [quakenet] -!- Do not IRC as root.18:00
rehabdoll00:57 [quakenet] -!- ERROR Closing Link: rehabdoll by (K-lined)18:00
HanPeople don't even ask me anymore why they are banned. :-)18:00
koefzI find it kind of strange that people who actually know of OpenBSD doesn't know better than to not irc as root.18:02
koefzAfter all, it is kind of an obscure OS for most.18:02
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deus_exSomething is wrong.Mythtv won't install properly even as root.18:09
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hwebrehabdoll, :-P (not up yet thou)19:08
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rehabdolloh dear, what will it contain?19:14
hwebYou'll se :)19:15
hwebOne of the most fantastic quotes ever ;D19:15
shiningerf, I forgot about, but now I'm reading all the last shits again because of you19:20
hwebhaha, lol, me too =)19:20
hwebI also forgot it a while ago, had to google: "irc quotes" to find it ;D19:21
Romsterlol same19:21
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shiningI don't know if I've a very weird sense of humor, or ppl voting on have, but the top rated ones are the worst one imo19:29
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prologicdeus_ex, so you'll beat me while I sleep huh :)20:06
prologicall I can say, is 1. read mysql docs :) 2. stop using fakeroot :)20:06
prologicsudo is much better at this task20:06
deus_exMysql is ok now.20:13
deus_exmythtv I can't build even as root.20:14
deus_exhuge .footprint mismatch20:14
prologicdon't worry about the footprint mismatch20:17
prologicyou mustn't have things I have :)20:17
prologicwhat are you missing though ?20:17
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deus_exCheck your mail, I've sent you footprint mismatch.20:21
deus_exIt's weird, all but one binaries in /usr/bin didn't install, themes, fonts...20:23
deus_exSorry, only one from /usr/bin didn't get installed.20:23
deus_exmythv-setup, to be exact.20:24
prologiclemme rebuild mythtv and check20:26
prologicmight take a while though so I'll get back to you :)20:26
deus_exbtw, australia is way far away to travel to beat you, so don't worry :-)20:27
prologicthe upstream Makefiles are a bitch though :/20:27
deus_exYes, I noticed.True horror.20:27
prologicthank god for living on a desolate island :)20:28
deus_ex24 hours flight from Europe.20:28
prologicafaik mythtv shouldn't install any themes20:28
prologicbut oh well20:28
prologicso much for my work :)20:28
prologicbut the missing mythtv-setup beats me20:29
deus_exYou could remove i18n dir from /usr/share, while you are at it.20:29
prologicyeah sure20:29
prologicafter this rebuild :)20:29
deus_exThat will take a while, and it's 3.30 am here.20:32
deus_exI've been up since 5 am, gotta sleep.20:32
deus_exIt's been a long day.20:33
deus_exGood night.20:33
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