IRC Logs for #crux Sunday, 2006-06-18

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maro :D00:36
prologicI thought linux was open00:38
prologicoh it's SCO's Caldera (pos) :)00:39
rxii didnt think that exsisted anymore00:39
prologicme neither00:39
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maro2.6.17 :)01:21
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RedShiftwhat do you guys recommend for a server distribution?07:14
RedShiftI've been thinking about CRUX, but since per quit I think the project is running on it's last legs07:14
deus_exomg.motogp crash07:15
RedShifttilman: yeah usually when the "main guy" stops, the rest halts too07:16
deus_exgoogle earth also crashes :-(07:17
tilmanthe driving force behind crux has been cptn for quite some time now :)07:18
deus_exRedShift: CLC crew is more than capable to keep Crux running.07:18
tilmanwhy am i even discussing this07:18
deus_exThank God for that.07:18
deus_extilman: You're bored?07:18
deus_exMotoGP restarts.07:20
deus_exNo accidents this time, please.07:20
rxiwe can only hope ...07:27
rxi... that rossi falls off07:27
deus_exYou don't like him?07:28
treachhe's italian. :p07:28
deus_exWarm up lap, here we go.07:30
rxideus_ex: cos he is a fag07:30
treachthat's really important. To some people. :-/07:31
deus_exI couldn't care less if he fucks furry animals at his spare time.07:32
deus_exHe is an excelent driver.07:33
deus_exThat's what matters.07:33
deus_exHis life, his business.07:33
treachwell, there is a difference. I doubt the furry animals would consent.07:34
deus_exGood point.07:34
rxideus_ex: i meant it in a derogeritary way not literally07:34
deus_exYou mean attitude-wise?07:35
hwebAnother quote for ;P07:35
rxideus_ex: no i mean he is a fag07:35
deus_exNow you lost me.07:36
treachhe's filled with tobacco, has a filter in one end and burns in the other..?07:37
rxitreach: lol07:38
deus_extreach: Nice :-)07:39
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RedShifton the crux 2.2 install cd09:54
RedShifthow do I change the keyboard language?09:54
RedShifttreach: thanks09:55
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RedShiftwill crux have support for initrd or initcpio's?10:20
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treachthe livecd uses initrd. However, it's anti-KISS, but there is absolutely nothing stopping you from implementing it yourself.10:43
jjpkIndeed. I don't see the need to use either of those, the system works just fine without them.10:45
treachwell, it has it's uses in some cases.10:46
jaegerunionfs might be able to replace it, haven't really looked into it yet10:46
RedShiftwell it's because I need the root fs on a soft raid array, so...10:47
treachremote boot it. :P10:47
jjpkMy workstation has a software raid1, works withou any initrd.10:47
treachaye. iirc there is a howto somewhere at *drumroll* ... gentoo. (where else? :P )10:49
RedShiftjjpk: how do you do that?10:50
RedShiftjjpk: when I try to boot it it panics saying unable to mount root fs10:50
treachdid you compile the needed drivers *into* the kernel?10:50
jjpkCompile necessary drivers directly into the kernel, I don't like modules with critical drivers.10:50
RedShiftI used the kernel from the cd, vmlinuz10:50
treachproblem solved.10:50
RedShiftthat kernel doesn't have raid?10:51
RedShiftbecause I'm working with raid on the install cd...10:51
jjpkI believe it had a module, but I would compile a new kernel.10:51
RedShiftok let's try that then10:51
treachyes.. and where is your root then..?10:51
RedShift /dev/md210:52
treachRedShift: you HAVE to have the stuff needed to boot the system *in* your kernel. Once it's up you can start load stuff as modules.10:52
treachno. if you are using the install cd, your root is on it..10:53
treacheverything else is just illusion, basically.10:53
RedShiftmake all now running10:56
RedShiftwhat kernel is that then, /boot/vmlinuz on the install cd?10:57
treacha generic kernel used during the installation..?10:57
RedShiftoh wait10:57
RedShiftnow I get it10:57
RedShiftit's because the raid is set up as modules10:58
RedShiftthat's why I wanted an initrd10:58
treachbut you don't need that.10:58
treachyou just need to put the drivers *in* your own specific kernel.10:58
RedShiftunable to mount root fs on unknown-block(0,0)11:18
RedShiftpff I'm too tired and it's too hot11:19
RedShiftit'll be for some other time11:19
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orprasI am having trouble getting sound to work, I compiled the alsa cs46xx into the kernel,which has worked on other distros, dmesg says that its working, I installed and ran alsamixer and increased all the volume levels, but when I run mplayer as root it says that there is no sound.  Gives no other info.13:58
orprasI used -ao alsa in mplayer and -ao oss both give same.13:59
jaegercan you play mp3s or wavs or send data to the sound device directly?14:00
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orpraswhen I try to install mpg123 through ports it has an error.14:15
orprasmpg321 works.14:25
orprasSo, obviously, this is an mplayer issue.14:25
jjpkIf you installed alsa-lib AFTER you installed mplayer, then it will not have alsa support.14:26
orprasUGH, don't know why but mplayer works now too.14:26
orprasSorry for the trouble.14:26
jjpkno worries. :p14:26
orprasand yes, I will just reinstall mplyer14:26
Romsterjust do a force rebuild14:27
jjpkWhy bother reinstalling it if it already started to work as it should?14:27
Romsterand always use depinst for new programs if they have dependancys14:27
thrice`mplayer just has "recommendations"14:28
Romsterjjpk only if he installed a libeary _after_ the program that depends on it14:28
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orprasIs there a reason that xterm doesn't source ~/.bash_profile automatically, and even though the line: "source ~/.bash_profile" is in /etc/profile?14:33
orprasand this works outside of X14:33
Romsterecho $PATH has ~/.bash_profile on it?14:33
jjpkxterm does not source anything, you are talking about bash. .bash_profile is sourced in a login shell.14:34
jjpkA bash session in xterm is not a loginshell unless you explicitly tell it to be one.14:34
orprasxterm -L or something like that?14:34
* Romster goes back to what i was doing.14:35
Romsteri'm still not fully awake yet14:35
jjpkA quick fix is to symlink .bash_profile to ~/.bashrc14:35
jjpk.bashrc is sourced in a non login shell.14:35
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orprasreally? because that has no effect, do I have to exit X and relogin for that to take effect?14:36
jjpkAlternatively for now you could just type in source ~/.bashrc if nothing happens.14:41
orprasusing -ls works14:41
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Romsteris it just me or does everyones kernel menuconfig look diferent? as in little squares around the border of the menu etc.15:16
Romsternot sure if its me messing with later versons of programs or they changed things15:16
jjpkDepends on the font and size of the terminal imho.15:16
Romsterover ssh on putty15:19
Romsterit never was like that int he start15:19
Romsterin the*15:19
RomsterFONT=default 1024*76815:20
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deus_exOh, just great.Lirc won't compile with 2.6.1715:38
deus_exBttv code in kernel changed yet again, methinks.15:39
deus_ex'This driver needs bttv-0.7.45 or higher'.wtf15:41
deus_exThere are no include and share dirs in root, right?15:47
deus_exfcking mythv15:48
tilmanyou don't need to be able to compile stuff when you don't have your /usr partition :P15:48
deus_exWell, mythv apparently created include and share in root, and installed bunch of stuff there.15:50
deus_exNo wonder fsck went mad when I rebooted.15:51
deus_exThis just ain't my week.15:51
tilmanluckily it's almost over15:52
tilmanunless you live in the us ;)15:52
deus_exNo, it is sunday here.15:52
tilmanyes, but the us americans like to think that the week starts on sunday, not monday15:53
tilmani think15:53
deus_exNew, hopefully better weak starting.15:53
deus_exI'm hopeless.15:53
jaegerodd idea15:54
deus_exWhat is?15:54
jaegerweek starting on sunday15:55
deus_ex'Mericans are strange like that, I guess.15:55
jaegernot this one15:55
jaegernor any I know :)15:55
deus_exYou must be half-breed, than.15:55
tilmantoo lazy/tired to investigate right now ;)15:56
deus_exMost of them (not jaeger) think that Sun revolves around The Land of the Brave.15:58
Romsterthe week starts on mondays and its monday here now :)15:58
deus_exSo, week starting on Sunday is just 'an amaerican way' .16:00
deus_exAltough, even God rests on Sunday, so with the christian movement in America, I expect16:01
deus_exthat to change.16:01
deus_ex'First day of the week from now on is Monday, dammit!.I  am The Decider!'16:03
deus_exJon Stewart is cool :) (Comedy Central)16:05
jaegerYou sure? He is American. :)16:06
deus_exThere *are* cool Americans.16:07
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deus_exAHA!Kernel guys moved bttv headers to bt8xx.16:16
deus_exSo lirc can't find them.16:17
* deus_ex makes a patch. 16:18
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* deus_ex builds lirc16:27
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* deus_ex watches lirc fails.16:28
* deus_ex calls it a day.16:28
deus_exNo more today.16:29
jjpkIt is late, time did go by quickly.16:30
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deus_exIn good complany always does :)16:32
deus_exI just can't spell today.16:32
jjpkIt is called temporary madness or exhaustion. :p16:33
deus_ex'Come sanity.Come,sanity.*WHAM*Got the bastard.'16:34
deus_exAt least google earth worked a little longer before i tcrashed.16:37
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NeoSadisthmm ... so crux is freebsd's ports but slackware's init system? just asking...18:13
Romsterbsd based init18:14
Romster< never used bsd myself18:14
treachno, and no.18:15
treachcrux is crux. not bsd, and not slack.18:16
RomsterBSD-style initscripts18:17
Romsterit says so on the site!18:17
Romsteralthough heavily modifyed for crux18:18
Romsterand said no and no, well i'm not wrong em i now :)18:18
treachwell. They don't have very much in common really..18:18
NeoSadistoh nevermind18:18
NeoSadistmy badd, thought crux was based on slackware.  i was wrong.18:19
Romsternot anymore no, but based off18:19
Romsterno slackware :)18:19
treachthe general idea remains the same, but the implementation is quite different.18:19
treachand Romster, crux was never based on slack.18:19
Romsterif anything off bsd but its all departed on its own fork18:19
Romsteri never said it was treach, all i said it had bsd style init scripts :P18:20
Romsteranyways pointless topic :)18:20
treachok, I misread. :-)18:20
Romsteri was talking to 2 slackware ppl a few days ago and they had old versions of 'find' and they where trying todo some complex stuff i showed them how on my version of find and they couldn't do it, and then i told them to update it, then the penny droped, they can't!! slackware lol18:21
Romsteri told them to get crux :)18:22
treachof course they *can* upgrade it. They just won't like the needed process. :)18:23
Romsteryeah i thought they could, but ya there slack as the distro *grins*18:24
* treach tries to parse above statement, and fails.18:25
Romsterlol ya my sentances don't make alot of scense sometimes18:26
koefzCRUX is in a league of its own when it comes to quickly building new packages on your own.18:26
treach"To cry or not to cry, that's the question."18:26
koefzThat's totally integrated with the package management, of course.18:27
Romsterwell slack as the distro, another words they cbf messing with it to get the latist 'find'18:27
koefzIt's really frustrating when you get spoiled by it and you find yourself trapped on other systems.18:27
Romsterlol like red hat :)18:27
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treachkoefz: imo, the biggest problem with other systems is that they are so damned convoluted by comparision.18:28
koefzLike Debian, like Slack, like anything else really.18:28
koefzBut of course you can integrate pkgutils and ports on other systems and run it in parallell.18:28
koefzI think cptn has done that on some CentOS boxes.18:28
koefzAnd I've done it on a Debian-install.18:29
Romsteri like the power and ease of editing CRUX and being a tweeker and a power pc user it suits me well.18:29
koefzBut until you get it up and running it's annoying.18:29
treachamen. :)18:29
rehabdollcrux sucks if youre lazy though18:29
Romsterkoefz hrmm interesting18:29
rehabdollthats why i run slackware on my desktop right now :)18:29
Romsterwhats more slack(tm) than pr-tget sysup :)18:30
Romsterprt-get sysup*18:30
treach"sysup" > aliases ftw. :P18:30
Romsterfor the win?18:31
koefztreach, yeah. And especially the creating new packages part.18:31
Romsteri've only recently started to remember that one18:31
treachkoefz: I haven't bothered with that yet, as I rarely have to make any new ones..18:32
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treachbut I suppose a function would be a better match for that particular activity.18:33
thrice`except when packages are neglected18:34
Romsterftr = for the record would be more appropriate.18:34
koefzYeah, but it still isn't in the same league. Building a package and ten dependencies for it as correct Debian packages is a nightmare compared to the five minutes it takes on CRUX, if everything goes well, of course.18:35
koefzAnd those five minutes include the build time.18:36
Romsterand if one has to make 10 ports for a said program, the next person that needs some for dependancys dosn't have so many to make18:36
treachI love people who mix stuff up.. " It is almost like large-scale pin-ball where the paddles barely affect the direction of the ball. I would suggest widening the gaol box."18:37
Romsterso it basicly evens out as a simpler approche that helps everyone18:37
rehabdollim amazed at how your mind works treach :)18:37
treach*my* mind?18:38
treachIt wasn't me. ;)18:38
* Romster goes to take a shower.18:38
thrice`our ports seem to have been updating slower than normal lately18:38
rehabdolli just would not think to make that giant pin-ball connection18:38
treachwell. I was thinking about the "gaol box".. better not find out what's in it..18:39
treachwtf.. according to wp,  Gaol is pronounced "jail". How does that make sense..?18:41
koefztreach, what are you referring to?18:42
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Hanto goal?18:43
jaegerenglish? make sense?! heh18:43
jaegerdifferent words, goal and gaol18:43
Han`goal' is not pronounced like `jail.'18:44
treachI was just surprised to find that you pronounced "gaol" as "jail". Feels like "this is an orange, it's however pronounced as "egg".18:44
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HanAre they pronounced differently?18:45
treachHan: to avoid misunderstandings..
jaegergaol is pronounced like jail, not goal18:46
jaegerdunno why I bother, I'm sure he has me on ignore18:46
koefz"Though this spelling is seldom used today, it is still considered the official spelling in Australian English."18:48
koefzThe cons want to stay true.18:48
koefzSeems kind of weird anyhow. Same meaning, same pronounciation, but two different spellings.18:49
treachexactly where in "gaol" are the phonems that makes it sound like "jail"..?18:50
jaegerlong a, soft g like in "germane"18:51
jaegerthe o and the i in both words are not strong18:51
treachmmh. and then a big fat O like in Olympics.. ;)18:51
jaegersure, if the "o" in olympics were not pronounced :)18:52
treachok. first time I've seen an O go MIA :)18:53
jaegerwelcome to english. there are more exceptions than rules18:53
koefz"limpics", isn't the politically correct term "paralympics"?18:54
treach:D :D18:54
koefzCouldn't it be some strange word they borrowed from the french?18:56
treachnah, then it would be "freedom gaol" by now. ;)18:56
thrice`jaeger: out of curiosity, is the website which contains updated packages browsable?18:59
koefzBut seriously, they seem to make all those "aouex" endings sound like "eee", etc.18:59
jaegerthrice`: it is19:00
thrice`alright...I thought I had permission denied before.  I must have had the wrong address19:03
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jaeger ?19:04
*** nipuL has joined #crux19:04
thrice`jaeger: I was talking of the one you use for the updated iso...I thought it was on crux.nu19:05
thrice`(specifically the xorg that I don't feel like rebuilding :)19:05 ftw. :P19:06
jaegerthe webserver's serving the wrong thing for some reason, guess I'll have to fix that19:07
thrice`ok, I found that odd19:08
jaegerthere's the package list, you can get core/x11 from that19:09
jaegerer... opt/x11 :)19:09
thrice`  wasn't browsable...that's where I was looking I think19:09
jaegeryeah, it's not19:09
thrice` ?  I'm missing something19:10
jaegertry %23 instead of #19:11
thrice`no go =|19:11
jaegerworks perfectly for me19:11
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thrice`wget ?19:12
jaegernot just %19:12
thrice`oooh, missed that...ok.  What a dumb mistake :)  thank you very much jaeger19:12
thrice`must be one of those corrections to the english language :)19:13
jaegernot in this case :)19:13
jaegerurlification of special chars19:13
treachdumbness isn't really crystal clear, or maybe that's not what you meant?19:13
thrice` was just too much tequilla yesterday; i'm still recovering -19:15
* Romster hands thrice` a strong coffee :)19:15
treachoh, sounds like a perfect time for some mental exercise.. ;)19:15
thrice`no, it was yesterday.  tequilla is a super alcohol though19:16
* treach never gets hung over, and is thus considered a pest among his friends how does. :P19:17
treachs how/who19:17
thrice`hah...indeed :)19:17
thrice`my roommate is the same way.,  We all sleep until noon, and he's up by 9 working19:17
treachyeah. :)19:17
treachI thought a flatmate would kill me once, when I took out the hoover at about that time. :P19:18
Hanthrice`, you drink water before you go to bed?19:24
thrice`nope, fell asleep before hand19:24
thrice`usually, however19:24
Romsteri know the times when i do drink and don't drink water b4 going to bed i wake up and feel really dry.19:28
thrice`one thing I have learned from college.  forget engineering stuff, this one's actually useful :)19:29
treachafaic, water is no good. it can *really* make your stomach revolt..19:30
treachI just go to bed and wake up happy. :)19:30
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Romstertreach, hmm i tend to drink alot of water then goto bed and wake up feeling better than not drinking water the nite before.19:48
treachI think that's individual.19:49
HanI think not :-)19:49
treachwell, in any case I don't get a headache from dehydration in any case.19:51
treachbah. I should go to sleep..19:51
treachin any way, the only thing I have to watch out for is drinking water before eating something. Water is the killer for me.19:53
treachsame thing if you're puking your heart out with the flu, water just make me puke even more.19:54
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prologicgoing away on camp for a week guys, just thought I'd let everyone know :)20:09
jaegerhave fun20:09
prologicemail me if I must know something (my backlogs aren't that big!) :)20:10
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Romsterlibgd dosn't need x11 as a dependancy? x11 would need libgd though?20:23
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Hanuse ldd20:42
lutin_tristeis there a way to update the system with 1 command with prt-get20:46
lutin_tristei will try it20:52
lutin_tristeis there a way to clean the cache too ?21:00
jaegerdunno, probably in the manpage if there is21:01
jaegeror delete the cache21:01
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hwebI got a webpage of someone in here with some nice stuff on howto make my own livecd, anyone have that one? =)21:12
jaegerMy livecd contents are viewable online but they are not instructions or howtos, not sure what page you're talking about21:14
hwebMe neither, where do I find yours?21:15
hwebI've seen that one before...! But not the one I'm looking for. Maby your can be of some help thou... :)21:17
jaegerhope so :)21:19
jaeger might also help21:19
hwebI'm not actually sure where to start thou :-) Gotta do some googling first!21:21
hwebYou gotta love when you take on work you have no experience in ;-)21:22
hackedheadcan anyone point me at a port that uses svn for the source, so i can sue it for reference making one?21:29
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le_fantomesorry.. but if i need to recompile the kernel a second time after the installation.. do i type the same commands ? ( make all ; make modules_install ) ?22:44
le_fantomeim trying to learn linux it's the first time i install it22:50
Romsterah well crux isn't ment for new users, but if your the type that learns fast and have past expeareance in messing with the intearnals of a computer and software, then it'll suit you.22:52
Romsteri like this distro to all the previous ones ive had before :)22:52
le_fantomebrb i will reboot22:55
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lutin_tristehey there is a Md5sum mismatch found when i download fetchmail look --
Falcon|lutin_triste: seems like the file are not avaible there23:48

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