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lutin_tristei will try later..00:02
* Falcon| tries to get some sleep00:04
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pitillohi, good morning!01:36
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Romsteryo pitillo02:52
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Oindoes anybody know of a way of installing crux using just my harddisk? i have no other storage media on this computer, but i do have a working linux system07:47
mike_kOin: if this isn't your first linux system, and you have on currently installed... you surely can follow the handbook and the changes would be obvious07:53
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ningocan someone point me to the crux user map?08:28
ningomrks: thanks08:31
ningomrks: is it just me, or isn't there any map? :P08:31
mrksningo: for me the link is working08:32
jaegerIt shows up for me08:32
ningoah, now08:32
ningofirefox ate the map, somehow08:33
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deus_exlirc took two patches to compile right.10:17
deus_exone for lirc, one to fix broken kernel includes.10:18
deus_exthat is why userspace is not supposed to use kernel headers.10:19
deus_exgoogle earth runs longer in between crashes, and I just found out that I got years subscription10:21
deus_exto computer magazine.10:22
deus_exLife is good :)10:22
* deus_ex waits for Murphy to rear its ugly head.10:22
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deus_exI'm tempted to build mythtv.10:25
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j^2hey all10:56
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deus_exnp:Jeff Buckley-Grace(live at Olympia)11:06
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deus_exprologic: Hi.11:43
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RedShiftdo I need to enable anything special to boot from a raid 1 array?11:58
RedShiftin the kernel configu11:58
treachNew day, old question.11:59
RedShiftyeah I know12:00
RedShiftbut the raid stuff is compiled in the kernel12:00
RedShiftin fact, I disbabled loadable module support just to be sure12:00
RedShiftsomething has just got to be missing me12:01
RedShiftthis is my kernel command line btw, under GRUB12:02
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RedShiftkernel (hd0,0)/vmlinuz root=/dev/md0 ro12:03
RedShiftyet still this stuff won't boot12:03
treachwell. how far does it get? Does it say anything interesting before it stops?12:06
RedShiftkernel panic - not syncing: VFS: unable to mount root fs on uknown-block(0,0)12:07
tilmantreach: dude, you cannot expect that the guys will make up a *new* question every day!12:07
RedShiftbefore that, "VFS: cannot open root device "md0" or unknown-block(0,0)"12:07
RedShiftare you sure this is possible without an initrd?12:07
treachRedShift: yes.12:07
treachIf you doubt it, I suggest you find out *why* some distros use an initrd..12:08
jjpkMaybe it has something to do with grub, thought I would be very surprised if it did not work on raid.12:11
jjpkI use lilo on my machines.12:11
deus_exI like sanity checks lilo does on lilo.conf12:12
deus_exSo if/when I fsck up, I lnow right away.12:13
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RedShiftthis is the full warning12:19
RedShiftreiserfs: md0: warning: sh-2006: read_super_block: bread failed (dev md0, block 2, size 4096)12:19
RedShiftreiserfs: md0: warning: sh-2006: read_super_block: bread failed (dev md0, block 16, size 4096)12:19
RedShiftext3-fs: unable to read superblock12:19
RedShiftext2-fs: unable to read superblock12:19
RedShiftiso_fs_fill_super: bread failed, dev=md0, iso_blknum=16, block=3212:19
RedShiftudf-fs: no partition found (1)12:19
RedShiftKernel panic - not syncing: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unkown-block(9,0)12:19
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RedShiftbefore that, it says md: autorun ... autorun done12:19
deus_exRedShift:, please.12:20
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deus_exThank you.12:21
treach"udf-fs: no partition found (1)" ??12:22
jjpkI It says reiserfs yet ext3 is bitching. Are you sure your /etc/fstab is properly configured? Looks suspicious.12:22
RedShiftI knew it I knew12:22
RedShiftmd=0,/dev/sda3,/dev/sdb3 should be appended to the kernel line in grub config12:23
treachformat with one fs, try mounting it as another, news at 11.12:23
deus_extreach: been there, done that?12:24
treachno, actually not.12:24
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treachhowever I have one funny error atm that I've never seen before.12:25
treachevery time after I've run lilo, booting will fail with a "Timestamp mismatch" error. I'm absolutely clueless about it. :/12:26
deus_exspeaking of fs errors, what does '$foo has filetype set' mean?12:26
deus_exI googled.nothing.12:27
treachwell. nothing interesting.12:28
deus_exext4 is in the works, afaik12:28
jjpkCompetition for reiser4. :p12:29
deus_extreach: Which one?Yours or mine?12:29
deus_exjjpk: Something like that.12:29
treachyours. Mine did give some results, but they didn't feel entirely relevant.12:29
treach(since I didn't get a power out or so.)12:30
deus_exjjpk: But, from the discussion on LWN, it's highly unlikely it will make it to kernel.12:31
deus_exIt's features will be merged into ext3.12:31
deus_extreach: K.12:31
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deus_exAnd, it is  'its', of course.12:33
treachit's "it's" :p12:33
treach"its" is possessive. :p12:34
deus_exHm.It's ! it is?12:34
treachit's > contraction of "it is".12:35
deus_exThen it's 'its features' as in 'features of'?12:36
treachmh, the dog is brown, its colour is brown.12:37
hackedheadit's "color"  =P12:37
treachfuck no.12:37
treachstupid americans who can't spell..12:37
deus_exHow do you spell aluminium properly?12:39
hackedhead... gah. i keep trying to use *nix mouseshortcuts at work12:40
treach"aluminum" is actually originally a typo..12:40
* hackedhead shakes fist at stupid office boxen12:40
treachdeus_ex: yeah.12:41
hackedhead... that would actually make a lot of sense12:41
tilmanAluminium, (Redirected from Aluminum)12:41
treachin some very widely used american dictionary, printed in the early 19th century, iirc.12:41
RedShiftraid over partitions, or partitions in raid?12:42
deus_exFew Americans pronounce it like 'aluminum'.12:42
treachanother evidence of the corruptive effect of the americans. PURGE them I say! :p12:42
jaegersuch love12:43
treachRedShift: I suggest you use the variant that actually works. :)12:43
treachjaeger: You know I'm such a loving guy. :p12:43
treach[not being even half serious, as usual.]12:44
deus_exWould you guess what 'AluminumBot' is?12:46
deus_exCar almost entirely made of...12:47
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jjpkdeus_ex: actually it is pronounced as "aluminum" in north america, its only in the commonwealth nations that it is pronounced as "aluminium"13:18
treachhmm. not to be pedantic, but.. "only"? =)13:19
jjpkok fine. usually. :p13:19
deus_exjjpk: I figured that.It's pronounced 'aluminijum' here :)13:19
deus_exIn Serbian, of course.13:20
treachjjpk: I detect a view of the world that seem to slant toward the "the center of the universe is in texas" type. ;)13:21
deus_exGreat language.No spelling, lots of swearing words(national sport, actually).13:21
deus_exFootball sure isn't.13:22
treachdeus_ex: given the results, I can see why you do better at swearing. :D13:23
deus_exWorld champions, actually -)13:23
deus_exWith Irish as close second.13:24
treachpff, they just got lucky.13:24
deus_exNope.Got drunk.13:25
treachDrunk and lucky. Sounds irish to me. :)13:25
deus_exFriend of mine works with an Irishman.13:26
deus_exHe is a star in local version of irish pubs.13:27
jjpkLet me guess, the irishman causes a stir because they are not authentic irish pubs. :p13:27
deus_exHe gets free beer there, gets drunk, and 'creates an atmosphere'. :)13:28
deus_exThere is a very popular group here, Ortodox Celts.13:29
deus_exCeltics is of course worshiped.13:30
treachjjpk: you don't want to give that a shot? I bet they need some finnish atmosphere as well. :P13:30
deus_exCrazy bunch, them.Great parties.13:30
deus_exjjpk: If you can drink a lot, and create mayhem, you just might make a career here.13:31
treachshould come natural to any finn. =P13:32
deus_exFriend of mine is half Finn(her mother).13:33
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deus_exWhen she is drunk, she speaks Finnish, or whatever that language is called.13:34
deus_exWeird sounding, that.13:34
deus_exShe is cool, though.13:34
deus_exYou've got to respect any girl that can drink out most guys.13:35
deus_exout drink?13:36
jjpkYep, it is out drink.13:36
deus_exIs vodka national drink or something?13:36
mike_kerr... vodka is ours national drink13:37
jjpkIt's actually Koskenkorva,
deus_exmike_k: That would be...Russia?13:37
mike_kex USSR13:37
mike_k(ukraine actualy)13:38
deus_exjjpk: Konser...what?13:38
j^2treach: wait..texas is the center of the universe....13:38
* deus_ex checks Wikipedia13:38
mike_kBut in the international context - yes, vodka is Russian national drink13:38
jjpkIt's usually abbreviated as Kossu.13:38
mike_kjjpk: is there second 'S' and any 'U'?13:39
treachj^2: no, it isn't and your type of fotball is for wussies. ;)13:39
j^2bah! love :(13:40
deus_exviina=hard liquor13:40
deus_exI like that.13:40
jjpkmike_k: finnish abbreviations rarely make logical sense. :p13:41
deus_exFinlandia?I think I drank that.13:41
deus_exI don't remember...13:42
jjpkFinlandia is not even finnish anymore, it was sold to some american company.13:43
deus_exBut is it still Kossu minus sugar?13:45
jjpkHaven't noticed any change, apart from the owners.13:46
deus_exKismet chocolate bar.mewants.13:46
jjpkThat particular chocolate seems very popular with non-finns for some reason.13:48
deus_exAlmost all Finnish cuisine has names that sound like they are  from LOTR.13:48
deus_exI like chocolate, period.13:50
deus_exI would love to try it.13:50
treachgood luck to cousine "Terro-Pekka" trying to get a visa to the US. :P13:50
treachWhich just happens to be a finnish name.13:53
jjpk*Tero. ;)13:53
treachyeah, I know.13:53
treachbut do you think some redneck will know the difference? ;)13:53
jjpkHehe. Immigration will be looking with a very suspicious eye. ;)13:54
deus_exFinn terrorist?Nah.13:56
treachdeus_ex: you need to adjust your view of the world to get it. ;)13:57
treachI'm sure j^2 would call the fbi if he heard of a guy called "Tero-Pekka" :P13:58
deus_extreach: That would require me to travel a bit.13:58
treachj^2: (I'm just kidding, no offence meant.)13:58
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j^2haha none taken14:11
HanCan someone confirm that /usr/ports/contrib/xterm/ doesn't build when /bin/sh is bash?14:15
hackedhead.. hang, running it14:17
hackedheads/hang/hang on ..?14:17
jjpkHan: doesn't build here. bash is linked to /bin/sh14:17
hackedhead0 for 3 ... not xterm's day.14:18
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jjpkDoesn't seem so.14:19
Han/bin/sh: -c: line 0: syntax error near unexpected token `('14:20
HanOdd, it build fine when mksh is /bin/sh, which is not the default shell for Linux14:21
HanNow I have to guess...14:21
Hanah right :-)14:22
hackedheadsame syntax error here as well... at least its consistnet?14:22
Hanhackedhead, please comment out the patch line and try again.14:22
hackedheadjust footprint mismatch, seemed to build fine14:24
hackedheadone question14:24
hackedheadthe footprint error is two matching lines for the bin, they ahve different permissions, what would cause that?14:25
hackedhead(i'm using 'sudo prt-get' to build ports)14:25
Hanpaste the line please14:26
Hanor at least the permissions14:26
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hackedheadmissing:   -rwxr-xr-x14:26
hackedheadnew: -rws--x--x14:27
HanAh right.14:27
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HanI don't build as root, you see.14:27
hackedheadyeah, i figured it had to do with that14:28
HanIf I build as root I still get no setuid bit14:28
hackedheadmaybe my port is out of date? version 213 release 1?14:29
HanAnd you don't really need the suid-bit. It's kinda scarry, I prefer to disable it.14:29
Hanports -u han && cd /usr/ports/han/xterm && pkgmk -u14:30
HanPlease see if it works now.14:30
hackedheadi can check it when i get back home (maybe 30 minutes...)14:31
Hanjjpk, can you check it?14:31
Hanhackedhead, sure, there is no rush.14:31
Hanmuch appreciated.14:32
jjpkHan: working on it.14:33
jjpkNow it is getting much further.14:33
jjpkBuilt fine.14:33
Hangroovey =)14:35
*** Oin has quit IRC14:37
jjpkYou worked your magic on it. :p14:37
*** Oin has joined #crux14:42
HanWell no, I just applied the patch conditionally and disabled the setuid bit ;-)14:43
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sepenhi! I've some problems using crux-contrib list18:26
sepenall my messages are rejected18:26
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jdolansepen, are you trying to sell perscription drugs? :)18:49
* jdolan mumbles something about how annoying it is that slocate runs at 8pm by default.19:04
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sepen09/06/06     Welcome to the "crux-contrib" mailing list19:25
sepen 09/06/06     Welcome to the "crux-contrib" mailing list19:26
sepen10/06/06     Request to mailing list crux-contrib rejected19:26
sepenand that!?19:26
sepenhas been rejected by the list moderator.  The moderator gave the19:27
sepenfollowing reason for rejecting your request:19:27
sepen"Non-members are not allowed to post messages to this list."19:27
jaegerpost from the same address that's subscribed19:27
sepenIf I recived a mail to confirm my subscription why I can't post messages19:27
sepenIm doing it19:28
sepenthe only thing could be that my mail server also has 2 domains ( or
sepenI think is obsolete but I can receive messages in it, I often use this mail domain without problems19:31 is only an MX alias to eui.upv.es19:31
sepen    it seems to be right no??19:34
*** thrice` has joined #crux19:36
sepenshould I repeat my subscription with the another mail domain or change it?19:39
*** thrice` has joined #crux19:39
*** sen has joined #crux19:40
* sepen is reading Changing your crux-contrib membership information19:40
jaegermind forwarding me the bounce message? I don't have one handy19:42
sepenmmm has changed s/--at--/%4019:45
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sepen   also this link for me??19:47
sepen3 kinds of access?19:48
jaegerprobably just an odd side-effect of the web interface19:49
*** sen_ has quit IRC19:50
sepenwho mantains it?19:51
jaegerdid you forward me the reject message?19:51
jaegerme, mostly19:51
sepenyes, 1 miute please19:51
sepenI will try to post a message tomorrow19:54
sepennow Im going to bed-ing19:54
sepenit's later for me! but thx thx thx jaeger19:55
HanI like this article :-)
rehabdoll"P.S. Not a rule, but a perk, Clippy doesn't exist and there is no open source equivalent."20:08
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Hanvigor does exist20:34
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