IRC Logs for #crux Wednesday, 2006-06-21

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romsterdecided to get my main pc into linux and now i got xorg installed, unforantly i donno where i set the font it says is missing, man pages are so much i don't know where to start from.04:52
pitilloromster, in xorg.conf ? Take a look to Xserver?s log to see if the error is related to fonts or may be, it?s in other way (sorry if I dont understand your Q)05:02
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romsterno valid fontpath could be found, is my error05:12
romsterah ran mkfontdir on 2 directories and now i'm missing modules hmm05:16
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romsterthats a pain do i _have_ to run mkfontdir on all of them...05:19
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romsterhmm ok fixed fonts, added 3 missing modules now its complaining it can't run in frame buffer mode05:29
romsterwhere do i set busIDs05:30
pitilloin the Device section for your card... but it isn?t necesary in most cases05:31
romsterwell its not going to run without it, in my case05:33
romsterwondering where the config file is its horid looking in /etc/X11 :/05:34
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romsterit should match my primary device automaticly with out that xorg.conf setting.05:47
romsterbut it isn't05:47
romsteri'm certain i got agp set int he bios as the first device to check, *shrugs* so what do i set to use agp they all say pci..05:48
romsteri know i can change pci to agp, but the id i'm not sure of05:49
romsterhell trying to look on the xorg web site with elinks is a pain...05:53
romsterknew that settign up a desktop pc in crux wouldn't be easy, yet i can setup crux servers fine05:53
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romsterhmm i'm a idiot, didn't have agp on in the kernel but i did have framebuffer on.06:26
romsterwhy is agp under charicter devices and not in with the bus pci,isa,vesa etc, silly spot imo06:27
romsterhi acrux06:27
romsterok gotta reboot06:38
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romstermeh same problem...06:42
romsterbut now its in the kernel06:42
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romsterok copyed to /etc/X11/xorg.conf and changed BusID from PCI to AGP then it asked for video-mga wont compile...06:52
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treachhm, anyone familiar with gdm present?06:58
romstersorry treach07:02
romstercan anyone compile xorg-xf86-video-mga and confirm its broken?07:02
treachyeah. I guess I'll have to wait for jaeger to show up.07:03
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romsteri'm trying to get xorg to load :/07:05
treachwhat's the problem?07:08
romsterwell it complained it can't run in directbuffer mode so i added the to /etc/X11/ and edited the BuferID to agp but left the numbers as was for pci then it compains mga isn't installed so i goto build mga and it failes07:09
romsterxorg-xf86-video-mga won't compile and i tryed version 1.4.1 and also went back to 1.4.0 but still no luck07:11
romsterglxinit.h error07:11
treachok, gcc related..?07:11
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romstergcc 4.0.3 off the 2.2 crux cd07:12
romsterstanderd crux 2.2 i686, with sysup done.07:12
acrux Building '/usr/ports/x11r7/xorg-xf86-video-mga/xorg-xf86-video-mga#1.4.1-1.pkg.tar.gz' succeeded.07:13
acruxromster: here compiles fine07:13
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acruxdo you have installed al the dependencies ?07:15
romsteryes all dependancys are installed07:16
acruxSetting up prt-get...07:16
acruxprt-get depinst --install-scripts xorg07:16
romsteron another note glitz won't compile either07:17
acruxprt-get depinst --install-scripts xorg-xf86-video-mga07:17
romsteri didn't try the install scripts doh07:17
acruxeh, it's important for x11r7 to run scripts07:17
romsteroh crap and i didn't when i instaled xorg07:18
romsterhow do i remove all the ports of xorg, pkgrm dosn't have a recursive remove, and i suck with find, all i can think of is find -iname xorg-*07:26
* romster sucks at xorg, yet i can do servers fine, damn it i want a GUI :)07:27
treachbe creative with prt-get listinst, grep, awk and xargs. :p07:28
romsteri'm already getting withdraw symptions, and getting edgy to give up on xorg untill i can hassle someone for help07:28
romstergrep i haven't got to lern well yet.07:28
romsterguess i'll have to learn it now07:29
treachI don't have on this system so I can't check it out, but something like this should work: prt-get listinst | grep -E xorg\* | xargs prt-get remove07:33
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romsterah thanks tilman  i was tuck on the pipe stuff07:44
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romsterhad to add {} to the end but i got them off now07:48
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romsteroh hell still the same shit07:51
romsterguess i'll try to recompile it all again...07:52
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romsterhrmm that location seems to be conflicting with X11 which i didn't install but wehn i used depinst it got added...08:01
treachand guess why. :)08:02
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treachjaeger: I have a problem with gdm here.. If I try to put it in the service array in rc.conf I just get a blank screen and then the screen enters sleep mode. However, if I boot on the cd, and tell it to use the hda as root it works perfectly..08:06
treachany ideas?08:06
jaegerdoes X work fine, otherwise, when you boot normally?08:06
treachyou mean with startx? Yeah.08:06
pitillotreach, and what about the log when it hangs?08:07
jaegerpretty odd. can you kill it or switch to another VC?08:07
treachjaeger: nah.08:07
treachI just get a blank black screen.08:07
jaegernever seen that, myself... as pitillo said, is there anything in the log?08:08
jaegermight also check gdm's linking, I suppose08:09
treachnope. nothing useful.08:09
jaegernew one to me :( sorry08:10
treachok. :/08:10
treachthe really funny part is that it *used* to work..08:11
jaegerI'd try rebuilding it just in case, though I don't know if it'll help08:11
treachI made some insignificant changes to fstab, and rebooted, and now I get this crap.08:11
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romsterem doing that now with -ignore=x1108:15
romsteroh your talking about something else, i'm redoig xorg from scratch again...08:16
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treachjaeger: ok, thanks. Rebuilding apparently did the trick.08:18
jaegergood :) though I'd still love to know what the problem was08:19
treachaye, me too. :/08:19
romsterout of date lib?08:22
romsternot using ldconfig? or any number of other things08:22
treachno. it's fully up to date.08:22
romsteri think my problem with failing to compile was a x11 conflict with xorg08:23
treachand besides, I did NOTHING between it was working and when it stopped, except adding an entry in fstab for an usb stick.. :/08:23
romstershouldn't do that this time, damn  depends: line on some ports O_o08:23
jdolan_hey jaeger, what were gal and ggv?  i noticed they just popped up in my orphaned ports check.08:23
romstertreach: murphys law :)08:23
treachBut I thought that mostly applied to windows. :p08:24
jdolan_jaeger, and is it safe to remove them?  prt-get dependent does not list anything for either.08:24
jaegerjdolan: you can remove them, they've been replaced... ggv was a document viewer (replaced by the much nicer evince)08:24
jaegerI'd have to look up gal08:24
romstertreach: hehe, applies to anything i'm affraid ;)08:25
treachI take that as evince have gotten less buggy..08:25
jaegertreach: I haven't had any problems with it recently08:25
jaegerand ggv is a pain to build nearly every release of gnome or gcc, heh08:25
treachromster: sigh, and that goes double for me.. :/08:25
jdolan_jaeger, thanks buddy :)08:25
romsterjdolan_:  check to see if its a orphion iirc that'll confirm if its safe to remove or not08:25
romsterheh treach, still gotta get mine working :)08:26
jdolan_romster, that's what i did, i just wanted to be sure nothing else would be linking into it.08:26
romsteri'm like a noob at xorg, compared to linux servers and winblows08:26
jdolan_for i in $(prt-get listinst); do prt-get path $i >/dev/null 2>&1 || echo $i; done08:26
treachjaeger: ok, I hit that ugly printing bug a while ago, that was quite a turn-off for me. :/08:26
jaegerjdolan: np08:26
romsterjdolan_: unless something isn't listed on the depends line :P08:26
jdolan_romster, naturally ;)  that's why i also asked, tho.  instead of just trusting prt-get dependent.08:27
jaegertreach: haven't had any problems printing, either, fortunately08:27
treachjaeger: ok, tried printing just a few pages instead of the whole document lately?08:27
* sepen repo: for port in `ls -1`; do [ -d $port ] && findredundantdeps -v $port; done08:28
sepenall my ports are fine! xD08:28
* jdolan_ mumbles something about re-adding strict-sync back into pkgsync08:28
jaegertreach: yes :)08:28
jdolan_would make killing off stale packages somewhat automated.08:29
treachthat used to be a really nasty experince..08:29
jdolan_have to be careful with strict-sync, tho.  if your nfs mount isn't present for any portion of the sync, you could essentiall pkgrm *08:29
jdolan_(that's why i removed it, actually)08:29
romsterthat be something to avoid!08:30
jdolan_i suppose checks could be in place to ensure stuff is there.  and i think a "Do you really want to strict sync?" confirm would help.08:30
jaegertreach: I DO still get that problem with openoffice calc sometimes =(08:30
treachgah. :/08:30
sepenWhy? if all my ports are fine I have this error trying to depisntall someone $ prt-get depinst icecc08:31
sepenprt-get: cyclic dependencies found08:31
jdolan_their ports apparently have errors.08:31
sepenIm using findredundantdeps08:31
jaegertry deptree08:33
sepenif I try with deptree it does a infinite loop08:35
sepenIm looking for manually08:35
sepenI find the problem08:39
sepenshould be icecc->icebgset08:39
deus_exCan xine use mplayer plugins?08:41
* deus_ex does sane thing-reads man xine08:44
sepennymacro, /usr/ports/nym/sip has failed =======> ERROR: Downloading '' failed.08:47
sepencan you fix it please?08:48
deus_exYes, it can.08:50
sepennymacro, the current location for sip is
sepenthere is a new version08:55
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jaegerCan anyone recomment a simple serial terminal app for linux? I haven't used one in years. Doesn't need to be X/gui.09:21
jaegerrecommend, too09:22
jaegerok, I'll give it a try. thanks.09:22
bd2it's not so simple, I mean it's little bloated at my POV. but it works09:23
jaegerI just need it to talk to my router, should be sufficient :)09:23
sepenjaeger, you have to solder the cable09:24
* bd2 hate menu-driven console appps, such as minicom :-)09:24
jaegerI've already got a cable09:24
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jdolan_do i have to play with hotplug to get sane working?09:52
jdolan_(usb scaner)09:52
romsternoooo, stupid error again...09:53
romsterand i recompiled _everything_ for xorg ...09:53
romstermag still throws errors09:53
romsterhrmm mesa3d...09:55
jdolan_ah hah.  only if i want access to the scanner as non-root user.09:57
jdolan_hotplug makes me want to switch operating systems.09:57
jdolan_what a complicated, backwards heap of poo.09:57
jdolan_i've no idea how user-friendly distros handle that mess..09:58
predatorfreakjdolan_: I think it's probably the udev-given permissions to the USB device.09:58
jdolan_"yea, let's make every device require a shell script!?  users can handle that."09:58
jdolan_predatorfreak, right.09:58
predatorfreakHacking the udev rules should fix that.09:59
predatorfreakor they might not even need to be hacked.09:59
predatorfreakI forget if CRUX has a usb or similar group.09:59
predatorfreakjdolan_: scanner group :P09:59
romsterwhy the hell is it wanting to install mesa3d from opt when i got it in x11r6 and that portdir is lower int he prt-get.conf file..10:00
mike_kjdolan: fresh article on udev rules
sepenfinally I port all ice* packages
predatorfreakShouldn't be needed*10:00
predatorfreakSince the scanner group basically gains permissions over scanner devices.10:01
romsterya just add a group to fstab?10:01
mike_kpredatorfreak: just to mention related stuff10:01
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predatorfreakmike_k: Might help in the future though :P10:01
romsteror was it in the sudoers file?10:01
jjpkromster: fstab has nothing to do with permissions.10:01
predatorfreakI'm talking about user groups.....10:01
romstersudoers or somgething to add a group for access to usb etc, meh how can i get around this pos that wont compile10:02
romsterxorg is a pain10:02
predatorfreakromster: He just needs to add his primary user to the scanner group and relogin, really.10:03
romsterhmm k10:05
jdolan_thx guys.10:09
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romsterbah xorg-makedepend wasn't in the dependancy list!10:16
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treachbtw, romster: ... the key is to have the repo you prefer *above* the conflicting one in the list..10:20
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romsterah now i got that sorted i got no screens found10:28
romsteri thought it was below10:28
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romsterhmm ok i got to get the right driver for my nvidia4 mx420 agp10:39
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romsterhow come my agp vid card says PCI*(1:5:0) and i entered that into the xorg.conf and still no devices and i've got the xorg-xf86-video-nv installed11:23
pitilloromster, can you paste the xorg.conf?11:24
romstervery dificult i got screen running and em in console mode between vim and irssi :(11:27
romsterbasicly says no screens found so it means its not deetecting the driver?11:27
tilmanlook for warnings WW11:28
tilmanand errors EE11:28
romsterat the very top i got a unable to open inet6 but i don't have ipv6 on my lan so i dunno about that.11:30
romsterall the font directoris don't exist but thats jsut a warning, prolly need to cd in and do mkfontdir on each of them?11:30
pitilloromster, cat it and grep PCI11:30
romsterwww open ACPI failed11:31
romsterbut i use agp video card not pci..11:31
pitilloromster, you said you entered som PCI bus info into the xorg conf, can you paste that line?11:32
romsteri can type it ya11:37
romsterwell it says in the detected pic devices my nvidia card is PCI:*(1:5:0)11:40
romsterit appears just after PCI to ISA bridge, wtf there is no isa on the board11:41
pitilloromster, but which line added to the xorg.conf?11:41
romsterBusID "PCI:1:5:0"11:42
romsterthats what i added11:42
romsterto match the 1:5:0 that i saw in the log11:43
romsterthis is very frustration why can't it be set to use AGP011:43
romsteranyway i can probe the device instead of letting xorg probe it?11:45
romsterso i can see te details, but i do know what the card is already11:45
romsteragp nvidia4 mx420 64MB11:46
RyoShow can i make the console use framebuffer? just installed via jaeger's iso and tried the framebuffer and it looks so neat that i want11:49
RyoS*it :)11:52
romsterdidn't know it works in console mode, i'm trying to get xorg working :)11:54
RyoSi am compiling xfree right now :x11:55
romsterand now i'm screwing up the xorg.conf file...12:12
romsterhow do i set the damn device to nv?12:12
romsteri tryed and it jsut won't work12:12
romsterany one got a example xorg.conf i can view from elinks?12:13
RyoSmaybe me, dont know :)
RyoSi might have deleted it some days back but cant check myself right now  ^^12:14
RyoSno x, no elinks12:14
RyoSis it still up?12:20
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jaegerRyoS: just a couple kernel config options for the framebuffer console12:22
RyoSoh really? mh will check that soon when everything else has finished12:25
RyoSand i can configure it so it uses it for default?12:25
jaegerto make it default, add a vga= line to your lilo.conf or menu.lst12:25
pitilloromster, here is mine if can help you
RyoSalright, thanks man :)12:25
jaegercheck /usr/src/linux-*/Documentation/fb/vesafb.txt12:26
romsterarg i'm getting a headache trying to figure this all out been at it for like 3-4 hours now and i'm getting sich of this..12:45
romstertoo many labels etc, and devices in the example12:46
jaegerwhat are you doing? I missed the beginning, I think12:48
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romsteri can not stand using elinks12:50
romsterjust trying to get xorg to reconise my nvidia video driver12:51
RyoSxorg-config, ever tried?12:51
romsterjust did vim xorg.conf :/12:51
RyoSwell then12:51
RyoSgive it a try12:51
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romsterhrmm ok given depth is not supported O_o13:03
jaegerI always use Xorg -configure, myself13:03
romster24 bit is supported thro i've had this monitor at 24 bit colour in winblows hmm13:03
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romsterat 1024x128013:04
romsteri didn't know of the configur though i had to mess witht he example config meh13:04
romsterok i changed 24 to 16 adn still same error13:05
romsteroo defaultdepth13:07
romsterok that got a odd effect blank screen monitor whissle then stuff abotu bad font paths.13:07
romstermust have the vid mode off a bit still13:07
RyoSeverytime i try to build hans glibc port, i get a kernel panic and my pc crashes :|13:07
romsterRyoS: odd i edited the one in core and just changed the version number :)13:08
romsterbut that i did on my other pc13:08
romsterserv, has latist glibc and gcc4.1.113:08
romsterhmm ok messing with video modes more13:09
romsteri think i have it now, just getting xfce4 then i'll see if it works13:13
romsterRyoS: i also had a kernel panic from a bad 'tar' and that poisened my kernel so maybe update tar then redo the kernel from the tar.gz13:14
RyoSyea, will do that maybe :) guess its that13:15
RyoSdownloaded the kernel with dads windows pc and wonderd when it simply removed the .bz2 from the filename13:15
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romsteryay got it to start with a xterm13:33
romsterbut it still complains about font paths and i haven't got xfce4 or kde to load yet..13:33
romsteri got the global .xinitrc in my home dir.13:34
romsterand edited it to be xfce4 & exec xterm.....13:34
romsterbut no xfce4 :/13:34
romsteri forgot how i ran it last time13:35
romsterhi delinquent13:35
delinquenthi jaeger, hi romster. do any of you guys enable ipv6 on your crux installation? any problem?13:38
jaegerI have used it before, not in the last month or so, though13:39
jaegerno problems13:39
delinquentwell, i compiled it directly into the kernel, not into modules, but failed on tests on connecting to others. any ideas?13:40
delinquentbtw, im using kernel
jaegerno idea, sorry, haven't had any trouble myself13:43
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delinquentOK. the fault is probably mine. im still trying to understand how ipv6 work :-(13:46
jaeger          inet6 addr: 2001:5c0:8fff:fffe::15d/128 Scope:Global13:46
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delinquentis that from your ifconfig? mine is: inet6 addr: fe80::202:3fff:fe7d:f56f/64 Scope:Link13:47
jaegerdoes your ISP route ipv6? if not, you'll need a tunnel broker13:47
jaegerthat looks like a default one assigned when ipv6 is loaded13:48
delinquenti see. thats prolly the culprit :-)  im not even sure my ISP routes ipv6 :-)13:49
jaegerthey probably don't13:51
jaegertry or
jjpkExtremely few provide any ipv6 services. Most probably have never even heard of it, apart from the techs.13:51
delinquent:-) thanks for the info. then i need to signup with a free tunnel broker13:52
jaegerI know the techs at my ISP haven't got a clue about it13:52
jaegerthey know the name and nothing else13:52
jjpkComforting to know isn't it. ;)13:52
jaegerdelinquent: yeah, you sign up with them and probably run a small daemon on your local machine13:53
*** bd2 has joined #crux13:53
delinquentdaemon as in services run inetd?13:53
delinquenti meant as executed by inetd?13:54
jaegernot necessarily anything related to inetd but something that runs all the time and monitors your link13:54
jaegerhexago's isn't run by inetd13:54
*** jorgp has left #crux13:54
*** sepen has joined #crux13:55
jjpkIt probably is just some small independent daemon.13:56
delinquenthexago seems like selling services and products. as in not free :-(13:58
*** romster has quit IRC13:58
delinquenti've been looking at this:
delinquentyeah..thanks for the pointer to hexago .footprint and Pkgfile. i should try that.14:01
*** s_warlock has quit IRC14:02
delinquenti'm now running pkgmk on it. thanks.14:03
*** acrux has quit IRC14:04
*** acrux_ has joined #crux14:04
delinquentis it better to run it as v6v4 or v6udpv4? or it mostly depends on the tunnel broker?14:06
jaegerdepends on the broker, probably14:11
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delinquentyou're right. default config is v6anyv4, which lets the broker decides.14:14
*** strw_ is now known as strw14:27
jdolan_is it generally considered safe to create websites for 1024x768 minimum resolution yet?14:43
jdolan_800x600 is really cramping my style.14:43
copwork800x600 is ega, right ?14:47
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jorgpcan you maintain 2 different gcc versions on a single system with crux? like gcc 3.4 and gcc 4.1.1?14:51
jaegersure, if the ports are built to allow it14:52
jorgpI asked that because while installing net-dbus perl mod, I found a depend that was hard coded for gcc-3.4 only14:54
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romsteri can't download arts says 40414:54
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romsteri changed the path and got it15:11
delinquentromster: i tried pkgmk -d for for arts using existing Pkgfile, and it works. no need to change the path15:14
delinquentromster: got your xfce4 running yet?15:15
delinquenti'm  using kde, it's great, but i need to download and compile around 100MB worth of sourcecode :-(15:18
delinquentdoes anyone know where to get ready made packages for crux?15:25
jaegerthere is no official repository of binary packages15:25
deus_exHm.SCG-$african country 2:215:28
tilmancote d'ivoire...15:30
deus_extilman: Thanks.15:32
deus_exI'm not watching it, but I hear neighbourhoud reacting.15:32
romsterya i had it on but i had a werid thing when i have the mouse cursor on the pannel it would flash on and off, never seen that b415:36
romstergetting kdebase atm15:36
romsterjaeger: guess its my custom patch i made to use prozilla on pkgutils then15:37
tilmandeus_ex: what does SCG stand for? i can only guess the 'S' :)15:39
tilmanand yes i'm too lazy to FGI :P15:39
deus_exSrbija i Crna Gora15:40
romsterfgi= fucken google it?15:40
deus_exromster: Yup.15:40
deus_extilman: We lost the CG part recently.15:41
deus_exMontenegro-black mountain.15:42
deus_exMain export product:rocks and Monteniggers.15:45
tilmandeus_ex: ah, thought it might be english and couldn't figure it out ;)15:45
tilmanromster: "fucking" in english :)15:46
deus_extilman: It would be SAM then.15:46
deus_exIt is just the S now.15:47
deus_exIf the king comes back, I don't now.15:48
deus_exKing is much more fluent in english than serbian, though.15:51
*** delinquent has quit IRC15:53
deus_exSCG 100% failure rate.15:53
*** delinquent has joined #crux15:54
deus_exAnd the excuses start.15:55
romstertilman: "fucken" in aussie slang :P15:58
*** pitillo has quit IRC16:05
will[werk]Slang for what?16:10
*** delinquent has quit IRC16:11
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romsterwill[werk]: "fucken" is slang for "fuck" and don't you mean work not werk :)16:34
*** delinquent has quit IRC16:44
*** Brzi has quit IRC16:48
jorgpwhere is the recommended place to put ports like httpup sync gcc-34ssp16:53
*** jdolan_ has quit IRC16:54
*** deus_ex has quit IRC17:04
*** koefz has quit IRC17:09
jorgplets see how long it takes to compile gcc 4.1.1 on a PII/40017:10
*** jaeger has joined #crux17:11
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*** romster has joined #crux18:10
romsterdesktop works but its full of squares, i got the wrong font or format or something18:10
romstermakes me wonder what and where do i set that18:10
*** laod_ has joined #crux18:12
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*** romster has joined #crux18:21
romsterthat was good... not, start xorg without sudo and i had nothing but xorg running and couldn't exited it18:22
romsterhad to reboot :/18:22
*** GSF has joined #crux18:23
will[werk]romster:  Ctrl+Alt+Backspace?18:25
romsteri tryed a few combinations but not that one lol18:26
*** koefz has quit IRC18:27
romster<-- windows user :/18:27
will[werk]<-- Windows users too.18:27
will[werk]<-- Windows user too.18:27
romsteri tryed the 3 finger sulite and ctrl+esc etc18:27
romsterheh that can't spell, werk is ment to be work :)18:27
will[werk]What about Ctrl+Alt+F218:27
romsteranyways where do i set the font and/or codepage i can't read squares :)18:28
romstersetfont --help < looking at that now, but i really have no idea what i'm doing18:28
romsternew to xorg18:28
romsterbut able to setup servers18:29
romsteri'm venturing out of winblows ;)18:29
will[werk]Windows is a great OS.18:29
romsterand i'm very expeareanced in windows to the point of sick of not being too restricted and slow18:32
* romster goes looking for the codepage stuff18:32
*** laod__ has quit IRC18:32
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romstermeh i'll try later getting tired now18:56
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