IRC Logs for #crux Thursday, 2006-06-22

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marogdb 6.5 :)01:53
marowhy isn't /usr/lib/ executable?02:57
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HanDoes it matter? :-)03:09
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rxiHan: becuase someone might hax0r my 1337 box :P03:22
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pitillorxi, may be was a noob fighter xD03:57
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pitilloIm remaking a port of my collection to install it with depinst option. In Depends on I have two ports, but when try depinstall, tries to install the last packege defined in Deps. Why dont try to get the first package? Am I missing somethig?04:56
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romsterpitillo: on depinst you got: port1 port2 ? or you using port1, port205:41
romsterwhere do i set the char encoding and font type on xorg?05:43
romsteri'm still looking for it from there wiki site and in the man pages05:43
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GSFromster: you mean some specific app?05:45
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pitilloromster, I see the xfce4 Pkgfile, and wrote Depends on: port1, port205:48
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pitilloIm remaking the ports with newer versions.. I?ll try it when change the repo05:52
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pitilloneed to work better to make nice ports... need to link manuals to their location... learning bit a bit and trying to make better ports :)06:02
romsterGSF: no the xorg server itself i got kdebase on it and i get squares on all the text06:04
romsterpitillo: try just "port1 port2" or "port1,port2" i think "port1, port2" dosn't get parsed.06:05
romsterpitillo:  link manuals to there location use the "install" comamnd :) "install --help"06:06
romsteryou'll find heaps of ports to use as a refereance.06:07
pitilloromster, Im using links to install the manuals06:08
pitilloromster, its better to use install instead of ln ?06:09
pitillos/its/is it06:10
pitilloinstall makes another copy... imo it?s better to link it06:15
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romsterpitillo: yes best to install the man pages to /usr/man...06:25
romsterlook at other ports :)06:25
romsterinstall to the right location for man pages and rm the others out of the package06:26
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romsteror in some cases i skip the make install part and do it all manually06:26
romsterdepends how much pain it is todo06:26
romstercan someone help me please i get invalid font path yet the paths are correct, and i cant figure out the squares for my text, wrong charicter encoding? where do i set this?06:27
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pitilloneed to review all my ports :D Im too bad by now. Learning bit a bit...06:30
pitilloromster, I dont know if this can help you... got it from yhafri?s truetype port06:33
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romsterk i'll give that a shot06:42
RyoSromster: i did build the new kernel - worked, thanks for the advice :)06:43
rxiromster: did you flush the font cache?06:44
romsterrxi: nope06:44
romster< very new to desktops on linux, i feel like a noob again hehe06:44
romsteri can do servers no problem but desktops arg, frustrating :)06:45
RyoShow many people to actually use xorg7?06:45
romsterso how do i flush the font cache?06:45
rxiromster: just run fc-cache iirc06:45
rxiits not flushing just does something with the font list06:45
romsterk i'll try that aswell06:45
romsterRyoS: be more since win xp pro has bs guneine advantage lockouts and vista and the stupid new protection schemes and insane amount of system resources needed to run vista :)06:46
RyoS hu? ^^06:47
romsterwell more and more people are leaving winblows to other desktops06:47
RyoSyes thats right, but that wasnt the question at all :P ^^06:47
rehabdolli feel the same romster.. im also a desktop newbie06:48
romsterfor a number who would anyone know?06:48
romsterrehabdoll: cool i'm not alone :)06:48
RyoSbtw romster, i finaly did install tor on my router, so i will setup it soon for my little network ^^06:48
romsterheh cool06:48
romsterthat was a bitch of a port todo :)06:49
RyoSmy router actually runs openbsd06:49
romsteri have a tendency to pick some of the hard programs to package heh06:49
RyoSi kinda hate the ports system there Oo06:49
RyoSthe hardest are the best :P06:49
romsterheh switch it to crux :)06:49
RyoSi never will touch that system again ^^ it will run until it blows06:50
romsteror modify the ports pkgutils to run on bsd?06:50
RyoSi thought han has such a port?06:50
romsterdunno ask han :)06:50
RyoSread something about it on the crux homepage :) cool thing but i dont know06:50
RyoSi better go download and compile all that stuff myself before using some third party ports tools06:51
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RyoSbut as stated, the ports system is a mess imo @ {open,free}BSD06:51
RyoSi tried freebsd some days back, downloaded the newest ports tree via cvs, and i did succeed in building anything06:52
RyoSi was going strict with the handbook.. no one knows what ive done wrong.. :)06:53
* RyoS <3 CRUX06:53
romsterhrmm i don't have truetype in /usr/share/fonts/ only override06:53
romsterRyoS: heh06:54
romsteri used to mess with CORE linux dunno if its a dead distro or not but it was like CRUX but no package system all manually installed programs O_o06:55
RyoSnoone can compare with crux :p06:55
romsteri don't have freetype hmmz06:55
RyoSits the best06:55
RyoSgood that at least hans x11 port builds.. though i want xfree for my desktop... why does noone provide a good xfree port? :P06:57
maroRyoS: why do you want xfree86?07:01
RyoSbecause i am gangster07:04
RyoSno sorry, i want to test it out07:04
RyoSa friend says it runs much much smoother than xorg.. just curious :)07:05
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RyoShe is running crux too, he could once make a package for me :p07:06
romstergod damn still can't get the font to be readable stupid squares07:08
RyoSdo you use nvidia?07:09
romstergeforce 407:09
RyoScrux 2.2?07:09
romsterand xorg07:09
RyoSand nvidia drivers right? not nv?07:09
romsterjsut nv atm07:09
RyoSmh stupid07:10
RyoSlast time i tried 2.2 with xorg and nvidia, my font kept disappearing and so on :)07:10
RyoSwith nv it did work, but not that smooth as it should have been07:10
romsterwell i got squares indicating wrong char encoding?07:10
RyoSi dunno, sorry, maybe yes07:10
RyoScant tell07:10
RyoSyou did xorg-config right?07:11
romsterand i can't figure out where to set the encoding type07:11
RyoSor maybe try to run xorg without a config file07:11
romstertryed both07:11
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RyoSok, cant help then, sorry07:11
romsteris really bugging me i'm like '' that close to being able to build up my desktop07:12
romsterbit hard when i can't read anything :P07:12
RyoS haha ^^'07:12
RyoSlifes a bitch right? just kick xorg :p07:12
RyoSmaybe try a different version07:12
RyoSyou try 7.0?07:13
RyoSi never got 7.0 working :P maybe try 6.9 :)07:13
RyoSi can even send you the package if you want it when i am done building it...07:13
RyoSshould be done soon.. :)07:13
RyoS<- brb07:14
romster6.9 is the old system 7.0 is modular and i got 7.107:19
romsternew version of kdebase i'm building it and hoping07:19
RyoSgood luck :)07:21
RyoSi am off for some work :)07:21
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romsteri'm off to the pub i'll try it out later :)07:32
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deus_exls -al /usr/lib/libGL.so09:39
deus_exlrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 17 Jun 22 16:32 /usr/lib/ ->
deus_exThat's how it is supposed to be, right?09:40
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jaegerdeus_ex: looks ok to me09:41
jaegeras long as you're an nvidia user09:41
deus_exjaeger: I am.Problem is that symlink didn't exist.09:41
deus_exI ran gl-select nvidia.09:42
jaegeryeah, it's just an annoying ldconfig thing... since nvidia's library has an extra extension09:42
deus_exOnly symlink to nvidia's GL library was
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deus_exThat's why this happened: /usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lGL09:45
deus_ex collect2: ld returned 1 exit status09:45
deus_exWhen I built mythv.09:46
deus_exShouldn't gl-select make that extra symlink?09:47
deus_exSame goes for libGLcore.so09:48
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jaegerit probably should, but it doesn't yet09:51
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deus_exjaeger: No worries, I thought I fcked up.09:55
deus_exNot uncommon.09:55
deus_exLet's see if mythtv actually compiles this time.09:56
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yiphello crux!10:15
yipi am having big big troubles with getting all my hardware working10:15
ningohello crux!10:19
co|workhi crux!10:19
tilmanhello crux!10:19
ningoi am having big big troubles with getting my toaster working10:19
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co|worki am getting huge trouble getting my bike running again10:20
ningoaaawwwww, poor co|work10:20
yipam i supposed to make an /etc/modules.conf file?10:20
pitilloco|work, have you seen if it has wheels? xD10:21
co|workhad to repair my tube today10:21
tilmanyip: you mean modprobe.conf?10:21
tilmanyou can do that :P10:21
yiptilman: i'm not sure, i've read on the internet a lot about /etc/modules.conf10:22
pitilloyip, take a look to the handbook at CRUX site10:22
yippitillo: i've read that, it doesn't mention /etc/modules.conf, only /etc/rc.modules10:23
pitilloyip, can you specify the problem you are getting? do you have the rc.modules well configured?10:24
yippitillo: my problem is that i am too newbie to know how to configure /etc/rc.modules :(10:25
pitilloyip, then you are to newbie to use CRUX...10:26
pitilloyip, in /etc/rc.modules you need to load your kernel modules10:26
yippitillo: i have everything else working great, just the kernel modules aren't configured. this is the only thing i don't know how to do10:26
pitilloyip, compile your kernel, generate the needed modules and setup the rc.modules file with the path to your generated modules. Google it. There are a lot of info about rc.modules10:28
yippitillo: ok so just to make sure, i should *not* have a /etc/modules.conf file?10:29
sepenyip, all you need is add this command: 'insmod /path/to/module.ko' in /etc/rc.modules10:30
tilman'modprobe module' is nicer ;)10:31
pitilloyip, What is the objective of the use of modules.conf file?10:31
sepenmodprobe.conf cuold be better for you10:31
yipi've read that modules.conf is supposed to list the modules that are loaded at boot time, using a special file format with lines like: "alias char-major-116 snd"10:32
deus_ex'modprobe module' also takes care of any dependent modules/10:32
pitillotilman, nice tip... need to make depmod first ?10:32
tilmanpitillo: depmod is done by 'make modules_install'10:33
tilmanmy rc.modules has '/sbin/depmod -a'10:33
tilmani think i didn't add that manually ;)10:33
pitillotilman, true, it?s added by default. Nice to know it10:34
yipbtw, is it possible that crux installer has a bug and /tmp isn't created with correct permissions?10:35
pitilloyip, take a look to fstab and see the mount options of tmp...10:36
jjpktilman: that line is default.10:36
yippitillo: nope, tmp is not a seperate partition10:36
tilmanuse tmpfs :)10:37
tilmanjjpk: \o/10:37
yiptilman: i don't want to use tmpfs :)10:37
jjpkThen what is the problem with /tmp and its permissions?10:37
yipit wasn't user writable10:38
HanWhy don't you say what it was, directly?10:38
yipi don't remember10:38
pitilloyip, but if you are not using it...10:38
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yipdo i need dbus?10:50
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jjpkIt's not required.10:56
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yipi'm recompiling the kernel now, this time with nothing compiled as a module11:18
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deus_exWith some beating up, mythv compiled and installed.11:31
* deus_ex rejoices11:31
jjpkFinally done. Congrats.11:32
deus_exjjpk: Thanks, man.11:32
deus_exI'm glad it's over :D11:32
deus_exNow, to create mythtv user/group and start mysql.11:33
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yipafter "make" step of kernel compilation, before doing "make modules_install", can_i/should_i delete contents of /lib/modules?12:18
yipwhy not?12:18
predatorfreakyip: It will fuck stuff up?12:20
yipok thanks :)12:20
yipbtw has anyone tried using the hurd with crux?12:21
predatorfreakyip: No and trust me when I say this, it's probably never going to happen.12:26
yipyou mean that there never will be a version of crux that comes with the hurd. but i should be able to install hurd on my own crux system without major problems, right?12:27
jjpkHighly doubt it would be that simple.12:28
jjpkIf it ever materializes, which is very unlikely.12:29
deus_exyip: That would be an 'interesting' experience....12:29
deus_exWhy would you want hurd, anyway?12:29
tilmanhurd hurts12:29
tilmanright? ;)12:29
deus_exright :)12:30
yiptinker with it and make patches :-O12:30
deus_exThen Debian is distro for you.12:30
deus_exThey have, afaik, hurd version.12:31
yipyeah but they are also afaik, bloated12:31
deus_exIt would save you a *lot* of time.12:31
yipdon't think so. i hear that the hurd is not hard to install12:32
deus_exIf you want to fiddle with hurd, bloated is least of your worries.12:32
deus_exLast I heard, hurd is mostly vaporware.12:33
deus_exTo be released RealSoonNow.12:34
deus_exUsable release, that is.12:35
deus_exBut, what do I know?12:35
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deus_exIf you want to fiddle with bleeding edge, try xen.12:36
predatorfreakdeus_ex: Hurd is about as unbleeding-edge as you can get.12:37
predatorfreakIt barely cuts paper ;)12:37
deus_expredatorfreak: I pretty much had that feeling :)12:37
rehabdollwould be nice with another gnu kernel to play around with though12:38
predatorfreakdeus_ex: Well I suppose you could throw HURD on a stick and use it as a hammer instead of a knife ;)12:39
deus_exMy point, pretty poorly made, is:if you are eager to fiddle, use smth12:39
deus_extaht would be actaully usefull.12:39
deus_expredatorfreak: So, hurd *does* have its uses ;-)12:40
predatorfreakor just use Dragonfly BSD.12:40
predatorfreakAt least they are going places.12:40
predatorfreakdeus_ex: I suppose :)12:41
predatorfreakThey still can't pin down WHICH microkernel they want to use.12:42
predatorfreakFirst it was Mach.12:42
predatorfreakThen it was L4.12:42
predatorfreakNow it's something else.12:42
deus_exWhat was that saying?'If you only have a hammer, all problems look like nails'?12:42
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*** ChanServ sets mode: +o jaeger12:42
predatorfreakdeus_ex: Not sure.12:43
predatorfreakAlthough I think I'd feel safer with a nice rapier or something ;)12:43
deus_expredatorfreak: Maybe they need to go TheWayOfNT.12:44
* deus_ex checks wikipedia for exact name.12:45
predatorfreakdeus_ex: hehehehe.12:45
predatorfreakGNU HURD, now with Windows NT.12:45
predatorfreak*Bill Gates enters with his pants off*12:46
predatorfreakRichard Stallman: ERRRRRR.12:46
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predatorfreakRichard Stallman will probably send his GNU fanatics to kill me now.12:46
romsterya all know bill gates is steping down in 2 years12:48
deus_exHere we go:hybrid kernel(NT).
romsteris back from the pub :P12:49
predatorfreakromster: He's still there for now.12:49
romsterheh 2 years and hes out though, i hope12:49
romsterinternet exploder :P12:49
deus_exromster: That wouldn't change much.12:49
predatorfreakdeus_ex: Some hybrid kernel's have worked well.12:50
predatorfreakSome haven't.12:50
predatorfreakNT hasn't.12:50
deus_exIf Balmer doesn't go with him.12:50
romsterprolly not but its a nice thought that es leaving12:50
deus_expredatorfreak: It had potential.12:50
jjpkVista is already giving ms enough headaches, it's all good. :D12:51
deus_exThen marketdroids kicked in.12:51
romsterhybrid kernel hrmm12:51
romsteri'll look at that later atm i'm in the process from moving from win xp pro to xorg modular12:51
predatorfreakDragonfly BSD proves they can be done right.12:52
predatorfreakYou just need too properly utilise the crap on hand.12:52
deus_expredatorfreak: BeOS?12:52
romstercrap on hand O_o12:53
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predatorfreakdeus_ex: BeOS is primarily dead.12:53
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predatorfreakWith ZETA doing some stuff.12:53
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o jaeger12:53
predatorfreakBut not enough to be "interesting".12:53
predatorfreakIt's just BeOS 5 rehashed.12:53
predatorfreakWith minor bug fixing and such.12:54
deus_expredatorfreak: I know, but it was pretty advanced for its time, as it not?12:54
pitillocan anyone take a look to 3 ports ? (nessus ports)12:54
predatorfreakdeus_ex: True.12:54
predatorfreakpitillo: Why does nessus-core install the man pages by hand?12:55
predatorfreakDoesn't make install do it? o.O12:55
predatorfreakalso is the ls really needed?12:55
deus_expredatorfreak: How can M$, with some of the brightest minds in the field working for it, not12:56
deus_exmake a decent OS?12:56
predatorfreakcp $PKGMK_SOURCE_DIR/$name-GPL-$version.$release.tar.gz $PKG/12:56
predatorfreaktar xvfz $PKG/$name-GPL-$version.$release.tar.gz12:56
predatorfreakpitillo: ..... pkgmk does that for you, doesn't it?12:56
predatorfreakor does the .8.tar.gz fudge it?12:56
predatorfreakdeus_ex: I've wondered that too.12:57
romsterpitillo: ask me later when i'm in a OS i know :)12:57
pitilloxD the ls isnt needed... well, need to see if installs manuals12:57
predatorfreakI determined they where all too busy getting raped in the ass.12:57
predatorfreakpitillo: Other than that, fine.12:57
deus_exOr marketing-driven company.12:57
pitillopredatorfreak, thanks :)12:57
romsterdeus_ex: money it all boiles down to money12:58
predatorfreakdeus_ex: I like my theory better.12:58
predatorfreakIt's more plausible than just marketing.12:58
predatorfreakBill Gates: "So how's work going?"12:58
predatorfreakProgrammer: "Great great....... BILL GET YOUR HAND OUT OF MY PANTS."12:58
predatorfreakBill Gates: "AW COME ON DAMN IT."12:58
deus_exYou have a dirty mind.12:59
deus_exI like it.12:59
RyoSxfree build is complete =))12:59
predatorfreakdeus_ex: Of course I do.12:59
deus_exRyoS: xfree?12:59
romsterpredatorfreak: better not be gay :P~12:59
RyoSdeus_ex: yes xfree :o13:00
predatorfreakromster: Nah.13:00
romsterits xorg not old xfree8613:00
RyoSits xfree :P13:00
deus_exHence my confusion.13:00
RyoSits xfree because i downloaded the source from xfree, unpacked it and build it Oo13:01
predatorfreakRyoS: I'm guessing xfree 4.4 or whatever it is?13:01
RyoSXFREE! >_>13:01
predatorfreakAka "LOL BUTTSEX!" license.13:01
romsterXORG after 6.913:01
RyoSmore like13:01
RyoSsuprise buttsex!!13:01
deus_exRyoS: Why?13:01
RyoSbecause... what the hell do i know?13:01
deus_exGood enough reason, I guess.13:02
predatorfreakRyoS: Remember, it wasn't me who planted the surprise buttsex in your X! :P13:02
predatorfreakIt was....... wait for it......... deus_ex!13:03
romsterok i'm off to bed too drunk to be in linux when i'm not used to it :)13:03
romsterrofl predatorfreak13:03
predatorfreakromster: :)13:03
RyoSlol predatorfreak13:04
RyoSgoodnight romster13:04
romsternite dudes :)13:04
aongn :)13:05
deus_exromster: gn.13:05
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pitilloI think I made it a bit better :)13:42
*** sepen has quit IRC13:43
RyoSdude =D xfree runs like a charm with predatorfreaks suprise buttsex engine14:00
RyoSthats what i thought too14:01
RyoSits too bad you need an older glibc to build it14:01
RyoSbut it runs smooooth14:01
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RyoSthose are many questionmarks.. so, what do you want to know my friend?14:16
*** deus_ex has joined #crux14:16
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jorgp_stupid question for a newbie cruxer16:08
jorgp_if I add a port httpup sync gcc16:08
jorgp_build and install it, how do I tell ports that it exists, because ports -d says16:09
jorgp_gcc    ports 4.0.3          installed 4.1.116:09
jorgp_I have it in /usr/ports/alt16:10
guaquait does exist anyway, it just isn't from the standard repo16:10
guaquaand it shows it in a weird way, you can for example lock it in prt-get to avoid downgrading it by accident16:10
jorgp_how do I lock it?16:11
guaquaman prt-get16:11
jorgp_got it thanks16:14
guaquano prob16:15
RyoSdoes anybody got a working host for 'links'16:19
jaegerlinks? or elinks?16:32
*** pennkalet has quit IRC16:33
RyoSi want it to run with -g16:33
RyoSin framebuffer :) got it running, its so neat :o irrsi + fb... i barely miss X right now ^^16:33
RyoSbtw.. i want to install libxfixes.. (i am running xfree..) well.. i dont get it somehow :) i run ./confiugre and it says i am not having X installed... mh..16:34
RyoSwhat shall i do? any purpose? i tried --prefix=/usr/X11R6, which wont work.. but its stated like that in the INSTALL file16:34
RyoSpurpose? i am too tired to think i guess..16:38
jaegerno idea16:39
RyoSi may try tilmans xorg7 libxfixes16:39
RyoSwhat great ideas i have sometimes :rolleyes: ^^16:39
RyoSnah, same error... mh -_-16:42
RyoScant i fake that i have xorg installed?16:47
RyoSaaaaaaah, at least 'links'-downloadlink works again16:49
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TRIBBanybody round for support ??18:06
TRIBBi need to know if its possible to rebuild my system in a easy manner after at harddrive failure of the disk that contains /var ...18:07
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romsterowe me head, had a few drinks last nite :)20:14
*** vertah has joined #crux20:20
nipuLakira> crux; uname -r20:41
nipuLCRUX version 2.2-64bit20:41
thrice`I thought 64-bit crux died =|20:41
*** vertah has quit IRC20:43
nipuLdanm just isnt maintaining it anymore20:43
thrice`oh :(20:44
nipuLmost x86 ports work anyway20:45
nipuLplus there are plans for multiarch support20:46
mavrick61To any core meber: This "tar xvzf rsync.prt.tar.gz" contain wrong PKG version for RSYNC in ""  version 2.6.7 is obsolete at the curent version is 2.6.820:48
*** vertah has joined #crux20:50
romsteri want to use the 64 bit crux later when i get a amd64 so i might consider taking up the crux64 cd :)20:52
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sepenjaeger, look at this link
jaegerwhat about it?21:41
sepenthe wiki don't check that repo exists in portdb to print this httpup21:42
sepenin my opinion it should returns an error message or omite them21:43
*** vertah_ has joined #crux21:45
sepenI finished to write a new version of 'cruxer' (also ported in my repo) script, and now I can read repo.httpup like this: $ cruxer -ph repo ,, I experienced cruxer -ph xxx returns this21:45
sepenjaeger, could you take a look please, I'm interesting in your opinion21:46
*** vertah has quit IRC21:47
sepenjaeger, also my 'cruxer' could be good for debug de wiki, no that:21:49
sepen$ cruxer -i xxx xxx21:49
sepenPort: xxx21:49
sepen   Repository: xxx21:49
sepen   Version: missing Pkgfile!!21:49
sepen   Release: missing Pkgfile!!21:49
sepen   Description: missing Pkgfile!!21:49
sepen.... and more21:49
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