IRC Logs for #crux Friday, 2006-06-23

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pitillogood morning predatorfreak, can you "destroy" my nessus ports again? :)
predatorfreakpitillo: I suppose.01:10
predatorfreakpitillo: Is anything created that ISN'T owned by root?01:10
predatorfreakOther than that, looks fine.01:11
pitillopredatorfreak, that is a security way to asure the owner of files... Is not a good idea? only need to use it when any file isn?t owned by root?01:13
predatorfreakpitillo: So long as the files ARE owned by root that is entirely redundent.01:14
predatorfreakand in the case a file ISN'T owned by root, make sure the program DOESN'T want it that way.01:14
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pitillonice... I?ll take a look to be sure that all files are owned by root by default01:21
pitillopredatorfreak, thanks for the critics :)01:21
predatorfreakpitillo: No problem.01:24
pitilloI need to read your ports bit a bit :)01:25
predatorfreakpitillo: I learned all my stuff from core/opt, so read those instead :P01:28
pitillopredatorfreak, I read core/opt ports... I want to take a look to yours too  :)01:47
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predatorfreakpitillo: :)01:52
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pitillois not a way to pass the Pkgfiles like txt files to lighttpd ?02:00
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predatorfreakpitillo: Mind rephrasing that? o.O02:24
predatorfreakIt sends the files a text here.02:24
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pitillopredatorfreak, I mean to see them in browser... not download them.02:25
predatorfreakpitillo: That's not a problem with lighttpd.02:26
predatorfreakSince here it DOES send them in the proper format.02:27
predatorfreakMaybe it's your browser?02:27
pitillowell, I tried with firefox and lynx, and both try to download them02:28
predatorfreakpitillo: Err, oops it's sending them as application/octet-stream.02:29
predatorfreakFixed it.02:29
pitilloNice... thanks :)02:30
pitilloimo README?s and others would be good to be passed like text too.02:32
pitillosorry, I dont understand you. I dont want to disturb you, its only a opinion02:35
predatorfreakpitillo: I'm working on it.02:36
predatorfreakI'm just going to have it say "unless otherwise specified, the format is text/plain." by default.02:36
predatorfreakIt doesn't seem to support it.02:37
pitilloREADME?s are especificed like text/plain and passed like a bin... strange02:38
predatorfreakpitillo: There we go.02:39
predatorfreakI just made it pass everything not already mapped as a text/plain file.02:39
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predatorfreakI'd better map .php....02:40
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pitilloI dont understand why READMES (text/plain) are passed like binaries02:49
predatorfreakpitillo: I just fixed that.02:51
predatorfreakIt's likely your browsers cache playing tricks.02:51
pitillofirefox refresh...close firefox xD02:53
pitilloiea! it works fine.02:53
* predatorfreak hugs Opera.02:53
predatorfreakpitillo: :)02:53
predatorfreakCache can be an evil demon at times.02:53
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predatorfreak"I'm NOT leaving the basement before all sites follow W3C standards."03:02
predatorfreakPrepare to die in there!03:02
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co|workhaha, i just installed html validator ff plugin :)03:19
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pitillopredatorfreak, mistmach found in sylpheed-claws03:51
predatorfreakpitillo: My port?03:51
predatorfreakI should really nuke tha.t03:51
predatorfreakSince mike_k took over maintainership.03:51
pitillopredatorfreak,  true... I didn?t see the Maintainer, sorry.03:56
predatorfreakpitillo: I just nuked them.03:59
predatorfreakI gave mike_k full maintainership over the libetpan/sylpheed-claws in contrib, since I was lagging alot.03:59
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pitilloIs it a good way to email him with a footprint diff?04:02
predatorfreakpitillo: Only if it happens with the contrib port.04:07
predatorfreak"For example, George W. Bush was "awarded" worst actor in 2004 for appearing in the documentary Fahrenheit 9/11."04:07
predatorfreakBush is going to make movies now!04:07
predatorfreak"DURRRR, HOW DO I ACT?"04:08
predatorfreakWoohoo, go Internet Archive for free Fritz Lang movies.04:39
predatorfreakand go Public Domain for no-MPAA-sueing-my-ass.04:39
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predatorfreakWell, that was certainly an "odd" experience.04:54
predatorfreakI've never had every freaking application suddenly STOP accepting keyboard/mouse input before o.O04:54
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Romsterdoes freeglut have to have x11(old one) to compile, and not with xorg (new modular)?05:59
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sepenmorning all!06:56
sepenI finished to write cruxer-2.1 (available in my repo also) I need people who wan't to test it, thx!07:03
Romsterhmm interesting version 2.1? is that the script 2.1 or crux 2.1 repo related?07:12
pitilloRomster, the script version07:13
Romsterah just is a confusion that number07:13
Romsterhrmm the portdb looks interesting, i had that idea.07:14
Romstermaybe you can help me on another idea i have sepen :)07:14
Romstersince ya a crazy bash coder and i'm new to it hehe.07:15
Romsterok here it is, i like to edit ports for later versions or other reasons, so i make a copy of it and put it in a seperate directory and put a line in prt-get.conf and use --prefer-higher in pkgmk.conf07:16
Romsternow i got a a command that diffs the latist Port agenst my version in the 2 diferent paths, and makes a diff file, (that bit is partly done) then i'm thining of naming the prot after me for anyone else that wants to use later versions of what i got installed.07:18
Romstersepen, your bestmirror script would do with a improvment instead of listing all the mirrors in a array use this command instead "resolveip" makes it more dynamic :)07:22
Romstersorry if i'm nit picking but i like the ideas just sugesting some improvment ideas :)07:23
Romsterhrmm bestping could be made more generic that way too and check for valid files and if not valid skip to the next best mirror then intergrated into pkgutils07:25
Romsterseems like a idea i'll try out later sometime07:25
Romsterthough it really should be int he download manager than in pkgutils hmm07:26
jjpkIf anything you will have to seriously hack up something to get that sort of functionality.07:27
Romsteri've already hacked pkgutils to use prozilla :)07:27
Romsterthough i dunno if i'm happy with prozilla or not yet.07:29
Romsteri'll look on that idea later going to go back to linux and attack xorg again :)07:29
Romsteri think i figured my dumbarse msitake out :)07:29
Romsterjjpk, yeah it is a complex idea, i realise that.07:30
Romsteri always think of complex thigns :)07:30
Romsterok bbl07:31
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jjpkThere goes the revolving door.07:31
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sepenjaeger, hi!07:52
sepenwhat about wiki!07:52
sepen$ cruxer -ph jaeger_xxx07:53
sepen# /etc/ports/jaeger_xxx.httpup port collection of jaeger_xxx (unknown)07:53
jaegerYes, I know it's still not returning an error07:55
sepencan you test my 'cruxer' please?07:56
jaegerWhat do you want tested? You've pasted its output here in the channel many times07:56
sepenit could be also interesting for debugging wiki07:56
jaegerthe portdb isn't controlled by the wiki, for what that's worth07:57
sepenjaeger, simple search returns me the same results that detailed search08:00
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jjpkLooks like someone does not agree. :p08:04
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pitillojjpk, did you take a look to cruxer?08:54
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pitillojjpk, ah ok, I only want to know your opinion :)08:59
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jjpkhi cptn.09:44
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sepenhi cptn09:53
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md2kguten tag09:59
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jjpkLack of patience? :D10:01
tilmanhe could at least have waited for someone to tell him to speak english :)10:02
cptnmaybe we should remove the "join #crux and we0ll help you within 30 seconds, or you'll get your money back" slogan from the manual10:03
jjpkI hope you people are keeping books about the payments. ;)10:04
* co|work spends the monkey10:04
deus_exco|work: 'spanks the monkey' or 'spends the money10:05
co|workspend the money and spank the other hairy beast10:05
jjpkThe whole nine yards in action. :D10:07
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deus_excptn: Is that in glossy-500-dolars-a-copy-with-every-purchase-of-Crux-Professional manual?10:08
cptnyeah, and every copy signed by Per10:09
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morlenxusDoes someone know if it's possible to create a svcd out of an avi? Or if that isn't possible, how can i convert avi to mpeg?10:34
deus_exThat might be what you need/want.10:40
deus_exIt's a mencoder frontend for making VCD/SVCD/DVD.10:42
deus_exDoes conversion on the fly, afaik.10:43
morlenxusah nice10:43
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romsterhrmmz got xorg running with text, but now after recompiling kdebase i can't get wither kde or xfce4 to show anything on the screen, damn it11:08
romsterall i recompiled was kdelibs and kdebase11:09
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romsterguess everyone is afk or asleep11:15
deus_exromster: If you downgrade kdelibs and kdebase, does it still happen?11:17
romsterhaven't tryed11:18
romsterit does the same with xfce4 too11:18
romsterso it must be something else i've messed up?11:18
deus_exThat is odd.11:19
romsteri did play with the .xinitrc file but i copyied the default one again11:19
deus_exWhat does .X.err log say?11:20
deus_exIf anything...11:20
romsterclient 1 rejected from local host11:20
romsterif that means anything *scratces me head*11:20
romsterit worked not long ago, hmp11:20
deus_exGoogle it.11:21
romsterah i did recompile arts too11:21
* romster hates using elinks..11:22
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deus_exBasiclly, blow your .Xauthority away.11:27
jjpkConsider installing more fonts from tilman's repository.11:28
deus_exjjpk: Thanks for reminding me to check out those Vista fonts I d/l.11:29
jjpkHehe, you are most welcome.11:29
romsteroo now i get permission denied to create hidden directory and files11:30
sepenmorlenxus, I also ported gcombust11:30
romsterstartx isn't ment to be run as root is it11:30
deus_exjjpk: Any decent font viewer come to mind?11:30
deus_exromster: No.11:30
romsterdidn't think so, well it cant create ~/.kde/share11:31
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romsterso i guess i make them directorys myself?11:31
romstereither that or i got permissions not right?11:32
deus_exMy guess would be permissions.11:32
deus_exkde creates those dirs.11:33
deus_exIf you updated kde, you should already have them in your ~.11:33
deus_exIf you do, move them away, try again.11:35
romsteroo looking better after removing .kde11:41
romsternow its stuck at the kdeinit11:42
romstersetting up interprocess comuncitation then theres a error msg behind the damn box so i can't see it...11:43
deus_exromster: Sorry, got to go.I hope you solve that.11:44
romsterhope so11:45
romsteris also saying i don't have acpi or inet611:45
romsterguess i'll redo the kernel and add that to it.11:46
jjpkdeus_ex: about a fontviewer, never foudn a proper one myself.11:49
romsterxfce4 works :)11:49
romsterso its jsut a kde problem11:49
jjpkDon't bother adding things to the kernel you will probably never need.11:49
jjpkIt just complains, and that is all it is. Ignore it.11:49
jjpkBetter yet, tell x to not listen on tcp.11:49
romsterhmm k11:52
romsterstill have a kde inter process error i got to get past..11:52
romsterfirefox complains it could not initalsie its security conponent, is this critical?11:58
tilmanis security critical to you? :-)11:58
romsterbut i'm new to xorg desktops11:58
romsterwhere the hell do i fix that it didn't say a file or anything and ked inter process where do i fix that too :/11:59
romsterzapping the .kde and Xauthority fixed 2 problems11:59
romsterand i get a refcount 2 should be 1 fixing on /usr/lib/X11/fonts/misc12:02
tilmanwell, if it fixed it, it cannot be too bad12:02
romsterya but it says that on every Xorg log12:03
romsterso it fixes it tempeariorly, not permantly12:03
romsterack figured how to get rid of the splace screen and saw the error msg12:10
romsterno iceauth heh12:10
tilmanit's a runtime error12:14
tilmanthe error condition comes up at runtime12:14
tilmanso it cannot fix it permanently12:14
tilman(e.g. by storing stuff on disk)12:14
romsteroh ic12:20
romsterstill new to linux desktops hopefuly not for much longer :)12:21
romsterfixed firefox and kde12:21
romstervideo modes are utrosious otta fix that12:21
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romster_yay xchat on kde :)13:52
romster_and firefox is working nicely too now13:52
romster_this is wicked13:52
romster_why i didn't get on linux desktops b4 i dunno13:52
tilmanwhat did you use before?13:57
romster_windows xp pro14:02
romster_sp2 corporate edition14:02
* romster_ got food and a coffee :)14:03
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RyoSRom|Linux: are you there? ^^17:32
deus_exDamn, I'm drunk.17:33
RyoSoh shi-17:36
RyoSi am not17:36
RyoSgimme some booze!17:36
Rom|Linuxand i'm still not in bed yet17:36
RyoSoh mh...17:36
Rom|Linuxand i got kde puring nicely now ;)17:36
RyoSmay i ask you something quick?17:36
RyoSit may wait till tomorrow though :)17:36
RyoSdont want to keep you from going to bed :)17:37
Rom|Linuxheh some port or how i got xorg to work?17:37
deus_exRom|Linux: You solved your xorg/kde/xfce problem?17:38
deus_exRyoS: This round is on me, OK?17:38
deus_exWhat's your poison?17:39
RyoSRom|Linux: i got xfree purring like a drunken cat too ;) runs freaking fine :) better than xorg for me17:39
RyoSwell.. its about tor and privoxy.. i want it to run on an external machine.. is that possible?17:40
RyoSi didnt find the option if possible..17:40
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Rom|Linuxdeus_ex, yes17:45
Rom|Linuxi'm in kde atm17:45
Rom|Linuxya it sure is17:45
Rom|Linuxinstall tor and just add that line that says 192.168.... thats under the localhost then you can connect to tor on ya local lan17:46
RyoSalright let me check =)17:47
Rom|Linuxwith privoxy look at its config17:47
Rom|Linuxi'm of to sleep whle i can b4 work and yeah i got xorg and xfce4 kde working fine now17:47
Rom|Linuxslowly adding appsto my setup. later :)17:48
RyoS#SocksPolicy accept
RyoSis it that line maybe?17:48
Rom|Linuxya thats it17:48
RyoSaaaaah alright :)17:48
Rom|Linuxtake the # off it17:48
Rom|Linuxand if ya on 192 its right i'm on for me17:48
Rom|Linuxjust make sure u don't allow access to other ips accessssabe formthe outside :P17:49
Rom|Linuxanyhow i need to get some sleep, i should of been in bed ages ago but i got so stuck into linux desktop hehe, later -out-17:50
RyoSgn8 romstar17:50
deus_exRom|Linux: gn17:51
RyoSromster, ha, bad me.. drung a bit maybe ^^17:51
* deus_ex falls asleep17:55
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RyoSaaaaaah got it :D18:25
RyoStor and privoxy running perfectly fine together reachable from other pcs from the network :)18:25
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mavrick61 Hi.. Any one who can tell me what is wrong "if [ `du -b $FILE |awk '{print $1}'` -gr 3000000 ]; then"22:11
mavrick61   result line 7: [: -gr: binary operator expected22:11
mavrick61Never mind.. I found the problem22:11
mavrick61Hi I'm looking for pkg nail but can't find it in ports/opt as it has been before. I found this "" Is that an official release?22:26
Hanomster, ha, bad me.. drung a bit maybe ^^22:29
Hanset -- $(du -b .zshrc); if [ $1 -gt 30 ]; then echo hi; fi22:29
Han-gr doesn't even exit :P22:30
HanYeah it's been a long time since I made that many typos. :P22:50
Rom|Linuxi'd say22:54
Rom|LinuxI'm off to work i'll be on later.22:54
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mavrick61I got it from an gogle page..  So I didn't see the error first...23:34
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