IRC Logs for #crux Saturday, 2006-06-24

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morlenxusDoes someone here works with the software 'kino'?04:35
morlenxusI want to add a mp3 audio file, but i always get "invalid audio file".04:36
morlenxusEven if i use a wave file.04:36
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wakoI test a 2.2 version, but I don't find the kernel option for devfs, where is it ? :/07:52
wako(the kernel version is :
aondevfs is obsolete, use udev07:54
wakook, thx07:54
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wakoI don't find where is the option :'(08:02
aonwhere does the 2.2 handbook state that you must enable something to get it running? ;)08:07
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clarehi folks, anyone home?08:19
clarethat figures, I am still awake, perhaps I should go to sleep for a while; else try you n ,y latest puzzle.08:20
clareThis time it is alsa08:20
rxihehe .. its not even late in wa :)08:20
claredepends what time yu start.08:21
rxiprobably lunch time tomorrow :P08:21
clarei went out today and got 2 new toys, one of which is giving me grief..08:22
rxilol .. speakers?08:22
clareit is a xitel hifi which is supposed to be a usb soundcard08:22
clarefor a long time nothing would see it, all the sound came out of the laptop speakers..08:23
clarethen all of a suddne, it was the default soundcard. alsamixer saw it instead of the laptop08:23
clarebut now nothing will persuade this box that I have unplugged it. it now refuses to play at all..08:24
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clarewhat i need to know is where it has hidden the information that the usb device is the alsa default.08:25
rxi.asoundrc or something like that?08:26
rxiive found esound good for wierd shit08:26
clareAlso it would be nice to be able to make it work. THe support people said it needs an OSS driver but nelected to tell me which one.08:26
rxicrack it open and find the name on the chip :)08:27
clareI thought asoundrc is a file you ahve to make, I haven't made one and cant find for either me or root any  dor=t file looking promising08:27
deus_ex/etc/asound.state, if you ran alsactl store08:27
rxii think sample .asoundrc is available from alsa-project.org08:27
rxiclare: i do know jdolan uses a creative usb sound card on his laptop at times .. might try him when he wakes up08:29
clarealso I dont at all undersatnd about the devices. the support people said /dev/dsp, a device i had not seen for a long time, I always weem to have /dev/snd08:30
clareand that has about 6 oddly named deivces in it.08:30
clarenow I have /dev/sound with dsp and mxier in it... /dev/dsp linked to that.08:30
rxi/dev/sound is udev isnt it08:31
clareyes i balme udev for the change.08:31
clarethanks deus_ex i will try alsactl.08:32
clareand, rxi I will try esound.08:33
deus_exclare: restart udevd?08:33
deus_exit should recreate devices...08:33
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claredeus_ex I have used an even rought=er method like reboot the wholething, but noimprovement I can restart  with the wrteched thing unplugged and this also remembers it.08:34
claresorry about al the bad spelling I will quit for a while now08:35
rxihehe ok08:35
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deus_exclare: ok.see you later.08:36
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jdolanhuh wha?  someone had sound questions?09:18
jdolanoh, clare, she's gone.09:18
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rxiyay germany :P10:04
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rxiand again10:12
rehabdollso fucking awful, i cant fucking believe it10:18
rxii can10:18
VVeIrD'ooooh wie is das schoeoeoeoeoen'10:19
rehabdollour defence are not supposed to screw up that bad10:19
rxieven australia could beat sweden :P10:19
rehabdollright now, anyone could10:20
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tilmanschland ftw10:38
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rehabdollso, when is this nightmare over and when is kickoff in the real world again?10:39
rxi40min ago10:40
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deus_exDoes anybody have The Simpsons episode handy?13:56
deus_exI need opening credits from it.13:56
deus_exMy friend does, actually.13:57
aoni don't13:57
deus_exaon: Thanks :-)13:58
tilman"The Simpsons episode"?14:01
jaegeryeah, there was only one.14:01
tilmanlacking a word maybe? :P14:01
aonthe opening credits are probably rather similar in every ep...14:01
deus_exErr...episode of THe Simpsons ?14:01
tilmanany episode? :)14:01
VVeIrDTeh Simpsnos14:01
deus_extilman: Yup.14:01
aonan episode of T3h simpz0nz14:01
aon(as the ultimate languages don't have unnecessary wank like articles it's easy to decode english that lacks them ;))14:02
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* deus_ex tries to construct proper sentence14:05
* deus_ex fails14:05
deus_exOpening credits from any episode of The Simpsons.Clear enough :) ?14:06
tilmandeus_ex: try www.snpp.com14:07
deus_extilman: Thanks :)14:10
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hwebIs there any way to drop breakin attempts X time on SSH with IPtables?14:33
hwebX times14:33
hwebThank you! =)14:40
hwebYes it is a problem ;-)14:43
predatorfreakI can think of an easier and quicker way to do that.14:49
jjpkThe script example on the bottom is already very stripped, however do tell what's on your mind.14:50
predatorfreakOh no wait.14:50
predatorfreakI was thinking --limit.14:50
jaegerpredatorfreak: unplug the box14:50
predatorfreakBut --limit only applies to packets.14:51
predatorfreakSo it's useless in that usage.14:51
jjpkKill sshd, block port 22/tcp. ;)14:51
tilmanshut down the damn box14:51
jjpkEven better.14:51
jjpkNo hacking possible!!1111114:51
predatorfreakthrice`: Jaeger suggested that! :P14:52
jjpkYou mean tilman, don't you.14:52
predatorfreakStupid tab complete.14:53
predatorfreakBye folks, I'm off to the movies.14:53
tilmanpredatorfreak: sorry, didn't see that14:55
tilmanonly watching irssi with one eye :P14:55
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clare /msg NickServ IDENTIFY merreDONKE15:33
jjpkoops. :p15:34
tilmanhey, i got the same password15:35
clarehmm, stupider than usual,15:35
tilmanclare: you might want to configure your irc client to automatically identify at nickserv ;)15:36
clarethanks, I thought it did for a while, I need to learn irss??15:37
tilmani guess most clients support that feature15:39
tilmani know xchat does15:39
tilmani think they call it "connect command"15:39
jaegeras I understand it, now freenode supports using your services pass as a server pass15:39
tilmanoh that's nice15:40
jjpkI could give it a try.15:40
jjpkEither I don't know what I am doing, but it is not working.15:44
jaeger"Configure your client to identify itself to nickserv automatically whenever it connects to freenode so that it's less likely you'll connect to the network without being identified to nickserv. The easiest approach is to specify your nickserv password as a server password."15:46
jaegerperhaps that's not really what it means15:46
jjpkThat is how I understand that sentence.15:46
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deus_extilman: It's 'nickserv password', oddly enough :)15:55
deus_exserver list/edit freenode.Voila.15:57
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tilmandeus_ex: ah. it's been ~4 years since i last used xchat i think :))16:12
deus_extilman: You use irssi now?16:13
deus_exI use it sometimes and like it very much.16:16
deus_exLooks leet, too :)16:16
tilmanyes it does ;))16:16
deus_exAny particular theme for it?16:17
deus_exSelfmade perhaps?16:17
jjpkI just use the default theme since it works just fine.16:17
tilmani use the 'evolution' theme, but i also adjusted my term colors (via ~/.Xdefaults)16:18
tilmanirssi is on the top left16:18
jjpkSame with the term colors, some have been changed.16:18
deus_exI like coder theme, recommended it to a friend.16:19
deus_exHe got addicted to irssi, dumped...what's KDE's irc client?16:23
jjpkksirc maybe? I forget.16:23
deus_exNevermind.Anyway, he used that, and than saw irssi.Instand addiction :)16:25
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deus_extilman: Nice term colors.16:27
deus_exI really have to check how that is adjusted.16:27
* deus_ex adds yet another thing to ile long TODO list.16:28
deus_exSometimes, I can't spell to save my life...16:29
jjpkShit happens sometimes. :p16:32
deus_exMurphy is ruthless :)16:33
jjpkAbsolutely. A bloody tyrant you can't touch or attain in any way.16:34
deus_exDo not piss him off.16:35
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deus_exHi, clare.16:36
clarehi deus_ex16:36
deus_exAny luck with usb sound card?16:36
clareI think I have the sound working. I had an error message, the google of whichsaid I had to unset config_usb_bandwidth.16:37
clareso I got on with the kernel 2.6.17 which has been waiting, and I think the sound is now out of the stereo seakers.16:38
clareI will try later in case it upsets the neighbors it being a bit early here...16:38
deus_exGreat :)16:38
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clarewell not all that early now, 4:48 is get up and make breakfast ime16:39
clarethe plan is that some nice sound will ese the pain of housework :)16:41
deus_ex"Born sleepy"?16:42
deus_exUnderworld track.16:42
jjpkI remember that one.16:43
jjpkIt was released quite a while ago. :)16:43
deus_exIt's still awesome.16:43
deus_exLive version 'born sleepy/nuxx' from 'everything,everything' album16:45
deus_exis one of my favorites.16:45
deus_exI've seen Underworld live at EXIT festival few years back.16:47
claremy education has been neglected,  where do I look for something like that?16:47
deus_exMusic stores under 'Techno/electronica/trance', or torrent.16:49
deus_exMay I recommend Chicane, also?16:49
jjpkDnB has been the highlight lately in my speakers.16:49
jjpkIn particular the work of an artist called Optical.16:49
clarethanks, Later I will, that is well away from where i would normally look. mostly I listen to radio (KKJZ jazz station)16:50
tilmanisn't it called 'born slippy nuxx'16:50
tilmaninstead of sleepy o_O16:50
deus_exjjpk: I've heard him.16:50
deus_extilman: You are right.16:50
deus_exI'm sleepy :)16:51
jjpktilman: there might be two versions, there was the version on the movie called Trainspotting.16:51
tilmantrainspotting rocks16:51
jjpkIt was quite the movie indeed.16:52
deus_exHave you watched 'shallow grave'?16:52
tilmanprobably not16:52
deus_exSort of prequel to trainspotting.16:53
jjpkit does not sound too familiar, so I probably have not seen it.16:53
deus_exIf you've seen it, you would  probably remember it :)16:54
deus_exAwesome music, also.16:55
jjpkThis goes to my TODO list. ;)16:56
deus_exjjpk: Dig up if you can soundtrack for "Everybody loves sunshine".16:56
deus_exStarring Goldie, amongs others.16:56
deus_exjungle, drum n' bass, and some really weird tracks on it.16:57
jjpkjungle = old school dnb, not quite sure why there are two terms for it. :p16:59
jjpkSounds like something worthy.16:59
jjpkIt just feels like most movies are shit, that is why I don't bother keeping up with the times.16:59
tilmanjjpk listens to dnb16:59
tilmani'm a bit shocked16:59
jjpkCrazy isn't it. ;)17:00
jjpkOne minute I might have Amon Amarth blasting, then something else later on.17:00
deus_exjjpk: These are old movies, early to late 90's.17:00
jjpkYeah I saw it was from 1994.17:00
deus_exMovies are mostly shit nowadays.17:00
jjpkGood, someone else shares the view. \o/17:01
tilmanjjpk: new album and tour in september/october \o/ \o/17:01
jjpkAll special effects, no content.17:01
deus_exWith Sin city as almost an exception.17:02
deus_exJessica Alba looks good, can't act.17:02
tilmanmmh, i think sin city is overrated :D17:02
jjpkLooks are what get you in the door nowdays, not how well you can act apparently.17:03
deus_exBruce Willis can't act, period.17:03
deus_extilman: It's frustrating to see almost excelent movie come short.17:04
deus_exBecause they get a bit carried away.17:04
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deus_exIt's Mickey Rourke's role of a lifetime, though.17:05
tilmandunno, i think i only two of his movies17:05
tilmani'll move my ass to bed before i fall asleep at the kbd :P17:05
deus_extilman: Good night.17:05
jjpkGood night.17:06
claregood night17:09
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* deus_ex plays Plastikman mix17:11
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rehabdollso i rebuilt my kernel with gcc 4.0.3 for the first time (been using 3.4.6) and the sucker wont boot17:19
rehabdollnow i have to pass pci=usepircmask to boot up17:20
rehabdollsame kernel-version & config but compiled w gcc3 works.. wierd17:21
deus_exWhich kernel?17:23
rehabdollmy motherboard is probably the culprit but i've only noticed it now with gcc417:27
deus_exHave you tried 2.6.17?17:27
deus_exbtw, what is pci=usepircmask for?17:28
deus_exVIA chipset on m/b?17:29
rehabdoll                usepirqmask     [IA-32] Honor the possible IRQ mask stored17:29
rehabdoll                                in the BIOS $PIR table. This is needed on17:29
rehabdoll                                some systems with broken BIOSes, notably17:29
rehabdoll                                some HP Pavilion N5400 and Omnibook XE317:29
rehabdoll                                notebooks. This will have no effect if ACPI17:29
rehabdoll IRQ routing is enabled.17:30
deus_exHeh.'broken BIOS'.17:31
deus_exIf same happens with 2.6.17, you might want to check kernel ML archives17:35
deus_exfor similar reports.17:35
deus_exAnd/or update BIOS.17:36
deus_exAltough, it shouldn't matter, IMHO.17:36
rehabdolllast bios was released about a year ago17:38
rehabdollsocket-a board17:38
rehabdollyeah, does not really matter.. just wierd & annoying :)17:40
jjpkOdd problem.17:49
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treachhm, anyone with an idea what might cause the hd to spin up on a laptop that is officially put to sleep?18:21
treach(lid closed, suspend to ram)18:21
treachno X running, no applications... no clue. :(18:22
predatorfreaktreach: Sudden porn access? :P18:24
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predatorfreakI was joking.18:24
predatorfreakAs-in, the computer is retrieving porn while it sleeps.18:25
treachI doubt my laptop is into porn.. :p18:25
predatorfreakComputers have to have wet-dreams too, you know.18:25
predatorfreaktreach: Computer porn? :P18:25
predatorfreak"ooooohhhhh, look at that CPU!"18:25
treachI'm not entirely sure I want to discuss this topic any further. :p18:26
treach"Look at the size of those disks!"18:26
predatorfreaktreach: HAHAHAHA18:27
guaquai can still remember the photo to "raid over moscow"18:29
guaquait was hilarious18:29
treachpredatorfreak: btw you are a bsd-user too, right?18:29
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predatorfreaktreach: Nope.18:32
predatorfreakPrimarily Linux.18:32
predatorfreakBut I do have a FreeBSD box.18:32
treachok, I was just wondering wether "TIMEOUT - WRITE_DMA retrying (1 retry left) LBA=[some_number]" was bad news, or just some driver related crap.18:33
treachthings still seem to be working in any case.18:33
predatorfreakIt's a timeout, something didn't write on time? :P18:34
jaegerdoesn't sound horrible to me18:35
predatorfreakI'd ask someone more knowledgable with BSD.18:35
predatorfreakI know more of the design aspects that I do of the bitchy errors and warnings :P18:35
treachpredatorfreak: ok :)18:35
treachjaeger: well, I'm kind of paranoid about this disk since it's original companion recently died. :-/18:36
treach(identical disk, purchased at the same time.)18:36
jaegerunderstandable. I'm just saying I think if it were an  error it would be more apparent18:36
treachok, I'm guessing at some bug with the driver for the controller.18:37
predatorfreakjaeger: Yeah.18:37
predatorfreaklike DMA_WRITE failed messages.18:37
predatorfreakWhich, somehow.18:37
predatorfreakMy buddy Lithium began ignoring.......18:38
predatorfreakand disk death.18:38
predatorfreakOOPS, server dies :)18:38
treachthankfully, it's not a server. It's just my own computer, which atm doesn't hold anything critical. :)18:38
jaegerStill, never good when something goes wrong18:39
predatorfreaktreach: Mine holds my porn and THAT'S critical to me :P18:39
jaegerwhat's your poison, bsd-wise?18:39
predatorfreakjaeger: I'm beginning to turn into a Dragonfly BSD lover myself.18:39
predatorfreakBut it needs refinement.18:39
predatorfreakSpecifically on the external packages side of things.18:40
treachjaeger: agreed, by $diety..18:40
jaegerhaven't tried it. looks interesting18:40
predatorfreakjaeger: I find their use of alternatives to mutex locking interesting and I like that they are using methods which produce cleaner and less buggy code.18:40
predatorfreakMutex locking seems prone to problems, as it always ends up having a handful.18:41
guaquawhat's the thing with dragonfly bsd, is there some specific great difference?18:42
treachdragonfly ran quite nicely on my old, old torture subject. too bad it's just in too much flux.18:42
predatorfreaktreach: Yeah, that's the thing I see as it's biggest disadvantage.18:44
predatorfreakguaqua: It's doing things outside the box.18:44
treachIt makes coffe!18:44
predatorfreake.g critical sections and serialisation tokens instead of mutex locking, simpler and cleaner SMP-safe code, multithreaded stuff.18:45
predatorfreakand so much other crap I couldn't even list.18:45
* treach ponders whether you could convert water cooling to brewing coffe..18:45
predatorfreaktreach: Maybe.18:45
predatorfreakJust overclock the CPU a lot.18:45
treachif it's a P4, maybe :P18:46
predatorfreakand setup an exit point with a filter.18:46
predatorfreakI'd have it make me tea instead ;)18:46
guaquaso basically dragonfly just does things in a different way18:48
guaquaand maybe in an innovative way18:48
treachwell, scratch the "just".18:48
predatorfreakguaqua: Some ideas are new, some are old.18:48
predatorfreakBut it does things that I haven't seen any other UNIX-like OS doing.18:49
predatorfreakLightweight kernel threads are about their most innovative idea.18:49
guaquado these things give performance advantage?18:49
guaquaor should i say - big performance advantage?18:50
treachit's pretty fast, at least it was when I tried it.18:50
predatorfreakguaqua: Not everything is about performance either.18:51
predatorfreakFor me, I like the directions they are going because they are using things which produce cleaner, simpler and better code.18:51
predatorfreakThey also leave less room for fudge ups and the like.18:51
guaquayeah, nothing wrong with that18:51
treachit was quicker than fbsd 4.11 on a k6-2 300. Otoh, that was months ago, and it evolves pretty quickly.18:51
predatorfreaktreach: Maybe it's faster now? :P18:52
treachalso, as predatorfreak already said, the fork wasn't really about performance.18:52
treachNo idea. *shrug*18:52
guaquait'd be interesting to compare it to linux in performance18:52
treachthe source is out there. ;)18:53
treachMaybe you'll even be on the frontpage of OSNews. :D18:53
guaquanow i only need a computer to run tests on :)18:54
predatorfreakOr Slashdot if you raise enough hell.18:54
predatorfreakSlashdot is all about raising hell.18:54
predatorfreakWhatever provokes the most trolls :)18:54
treachActually, OSNews is worse in that respect, IMO.18:55
predatorfreaktreach: True.18:55
predatorfreakAlso, the Net Neutrality thing they posted is dead.18:56
treachThey *always* have atleast 1 article on the frontpage that is guarteed to provoke a flamewar, like kde/gnome or some other crap like that.18:56
predatorfreakPer FCC definition, we've already passed laws that prevent complete dominance.18:56
treach*Nelson voice* HA HA18:57
predatorfreakand the FCC definitions basically match what most other countries have in terms of net neutrality.18:57
* predatorfreak keeps up on this shit :\18:57
treachAnd the FCC is a joke from what I've found out.18:57
treachAs long as it isn't about nipples on tv, of course. :/18:58
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predatorfreaktreach: For the most part, yes, but in this case.18:59
predatorfreakHaving basic net neutrality is a good thing.18:59
predatorfreakI think the "no tiered internet plans" shit is never going to pass and we're wasting time and money on it.19:00
treachbiased traffic handling is just extortion.19:01
predatorfreaktreach: The current implementations of net neutrality per FCC definitions prevent bias towards certain sites.19:02
predatorfreakor whatever.19:02
treachtoo bad that definition is going down the drain by the look of it then.19:02
treachs definition/implementation.19:02
treachman, I hate politics.19:03
predatorfreaktreach: Not really.19:04
predatorfreakIt's on-level with basically all the other net neutrality laws.19:04
predatorfreakIt's just been hyped both ways.19:04
treachNo matter how badly the bad guys gets beaten, they will always get another chance to sneak their shit into the legislation.19:04
predatorfreakThe guys against it and the guys for it hype it down and up respectively.19:04
predatorfreaktreach: Yep.19:05
predatorfreakThe problem is.19:05
predatorfreakThat is going to happen everywhere at some point.19:05
predatorfreakSo all we normal folks can do is sit back and accept it.19:05
treachon the other hand, undoing that crap is almost impossible on the other hand.19:05
treachgah, I should probably go to sleep..19:05
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predatorfreakSo, night.19:07
treachgood night.19:07
predatorfreaktreach: Sleep well and sleep with a knife.19:07
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treachno thanks. :)19:07
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